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Img-00 by techgnotic

Our currency is covered in artwork.

Engravings on a coin or the images on the back of a dollar help us differentiate between denominations, but they serve other purposes as well. They are used to prevent anyone outside of the government that issues the currency from creating duplicates, and the images are supposed to provide cultural touchstones that bond together its users. Any American can recognize a portrait of Abraham Lincoln or George Washington because of this fact, and it isn’t dissimilar to the way leaders of Rome had their faces engraved on coins minted during their tenure.

Given the ubiquitous nature of currency inside a culture, as well as the power it represents, it’s natural for artists to be drawn to it. Some artists actually see currency as a medium.

The Greek artist Stefanos has made headlines recently for his controversial etchings on euros.

His images are supposed to illuminate the hardships that European Union-enforced austerity has brought to the people of Greece. One of his etchings features a black figure hanging by a noose from an archway. Others are more subtle, such as one that depicts a scattering crowd running through a classical-style bridge, possibly from an unseen predator.

Using banknotes as a canvas adds layers of complexity to the art. In Stefanos’s case, the artwork moves back into regular circulation after he has drawn on the bills. This incorporates a street art feel to the project, because viewers will not encounter the work in a typical gallery or museum setting. That fact suits the political message of the project; Stefanos is trying to make a point, and he wants it made loudly, to a large number of people. This approach also blurs distinctions between everyday life and art by its use of money as a medium. The political situation that the project comments on has been fueled by imposed austerity, which is a program that was prescribed in reaction to Greece’s financial problems. Yet the money the artwork is displayed on will be used for everyday interactions between average people. There is a complete interchange between the artwork, the political statement it makes, and the people affected by it.

"The medium allows me to ‘bomb’ public property from the comfort of my home,” said Stefanos, in a statement about his project. He stated that when he looks at EU banknotes, he does not see images that are grounded in reality. Given the chaos engendered by financial collapse in his home country, he wanted to paint a more realistic picture on the currency.

For what it’s worth, defacing currency is illegal in many countries.

The U.S. defines defacing currency as altering it past the point of use. In other words, if you alter a piece of green paper to the point where your local corner store wouldn’t accept or recognize it, you’ve technically broken federal law. And where you reach that point, exactly, is a little complicated. For example, burning a dollar is defacing it. If you turn your dollar into a small pile of ashes, it can’t be used or accepted or recognized. But what if you write your initials on it in sharpie? It’d look weird, but most people would agree that it’s still worth something.

For artists with projects like Stefanos’s, keeping the bills intact and usable is actually necessary for their art to succeed. If his tagged dollars aren’t in distribution, people don’t see them. But for other artists, like Hanna von Goeler, the bills don’t need to circulate.

This ongoing project chronicles my struggle and relationship with money”

— Hanna von Goeler

Where Stefanos’s project is political and specific to one country, Goeler’s project is at once more personal and more universal. Although the pieces in her project are based on American currency, her project examines the design and pattern of money. It also incorporates art history references and everyday objects like food and couches. Goeler also makes political points, though in a more subdued manner. One of her pieces includes a dollar with a painted map of the Middle East on the front.

C.K. Wilde, an artist whose work includes American dollars with pop-culture icons in the portrait slots, states that his interest in currency comes from childhood.

"I travelled to Europe often to visit my relatives. When I returned, I often still had money from the places I travelled. An attempt to buy candy with Deutsche marks in the U.S. brought into sharp relief the inherent contradictions of nationalism and international travel.”

— C.K. Wilde

Currency does often act as a vestige of nationalism.

Even in the Eurozone, where money circulates across national boundaries, it is still specific to the region. For all its supposed uses, our currency anchors us in place and typically offers only a superficial, sterilized glimpse at a nation’s culture or history. You can sense the frustration with this fact when artists choose to use currency as a canvas. It makes sense, though, that we should want something more fulfilling from an object that plays such a dominant role in each of our lives.

To this end, not a small number of artists have set about creating their own, new currency.

Barbara Bernát, an artist working in Budapest, created some beautiful, sophisticated images for a Hungarian Euro. The images feature plants and animals, under which you can see skeletal images under UV light — an aesthetic anti-counterfeiting device.

Along the same lines, the Women On 20s campaign seeks to replace American President Andrew Jackson on the twenty dollar bill with the face of an influential American woman. Both projects reflect a desire for more aesthetic sensibility and cultural accuracy on currency.

Asking why money looks the way it does is perhaps akin to willingly diving face-first down the proverbial rabbit hole. But it is a question worth asking, and while we don’t condone breaking the law, we are always delighted to see artists turn their skeptical eyes toward important questions like this one and come up with creative answers.

