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How to get noticed on deviantART

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 6:21 PM

Hi there! 

People asked me several times when I've became 'popular' on this site and in which way. I must admit I smelled a bit of envy in their tones, but  the thing that troubled me more was that they didn't think that my work was worth all the pageviews I got over the years. 

Well, I wanted to explain this little thing right now... dA costed me a lot of work! It wasn't a 'BOOM! POPULAR!' thing at all for me.

I had to study other people's methods too and to work hard on improving my art, and it wasn't easy. At all!

So tonight I'm sharing with you some methods to get attention by dA community.
Don't take them as unquestionable laws, just take them for what they are... Hints. ;)
They worked for me but they may not work for you.

And now that you have a dA account...

What should you do?

Your first post should be a finished work, no matter if in black and white or not, just post something finished in you gallery. It will be your portfolio. If you want your audience to see your sketches there's a section named 'Scrapbook' in which you can post them or either Tumblr is a good platform too. People should find your art interesting. Reply to this question: 'Would I watch myself?' 'Is my art good enough?' If the answer is 'YES' then you may have the qualifications to be noticed by the Community. If you don't like your art yourself, I suggest you to take art classes trying to improve your art or try with different media. Everybody can be good at art, you just have to practice everyday. Never give in! 

Do your best to improve your art and to find other and better ways to do art. This site is full of amazing tutorials to learn how to draw digitally or traditionally, or to approach new techniques. Also, a periodically checking of this amazing dA section called What's hot could waken your creativity. Just remind you don't have to copy others to be creative: always keep you style and you'll go far!

Post something each week. If you can't do it (busy with work, or school), keep your watchers updated with a journal or post an ID. 

This doesn't mean you have to spam other people pages with a 'thank you for the fav' comment. Just reply to other people comments in your main page or deviations. Your watchers should become attached to you and you should love them.

Ok, journals may be 'personal' but, please, don't use them to say you're ill, you got a haircut, you visited your relatives... It's preferable to make new art for similar news, like doing a self portrait with your new haircut, maybe. Everybody may read your personal stuff and this is not good for your reputation (even if you had great time), use Twitter for that. A good thing is to share  your reached goals with your watchers, though. 'I graduated', 'I got a job', 'I made an exhibition' are things your watchers die to know! They want you to be flawless to their eyes. 

Get in touch with other Deviants. Always keep in mind this is a Community and if you don't watch or comment on other people's work, then they may never noticed you and your art. My best choice, when I wasn't popular was posting my art in the Deviation ThumbShare section of the Forum, in which you can share your Thumbs and see other people's artworks. 

People would love to be paid or win prices for drawing your OCs or either participate in a Themed Challenge with prizes, or either win something without doing anything. So do it! And don't forget to encourage/require people to put a link to your journal in their entry comment. 

Absolutely join dA groups and put art in them! Some groups are really big, they have over 1000 watchers and they could help you increasing your audience exponentially. Check out dA groups HERE

Be kind and share some tutorials, steps by steps, color palettes, poses, Photoshop actions or brushes, bases, Memes, wallpapers, with the community. :) People will be really grateful and you will learn a lot from them, especially if you shared poses and anatomical references. 

Please do! Really. To get people interested in your art, you should be interested in art first! Be an active art enthusiast, fave and comment over other people's work and do it with pleasure.

Yes, same as above. Show people you care about other artists and quality art. Spread the love! People are here for the art and they'll thank you if you'll show them new good artists to follow.

Question yourself as an artist. Take commissions and show Deviants what you can do when you're out of your comfort zone.

If you have something to say to a user never said it in public. Send them a note instead. Being polite is the best way to coexist in a huge community like this one. People opinions may differ. If you and another user don't think the same, just politely explain your opinion and if they don't understand/respect it, well... No trouble! You can always deal with them in private or either block them. 

