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The Great Christmas Game - gifts reveal!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 17, 2014, 12:39 PM

The Great Christmas Game is closed!

christmas la

What was it all about?

Please follow this link for all info about the game!
The Great Christmas Game (closed)The Great Christmas Game is closed!
christmas la
How to play?

Below you have a Christmas Tree with six different presents under them, which are hiding different prizes. Chose one gift and comment below this journal, which one you would like to receive. When the game will be closed (when all the gifts will be given out or on 20th of December) I will announce what was in which present and you will get your prizes! Please read Rules before to know the details of the game.
The presents are hiding inter alia points, features, drawing and writing requests, llamas, and more!
And everyone wins something! :candycanela:
There are prize(s) that will need your address so they could be sent to you! Be sure that you are +18 or have your parent's permission!

Bell Bullet *Animated* - F2U! What are the rules?

Pixel Gingerbread Cookie  The list of participants Pixel Gingerbread Cookie 

Below you have lists of participants - deviants that have chosen particular gifts.

:candycanela:  What prizes are in the presents? :candycanela: 

I tried to divide the particular contributions as equally as possible. Please don't be disappointed with the prizes - I'm sure that every donor will put their heart in it!

1. Big Red Box
:bulletpink: feature in CrazySquad 
:bulletpink:  feature from Aravil1  
:bulletpink: fav from shindianaify 
:bulletpink: watch from animesparkleluv96 
:bulletpink: llama from RoamingShadow 
:bulletpink: llama from Felizias 
:bulletpink: drabble from RoamingShadow 
:bulletpink: icon from KimRaiFan 
:bulletpink: drawing from JovaArt 

4. Roundly and neutral
:bulletpink: feature from Windklang 
:bulletpink:  feature from YudaMori 
:bulletpink: fav from Jessicalina 
:bulletpink: llama from Windklang 
:bulletpink: llama from Jessicalina 
:bulletpink: llama from aaron-sprig 
:bulletpink: button from thomasVanDijk 
:bulletpink: drawing from YudaMori
:bulletpink: photo gift from aaron-sprig 

2. Long and white
:bulletpink: feature from KimRaiFan 
:bulletpink:  feature from Wildphoenix22 
:bulletpink: fav from me
:bulletpink:  llama from BloomingRoseXeniia 
:bulletpink: llama from RoamingShadow 
:bulletpink: 40 :points:
:bulletpink: icon from AssassinPerson 
:bulletpink:  headshot from TheNewFaceInTown 

5. Jack-o-latern
:bulletpink: feature from me on my profile
:bulletpink:  feature from BloomingRoseXeniia 
:bulletpink: fav from me
:bulletpink: watch from Jessicalina
:bulletpink: llama from @animesparkeluv96
:bulletpink: llama from TheNewFaceInTown 
:bulletpink: halfbody from @Clovis-thecustestcat
:bulletpink: kaleidoscope from Yoruichi-Takashi 
:bulletpink: drawing from AssassinPerson 

3. Yellow with a bow
:bulletpink: feature from me
:bulletpink:  feature from phloxii 
:bulletpink: fav from animesparkleluv96 
:bulletpink:  llama from SabakuNoShi 
:bulletpink: llama from me
:bulletpink: llama from shindianaify 
:bulletpink: stamp from SabakuNoShi 
:bulletpink: 15 :points:
:bulletpink: 5 :points: from aaron-sprig
:bulletpink: drawing or icon from PaintPalletePony 

6. The Lilac Box
:bulletpink: feature from Lilith-the-5th 
:bulletpink:  feature from BRSpidey 
:bulletpink: fav from BRSpidey
:bulletpink: llama from phloxii 
:bulletpink: llama from BRSpidey 
:bulletpink: llama from TarmaHartley 
:bulletpink: icon from UndeadZombiie 
:bulletpink: headshot or halfbody from animesparkleluv96 

Now, for everyone who are on these lists - please contact the participants from the lists above to give them the Christmas prizes Santa La
If you are a donor and you get your own prize - comment or note me :XD:

And.. that's all from me ^^;

Wait, is it?

NO! :la:

Shake Present Quick bonus raflle! Shake Present

Every participant received a number like so:
1st gift 1-15: 1-15
2nd gift 1-15: 16-30
3rd gift 1-15: 31-45

Using :

1 by UszatyArbuz
:iconsimbores: will get a special Christmas fractal from Lady-Compassion  !

