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Watch Recommendations

Thu Oct 1, 2015, 1:54 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

what friends are for by auroille

A few months ago, we released Watch Recommendations to new deviants -- a feature that suggests deviants to watch for those who have just joined DeviantArt.  The aim being to match new deviants with active deviants -- ones who represent the depth and breadth of all has to offer.

Starting today, we’re adding deviant recommendations to your watch.

Discover by danlev

The new Watch Recommendations will display occasionally in your watch, suggesting deviants you might be interested in following. Deviants who appear as recommendations include people who have proven to be friendly and engaging in the community, as well as deviants who have reached a standard of artistic excellence.

If you find a deviant that you’re not interested in, simply click the “x” button and you won’t see that deviant again.

The Watch Recommendations feature is experimental, and we’ll be continuously improving the way it displays and how it selects deviants. Eventually, we’ll make recommendations more personalized to you, so you can discover new artists that are relevant to your interests. Until then, we’d love to hear your feedback on how we can improve this feature.

Visit Your Watch

Beta Test: New Thumbnail Grid

Fri Sep 18, 2015, 11:28 AM by danlev:icondanlev:

In June, we announced an upcoming thumbnail grid. Today, we’re releasing the thumbnail grid and new thumb sizes to Beta Testers and we need your keen eyes! :sherlock:

Highlights of the new thumbnails include:

  • Bigger thumbnails and a new grid system allows more emphasis to be placed on art.

  • The old grid leaves uneven or irregular gaps between images, while our new grid maximizes screen space to create a wall of beautifully displayed deviations.

  • The new thumbnail grid is optimized for bandwidth. Images will use slightly more bandwidth, but less bandwidth used across multiple pages.

  • Thumbnails are optimized for retina and high-resolution screens.

  • We put special care into the look of non-standard image types, such as literature, pixel art, and emoticons ensure that kinds of art are featured respectfully and beautifully.

  • Read more

Please note: During this test, the new thumbnails will only be displayed on search and browse pages.

What to know:

Who has access to the new thumbnail grid?

Beta Testers only.

Will the new thumbnail grid be on all pages?

Eventually, yes. However, during this test, the new grid is only available on browse pages, search pages, and tag pages on the desktop site. The new thumbnail grid is not currently testable on the mobile site, however, it will be once it launches.

What happened to being able to drag-and-drop thumbnails into my favourites?

While the ability to drag and drop thumbnails into your favourites isn't available in the new thumbnail grid beta test, we're working on a new solution that'll let you easily add deviations to your favourites. We'll be sharing more details about this soon.

How can I help test the new thumbnail grid?

Use it!  Tell us what you like and what you don’t.  Do you enjoy the way different deviation types are presented as thumbnails?  Leave a comment on this journal.  Found a bug?  We want to know.

What types of bugs should I look for?

  • Loading issues

  • Cases of specific deviations not displaying properly

  • Alignment and display issues

How do I provide feedback or report a bug?

General feedback can be left in the comments of this article.  If you run into bugs, submit them to the bug tracker under the New Thumbnail Grid project and we'll work to get everything fixed as soon as we can. :bug:  

Please remember that this is a beta test and you may run into bugs. We appreciate your help and feedback on this project and we're excited to share it with the rest of the community! :)


Wed Sep 16, 2015, 10:57 PM by 4thofficial:icon4thofficial:

Binoculars by Jaffa-Tealc

Last fall we introduced a new page in DeviantArt's primary navigation called WatchWatch, which has been in beta since launch,  aggregates activity from the deviants and groups you watch (aka follow).  There’s no doubting the convenience of visiting your Notifications to view the latest deviation submissions and other updates (like journals, critiques, and polls) from the deviants you watch, but it’s not a great way to view and engage with art.  That’s why we’re continuing to explore new ways to improve a standalone Watch experience.

Our initial idea was designed around a sequential stream of activity including deviations, journals, collections, status updates, polls, forum threads, and critiques. It's a feed and our new ideas will follow a similar strategy.  Please note: there’s no plan to remove Notifications (aka Message Center).

To start this process we want to share what we’ve learned and kick-off a conversation about designing a killer new Watch.


