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Weekly Deviation Award Winners. October 9!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 7:30 AM

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Eye Candy

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 4:00 PM

Hi my dear friends and watchers.
Sorry for disable comments. I really dont find time to reply all comments
since Im really busy with recording my NEW TUTORIAL about RETOUCHING.

Slavic mythology. Volkolak by Vasylina

Hot Halloween by Stan-CS30

Soul reaper by Rui-Abel

Haunted by annewipf

The Messenger by ParadisiacPicture

Enjoy the Silence by lauraypablo

Anywhere by Ariel87

Aventura me Espera by Wesley-Souza

Ribbon by masKade

Like a Bird by LanaTustich

Dementia by Andaelentari

Heaven by JiaJenn31

City Light Dreams by ektapinki

Chandelier Hill by Euselia

Crying soul by MoonZaphire

somewhere in the wood by gestandene

Exodus III: Resignation by Rowye

Alice's Adventures by Black-B-o-x


The Torments by patriciabrennan

colibri by Makusheva

The Cold Touch of Sorrow by BurakUlker

Desert spirit by sasha-fantom

Chronicles of Time by kimsol

Medb: The Drunken Intoxicant by SummerDreams-Art

...Medusa... by EsotericIllusion

Forest Fairy by AliaChek

Sangrando by DanielPriego

Sagittarius by Litavismindartist

Balor of the Evil Eye by Rui-Abel

White Dragon Hall by MarcoHerrera

Witch by ada-lena

Shooting Star by Gwendolyn1

The Protagonist by jugatatinhas

Ivy by truefd

Beneath the Shadows by tamaraR

Black Magic by BaltasarVischi

Against the darkness by MirellaSantana

Pink and Green Fairy by annewipf

TROPICALL CHILL by naradjou14

Guardian of the Power by LaercioMessias

Orient Beauty by Euselia

Dans les Nuages by thornevald

The Bride by PrincessMagical

Calling Love by Enamorte

Jardin des anges by MelieMelusine

la belle d'automne by roserika

Dance of the Ravens by PaperDreamerArt

Divine by ashuriiART

infinity by ClaudiaSchirmetz

Christine by VeroniqueThomas

Once Upon A  Dream by Litavismindartist

Death by Love by Celtica-Harmony

Oracle by vampirekingdom

Transformation - Poster/Album cover by neverdying

The white wolves by CindysArt

behind the scenes of an old circus by IrinaPonochevnaya

Soulmates by Gwendolyn1

A Silent Tale by alkab-art

Time Lord by anonimodesign1

Feeling Special by 1chick1

The Imaginarium - Members Feature

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 11:57 PM

PROMoting our Members

Works caught from the poll.

North Pole 2050: Christmas Tree Island by surreal1st1cp1llowToo Young To Rule by la-voisinHermitage by Olgola
Gifts for Raven lady. by ZozziegirlThe Star Collector by msfowle
Luna Nova by Alexis-FrostBalor of the Evil Eye by Rui-AbelBaba Yaga and the Magic Swan Geese by LeenaHill
Journey to orange sunset by JiaJenn31BOX STOCK by GabeehSilva
Faun by TheDreamBelowMedb: The Drunken Intoxicant by SummerDreams-Art
Create a Night Fairy Tale of a Mysterious Girl by MariaSemelevichmonsters paradise (prints available) by Lolita-Artz
Winged by pankreas67
Brimstone by ark4nThe Reign by shadeleyColliding Worlds by theheek
Future in a trance by KangTengriHelp Me by D-Archae
Hay thief by piagludGolden Summer by allison731
Mystical Forest by mrscatsSunflowers Path by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Autumn Goddess by marphilheartsSoul Eater by annewipf

Photomanipulation of the Week

Four Incredible Manipulations that it will be exposed on the front page of the group.
Eagle's Peak by Rowye
Morrigan by lauraypablo
Beneath by Morteque
Aguara, the child thief by ErikShoemaker

The Best Submissions of the week

Beautiful Works from our Gallery.

