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Mixed Media Colouring Tutorial

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 2:00 PM by Eleweth:iconeleweth:

Traditional Art

Traditional art offers you amazing chances to experiment with various materials and techniques. Don't be afraid to mix whatever you can – with everything (even with non-artistic materials) you can create amazing stuff! I want to show you some good combinations I often use while creating my pictures.


-Various coloured pencils (on this picture I used these):
:bulletpink: Faber-Castell Polychromos
:bulletpink: Faber-Castell Art Grip
:bulletpink: Derwent Studio
:bulletpink: Derwent Coloursoft
:bulletpink: Prismacolor Premier

(Why so many? Because every pencil brand and type is unique with their colour variety, quality, blending, softness/hardness. Mixing pencils with the other brands is the key to the success – really :) If you want – next time I can make tutorial about coloured pencils only)
- Airbrush
- Aquarells
(I am using Schmincke Akademie Aquarell)
- Acrylic inks
(using Schmincke, Ecoline, Liquitex Ink)
- Technical alcohol
- Markers
(using COPICs)
- A3 Bristol
(using Canson)
- HB pencil, mechanical pencil
- Toothbrush
- Brushes
- Eraser
- Quill
- Tissue for smudging
- Fixative spray

:bulletpink:Let´s get started!:bulletpink:
1) Lets start with the sketch - I chose a random dragon creature covered with fur and little bit of background – just to know about the composition of the whole picture.

2) Now lets prepare your workplace for airbrushing. You should now know which scenery you want to have on the paper.
For this one I picked up the fantasy night scenery where the moon will be in the top left corner. I will need airbrush (with compresor), some acrylics ink, brushes for preparing colours, toothbrush and a bit of technical alcohol. And I needed something with a round shape so I used a little mug which will represent the shape of the moon.
Hint: I can also recommend you use an OLD CD/DVD instead of a mug – but for this picture a CD/DVD would be kinda huge. :D I also highly recommend you cover your floor/table with newspapers if you're planning to airbrush – cleaning the dry acrylic ink is really annoying :D

3) First prepare your colours to the tone you want – feel free to combine the brands but be carefull that your colours are suitable for airbrushing and also don't forget to clean your pistol each time you use it! And just start spraying – I usually use for the night sky about 3-4 different shades of blue and a bit of black. I add a little splashe of technical alcohol for a little bleachy effect.  

Hint: Feel free to spray a little paint to the character/other scenery as well because you can cover it later and you can use it for your advantage as well. Don't move or remove your mug until you finish your spraying completely!

4) Now let's do some stars and clouds. For the stars, the best thing you can do is use an OLD toothbrush. Just put some colour into it and then use your finger to make a "splash effect" on the sky. I highly recommend you cover parts of the picture that you don't want to splash because these splashes can make really hard "plastic" dots and it's unconfortable to work with other materials over them.
And as for the colouds – if you don't mind getting dirty the best thing you can do is use the same white acrylic ink and your finger ;D your fingerprint can do really nice "cloudy" effects

5) When your starry night is finished let it dry for a while (luckily the acrylic inks dry almost instantly but I still like to give it some time until I am sure it's completely dry) and we can start colouring the rest of the background. I will choose Schmincke Aquarell now and start working with the "furthest" part of background.  

Hint: it's always better to start colouring the background first so you can fit the character easier into the environment.

For some special bleachy effects you can use some technical alcohol on the wet paint – see what is does! :D

Slowly continue until the whole picture has base colours – make sure they're not too light or too dark.

6) Then grab some markers and tone your picture– you can play with these colours a lot here and it will create nice undertones and shades which will work to your advantage later. Just set your feelings free and don't be afraid. :)

7)The next stage is coloured pencils. I started with the rocks. Stylized rocks are fun to draw and you can experiment a lot! First I will make a lineart of the rocks. As you can see in the picture I have started with the rocks at the front. I usually do this part with a Black Derwent Coloursoft pencil.
After the lineart is done I start colouring the rocks themselves – for this I use Coloursoft + Prismacolor pencils combo (these two brands are awesome for backgrounds and can be easily blended together. After the base colours are done I use a COPIC blender (or you can use regular alcohol – there is no difference :)) to blend everything together. You can use more alcohol (I am usually using them on the parts where light should fall) to bleach the pencils.
After this stage I used the black pencil again and did some lineart on the stones and other black details on the stones as well.
After I finished this I used fixative spray.