FWatch 14 by 4thofficial


FWatch 2 by 4thofficial


FWatch 15 by 4thofficial




The below is not final — it's a high-level work-in-progress idea that combines some of the feedback from above. 

FWatch 16 by 4thofficial


Notifications Discussion

Tue Sep 8, 2015, 3:13 PM by arbiterofelegance:iconarbiterofelegance:

Notification! by Cyarin


Whether you’re checking to see the latest comment or badge sent by a fellow deviant, notifications are a vital aspect of the DeviantArt experience.

Now we want to make it even easier for you to find the latest comments, favorites, and other activities most important to you. We’re working on introducing a notifications dropdown on the header that will appear on every page of the site, so that you’ll have easier access to the latest events that matter without having to leave your browsing experience. And yes, the current notifications system will still be there.  

Here is the latest design we are looking at:

Notifications1a By Starvingartist-d985m6x by arbiterofelegance


Notifications is pretty complex, here is a snippet of what it looks like on the other side of a rather seemingly simple user interface.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 10.12.20 AM by arbiterofelegance

Naturally, we will be releasing it in several stages.

The first stage will encompass only the most important notification types, which includes most events that currently appear in the feedback section of notifications.

In future stages, we may include features such as:

  • Commissions
  • Prints
  • Downloads
  • Critiques
  • Certain notifications related to group activity and...
  • The ability to act on certain notifications straight from the drop-down menu, such as replying to a comment, accepting or declining commission, and much more!


In the same spirit of notifications, the latest notes in your inbox will be available for easy access across the site through a simple drop-down menu. It too will be released in several stages, but before we go there, here is the latest design for what it may look like:

Notes1a By Starvingartist-d985phz-1 by arbiterofelegance


The first version will include snippets from each note, but future ones may introduce the ability to:

  • view the note in its entirety
  • reply to the note...

...both straight from the drop-down menu.


DeviantArt Timeline Update

Please note: The "New Thumbnails (Preview)" flag on the DeviantArt Timeline has been moved to October 8th.  This additional time will allow for more internal testing, with an aim to improve performance and responsiveness.

The Last Witch Hunter

Tue Sep 8, 2015, 10:00 AM
Og-preview by techgnoticSummit Entertainment summoned four DeviantArt artists to make short animations diving into the supernatural world of The Last Witch Hunter. The artists had 60 days to create their animations, and now they’re complete! View the bewitching and terrifying animations now!

Summit Entertainment summoned four DeviantArt artists to make short animations diving into the supernatural world of The Last Witch Hunter. The artists had 60 days to create their animations, and now they’re complete!

These bewitching animations will terrify and amaze you! Read the artist interviews below to get an inside look at the creative process and learn how each artist conjured their beautiful animations.

Interested in creating your own interpretation of the scripts? Enter the new The Last Witch Hunter Contest now!

Enter Contest


Prologue 1: Before Mankind by August Floren

  • August Floren
  • Age: 24
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Joined DeviantArt: 2007
What made you interested in art and/or animation?

The simplest explanation, which probably goes for many other artists out there, is that I started drawing as a young child and never came up with a good enough reason to stop doing it. I still haven’t.

Who is your role model or who pushed you to continue your art? If its not a person, what inspires you to draw?

Friends. Family. Rebels. Kind words of strangers. Pure stubbornness. Sounds, sights and smells.

What did you like most about this project?

The trust put into me and my fellow animators and the freedom given to us to do more or less whatever we wanted (as long as it was all kept within the magical realms of PG-13).

A brief description or summary of yourself.

I would like to think of myself as a storyteller and a human being. Not necessarily in that order.

Can you please describe your Process/Concept/Rationale?

For me, when working on a project like this, there’s a constant balancing act between making something I can be happy with, and actually meeting a deadline. So, much of the decision-making tend to boil down to three things – Ambition, Ability and Time.

“Before Mankind” is, as the name might suggest, a story about when the world was young and ruled by darker, stranger forces than our own. But there’s also a recurring theme of growth and expansion: The growth of the human race, the growing tensions that follows between us and the witches… and then there’s all those giant growing trees.

All this was something I wanted to reflect in my animation, and tell a relatively slow-moving story with a dark, ominous feeling throughout, and a vague sense of impending doom.

