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Food - Fries
Anime or Disney? - Anime
Guys or Girls? - Why not both??
Lips or Eyes? - Eyes
Kisses or Hugs? - Hugs
Eating or Drinking? - eating
Novels or Comics? - Novels
Summer or Winter? - Winter!
Outdoors or Indoors? - Contrary to what most think, I enjoy the outdoors greatly
Camera or Cellphone? - Camera
PS3 or Xbox 360? -  Xbox all the way
TV or Computer? - Computer (you can watch tv on it, loopholes!)

Something personal...

Why did you choose your username (to be like that)? - do you remember the book series 'warrior cats?' Well, back in elementary my entire school was obsessed with them and essentially we created a club. We decided ourselves into different 'clans' (I was in ice clan-so fancy) and the name given to me was frostflower. It's stuck with me forever-and occasionally when it's taken (as in this case) I'll alter it slightly.

What is your favorite piece of your own work?

I hate all of my work tbh

What is your most popular work? That one drawing of kankri I did… this one.

Look to your left, what is the first thing you see? - Xbox controller
Now your right - Headphones
Something you can't live without - idk man, waters pretty important

The last...

Person you saw - Older brother
Person you hugged - Younger brother
Movie you watched - Woman in Gold. It was so good and it deserves better reviews, okay?
Song You Listened To - wildes ding by culcha candela
Book you read - Mr. Poppers penguins (huehueh)
Thing you ate / drank - green beans and almonds-it was soooo good
Time you cried and why - almost three years ago, I broke my arm :T
Time you laughed and why - this morning, while I was telling my bee story..
Time you went out - I went to the movies yesterday

The first...

Person you dated - ahaha
Person you kissed - AHAHAHAHAA
Thing you think about when you wake up - 'what would be the worst thing that happened if I just didn't get up, ever.'
Longest friend you ever had -
School you went to - Rowelane elementary Tagged by: Cutemo-Chan

Have you ever...

Broken the law? - *whispers* jay walking
Been arrested? - Not that I know of
Had a hangover? - Nope
Been in a hospital? - yeah, visiting my mother
Been in a car crash? - Almost, but no
Flown on a plane? - yep
Been on a boat? - yup
Traveled overseas? - Nop
Had sex? - No
Gotten pregnant? - No
Had an abortion? - No
Been to a concert? - Yeah
Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something? - defiantly
Skipped school / work? - Nope
Broken a bone - many, many times

Personal again...

Who is your closest friend on deviantART? - uh...I'm pretty sure none of them consider me their friend?
What is your favourite deviation by them?-

Which deviant's artwork do you like most? - I can't
What is their greatest work? - uh
Any favourite deviant ART groups in mind? - nah
What is your favourite artwork of the founder of the group? - nope
The Co-Founders? -  nuh uh
How about the contributors? - nothing
Who was your very first watcher here on dA? -
Pretty sure it was Cutemo-Chan
What is your favorite artwork by them? - dude.
Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? Considering I don't even know what that means? No.
Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? This is sarcasm, correct?
Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art -…
Show us your most recent submission -
Yes you do have to.…
Your Religion? - Catholic
Social Class? - Middle??
Ethnicity - White as a toilet.
Languages you speak? - English and some German.
Scar (s) you have? - *clears throat* one on my nose, one on my eye lid. One on my chin. Two on my right arm. One on my left. A few on my legs. A couple on my knees. And two or three  on the bottom of my foot.

Totally random~

Where is your dream holiday location? - Ireland
What are you wearing right now? - green sweater (but Shannon, it's practically summer!) black legging underneath a pair of grey shorts, and my glasses.

What is the last thing you bought? - candy-I should go get that.
When did you join deviant art? - almost exactly a year ago
Why did you join? - Peer pressure, yay!
What type of membership do you have? - the default, because I'm BASIC.
Are you playing the game? - I AM the game
Are you a member of any other social media platforms?- so many. And you'll never know what they are.
Do you enjoy answering these pointless questions like this one? - they give me life

(Putting them above the thing because yolo)

I have no other friends
You're DONE! Now tag 5 of your friends!
Might as well make one, since it is Deviantart's 14th birthday (Plus I feel compelled to because of everyone else :P ).

