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Planet of the Apes
Join Planet of the Apes fan art challenges inspired by MADEFIRE’s new Motion Book series! #PlanetoftheFans

Motion Book Series & Fan Art Challenges
Fox invites you to join in fan art challenges for this Planet of the Apes event presented by Madefire and DeviantArt. Read each of the five new Motion Books with untold stories from the Planet of the Apes universe and try your hand at a different challenge creating your own ape-inspired artwork to accompany the release of each book!

Madefire | Motion Book 1
After several failed attempts, a member of the human resistance leads a last-ditch effort to destroy a mysterious and heavily guarded, ape-built structure.
Madefire Credits
Build: Micha Ritchie & Matt Hardin
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Help Center Uplift
Behind the scenes, our Community Operations Department is tasked with encouraging innovative and creative opportunities within the community, and all the customer support and engagement such a calling requires.
Today, we're excited to announce that the look and feel of our support pages has been given an uplift! 

Today kicks off the first in a series of rollouts overhauling our support pages to a more clean, organized look. Some changes of note:
This new Support Search Engine laser-targets the appropriate FAQ or recent Help Desk update light-years better than its predecessor. FAQs can now be voted on for their helpfulness, to aid staff in improving upon some features that could have more clarity.
A more cohesive organization of groupings of FAQs.Easier kick-off points directing deviants where to go, if they're not sure what to search for.Pinned updates and known issues.And, of course, our Suggest
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Mobile Web Uplift
This week we released an update to the mobile web version of DeviantArt. We've uplifted the front page, browse, search, header, and navigation of the site.
The new front page and browse pages get a sleek new look with clean, accessible menus and filters. Daily Deviations get a prominent and interactive new carousel design, highlighting DeviantArt's hand-selected picks of the day. This carousel can be swiped to jump to the next or previous Daily Deviation. 

Tapping the category bar lets you narrow your results by category, or by filter (Newest, Popular, What's Hot, etc.).
The new navigation gets a fresh and clean new look, focusing on simplicity and ease of use. 

This is a first step in uplifting the mobile site, and as more and more deviants use DeviantArt on mobile devices, our goal is to make it easier to use on any device.
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Summer Card Project 2016 Wrap-Up

Summer Card Project 2016 Wrap Up
This year, we decided to host our first ever Summer Card Project, and it was a wonderful and warm success! With nearly 2,500 cards from over 1,000 deviants, artists from all over the world brought cheer to various patients who could not enjoy the summer days outdoors. 
Shortly after we announced the project, we were flooded by unique and beautiful cards. Most of them were handmade, but some there were also some wonderfully unique digitally designed cards as well! You can see a selection of the beautiful summer themed cards by exploring #SummerCardProject!

:iconmadizzlee:madizzlee 768 705