2 by UszatyArbuz
:iconlacedshadowdiamond: will get 50:points: from me!

3 by UszatyArbuz
:iconaravil1: will get a chibi or headshot sketch from shindianaify !

4 by UszatyArbuz
:iconblackgaara3: will get a cake badge from me !

Dancing pumkin head christmas style 5

I hope that you all had fun!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

:merry christmas:

Skin by U-rn & UszatyArbuz
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited

Hello everyone,

In the past two weeks you sent us the pictures you wanted to be critiqued from your galleries. Now it's time for you to critique each others' photos! Here are all the photos we received. If you asked us to feature your photos here, please try to at least critique a few of your fellow members' photos. The project is called Critique 4 Critique after all ;) (Wink)

Do not forget to leave a comment here, with the links of the photos you've critiqued. That's the only way you'll get featured in two weeks.

   Sugary Sapphires by Daemare Loop by OliviaSeitz VI by mikaelahjade
 Ghost by OliviaSeitz Blur by OliviaSeitz Of light by Daemare III by mikaelahjade
Midas's Daughter by oldschoolowyradeg Icicle by Daemare Fallen by nukleosDesign
City pigeon by oldschoolowyradeg The Disused Dolls. by I-am-more-than-words
ICC Berlin II by nukleosDesign Old Horror Stories. by I-am-more-than-words I by mikaelahjade
Don't forget, anyone can critique these photos and be featured, this project is aimed at helping as many members as possible receive and give critiques :heart:

Skin CSS © Nesmaty

You are ready. You have mastered the point and shoot camera with the low mega pixel rate and understand the basic composition rules of photography. You are ready to upgrade, you are ready to get your first DSLR.

 Buying a DSLR isn’t something that fast and easy. You need to take time to research and decided which, of the thousand kinds of DSRL models and brands would best fit your need.

 I’ll share with you my personal camera transition story, for the first year of taking up photography I had an Olympus Sp-590UZ with 12 mega pixels, for my first year learning all the basics of photography I was ready to learn the next advance settings. I was lucky enough to have DSLR at my finger tips in school, we had basic Canon Rebels, 18 mega pixels and with those I learned everything about aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  So now going into my third year, graduating from high school, transitioning into college, my camera needed an upgrade, a professional upgrade. I researched for months until I found my match, my baby, my world, my Canon 6D.

 So here are my tips on what to do and think about when you are buying a DSLR


Are you ready?

Are you ready for a DSLR, do you feel knowledgeable enough to upgrade to real camera functions, different than a point and shoot’s auto / scene settings? Are you ready to take the time and learn if you do not already know?


What’s your budget?

DSLRs are expensive, I saved up for two years to buy my own.  Determine what you want to spend, remember you may need to purchase other things such as lens, bags, extra batteries, flash attachments, remotes, memory cards, etc.

*And remember, just because you buy a $4,000 camera doesn’t automatically mean your photography is going to improve. Even in college, some of my photo buds shoot with a Rebel still and create fabulous work, some knocking out what someone with a Mark III does. Its not about the equipment, it’s about your passion and your desire to create.


Remember you can always upgrade!

Go back to my camera history; I used a Rebel for a year before transition to my current camera body. Don’t jump in and get the most expensive best camera out before you know basic functions­– unless you feel confident enough, by all means go for it!

But from personal experiences I’m happy I started off with a simpler camera then transitioned. If you buy a rebel or are able to rent out similar models from school or something, take advantage of that and learn. Also when you feel you are then ready to upgrade, you can sell your DSRL to help contribute to the cost of your new camera.

Research what cameras fit your style

What do you mainly take pictures of? Portraits, wild life, sports? Some cameras are better for certain subjects and fields of photography.

Compare brands/Models

I know I have been talking a lot about Canon, not saying it is the best, ideal camera brand, that is just what I was taught with and I felt comfortable continuing with. Be sure to look at all types, compare Nikon with Canon and see which best fits for you.


Look at unbiased reviews

This goes along with comparing brands, its very hard to read reviews comparing brands because most of them are biased, lean towards one brand and tell you only how the “other brand sucks” compared to this brand.  Non-biased reviews are out there; just look closely at what you are reading.

Also, head to YouTube and watch a few reviews, those helped me out a bunch seeing the actual camera in action.