My deviantART story begins years AND years before, in elementary school. I was into drawing and coloring, but I wanted to get my school work done first so I had little time to draw. But when I did get the chance, they were ALWAYS sloppy and poorly drawn. So I decided to make it a promise, to improve my art skills and get good at it. So I ENJOYED every minute of art class and even got an art tutor.

Fast forward a few years later, in middle school, that I saw AoStH and Sat Am for the first time ever. I grew fond of Tails around this time (mainly because of the shows) for his lovable young self. It wasn't 'til the 7th grade when I drew my first picture of tails. Of course this was my first attempt, so I copied it from Google images.

A few months later on Aug.20, I found Deviantart. I absolutely LOVED it. The concept of a site for uploading artwork about ANYTHING... I just fell in love with it. So I joined and posted my first picture.

Soon, I began to upload other pictures:

Want to See me cry? by ToonFoXArtist

Tails v2 by ToonFoXArtist

Then came the day I found out about what an OC is. Thus, Theodore was born (And later Tyler but on my brother's behalf).

Meet Theodore by ToonFoXArtist

I had started to grow accustomed to Deviantart and decided it was now time to create my own group! #TailsFansWelcome icon by ToonFoXArtist
It started out small and insignificant, but somehow, it grew to where it now has over 100 members! (Thanks guys! :D )

Around this time, I felt lonely because I would see these people doing gifts for friends and so on, so I felt that this might be like in real life where I had hardly anyone to talk to and my friends were always hanging out together but I didn't have the nerve to talk because I was a shy, quiet boy back then. Until I met :iconwaluigitails3801: . By chance I came on his page, we talked, then became good friends. So because of that day, I felt confident enough to go out and talk to other people (Though I'm still shy and quiet but not as much as before). And now, I get to share stories, have laughs, and much much more than I would've in real life had I not come upon this site.

However, I've been down in the dumps here and there until I deactivated my account during a week in Florida. The next morning I created my second account :iconnostalgicgamer: and almost left this one to STAY deactivated. That would've been the case had I not realized my mistake and thought to myself, "Do I really want to give up all of the friends, memories, and fun times I've had on this account? Just for a stupid name change?" So I went to work to get it back, and I did (other wise I would not be positing this right now).

Anyways, a thing happened. A gradual change that crept until it caught my attention: My art had finally began to change for the better, and that REALLY inspired me to continue on drawing, knowing that with each deviation, I became better and better and better. And yet somehow, I feel as though I have yet to fulfill my promise. The promise I made years ago is just now becoming a reality. And it's almost all because of this site. Thank you Deviantart and have an awesome 14th birthday!

This is where my story ends... or does it? My story continues on, even at this minute, but this was a brief story about my love for art up to now. There are those out there, that I cannot express my thanks for. These people deserve to be mentioned; so here they are: :iconwaluigitails3801: :iconthienooo: :iconultamitetailsfan: :iconroninhunt0987: :iconburridgefox: and many many more out there. I know this sorta sounds like my "Thank You" video I did, but... you guys are the best. 

Thanks to all of you, I'm now close to being on here for almost an entire year! It was Deviantart that revived my love for art, meeting new friends, sharing laughs, and continue to produce art from where I reside in Georgia. So now I say 'Happy Birthday' to Deviantart. :D 

This is Tailsfan1999 signing out...


Yeah, I know him. You could say that I know him better than anyone but himself, and I guess it would be true. There is only one thing that remains a mystery to me about him: Does he still like me or does he hate me? I’m not even close to being sure.

I’ve known him all of my... no. I guess you’d want the shorter version. Not the Chile version, but the Christina one. Well, here goes. She’s known him since the 2nd week or so of 2nd grade. So, about five and a half years. She moved from Plano in 2nd grade and was in Mrs. Clifton’s class in her new town. In that class I don’t really remember too many people, but I do remember Erin and Emily, who greeted me at the door, Boston, my first crush in this new place, Brittany, the first one I told, Elaina, the first to sit alone waiting with me, Josh, the first person who I could relate to, Ethan, the first one to play with me during recess, and Daniel. He wasn’t the first for anything. He wasn’t my first friend, nor my second or third for that matter, wasn’t my first crush, my first playmate, or my first new face. So why do I remember him so clearly?

