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Happy to announce my print shop is open for the holiday season! Yay!

Visit my store on Storenvy

Very happy to announce I am offering a new size - my largest ever - A2!  Which are made for framing, with a 1.5cm white boarder. Ooh fancy :heart:
Shopa2 by DestinyBlueShop2 by DestinyBlueShop3 by DestinyBlue

Extremely to happy to announce Free Shipping on all orders until Christmas, to anywhere in the world! :D

Thanks for being patient friends, you can now get your print fix5 seconds hug 
Yeah! Go forth and get prints! :heart:

Oh, and you can 'Buy Blue a Tea' which is essentially a donation, as people were asking, heh ^-^

Peace, Love and Ink,
Blue xx
Tagged by pitterpanda

1) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
2) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your 10 tags.
3) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
4) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged.
5) NOT something like "you're tagged if you read this."
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs.
8) You can't say you don't do tags.
9) You MUST make a journal entry.
10)(TheMeshNinja EDIT: I will allow those who I have tagged to decline the journal(but I wouldn't prefer that :P))

10 facts about me:

*I love outdoors but would rather stay inside

*Im ALLWAYS listening to music

*I make references a lot!


*my favorite food is either sushi / burritos

*I once had the same idea as another person while I was eating the food they made me

*I hate a lot of things but Wont share what they are / hate rant what it is :P

*people call me creepy:
When I draw sometimes I mumble incoherently and others say "it just didn't sound right"(I really dunno though :P)
I sit in the corner all day (all day)
I hate daytime and love visiting graveyards at night ^-^
OH and creepypasta help me sleep XD (no joke doe)

*I might seem nice but, never judge a book by its cover (I'm nice till you get on my bad side(witch is extremely hard))

*I lived in the middle of the woods most of my life :P

The 10 questions:

* how was your day?

* what's your faviort animal?
Wolf/Kittens ATW!

* -do you like me?-
Yes you are an awesome person ^v^

* when did you start drawing?
Bout a month and a half ago :P

* what made you start drawing in the first place?
My broken ps3

* do you have any brothers or sisters?
One :P

* night or day?

* are you a furry or a pegasister/brony?

*biggest inspiration?
Nice deviants :P

* faviort artist on DA?
Hoshii-chi ^W^

Questions to the tagged

*favorite song?

*favorite composer/band?

*favorite deviant artist?

*favorite color?

*what are your hobbies?(other then art)

*best Da friend?

*do you sleep whilst listening to music?

*if you were to own any electronic device to help your everyday life (exsistant or not) what would it be?

*if you were to get one wish granted what would it be?

*are you content with your life as it is now or do you feel something big should be planned for the future?

My tags:
Hoshii-Chi (dont have to post, just wanted to tag senpai ^w^)

It's triplets!
It's December, and I thought about doing some extra art, so why not do requests. Unlimited slots until the first of January. They can contain anything, or be anything (head shots, full bodies, etc.) And I'll create what you've asked. 

You can find what I do, but am not limited to, here;
CommissionsI might try doing some form of commissions. Note or comment below if anything seems to interest you. 
10 points (Can come in any colour.) Line art of a sketch is 5 points more

Head shot
20 points.
Flat coloured
30 points 
Style 1
Style 2 (more realistic based on anatomy of creature)
Shaded Coloured
40 points (background plus points, depending on complexity)

The only thing I will not do is a comic page. 

Requests can contain anything of the following and more;

Bim by SecretSmilez101Imani by SecretSmilez101Kiss It Better by SecretSmilez101

- - - - -


1. Must be watching me I know if you unwatch me, and if you watch me and then unwatch me after I finish your request, you will be banned from any more of these that I hold.
2. Must be Watching me- New watchers welcomed!
3. Must spread this around in a journal.
4. Comment this below;

Journal link: 
Requesting: (head shot, reference sheet, full body, etc.)
Specific date wanted by: (if any)
Christmas themed?:

Working on;
1. Littlekitadopt ~ Glitters full body
2. Demons-In-My-Cereal ~  Iv ref
3. Camino-Palomino ~ Tiger and Camino full body

In line;
1. Willersmunk ~ Hoshi Corbo full 
2. Dakota the deep ~ Amber full
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: He is We
  • Reading: Crescendo
  • Watching: Tom Hiddleston marathon

2015 Holiday Projects and Contests

Tue Dec 1, 2015, 12:04 AM

Flip those calendars, everyone! December has arrived!


Wat's a December?

:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: This season, in addition to regular art features, I have decided to compile an ongoing list of projects and contests happening around DeviantArt, centering on the winter holidays, in theme or in spirit. I understand how easy it is for holiday events to slip under the radar, especially when one's real life responsibilities distract one from the computer (well... no personal experience there). Up until this past summer, I was missing out on a large number of community-related goings on, simply because I wasn't watching the right groups. That's not to say I've got my finger on the pulse of the DA community—I don't, and the site's just too big for anyone to. But I take care to read up on a lot more now, and if I can help any of you to have a more fulfilling community experience of your choosing, and/or promote these causes and competitions, I will have done my job. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

Naughty? Nonono I've been good this year

:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: Updates to this list will go here, unless of course they go at the bottom. They might go somewhere else entirely. However, this is Version 1.0, so you don't have to worry about any of that right now. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

The Holiday Card Project has been a yearly fixture of DeviantArt for almost a decade. Cards are created by members (or anyone!) and mailed off to HQ, where they are then distributed to hospitals. Below you can browse some of the many beautiful, heartfelt cards that have been made this year. I have participated myself in the past, and it's definitely a worthy cause to get behind.

Holiday Card Project 2015: Colourful by RatatoskAS2015 Holiday Card Project by heartsherlock2015 dA Holiday Card Project by SAmaryllis
Christmas Card 2015 by gingikoiBlue tit-painting by JoannaMooryChristmas greeting card by SheShkutis
Holiday Card Project 2015 by JoaRosaHoliday card project 2015 - Winter penguins by JebsyHoliday Card Project by TibraPade

ThumbHub is an awesome new chatroom for the sole purpose of sharing your art/sharing your faves/sharing contests, events, etc. and, of course, meeting new people passionate about art! JenFruzz and co. have a group as well, and the theme of the group's new contest is holiday traditions. It is open to all mediums! If you're interested, see the journal, and if you're ever in the neighborhood and have something you'd like to promote, look the chat up!

Check it out, 'cuz JenFruzz says!

:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: And now, some uplifting words from the community. :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

"My favourite thing about spending the holidays on dAmn is porking the rein-llamas honestly"


"The amount of people with nothing better to do than to socialize on the internet during the holiday season
It makes you feel less cripplingly alone"


If you are a writer, this is a delightful little contest to enter. All you need to do is write a short (<200 word) story or poem containing NemoX7's three words. I'm not going to tell you what those words are because you need to visit the journal! Get your friends together and compete against each other! See who can compose the greatest haiku!

For this lovely contest by the even lovelier OfOneSoul, you create a Christmas present for a deviant of your choosing, utilizing your favored medium. It can be your partner or your best friend, an artist you appreciate, anyone! If you follow all da rulez, you could win incredible things that make me weep for joy just thinking about them, like $100, a book, and a bunch of other nice things.

I'm not greedy... except when books are involved.

whenhellfrozeover of HolidayArtSwap is hosting their annual art swap, that is not a contest per se, but rather "our chance to give to another artist, keeping up the creative holiday spirit, putting a smile on someone else's face, and making new friends." You have till the 3rd to sign up! After that, everyone gets randomly paired off with a not-so-Secret Santa, and you mutually discuss with your partner what you would both like to receive. This makes for very personalized art gifts, that you might even be able to have mailed to you!

This contest is for all the photomanipulators out there! Malleni-Stock asks you to consider for a moment Santa's home life, and create a work revolving around that. Where is it that he stays when he's not busy flying around the world? What does an average day at the North Pole look like (or wherever you imagine him to live)?

While mental illnesses are difficult to deal with throughout the year, the stresses and expectations that come with holidays can make these times especially hard. This is a special contest for Grey Dixon, Pendragon-Arts' son. You chose one of Grey's drawings and grant it new life in your own style. He will be able to see his art become a source of inspiration for a multitude of artists, and gain a few pieces for his wall at the same time.

Srsly my favorite Christmas movie of all time.

:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: Have you seen another project or contest not mentioned here? Have I completely misrepresented your interests? Are you really appreciative of malamute .gifs? Tell me! I'm cool I promise! If you yourself would like to promote something, share it in the comments! All I ask is that it be specifically December holiday-related up through New Year's Day; I don't care which holiday, secular or not, just don't have it be Valentine's Day or something. You don't have to promote a journal, either; it can be a poll, a chatroom event, or a fun forum thread. And remember, the above summaries were just that, intended to garner interest, so please check out each journal specifically for rules, deadlines and any changes. Want me to add anything? Tell me! [: (Also, 73k+ of you already know, but prints are 25% off for the holidays, and DA has a new line of shirts out!) :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

"Chatrooms and forums and friends 'round the world.
Live games and chatting and artwork unfurled.
Even the trolls can keep things interesting.
These are a few of my favorite dAmn things!"