And you won't be disappointed! You can change your main page appearance, which is really good to impress your audience. Furthermore, you won't see ADs, you can change your username (I had to!), your storage increases of 8GB, you can view your Stats (which is really important in case you want to build a consistent audience), you can set your own royalties over your prints and have a 10% discount over prints in general, creating a dA Portfolio and much more.

An avatar is like 'your face' on dA community, so it should rather represent a picture or your face or a detail of your best artwork. Pixel art avatars are cute, but they always disappear in the ocean.

Yep. I forgot to write it before but yes, you should also respect rules. Like... never post +18 art or you'll be banned, not even in your! Always flag your nudity with 'mature content' (I learned it the hard way...).
Read dA rules in case you're in trouble.

Even if I do NOT encourage this method to get watchers, this is absolutely the best way to get them. I didn't use it, though, because it's a double-edged sword... People may not like the fandom you're in. People may get bored of your work quickly. People may ask you if you can do something 'that's really yours'. Do you want to get noticed for your originality or because 'you made that awesome fanart of Korra, OMG!'? It's up to you.

I think it's enough for now. :)
I really hope you can find it's useful somehow. :tardgrinn: 

Skin by SimplySilent

PE: Traditional Art Week Wrap-up

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 1:26 PM by STelari:iconstelari:

Traditional Art Week

And this concludes the Traditional Art Week at projecteducate. We presented you a handful of very nice articles and we hope you found here something that will help you to improve your art and how you present it. Huge thanks to all the contributors:heart:. The next Traditional Art Week will take place in March, and here you can notify us if you'd like to participate. Stay in touch with Traditionalists hub!


Traditional Art Week

Macro Spotlight Vol. 151

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 5:28 AM by MarcosRodriguez:iconmarcosrodriguez:

Feature Your Best Photos of 2014

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 10:07 AM
:iconwereallylovephotos: :iconthemedgroup: :iconover150faves: :icononlybokehormacro: :iconwaterdropslovers:

Hello to everyone!

Some weeks ago I asked you 'What are your best photos of 2014" in this journal

What are your best photos of 2014?

and now I am here to show all your best works.

If someone would you like to see their photos here, please leave a comment in this journal, 3 photos per person, thanks.

Have a nice week and take a lot of great photos in this year 2015.

CONTEST UPDATE New Year's Contest: Your Best Photo Of 2014


Sorry for my bad english ^^''

Forest of linden by LillianEvill
Lonely leaf by christycameasromansRip by MarinaCoric
Memories Inside My Heart by SaRaH-22
A Rush of Blood To The Head by Sarah-BKGazer by MarinaCoric
Silent Secrets by Marloeshi
Descend by FlabnBoneSecret Meeting by OliverBPhotography
Sunset lake 3 by MelissaPhotos
crimson raindrops by VacantiaWindmill by RoyalPony
Colour Me Brisbane - G20 Festival by hurutotheguru
Orzeszki by rosaarvensiswhispered by wiwionart
16/28 by SaRaH-22
Squirrel by christycameasromansa daisy for you by christycameasromans
Piercing Eyes by MarinaCoric
Peper sea [07.2014] by SabakuNoShiGlass bokeh by everythingisaverage
Little Red Riding Beetle by SaRaH-22
in the flower field by RainyAndButterflyHamlet V by everythingisaverage
Spotlight by ThePeculiarMissE
Tiny flowers [08.2014] by SabakuNoShiDeep blue [12.2014] by SabakuNoShi
Picture-perfect by OliverBPhotography
Beauty Drops by NinelynSoft Passion by Ninelyn
At the back of your mind by everythingisaverage
Fairy Dust by lone-beanDeers by Ninelyn
Leaves by LisiTisaKi
Rosettes by onehungrypotterRelaxed by OliverBPhotography
Dusk by lone-bean
Paris from Above V by onehungrypotterWho's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by ThePeculiarMissE
A Poison so Sweet by VelvetRedBullet
I Painted the Roses Red by VelvetRedBulletCan't Reach It by Kawaiimeron
.:colors of romance:. by LisiTisaKi
Rapids Far Below by ThePeculiarMissEFrozen by RoyalPony
Reading by Kawaiimeron
Magic in the Skye by VelvetRedBulletBasket Flower by OceanCandie
The Power of One by lone-bean
Little Red by OceanCandiebig and small by LisiTisaKi
Bluebells by onehungrypotter
Inside A Flute by OceanCandiefilm lens by Kawaiimeron
Bubbles by RoyalPony

