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Someone at the Belgium show said my professional title should be an 'Art Rockstar' which I thought was hilarious but not particularly true, but they insisted my paintings are the songs, and the conventions are the gigs ;) Hehe, okay, I'll try it on for size! 'Art Rockstar' it sounds cooler than 'not sure if professional artist or just drawer who likes to travel'

~So I'll update you on my current tour :D

This time I was in Belgium for the convention FACTS. After set-up (and trying to get the organisers to remove a big power outlet thing from my booth because I didn't need power, which took two hours and a lot of waving my arms around) I was really looking forward to the show, which is literally one of the most friendly. I think it helps with the Belgians having a similar sense of humor to the English - well they laugh at my jokes anyway! ;)

It turned out to be a crazy busy weekend! I sold out of a lot of stuff on Saturday - sorry to the people who came on Sunday wanting prints - I'll bring more next year! (Pretty sure rockstars can't sell out of songs, though? XD) 
The stall was only two people deep at this time so I managed to nip out and get this shot:
Untitled by DestinyBlue
and here's the view from my side! (so many smiles, see why I love it here?)
Untitled by DestinyBlue

Some super things happened - The awesome Naomi cosplayed as my TOXIC painting, and looked great doing it!
Naomicosplay by DestinyBlue

I got to meet Elien, who has a tattoo which was inspired by my art :heart: (what an honour)
Untitled by DestinyBlue

Thanks to everyone who supported me during the show, including my helper Lisa. I'm looking forward to next year already :) (where I will bring enough prints for everyone, I promise)

The day after the convention I decided to have a day exploring Brussels (Having done Ghent and Brugge last year, both of which I thoroughly recommend)

My hotel was pretty fancy! (It looks rockstar enough, but you can't see that everything was covered in dust XD)
Untitled by DestinyBlue

Being a fan of Art Nouveau, Brussels was an absolute treasure chest! This is one of the beautiful little cafes I found :heart:
Untitled by DestinyBlue

...and of course the chocolate! This display from Neuhaus, a haute couture chocolatier, looked as beautiful as it did tasty. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try it; as while I would have loved to, the price tag was just for the true rockstars ;)

IMG 2392-Recovered by DestinyBlue

On the Eurostar back, I did a sketch inspired by the Art Nouveau and my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte XD (It's so hard to draw neat on a moving train XD)
Euro by DestinyBlue

So, and no sooner than I get home I have to jump on a plane again. (very rockstar ;))
Well to be honest, I wish this lifestyle game me more time to 'art' and less time to 'rockstar' XD

So I'm taking a plane to New York for New York Comic Con. Can't wait! :D

I'll be in the Artists Alley, table H13:

Nyccmao by DestinyBlue

H13. Haunted 13 :D Unlucky for some, lucky for me, since Halloweens round the corner we're gonna roll with it ;)

So Excited!

I will be at London MCM as well, I'll update you on my position after NY :D -After those shows I will have more time to 'art'! -Yhes! 

So I like how 'art rockstar' sounds but I don't think I'll update my CV with it (bring self employed I don't have a CV XD) and I would certainly like to get more of the 'art' thing done, and less of the 'rockstar' :)

Welcome to Autumn everyone, hope it's treating you well. Anything exciting happening in your life right now? :D I've updated you, now you have to update me ^-^

Fan Art Week

Chii Guest 8 by GYRHS

Reading fanfics about your favorite series or manga is kinda common, but sometimes you can find images of the manga that look genuine but show the characters in unusual situations that you would never see in the canon. These are the so called 'doujinshi' or fancomics.

Before begin with tips and tricks about make a doujinshi, let's see some definitions:

Doujin [同人]
Japanese word which literally means a group of people with the same interests, but it is often used as a shorthand for doujinshi.

Doujinshi [同人誌]
Doujinshi is amateur manga publications, featuring either a cast of original characters and plot or characters from another manga or an anime (a 'fan manga'). There's all sorts of doujinshi, though it isn't as widely circulated as more popular mangas, such as CLAMP works. Doujinshi is often cheap but is just as good as regular manga (well, some of the time...), and is sold on eBay,, and other sites.

These definitions came fron the Urban dictionary, and having this in mind we can learn some tips and tricks to do your own doujinshi.