8) Then we start working on the character itself. I prepared a small lineart with coloured pencils – I recommend the most hard and sharp ones to have full control on the details – that's why I used Faber-Castell Art Grips and Derwent Studio ones.  

After the lines are done I took some Polychromos and Prismacolor pencils and did some shades on the fur.

And then I used a blender and some alcohol again to blend the pencils and marker underpaint together.

Then I used black Polychromos to make the darkest shadows and fur base. Don't forget to check if your fur is growing in the correct direction! :)

Finally, just use Dark Indigo Polychromos and put some more shadows into your fur. Because you used lots of different colours and blending in your underpaint there is nothing much more to do.

You can use some Black Polychromos to highlight darkest shades here.

Hint: I usually don't use black during shading – only in situations where its dark or there is night scenery like this one. You should always adapt the tone of your shadows to the environment!

9)Use the same method for pencil colouring on the white fur and scales but instead of blender/alcohol use white pencil (Derwent Coloursoft in my case).

10) Then I started colouring the moon. I usually make some blue-grayish paint from acrylic ink and with the brush I place a little bit of colour into the space for the moon. After that I used some tissue and with taping I put in some texture.

Hint: If I still don't feel like it's quite right, I take white acrylic ink again and using my finger I put in some white spots untill I am happy with the results.

11) Now it looks almost finished but we need some highlights to make the picture feel more alive. For this you need your quill and white acrylic ink. Shake your ink a little to have a thicker consistency and use it for the fur and light in the eye. This will create the thinnest lines. You can also take a brush and do some highlights on the scales and/or horns as well.

Hint: I don't recommend the regular white ink – it doesn't give the best effect. But you can use a good white gel pen. Make sure it has a good point and isn't plugged with paint.

12) For the final step, I took a mechanical pencil to fill some tiny details and then used fixator for the whole drawing and placed my signature with the pen at the top. ;)

:bulletpink:I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and you become more confident with mixing various techniques together. It's fun and in my opinion art should be fun! :bulletpink:


:bulletpink: Have you used mixed media?

:bulletpink: If yes do you like it or do you prefer to work with just one medium?

:bulletpink: Are you interested in more tutorials/detailed descriptions about various materials?

Feature Misc.

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 4:56 AM
I'll feature art from the first 10 commenters! c:
Don't worry if I know you well or not. Just comment away bro.
ALSO -- you don't have to post a journal like this! this is an all-expenses-paid, no-obligations art feature! just comment and you're done woo

1. AureolinLight
If Only by AureolinLight THIS GUY by AureolinLight HEY LOOK IT'S LIGHTY... by AureolinLight Ash by AureolinLight
Okay, so I'm a terrible person and don't watch deviations anymore :'D so i haven't seen a lot of your work recently!! shame on me dang, because you've improved tenfold since then girl.
Aaaaanyway, shading! Humans! Pretty backgrounds! Like I'm still in shock that you can do humans omg wow yes
You're one of the few people I know who really invest a lot of time in their OCs. And I think that's legit as heck. Because for some reason  you can just see it?? Like these guys are OCs obvi but you can see that they all have backstories and personalities and just a lot of love and effort put into them, just by looking at the artwork ! the only one i know is Lighty shh

2. Erudi
vent thing by Erudi insert title here by Erudi Cupcake by Erudi
Hhhh Elyse !! Out of all the animal artists I know, your style just stands out so much. A lot of artists I know have styles that are either very realistic or very angular, and even though they're absolutely brilliant you go the complete opposite direction. Everything is always so bouncy and cheerful! I know I've said that before ahahha but it's true pfft. I love the life and emotion in your work, and how you'll tackle different styles and "media" -- even though it's nearly always FireAlpaca, you'll do aliased and unaliased work, different shading styles, and so on. And watching you develop your human style has been a treat !! and I'm just barely discovering your Steven Universe fanart but dang you've gotten the style on point wow
Not to mention you're a brilliant writer. I always adore your poems and memoirs wow. And you can draw crazy fast. And you made my icon which is brilliant! and just i really love you okay