Taxidermy Secret Santa 2015 


*So excited for this year! :la: I know I'm a little later posting than I should, but I've been having a shitty time recently. I hope sending gifts and making people happy will cheer me up!*

  1. Post up a journal with 10 things you'd like for Christmas. 
  2. Make sure to try and send other people gifts, even just sending card is nice!
  3. Asking for non-taxidermy items is fine, but if you don't want any this might be the wrong SS for you.
  4. Please include your address on the journal or a way for people to contact you to get your address to send the gift.
  5. Others can join in the fun at TaxidermySecretSanta
    • Pelts / fur scraps!  I love fur, I have a lot of fox fur already (most of which I'm sending off in TSS) so I'm in high demand of some other 'exotic' furs, something spotty or stripey perhaps? A SEAL PELT/SKIN OF ANY KIND, OMG, I WOULD FAINT. <33 Anything dog or cat, or opossum! I got a scrap of zebra last year, that was epic! 

    • I adore bones and skulls, my favourite item would have to be a bat skull, or something batty... I also don't own any antlers yet!

    • Tails! I would love an unusual tail, like a deer or feline or something cool like that! I love all animals!

    • Dream-catchers! Antiques! Odd things! Glass jars and interesting bottles are of interest to me, and shiny things like charms for my necklace. I'm a magpie! *caw*

    • Donation towards my upcoming tattoos and piercings ~ <33 (Snakebites and Tongue.)

    • Candles/Incense! Crystals/Gems/Stones! Animal parts (feet,claws,teeth.)

    • Wet specimens, I'm really into these right now and would love more. Especially those baby sharks, I love them idk why. I prefer complete specimens but even body parts like hearts would be neat. I have three pickled puppies and a hamster right now. 

    • TWINKIES!!!!
      Food in general, especially from a different country than the UK, that'd be awesome! * refer to bottom of list.

    • CARDS AND ART! My characters are here, I adore art of my characters. And I adore receiving cards from all over the world, from strangers and friends, it makes me feel fuzzy inside and connected to you guys. I usually get very lonely around Christmas and your cards help, I keep every one of them in a special folder. 

    • Ideas for the others: Something warm for winter like a jumper, scarf or hat! Dinosaurs, crocodiles. Anything fandom related, (see my front page or ask.) Kinky stuff. Some cool looking socks or underwear. If you're good I might model them for ya... jk jk. ;P My favourite animals are: Canines, Reptiles/Snakes, Corvids, Dragons, Dinosaurs/Crocs, and Seals! Be inspired!

  1. - * As for food, I don't eat toffees or peanuts/nuts.
  2. - Please no rat stuff. It reminds me of my pets that I had to put up for adoption and it breaks my heart. </3
    - If you're sending me clothing, I'm about a men's medium in most stuff. :D

    Kyris Clark
    4 Rhodes Top
    SK13 1GE

    People I'm definitely sending to this year: - ZombieMutt13 - TheWolfsFirstWinter - Jewel-Wing - Kirin-Hunter. (I will add more as I send off, so I don't get ahead of myself and disappoint people!)
    Thank you very much! <3

DFC Day at a Glance (#1)

Mon Nov 30, 2015, 2:17 PM

And welcome to :icondailylitrecognition: and :iconprojectdfc:'s 

Day at a Glance

We're SOOPAH excited to have you all here.  Hopefully, you're ready for a challenge--this month is going to be EPIC.

You may have noticed, if you've already scoped out the :iconprojectdfc: DFC Form Chart 2015 by kiwi-damnation (Form Chart), there's something fishy afoot!  Let's take a look, yes?  In the words of our esteemed Mistress of Words, kiwi-damnation ...

This year is about world regions, with 5 major regions with 6 forms each and a wild card with 1. That totals 31. When a day is allocated to a region, for example "The Middle East", you can choose from the 6 presented. Once you have used that form though, you can't use it again.

This means our "Day at a Glance" posts will be separated BY FORM each day, to give a more in-depth look at one specific option.  If you picked a different form to focus on, don't panic--we'll just be covering that form in a future post!  We will still be featuring EVERY submission we receive each day!


to defeat this FORM, shall we?!

The Americas -- Day 1

The Form:


The Sardine or Sonondilla was created by “The Dread Poet Roberts”. 

It features 14-lines of tetrameter (preferably iambic) with the following rhyme schemes: abbacddceeffee or abbaabbaccddcc 

Now, for those who aren't aware, iambic tetrameter is:

meter in poetry. It refers to a line consisting of four iambic feet. The word "tetrameter" simply means that there are four feet in the line; iambic tetrameter is a line comprising four iambs.

