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So they would get me back, by bullying me.
When I was swinging, they would grab the metal part, shove me off into the boiling hot sand, take it, and yell at me.
And of course, no teacher cared at all.
So I would sit on the bus. Sitting all alone. Then I met a very nice 3rd grader. She became my best friend. We would sit by each other on the bus, eat lunch together,and I forgot about Jordan.
Then one day..she didn't come to school..and I never saw her again..
Then Jordan started bullying me again..I always would sit on the bench in the playground. So one day, I brought my markers and drew on some paper while sitting on the bench.and I would leave it there and go to the bathroom. When I got back, my paper was shredded, markers were in the sand, and EVERYONE in my class was sitting on the bench. They all where sitting on every part of the bench, so I couldn't get on. I was devistated..I just wanted to die..

Then I realized I had a crush on 2 boys..
One of them was a goodie two-shoes...
The other was a bad boy.
We where the best of friends. They both cheered me up when Jordan was being a douche. The bad boy didn't know I liked him..but the other did.
After school , the goodie two-shoes would kiss me on the cheek. I became happy again, even if Jordan was being mean. Then me and Jordan had a singing contest. Jordan would always sing, she thought she was the most popular girl in school. So I tried to sing, and she just made me feel worse.. After that I lost all my friends except the two boys. I even lost the older girl as a friend. When I went home, I always hung out with the bad boy. He lived right behind us. So I usually would go through his place to get home. Then the end of the year came. I would be going to Meridian Elementary, in 2nd grade. Instead of Stupid SUSA. So I was very excited to start the year over. Sometimes tho, I just want to go back to Susa and see how my old friends are doing. And see how Jordan acts now. I miss my old friends..

Then I met Lovelle...

(I got to see the bad boy last year. He called me the F word. I don't like him anymore :3 )

    I have taken an interest in a fictional writing career because I have been drawn to the field for as long as I can remember.
    Whatever grade I was in, back in elementary school, I was always spending my free time at home watching cartoons and anime, a special style of animation that originates in Japan.  One anime in particular, Digimon: Digital Monsters, I was constantly fantasizing about.  During recess I would grab a pencil and a journal and write a fan fiction for the show.  A fan fiction is an originally published story about characters or settings written by fans published work.  Looking back now and thinking about what I wrote it must not have been a decent piece of literature at all.

    Digimon, actually, was not the only televised program that I would write stories on.  Whenever I would think about an episode of a show I had watched recently, the memory would seem to drift and become a fantasy, and then I would daydream for who knew how long and make a story out of it.  Today, I am currently writing fan fiction for other various cartoons, anime and even video games, during my spare time on my computer, however that is not all I am writing.

    During my freshman year of high school, the only books I would check out at the library were either the written novel series, ‘The Guardians of Ga’Hoole’, written by Kathryn Lasky or the manga graphic novel series of ‘Rave Master’, created by Hiro Mashima.  After months of reading, inspiration had finally struck me to create my own fictional literature series.

    Whenever I found the opportunity to, I would draw the characters and their weapons, and type the story on my computer and save it to my flash drive.  Since that day, it became my life’s work.

    It was not until my junior year when I joined the creative writing club, where I made new friends and learned so much more about the elements of literature from the club’s teacher and from my fellow members and classmates, who almost instantly became my friends.  In my senior year, I decided to make an outline of the story after I looked back on the original draft and realized how I could make the story better, and I think I have so far.

    The first book is still incomplete, especially since I decided to start over and start with writing the prologue in a new journal, but with time and effort, I believe I will make an amazing story.  It is about a young wizard that specializes in wind magic, who realized he used to be a god, but was stripped of his powers into what became a broken sword.  Making friends along the way, the young wizard seeks to piece the sword back together, restore his god-like powers, and stop his evil brother from universal domination.

    If you are wondering why I decided to major in visual communications when I am more interested in fictional writing, it is because back in my senior year in high school, I performed surprisingly well in graphic design class using Photoshop.  Later on, I learned visual communications is a part of creating video games, which most of my friends have decided to do for their future.  I then made a decision to join them on their journey for the future.  Not only will I be joining them in the designing, but I would also make the script for our first video game.

    As a writer, I have self-agreed to work constantly.  I write each day for however long, even if I only write one small sentence that takes me an hour to come up with.

    Performing research from various sources grants me to give my stories authentic detail.  

    Most or some writers would work with editors for revising and have superb organization in the story, but I prefer to be both the author and editor, that way I can feel more confident in my work and myself.

    Being able to type or have decent penmanship is not all that is required in the writing field.  Yes penmanship is obsolete in the field, but it does not hurt to practice.

    A writer needs to be adaptable, specifically when using computer software and programs. Creativity is the most important qualification, in my perceptive, speaking of which, social perceptive is necessary to understand how readers react to understand their audience.  Above all else, even the one I find most important, the qualification that all writers need, is determination, to be an exceptional example of perseverance.

    There are other fields in the writing career that require a bachelor’s degree, such as journalism for newspapers and magazines or in communications.  “As of now there are over a hundred thousand employed writers.  They earn $26.89 an hour, which leads up to $55,940 a year” (, 2014).

    The writers that have not found employment in the field, or freelance writers will most likely publish their work in journalism, novels or even online sometimes through website publication (, 2014).

    Since elementary school, I have been drawn to the world of creative writing.  I have been writing fan fiction, and I am even writing my own original written work.  For approximately thirteen years now, my life’s work has been writing fictional novels and recently, a script for the first video game I plan to make with my friends.  Personally, I can see myself doing this until I slowly begin to loose each cell in my brain or until my heart stops.
hello parents , and welcome to our new school . In this school , we shall teach your kids and students how to use their powers. But in this school , your child can be a superhero or a superville or a sidekick. And so RuffPuff elementary will start in 2 months in the beginning of a new school year . so if you want to become a member , you can make your own superhero or superville. so cant wait
A friend and I are working on Holmestuck (Holmesstuck?) based on BBC Sherlock and yeah. Dis gun be gud. May or may not be a comic eventually!! (Looking for interested artists!)

Sherlock, John, Lestrade, and Molly are going to be the four 'kids' in this session, while Mycroft, Moriarty, Moran, Irene, Anderson, and Sally are the troll counterparts.

Sherlock is, despite popular opinions, the Knight of Mind, while John is the Mage of Blood.

I could go on a rambling as to why, if anyone wants, but I'll spare us all the pain of that.

Sherlock: Knight of Mind, harpoonkind.

John: Mage of Blood; pistolkind, canekind (later on).

Lestrade: Prince of Void, nightstickkind.

Molly: Sylph of Life, ____kind.

Mycroft: ____ of ____, umbrellakind.

Moriarty: ____ of ____, bombkind??

Moran: ____ of ____, riflekind.

Irene: ____ of ____, cropkind (can be extended to whipkind).

Anderson: ____ of _____, ____kind.

Sally: ____ of ____, ____kind.

Most of the characters (at least the species-swapped ones, the trolls) do not have designs yet, though for a few we have general ideas. Open to anything, though.

I was unaware of many of these characters being present before earlier today, which is why many of them do not have their titles yet. Suggestions are welcome, to all you Sherstucks (?) who might be reading this.

I'll repeat myself: If any of you are interested in doing art for a potential comic/fanventure, it would be awesome if you would contact me~!

I'm probably forgetting something, oh well; I'll update this as need be.

Also what are Journal Portal categories.
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Hi everyone! We've gone through and added some mockups to the group favorites. The goal is to feature interesting elementary-inspired or relevant mockups and artwork. Let us know what you think and don't forget to comment on the art itself!
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