3. Death-by-Ink
Its a Fact! by Death-by-Ink Doctor, Doctor Gimme a Sign by Death-by-Ink Errour You Skrillex loving dweeb by Death-by-Ink
Out of my closest friends on dA, you and I have the most similar taste with our OCs I think! sci fi and fantasy and dark stuff?? idk actually. anyway i adore your art of course! you're constantly churning out art, and I'm astounded at how quickly you've been grasping this digital stuff. i'm insanely slow with digital!! but yeah i adore you and your OCs and your art yes wow
plus you're the only other person i know personally who draws in pen ahahhaha yes (ballpoint bros for life man)
Also this is random but I realized the other day that there's a Star Trek character called Kira, just like your Kira haha. Except this one's a Bajoran on DS9, not a cursed satyr lady. but anyway she's legit and i love her so it's all cool

4. Fehnryr 
Vahli Pixel by Fehnryr Red by Fehnryr The Archangel's Wings by Fehnryr
Ahhh Fehn !! We haven't talked a lot yet but you are such an amazingly lovely person ;o; I'm just in awe of your art! You can do digital and traditional, cute stuff and realistic stuff! I honestly don't know a lot of artists who can be semi realistic and still draw cute stuff well, or vice versa. So I'm seriously impressed by that wow. and colored pencils ???? colored pencils are so legit wow and you can rock them wow i just don't know what to do anymore
and slightly off topic but. i adore the Gabriel drawing up there. Like idk your style and coloring with his face and hair makes me really happy wow

5. Steve-C2
Striped Crocus (1) by Steve-C2 Chickadee (12) - crop by Steve-C2 Bored"Bored," says the reaper on Gallifrey.
I know I've featured the "Bored" piece before, but that's because I love it. (it's actually in my "Special" favorites folder haha.)
I always love talking to you! You seem to know a little bit about all sorts of things, and you have a super unique sense of humor. (For example, guys, check out that comment below haha.) You're passionate about writing, which is so awesome! Like, sometimes I consider myself a serious writer, then I look at your 2+ novels and bajillion short stories and I'm like nah. I'm just a hobbyist haha.
but seriously, i really look up to you for your dedication! even when you're in a dry spell, you don't give up. And you tackle all sorts of subjects, too, which is really astounding to me -- science fiction, fantasy, steampunk even ??? Like, I can only do one or two genres at best!! but yeah seriously you're legit man

6. Skycen
Semi-Realism practice by Skycen Chibis. by Skycen Character sheet ? by Skycen Let me in. by Skycen
Hi Gökçen! (That's an awesome name btw.) We literally just met haha so these are my first impressions of your gallery !!
But dude, I looove what i see! The way you color hair in more detailed pictures (like the first one I put here) is AMAZING. I literally have no idea how you do that! And I love your style -- how you draw eyes and hair in particular! Everything is so colorful and soft-looking, and it's pleasant to look at. And do you always draw with your mouse ?? Because even if you only do so occasionally, that's amazing. I can't even draw a snowman in a blizzard with a mouse. And your OCs are so intriguing !! Like ahh you're doing great. Keep up the amazing work girl. ;o;

7. Castellaa
The Sole Survivor|Naruto by Castellaa Vaas | Far Cry 3 by Castellaa Father's day card by Castellaa
Hola Cass! We just met too haha. Firstly, I love that you aren't afraid to tackle both digital and traditional art! I feel like that takes a lot of guts. Especially if your digital art is on an iPad. Like whaat. And then all of your art is very clean; I'm not 100% sure how to put it really. like, everything is drawn with precision, like you know exactly what you want and how to draw it. There isn't a sketchiness to your linework, but instead every line has a purpose and is there for a reason. You also strike me as the sort of artist who can draw all sorts of things !! Like, you may have an affinity for humans, but you aren't afraid to draw a landscape or an object or something more "cartoony" than your usual style. there's a ton of flexibility and versatility and I love that !!



  • Mood: Joy

Daily Fractal Feature 28th July 2015

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 5:42 AM

On a daily basis we, at :icondailyfractalfeatures:, aim to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community. We are proud to feature today's Daily Fractal Feature! You can show your support by +favloveing this article.

aartika-fractal-art  :iconaartika-fractal-art: from her ID
"aartika-fractal-art has been working with fractals since 1999, initially Tierazon & Sterlingware, now almost exclusively with Ultra Fractal; occasionally with Apophysis and Xenodream."

Eifiona by aartika-fractal-art

Ice and Fire by aartika-fractal-art Daybreak by aartika-fractal-art Magic Circles 57 by aartika-fractal-art Edge of a Cliff by aartika-fractal-art

anyzamarah   :iconanyzamarah: from her ID
"Hi all, I'm a fractal artist since autumn 2011 and I really LOVE this stuff! Love
I've learned so much here on dA. Without all the tutorials, parameters and tips written by other artists I would never have been able to understand fractal structures - and even to create my own type of fractal art!
Thank you so much all! Heart Hug Heart "

Dancing All Night by Anyzamarah

Lost In Thought by Anyzamarah Show Your True Colors by Anyzamarah Cinderella's Satin Gown by Anyzamarah Deal Gently With You by Anyzamarah

judson-cottrell :iconjudson-cottrell: from his ID
"Finally and thanks to the heavens, I'm once again able to dig deep into the fractal universe to discover new things not seen before. Went without a decent computer for a year and it drove me a bit more crazier than before. Aside from some health conditions I've acquired over the past two years, memory loss was the big one. I'm happily re-discovering some of the techniques I think I used but it's all good. Can always add new ones too. Stay tuned folks."

Eye of Hurricane by Judson-Cottrell

Blazing Amber by Judson-Cottrell The Electoral College Selects Our Victor by Judson-Cottrell Wood Shop by Judson-Cottrell Mirage By Moonlight by Judson-Cottrell

janhein :iconjanhein: from his ID
"Since about 10 years I create digital art. More specifically I create digital collages, manipulating computer-generated fractal images and sometimes photos. I'm interested in the hidden realities behind our every-day-life-experiences. Fractals often seem to express or describe these realities."

Fractal intruder causing turmoil by janhein

Fractal Usurpation by janhein It seems to be funny, somehow by janhein Misty morning by janhein Meeting of the Board in 7th Heaven by janhein

ronbennett :iconronbennett: from his ID
"I was born in Newfoundland, Canada, February 19, 1967, and grew up in the small fishing town of St. Paul's Inlet on the Northern Peninsula. Attended Greavette Memorial High School in the nearby town of Cow Head and later, the Corner Brook campus of Memorial University. Moved to Toronto in 1986. Began doing creative and digital art in 1999."

Colour Collage by ronbennett

Fractal 19 by ronbennett Field of Flowers by ronbennett The Early Universe by ronbennett Dark Desires by ronbennett

For more information, including how to suggest a deviation to be featured, please visit us at DailyFractalFeatures.

There is an ongoing donation pool for :icondailyfractalfeatures: & :iconfractal-resources: to become SuperGroups over on :icondeadened-glow:'s page! We are still looking for more Co-Founders to help out with our daily features. Please take a look at the details on our Home page. DailyFractalFeatures

Don't forget to enter our current challenge  Flower Festival 2015Hi all  Flower 
For the months of July into early September we are running a Flowers Challenge. We know that many of you enjoy making this type of fractal and hope that lots of you will take the time to make something pretty. Flowers can be generated in most if not all fractal software.  For instance Ultra Fractal, Apophysis and Mandelbuld 3D maybe Incendia and Chaotica, Frax even.  I don't have user knowledge of a lot of fractal software so will be guided by you, but please.... no manipulations.  Show off you skills with Raw Fractals.  I guess an exception would be Light Maps used for colour and with DIFS.
UF users might want to explore the flower shapes in RKB.ulb, though I know there are lots of other ways to make flowers. and if any one knows a good tut for Apo flowers then do leave us a comment and I'll add it to the detailsFlower Bullet (DarkTurq) - F2U! 
 and our affiliate group :iconfractal-love: is also holding a Desert Themed Contest. Please visit the group for more details.