The Swarthy One by Rowye
Fairy Dance  by SusanLightMagic Night II by Dani-Owergoor
Secret Garden by JennyLe88
Tezad The Darkmaster by MajenttaDragon tamer (commission) by ThemeFinland
Opium by Manink
The Reader by alkab-artIllustration to the fairy tale Bazhov. by veravik
Sangrando by DanielPriego
In my Dream 2 by AntoshinesFairy lights by KellieArt
Chronicles of Time by kimsol
Lamia: The Murderer by SecretadmiresBlack Cat by Kajenna
Hel of Helheim by shadeley
Red Riding Hood II by marcosnogueiracbAlice's Adventures by Black-B-o-x
Rise of Elements by Carlos-Quevedo
Sea dragon by FlashW

Short Challenge 11 winners

1st Trophy
. Survive by VanessaPadua
Essence of a Lotus by Alexis-Frost
Old Wizard by LovizZ

On The Menu Contest winners

1st Trophy
Memories by Energiaelca1

2nd Trophy
Paper Dreams by AdrianaMadrid
Summer Rainfall by lemgras330

3rd Trophy

The child and the sea by Julianez

Walk Around the World Contest winners

1st Trophy
2 The suitcase by doclicio

2nd Trophy
A Long Walk Home by Mr-Ripley

3rd Trophy

TROPICALL CHILL by naradjou14

Honorable Mention:


Traveller in space by JiaJenn31Aventura me Espera by Wesley-SouzaThe sands of Buddha by Julianez Walking Dutch by mrscats

donate prizes 

for our first challenge for stocks Providers
Fairy Tale - Challenge for stocks Providers Our first contest for stock providers, hope you like Little Pixel Heart 
Many of our stock providers share their stocks for free. Wouldn't it be nice to hold a Challenge (Contest) just for stock providers, and then offer them the best prizes ever for the winning entries?
Plus once many entries are received, it would also be a great source for the best Fairy Tale stocks, and for our own future stock usage. :)
the most voted theme is ....
Fairy Tales

( thematic Fantasy / can included Elf)
You can represent all which involve fairy tales, the most famous characters, or less known, villains of fairy tales, animals that appear, kings, queens, princess, the famous scenery, castles, bedrooms, forest, the famous objects, shoe of Cinderella, crowns, staffs, accessories, carriages, magic wands, fairies, elves, everything in the world of fairy tales

Short Challenge #12 - Special HalloweenEvent of The-Imaginarium 
Please read all information in this journal
special month of Halloween.
This month the short challenge will be different (in the next months will return to normal).
- There will be four winners ( 2 chosen by members, 2 by the founders).
- This you will have three stock inspiring, you decide which to use, if you want you can use both on the same manip.
- will have two short challenge with Halloween thematic.
Stock Required
You decide which to use in your Photomanipulation.

4 winners
Exclusive Stock from:
:iconevelivesey:  :iconzozziegirl: :iconlauraypablo: :iconpaperdreamerart: :iconpranile:
 :iconybsilon-stock: :iconmsfowle: :iconwesley-souza: :iconhermitcrabstock: :iconfrancescaamymaria:
Feature from:
:iconlauraypablo: :iconsetsiangelsailor: :iconwesley-souza: :iconhermitcrabstock:

Last Journals


Animals, Plants & Nature Week

Most of you nature photographers will have seen long-exposed waterscapes resulting in the peculiar soft aspect of water. If you haven't, or if you're not a nature photographer, here are a few examples:

  Hanging Falls by hateom      Mossy River by LucAnthonyRossiter      A River by LucAnthonyRossiter

In this article I will be sharing some ideas and tips which hopefully will get you interested in this kind of photography first of all; and if that marvellous personal paradigm shift takes place within you, give you the basics in achieving the sought-after results.

Who am I to dare do this ?

Well this is quite important: I'm nothing fancy, just a nature photography-loving guy with a cheap entry-level DSLR and tripod, with a couple of filters. But taking photos out there and gleaning knowledge from artists I admire has taught me lots. This I simply wish to share with as many people as possible.