Look at sample pictures
Speaks for it self


Other things to consider when looking for a new DSLR
-Mega pixels
-Crop or Full Frame Sensor
-Auto Focus points
-ISO rate
-How many pictures it can take per second
-Does it record video?
-Different features (Example: My 6D has WIFI, GPS, I can pull the pictures I took on the camera to my phone and I can also use my phone as a remote.) 

We want to hear your tips or stories concerning purchasing or choosing a DSRL!


  :happybounce: :happybounce:  Hey guys, what's crack-a-lacking?Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] 
I've been planning on doing some commissions. I have made my mind about the pricing and I plan on doing it through Patreon with
PayPal since I have an account and I want to make real money while I'm working. So my question is there anyone who has a Patreon that would be so kind of giving some advice? Let me know in the comments and I will respond soon.  EYEBROWS-SAMA Futurama Bender (Dancing 2) Stones Logo LAFFS :lennyface: 

Hello my dear students!


Finally the date for the role-play it has been set. The role-play with the theme Christmas party will be held on 20th of December 2014 from 7 O'clock East European Time in THIS chatroom. I hope it is okay for everyone. We are waiting for you. The newbies are welcome as well :)
Let's party!


  1. Don't forget to make your presents for the Secret Santa event. You can upload them only after 20th. When you can upload it I will post a journal anyway. :) It is only a reminder so nobody remains without a present.
  2. The collab is soon starting be more and more interesting. :D draw some more so that it can become a really cool picture! If you can't draw, then write a little story fitting in the theme what you OC would do in these situations. Later we, the Founder and Co-Founder will draw your OC in the picture.
  3. We have a Challenge! You need to get some new members so we can make the Academy a lively place! Check it out
Challange! Get new ones!Hello my  dear students!
Theme and information
As you may see we have a new challenge for you. :)
AVAILABLE: from 17th of November, 2014. until 28th of December, 2014.
The Principal kindly asks for your help to invite some new students to the Academy because always it is good to see new faces around. All you need to do is search, invite and navigate people to the Academy. 
However, not every 'carpet-bagger' is welcomed. The Principal has some criteria about these new students which are the following:
he/she has to know what OC (Original Character) means and what the OC's world is abouthe/she has to know what a role-play ishe/she must be able to write stories (like in novels or something like that, not only role-play)it would be good if he/she was able to draw (not in a professional level, but more than some stick figures)he/she must be active in a way (not being here all day, but at least react t


  • We have a Contributor!

I don't know if you have seen it in the last jounral, because I only updated it. YES, we have someone. She is :iconrenakyunn: (or Rena for short) the third person who took part in writing the story called New Dimension with us. She decided to make a deviantart account and help us out in a few things :D (Big Grin) we are really glad about that and don't forget to treat her nicely!

  • Developing list
I have updated the developing list so you can see what you still need to do to get in the next class. I hope that helps keep track of what you still need to do ovo

Have a nice day with snowflakes and muffins!

As some of you might know, TwilightPoetess is in financial need. I am hoping to help her out a little with a charity art auction. I'm not alone in this though, Sserenita and astarayel are also donating art. More details about this below.

Every cent made from this auction will go to TwilightPoetess

1. The Art

The following are being auctioned:

three different dress designs

Art Auction Dresses by Riemea by Riemea

go HERE for bidding

two artworks

Thief In The Shadows by Sserenita by Riemea

go HERE for bidding

Wings Of Fire   Queen Of The Nightwings by Ssereni by Riemea

go HERE for bidding

a coloured sketch in the style of the work below (i.e. a digital sketch commission)

Desert Dwellers by astarayel

go HERE for bidding

2. The Rules

  • As stated above, all the money made from this auction is going to TwilightPoetess 
  • Please follow the links beneath the artworks for bidding
  • An auction ends after a bid has stayed the highest for three days, or a design/artwork is auto-bought
  • Payment can only be accepted via PayPal
  • Payment must be made within 24 hours after winning the auction, otherwise the auction is going to be reopened or sold to the next highest bidder
  • There is no refund possible after you bought the design/artwork
  • You cannot resell the design/artwork
  • After buying the design or artwork it is yours to do what you will with it, apart from reselling or trying to make any kind of profit from it (the design/artwork comes under your copyright, but for personal uses only)
  • Don't claim the original design or artwork as your own (i.e. don't claim you designed or drew it)
  • Please reply to the respective BID HERE comment and I'll respond accordingly

Hello All!

