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woooooh another raffle! > v< 

I really love this style so far and I want to continue it <3

Watercolor Practice by Broyam

Rules/ ETC 

* There will be two winners total
* Single chibis only! (no couples)
* Winners will be chosen at random through
- - - 

How to Enter 

* Fave this journal and comment = 1 entry

Extra Entries (Total- 13 extra tickets!)

*Make a journal/poll and link it back to me <3 = 1 entry
* + Watch ( new watchers only! Please do not watch me only for this raffle!) = 1 entry
* Subscribe to my  Youtube Channel = 1 entry
* Support me on Patreon ! = 5 entries
* Support my Indiegogo Campaign = 5 entries
- - - 

February 23rd
Hey kittens hows it going EXO : Luhan Heart by FallThruStardust
Come up with something oh/// thing to say  
with this type of icon->[EXO] Sehun Emoticon by emojiprincess
If I get the doki doki kyun kyun :iconleeblushplz:/// the most,

one person wins a couple CG like this on valentines: 
- Good morning darling - by janirotluvx 
it can be fanart/ocs just i perfer if its not too erotic /7\|||
Starting now and ends at 2/10 12 pm EST
[EXO] Xiulay Emoticon by emojiprincess

Daily Deviations Week 

What to look for when searching for DDs

In order to understand what it takes to choose and search for a Daily Deviation, let's look at what a Daily Deviation ( or DD ) is. Taken from DeviantArt's FAQ
"A Daily Deviation is a daily feature chosen from the galleries here on DeviantArt. A small assortment of submissions are chosen each day by a select group of staff/volunteer members who wish to showcase an image which they found impressive or otherwise interesting enough to deserve being brought to the attention of the community-at-large.

For more information please refer to FAQ 18: Who selects the Daily Deviation and how is it chosen?"

Usually when you want to look for a Daily Deviation, you want to start on DeviantArt's front page and make sure you are on the browse section. You can choose from the last 8 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week etc. You can even choose your favorite category on the left hand side just below the "sort".

After choosing your desired gallery, scroll away! Make sure to look at the daily deviation guidelines of that particular volunteer's gallery. To see a list of volunteers go here:

What To Look For


Imagine you are about to suggest a piece of art that could potentially be featured to millions of people on a single day. Center stage! So if you think about that, think about the quality of the deviation you are suggesting. Does it have style, technique and uniqueness? When I say "quality" I don't mean it has to be the best of the best because each and every one of us has our own opinion on how amazing something looks which is totally fine. However, when suggesting a DD consider how appealing it is and detailed it is. Or sometimes, how simplistic but how clean it looks.

Quality is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something. So if you look at previous Daily Deviations, you can more or less get the quality in which each volunteer tends to look for.

Dragonbro storms the castle by theDURRRRIAN
Red Head by streetX222
We are dancing in our chains by AquaSixio
Forest spirit by GaudiBuendiamaehwa by len-yan

Piercing Spectacle by denismayerjr


Does it demonstrate enough skill to be featured on the front page? We are all at our own skill level and exhibit that through our art. There are pieces that can be featured that may seem simplistic but have a huge impact with vibrant colors, details where it matters and interesting composition. 

Look for those fine details in the overall piece. Where is your eye drawn to the most? Is it unique? Does it demonstrate enough skill?

It's tough to be a critique on every piece of artwork, but these are somethings to consider when suggesting artwork for a Daily Deviation for these are some aspects volunteers will look for too!

Interstellar by jasric
Tree of Life by balaa
Transformation_02 by drazebot
Nice place for sketch by RHADS

Over All Impact

How interesting is the piece? Does it share a meaningful message? Is it appealing to look at? What is the over all impact the piece makes you feel? Sometimes these seem like trivial questions, but in fact they're one of the most important to ask.

Art is expression of someone's thoughts and imagination painted for you to admire or enjoy. There is no wrong or right piece of artwork because as humans, we have an emotional response to what we see or can relate to and there's nothing wrong with wanting to share that with the rest of DeviantArt! However, think about what the piece means to you and if it meets the suggestions above.

Heart of a King by Kinko-White
Autumn Chill by SpaceTurtleStudios
Blue by m-eralp
The Ghost Nebula by TylerCreatesWorlds
night valley by Reinmar84
She tamed the Wolf by RaphaelleM
No Tusks Yet by sketchinthoughts
Prophet by yakonusuke

As A Volunteer - What We Look For In Suggestions

Everything stated above more or less applies to volunteers. Every volunteer has their own guidelines so make sure you take a look at them ( usually on their profile or in their journal ) when you are suggesting to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings as far as what Daily Deviation goes to what Volunteer.


Hey guys. I have recently made a very major decision to start a Patreon in the hopes of starting a webcomic based on the adventures of my nervous lil eyeball, Eyegirl:

So, to promote the page and do some fun stuff and all that jazz, in addition to my 500 watcher givaway, I will be hosting a little drawing contest.