Rivers are my favourite area of operation, meaning that that environment will be the main reference for the article as it is the one I have the most experience of, however, this guide is fully transposable to any kinetic energy-endowed water body.

Blaze by jaelise

So, first of all, why ?

Good question. “It makes the water pretty and fluffy”, while certainly valid, is quite restrictive.

  • Smoothing out water in a photo opens a world of possibilities ! For example, a calm water body (no foam) will allow you, when using long-exposure techniques, to showcase the underwater scape if you play your reflections right. This can come in very useful if you are lacking a prominent foreground, as whatever is underwater makes a very good alternative.

Plum Dusk by DMMDesign

  • You can play around with reflections much more (I will cover the polariser below in the technical part). With a high shutter speed, you will certainly get reflections, but unless the water is so calm it's absolutely flat, your reflections will be distorted and all over the place. If there is some movement in the water, how long you leave the sensor exposed will decide whether the water ends up completely flat, or retains some movement, and that will affect what the reflected -sunset/sunrise/anything you fancy- looks like.

Pastel Prison by Aquilapse

The main point however, from my point of view anyway, points towards composition (do I get points for that ?).

  • Dynamics and texture. With quick flowing bodies, such as river rapids or agitated seasides, the foam if placed in a good direction within the frame will add a lot of movement and dynamics the image, giving more interest to the whole scape.

Little Gorge by LucAnthonyRossiter

  • I also mentioned texture. Now this is going a bit further into theoretical image composition. Balance is an important part of composition. Balance of colours, balance of light, balance of textures, balance of spaces,... This balance can be played around with to give a peaceful feel if it is pretty even, or more dynamic if it is uneven. A long exposure will smooth out the water, and again, you can decide how smooth, which will provide you with opportunity to decide what kind of feel you give to your image by balancing the water's texture against harder ones like rocks, plants and any other objects you include within the frame.

So what was the purpose of this first part? Was it just to convert those of you who did not see the point or did it also have the second purpose of giving more ideas to those of you who are already in love with long-exposure? Okay you got me, I'm really too obvious.

Cathedral of Light by brandtcampbell

So now that after reading the first part the main purpose of your life has become to shoot long-exposed waterscapes, we can move on from the why to the how. I'll let this be more interactive now, feel free to put your most complex questions to me, go ahead.

How ?

Okay, fine. Yes how, good question again, albeit less existential than your first one.

  • So what equipment do I need for this most noble exercise?

Well the most basic really; any additions will make your life easier and give you more options, but the only absolute necessity is a camera that lets you select a shutter speed/exposure time. Simple cameras like phones will aim for a high speed so that your duck lip selfies look nice and sharp, which hinders our here task at hand. A DSLR is ideal of course.

  • Will I have to spend money on a tripod?

A tripod will make your life easier, but again, if you don't want to/can't buy one, you can always find a well placed rock to lay your camera on. It will limit the angles available to you but that is how I got started myself.
If you fancy a tripod, I would suggest a heavy one rather than a light one as this will offer much needed stability when you stick it in a quick river or a stormy sea.

  • I've seen filters with weird names in some photo descriptions, what's that about?

A polarizing filter is next on my list, it has 3 useful effect for you. It enhances colours and contrasts, it can eliminate reflections (depending on the angle) and it will increase the exposure time required, thus allowing longer exposures even in bright light conditions. The effect on reflections is the most useful, for balancing purposes again. Do you want to see almost no reflection but moslty the rocks underwater ? Or a bit of both ? The polarizing filter will allow that, simply spin it to adjust the water reflection.

s k y f i r e  15677 by pesterle

I shoot rivers which are generally under quite thick tree growth, and seascapes do look awesome during sunsets or rises, meaning in those cases, bright light is not an issue. But if it is, or if you want to modulate your exposure time more, the neutral density filter is a great tool. It is basically a darkening filter, called neutral density because it reduces the intensity of all wavelengths, so you get no colour side-effects.

