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Hello! I am new at lineart and drawing chibis so sorry if my style is inconsistent at times;;
Im hosting a raffle for one chibi like the one below...

1. Be a watcher, favorite this journal, and comment (+1 ticket)
2. Share this journal in a journal (+1 ticket) polls do not count

3. Comment two artists that you like so that I can possibly watch them (+1 ticket)

There will be one winner
Raffle ends: 12/25
Hello Deviantart!~ by oisil[WIP] CURRENT by oisil

Community Week


On October 28th DeviantArt launched a new project in partnership with Autodesk SketchbookIntroducing Sketch This: Daily Drawing Challenges - aimed at getting artists to create more work and wander outside of their comfort zones:

DeviantArt is excited to announce Sketch This – daily drawing challenges encouraging artists of all skill levels to explore new techniques, emotions, and subjects with their art, while having fun interacting with the DeviantArt and SketchBook communities. Sketch This is directly integrated inside the free Autodesk SketchBook mobile app for iOS and Android. SketchBook is made for anyone who loves to draw, and is an essential tool for all digital artists. Now with the integration of Sketch This, artists can easily submit their drawings directly to DeviantArt and be inspired to create something new and satisfying every day.
- Heidi

Last week I got the opportunity to sit down (well, I assume he was sitting; we did it via email) with HalHefnerART, DeviantArt's Content Strategist and Project Manager for Sketch This, and chat about the successes the project has had so far and the art and users coming through the site because of it. I hope you all enjoy reading this interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it!

NOTE: All art featured in this interview, except the CONSUME series and the Serpent Seed motion book, are pieces that Hal has collected from community participants in the Sketch This challenges! Be sure to check out their galleries for more examples!

The Interview

So you're one of DeviantArt's newer staff members - for those reading this who aren't familiar with you yet, what can you tell us about your artistic journey so far and how you came to work at DA?


I am an artist first and foremost and have been drawing and painting since I was 3, so ending up here at DA is really a very fitting and fun place to be.  I’ve been a professional artist since the late 90’s and I have been mostly interested in Science Fiction, Horror and Political Pop Art.  My career keeps evolving artistically and I’ve worked in everything from graphic design to animation on everything from video games to movies, videos, comic books and more.

I’m most known for creating Heavy Metal Magazine’s first webcomic, Gates, and for creating the pop art series, CONSUME, which is inspired by John Carpenter’s Cult Classic film They Live. My art has been covered on major news sites and my Star Wars the Force Awakens art has been shared millions of times since I released it a month ago. It’s insane. I am currently developing this series into a fashion brand and I am so grateful for all the love it has been getting. It’s truly been a humbling experience.

I’ve also worked on some really fun movie marketing transmedia for the X-Men franchise, The Martian, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and more as an artist, content strategist and art director.

DA has always been a huge supporter of my work and I’ve always had friends here. When I recently found out about Sketch This, my backgrounds in art and marketing and content strategy finally came together in a fun way where instead of just making cool content, I was also educating and giving back to the art community - which I hold dear for obvious reasons

Donald Trump - CONSUME art series THEYLIVE by HalHefnerARTKaty-Perry-Consume--They-Live by HalHefnerARTthe REAL George Washington- THEY LIVE - CONSUME by HalHefnerARTTHEY LIVE - Kim Kardashian CONSUME by HalHefnerART

What do you do at DeviantArt?


I do a lot of things. I create and curate the challenges for Sketch This. I work closely with the community to do this as well as our internal team here at DA. This job is unique in that it takes advantage of all of my skills: art, design, project management, marketing strategy, content strategy and writing.

Liar! by ostangovLANDSCAPE SKETCH by inkShepherdWild Elephant by Vanakan

Where did the idea for Sketch This come from?


The idea comes from wanting to challenge artists to draw more often and giving them a fun reason to do so.  That’s why it’s so amazing to be working on Sketch This. Out of all of my jobs in marketing and advertising, whether it was art, design, writing or strategy, this one makes me go home at night and smile because I am stimulating creativity and giving back in ways I could have never imagined a year ago. When I was a teen the internet was still just blooming and we had nothing in comparison to SketchBook or Sketch This, so to help foster creative talent in younger generations as well as my peers is an honor I do not take lightly. I am so grateful for this opportunity here.

Suit Up by LoupDeMortLandscape (15 min challenge) by IResARTSGender-swap self portrait by Jaybird-artworkSTILL REAL ( KILL BILL PARODY )  by He11eavenMagical Still-Life Sketch This Challenge by definfinite

What do you view as the main benefits artists can derive from Sketch This?


Artists love stimulation, whether it comes from a book, TV, a movie or nature...stimulation is the key to unlocking our creativity. Whether you’re a 15 year old teen in Toronto or a 35 year old professional artist in San Francisco, you can ALWAYS use a little stimulation. When I was in art school there were lots of people who would get “blank canvas syndrome”. This refers to the fact that a white, blank canvas is very intimidating and sometimes in order for an artist to catch a groove an exercise or fun prompt is what you need. So that is what sketch this is good for in my mind.

dReam by daelirium Cartoon Selfie SketchThis by StasushkaOz U by r7shadow7

How do you and the rest of the team go about generating the challenge topics?