:star: RULES :star:

1. Draw Eyegirl and 1 other character from the main cast [see below for more details].
    -Be creative! As long as the 2 characters are the focal point it will be accepted. You may also draw more than 2 characters.
2. Post a link to my Patreon somewhere in the description of the drawing:
3. Put [Eyegirl Contest] somewhere in the title
4. Visual art only please! I'm not comfortable criticizing literature (sorry)
5. Your entry will be judged by myself, my boyfriend, and a group of other artists.

:star: ABOUT EYEGIRL (and friends) :star:

-Eyegirl by Porto881 


Grade: 9

Height: 5'0"

Traits: Very nervous, submissive, a daydreamer, head in the clouds, non-confrontational, incapable of speech.

Other fun facts: Head is a giant eyeball.

-Teller by Porto881 


Grade: 10

Height: 6'6"

Traits: A bit slow (not unintelligent), leaps before he looks, goes with the flow, very likable.

Other fun facts: Eyegirl's best friend. Not good with technology.

-Sally by Porto881


Grade: 9

Height: 5'4"

Traits: Constant wide-eyed thousand yard stare, quite eccentric, enjoys MMOs, speaks her mind, often tactless.

Other fun facts: Eyegirl's other best friend. Always wears that weird wrap, but there's nothing unusual about that.

-Mouthboy by Porto881


Grade: 11

Height: 5'7"

Traits: Very popular at school, baseball wizard, charismatic, loud as shit.

Other fun fact: Eyegirl's crush. Brushes with Tom's of Maine.

-Florence by Porto881


Grade: 9

Height: 5'2" at the shoulders

Traits: Enjoys dressing nice, obsessive compulsive, somewhat shy, sometimes over-dramatic, enjoys literature.

Other fun facts: Openly has a crush on Eyegirl. Tans often. Flowers are seasonal.

Other Eyegirl Art (for additional reference):

Eyegirl Patreon! [and Drawing Contest] by Porto881 Eyegirl and the Gang by Porto881 ~~500 watcher givaway (see description)~~ by Porto881 crush by Porto881 picturemail by Porto881 eyestronaut by Porto881 alleyway blues by Porto881 winter by Porto881 eyeslut by Porto881 eyegirl and florence by Porto881 eyegirl and teller by Porto881 eyegirl and mouthboy by Porto881 eyegirl by Porto881


The comic will be in black and white. I will never make a colored picture of anything involving Eyegirl. Thus, you may color your drawings of them however you see fit.

:star: PRIZES :star:

== First Place: 500 Points + 1 Request Illustration (by me) + I will design an Eyegirl comic character at your discretion, which will appear in the comic!

== Second Place: 100 Points

== Third Place: 50 Points

If you would like to donate prizes, please comment below!

:star: DEADLINE :star:

-- March 1st, 2015 --

If you don't want to enter, you can also help by spreading the word about this contest or sharing my Patreon page link here on dA, Facebook, Tumblr, or anywhere else:

You can also reblog the Tumblr post here:…

Good luck!

:star: ENTRIES :star:…
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  • Playing: ffx

Bell Let's Talk Campaign for Mental Health

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 4:50 PM
Bell's Let's Talk Campaign landed in my inbox at work this morning (I work at the Ministry of Health so not entirely surprising ;)) and while I am not a Bell Customer, I want to open the floor to talk about mental health.

So if you're comfortable, you could answer the following (if not, just comment on whatever strikes you or read and wander away =)) :
1. Do you live with mental illness (either in yourself, your partner or another family member?)  If so, which one(s)?
2. What sort of an impact does it have on your day to day life?
3. How do you manage it?/How does the person you live with manage it?  How do you help?
4. What is one thing you want people to know about living with mental illness?

As many of you know, I live with Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder (currently and hopefully permanently in remission!) and Specific Phobia (needles).  To add to the list of invisible illnesses, I have insomnia, chronic pain and chronic migraines.  I live with my partner who has Borderline Personality Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Depression.  Even on our best days, this means that we tend to have low energy, never feel rested and rarely feel like we accomplished everything we want to in a day; and we try not to beat ourselves up over it (or bring each other down) because it feeds the cycle.  I always feel like I should be able to do more and get mad at myself when I can't, which isn't healthy and is a habit that I am trying to break.

SpiritLullaby has in general done much better on medication than I have, in that it works for her for a time, even if it does stop or doses need to be adjusted.  Despite that, there are still times when she cannot deal with people and has to leave due to the anxiety or the drain on the energy.  While it helps, medication does not make things perfect (nor should we expect it to).  Medication does not help me very much and often makes me feel physically ill on top of all of the other issues (I've been through at least 20 different pills in the past 10 years).  I do use a light box which while not improving my mood, does make me feel more awake and able to concentrate at work.  My work is very repetitive and I need every ounce of focus I can muster.  I do take pills daily to prevent migraines and they work some of the time, but not nearly as often as I would like. 