Another affiliate :iconxtremefractals: is holding a fractal manipulation contest. Details here: Fractal Manipulation ContestRecently we ran a journal featuring fractal manipulations.   Here's the natural follow-up to that - a Fractal Manipulation Contest!
The Rules
 • Entries must be a fractal that has been manipulated.  There are many ways - see the journal for ideas & techniques.
 • Entries must be posted to the fractal manipulation category - here on Deviant Art.
 • Entries must have been posted on or after the date of this announcement.
 • Only two entries per member allowed.
 • Only entries submitted to the Contest Gallery will be eligible.
 • It would be greatly appreciated - but not required - that you mention this contest in y

Feature Prepared by :iconfractalholic:. Be safe and have a great day! :squee: :hug:

Created at Modified by Fractalholic

Summer Artist Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 5:42 PM

Heart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs ! Heart

So a few weeks ago, I asked some people to show me their best work and I would do daily features of some of the artists that I feel may not have the exposure that they deserve. 
I will feature about 10-15 artist. I hope you guys like the artist and their works and will go give them some love! And if you like their stuff, watch! 

Today's featured artist is :iconindia-lee: 
india-lee is an artist based in the United States. She is an active member of Deviantart, a self taught artist and appreciates the creativity of others. Her commissions are open and she can create in multiple styles and forms. Her art is dark and emotional, and you will definitely love it!
Love by India-Lee
Tiger by India-Lee
Path of Frost by India-Lee
Sententiae by India-Lee
Forest by India-Lee
Commission: Michychu by India-Lee
Raven by India-Lee

Skin by SimplySilent
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Weekly Feature #1

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 28, 2015, 10:10 AM

Here goes nothing, my first weekly feature includes art from some of the lovely people who commented on my thumbshare thread.

Woman by DPasschier Detective Inspector John Rebus by Hexigate Sanguine by NinJaPleeZ
Spartan by DivinoArtista Let's Play! by AmbergrisElement poor vin by Omnisciency
 Treasure by fridouw Ciri by revois Emma and Max by Fullmetal-Animator
Sweet Darkness by InkyShade sunset by sbeeart Jay - OC portrait by KumhoCuppaJoe
Blue Dragon by K-Koji Into the Clouds by TheBlue-Light When it Became Night... by mindwasp
Morning in this Ugly City by Akyura44 Angelic Lady Knight by Lodchen Battousai by sarahhite 
Loki - The Trickster - Colored Pencil by ChaoKitty City of Amaris by Jinsky Perlsdum by Vechx
The Unveiling by JRD-artistry Poussey. by hobbittiponi Amy Lee by ArTRefugiuM    
Abandoned Lighthouse by da-hazard Fall by Goshun Sakura Tree by Frostwindz 
Keep on Walking by ippomoea Red Soul by Stan-kun81daenerys targaryen by bornploopersAssassin's Creed Syndicate Artwork by Bleem7

All of these guys are awesome, and you should definitely check out their work!
I'd like to do theme weeks as well, so if anyone has any suggestions for that let me know!

Skin by MoonZaphire

Crafty Features

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 7:00 PM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Here's some of the most amazing Artisan Craft submissions I've seen lately. Please don't forget to :+fav:, comment and watch these amazing artists!

:.Silly Toothless.: by XPantherArtX
Roses embroidered by TetianaKorobeinyk
5th element stones by WhyteRaven
Green, Yellow and Black Marble Dipped Wine Glasses by IEGlassworks
Blue Dress by PaXingCai
More rice balls :3 by AlphaChoconess95
coucha cake by alys2Artisan Essential Oils by BonesAndButtonsJake Bath Bomb by NymphaeNovelties

Hidden Talent Feature

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 6:56 AM by Astrikos:iconastrikos:
This is similar to the focal point series, but instead features more on a lot of art, not just a few individual artists. 
Hope you enjoy! Please consider :+fav:ing this, so the art featured here gains more exposure.
Also make sure to support the artists here! :eager: [Most art here has less than 20 favorites]

Beautiful work everyone! Thanks to everyone who shared here. 
Have a lovely day!