Now, that probably doesn't make a WHOLE LOT of sense if you've not studied poetry/poetic forms.  So let's break it down, shall we?

Meter:  the basic rhythmic structure of a verse or the lines IN a verse.
Feet:  the meter of a verse can be described as a sequence of feet, each foot equaling a specific sequence of syllable types (unstressed/stressed or long/short)
Iambic Pentameter:  a common meter in English poetry, it is based on a sequence of five iambic feet/iambs, each consisting of a relatively unstressed syllable followed by a relatively stressed syllable.  In other words, think of this like a heartbeat.  The first thump is unstressed (da), the second stressed (DUM). Put together, it's da-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUM

Take a look at the example below; the unstressed syllables are denoted by "X"s, the stressed denoted by "/"s.

 ×  /   ×   /   ×    /      ×  /     ×   /
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
 ×  /    ×      /   ×     /   ×     /  ×   /
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

Iambic Tetrameter, therefore, is based on a sequence of FOUR iambic feet/iambs!

Still confused?  Take a gander at some pieces written using iambic tetrameter:

Iambic TetrameterThe nightmares tear asunder hope
And shadows black with fervor grope
Within my heart so dark and cold
Within my spirit grown so old
Can I still witness light as it-
As well with with fervor strives to keep
My tried and tested faith from sleep
And give my weakened spirit grit?
Lunar EclipseObserve the birds that soar so high
Their wings that stir in endless flight
Like vibrant sails become aflame
And lit below by beacons bright
The moon rusts red in darkened skies
Absorbs the glow of midnight light
A blood moon is too cruel a name
Let rest the stars and sleep tonight
Oh love, stay here and rest with me
Oh love, sleep calm and rest tonight

Your Heart vs. The WorldThe stars are dreams caught in mid-flight.
Your heart is black and blue tonight.
The beat it bangs is secret song.
The moon it feels the meaning strong
Though wind won't let the wonder stay
So eyes look toward the morning grey.
The heat they hope to find was spent
Against a heart for another bent.
Lay your body in warmth of rhyme.
Heal as this is just the first time.
The Tell Tale HeartI feel the rhythm of his heart,
beneath the boards the beating starts;
as reason from my mind departs,
I fall apart, I fall apart.
The men who knocked upon my door,
not knowing what's beneath my floor
will want to settle up the score -
I do implore, I do implore
This guilt breaks conscience with my lie -
my wracking sobs and wretched sighs.
I never meant for him to die.
It was his eye, it was his eye!

And now, the form!

The Sardine Example:

Ambiguity, by Lawrence Eberhart 

In ambiguity there’s hope 
that your misstatement may make sense
to someone sitting on the fence 
who’s neither voted yep nor nope. 
Thus politician’s often cope 
with lack of what’s called common-sense 
by merely giving no offence. 
If you don’t get it, you’re the dope. 
You cannot fact check what’s not said 
Thus inferences that have led 
to contrary conclusions are 
non-specific, sometimes bizarre. 
Turn off the TV, go to bed,
or watch grass grow; 
you’ll be ahead.

And...there you have it!

Come back tomorrow for a look at all pieces submitted for Day 1...and another awesome form!  

Ciao! from your :icondailylitrecognition: and :iconprojectdfc: admin.

Skin by SimplySilent
We're eking towards have everything ready for the official open! To that end, I thought we could have a little preview contest.

Contest #0: Personal Goals

Once a month, TSS will have a contest where you can do something to compete and win points or other rewards! Since we're not 100% officially open yet, this is a special, pre-opening contest. (Thus, it's number 0!)

This contest has two steps:

Step 1.

Post a comment on this journal setting a TSS-related goal for yourself! This can be anything related to creating something for TSS: finishing your first character profile, drawing gift art, completing your first Challenge, or even just drawing some new art of your TSS character!
Deadline: December 31st

Step 2.

Complete your goal by January 31st and earn 2 bonus points!
Deadline: January 31st
That's it! Easiest contest ever. Set a goal, and accomplish it! It'll be a great way to start the new year. ^^

As a bonus, if you accomplish your first goal before December 31st, you can set a second goal to achieve for another bonus point. So you can win a max of three points in this contest! (In addition to any points gained if your goal involved a challenge.)

Note: Only goals that involve creating something can be used for this contest. So, no welcome wagon comments, no "join the group" goals. Also, you can't use something you've already created to win. Your goal has to involve making something new that is submitted to the group.