The thing that I would like people to know is that Anxiety and Depression are incredibly exhausting.  When my anxiety is at it's worst or after one of us has a panic attack, the need to lie down and sleep (sleep rarely happens for me) is like a weight.  Both the anxiety, the constant worry and the lethargy and self-depreciation that accompany these conditions take a toll on your energy, on your physical state (you feel every ache worse when you are in the down part of a cycle) and on your immune system.  Without sleep, which heals the body as it restores energy, all of this only gets worse.  I power through my days on will power and spite more often than I'd like.  I try to plan for every eventuality to make sure I have the energy to do what needs doing and yet at least once a week I get off of work, look across the road at the grocery store (literally 200 metres away) and say "fuck that" and walk home and order pizza because tacking an extra half a kilometer (accounting for across the road, inside the grocery store and back tracking to go home) to my walk feels physically impossible.  That's only one example of something I try to plan to have the energy for, feel I should have the energy for and frequently don't. 

And I can't explain the budgeting of energy any better than that example.  But Spoon Theory does (it's about Lupus but gods does it ever apply to chronic pain and depression!) and if you would all do me a favour and read it, perhaps those that do not have these experiences can begin to relate =)…

Looking for comic style and cartoon pencil drawings of good quality to practice brush style inking and coloring on. Message or comment if you have a piece you wouldn't mind me practicing on and I'll send you results for feedback!
It's been awhile you guys, sorry that i havent been posting much or haven't given a proper explanation to why ive been gone. But now it's time for a new update on my comic!
So far I am working on the promo image and the first chapter cover for the series. I should be done with the new promo.
There is no release date yet for the comic to begin, but I promise you it will be soon!
I have come to a decision to rate my comic as a PG-13 comic series.
I have also decided that the comic so far will have 3 crossovers coming:
-Attack on Titan Series
-Big Hero 6 Series
-Kingdom Hearts Series
I hope you all we get pumped and excited for these crossovers to happen!
The comic will also not be revolved around the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise - What this means is that this comic will have small things to do with the sonic the hedgehog series, although if they do appear it will be based off of the Archie Sonic series before the Suing incident. (aka - scrouge, shard, fiona, and sonic's parents may appear)
Thats all my news so far! Oh I almost forgot that the next time an update releases, (Update 5) the comic will be ready to begin!
Sorry for being inactive, hope to hear from you soon!
Because I had fun drawing myself as a dude, and because I'm bored, I'm starting a little challenge.


The point of this challenge? Pfft, I just wanted to practice guys since I am ironically better at girls even though I mostly draw dudes. But the real point is for you to decide. :3

Rules are simple:
If you are tagged in this, you MUST draw yourself genderbent at least once. Multiple drawings are okay.
You may tag(in your drawing) as many people you want, but at the least tag one person.
You may also make a journal to tag people instead of the description, but it's not mandatory. If you do make a journal, however, you must link back here, AND explain a bit about the challenge.
Full-body, half-body, chibi, etc. art are allowed. Traditional, digital, realistic, Sonic, and MLP artists are allowed too, to make it fair for everyone. Backgrounds are allowed, if you can do them. Art theft/tracing are NOT allowed. I'll simply report you for it. Anything made on bases also do NOT count, unless the base is yours. You can also commission me to draw you gender-bent, if you really can't draw that well(I could use some more budget besides the money I make off of selling ice cream lol)
You don't have to watch me for this, though I might add some prizes to make it more interesting, plus some little edits here and there, so you might as well click that button before it eats you alive XD

Deadline for the challenge? When 200 deviants are tagged in this, or on this exact same date next year. Whichever comes first hey baby

Now, because I lose track easily, PLEASE favorite this journal. It'll help. A LOT.

For the people I tag, other than the people who just so happen to do this, I summon thy forth: 

To make sure you really read this, answer this question about me in the comments:

Why do you think I always cover the right part of my hair in my drawings?

A. Because I don't really look like that, and I just want to look cool
B. Because I have a birthmark/scar on my forehead
C. Because my whole gyangu does it(except for Mari-chan, because people sometimes pass us off as sisters XD)

You don't have to get it exactly right, it's just a way to prove you read the whole thing. And no, I'm not going to tell you if I'm right or wrong.(only if you ask me so in a note lol)

For the people who make journals, I'm gonna hold a giveaway for you.

Deadline? October 31.

Rules? Pfft, just make a journal and keep it 'till Halloween. It's not THAT hard, y'know.


First place will get THREE icons from me, Second will get two, and third will get three.(simple animations)
Who is accepting the requests must add comment with text "I'm accepting requests".
I will make the list of people who accepts the requests. All request works must be posted in this group!

Thanks for your attention.
:icondahub: is giving Points  to people who watch, give llamas, and fav other people's work. 
so go check it out :D dAhub