  • Anything else I might need?

Well a wide-angle lens is always a good addition to your equipment, if you can afford it. Waterproofs for walking around in rivers in cold seas are definitely useful as they will give you more options. And make sure you always carry around a microfibre cloth as your lens is likely to be on the receiving end of water drops if you're placing your camera low over rapids or close to a waterfall.

  • So how to I get my fluffy water with all this fancy equipment now?

As is standard for any landscape photography, look for of beautiful place, a good foreground (rocks in rivers are the most obvious) and if you're patient enough, be ready to wait a number of hours for the best light. For landscape, you'll want quite a high aperture value to get good depth of field, which has the added bonus of reducing the amount of light available to the sensor, thus increasing the exposure time. Lens review websites will have detailed analyses of sharpness to aperture values. If you're not hard pressed by light, I would suggest aiming for that optimum.
For a long exposure, with rapid water flow, even a single second will achieve good results.
Here are two of my long-exposed rivers, one at 30 seconds exposure, the other at 2 seconds.

Bridge by LucAnthonyRossiter Turtle Rock by LucAnthonyRossiter

Long exposure really does not need to be that long.
This is unless you have a sky in your image and are trying to obtain streaky clouds. Now this is quite a different domain, and one that I am not very familiar with, but you will need much longer than a couple of seconds in that case, and neutral density filters really come in useful in those photo sessions.

All in all, a long exposure waterscape is not difficult to achieve. Prop your camera on a rock and let the sensor stuff its face with light for a couple of seconds and that will get you started, hopefully one of many attempts and great results to come!

plethora by jaelise

It's not all about the image, it's also about the adventure. I've had some of my best hikes walking up mountains, wading down rivers to find a good spot to stick my tripod in, jumping from rock to rock, or sitting on a lovely river bank waiting for nature's great lightbulb to do its stuff. While I love hiking with mates, photography is sometimes best as a solo venture. Not everyone will be ready to wait an hour in the same spot doing nothing, especially if they are not photographers themselves. Go alone or choose your co-hiker wisely.

Design Guide: Grey & Design Guide: Picking a Base Coat

Graying/Greying desaturates the coat. 

As a design approver I would suggest staying within the range of 0% saturation to 30% saturation. I have not tried it for every possible design, so some designs may pass with higher saturation or may not work at the limit I suggested. This is just a guide number. Overall we should be able to glance at your design and see that it is in fact graying. If we cannot tell immediately that your design is desaturated then it is probably not desaturated enough. 

Having a real moment here. The first or second most common mistake that I see throughout DC now has to be designs that are not gray enough. The other mistake is shade of base coat, but that is another guide. I understand that you may want a tokota with more color rather than a grayscale pup, but the only thing I can really suggest is go out and buy a pup that does not have graying in its genotype. 

I made a 0% Saturation Tokota and I was told to Saturate it a little??
Odds are that you have a Graying Brown tokota. When a graying brown tokota is too gray it can appear like a black tokota, so some saturation may be required. 

I want a little color to show through at least, how do I go about it?
Well a good rule of thumb for adding color to your design is two to three small patches of color. Any more than that is often too much. The design should be overwhelmingly desaturated.
Ritenga whakamuri 6152 by TotemSpirit Shyxa 6284 by TotemSpirit Shiycke 6662 by TotemSpirit Tapeesa 6583 by TotemSpirit

How do the graying gene and the cream gene work together? 
Well graying desaturates while cream lightens the coat. When it comes to Tundra this leaves a pup nearly white. For Browns and Tawnies there are a few more options. I would suggest making the tokota's coat cream and then desaturating the color.
Muhani Ki Te Ahiahi 2096 by TotemSpirit Caine 3479 by TotemSpirit Fryst 5889 by TotemSpirit

