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Hello and welcome to week 14! Our week 13 is closed, thanks for participating! 
Info about week 13: Pixel Challenge week 13

You can choose your favorite Bath-related entry here:…
One most-voted deviation will get 1 month PM! :star: 

Please share some love to our past week participants: 

How many squids can fit in a teacup? by CandyfiedBathtime by AmarantheansRubber Duck Pixel by Unsuspicious-PizzaHaru in Bathtub by ChipiySoap icon (free) by UszatyArbuzPCWeek 13: Bath by garnet-artBath self portrait by ranom-stuffBubble Bath by Schnitzelyne:ScrubBack: by stuck-in-suburbia


Theme of this week: Pixel Fairy! 

Do you remember when we was making Pixel Chibis? Pixel Challenge Anime and Manga Related you can look more info here :D 

You need to think about Pixel Fairy design, make a good fairy, and then Team will choose one Fairy for Page design and for Journal Skin. We'll make this Fairy with some emotes and with a good resolution (use your prototype) and credit you :heart: 
Be creative! 

I also have one prototype for our Fairy - but i will show it after this week :star: 

Deadline: 31st January (note: i'm accepting entries also in early Sunday, if you'll note me that you had problems or etc. and need to send it on Sunday, but i hope you'll have enough time for making some good pixels) 


Nanami by twin-tailEarl - Click for full animation + view by SueweetieC: ZegoDraws by BlazingBaconParis by PalodokiCM: Pocket DerpyBunnies [Speedpixel] by megiemuTorrent by akifeiCho by akifeiAT: ChocoSandy by miite
Rosuu by MieuChanC: Rurumie by akifeiKyori Pixel by KyouKaraaIjerah by ChisariCommission : Aster by KiyorinCupid by KimqiCo: Natsumi Pixel by PixiescoutSoli Pixel Fighter by solipherus
Autumn Fairy by ToySkunkFairy in A Jar by LaiyeeFairy: Feather Anarchy by happipfairy by solarsignFairy by Monica-NGPersephone by orenji-seira


Kai's Fat Pixel Chibi Tutorial by LittleKaiPixel Base Walkthrough by twin-tailPixel chibi tutorial: Part 1-the base by MagicalPouchOfMagicHow I draw in MS-Paint by zeniaPixelling Character Walkthrough by twin-tailEasy PIXEL-ART without experience TUTORIAL. by KyuribinPixel Chibi Avatar Tutorial by LittleKaiPixel Chibi Process by akifeiWIP pixel fairy by ninjinshiru

Star! You can also visit TutorialsForYouPixelCommunity and TutorialsClub and find more tutorials. /while we're adding more tutorials in our group/


We'll choose one Pixel fairy and will use design for making a Mascot, make Journal Skin and Page design with this Fairy
One Premium Membership for 1st place 
and one most-voted deviation in Poll will get 150 :points: 

Want to suggest a theme? Send us a note! :star: 

Your entries for week 14 you can submit here:… or send a note to PixelChallenges and our Team will add your work to right folder, thanks. Heart 

Giving it a try on one of these contests. I'm a bit iffy about it, so I will see how it goes. ;v;

Species guide:…

Group: :iconbunnalix:

- Must be a member of the Bunnalix group.
- Entries must be submitted to the "MYO Contest" folder in the group. (So this way all entries are in one folder and can be viewed there. So that also means that the entry HAS to be submitted to deviantart! )…
- Can only use the common and uncommon traits. NO RARES! :3
- No neon colors, people will want to look at your entry, not close it asap cause it's too bright!
- Artwork has to be yours, you cannot use bases or trace things from the species guide. I'm not judging on the art but the design!
- If you really can't draw at all, I can put up a base for 50 points, and will only send them privately.
- Again, won't judge on art, but on the design. Great color combinations play a big role here!
- Only digital artwork this time, sorry! Mspaint is on everyone's computer so even a scribble will do. c: Traditional art is hard to look at when drawn small.
- Winners will get to keep their Bunnalix, the ones that didn't win will need to pay 3$ - 300:points: to keep theirs. If you don't want to keep it you will need to transfer the design to a different species.

You may add: Accessories, clothing, story, personality, name, common and uncommon traits only, a different type of middle tail (Like a lion or something. )

You may not add: Rare traits, neon colors (pastels are okay), too many piercings (Only allowing up to 2 piercings on each ear. No studs, snakebites etc. Just the ears are allowed for piercings. Reason why is because I'm really iffy about these accessories. )

Contest ends: February 28th 2015, 6pm EST

Judging: I will judge based on design, not art. Good color combinations are likely to win better than ones with bad ones.