ProjectPorkchop Vol405

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 3:26 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Camille is a varied artist from France. He has a magnificent signature style that is expressive and full of soul. His use of vivid, bright colors and varying textures add a unique flare to traditional portraiture and help convey the inner qualities of the subject. His works are quite extraordinary and definitely worth a look!

doubts by CamilleNatSans titre by CamilleNat
Millie-J by CamilleNatBluesman by CamilleNat

Suggested by Clamdiggy 
see more..


Xikari is an varied artist from Russia. Her gallery includes anime and traditional painting, but the star of the show is her intricate hand woven lace jewelry. From earrings and broaches to necklaces and more, her delicate designs dazzle with a variety of stitches and even include elements like pearls for added flare! This is one talented artist who is sure to inspire you!

21 by Xikari170516 by Xikari1705
18 by Xikari170519 by Xikari1705

Suggested by Erzsabet 
see more..


Top is a traditional artist from Thailand. He is a film director for commercials and music videos as well as being a musician and artist. He combines pen and ink with watercolor and sometimes additional elements such as coffee. The high quality of line work and detail in his conceptual illustrations are truly staggering and there is no doubt you will want to add him to your watch list!

Seaborne - poster design by thesecondbusHuntress by thesecondbus
Claw 2014 by thesecondbusDrowned 2014 by thesecondbus

Suggested by jessomie 
see more..


Antoci is a digital art student from Romania. He is a fantasy art enthusiast whose gallery is filled with extraordinary landscapes and creature concepts. He is a master of mood lighting and the atmosphere he creates makes you feel as though you can step right into his world. Antoci has been a member of DA for six months and definitely deserves more exposure!

Magic Deer by SucdeportocaleDungeon entrance by Sucdeportocale
Frog Rider by SucdeportocaleThe long march by Sucdeportocale

Suggested by Shi-rai 
see more..


Brian is a traditional artist from Canada. He works primarily in acrylics and has a psychedelic style that will surely blow your mind! There is so much storytelling going on in each one of his works that you could just get lost in the fine details that he so lovingly creates. The bright contrasting colors and lively brush strokes add a dreamlike quality to his art that you cannot resist!

Dawn by Square-PearsWill O' The Wisp Awakens by Square-Pears
Timeside by Square-PearsOut into Dreamlands by Square-Pears

Suggested by Just-To-Look1 
see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group:


Previous issues of PPc

Vol01 / Vol02 / Vol03 / Vol04 / Vol05 / Vol06 / Vol07 / Vol08 / Vol09 / Vol10 / Vol11 / Vol12 / Vol13 / Vol14 / Vol15 / Vol16 / Vol17 / Vol18 / Vol19 / Vol20 / Vol21 / Vol22 / Vol23 / Vol24 / Vol25 / Vol26 / Vol27 / Vol28 / Vol29 / Vol30 / Vol31 / Vol32 / Vol33 / Vol34 / Vol35 / Vol36 / Vol37 / Vol38 / Vol39 / Vol40 / Vol41 / Vol42 / Vol43 / Vol44 / Vol45 / Vol46 / Vol47 / Vol48 / Vol49 / Vol50 / Vol51 / Vol52 / Vol53 / Vol54 / Vol55 / Vol56 / Vol57 / Vol58 / Vol59 / Vol60 / Vol61 / Vol62 / Vol63 / Vol64 / Vol65 / Vol66 / Vol67 / Vol68 / Vol69 / Vol70 / Vol71 / Vol72 / Vol73 / Vol74 / Vol75 / Vol76 / Vol77 / Vol78 / Vol79 / Vol80 / Vol81 / Vol82 / Vol83 / Vol84 / Vol85 / Vol86 / Vol87 / Vol88 / Vol89 / Vol90 / Vol91 / Vol92 / Vol93 / Vol94 / Vol95 / Vol96 / Vol97 / Vol98 / Vol99 / Vol100 / Vol101 / Vol102 / Vol103 / Vol104 / Vol105 / Vol106 / Vol107 / Vol108 / Vol109 / Vol110 / Vol111 / Vol112 / Vol113 / Vol114 / Vol115 / Vol116 / Vol117 / Vol118 / Vol119 / Vol120 / Vol121 / Vol122 / Vol123 / Vol124 / Vol125 / Vol126 / Vol127 / Vol128 / Vol129 / Vol130 / Vol131 / Vol132 / Vol133 / Vol134 / Vol135 / Vol136 / Vol137 / Vol138 / Vol139 / Vol140 / Vol141 / Vol142 / Vol143 / Vol144 / Vol145 / Vol146 / Vol147 / Vol148 / Vol149 / Vol150 / Vol151 / Vol152 / Vol153 / Vol154 / Vol155 / Vol156 / Vol157 / Vol158 / Vol159 / Vol160 / Vol161 / Vol162 / Vol163 / Vol164 / Vol165 / Vol166 / Vol167 / Vol168 / Vol169 / Vol170 / Vol171 / Vol172 / Vol173 / Vol174 / Vol175 / Vol176 / Vol177 / Vol178 / Vol179 / Vol180 / Vol181 / Vol182 / Vol183 / Vol184 / Vol185 / Vol186 / Vol187 / Vol188 / Vol189 / Vol190 / Vol191 / Vol192 / Vol193 / Vol194 / Vol195 / Vol196 / Vol197 / Vol198 / Vol199 / Vol200 / Vol201 / Vol203 / Vol204 / Vol205 / Vol206 / Vol207 / Vol208 / Vol209 / Vol210 / Vol211 / Vol212 / Vol213 / Vol214 / Vol215 / Vol216 / Vol217 / Vol218 / Vol219 / Vol220 / Vol221 / Vol222 / Vol223 / Vol224 / Vol225 / Vol226 / Vol227 / Vol228 / Vol229 / Vol230 / Vol231 / Vol232 / Vol233 / Vol234 / Vol235 / Vol236 / Vol237 / Vol238 / Vol239 / Vol240 / Vol241 / Vol242 / Vol243 / Vol244 / Vol245 / Vol246 / Vol247 / Vol248 / Vol249 / Vol250 / Vol251 / Vol252 / Vol253 / Vol254 / Vol255 / Vol256 / Vol257 / Vol258 / Vol259 / Vol260 / Vol261 / Vol262 / Vol263 / Vol264 / Vol265 / Vol266 / Vol267 / Vol268 / Vol269 / Vol270 / Vol271 / Vol272 / Vol273 / Vol274 / Vol275 / Vol276 / Vol277 / Vol278 / Vol279 / Vol280 / Vol281 / Vol282 / Vol283 / Vol284 / Vol285 / Vol286 / Vol287 / Vol288 / Vol289 / Vol290 / Vol291 / Vol292 / Vol293 / Vol294 / Vol295 / Vol296 / Vol297 / Vol298 / Vol299 / Vol300 / Vol301 / Vol302 / Vol303 / Vol304 / Vol305 / Vol306 / Vol307 / Vol308 / Vol309 / Vol310 / Vol311 / Vol312 / Vol313 / Vol314 / Vol315 / Vol316 / Vol317 / Vol318 / Vol319 / Vol320 / Vol321 / Vol322 / Vol323 / Vol324 / Vol325 / Vol326 / Vol327 / Vol328 / Vol329 / Vol330 / Vol331 / Vol332 / Vol333 / Vol334 / Vol335 / Vol336 / Vol337 / Vol338 / Vol339 / Vol340 / Vol341 / Vol342 / Vol343 / Vol344 / Vol345 / Vol346 / Vol347 / Vol348 / Vol349 / Vol350 / Vol351 / Vol352 / Vol353 / Vol354 / Vol355 / Vol356 / Vol357 / Vol358 / Vol359 / Vol360 / Vol361 / Vol362 / Vol363 / Vol364 / Vol365 / Vol366 / Vol367 / Vol368 / Vol369 / Vol370 / Vol371 / Vol372 / Vol373 / Vol374 / Vol375 / Vol376 / Vol377 / Vol378 / Vol379 / Vol380 / Vol381 / Vol382 / Vol383 / Vol384 / Vol385 / Vol386 / Vol387 / Vol388 / Vol389 / Vol390 / Vol391 / Vol392 / Vol393 / Vol394 /