Your Thoughts

  1. If you had the opportunity to design a piece of currency, would you be interested? Or do you feel that the medium would limit your ability to be creative?
  2. What’s the most beautiful piece of currency you’ve ever seen? Where does it come from?
  3. Should currency be artistic? Or should its form match its utilitarian nature?

Titans and my 10 facts

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 10:18 AM
Hi all dear friends! :wave:

Howdy everyone? 
Two weeks ago I got tagged from shadeley. Now It's high time I got it done. :P
I'm not gonna tag anyone else, will just finish my part about sharing 10 facts about myself and answering 10 questions from her.:)

Love Heart by LOVEMAYU

My 10 facts

:heart:1. I was luckily born in Buddhist country that made me automatically be a Buddhist. And the older I get the more I understand what Buddha taught.

:heart:2. When I was in primary school I got huge inspiration to be a graphic novelist from Japanese comic books like Candy Candy and Bride of Deimos.

:heart:3. When I was twelve years old I learned how to swim from my dog. I put him in the water, and watched. 

:heart:4. When I was in high school I had personality like Todd Anderson in Dead Poets Society. I could hardly breathe whenever I had to say something in front of the crowd. 
 :heart:5. Now I am like Chuck Noland in Cast Away who still has been living in the isolated island for over 2 decades and has internet to talk to instead of a volleyball.

:heart:6. I still have been waiting desperately for someone whom I met and lost on the internet 10 years ago. (What do you call this?)

:heart:7. One of the cleverest things I have ever done for my life is having a lovely flower & kitchen garden around my house. I love working there and seeing everything grows.

:heart:8. Despite being a sleepyhead, every early morning I have to jump out of my bed very quickly to make sure that none of the 20 neighbour's cats have visited and left me some hot stinky poop in my lovely garden.

:heart:9. I'm really ophidiophobic. I can hardly stand seeing even a picture of snake. (So, please don't put them in your artwork. I'm not gonna fav it!) 

:heart:10. The only weapon I have is a wooden slingshot. It's for some monkeys that like to steal my fruits. Actually, I have lots of rascals to cope with in my garden. 

Smac by Digithalie

Answering shadeley's questions

1. Where your inspiration comes from?
 Movies, books, people, religion, any beautiful thing or story that can make me be a better person.

2. What did you want to be when you were a child?
I was convinced that it's good to be a doctor. But deep inside I always wanted to be a cartoonist/graphic novelist.

3. What kind of music do you listen to?
Pop, jazz, R&B, soul, reggae, anything that makes me relax and calm and not hurt my ears too much.

4. Tea or coffee? 
Coffee. But green tea is also good.

5. Do you like reading?
Yes, but I don't have much time to read a book lately, especially a thick one.

6. What kind of films do you prefer?
Drama, dramatic thriller.

7. Have you ever felt deja vu?
No. But I have good foresight.

8. Do you believe in Fate?
Absolutely yes, if it's the same thing as karmic law.

9. Are you an outgoing or a stay-at-home person?
I am the latter one who longs to be the first one.

10. Do you have a pet?
No, but I used to have 12 cats at the same time. Nothing can be more chaos than opening the door and facing 12 hungry cats waiting for food. I miss that moment. LOL 
I plan to raise some cute budgies without cage in my garden someday in the future.

Small Snowflake Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Small Snowflake Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Small Snowflake Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

BlueButterflies by KmyGraphic

As I'm also one of the prize donors who offer a feature to the winners of

Supreme Regents of the Universe: contest

held by

So, this is it :)

Giant La by Web5teR

Advance category 

1st place

Hyperion by Mr-Ripley
by Mr-Ripley
I won again!, and this time is a hat trick!!!: Oh wow, it's really incredible! :P 
Thanks a million to all the kind judges.:hug: I'm so grateful to you for giving me such a very very huge honor. :love:

2nd place

Crius: Titan of herds, the cold and winter. by Lubov2001
Crius: Titan of herds, the cold and winter
by Lubov2001

3rd place

Themis by Mysterykids
by Mysterykids

Honourable Mentions

Themis ( Titaness the laws and customs). by CharllieeArtsTitaness of  Moon by Cold-Tommy-GinTitan-Oceanus by Mike-Uriel