I thought pangare can be saturated. Why was my design turned away?
Yes, pangare can be saturated...somewhat. It can not be overwhelmingly bright. Check out my girl . Her pangare is not white or light gray. It has slight color to it, but it is not bright tawny. 
Tomairangi Kohu 3933 by TotemSpirit Oomailiq 6799 by TotemSpirit Nunataq 5382 by TotemSpirit ACF Perfection 5100 by TotemSpirit

I was told I could only make my blanket, saddle, or collar black with the graying design?
Yes! This is when you can make those markings black! Lucky you!!! It is not allowed on a nongraying design.
Kiaonna 3765 by TotemSpirit Nunataq 5382 by TotemSpirit Itchavik 3955 by TotemSpirit Zeus M603 by TotemSpirit

I made my tokota its parent's normal base color and then put a graying filter over it.
I know this one is not listed as a question, but this is something I have seen. More often than not I can tell that is what you did and that is not what a graying tokota really is. A graying tokota loses its color. It isn't just covered in gray. This method usually causes the tokota to have too much color and look like a blurred blanket. 

  • Marked
  • Extended Marked
  • Points
  • Dun
  • Extended Dun
  • Pangare
  • Accents
  • Collared
  • Blanket
  • Saddle
  • Sable
  • Seal
  • Rainmarks
  • Flecking
  • Piebald
  • Shadowmarks
  • Vitiligo
  • Roan
  • Barring
  • Lacing
  • Lilac
  • Cream
  • Van Gogh
  • Restricted Seal
  • Reversal Mutation
  • Bloodmark
  • Chimerism


  1. Always make sure your color is on a brownish scale rather than a blue one. This avoids accidentally making a tokota appear lilac when it isn't.
  2. Pull a gray color from the parents to start off with. Or pick a base coat from the parents and desaturate from there. This assures that you get the correct tone that is in the lineage. Always check against the guides as well to make sure the parents are still a viable color.
  3. Use the Guides to argue your point. Don't use this guide to argue your point. Guides>My Guide. And pointing to the gallery can also leave your point a bit lacking. Always remember that Admins make mistakes and even now there is the occasional incorrect tokota uploaded. The only thing above the guides is Innali herself and of course Noe. Praise be to the tokota overlord.
  4. Make sure the markings you put on your tokota are also desaturated. When you are altering colors to figure out what color blanket fits better it is possible to go a little off what is allowed. It is always good to check your color values when your working on your design. Often times have markings (specifically accents) too saturated can make the entire design look more saturated than it is. 

:music: [link]

*** by karamelo-serenity  One day, around the corner by Sei-Zako
Blue bubbles by Sei-Zako  the Moon by karamelo-serenity

:iconkaramelo-serenity:  :iconsei-zako:

Daily Fractal Feature 9th October 2015

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2015, 4:44 AM

Daily Fractal Feature 9th October 2015

On a daily basis we, at DailyFractalFeatures, are aiming to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community.
I am pleased to provide today's Feature.
Do please show your support by +favloveing this News Article and please comment and +fav the works featured, as well as congratulate the artists if you have been inspired by what you see!


That which was past takes us on into the future - or is it the other way round?

Perpignan Arch by fractales75

Perpignan Arch by fractales75

At some point in history there was such a place as this.  Whether it actually existed, or whether it was just held in someone's imagination, I'm still not sure, but I know it to be a reality - of sorts.  Someone created it to be an impossible place to survive, so it was to be purely a viewing experience.  An experience not to be missed, nevertheless, and certainly one that makes you think.  (I think too much and most of it doesn't make sense, so don't expect any tangible explanation of my thoughts here!)  Randomly though, I see quite a few arches, some receding into the distance, all far too small for anyone or anything substantial to get through without having to fold up into something much smaller; there appears to be an organic plumbing system with kidneys and bladders, reaching up into the sky - or are they part of a larger anatomy out of sight?  A tall camel-like creature casually strolls into the scene on the left in skeletal form - I know not why; and finally, a lifeless looking desert seems to hold everything together, with little mounds pushed up from some kind of life-form living beneath.  Perhaps we shouldn't be fooled by what we see?  After all, this is only the surface of something much deeper, much more personal, and much more complex than we can at first perceive.