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APN-Photoholic Feature Time #1

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celebrating some of the most fantastic submissions of the week

"Lazy Kitteh"
by SvanderHolst
Lazy Kitteh by SvanderHolst

by rainylake
Giraffe by rainylake

by clippercarrillo
Spring by clippercarrillo

"taking a nap"
by wiehergrafie
taking a nap by wiehergrafie

by FauxHead
Butterflyfish by FauxHead

by AlexGrifo
IX by AlexGrifo

"I am Gone away"
by augenweide
I am Gone away by augenweide

by zipfileART
Raindrops by zipfileART

by tvurk
Nimmerdor by tvurk

by LG77
Radiance by LG77

"-The road of seraphines-"
by Janek-Sedlar
-The road of seraphines- by Janek-Sedlar

"From Here"
by JustinDeRosa
From Here by JustinDeRosa

"Vintage Butterfly"
by EveVictus
Vintage Butterfly by EveVictus

"When The Sky Dances"
by kkart
When The Sky Dances by kkart

"Water Drops 3"
by Berlin-Steglitz
Water Drops 3 by Berlin-Steglitz

"Praia do Porto de Areia Sul"
by ClaudiaFMiranda
Praia do Porto de Areia Sul by ClaudiaFMiranda

Senior Selections #35

Sat Jan 24, 2015, 10:10 PM

Welcome back to SeniorSelections with its 35th week of selections featured by Senior Members! 
Please show your support by +favlove'ing this news article. Please also comment and +fav  on our wonderful features!

Please note: we are still accepting admins to join our team for further information refer to this journal, and we take feature suggestions from the community just send us or a team admin a note!

Thank you for supporting this group and project from the SeniorSelections team! 


design by cinyu
coding by SimplySilent

Thank You Very Much for the B-day Wishes!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2015, 1:32 PM
My Gallery

Hello my dear friends I Love You Emote by Leo-Ascendent

I want to thank you all for the happy birthday wishes. 
I had a great day, though I'm still recovering from pulmonary issues.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you are amazing!Lily Thank you by spring-sky

Dear Teresa Tigles1Artistry sent me a beautiful photo (I love Flower Bullet (Orange) - F2U!  flowers!):

Dreaming of Spring..... by Tigles1Artistry

Dear Gigi gigi50 also wished happy b-day with a flower Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! photo:

The Birthday Wishes Rose by gigi50

Me and My Birthday Cake Cake Badges 

Thank you for the delicious cake Emily!

dragondoodle #18 Rainbow by dragondoodle

Points :points: 

Thank you so much for the points my friends Jenny, Selina and Jocelyne!

jennystokes  sl13-f1 by jennystokes

sesam-is-open The Luck Is Always Green by sesam-is-open

JocelyneR My Cutiepie... 02 by JocelyneR

 Friends wishing happy b-day with lovely :heart: messages:

