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Rick and Morty Contest

Mon Aug 10, 2015, 10:51 AM
880x440-v2 by madizzlee

InterdimensionallyDysfunctional Contest

Eligibility: 18+, U.S.

New Season • Sundays • adult swim

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Alter the laws of the universe with the Rick and Morty Interdimensionally Dysfunctional Contest!

Create an illustration of Rick, Morty, and/or the rest of the Smith family in a crazy interdimensional situation. Make it original and weird. Blow our minds. Rick and Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland, will pick the best submissions. These winners will each receive a custom Adult Swim gift bag, DeviantArt Points, and cash prizes!

Rick and Morty isn't for the weak of heart. The hilarious adventures of genius scientist (Rick Sanchez) and his fretful grandson (Morty Smith) typically veer out-of-control, as they unravel the very fabric of time and space. To celebrate Season 2 of the hit television show, Adult Swim and DeviantArt challenge you to pervert the laws of the space time continuum and take Rick and Morty on a bizarre adventure!

How to enter Rick and Morty Interdimensionally Dysfunctional Contest

Step 1

Watch the Rick and Morty Season 2 trailer and review “The About the Show” section for inspiration for your entry and to better understand the themes and personalities used on the show.

Step 2

Choose at least one member of the Sanchez/Smith family to portray on an adventure in an original different dimension! You may also feature other characters from the show, but you must feature at least one member of the family in your twisted new dimension.

Step 3

Submit your entry to the contest category using the Submit Entry button below.

Read Official RulesEnter Now

Meet The Members of The Smith and Sanchez Family

Rick Sanchez

Scientist, inventor, alcoholic. Also Morty’s grandfather and inter-dimensional traveler.

Morty Smith

Rick’s reluctant but willing grandson/inter-dimensional travel partner and budding sex-bot enthusiast.

Beth Smith

Rick’s daughter, mother of Summer and Morty. Doctor. OK, horse doctor. But still a doctor. Jerry’s wife. Is that wine?

Jerry Smith

Father of Morty and Summer. Object of Rick’s disdain. Titanic enthusiast. Bad golfer.

Summer Smith

Morty’s older sister. Occasional third wheel and voice of reason. Do you know where she left her smart phone?

Prizing for Winning Entries

First Place
  • $3,500 USD
  • 8,000 DeviantArt Points
  • Adult Swim Gift Bag
Second Place
  • $2,500 USD
  • 4,000 DeviantArt Points
  • Adult Swim Gift Bag
Third Place
  • $1,000 USD
  • 4,000 DeviantArt Points
  • Adult Swim Gift Bag
5 Semi-Finalists
  • 2,000 DeviantArt Points
  • Adult Swim Gift Bag
Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty, will select the winners.


  • Entrant must be at least 18 years old as of August 10, 2015;
  • Entrant must must be a resident of the United States, its territories, or its possessions. Individuals located on United States military bases wherever located may also enter;
  • Entries must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PST) on August 30, 2015 and must be submitted through the contest gallery on DeviantArt;
  • Membership to is required to enter the Contest. Membership to is free;
  • The work may originate in any visual medium excluding cosplay, photographs, or moving images. Photographs of an entry made in another medium are acceptable. Licensed brushes and textures are permitted as are visual elements from the animated series, Rick and Morty. Read the Official Rules for more details;
  • Your entry must be in the form of a single JPG or PNG file at least 2000 pixels in its shortest length;
  • Your entry must include at least one family member from the animated series “Rick and Morty” as the family member arrives in a different, original, dysfunctional dimension;
  • Do not include the “Rick and Morty” name in entry;
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply, so please read the Official Rules carefully.

The five semi-finalists and the three winners will be selected by Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty. Justin Roiland will pick from a pool of 30 entries chosen by full time staff at DeviantArt. The judges will use the following criteria in whatever degree the judges believe appropriate:

  • Incorporation of the Rick and Morty theme and characters
  • Overall Impact of the Work
  • Originality of the dimension
  • Artistic Skill

Please read the Official Rules for more details about judging.

Read Official RulesEnter Now

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