Paper Size

First, lets talk about the size of the paper (or the canvas) that you would use to capture your own ideas about your favorite characters.

Doujinshi size ruled paper 600DPI by syo-senpai

There are some stores that actually sell ruled paper for comics, and the most usual sizes are B5 (is the final size, the sheet is A4 size) and A5 (where the sheet is B5), if you use Comic or Manga Studio you can even find a folder with doujinshi sizes in different resolutions.

Untitled-2 by GYRHS

If you will work traditionally choose the size that better fits to your needs.

Number of pages

Before you start drawing your doujinshi is important to take into account that if you would print it the number of total pages should be multiple of 4 because of how printers work.

Why do you need a page count that is a multiple of 4?

Pages of a booklet are created by printing four pages (2 in the front and 2 in the back) on one sheet of paper and then folding that sheet in half. In the illustration you can see that each page is connected to 3 other pages. Because of the way a booklet is produced, you can’t have a random number of pages. It has to be a multiple of 4.


If your story is not long enough you can invite your friends as guest artists. It's not only funny but it could help you to advertise your doujinshi. Of course you can invite them to make their own stories to make an anthology and form your own circle (even when you have your own circle, it is always nice to have some guest artists).

Flower.Mask.Picture .:Collab:. by GYRHS    Danger-line by GYRHS

Cover of a circle's work

Guest art in Mireielle doujinshi


But, wait! I have no pairing in the serie/manga that I like, Can I still make a doujinshi?

Yes! It's not a problem at all, not every doujinshi is about romance or contains sexual content. It's the same as fanfics; you can write about Alternate Universes, alternative endings, stories that give more depth to a certain character. The variety in the themes that you can make is as vast as the sky.

In Japan it's really common for some renowned authors to make doujinshis of their own stories, because in some cases them can't be published in its editorial.

Printed or Digital

Now that you have your story, almost all of the pages of your doujinshi and some guest artists, an important question appears: Printed or Digital?

Well, it depends a lot on your own preference. Of course it is really nice to see your doujinshi printed, but even if print-on-demand services are now cheaper than before you still need to have some funds to print. If you don't have a lot of money and only want that people enjoy your story, you can always share it digitally, either to download or read online. And if you want to print it you can open pre-orders in shop websites and specialized online direct distribution sites. Even some anime conventions allow the sale of doujinshis provided they are of your authorship or you have worked on them.

In Japan there are even a convention specialized in selling and exchange doujinshis named Comiket.

Of course if your doujinshi is printed you should publish in small numbers to maintain a low profile to avoid possible legal intervention. This makes a talented creator's or circle's dōjinshi a coveted commodity as only the fast or the lucky will be able to get them before they sell out.

Print sizes have some variety, according to your original size you can choose between some sizes:

Image by: Kaoyux

There is a much smaller size named 'manga size' of aproximatelly 13x18.1cm (5x7in) and the B5 sheet could be adjusted perfectly to this size.

Now, you can start your own doujinshi, Enjoy making it!

If you have any doubt or question please note or message me.


Advertência de possíveis vírus (em inglês, colaboração de mayhigurashe)
Advertência de possíveis vírus (em inglês, contribuição de RogerioGuimaraes)
Abaixo-Assinado (em inglês, colaboração de BoozieBoo)
Abaixo-Assinado (colaboração de sil-gua)

Muitos de vocês podem não estar sabendo mas no momento, aquela sua arte que você desprendeu seu tempo e empenho para que ficasse da maneira como queria, está sendo vendida como posteres sem o seu consentimento. É isso mesmo o que você leu, estão comercializando a sua arte e lucrando com isso. E não apenas os desenhos magníficos dos grandes artistas, todos estão sendo vítimas do, desenhistas, fotógrafos, modelos, e até mesmo aquela sua foto de família pode nesse momento estar sendo comercializada. 

Em trechos o site alega não estar infringindo qualquer lei pois eles não hospedam a imagem, as mesmas são encontradas por mecanismos de busca de terceiros, a impressão fica a cargo do solicitante após pagar o valor referindo na arte. Resumindo que está cometendo o crime de violação de direitos (copyright) é a pessoa que comprou  a arte, eles se acham isentos de qualquer culpa.