GabrielBB ITALY FRIENDS 381 by GabrielBB


BlueLunarRose Instructions to Love... by BlueLunarRose

SabakuNoShi Dust 32 by SabakuNoShi

OtakuZenPup Orange you a Monarch? by OtakuZenPup

abyss1956 Sunrise by abyss1956

JocelyneR Lovely Pine Siskin by JocelyneR

nudagimo Rainbow Bridge Wheatley by nudagimo

Philluppus Chinese Rose Orange I by Philluppus

Mr-Ripley Seize a Nice Day by Mr-Ripley

Twins72 friendship by Twins72

jennystokes Sunbather by jennystokes

Elsapret Relaxing by Elsapret

inObrAS Night of the Constitution Day by inObrAS

sesam-is-open Kilometer 0 by sesam-is-open

thesvetislav On the way by thesvetislav

roney2011 project of city by roney2011

Betuwefotograaf Give me a title............. by Betuwefotograaf

RadishStick Bushfire by RadishStick

plumita1 Ready, set, go! by plumita1

annewipf First Snow by annewipf

TheGalleryOfEve Admiration by TheGalleryOfEve

hyneige Quelques feuilles a ma fenetre d'hiver. by hyneige

poca2hontas Growing in insight by poca2hontas

Dieffi A flower for Catherinne-Kay by Dieffi

EkaFantasy Dream by EkaFantasy

RankaStevic Mother Nature by RankaStevic

RezzanATAKOL I wanted by RezzanATAKOL

A2Matos Boat's Silence by A2Matos

Angelles-LaVeau An Ordinary Day by Angelles-LaVeau

Brightsmile-didi Heavenly Angel by Brightsmile-didi

PurpleInk777 Jimmy Dean Quote by PurpleInk777

SkyfireDragon Whatcom Falls Park 08-19-13-177 by SkyfireDragon

Stygma Into the Blue by Stygma

marphilhearts Elsa by marphilhearts

stargateatl Evening of the Cosmos (Sunset Version) by stargateatl

primalfuryan 6 CATS by primalfuryan

lemgras330  My Natural Umbrella by lemgras330

Lily - Bullet [Right] - F2U! Lily - Bullet [Left] - F2U! Lily - Bullet [Right] - F2U! Lily - Bullet [Left] - F2U! Lily - Bullet [Right] - F2U! Lily - Bullet [Left] - F2U! 

Weekend Fun

Sun Jan 25, 2015, 1:09 PM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Thursday Greets | WishingWell Weekly

Welcome to Weekend Fun!

[GIF]my weekend plans by MACKINN7

Selfless Award

The Selfless Award is a feature to promote one of our active members.


Nala15 joined dAWishingWell on January 2012 and she is one who regularly participate in our activities by suggesting art and artists to be featured, in the true spirit of dAWishingWell!

Center of Attention - Commission by Nala15
Wherefore Art Thou by Nala15 Twin Kings - Commission by Nala15
By the Sea - Gift by Nala15
Duni - OC Commission by Nala15 Playdate - Commission by Nala15

Thank you!

Group Highlight

Lets meet one of our affiliates.


"Art has been the vision of human mind for thousand of years, since the day of cave-painting to this modern age. And behind every creations, there is a genius master.
We are honoured to invite all traditional masters to showcase their quality works, to praise and to cherish the excellence, the creativity, techniques and the masterpieces."

Meet the staff



Looking For Contributors:iconchamber-of-art:
I am looking for contributors with a good taste in core traditional arts to contribute other great artists' works and manage the group on my behalf in my absence.
Comment in the journal or Send the group a note if interested.
:bulletgreen: Good taste in core traditional art.
:bulletgreen: Ability to distinguish between amateur, intermediate and professional works. Since the group showcases only Professional and above Intermediate works.
:bulletgreen: I will just go through the applicant's favorite gallery to understand their taste in Traditional art.
:bulletgreen: Must be a member of deviantART of minimum 1year (To know you have seen enough around here).
:bulletgreen: I don't expect to be super-active, but I don't expect contributors to be totally idle too.
:bulletgreen: If I'm unhappy with their contributions, I have the right to demote them.
If all the boxes above are checked, Please send the group a note or comment below.
Thank you.
Group Banner EvolutionSee How our groups' banners evolved since 2011 to today, 2014.