Yes, this group is still not dead--I have just been somewhat (read: VERY) neglectful of any group events. :meow:

So to breathe some life back into this group after a rather stale year, I've decided to bring back the Theme Challenges! Specifically, this one will be for the New Year. So what is the theme this time?

Theme: "Bright Night"

How this phrase is interpreted is entirely up to you; you could go with a light/darkness oriented creature, or something less literal and more of a concept. Freedom to create is always yours. :aww:

Please submit to the new folder labeled "New Year's Challenge" (up shortly)--you may submit up to two works for this! And on New Year's the voting journal will be up! Not sure what kind of prize(s) to include, but features and points will likely be involved. :D

Good luck, happy arting, and may you all have joyful holidays and a happy New Year!
<center> :iconholidaysplz::iconhanukkahplz::snowflake: :party: :star: :holly: :santa: :holly: :star: :party: :snowflake::iconhanukkahplz::iconholidaysplz: </center>

Creature Features

Forever: :icontempest-mask:
Imperialic Hydra (Reverse Mythology) by Tempest-Mask SUMMER CONTEST: Scarab by Tempest-Mask The Last Arctic Behemoth by Tempest-Mask Wat Dragon by Tempest-Mask
~Contest Entry~ FoxFire by BlazingAshez My Resolve. by BlazingAshez I Will Guide you by BlazingAshez
Dance till.... by Lolita-Artz Paint Splash by Lolita-Artz Fire Of Life by Lolita-Artz
Fire Away by Lionrazor The Lion and his Cub by Lionrazor CyBorg by Lionrazor
It's contest time!  I know I haven't done one of these sense my YouTube started but honestly I think it's time to start doing the cute little winter pictures... But wait.... They can be anyone of the two Nico, or riku. 
Rules are simple....
      1. I honestly deam no porno graphic images
      2.  The scene can either be gruesome or clean it's up to you....
      3. You can add one of your own characters in the pic....

    1st place will get a digitally drawn picture of any character they like or choose to have drawn
     2nd place will get a inked sketch of their character and colored in black and white with one choice of color any wheres
         3rd place will be granted a chibi sketch of their choice in black and white

Deadline: has not been demed yet

If you are entering please comment below 
( ू•ᴗ•ू❁)  Hay, Sickos.
Lel Jokez.

I can see everyone's doing contests and such.
And I came up with an idea.
  • ([∂]ω[∂]) 
 I was like
  • (◡‿◡✿) I need some more prupan
  • (◕‿◕✿) Hot ass prupan

Lads and lasses, welcome to Luna's contest! 
  • W廿ω廿)✧ 
I dunno hOw this will work but just roll along, mmmmkay?
Still a big fat rookie on dis website.

You draw my Otps or whatevs

You gain points n stuff 
You may enter how many times you want ewe)
First, Second, Third, you get prizes ( ´ ▽ ` )b

I'll list down all the thingies you can draw to gain points and stuff idk
From highest to lowest uwu)~

❤︎ UsUk AND Prupan in the SAME Picture. (And I'll love you forever 
And maybe take your requests

❤︎ Prupan (of course)

❤︎ UsUk (YASs)

❤︎ Bocchi Trio/ Prussia, Japan, England (as what I like to call it.) 

❤︎ Any Shiki Nikki Character 
(my Fanime series, watch… you'll see the main four characters >w<)
( Luna ( dun look at meeee ) is here:… )

❤︎ Prussia 

❤︎ England 

❤︎ Japan

❤︎ America

❤︎ Libertea/Liderptea (for those who know how to draw her, sorry for no reference ;;w;; )

And of course, special options/bonuses!

❤︎ Tengokutalia, Fan cover!
(Basically draw a cover for the Tengokutalia RPG! Who knows, maybe I would use your design?)

 ❤︎Christmas Theme can be an extra! 

And that concludes the thingies you can draw for me (=゚ω゚)ノ

Oh? I forgot something? Pffft, I know, why would I forget?

Option 1: Half-ish body picture of any character you would like for me to draw, as I cannot seem to figure out how to draw full body ;;w;; 

Option 2: Three to Four chibis of any character you like!

Two chibis of any character you like!

One chibi of any character you like!

❤︎〜❤︎〜❤︎Contest Ends At January 10 2015❤︎〜❤︎〜❤︎

I'm sure that's enough time!

And that concludes my contest!
I doubt anyone would participate but mehH. 
I guess it's a matter of time.

Ask below!

and thanks for reading my shit!