Diversos artistas estão sendo fraudados, eu mesmo pude conferir juntamente com outros amigos, artes de amigos, conhecidos e próprias. Uma rápida busca no próprio site e você poderá constatar isso.

O site aparentemente é de propriedade russa, mas com base na Austrália. Todo e qualquer meio de contato no mesmo é falso.
Petições internacionais foram feitas para que o site fosse fechado, porém até o momento sem sucesso. Também estamos colhendo denúncias, caso você constate que sua arte foi roubada siga os seguintes passos:
  • clique na arte na página deste site "ladrão"
  • copie a url da página
  • envie uma nota para laryssadesenhista, com o seu nick e a url
Exemplo: Minha arte foi roubada / Encontrei essa arte de uma amigo / Essa foto é do facebook da minha madrinha
A Laryssa está coleta provas, imagens e links para tentar organizar uma denúncia, e um possível processo contra o site.

Caso você deseje mais informações sobre esse ocorrido, há uma matéria bem completa (em inglês) no feita por Julian Benson. Link da matéria.

Pessoalmente fiquei profundamente abalado em constatar que minha arte está sendo comercializada, mas não vou deixar me abater. Continuarei a fazer o meu melhor, mas espero que a justiça prevaleça.

Por fim não tome nenhuma atitude precipitada, e caso tenha alguma sugestão de como contribuir de alguma forma para que possamos reverter essa situação, será bem vinda. Envie sua nota para a Laryssa o para mim (repassarei a ela o mais breve). Todos podemos estar sendo roubados de alguma forma, porém ainda nos prevalecemos de nossa consciência e acima de tudo nossa honestidade .

Att. Sergio Costa

October Theme: Black Magic

September has ended, so it's time for a new monthly challenge - and October's theme is Black Magic! Halloween, witches, familiars and all things dark and scary - go wild! :witch: 

Don't forget to credit all stock used and use only legitimate stock!

Only ONE entry per person per month. :) (Smile)

To enter, turn in your deviation to the Manip Challenge - October" gallery folder. (Don't get this confused with the folder for regular art submissions, or we'll move challenge folders to Favorites instead of Gallery.)

Your entry must be made and submitted no earlier than October 3rd, 2015 and no later than 11:59 PM PT on October 31st, 2015.

Don't forget that the prize is a 3-month Core membership (or 1200 points, your choice) from Community Relations!

September Challenge Winner

I am happy to announce that the winner of the September Photomanip Challenge - theme Equine Manipulation - is Nikkayla, with her work "surf the clouds and race the dark". Congratulations! 

surf the clouds and race the dark by Nikkayla 
We'll be in touch soon regarding your prize! 

The theme for October is "Halloween".



The challenge will run from October 1st and 31st.

Two winners will receive a 3 month premium membership and 500 Points

Enter by submitting to the correct folder here.

Prize Allocation
To the winners: you should receive your membership a few days after the announcement. Receiving the points can take a bit more time, you should receive those in the first two weeks of next month. If you have an issue with not receiving your prize, please contact Talty or Brookette as we are the organizers of this challenge.

Previous Challenges:
January Artisan Crafts Monthly Challenge +winners
March AC Monthly Challenge [+ winners]
September AC Monthly Challenge.

M/A Repeating Contest: October 2015!

Sat Oct 3, 2015, 6:41 AM by cinyu:iconcinyu:


September Contest Results


Seasonal change by lnari

Runner Ups

Dreams of Summer by SYSEN Demeter's Sorrow by Chromarin

October Contest

October Contest Theme: The witch with the cat and pumpkin

Our theme should represent the day of Halloween.
It may be childrens in a costume or a fantasy drawing.


  • The deadline of the contest is OCTOBER 31TH, 12:00AM (Pacific Time).
  • Your entry must abide by DeviantArt's Terms of Service and Policies.
  • Your entry must be new and created for this contest. Pre-existing works won't be accepted.
  • Entries must be submitted to your DeviantArt Gallery.
  • All entries must be drawn in Anime & Manga style.
  • Entries must be original. Fan Art entries will be ineligible.
  • No collaborations allowed. Merely because we can't split the prizes in this contest.
  • Tracing, eye-balling or heavy-referencing from other artists works won't be allowed.
  • You can only enter the challenge with one drawing.