Visually, I knew early on I wanted it to have a rough, somewhat angular style – partly because it seemed to suit the mood of the film, and partly because it gave me an excuse not to focus too much on having perfect details/consistency. Tick tock.

The landscapes were inspired by the mountainous regions of northernmost Sweden.


Prologue 2: Witch Lords by Meredith Nolan

  • Meredith Nolan
  • Age: 23
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • Joined DeviantArt: 2007
What made you interested in art and/or animation?

I’ve been drawing ever since I could grasp a crayon as most artists would say. I also grew up in the house that did not have TV or video games so I spent a lot of time sitting around using my imagination to express myself. It wasn’t until college time that I decided that animation right for me. I’ve always wanted to create comics, but I thought animation was way more interesting and challenging, so on a whim that is what I pursued. Now that I’m out of college and working in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to create a webcomic like I’ve always wanted to.

Who is your role model or who pushed you to continue your art? If its not a person, what inspires you to draw?

Friends, family and colleague have always been there to support and get me through the rough times as well as being an endless source of inspiration. If I am unable to find pleasure in my own work, the next best thing is seeing that someone else enjoys my work.

What did you like most about this project?

Being given the creative freedom to tell my own story within the world of The Last Witch Hunter.

A brief description or summary of yourself.

I am one of those people who spend all day at my job drawing, then I come home and draw more. I’ve been working in NYC for a year as a freelance animator to pay the bills, but my other full time job is developing personal projects and occasionally going out on the town with friends and co workers.

Can you please describe your Process/Concept/Rationale?

From the initial descriptions and concepts I was given, this world seemed like it was playing on Viking esq themes, which is high on the list of things I LOVE.

The main mythological influence was the Hulder, a seductive forest creature that rewards those who satisfy her needs and kills those who do not - this seemed like appropriate behavior for a witch to have so I ran with it. Unlike my previous films, I wanted to try something that was more atmospheric, no interiors, city scapes or crowds, simple enough in design and concept so that I could complete the project but also effectively express my ideas.


Prologue 3: The Witch Hunter by Austin Hillebrecht

  • Austin Hillebrecht
  • Age: 28
  • Portland, Oregon USA
  • Joined DeviantArt: 2009
What made you interested in art and/or animation?

I’ve been drawing ever since I could remember. I liked being able to come up with my own characters and the worlds they lived in and then creating stories for them. I was a child of the '90s and grew up watching the movies and cartoons that came out around that time. When I was 11 or so I started making my own crudely animated short films with a home video camera and my action figures. Calling it stop motion would’ve be an overstatement, but that was the beginning of it all. I’ve been making animated and live action films ever since. The drawing and animation have become tools in my toolbox that help me pursue my passions in film making.

Who is your role model or who pushed you to continue your art? If its not a person, what inspires you to draw?

When I was 6 I saw Indiana Jones and knew I wanted to grow up and become an archaeologist. My mom, being the the awesome woman she is, saw my thirst for adventure these films stirred up in me and suggested that instead I become an actor. That way I can play people who go on all these adventures. My plans were quickly redirected and have unwavered ever since. All along the way my Mom and Dad have been huge supporters in helping me pursue my dreams in art and film. Aside from them I have a ton of other role models whose work inspires me, some of them being Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Brad Bird, Norman Rockwell, Edward Gorey, Abigail Larson, Gris Grimly, Jeff Delgado and Walt Disney.

What did you like most about this project?

I really enjoyed the creative freedom I had with the project. I liked being given someone else’s world and getting to play around in it and put my own spin on things. There’s a lot of imagery from the Last Witch Hunter that already is in the same vein as my work, so I enjoyed how natural it felt to work on.

A brief description or summary of yourself.

I’m tall and usually quiet with dark eyes, demented sense of humor and an affinity for hats. Freelance animation and illustration currently pay the bills and I also act, direct, write, produce, compose music and do visual effects for films and television. I have a Youtube sketch comedy channel I’ve created with my partner in crime Sean Parker (SeantheDandy) called Hapstance Films. If you like absurd and slightly disturbing humor I suggest you give it a looky loo.

Can you please describe your Process/Concept/Rationale?