Challenges have a secret formula as to how they are created. Most importantly they are varied, an organized offering, and when viewed as a whole Sketch This has something for everyone. That said, the goal of each challenge format is to present an artist with a framework supported by a reference of the art they are asked to execute. It sounds pretty simple but it’s not. The key is to develop that each challenge will be informed by a series of requirements that provide a framework for fun, intellectually stimulating tasks that are easy to understand. So far there has been a lot of creative input in the development of the challenges, I have constructed all of them but with input from our creative team here and of course the amazing art community of DA.

Drowning by nebulilacCartoon Selfie by RoysmoPortrait: Heavy Shadows by sickdelusioncorporate greed  by marz76REALISTIC GAME CHARACTER by dnstudio1

Of the daily challenges that have been featured so far, do you have any personal favourites? Any that inspired you artistically?


I have a few coming that I am really excited about. I’m very big into figure drawing and color theory so any time I can flex those muscles, I am excited.  

In the first crop of challenges I created the BOOGEYMAN challenge which was in honor of Halloween and used art I created from an old folk tale from the area I grew up in, in upstate New York. The creature was called Hallowhead and it was said to wander the woods of NY, eating the heads of lost children. So far of the ones that have been published, that’s been my personal favorite because I got to see people respond to my art and draw creepy stuff. It is a humbling and to me career-highlighting experience to inspire people with my art and ideas. Aw hell, I love all the challenges! They are so damn fun!

If people have suggestions for challenges, where should they send them?


If anyone has challenge ideas, send them to me directly via note on DA.

Daily Challenge, Genderbent Self portrait by esoreamChanges  by RVCIVSunset by AdeAdrian

From the outside looking in it seems that Sketch This is attracting a good chunk of new active users to DeviantArt. Any pointers for making them feel welcome in the wider community?


It is, and some of the work coming in from these folks is pretty awesome. My advice to anyone new is to have fun and publish art every day. Whether it’s a sketch or a finished piece, they all matter. If you want to make a portfolio you can curate it through your gallery.

Also, artists need to talk with each other. Make friends with other artists and by all means comment on the art you like. It takes two seconds. Watch the people you comment on! And most of kind and positive. Mean, negative people suck so if you encounter them, just block them and move on. They linger in every corner of the internet and life is too short to deal with trolls.

In addition to your work with Sketch This, you were a user of Motion Books on DA. How was your experience with that platform and its innovative approaches to narrative and presentation in storytelling?


I loved Madefire. I really wanted to do something unique that didn’t feel like a comic book. The first piece of content I developed for the Serpent Seed world which I’ll discuss a bit below, was an experimental motion book for Madefire. I wanted to use photos and art together to tell a creepy, noir-esque story.  I really liked working with the platform and encourage others to try it as well. It’s pretty easy to use.

The Serpent Seed: Episode 1 @theLionhawk by HalHefnerART

What personal art projects do you have ongoing right now?


As I mentioned previously my main focus artistically is on my own work and I have stopped taking freelance assignments for the time being. Building the CONSUME fashion brand and the accompanying artwork is my main goal heading into 2016.

I am also working on a new franchise called The Serpent Seed which will consist of several comics and animated videos drawn by myself as well as other artists I found through DeviantArt over the last couple of years. For lack of a better word, this is a transmedia franchise and I plan on really exploding this in 2016 with some very fun and crazy futuristic sci-fi that is a commentary on our modern world and where it is headed. Ironically the first piece of content I developed for the Serpent Seed world was an experimental motion book for Madefire.

Day 3

Crayon practices her archery.
Q.S. thinks about home.
Ghosly Moon makes a wooden spear.
SW collects fruit from a tree.
Two Tail travels to higher ground.
Pending Storm tries to spear fish with a trident.
Senshi fishes.
Honey MilkPop, and Sira successfully ambush and kill LapisMidnight Sound, and Kyuflake.
Soaring Crimson tries to spear fish with a trident.
Whooves steals food from SkySketch while he isn't looking.
Silver and Osieu hunt for other tributes.
Sapphire travels to higher ground.

Arena Event

Acidic rain pours down on the arena.
SW shoves Two Tail into a pond of acidic rain, but is pulled in by Two Tail, killing them both.
Whooves trips face first into a puddle of acidic rain.
Honey Milk survives alone in a shelter.
Osieu injures SkySketch and leaves him in the rain to die.
Senshi refuses Q.S. shelter, killing him then takes the shelter for himself
Crayon survives in a nearby cave.
Soaring Crimson and Sira trips face first into a puddle of acidic rain.
Pending Storm survives as well Silver
Sapphire shoves Ghosly Moon into a pond of acidic rain, but is pulled in by Ghosly Moon, killing them both.
Pop survives outside of the acidic rain.

12 cannon shots can be heard in the distance.