First Place - 3 Month CORE Membership
Two Runner ups - 1 Month CORE Membership

Contests F.A.Q.

How does this work?
Every month you will be given a theme of what you'll have to create a Manga styled entry.

Is Fan Art or Fan Characters allowed?
I'm afraid. We do not accept Fan Art or Fan Characters in our entries. We look for original art that contrain original characters and their universes.
That means, for example, your Naruto based OC isn't eligible to enter or win.

Can we submit pre-existing works that fit the theme?
Your entry must be new and created for this contest. That means old artwords won't be accepted.

What style of art is allowed?
Digital, Traditional and Mixed Media.



Community, Respect, Excellence, Artists, Trust, Empower.


Semi-official Community Relations group for the Anime and Manga galleries on DeviantArt. Your hub for Anime and Manga Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcranimeandmanga: :iconcrcommunityprojects: :iconcommunityrelations: :icondevbug: :iconfella: :iconprojecteducate: :icondigitalists:

Dear all,

Just to let everyone know about the current progress of the game, we’ve reached the stage where we can begin coding. Yaaaay coding!

Please don’t ask when we can expect a release; we’re all working on this project along with whatever stuff we have irl, so it will take some time because of the overwhelming response. :’D

And to wrap up the VN collab I’d like to thank everyone who participated; all the owners of the game characters and the cameo characters for taking the time to do this.

I would also like to give my special thanks to a few groups of people, without whom the project wouldn’t be as cool as it is now;

The people who drew beautiful backgrounds for us:









The awesome writing team:





Lastly, I want to thank 4 very amazing people whom this project would not even be possible without, the first of which is Llaren. 6 months ago when she noted me about making a game I would not have imagined it could escalate into something so huge, or that we would end up working with so many people, or that I would end up making so many amazing friends from different timezones. Not to mention the gorgeous backgrounds she drew, seriously I think more than half of them are done by her. And of course, I can't thank :iconnothingtv: (AKA: Mr Llaren) enough either, for helping us with the programming and being so supportive of the game. :'D 

Speaking of amazing friends, right after I got the note from Llaren, I began thinking about the game itself and decided to consult RaineyJ to help with the writing. I cannot thank her enough because most of the worldbuilding behind the VN and even Haru’s character was Rainey’s doing. She and the other writers have been tirelessly working to make this game wonderful and have been an absolute joy to work with.

And you know who else is especially amusing to talk to? Bekkomi (AKA: Bekside/Beks) At first, she was supposed to help out with backgrounds and music but she ended up doing lots of random shit which I am so thankful for. Case and point. Even now, she’s still working on the artbook stuff and when I asked if she wanted to say anything on this journal she just said “Tag the teacher cameos too? XD” so here’s your random advertisement Beks. XD

We have enough students give us your senseis. Sign up now or forever hold your peace.

This is a message from Raine:

"Thanks everyone for letting me butcher your scripts and drop-kick your characters with drunken wrestling moves. I got to learn a lot by helping on this project and I don't regret any of the very late nights I spent staring at spreadsheets and cross-referencing scripts in order to work out character schedules and cameos, lol. I was able to watch people work really hard and grow in their skills. I know I'm not all that talkative or good at talking to people, but I really enjoyed watching everyone try their best and I'm super proud of you all!"

Evadoodle by RaineyJ

And that’s about all I guess? This is probably the last you will hear from me regarding this VN collab, so I just want to say thanks to everyone for being cool and nice, and for putting up with my occasional brainfarts and randomly inserting darude sandstorm references into your scripts.

You’ve all been a joy to work with! :’D

except you sinners who still owe me scripts

jk I still love you


jk I ain't even mad yo

but seriously give me your scripts

Weekend Fun

Sat Oct 3, 2015, 6:40 PM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Thursday Greets | WishingWell Weekly

Welcome to Weekend Fun!

[GIF]my weekend plans by MACKINN7

Admin News

Contest! Grant prize over 2k points!

Group Highlight

Lets meet one of our affiliates.


"Our goal is to collect as much Art as we can. It isn't necessary if you are a bloody beginner or an expert. We truly accept everything of you - even adoptables. We want to bring artists together and to make YOU more popular . we hope that you have fun here and take part in our currents contest(s)."