The script for my short was one that delved into the history of The Witch Hunter and I wanted to make sure it didn’t just turn out to be a list of events. I wanted some sort of an over arching structure to the piece and an emotional through line.

I decided to make the short take place in a bar and have all the history parts be more like flashbacks that Kaulder was remembering as he had some drinks. The element that I liked about this setup was it naturally fit itself into the style of film noir, which is something I really love.

A lot of my art is inspired by the moody lighting and tones found in those types of films. It also helped me practically because I had a month or so create the short, there was a lot of stuff going on in my script, and I needed a way to feasibly be able to pull it all off.

By going with the film noir direction, and stylizing the flashbacks even more than the present day sections, I could get away with not having to create a ton of detail in my drawings as things became more shadowed and silhouetted. It saved a ton of time in the long run and gave it a cool visual language. In fact my favorite bits that I worked on were the flashbacks for that very reason.


Prologue 4: Witches Live Amongst Us by Robertas Nevecka

  • Robertas Nevecka
  • Age: 31
  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Joined DeviantArt: 2006
What made you interested in art and/or animation?

One of my very first memories from childhood is my mother drawing a rooster. I still remember it in detail. It’s the most beautiful drawing I’ve ever seen. That’s it.

Who is your role model or who pushed you to continue your art? If its not a person, what inspires you to draw?

I don’t have a single role model. Beauty of the world inspires me to create art.

What did you like most about this project?

It might sound funny, but receiving Michael Caine’s voiceover was breathtaking. This had an amazing impulse to animate better than you could ever imagine.

A brief description or summary of yourself.

A guy with many professions. I’ve finished BA in film directing, but I work as a designer, illustrator, animator, digital image technician, camera assistant, set designer. Now I’m writing a script for my next short live-action film.

Can you please describe your Process/Concept/Rationale?

The main character in my clip is the environment. The script tells the story of the world that is changing. So I want to show this world in extreme wide shots with humongous buildings placed by very small people. I wan’t my camera static so the viewer wouldn’t be distracted from the environment (as if looking into a painting). And it’s a dark story about evil, so everything shouldn’t be funny looking. Therefore it’s nighttime in all the shots, there’s a lot of shadows on the characters. And I use a lot of sharp details for the feeling something’s bad gonna happen.

Starbow, Tre Cime by alierturk

Intermittent Site Updates

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks, we’ve stopped publishing our regular Site Updates. Four months ago, we launched the DeviantArt Timeline to showcase our past accomplishments and provide insight into future happenings on the site. We will continue to use the DeviantArt Timeline as a central hub of our announcements.

While we are phasing out the weekly updates, we will continue communicating changes to the community when we have announcements to share.  Smaller site changes, which were normally in the Change Log section of Site Updates, may still be communicated through ad-hoc Site Updates. This change will allow us to better focus our efforts on top priorities while making individual postings even more meaningful and impactful.

Mobile App Updates: Notes and Improved Notifications

By popular demand, two highly-requested features are now available in the mobile app!

  • Notes: It’s now easier than ever to have private conversations with other deviants.
  • Notifications: With a completely revamped notifications, you can now view your comments, replies, activity, and mentions, just like the desktop site.

Read more

Help Desk Changes

After fifteen years on the Internet, DeviantArt's Help section has become home to an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions — covering everything from Groups support, to Core Membership inquiries, to issues involving harassment.  These FAQs contain answers and guidance to common occurrences and concerns that deviants encounter.

Recently, the Help section was updated to provide better streamlining to FAQ answers.  By organizing and grouping together some of our most Frequently Frequently Asked Questions — the elusive FFAQs — we're able to direct deviants down paths that will, in many cases, provide immediate answers to questions.  If a question cannot be answered via the FAQs, deviants will then be prompted to submit a Help Desk ticket per normal.

This update was implemented to provide easier access to commonly asked questions.  Many questions and/or issues submitted to the Help Desk are easily found in the FAQ.  By allowing deviants better access to information, the Help Desk team is able to dedicate more time to tickets that require troubleshooting and investigation.

No changes have been made regarding DeviantArt's policies or to the types of tickets to which we respond.  Every Help Desk ticket is reviewed by a member of DeviantArt's Community Operations team.