He would talk to me, that’d be my first answer. But a lot of people had talked to me, so that wouldn’t be right. The fact that his mom was also from South America or that he also spoke Spanish? No, that couldn’t be it either. I myself am not really sure. I guess it was because he was such a good friend to me. Whenever I was feeling bad, ‘Dandaman’ would always be there for me. He would always tell a joke, and i’d see the playful light in his eyes and he’d make everything feel better. He was the best, onliest friend that I had in school for a long time.

Stina, he’d always call me. I’d call him Danny, though he’d call himself Dandaman. We’d always do everything together. At recess, we started the tradition of playing soccer that lasted for our entire time through school. It started out with Danny, Ethan, Boston, and I, two on two, in a gigantic field. That first game, we’d lost 4-3, but it had been one of the most fun things that I’d ever done.

Then third grade came around. Everything changed in the end of that year. We stayed friends through most of it, though I didn’t notice that he was starting to have a crush on me. But, Emmalee, Josh, and Cami were in that class, changing a lot. For one, I was still friends with Daniel, but I tended to spend more time with Emmalee, so he’d spend more time with Josh. But in fact, I was even better friends with Daniel at that time than Emmalee. And, I tended to get incredibly angry whenever I got anywhere around Cami. I still remember, though, how he’d spend every lunch time playing food fight or food mystery with his food until I couldn’t breathe, I was laughing so hard. Then, on the last day of third grade, reality struck. We were having recess in the front, I was leaning on a tree, thinking about things that I can no longer remember, when Kyle the leprechaun went up to me with a message from Daniel: that he liked me. The message was repeated by Daniel himself several times until I could finally believe him.

But me, being the stupid third grader I was, turned him down.
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Overall, it was an interesting episode. I'm going to miss Moran, truth be told. He was a wonderfully brutal character. I feel like Moriarty is coming too fast and is too easy. However, most Sherlock Holmes adaptations end their first season with Moriarty in some way, so this is not too surprising. I just hope we can hold off on something akin to Reichenbach for at least another season. I mean in the books, Holmes and Watson meet in 1881 and Holmes fakes the fall in 1891. I'm not saying I want to wait ten years for the Elementary version of "The Final Problem," but I'd like to see Holmes and Watson get to a much more solid place before Holmes tries to fake his death unless of course, in this incarnation, he lets Watson in on things much sooner than later like how House M.D. handled their adaptation of the story. I can't wait to see how this all comes together and how they're going to integrate Adler's scenes into the story next week (which I think is when she is scheduled to appear) because we haven't really handled flashbacks on this show yet.

Beware of spoilers. Please keep in mind while reading the reaction post, I write it as I watch, so if something seems amiss, I was making assumptions that got answered later.…
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Overall, this was a good episode. I really liked the progression that Holmes is making as a recovering addict and with his relationship with Watson. We also had our second confirmation that the Holmes patriarch does exist. I hope we get to see him at least once. Not this season, but someday in the future at least. It's fascinating, a Holmes with at least one parent still alive.

Beware of spoilers. Please keep in mind while reading the reaction post, I write it as I watch, so if something seems amiss, I was making assumptions that got answered later.…
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Overall, this was a good episode. I have to say one of the strongest points of this show is characterization. Just…Gregson. The character he is is great. The mystery was also interesting but it gave itself away about five minutes before it revealed itself. This show is so entertaining. I love it.

Beware of spoilers. Please keep in mind while reading the reaction post, I write it as I watch, so if something seems amiss, I was making assumptions that got answered later.…

BREAKING NEWS - Deeply Saddened

Fri Dec 14, 2012, 7:00 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am Deeply Saddened and Brokenhearted by the events of today's shooting tragedies. As of this writing, 6 Adults and 20 Children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old have passed away from a man that sprayed school staff and student with bullets in a Newtown, Connecticut
Elementary School. Additionally, the shooter has been found dead within the school from self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

You can read more about this tragedy from  Associated Press

Take Care,

NEWS 'til Hell freezes over
Estd: Sep 5th, 2010

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Overall, a good episode and I liked the twist at the end. This show is really growing on me and I'm glad I let it into my TV viewing life. My biggest worry is like with some other CBS shows, well, other TV shows for that matter, the mysteries of both Holmes and Watson's backstories might never get resolved. I really want to know what happened in London, why Holmes turned to drugs. I also really want to know the circumstances surrounding the death of Watson's patient and why she's switched to this career. I want more details. I want to know more.