District 6

Midnight Sound
District 9

District 7

District 1

Two Tail
District 6

District 5

District 8

District 2

Soaring Crimson
District 12

District 5

District 10

Ghosly Moon
District 9

Night 3

Pending Storm goes to sleep.
Silver convinces Senshi to snuggle with him for warmth.
Crayon receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.
Honey Milk stays awake all night.
Pop passes out from exhaustion.
Osieu cooks his food before putting his fire out.

All this can be played out through an RP; it's optional.

Muro Thanksgiving Feature

Sun Nov 29, 2015, 3:30 AM by AlexanderPaupoff:iconalexanderpaupoff:

Community Week

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Muro Thanksgiving Project, and supported it by offering llamas, features and :points: to the participants :heart:

Here's a feature of all Muro drawings made this week for the project :la:

Mark Twain Study by CapnSkusting
Untitled Drawing by UszatyArbuz Untitled Drawing by Amarantheans
Untitled Drawing by Arichy
Untitled Drawing by painted-flamingo
Untitled Drawing by Arichy


:iconcapnskusting: :iconuszatyarbuz: :iconarichy: :iconamarantheans: :iconpainted-flamingo:


2015 NaNoEmo - #12 Turkey La 

1: What is the song?

2: Do you like it or not?

3: Why?

4: How did you find this song?

5: What does this remind you of?

6: Who does this remind you of?

7: What do you picture in your mind when you hear the song?

8: What part of the song do you like the most?

9: What part of the song do you hate the most?

10: Tag some people! :3

Coloring contest

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 7:41 PM

Thank you all for the wonderful support! I almost reached 500 watchers!!!!!! >////< Thankies



Though I may not have much details, if you have any questions please ask me. ^.^

-please try not to add to much drastic details

-Please mention me as the owner of the character and design

-any media is allowed (Traditional or digital)

-try to keep his coloring depending on his personality (in description)



The theme of this is to complete coloring this character.   Pretty much all that is to it. Heh

No name new character by Aikihaku



I plan on making more contests. So if you have the time please donate anything so I can offer amazing prizes. Thank you very much!!



1st place:

100 points

1 Full color drawing by :iconaikihaku:

1 Cell color drawing by :iconaikihaku:

1 Drawing by :icontony-san101:

1 Drawing by :iconbrokenfin369:

1 Soft shaded chibi by :iconsilver-ace77:

1 watch, llama and 10 faves by :iconaikihaku:

1 watch, llama and 20 faves by :iconanna-chan064:

1 pixel drawing by :iconanna-chan064:


2nd place:

80 points

1 Full color drawing by :iconaikihaku:

1 Drawing by :icontony-san101:

1 Drawing by :iconbrokenfin369:

1 pixel drawing by :iconanna-chan064:

Llama, 5 faves by :iconaikihaku:

Llama, 10 faves by :iconanna-chan064:


3rd place:

50 points

1 Chibi drawing by :iconaikihaku:

1 clean sketch drawing by :iconaikihaku:

Llama, 3 fave by :iconaikihaku:

Llama, 5 faves by :iconanna-chan064:




JANUARY 1st, 2016

If you need an extension I can see what I can do. Depending on the amount of people who ask for  that I can probably make it two months.


                                                               Wish you all luck and hope you have fun!

CSS & Graphics by yami-hotaru-yuko

Weekend Fun

Sun Nov 29, 2015, 10:49 AM

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[GIF]my weekend plans by MACKINN7

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EveSoderlundOfficial joined dAWishingWell on May 2015. She is one of our wish granter and point donor!

CYB3R D1V4 by EveSoderlundOfficial
Kuroshitsuji Sebastian Michaelis by EveSoderlundOfficial Kitty anthro by EveSoderlundOfficial

Live life... by EveSoderlundOfficial Pretty pink by EveSoderlundOfficial

Thank you!

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-+Meet Vamara+- by NightSheepStalker AT:Yuuna by Kanzy-Chan Waitress by waflesh Displacer beast by Kolewazaki-san

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Merry Christmas 2015 by WDWParksGal Happy Harvest Festival! (Thanksgiving) by Azurelly

Have a good week!


Hello everyone!!
I have decided to Lower my prices, lol I know the struggle of everyone with the points issue.
So I have lowered them and I am current working on a new coloring techniques thanks to a bestie of mine owo :iconxlittletophatx:

So ye I will be posting a picture later for commission and I am closing requests till the summer time when I have more time. Lol
Eyo, need to make some dosh.
So commissions are open to peeeeeeeeps~

Chibi pagedolls are 10 Points . (Full size is 20. )
MY WIFE?! by edwardsprout

Extra people or animals make it 30 Points 

Steb. by edwardsprout
Pictures with simple backgrounds are 10Points.

Veggie mafia. by edwardsprout
Detailed backgrounds are extra so twentyPoints .
The hanging tree by edwardsprout

Water... DX by edwardsprout
I won't charge extra for three characters but if it's four or more it'll be 30Points. (Animals aren't extra.)
If you have something specific in mind then please tell me. Otherwise when I finish drawing you might have complaints.

Contact here~ o3o