All entries:…
Ok so now that I have 50 watchers, I have decided to have a contest!
My last contest on instagram failed horribly, because of problems with other people,
But now I will have a more official one.
What's the contest about?
Best drawing of Tronic, my HORROR oc.
Mainly because she's supposedly a bad creepypasta of according to one person
if you need info on her, I'll tag you in her ref.
You can enter,
-mmd models
-digital drawings
and traditional art.
First place winners will receive
A wallpaper (digital) and two traditional drawings
Second place winners will receive
A wallpaper (digital)
And third place will receive
A traditional drawing.
Okie so I hope to see people enter!
And I hope that all of the winners enjoy their prizes!
No bases or recoloring.
You can draw your oc as well
It can be a crack ship
And if you want you can include other OCS of mine ^-^
I want to do one. Would anyone ask my characters (any of them) questions?
I would love to draw something for you guys you. An tell me what you want me to draw like a pet wolf or dragon for you or even a character or OC for you and it will be free just comment on the group page or on this, I will do it for free for you.

Your friend,
Furry;(cuts ribbon) YEY!
Leo: YEY!!!!!
Star: YEY!!!!!!!!!!

Furry: Today.. This is my parts and service.
Bonnie: Yeah.. Congrats, Sis.
Foxy: Aye! Ye will be a great leader.
Furry: Thanks, guys! :3

I hope ya'll wanna join! ;)
I would prefer to do fursonas. But I'll do personas too

100 point giveaway!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 5:48 PM
i did say this was coming. i was going to wait until i reached 100,000 pageviews but i got impatient lol. i just reached 98,000 though!! yay :dummy: i will explain the giveaway, but first...

...i want to spam you with a reminder about the shojo manga label i have created called lace song!!! we are a group of aspiring manga creators and we'd be so happy if you were to be interested in our projects and keep up with our updates! we have big goals and dreams... so get ready for great stuff to come from us!! :la: some mangas have already been started and posted online, actually. :nod:

anyone can join our da group as a member: :iconlacesong: just to be clear, this doesn't mean you are becoming an official LS manga creator. (those are the co-founders! and it's invite-only) being a member means you are a supporter of ours. members will get special perks.

we have a tumblr blog with some cool stuff on it:

we are on twitter, too! we are currently gathering up some links to great tutorials to show you all and soon we will update twitter regularly!

our website is and it is currently under construction, though there's a lot done already.

now that that's out of the way, i can tell you about how to win the hundred points!! all you have to do is fave this journal. that's it! it's that easy!! this is open to everyone. the winner will be picked using a random generator. i will wait until i've reached 100K views and then i will pick a winner.

that's what this is about, after all. i wanted to do something to celebrate this pageview milestone. it's soooooooo great to finally get to this point. it took me a long time (seven and a half years!!) but i'm glad i finally made it. ever since i first joined da, i've always wanted to be one of those members with a six-digit pageview number. i envied those people. i thought, wow, only the really cool and successful people have 100,000+ views. so it's a big deal to me to have this number. and honestly, i'm not so happy with the number of comments, faves, and watchers i have (although i've gotten watchers at a faster rate in recent weeks) but my pageview number is what i actually AM proud of. thank you to everyone who has looked at my page, even if you did it because you dislike me, haha. i know a lot of my views came from people who dislike something i have said, because i talk a lot and say a lot of opinions. but i am SUPER thankful for the people who actually like me and like my art. i am grateful to have your support. it motivates me to draw more art and hopefully you will like it and it'll make you happy!! =D

i am most strongly thankful for my watchers. you mean SO MUCH to me. it is such an important thing to me that you want to watch me. i don't take it for granted. every single watcher makes me happy! no really... every watcher, i've seen their message "so and so has added you to their deviantwatch" in my inbox, so i am definitely glad to see that. i have thanked most of you personally but sometimes i forget, because i'm a forgetful person. still, i am thankful for every watcher.

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Greetings fellow deviants, I am Waggish and I will be making a story titled "The Ultimates" so I will be posting chapters every few days. If you wish to know more about the story, note me and I will gladly explain everything. I seek to create a story that draws upon not only the fantasies of fiction and the wonders of the supernatural, but also on many social and controversial issues in today's society. Stay tuned and thank for acknowledging this message Charmander la plz .
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Akira, the 8'1" female missirian was searching the woods, she was riding the back of her pet Thylacine. "This place is crazy!" The thylacine yelled in a kid voice, "Just hold on Thor, we shall return to Missiria as soon as possible." She replied to the Thylacine.
You have to write in literate form.
3 Line minimum, 7 line maximum.
Sex/rape/gore/molestation/fetishes/pedophilia/ or any other crazy shit is allowed. No mary sues please. NOTE ME, I WILL NOT  RESPOND TO COMMENTS.