Cheerleader by CookiemagiK

Some other wonderful artworks from all contestants in Advance category

dark island by CharllieeArtsDaydream by MysterykidsScarlet Spider by HaleyDesigns
One last Kiss by TaniaARTOceanus Titan -  Represented the river by Mike-Uriel
Incy Wincy Spider by NeighyaBefore the battle by Aramisdream
.:Lover's Revenge:. by SummerDreams89self love by Kuldi''Monk'' Summoning the Flames by btgarts
snail house by Lubov2001Sakura by AndaelentariScorpion by davidperesbr
Take us home tonight... by Dark-IndigoLadder to Heaven by Cold-Tommy-Gin
maintainer of the universe by pono4evnayaHell's Legions by annewipfyear of the Goat by Vladlena111On Golden Pond by Mr-Ripley
Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123

Giant Spinning Tard by Web5teR

Intermediate category

1st place

The Rising Phoibe by shadeley
The Rising Phoibe
by shadeley

2nd place

Hyperion - Titan of Vision and Astral Fire by HernanFotografias
Hyperion - Titan of Vision and Astral Fire
by HernanFotografias

3rd place

Supreme Regent of the Universe: Phoebe by lifesonebigadventure
Supreme Regent of the Universe: Phoebe
by lifesonebigadventure

Honourable Mentions

CRIUS by VertigoEBCMnemosyne by JiaJenn31Criusan Winter by thatstranger95

:bird: by CookiemagiK

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Padme by Elena-ClioUnderwater scene GIANT Turtoise by JiaJenn31A Game of Chance by shoutsandwhispers
Moonlight Sonata by SecretadmiresTheEndOfHerJourney by VertigoEBC
Possessed by a Demon by thatstranger95BUBBLE JUMP by apelathsHannya by NinaVisalloINNER SPACE by EBENEWOOD
...When Desires burned my soul... by EsotericIllusionSpring Fever by doclicio
Victim by Jovan7PortoFun at the dentist by SoulcolorsArtJar of Hearts by lifesonebigadventure
The Samhein Vessel by mippieArtAn Unfortunate Halloween by ShirokiboFire Queen by Mocris
Peur by KallariaThe Love Tree by mshelleeIts Over... by mum666
Leda by shadeleyNever forget by Blood-fridgeAzael - el caido by HernanFotografias
Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123

Giant Clap by Web5teR

Beginner category 

1st place

Themis by Lolita-Artz

by Lolita-Artz

2nd place

Tethys by BBstar7
by BBstar7

3rd place

Tethys by Cristy83eb
by Cristy83eb

Honourable Mentions

Masters of the Sea by LeenaHillMnemosyne  - Mother of Muses by la-voisinIUSTITIA Non Est CAECUS by ChiantyVex

:headbang: by CookiemagiK

Some other lovely artworks from all contestants in Beginner category

The wrath of Odin by JulianezAlone by NathanielGraphicOn Earth as it is in Heaven by BBstar7
Contact In The Desert by Merrysol66Luminous Forest by LeenaHillAudition for STD by BlueFire-Phoenix
The Hapiness Of Spring by Lolita-ArtzHalloween Trouble by ChiantyVexWoodland Fae (Contest entry) by Silent-Whisper-Arts
Queen Of Nature by SKcreationEternal by GurlinDaShadows
Morrigan by la-voisinStockW5 by Cristy83ebMy glowing effect by theheek
Aschenputtel-Ashfool by amethystmoonsongThe Phantom's Mannequin by ArthurTrentonThe Widow by annemaria48

Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123

Swoon by Mirz123

Some fantastic artworks from judges

Child of The Earth by Wesley-SouzaSpirit Warrior by Whendell
Ebook cover by Dani-OwergoorRevenge by Sandra-Cristhina

Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123Holiday Lights 2 by Mirz123

Have-a-Great-WE by KmyGraphic

I'm not yours

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 12:57 PM

respect the nature
respect other people
respect yourself

Timeless by Trashins


 Tree and the magic by m-eralp Aurora by juhku Shear Fire by FramedByNature


 Majestic Falls by StefanPrech Golling Waterfall VI by Nightline interstice by NWunseen


 Giant's Dice Game by landscapes-flake light for lost... by Alcove The Last Moment by matthieu-parmentier


 When The Sky Dances by kkart Autumn fire II by m-eralp Sky on  fire............ by Betuwefotograaf


 Cracking Eclipse by Michaelthien Iceland landscapes pt. XXVI by TheChosenPesssimist Wild Flower by timbodon


 midday enchantment by NWunseen Good Morning! by AzariahCzarist Outlet by LAlight


 Get Lost by Nelleke Weathered by jxsnyder deep in the forest by nara5hikamaru


 Golden by StefanPrech steep in the creek by NWunseen Mystic River by StefanPrech


 Chasm I by Glenn-Crouch Sunset over Cradle Mountain by paulmp Twilight Cliff by LinRuPhotography


