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contest logo - IGNORE by zilla774

Halloween is Coming!

So why not celebrate it in style and enter the Halloween Wallpaper Contest.

What does halloween mean to you? Does it mean witches, ghosts and pumpkins? Or something else?

Now is your chance to show us and win prizes at the same time!

You can submit anything you want as long as it follows a halloween theme. It doesn't necessarily need to be spooky horror, but could be vectors, photography or anything else!


:bulletred: It must conform to the Wallpaper Submission Guidelines ie it must be suitable for a desktop wallpaper and MUST follow the wallpaper dimensions.

:bulletred: It must be halloween themed.

:bulletred: Contest ends at 11:59pm PST October 30th (not the 31st...)

:bulletred: Entries to be submitted to the Contest Gallery


:bulletgreen: 1st Prize Daily Deviation feature on halloween! Plus One Years Subscription!

:bulletgreen: Runners Up Three runners up will get a Three Month Subscription each!

Good luck and have fun!


Congratulations to the following people:


Hallows Eve by Kay-Z

by Kay-Z

Runners Up:

Jack and his lantern by orangestuff

by orangestuff

....a magical time by StinaWiik

by StinaWiik

Happy Halloween... again by shadukha

by shadukha

Honourable Mentions:

Halloween by Verticae

Congratulations to all that took part, it was 'hell' choosing the winners as the standards where very high.

More Wallpaper Competitions coming soon!
Do you think I found all these wonderful, delightfully scary Halloween wallpapers just for me ?? No way!
I found them all for you little freaky goblins of the night
From super spooky to kid friendly and everything in between.