And in a whiff of snow (at least here)... November is over! :faint:

After asking you How Do YOU Survive NaNoWriMo? , and reiterating in How do YOU Survive NaNoWriMo? (week 2) , I feel like now that the month is over there's something important you all can offer the community...


:stare: nope, even better.

You can share your story with us! And I don't mean the plot of your story, although you're welcome to do that too... I mean the story of how you lived through November.

It doesn't matter whether you think you're a Super Noob, you think you have no particular strategy or technique, or think you're the best of the class: everyone who takes part in NaNoWriMo leaves with something more than what they started with... and a lot of that is a precious experience. For the better or the worst, this November, you all learned some stuff out there.

And I want to know what that is! :la:
I won't sell your soul I promise.

So I present to you...

The NaNoWriMo Meme!

also known as the MeMeWriMo

Step into my world of madness and feel free to choose whether to answer my questions in a comment, or make a journal of your own...but beware! The rules must be followed, lest you incur the wrath of the maiden. :stare:


:bulletpink: sacrifice five sticks of celery to the altar of the Peanut Butter God to prevent disaster from striking. Or, you know, tag a NaNoWriter in the comments. :B

:bulletorange: link to this blog if you make your own MeMeWriMo Journal!

:bulletred: answer all questions! You can be as serious, funny, and creative as you want. 


1: Prologue
What gave you the idea for your novel this year?

2: Introduction
What made you decide that that story idea was the RIGHT IDEA?

3: A Lil'Bit of Plot
How much plot building did you do before November? Did it help you, or could you have survived without?

4. A Lil'Bit of Action
What is your favourite part of the writing process? The action scenes, the dialogues, the descriptions... so much to choose from!

5. A Lil'Bit of Conflict, too
When/how did you decide what the central conflict of the novel would be? Everything eventually comes back to it, doesn't it?!

6. The Obstacles
What was the most difficult part of your NaNoWriMo this year?

7. The Victors    
And what was the easiest?

8. Finishing The Puzzle
Did you tie all your loose ends, or leave space for a sequel?

9. Epilogue... or is it?
Did NaNoWriMo scare you off the wagon... or will you do it again next year? :eager:

:la: Congratulations to everyone who took part in this massive challenge, I have infinite respect for you! I can't wait to see everyone's answers.




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Traditional and Digital Typography and Digital Text Art galleries on dA.
Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrtextandtypography: :icondigitalists:

What's up gang?

I know you're hungry for more shapes - so here's the newest batch hot out the oven for the month of December!

Shapes for December 2015 Q1:

Shape Challenge - December 2015 Q1 by puddlefisher

It's always refreshing to discover new ways of seeing the shapes as each submission rolls in, and this was especially true for November which saw some super challenging shapes and some equally as super triumphs from all participants. In spite of the huge suggestibility and very limited room for interpretation, you guys absolutely killed it with your character designs.

This month's line-up consists of shapes that are somewhat more ambiguous and offers a lot more room to play. You are encouraged to use your creative freedom by exploring the shapes as thoroughly as possible. Approach them from different angles - literally - through rotation and look at them in as many different ways as you can. It's pretty much the name of the game! Surprisingly, this wasn't taken advantage of half as much as I expected to see last month - you still nailed it - but I'm putting this out there to remind anyone who's not aware that rotation of the shapes is not out of the question. Not much is - just have fun with it!

If you've not yet noticed, this is the first quarter (Q1) of December's Shapes - meaning that you can expect a new line-up on a weekly basis. It has been my ambition to kick start the Shape Challenge from the hiatus the challenge took and the general feedback from you last month has been taken on board towards this end. In addition to increased regularity, I will be selecting highlights from previous weeks to share each time the new line-up is released to commend all the rad work that actively pumps through Design-A-Character.


Highlights - November's Shapes:

Shape Challenge - November 2015 by puddlefisher

From Tsvetka:

Shape Challenge   November 2015 by Tsvetka
Evidenced by her novel approaches to the shapes that ooze ingenuity, Tsvetka has thought way outside the box to create this gorgeous line-up. It's Tsvetka's strict adherence to the silhouettes in the presence of such originality that I find especially commendable about these designs.

From bunny75:

Batfolk by bunny75
bunny75 couldn't resist optioning superheroes - a route probably considered by most upon first glance of November's shapes Batman  - But bunny75 shook it up with some unexpected incarnations of this otherwise familiar likeness. Meet Batwalrus and friends in this Fun and fresh line up. :lmao:

From wabea:

Shapechallenge by wabea
Through more illustrative means, wabea has taken to his stylus and scratched his way to realising this gang of playful fellows with yet another less-than-foreseeable, highly amusing outcome. :thumbsup:


Have fun! :eager: