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Consider this journal your watercolor primer! Listed in the sections below are the materials that will help you get well on your way with watercolor! I've included links to my watercolor tutorial series and other helpful watercolor tutorials around dA,  as well as some "assignments" if you would like some ideas to get you started :D

Additives, Pigments, Brushes, & Materials Shopping List

Screenshot 2015-04-25 21.45.43 by Xadrea

    1.     Table Salt. You can get some really interesting textures from using salt in your wet watercolor. The resulting texture can be altered by the size of the salt crystals. Table salt will most often give you very stippled texture, and sea salt will have a softer result. However, table salt can do both depending on the amount of water and salt you use, so it is a cheap staple to keep in your tackle box.

    2.     Rubber Cement. This is not the official masking fluid of watercolor (which is called Frisket), but it is a much cheaper alternative that works just the same.

    3.     Gum Arabic. Gum Arabic is an ingredient in watercolor pigments. If it is used as an additive, it will make your paint dry very shiny and slightly more opaque. 

    4.     Rubbing Alcohol. Also known as Isopropyl Alcohol, can be used to create unique textures. Water-based wet media (ink, watercolor, and acrylic) repels alcohol because their molecules cannot fully mix (similar reactions occur in oil and water).  This affect works best with Isopropyl Alcohol that is 91% or higher alcohol by volume. 

My Watercolor Tools by KelliRoos

Royal & Langnickle, M. Graham, Reeves, or Windsor & Newton are suitable (and affordable) brands of tube and cake watercolors. Do not purchase white or black watercolor.  Also, only purchase one tube of each color. The tubes will appear small, but what is inside will last you for years to come. Below is a list of the minimum number of pigments you could get started with:

    ·       Cadmium Red
    ·       Alizarin Crimson
    ·       Burnt Sienna
    ·       Payne’s Gray
    ·       Ultramarine Blue
    ·       Phthalo Blue
    ·       Cadmium Yellow
    ·       Lemon Yellow
    ·       Yellow Ocre


There is be no need to purchase expensive, or “fancy” brushes or brush sets for the purpose of watercolor (though such things do exist). Your most expensive brushes will be the wide 1 and 2 in flats, all others can be simple “all media” or acrylic synthetic bristle brushes. Please refer to the list below when purchasing brush sets:

    ·       1 inch flat brush (one)
    ·       2 inch flat brush (one)
    ·       ½ inch flat brush (one)
    ·       ¾ inch flat brush (one)
    ·       Angled flat of any size
    ·       Round brushes, sizes 0-10 (one of each)

Additional Materials

    ·       Two containers with lids for water (NO GLASS JARS)
    ·       Spray bottle
    ·       HB pencil and sharpener
    ·       Paper towels (these can be reused)
    ·       X-acto knife and cutting surface (self healing mat
    ·       Scissors
    ·       Metal ruler (12” or longer)
    ·       Crayons or candles
    ·       Plastic eraser
    ·       Synthetic sponge cut into chunks
    ·       Watercolor 10-24 pan palette that includes a lid
    ·       Gel medium, Mod Podge, or PVC glue
    ·       Masking tape (NOT PAINTER’S TAPE)
    ·       30 in x 40 in Masonite board
    ·       Binder clips
    ·       Binder or folder
    ·       Drinking straws
    ·       Viewfinder
    ·       Shish-kabob skewers
    ·       Q-tips


Screenshot 2015-04-25 21.57.51 by Xadrea

 The paper used in watercolor work is highly important. It’s very different than other artist’s paper because it is specifically made to get wet. There are three (3) types of paper when it comes to watercolor paper: Hot Pressed, Cold Pressed, and Rough. These papers can be both machine and hand made. Bear in mind, machine made papers will often times have an artificial texture “stamped” into the surface. Hand made papers are generally more expensive. Watercolor papers contain more sizing (that is the stuff that holds the paper pulp together) than regular papers and is much more dense than regular drawing papers. Stretching the paper (that is, saturating it while it is taped to a board and allowing it to dry overnight) may be necessary to avoid buckling if you do not want to tape your paper down. 

In addition to the paper types of, there are also different weights (thickness): 90lb, 140lb, 260lb, and 300lb. These weights are not indicative of the actual weight of the sheets, but instead the weight of the paper ream. A higher weight means a thicker paper. Heavier weight papers are useful to beginners because they are more forgiving in surface and require little or no stretching.

    1.      Hot Pressed Paper. This watercolor paper is very smooth and has almost no tooth (raised texture) to its surface. Since this paper has a very smooth surface it’s ideal for very tight intricate work or illustration. Pigment will also dry more quickly.

    2.      Cold Pressed Paper. This is the most common type you will find in art and craft supply stores. The surface is lightly textured and paint dries with subtle irregularities (watermarking affects).

    3.      Rough Pressed Paper. This watercolor paper is the most heavily textured of the three.  You can achieve the most watermarking effects from the watercolor alone because it will catch and pool in the indentations of the paper’s surface. 

Do not use regular drawing papers to paint on. You will get untold amounts of rippling and buckling in your paper for the afore mentioned reasons. Faber-Castell, Fabriano, Strathmore, and Canson watercolor papers are trustworthy and affordable brands to purchase. Printmaking papers (which are similar to watercolor papers) such as American Masters, Stonehenge, and Reeves BFK can also be used.

1 Month of Watercolor Assignments

Screenshot 2015-04-25 22.42.07 by Xadrea
#1 Swatch Chart:
Learning how to achieve a wide range of tonal variations in watercolor is essential. For this assignment you will be creating a swatch chart of at least three columns in six variations of color on a sheet of watercolor paper. Columns should be taped off to create clean edges. The color family may be of your own choosing or full spectrum.

Screenshot 2015-04-25 22.42.14 by Xadrea
#2 Two-Color Flat Wash Still Life: 
The flat wash is one of the basic techniques of watercolor painting. For this assignment you will create a still life of 4 dissimilarly colored objects in a shoebox. You will be rendering objects using only a single layer of flat washes. 
Screenshot 2015-04-25 22.42.21 by Xadrea
#3 Patterns Using Resists and Brush Control: 
Areas of white space (or negative space) can be achieved through masking and brush control. For this assignment you will create a pattern of your own choosing.

Screenshot 2015-04-25 22.42.27 by Xadrea
#4 Full Color Still Life with Texture Ground:
Beginning with a texture ground of your choice, you will in this assignment create a still life of 5 dissimilarly colored objects in a shoebox.  


Watercolor Tutorial: Wet on Dry by Xadrea Watercolor Tutorial Series: Masking by Xadrea Watercolor Tutorial: How to Mix Watercolor by Xadrea Watercolor Tutorial: Salt Glaze by Xadrea Watercolor Tutorial: Skin by Xadrea Watercolor Tutorial Series: Bleeding by Xadrea Watercolor Tutorial: Hair part 1 by Xadrea Watercolor Tutorial: Hair part 2 by Xadrea Watercolor Tutorial Series: Lifting by Xadrea Art Tutorial: Watercolors Prt1 by Xadrea Art Tutorial: Watercolors Prt2 by Xadrea Watercolor Stretching Tutorial by blix-it Watercolor Tutorial by Loonaki Watercolor Tutorial by Claparo-Sans Watercolor Stretching Tutorial by MisttheWarrior  Watercolor Masking Tutorial by Lithe-Fider Watercolor Effects by CyprinusFox Practical Colors Tutorial by KelliRoos Watercolor Tutorial by Taiyo85

Extra Reading Material

Limber Up Your Imagination

Watercolor Lessons and Exercises

Watercolor Tips & Techniques


Use Your Computer to Paint Better Watercolors


Macro Spotlight Vol. 163

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 3:26 AM by MarcosRodriguez:iconmarcosrodriguez:
Sweet cowboy! by Ksuksa-Raykova
Core of Desire by rici66 The Traveling Wilburys by 89000007ANL
optimism by sandpiper764
Smile by MahmoudElkourd Secret Forest by PaperDreamerArt
Three Generations of Women by SweediesArt
Open for fun by leoatelierBeware of Dog by Some-Punk-Next-Door
Beaver Toothpick by TerribleTer
What lens are you using by MichelLalonde reflets de realite by veroklotz
natural by Sssssergiu
I've seen the land beyond by everythingisaverage garde a vous by GonzaleVivement le printemps 5 by Douce-Amertume
 Praying Kagura pt. II by Photo-CapI Found it First by MichelLalonde
 Amici by eos75
is past few years by seianti love? by rilibko
Cranky Kitty by Photo-Cap.+Pax+. by lectral
My last photomanip, just for another smile on your face :)
The Last Supper by Canankk

Supernatural: The Undiscovered #1x08

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 7:31 AM

Supernatural: The Undiscovered 
Vol. 1 x Feature 08: Bugs 

"Searching artists, surfing fan arts, the family gallery." 

Little Castiel sketch by Naomi024SPN fanart Winchesters/Castiel 'Walk-in-the-Air' by noji1203Castiel, Angel of the Lord by RivenTearS:Smile by Kazumi-UFor the Sake of an Angel [Art for Carelessshipper] by TheNargleCharmCas Face by JewnicornClownChuck Shurley face set by Zetsubou-no-Girl'The First Blade' by SkyceSketchesCharlie as Black Widow by dahliashengCasiplier/Markstiel! by quizzywowKevin Tran by DeinoMiku#LovesMyGuardianAngel by NeonSparkleButt[Spn] A van doesn't give you much breathing room by HolyRomanEmpire99JIB6 ArtProject: Bobby by SillieAbaddon by justmariwYou came to the wrong neigborhood by KrepfLucifer. Supernatural. by KorkuguvinClaire Novak, again by ab-insula-AvaloniaDean and Sam from Supernatural by ZuhaLoveMusicDean Winchester by Darijii-ChanLittle Cas by maysageTravis Aaron Wade by KatrinSchmittCastiel [Colored] by 77EvL77Dean by Ennasus98Castiel by chibikko1000Say Hello to Lucifer by Neko-DugenSupernatural: Castiel by LailaIzukaCastiel From Supernatural (Art trade) by TokiwaMatsuzakuraSupernatural Castiel and Dean in my Moleskine by JawenaSomething in the way by GodSAMmitWinchester cheebs by MagneticInsanityHad it coming by cypiiFreedom by SparkofFireIHopecuties by bloomie01Werther Project by DarraCheseCastiel and Meg - genderswap by KrepfDestiel by PokuliuszYorshPokiCrowley is Kawaii by shankyohaku24Saved by shanikins42Justice!Castiel by CastielGoneWildAngel with a shotgun by The-Freak-StreakCockles by IrenSupernaturalCastiel by someoneyoul0ve[AC+SPN] Daddy Altair Vs  Daddy Dean by AhtsuCas Waiting by AmberStoneArtLucifer. Supernatural. by KorkuguvinBadass Deanna by DimeaFading grace by DragomaGolden Soul by VylesSupernatural (Dean and Sam) by Iko18Your eyes. Sam Winchester by YuukiKoalaSunset by patatafaceSilhouette Castiel~watercolor by lulo223Cain and Colette -Modern!Au sketches by BrigitTheShiningAnd Then There Were Platypuses by Nai-xn--Request--Meg 2.0 and Fem!Castiel by theoppositeofallingSammy by SparkofFireIHopeTLK  Sam&Dean  Winchester   by knucklesOriginsMLP: SPN's Charlie Bradbury by MychelleSam Winchester by Whovian1000The Winchester family by WeekwoodSam by Whovian1000Sam Winchester by Whovian1000Dean Winchester by Whovian1000Rotten by LamiaSageThe Rebellious One by TehBlooCatPortrait of Dean by GabiFernandesSNSupernatural by HELLISHSINESTROcastiel thingy by hue-ruruDean and Sam Winchester by ThresaDoryNormal by KamiDioxSammy Winchester by PryateCastiel by KaniiNaniiPink by patatafaceBlood and Chaos 2015 by JackieDeeArtSam Winchester by Mrs-ReedD34N by dordanjeskerSunset [animation] by lolilpoDean#2 by RabiaAzulRowena by patatafaceSam Bookmark by sailormarymoonWhat should we do next by aganoxVintage Hipster Cas by satans-artDean by GabiFernandesSNJensen Quackles by RooftopImpactCain and Colette - Wedding Pictures by BrigitTheShiningCastiel as The Winter Soldier by dahliashengNo Pets, Sammy! by evervolfEnlightened by TheBeautifulSniperSupernatural Fanart by Fahad-NaeemEllen by beautyinthebreakingDean Winchester by SparkofFireIHopeSPN Rowena by AnitsircCAFSpn fanart: Sam by scribbletalkINTO THE DEEP: I'LL CATCH YOU IN THE END by SmasherlovesBunny500Warm Up Castiel by kitkatblackI have Questions, I have Doubts by GodSAMmitSupernatural Eye Portraits by PrincessLaguiaSupernatural - Sam and Dean by UltraNicoletChevy Impala by UltraNicoletDean Winchester by Chicken-PriestessPlaying with fire (Colored) by renezinhaUntitled (WIP) by brittanyhuangSPNxConstantine by delakoksCastiel by delakoksBrothers by Someone-Else79Chibi Sam Winchester by KravorCootie Catcher by FyreMist-the-DragonDemon Dean and The First Blade - Digital(Tshirt) by dalmation1080Sammy by atlantiss505Death by Lecter213Misha Collins (Castiel) by BrookeShaneUpgraded Bamf-Vamp by MelanieDarlingTeam Free Will by Malfeydeanmon by mada-tThe boy who blocked his own shots by HotSpirit

Make sure to check them all out!

Previous: Vol. 1 x Feature 07: Hook Man 
Next: Vol. 1 x Feature 09: Home

Hello everyone and thank you for all the happy birthday wishes! I read them all even though I didn't answer! :)

Here are some lovely and cute works from my watchers who have left nice comments on my drawings! I'm sorry I can't feature everyone who supports me but I'm happy for every comment, fave and watch! :hug:

Rainbow  by nekodragon12Part of your world by CatherineDaydreamerOC - Aya by owKaiiJ.C.  ~OC~ by MidnightGhostDrawsThanks! by eternalrainbow7
Purple Princess by Candy-DanteLBlue Kimono by ThatVocaloidFan
Purple lady by tartletaleDisney Fairies: Dulcie by NormaLeeInsaneFAN-ART: MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA ! by littl3miss-n1ghtmareValerie Enchantix Card by SweetSunshine10happy birthday xNamii by cutetamara292
candles by Clover-sanElfa by Rina--Inverse
Reflet 2 by Enzo-luuuvCan't Let Go by KaikoSenseiGreen Spirit by RagnaRaydenGW2 The Six Gods - Melandru by ProudPastry
Sakura Miku by cottonryuAT - Angiewaiwai by ScarletSide
Setsuna Plus by Viovio-chanpastel adopt raffle! [CLOSED] by MotherAdoptsBlue Girl by GSunSkiSiena- Side on View by steffy367Neo RWBY by Aviviya

Also, :iconnay-hime: is selling a sketchbook commission with 50 colored drawings! Check it out if you love cute and colorful drawings!
Sketchbook CommissionGuess who need money? :iconmingplz:
My parents are getting divorced, and I need buy some things for me.
Do you remember when I made an sketchbook auction? (Sketchbook Auction CLOSED) I want make something like that again, but not auction. It will have a fixed price. And more drawings.
If you buy, you will receive a sketchbook with 50 drawings. All of them colored. The sketchbook is with spiral and with drawing paper (a tick paper). I will ship it to you when it's done with tracking number. 
Price: $500
(A little expansive, but it would be like $10 for each drawing, and it will take a while to complete)
If someone buy it, I will close my commissions until I finish the sketchbook and send to the person. 
Also, who buys, will have access to my secret group on facebook to always be updated with the wips and all. 
Just keep it mind that it will take a while to be completed, it's 50 drawin
[C] Princess Talia by Nay-Hime

Remember to join my OC contest too and check out the cute entries I have received so far:…
Draw my OC contest (ends June 7th)My third contest, finally! Again, everyone can join! Please read the rules if you want to enter.
If you don't want to enter, tell me if you want to be a judge :) (Smile) Prize donations are welcome too!
1st place
One month premium membership OR 396:points: from SilverChaim
Free commission: a character with easier background from SilverChaim
Feature from SilverChaim
Free commission from ShaydenSketches
Feature from MissMitsuSayama
Full body drawing from bearboymcg
Full body drawing from HethaFaye
2 free commissions with shades from CuriosityKitty
Free fullbody commission like this from ImpBoy101

2nd place

200 points from SilverChaim

Senior Selections #48

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 3:57 AM

Welcome back to SeniorSelections with its 48th week of selections featured by Senior Members! 
Please show your support by +favlove'ing this news article. Please also comment and +fav  on our wonderful features!

Please note: we are still accepting admins to join our team for further information refer to this journal, and we take feature suggestions from the community just send us or a team admin a note!

Thank you for supporting this group and project from the SeniorSelections team! 

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ProjectPorkchop Vol431

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 12:26 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Ildar is a professional digital artist from Russia. His exquisite environmental landscapes are so life-like that you instantly feel like you are transported to another world when you look at them. You can feel the atmosphere and the grandeur and you can appreciate all of the astounding detail that goes into each piece. This is definitely an artist to keep your eye on! 

Launch by HarisovIldarOld outpost by HarisovIldar
No signal by HarisovIldarBandits by HarisovIldar

Suggested by lovelessdevotions 
see more..


Serge is a varied artist from Russia. He is amazing when it comes to working with movement and scale and his works have a wonderful sense of drama. He implements exciting points of interest whether you are flying through space or swimming underwater, his works will really grab your attention and take you on a wild ride through Serge's world of imagination. If you love sci-fi and fantasy, this artist is for you!

Space Dropping by serg4dStar Town by serg4d
Freighter escort by serg4dDance of the Witches by serg4d

Suggested by Just-To-Look1 
see more..


Hung Yan Wu is a hobbyist digital artist from Taiwan. His style is more loose and painterly yet still retains a high level of detail. His colors are bright and vivid and flow very nicely and he uses exciting angles to grab the viewer's eye. His characters are well developed as is his storytelling. Please visit Hung Yan Wu's gallery today and be sure to leave some feedback!

Kog'Maw by a701722191129 by a70172219
fizz by a70172219Untitled by a70172219

Suggested by Arachnopus 
see more..


Plaser3 is a traditional artist from Russia. His gorgeous psychedelic style and depth of detail is truly astounding. His strokes are very elegant and his shading and blending are perfection. He tends to draw influence from psychological themes, especially dreams and most pieces have a dark quality that is quite magnetic. This is one artist you will definitely want to start watching!

When the music pours color.(frg) by plaser344 by plaser3
Process11 by plaser3 прометея by plaser3

Suggested by TinyWild 
see more..


Fairuz is a 19 year old art student from Indonesia. She has a passion for portraiture and is especially gifted at portraying the female form. Her paintings are very soft and elegant and made all the more delicate by a carefully chosen color palette of light hues and smooth blending. Please visit Fairuz's gallery and show some support!

Dragon's Child by zoeragezZ E R O by zoeragez
Albino by zoeragezO N E by zoeragez

Suggested by TinyWild 
see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group:


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Watchers and my Resources features 51

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 6:36 AM

           Love in the Air     Hi there

                                Like every week here my watchers features that leave their THUMB in the pool, remember all thumbs are featured, i don't reject any type of art in this area :) (Smile) And also Like every week here a small feature to the one who use my resources!
                                                                            Thank you so much to all the active watchers, the ones that always leave lovely comments, favs and llamas Happy cry (Tears of joy) As i always say, you are the reason why i keep coming back I love deviantART!                                                                                                 
    I love you all! Hug Love Be safe and healthy, wish you all the best! Heart Love


Red Pixel Rose Divider Gift for VintageWarmth by MamaELM
Purification by fire by annewipf Spring Fever by Lolita-Artz From the Ashes by TheDreamBelow Darkness by pranile Masters of the Sea by LeenaHill The White Wolf by Dark-Indigo Athena by Sisterslaughter165 Phoenix by tinca2

        With my Resources! 

Red Pixel Rose Divider Gift for VintageWarmth by MamaELM
Lilith Reborn by lauraypablo Reading Fairytales by KittyD The Ballerina by Krisztu Trapped beauty by ziggy90lisa Lilith by debNise Magical meeting by Lubov2001 demons by aeriiea little Merlin by ektapinki Never alone by sinisterroseart

            AMAZING works by neverdying

Red Pixel Rose Divider Gift for VintageWarmth by MamaELM
Stories of the Dead by neverdying


Red Pixel Rose Divider Gift for VintageWarmth by MamaELM

I've Got You Under My Skin by StarsColdNight

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                                Thanks for the Favs :Button: by Circe-Baka Fun not fame... by prosaix [Stamp] I support my watchers! by s-classmage  Stamp: Magical Powers by TheSaltyMonster I Draw Because I Dream by RomanticParody fav-ninja by CookiemagiK Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle    im serious. by gekchi Stamp Yogi_24 by JEricaM Never Rush Deviations Stamp by SparkLum Meaningful Usernames by DragonLordKris Stamp 003 by nvs911  

40.000 +

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 26, 2015, 12:39 AM

Hi Folks,

it does not often happen, that I am at a loss of words.

I reached over 40.000 page views this weekend.

I am really touched and I have to admitt a little bit proud, too.

When I started on DA, I never thought that my works would really catch so much attention.

So a big thank you to all of you, who took their time to visit my site and looked at my pics and even faved them.

Therefore I will present to you some pics who chaught my eyes.

The candle carrier by JoanLlado

Collie by jolabrodnica

Lucius Malfoy ~ Deatheater ~ Harry Potter sw by AStoKo

Monochrome Raindrops by Cat-n-White

sentimental whirlwind... by FeliFee

Composizione3383bis by claudio51

Shades of colors by maya49m

Sun Is Still Shining by Joe-Maccer

47 by luisbc

Halloween Pumpkin Pudding by Kitteh-Pawz

In the end, you are always alone by olivegbg

Orchid (III) by DrAndrei

It's Nice Snowing You by YouMostDie

Long Road by Fursik

star light, star bright by LordLJCornellPhotos

Mountains in the fog by miirex

Bryn, Showing Who's Boss by EarthHart

Purple Drop by iriscup

Mariposa by Bansheeda

elegance by poisen2014

Path into the woods by calikal

That's all for today.

As always enjoy the view and give credits to the artists, I am just the collector.

And thank you again to all of you, I never thought to find so much support, friendship and even love around here.



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The Treasure Chest- Ed. 7

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 3:59 AM

:icondevnews: DevNews :icondevnews:

:icongrouphugplz:Welcome To Our VISUAL News Showcase :icongrouphugplz:
What is it?
:icontreasurechestplz:THE TREASURE CHEST:icontreasurechestplz:
"The Treasure Chest"-
Truly OUTSTANDING work, found from around dA from Active Deviants,
any genre or media, with 299 faves or less.

:note: We've had a couple of good questions about what is considered ACTIVE for this monthly event.
ACTIVE: If the artist has not shown ANY signs of ANY activity within Eight (8) weeks, or so, I would not suggest them. At least not for the time being- they may return of course, because two months isn't  super long. Activity does not necessarily mean submitting deviations, though. They could be here every day commenting, replying, doing features for other people, and otherwise being supportive, but perhaps NOT submitting their own work for say... a YEAR, for example.
This is still considered ACTIVE, in my opinion. I hope this helps. :aww:

This Activity began as a weekly activity within dAWishingWell's weekly summation News Article:
"WishingWell Weekly" about a year ago.

It has been well received and includes participants who want to suggest a few of their own.  SO, we decided to do a similar News Article, but one that's only focused on the treasures, as a MONTHLY Article here at DevNews. :D

We hope you enjoy it!

:icontreasurechestplz:The Treasure Chest, ED. 7:icontreasurechestplz:

Resting by ArichyAs city wakes up... by PositicLight and Shadow by Makintosh91
The Hug by lemgras330Fauve and Felindro by nahp75Waris Dirie by MartaDeWinter
035 by Elizalove928Feel the Spring by IreneHorvathWill, Naila and Kumo by HeilyAens
Sketch commission: Arli by Luciana-LuViolet Field by NorthernLandAT: Orgollyn by EllirhShaan
Cornflower Blue by George---KirkPriory moon by YorkshireSamCampanulae of spring by An-gora
Gathering by SyndyneSerenity by CandiceSmithPhotoDevilsTowerAwakening by Dupage644

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

The Four Winds by PaivatarWaipi'o Valley Overlook at Dusk by dkwyniaBaby Snake by isischneider
:0) by CsyytBreak in the clouds by kayaksailorSanctimonia by Welanga
Kiss by Ivy15Spore Ball by Undead-AcademyUnique and Beautiful... by BlueLunarRose
Sunday | San Pedro, CA by LukeMunnellSunset by RSA91Green Wave at Murrays Beach by andyhutchinson
Sunday Afternoon by PaintedFeatherz14Indian Horse by excaiteOrange Sunset by StephGabler
Untitled by RizoneIn the eveningsun by chevyhaxIn the Spring I Shed My Skin by VanadiumTaintedBeryl
Summer Slumber by TrollGirlHimeji Castle by JustinSchroederCircle Burst by Glenn-Crouch
Kettle, pumpkin and quinces by KaitanaSwallowtail - Papilio machaon by MendipmanSeven Spot Ladybird - Coccinella septempunctata by Mendipman
Meet Mello by nnoijenGlowing Dahlia 6 by Deb-e-annEaster by maya49m
Reinless by akrathanSwimming With Wild Dolphins by RainbowFaylove in Zanskar by MahmoudYakut

:note: If you should want to participate and make this an interactive News Article,
this would be fine with me! :aww:

All you would have to do, is suggest 2 or 3 deviations, using the criteria from the beginning of this Article,
and place the thumbcodes or links in a comment of this Article. If they do meet the criteria as outlined above, they will be featured in MAY 2015's mid/end-month edition of DevNews's TREASURE CHEST. :heart:


Thank you to those Members and Friends of DevNews
who have helped with this Edition of The Treasure Chest by suggesting
the First 18 Treasures:


See you again next month, around the 3rd week of May! :wave:

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