Kite Festival on Tarsus IV by eclecticeric

Kite Festival by eclecticeric

Here we can have lots of fun. Hey! It's a fun-fair.  At least I think it is.  You can have the ride of your life in one of those kites, but sometimes - oh we need to watch out because they can break free!  That would be something else and a story as yet untold!  At first I wonder how we can get into one of those kites, and I watch and wait.  Then suddenly - I'm sure you guessed it already - they all descend to our level - all that is, except the ones that have broken free - and now we can get in.  Odd thing is though, no-one got out first!  Is it just you and me?  And the ones that broke free, they still float up there, higher and higher until they eventually disappear.  Will that happen to us also?  Too late now, we're already flying - faster and faster, being whipped about in an increasing eddy of turbulent air.  Then snap!  The cord has broken and we're entirely at the mercy of the elements, or so it seems.  Then suddenly I see what looks like a manual.  Yes, yes!  I pick it up and these are the instructions on how to steer and control the kite.  The language is difficult to understand, but well, we will do our best.  Either that, or we will keep going on into the Future...

 old wharf by Oxnot

Old Wharf by Oxnot

I remember this place.  It was back in the year 2093 AD when I was as yet unformed and no-one knew I was there - and neither could I see anyone else there, which was a bit frightening.  I remember there was a strong salt smell and I could sense the state of decay all around me.  A flash-back catches me and I fleetingly glimpse a grand pier, complete with theatre and restaurants, and people - lots of them - milling around eating ice-cream and drinking cool drinks in the sun.  Then in an instant vision has gone.  Is that what was, or is that what is still to be?  And what are these other metallic-looking structures I see?  A drainage system?  A conveyor system?  I mean really, what would anyone expect a mere amoeba to know about these things in any case?  And who said that's what I was?  No I don't believe that, not for one minute!  Think I'll just go back to sleep...

Level 3 Fuel Processing by HalTenny

Level 3 Fuel Processing by HalTenny 

Once again I wake up and find myself in another life-form, in another era - but I can't place the exact date.  (It's strange I should consider myself to be in different life-forms too, because I'm simply me, no-one else and not something else.  So it must just be an idea.)  Well I know there were terrible wars and catastrophes throughout history, and here I am now, looking out at some of the re-building processes that must take place in order for survival to continue.  The air is thick with sulphurous fumes and dust and I find it hard to breathe, let alone think.  Strangely, I see no-one at work so either they've all finished for the day, or they're having a lunch break.  Or perhaps they, too, have died.  (That seems to imply that I also died?)  Familiar in so many ways, yet terribly surreal, I couldn't say whether I'm really here, really seeing this scene, or even really making any observations on it.  Perhaps it's an ongoing dream-like knowledge of some kind of existence in which nobody learned anything from history and no-one ever will learn...  I close my eyes once more...

Castles in the sand. by MartinLithgow

Castles in the Sand by MartinLithgow

Then I awake for a fifth time and the scene before me is desolate.  High-risers, others beginning to rise, and then the smallest, which probably won't rise at all.  It looks like an industrial scene of some kind, and I see long conveyors transporting box-like structures to and fro, everything in neat lines, each object in its proper place.  In the distance I think there is a foundry.  There appears to be a lot of smoky pollution coming from there anyway, and the wind is causing it to billow closer and closer, obscuring the sunlight, which is rapidly disappearing from the reflective glass of the high-riser windows.  I wonder what year this is, where I am, and what meaning there is in what I see.  I also wonder why I don't see anyone else in these places. But again, that same old adage comes to my mind:  That which was past takes us on into the future - or is it the other way round?  In other words, will we ever learn from our mistakes, or will we constantly have to re-encounter them in various forms again and again in the future?