CSS by Astrikos
It's been too long since I've done this type of a feature. But, I have decided to continue it and hopefully I'll keep it going every Monday or rather, every week or so. 

To be featured in this: 

*The features have to be in the photography category. 
*You need to have under 1,000 watchers. 

You may request to submit three photos of your choosing for the next feature, if you have not been featured before. You may also give suggestions about others to be featured. If you want certain photos to be taken out/slash replaced, I will do so. Thank you. 


1. amysandoval 
*** by amysandoval *** by amysandoval magic by amysandoval

2. Art-hax 
Pump in the past... by Art-hax Maw-sit-sit on ruby crown by Art-hax Shy at the fingertip... by Art-hax

3. Dr-F0x 
I'm weird and I know it by Dr-F0x Wondering why I'm here by Dr-F0x Oops! by Dr-F0x 

4. rlkitterman 
I Seem to Have a Telephone Pole in My Funnel... by rlkitterman Second Biggest Doesn't Feel So Bad by rlkitterman Weathered WM 195 by rlkitterman

5. Pzychonoir 
I'm not Scared by Pzychonoir Dare To Live by Pzychonoir When did you feel them last? by Pzychonoir

6. brijome 
rare tern by brijome Lucky Dog by brijome Puffin by brijome

7. TriciaS 
It rained......................................... by TriciaS Bluebird Of Happiness by TriciaS Snowbaby....... by TriciaS

8. Biselva 
Annabel Lee by Biselva Red lips and Black hat by Biselva Destin Beach by Biselva

9. Burnoutadventures 
Home of the Mean Green Machines by Burnoutadventures Nothing Can Withstands The Might Of Devastator!! by Burnoutadventures We Can Only Hope... by Burnoutadventures

10. Nipntuck3 
last night moon by Nipntuck3 Untitled by Nipntuck3 Strom Clouds.112 by Nipntuck3


ProjectPorkchop Vol460

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 10:05 AM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Luther is professional digital artist from Taiwan and has been on DA for one year. He has a beautiful style, exemplified in many realistic fan art portraits and fantasy pieces. Luther utilizes vibrant colors very well and also shows a great ability in action-oriented drawings that require myriad details. This is an artist with lots of potential and deserving of more attention!

Lich King 1 by blackwings736LOL Elise by blackwings736
Daenerys Targaryen by blackwings736Petyr Baelish by blackwings736

see more..


Prepare to be thrilled when checking out the gallery of Indonesian artist Henry. His comic style is completely engaging, with wonderful storytelling components and delightfully charming moods. Henry says he loves to draw and that simple statement is proven true in these marvelous scenes. Don't let this artist escape your attention any longer!

hextech lulu by hon87Living-room by hon87
witch by hon87steampunk warrior by hon87

see more..


The soft tones and surreal elements in the work of Swedish artist Emma Richey's work are truly beautiful to behold. She manages to create an idyllic atmosphere while still offering stimulating content that holds the viewer's interest. Her gallery also contains great animations that are simple yet effective in communicating their messages. Do take the time to stop by Emma's page and leave her a word of encouragement!

Howl by DaliotThings we don't understand by Daliot
Recycling by DaliotAum by Daliot

Suggested by TinyWild 
see more..


Luka is a digital artist from Croatia. His scenes are intricately stylized, challenging us to look closely to appreciate all the embedded details where fantastic creatures and characters interact. Do show your support to this great artist and enjoy his compelling style!

Forging a nymph in the garden of Erryoh - colored by TeuliusCasadius and Caerys by Teulius
Shig'Trin and Elerika by TeuliusIveryss, creator of magic by Teulius

Suggested by Just-To-Look1 
see more..


Dominic is a digital artist from the U.S. who is still honing his craft yet shows great promise for the future. He has a painterly style that makes use of bold brushstrokes and muted shades with pops of color. A standout of Dominic's gallery would be the striking eyes of many of the characters he paints, giving them a memorable expressive quality. This is an artist whose growth you will enjoy keeping an eye on!

Queen of the Snowstorm by DaidusGunner by Daidus
Asuka with the Lance of Longinus by DaidusPortrait of a Girl with a Camera by Daidus

see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

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