:thumb67940852: Happy Halloween '04 by child322ofkorn HALLOWEEN by ZOMBi-StAR :thumb23815186: halloween by ashevilleundead Cat at Halloween by scandalouscombo happy halloween by tavaron :thumb41463157: :thumb68270997: :thumb68159033: Halloween Master Painting by Newbeing Halloween 02 by Zabyna Halloween Ghosts by vladstudio Haunted by night-fate The Count by RobbVision Scarecrow by RadoJavor cute halloween by pronouncedyou Trick Or Treat by UrsusArctos :thumb90144423: :thumb68662817: Follow me by Botolinus Halloween... by StinaWiik October Snail by colormist Halloween by jackiesc Weeds in the Garden by dedpan Happy Halloween 2006 by 0bsessi0n skull wave by mumblyjoe Hallows Eve 2004 by McJonny .happy halloweenie. by effektiv Welcome to my crib by Botolinus Skull by Botolinus Halloween icons by ncus Till A Rose Becomes Death by insaneone When Hell Froze by insaneone return to darkness by insaneone I Once Was by insaneone Sheeps Halloween 2006 by bsign Halloween by pvtpyro Sorcerer by DAUnderworld Trick or treat by rlcwallpapers :thumb66944444: :thumb67318582: Skull Fluffies by cronobreaker Down in the woods by Si2 I Luv Halloween by PurplePeepBits Halloween by justinnn Fright Night by BryanBaugh Pazuzu by NilNilNil Looking for Linus by SavageSinister Witchy Wallpaper by KemicalReaxion :thumb76031333: Halloween I 2006 by EveCrucifiX Lil' Witch by meldy :thumb62953499: THe Halloween faery by clv My Little Pet Spider by tifachan Fran by JNIGHTINGALE The Vampiress by BunnyBennett More than corn... by cemeterygateghoul Counting Holes by AlexeiSolha Tag Happy Halloween by mrthping :thumb11303504: Zombies by SavageZombie Happy Halloween by ayreon3 more zombies canibales by tonysandoval :thumb76406860: -Come As You Aren't- by PurplePeepBits Happy Halloween by garnettrules21 Scary Spider Mary by VonToten :thumb67871582: Trick or Treat by MeckanicalMind Halloween Spell by Blackstep Halloween Wallpaper by nanashi Happy Halloween by ObsidianGecko Halloween 1 by gekogurli Halloween WP by tsmarcus Cold Halloween by altergromit Halloween Wallpaper by FragileIdyle :thumb66786134: happy halloween by JENJYart ..:Happy Halloween:.. by Sayda :thumb56474341: Halloween Decorations WP by JenZee a new happy halloween by mikakoO Halloween by feawen Halloween by merft :thumb57206833: Happy Halloween by ReiTuki Happy Halloween by Bamboo-for-lunch Halloween by fanficbug .Flying High-Halloween Night. by OmegaDevin DN: Halloween by Hani7 Drops of Halloween by FractalEuphoria Happy Halloween by MyDyingRose Happy Halloween by shayfifearts Halloween Candy by seiyalover Halloween 2005 by RPGuere Happy Halloween by paintgirl Halloween Night by Katerina-Art Happy Halloween by angychan Halloween Under a Willow by Minerva01 Halloween by NaBHaN Halloween kitten by Jovimia HalloWeen by lordvampireone Wallpaper- Halloween Pumpkin by Noko Happy Halloween Hex 06 by frisket17 Halloween by Gigicom Halloween by brytts-gotno-wytts Happy Halloween by GENZOMAN Halloween by Sandmand :thumb68412255: Halloween by magpies7 This is Halloween by the-black-rabbit Happy Halloween by Kaelte Moon of Halloween by Sakuyamon Happy Halloween by tifachan A Halloween Night by Zindy Halloween 2007 by oh8 this is halloween by acaraluv Happy Halloween by ZiyoLing halloween by cuson Halloween wallpaper by Danime-chan Happy Halloween by kaykaykit Akatsuki - Halloween by LanWu :thumb67846347: Halloween by EvilTwin785 This is Halloween by The-vizard Halloween by GainaSpirit Pumpkin Girls by Rinian The Pumpkin Carver by -lildragon- Halloween Avatars by deleket :thumb66130638: Pumpkin sitter by celesse :thumb42298668: Pumpkin Princess by Adiene The Pumpkin Field by ReaL-OnE Halloween Card 2007 by -lildragon- happy halloween by DanielaUhlig The Pumpkin King by crystaldragon Halloween bookmarks 2007 by -lildragon- Pumpkin Day by Eireen Happy Halloween by mou-s The Mummy by Dinolad - M O O N L I G H T - by uxorious Skull Desktop 2 by Joey-Zero HEROES by Hartman by sideshowmonkey death by kometani Trick or treat by CottonValent FRANKENSTEIN'S MONSTER by sideshowmonkey ZOMBIE by loboto Happy Ending by dholl :thumb24682454: Peter Peter pumpkin eater by Alicechan HALLOWS EVE by Hartman by sideshowmonkey .:shrunken head:. by DanielaUhlig :thumb57599702: Skull Desktop 1 by Joey-Zero The Doctor. by Endling SCARECROW by David Hartman by sideshowmonkey Pink Halloween by daekazu Mummy Cat Wallpaper by nanecakes WERE-ZOMBIE by Hartman by sideshowmonkey ORANGE DEATH by Hartman by sideshowmonkey Trick Or Treat by BryanBaugh Zombified 2.0 by PReilly :thumb78593366: Emo Monster by kangel Monster Vampire by ryanorosco 1313 Guest Monster Art by DustinEvans Monster Rally 2 by BryanBaugh Return of the Living Dead by BryanBaugh :thumb56064769: Krueger by BryanBaugh On the River Styx by BryanBaugh Monster Rally by BryanBaugh Old Snaggly by BryanBaugh Vampires In Love by BryanBaugh monster XD by chaotisch The Pumpkin by arconax Bestia and the pumpkin by APBarr Return of the Pumpkin Man c by aquilianranger Halloween Greetings by StinaWiik Last day in October by CottonValent Halloween Witch by cyclonaut Jack by woohooligan .Halloween 06 Series Final. by Galatea-DNegro Casper by C-McCown Day of the Mini Dead by JaredPLNormand The Ungrateful Dead by surajsharma Dead by Dawn by 3D-Fantasy-Art Day of the Dead Skull by IAMDG Mummy by cmalidore The Mummy by yojomo Lace Mummy by pharie82 :thumb70348420: Dracula by JohnHLynch dracula by pica-skate Horror of Dracula by bloodedemon dracula by bloodedemon vampire by JessiGraden Vampire by Merlin111 Day of the Dead by 921studios Dia de los Muertos by SmxDeadlyDesignz La muerte te sienta bien by SaiyaGina :thumb87152457: Day of the Dead mural by MuralsbyLeBold Day of the Dead Zombie by crzeyz Frankenstein by mondojohn Frankenstein by PReilly :thumb76002981: why i'm here by cuson Frankenstein and His Bride by PatrickFinch Frankenstein and Friend by BeeJayDeL frankenstein monster by Justin-Mabry Scary Little Red Riding Hood by Cristnext Scary Stuff by Tarzman Nightmare by kalessaradan Scary Skull by martinorona Hotlips by phillustrator Frankenstein by scumbugg :thumb67252425: Harlequin Jacks by FaerieShadows :thumb20343166: Halloween Witchy by angieuly calendar - october by Nuri7 :thumb85850334: Abra Kadabra by CarolinReich spookyroom by PootDamnYou Invader by Botolinus Halloween by biomek Bats in Her Belfry... by ZombieKate Happy Halloween by xDeZx Halloween by falleninterlude The Mad Hatter by Gido Halloweenie by Spica2041 october's halloween by asuka-sakumo :thumb42671668: The Last Halloween by Grizzled-Ink
Halloween almost ahead and we're sorting some greatest and amazing high-quality Wallpapers about Devilish desktop wallpapers, 31st of October is a holiday that normally associated with symbols like “Jack o’ Lanterns“, skeleton, pumpkins and activities like bonfire, costume party, "trick-or-treats" in this year we follow latest trend and select some spooky Halloween characters even some of cartoonish stuff which will make more decorate your desktop.

Halloween is a great event which provides our some different point of view to our thoughts a so, that’s why here I have collect a fine account of free Halloween Wallpapers. So, Theses Halloween Walls provides a great touch of fear as you have in your mind about this event. However below you can see a fine account...