Beware of spoilers. Please keep in mind while reading the reaction post, I write it as I watch, so if something seems amiss, I was making assumptions that got answered later.…
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Overall, I loved it, but like I've said before, I'm good at judging if I'll love a show by the previews for it. Maybe a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I admit I was wrong about NCIS when I look back on the impressions its previews gave me before I started watching it a couple of seasons ago. Elementary integrated quirks of Holmes behavior from the books and I just want to jump up and down and squee about that until I can't squee any harder because they integrated the aspects of Holmes that I love about the character. It's also clear and evident that Joan is going to be a proper Watson, someone who's close to being Sherlock's equal. I am so excited to watch this show grow and unfold. This is a set of characters I hold so dear to me and it's wonderful to see them treated with such love and care.

Beware of spoilers. Please keep in mind while reading the reaction post, I write it as I watch, so if something seems amiss, I was making assumptions that got answered later.…
Okay, Elementary, a CBS tv show based on the Sherlock Holmes books... And it may have some similarities to the Sherlock BBC version... Oh, boy...

Well, to be completely honest, I´m excited for this show-NOW HEAR ME OUT BEFORE YOU KILL ME!

For what I read, Sherlock is still british but will move to New York for a rehab, because of his drug addiction, and there he will meet Joan Watson (yes, John is a woman) and she will be his "sober companion".


Now before you go all "THEY ARE RIPPING OF SHERLOCK!!1!!1!!", they might not... In the BBC version Sherlock had already got over his drug addiction, in this one he´s not, he went to rehab and still has a "sober companion", wich is a very interesting way to Sherlock and Joan meet. Not to mention his drug addiction may make it difficult for him to solve cases and thus needing Joan support to get clean. It will be interesting seeing their relationshiop envolve around that.

And now, female John Watson. Personally, I don´t hate it! I always wanted to see a female version of John, and even though Lucy Liu is asian, she is a great actress and I have my faith on her. Maybe they´ll make her a lesbian or maybe she´s a love interest for Sherlock, either way I´m fine with it. (Yes, I know I´m a Sherlock/John slut)


*Rant begins

But not everything is a sea of roses. Even though I love Lucy Liu, and I´m sure she´ll do just fine, they are taking John Watson´s military past, she isn´t a veteran, she´s a surgeon who lost her license... REALLY?! Why can´t se be a veteran?! What´s so wrong with a woman who was in the war!!?? Not only that but she´s aparently a surgeon who can´t do her job?? She lost her license for a reason, we know she lost a patient but we don´t know what the circumstances were and what she did... It´s very vague... We don´t know if she really messed up or if it was hospital bureacracy red tape crap!! But it still annoys me, they should have let the veteran past be and not messed it up... And does she even know how to use a gun? In the Sherlock BBC version John knew how to defend himself, does Joan Watson know too? Or will she be a woman needing Sherlock to rescue her every single time?... I hope CBS doesn´t mess this up.

*Rant over

But moving on...

I have been reading some reviews of Elementary´s pilot, so far they´ve been good. Some have said that it was CBS strongest´s pilots, others said it was good but it wasn´t really Sherlock anymore... They say Sherlock is still arrogant and self-satisfied and even though there are some similiarities it isn´t really a rip-off.

And aparently Sherlock is not assexual but... sexual. A playboy Sherlock?... Hmmm... It might be interesting, I want to see what they do with this character and how does he interact with Joan. I would also love to see how they will do Irene, she is The Woman after all, maybe she´ll be just like Sherlock with a femme fatale style. And I just can´t wait to see how Irene will intreact with Joan, since they are both woman maybe there would be some rivaly going on between them.

I also want to see how they´ll play James Moriarty, will they do a more similiar version of the BBC version or more like the books, or maybe a MIX! Sassy Professor Jimmy Moriarty! Oh god, I can´t wait to see it.

So, these are my thoughts. And to all the fans who hate the idea and hope it is cancelled... The pilot isn´t even out yet, when the pilot comes out and you see it and still hate it then, YES, you can rant all you want and hope it gets cancelled. But it´s not even out yet, don´t make a opinion on something that you haven´t seen yet. I´m a fan of the BBC version myself and I still have my doubts on this, maybe it will suck or maybe it will be awesome, we DON´T KNOW, so just wait and see. CBS has great shows, maybe Elementary will be one of them.
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