Windows App: Easy Access to The Mobile Site

We are working with Microsoft to ensure that DeviantArt's Web experience works great on Windows 10 devices  including Surface tablets and Windows mobile phones.  The app won’t have the full native feature set of our iOS and Android apps, but will include most of the functionality from our mobile website. The app will be available in the Windows Store in the coming weeks, with several app-only enhancements  like Live Tiles!  We are eager to see the the community's response, as this will inform our commitment to future Windows product enhancements.

Prints Now Exclusively Available on Deviation Pages

Several years ago, we introduced a “Buy This Print” button directly on deviation pages, so potential buyers could configure and purchase a print without having to leave the page. Our intention of this change was always to phase out the prints pages. Today, we’re making that change.

The old prints pages, which were only accessible through the main DeviantArt Shop or on the prints tab of profiles, has been phased out. All links now point to the deviation page.

Channels Being Phased Out

As DeviantArt grows, interest in different features shifts. Over the past years, the usage of channels has been on a constant decline. In the past week, less than 0.007% of DeviantArt’s traffic visited channels. Because of deviants’ lack of interest in channels, we will be phasing them out later today.

But why not just leave a feature as-is rather than phasing it out? Even if a feature is not actively updated, it still adds maintenance and technical costs, including fixing bugs with the feature that might arise or responding to Help Desk tickets regarding the feature. For every feature that DeviantArt has, making changes to the overall site adds more time and costs. For example, if the site design or thumbnail design is updated, every page has to be accounted for. In addition, outdated pages add unnecessary complexity to the site, making DeviantArt harder to understand for new deviants.

Phasing out channels and old print pages will let us better focus our efforts on DeviantArt’s primary goals.

Looking for Volunteers to Test A Groups Feature

We are currently experimenting with a new feature for groups. This is a very experimental feature and we’re looking for group admins who are interested in trying it out. This feature has a mobile component to it, so we’re looking for admins who also have an iOS or Android phone.

If you or anyone you know fits this criteria, please say so in the comments, and don’t forget to include your Group’s name!

App Updates: Notes and Notifications!

Tue Sep 1, 2015, 12:58 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

By popular demand, the DeviantArt Mobile App now includes two new features: notes and improved notifications!

Digital artist rossdraws talks about how he uses the DeviantArt Mobile App when he's away from his computer.


Access your notes through the mobile app, making private conversations between you and other deviants easily accessible on the go.  Notes are synced between the desktop site and mobile app, creating one seamless experience.  Send a note, access your inbox, or view sent items – it’s all there.

Send Note Button by danlev Notes by danlev Send Note by danlev


Just like on the desktop site, notifications on the mobile app now let you filter through various types of updates related to you  including comments, replies, activity, and mentions.

This update also includes some other smaller changes including labels on the navigation icons as well as bug fixes. 


The world's largest art gallery in your hand!  Get it now:

Get it on Google Play      

Already have the app? Visit your app store to update to the latest version with notes and notifications!

Support One Another

Thu Aug 27, 2015, 6:22 PM by KatasiHK:iconkatasihk:

Adventure by SyarPage

We all have our way of using DeviantArt to engage and build relationships with other Deviants around art. We submit deviations and the community kicks into gear with comments, favs, shares and new watchers. But there are times when engagement is not as high, or it doesn't happen as quickly as normal.

We're thinking of a place dedicated to kindred activities (engagement prompts) that you could do for the Deviants in your community.

You might ask — How is that any different from how I comment, favourite and share right now?


  1. The deviations and Deviants you engage with will be aligned with the Kindred spirit of the DeviantArt community. In other words, they will be surfaced here because they may not have received the love and consideration they deserve.

    Getting a fave or a comment on a work-in-progress could be more valuable than waiting for feedback on the finished piece.
  2. Your participation in this place could potentially earn you a NEW badge!

    New Badge by KatasiHK

    We are not sure what this would look like yet, but we know what it’s for.
  3. Our goal is for this to be a more fun and direct way to engage with your community!

So far, our working title for this place is called: Support. We referred to it recently in a journal about profile page ideas.


How Support Works by KatasiHK
What you put into it is what you get out of it.


We could add a ‘Support’ tab to your Watch (so you can support your community), and a similar tab to your Profile (so people can support you). The colored boxes represent the different Kindred activities that you could do for the Deviants in Your Community. Note: These prompts would only appear under the 'Support' tab and nowhere else on the site.
Support by KatasiHK

What is Core Membership?

Wed Aug 26, 2015, 4:55 PM by Heidi:iconheidi:

World Heart by minayuyu
Earlier today, DeviantArt released an announcement explaining what "Core Membership Is..."  To complement that announcement, I've penned a few of my own thoughts about what Core Membership means to me.

DeviantArt owes its existence to its community. The inspiring, pulsating life force that began 15 years ago with a small group of artists and art appreciators has grown more than anyone could have ever imagined. A true force of motivation and support on the Web, our community is one-of-a-kind in its service to the artistic greater good. And it always has been.

Whether you take the extra moment to answer a Note from a student of art hoping to learn from you, leave a thought-provoking comment on a moving piece of art, or simply watch a deviant, you are invested in your fellow artistic man, and that has all happened naturally from day one. The fact that you're here, browsing, collecting, supporting, and creating, just because you feel that pull to change the world through your artistic contributions is an inspiration to all that there is hope for humanity, via the arts.

To use DeviantArt, you need no more than your artistic ambition and an Internet connection. Membership has always been  and will always be  free to use for all across the world. But there are instances when deviants strive to give more, as thanks for providing the framework that brought us all together. In these instances, in exchange for monetary support, we're able to focus on exciting new features, more tools to inspire, and more opportunities to let art shine. 

Just like a donation of your time or funds to a local museum makes it possible for all to reap the benefits of your generosity, so does the support to DeviantArt  it benefits all deviants.

Core Membership is a proclamation from deviants around the globe stating a material commitment to the future of DeviantArt. Core is the fuel that sustains the momentum and leads us forward to building a stable, strong future with the innovations necessary for the community to survive and thrive.  

Core Membership comes with special privileges in return for that commitment, but perhaps the greatest privilege is the knowledge that the entire community can continue to prosper and grow thanks to such generous contributions. 

Why didn’t you formally announce Core before today?
We should have.  It was a mistake to not have properly explained our belief in Core and what it means for DeviantArt.

Why did you change the name of Premium Membership to Core Membership?
While the Premium Membership was largely about special features and add-ons, the Core Membership is about supporting the community for the sake of the community itself.  Core Members will continue to receive special features and add-ons, but Core is first and foremost about helping DeviantArt sustain a stable, strong future.  We call it Core Membership because those are the deviants who sustain us at our very core, allowing benefits to radiate outward in all directions.

Does DeviantArt only care about Core Deviants?
All deviants are important and valued.  The DeviantArt community represents a cross-section of the world at large and it's thanks to our many deviant artists  both free and paid  that DeviantArt exists as it does today.

Why did you increase prices?
We believe Core Membership is worth $5.00 per month.  A three-month Core Membership is $15.00 and a twelve-month Core Membership is available at a discounted rate of $50.00.

Core Membership is too expensive.
While we don't have current plans to further discount the price of Core Membership, it is possible that we will have promotional opportunities in the future.

What if I previously had a Premium Membership?
All Premium Memberships have been converted into Core Memberships.  If you selected re-billing as a Premium Member, you will continue to be re-billed at the previous rates you enjoyed.  If you weren't enrolled in re-billing, you will not automatically be charged for a Core Membership.  Core Members enjoy the same privileges as the former Premium Members – no features or add-ons have been removed.

Why is the Core Membership symbol an orange star?
When creating the identity for Core, DeviantArt's Studio team explored a number of options relating to symbols and colors.

The Future is Now

Three months ago we launched the DeviantArt Timeline to provide the community better insight into DeviantArt's future.  The following is a condensed roadmap of what's already in the works:
  • Sept. 1st: the DeviantArt Mobile App will be updated to include Notes and notifications.
  • Sept. 2nd: the first phase of our new thumbnail grid launches.
  • Oct. 2nd: the first phase of our new Watch launches.
  • Oct. 8th: the DeviantArt Mobile App will be available for Windows phones and tablets.
  • Oct. 15th: Notes search launches.
But there's still so much more to be done.   We could translate the site into additional languages (skyrocketing traffic for artists), build advanced tools for commissions, create an art registry to establish clear proof of authorship and ownership, and so much more.  With your help, through supporting Core Membership, DeviantArt could one day enhance the lives of artists in ways we can currently only dream about.

Some deviants help the community simply by using the site – donating their time and energy to supporting their fellow artists.  And their contributions are invaluable.  But for those who have the desire and ability to support the DeviantArt community, through the Core Membership, we're able to push forward, improve, grow, and advance the art and the artists of DeviantArt.


Core Is...

Wed Aug 26, 2015, 4:48 PM
Bg-1-color by marioluevanosCore is an announcement of material commitment to the future of DeviantArt. Core is the supporting sustaining the momentum that leads us forward in building a stable, strong future with the innovations necessary for the community to survive and to thrive.

Core is an announcement of material commitment to the future of DeviantArt. Core is the fuel supporting the momentum that leads us forward in building a stable, strong future with the innovations necessary for the community to survive and to thrive.

Core Members receive special privileges in return for their commitment — and the greatest of these are the thanks and gratitude of the community. We call it Core because Core Members sustain us at the core.

Millions of people find a personal creative voice on DeviantArt.  Hundreds of thousands of creative projects are launched on DeviantArt each year with thousands and thousands of collaborating artists driving them forward. Deviants as a group raise millions of dollars for their art through DeviantArt.

Core is about a different voice, one that contributes to preserve the others and one that is focused on supporting the community for the sake of the community itself.

With the proceeds from Core Members, DeviantArt is able to build.  This is the Internet.  Things change rapidly.  We have challenges to meet.

We are off to a good start.  We now have both an Android and an iOS App for mobile and two teams building them out with more features and improvements; we are planning changes to mobile web for tablets and other devices; we are improving browse and improving search; we are studying ways to dramatically improve traffic and audience for deviants; and, we are looking forward to even bigger initiatives such as site translation and better identification of content ownership and vastly improved commercial tools to reach and understand your audience.

Core is making this happen. You can follow this progress through the DeviantArt Timeline.

You use DeviantArt because it has value and this community is not a cost-free exercise. It actually gets more expensive every day.  We believe DeviantArt has a value of $5.00 a month to most deviants — probably a lot more. Advertising pays some bills, but the cost is watching ads that have nothing to do with DeviantArt. The more Core Members we have, the fewer advertisements we have to run. It’s that simple.

Core is more…

Many people contribute to DeviantArt with their work, their comments, their sense of community, their teachings, their personal outreach to others and their immense and deep sense of caring.  Core Members validate each of those contributions and in a sense thank everyone who is making those contributions with financial support at the core.

The Core Facts


“Core” is replacing the term “Premium.” Every Premium Membership has been changed to a Core Membership.


Core Members receive all the privileges of the former Premium Membership  including browsing without third party advertisements, eligibility for Beta testing, the option to change your username, expanded features on profile pages, discounts on print purchases, and the ability to set higher royalties for your print sales.  Core Members will receive additional special offers in the future.


Less than a movie ticket. We haven’t changed prices in years. The monthly rate for the old Premium Membership was $4.95, which has been increased for Core to an effective $5.00 per month when you purchase a three-month Core Membership at $15.00.  Discounts were previously available for three-month and annual pre-paid Premium Memberships, but are now replaced with only an annual discount for a Core Membership available at $50.00.  A $5.00 one-month purchase is available as a gift option.  Promotional opportunities will be offered in the future, such as the popular “Buy One, Get One Free” program.

Current Memberships

All Premium Members are converted to Core Members. DeviantArt will honor all of the time periods you have already paid for at the old rates. If you were a Premium Member with the re-billing feature on your membership fees, you will continue to pay at the old rate for Core.


We made the Core Deviant user symbol orange to call attention to the important contribution of Core Deviants. Orange is a highlight color in the branding scheme for DeviantArt, which you can read about in this Journal.


On profile pages, the logo CORE appears after the Deviant’s name in the top left hand corner.  In comments, the Deviant’s name is followed by this symbol: Orange Star.  If the Deviant is also a Beta tester, the name is followed by this symbol: Beta.  There is an interesting document on the development of the logo symbols produced by DeviantArt's Studio team during the design process for Core.