For more information, including how to suggest a deviation to be featured, please visit us at DailyFractalFeatures.
Thank you so much for supporting the fractal community and this project!
There is an ongoing donation pool for DailyFractalFeatures & Fractal-Resources to become SuperGroups over on :icondeadened-glow:'s page
Feature and narrative Prepared by :iconannakirsten:

Hey Guys and Gals, Furiends, Humans and Non Humans. :3

So, I've thought of something interesting to do throughout the beginning and end of October. I was actually suppose to start this on the first day, but I guess not. XP It's an awkward idea but I think some of you may enjoy, and it seems to blend with the whole "Halloween" thing. While I'm working on two drawings for two various contests, and a video comic, I will be drawing any of the characters I've drawn throughout my life and "zombify" them. No? Sounds gud?

Well, I won't be able to start on this without a little help from you guys. So, just be sure to mention a specific character you've seen me drawn out before (my gallery, hint hint) tell me in the comment section, and I'll give that character you mention a shot. It can be from Sonic the Hedgehog characters, Zipperino characters (which is ZipZip), Regular Show characters, FNAF characters, etc.

To be clear:

-Only one character can be mentioned in your comment, so choose wisely. (If there are comments that mention a different character but they fall into the same category, I'll try and group some of them up).

-Fan made characters made and owned by other artists  won't count, even if I've done fan art of em'.

-Only characters I've drawn in the past and now may count.

-Once a specific character has been zombified, it will not be redrawn again or repeated. Sorry, but it's the only way to get as many characters drawn as quick as possible.

-One character at a time, no need for any specific details of the drawing, as I'm going to be doing that myself.

Btw, the list of Fan Art is still active. So those of you who've been mentioned in the previous Journal, you'll still be receiving something from me soon.
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  • Listening to: Electro
  • Reading: Your Minds 0uo
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  • Playing: Music
  • Drinking: Wahta

I Spy 5: Community Feature Project

Thu Oct 8, 2015, 10:00 PM

The Rules

You must feature 5 deviations by 5 different Deviants that you do not know very well or do not have a ton of exposure in a journal. Link your feature journal back to this journal for a collective feature later on.  You may choose a theme if you wish as a way to find your 5. Once you have been featured in a journal, you are tagged, and must continue by featuring your own journal of 5. If you have not yet been tagged and want to participate, please do! By viewing this journal, consider yourself tagged. Copy these rules in your own journal feature.

The Timeline

It begins when you see this. All journals must be linked to this journal no later than 11:59pm CST Nov. 6, 2015.

The Purpose

The purpose of choosing 5 deviants that you are not familiar, speak to as often, or are friends with is because this is an exercise to expand our community horizons. We all settle in to our comfort zones and hang out with our little cliques of friends. This is so that we go beyond that, find some fantastic new deviations, and bring exposure to those who we may not see as often. This feature series is open to all mediums, and can include different mediums in the same journal or person being featured. 

My I Spy 5 Feature:


Untitled by Ita-Its-art uniform 2 by Ita-Its-art sve131112 113A by Ita-Its-art ItaItsArtStock-13 by Ita-Its-art Kimono-14 by Ita-Its-art


Stock118 (Luegerkirche) by Einheit00 Stock 118 (Waterscape) by Einheit00 Stock 116 ( Summer Mountainscape) by Einheit00 Stock 106 (Small Castle) by Einheit00 Stock 83 (burned car 2/3) by Einheit00


Ella purple dress 2 by Jeni-Sue Premade Forest Meadow by Jeni-Sue Garden 4 by Jeni-Sue stephanie field 2 by Jeni-Sue crystal beach 7 by Jeni-Sue


Fairy Wing HD by FrancescaAmyMaria Flora - Make-up by FrancescaAmyMaria Elven Stock - HD by FrancescaAmyMaria Day Make-up - Stock - HD by FrancescaAmyMaria Fairy Wing Gothic HD by FrancescaAmyMaria


Memento Mori by TokiSeraph Anaris Whitestar by TokiSeraph Fox Queen by TokiSeraph Empress of the Sun by TokiSeraph Cerelina Combat by TokiSeraph

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