Meet the staff
:iconxenia1369: :iconkida-neechan: :iconmei-saime: :iconsimply-lau: :iconx-memoire-x: :iconterisa-san: :iconbxnnibel: :iconturock-x: :iconcemerald: :iconshuukaku92: :iconapril1999: :iconcaptainerror: :iconhazjacqui: :iconiceon5: :iconsgyu: :iconmoogle007: :iconmareishon: :iconoperaghost96: :iconluumies: :iconponehsaurus: :iconaudience-0f-one: :iconevmir1: :iconxantahelia: :icontiriol:

Give some points

All-Art-Wanted Gallery

USSR and Nazi Germany friends by TaNa-Jo Turban and jacket crevate and collar (new level)'s by overlord-costume-art Utopia by DMMDesign Pleasant Valley by grogersart

Affiliates News

If you want to affiliate with us, please write in your request the reason why you want to be affiliated with dAWishingWell. We will then affiliate to you. In exchange, your group will appear in the next Thursday Greets and your DeviantArt community related journals will be featured in Weekend Fun.

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Results of the deviantHEART Feature Challenge
Spotlight on 3dstage!
The Treasure Chest- Ed. 12

DA Starters 93 - DubbyDew0pw0p
Fan Art: Interview, HunterK
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Copyright Resources Compilation
Doujinshi: How to make a fancomic and not die
Fan Art Volunteering-A Look to the Past

Projects, events and help needed

The Birthday Puppeteer

If your birthday or your friend's birthday is this month, you can tell us in Call for October birthdays

Happy birthday to:


Charity Collab: Pirate Lapras by DeviBrigard Reward by hujikari Welcome To Atlanta by KDizzle90
Tendaji - Betrayed by Lil-Cheetah .:CONTEST ENTRY:. Puddle jumping by sinnamonrol
CE- Trixie West by Yetinia Midna wallpaper by maccollo

That's all for this week! Have a good weekend!


Today's Canvas

Drawtober Day 03 - Stripy Spotty Switcharoo
Drawtober2015-03 by reneedicherri

Add stripes, spots, or other colorful patterned markings to an unusual animal, or one that normally doesn't have any markings at all!

Take Part in Drawtober!
Drawtober is a 31 day drawing challenge hosted by Autodesk SketchBook designed to get your creativity flowing with a new art prompt every day through the month of October!
Step 1
Join autodesk-sketchbook to take part and see each day's prompt.
Step 2
Each day, download the new canvas and create! Upload your drawing when you're done.
Step 3
Submit drawings to our Drawtober 2015 Gallery folder, then comment on and favorite other drawings!
1. You must post these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag
4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
6. No tag-backs
7. You can't say that you don't do tags
8. You MUST make up journal entry

Facts about me:
1. I do Taekwondo and softball, in the summer
2. My favorite tv show is Gravity Falls
3. Stephano is based off one of my favorite toys that is a fox
4. My favorite subjects in school are band, math, and now science
5. I want to work as an engineer, an artist, or an author when I grow up
6. My favorite part of the day is the sunset
7. My favorite color is orange
8. My mom is from England and my dad is from Canada
9. My cat is 1 year older than me
10. I play the trumpet in band

Questions Asked:
1. How many siblings do you have?
(1 sister)
2. What's your favorite food?
3. How old are you?
(12 soon 13)
4. What do you count as a weakness of yours?
(Don't know)
5. Do you still watch spongebob?
6. Do you like Toe-socks?
(Don't know what it is)
7. What's your opinion on Mondays?
(Sleep! Must sleep, don't want to get up!)
8. Favorite season?
(Fall and winter)
9. Had your first kiss yet?
10. Did you/ do you have a stuffed animal friend?
(A toy fox named Stephano and a toy cat named Pikachu)

Questions for YOU:
1. What do you like to do in your free time?
2. What is your favorite animal?
3. Do you have any pets?
4. What is your favorite movie?
5. What are you proud of?
6. Do you do any sports?
7. What is your favorite tv show?
8. What do like about school?
9. What is your favorite day of the week?
10. What is your favorite game? (can be video games)

Taggled! by Spiritdragonfire10