Chamber-of-ART The-Inspirations Aerographe Urban-Stories
Let us know what you like or feel about the new banners.
Have a nice week everyone.
Feature Of the Week #2[24th March, 2014]
We are proud and honoured to feature the following artworks as the 'Feature Of The Week'
            This outstanding still life

Green bottle and fruits by marcheba

            The painting that captured the emotion precisely

Afternoon in February by Aixuan

        the outstanding mastercraft 

Adelaide St by duytter

Chamber-of-Art Gallery

Ascension by eddiecalz Traffic by David681 Afternoon in February by Aixuan promise of the light by David-McCamant

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Senior Selections #35
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SA Interview - Eitvys200
SA Interview - ninebark

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How-To Tuesday/Tuesday Tips #7: Manga Tutorials
Pimps and Whoas - Jan. 21, 2015
Teach Me, Senpai! Vol. 2- Miniature Dessert Table
Weekly Round Up #28

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I Love, You Love
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The Birthday Puppeteer

Happy birthday to:


Beleg the Archer by jankolas Panes of Glass by LightsOnLuna ShroomDuo by WolfieDeviant
Wild at Heart by WindInTheCoffeeCup Friendship by StarlightDragons
Sakura by DestinyRose09 Lunas Steam book by RaptorArts OnlyLovers_ by ArtKosh
Delicate by Egil21
Autumn Barn by Gryffgirl Pisces - Zodiac Owl by Redilion

That's all for this week! Have a good weekend!


Dear friends, watchers and readers in general:

This week, the feature will be dedicated to photographers doing amazing works in non-traditional ways. Since I have found so many great photographers doing this type of works, I will split the feature in two or three parts.

As always, I encourage you to browse their entire galleries, because what I'm going to show here, is just a small fraction of what they have. Enjoy them!


Simplicity by Grauenart Proof by Grauenart Bekle by Grauenart w8 by Grauenart
The Door Of Serenity by Grauenart Last Song by Grauenart kuruyoruz by Grauenart du bist ich by Grauenart


. by oldSkullLovebyMW with Adem by oldSkullLovebyMW monochrome city by oldSkullLovebyMW breath by oldSkullLovebyMW
. u n t i t l e d . by oldSkullLovebyMW mourning by oldSkullLovebyMW Crow Dream by oldSkullLovebyMW B L A C K by oldSkullLovebyMW


Centipede by Inextremiss Mist of miseries by Inextremiss The Harrow by Inextremiss fortress by Inextremiss
the mouths of wolves by Inextremiss cast no shadow by Inextremiss maranatha by Inextremiss endless solitude by Inextremiss


Transformation.. by mirpiphotography Bury me in black.. by mirpiphotography Seeing you seeing me.. by mirpiphotography silent symphony of sorrow.. by mirpiphotography
stop hurting me... by mirpiphotography A cold face of your destiny ... by mirpiphotography Life.. by mirpiphotography LIGHT AND DARKNESS by mirpiphotography


pretender by Enaston nyx by Enaston shelter by Enaston ... by Enaston
patience by Enaston saturated by Enaston don't let me keep you by Enaston universe by Enaston


Apocalypse Now by Hengki24 Stark by Hengki24 Dark Sun by Hengki24 Deep Forest by Hengki24
Infinite Journey by Hengki24 V by Hengki24 Subconscious by Hengki24 mist 126 by Hengki24

Jóvito Franco - Dreadfuldark
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