 Legendary  Tree by Michaelthien Mono Lake by SvenMueller A Tors Behind by timbodon


 Bunches of Rain by LAlight Beauty Creek by jaelise Union Creek Falls 3. by jxsnyder


 The Way Home by Pajunen soon spring comes by KariLiimatainen Kuusankoski by m-eralp


 02-18-2015 by Weissglut Blufeld in the Sky by DanielBrooksLaurent Seven by Nelleke


 Little Tibet by Alessandro-Passerini Moody Day by GsanePhotography ...hallstatt V... by roblfc1892


 This Old House by tassanee Toroweap Outlook by SvenMueller The Golden Storm by matthieu-parmentier


 Deep Blue by A2Matos Smash by kohchangphotography Timeless by LinRuPhotography


 realm of king winter by FelixInden wintertime #1 by HeikoGerlicher Neuschwanstein Winterland by Durdenyr


 Beginning of the End by FramedByNature The white needles by matthieu-parmentier The Majestic Mountains by Inebriantia


 Leprechaun Lake by SvenMueller Vivid by heeeeman St. Mary Lake by SvenMueller


 Everlasting Moment by MikkoLagerstedt Psychadelia by Dee-T Angels Fall by borda


 half path by Nopel-Opzan Red dawn by Nopel-Opzan Requiem For a Dawn by borda


 Helpmate by Trashins Dye The Evening by ratulupadhyay one night in autumn... by FelixInden


 Autumn at Five Lakes by DMMDesign Snake River by SvenMueller Dvojno jezero II by BerarAdrian


 Storm Watchers by DrewHopper in the twilight by hotonpictures Ocean of Dreams by Dave-Derbis


 Alley by BSGuyIncognito Rooted in Oneness by Oer-Wout Autumn - by sylverface


 Mountain Spring Sunset by AlecsPS The Night Walker by matthieu-parmentier Pitch Black Planet by MadMike27


 Pagan Dawn by Capturing-the-Light Yosemite Scenery by porbital Wild by KariLiimatainen


 Vesturhorn by TomazKlemensak The Forgotten Passage To A New Realm by phoenixfeatherxlight Rising by MarkLucey


 The Peaceful One by matthieu-parmentier Bacalar #2 by Durdenyr One by Trichardsen


 Black sea- blue skies by ibasimaikataimeto Starry night by NickSpiker Le feu du Ciel by BrunoCHATARD


 Gentle by erynlasgalenphotoart Wald #38 by HeikoGerlicher Enchanted Path by Weissglut


 In touch with my inner self by LordLJCornellPhotos Island by MarvinDiehl Icelandic pyramid by TomazKlemensak


 Havasu Falls by porbital Tidal Sunset by Miguel-Santos The Illusion of Darkness by oprust

thank you for your beautiful works

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
Come on a journey with me around the world in this brand new feature series! We will be visiting all the beautiful places to see all the wonderful wildlife and landscapes that our world contains La la la la

Our adventures will start in North America and go through all the continents. Each journal will contain the name of the continent we will be visiting, and the specific location within that continent. There will be multiple areas in the continent that we will visit. Check out the 'Upcoming Area" to see where we will visit next and possibly get featured :) (Smile)

So are you ready to experience the world? Let's go! :eager: by darkmoon3636


This May Be the End by LeashaHookerThe Oregon Trail by Halcyon1990
Morning in the Tetons by Pinedrop
Schwabacher Sunset 5881 by pesterleOxbow Sunrise by StevenDavisPhotoBeaver Made by Halcyon1990Valhalla 2 by wyorevReflection Pool by Grim-147Tower Falls by arnaudperretDevils Tower by videodude1961Colors of Yellowstone by torobalaJenny Lake, Frozen by TomGreenPhotosSnake River by SvenMuellerYellowstone Sunset by dragon-fly-to-meNorris geyser by arnaudperretThe Firehole by Ian-PlantWhere Heaven and Earth Collide by wyorevFree to Roam by Nate-ZemanMoose on the Loose by TerribleTerWho Me? or me, or me? by michaelgoldthriteartBuffalo by Grim-147Pronghorn Zoom by DeeOtterFree Spirit by cavarocMotherly Love by Raymaker




If you have a deviation you would like to suggest that has landscapes or animals from FLORIDA in it, please feel free to comment below with the thumb or link to the deviation. Self suggestions are welcomed! 

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Wyoming! See you again soon :) (Smile)

-Kathy Heart

UtahCaliforniaArizonaColorado, Alaska

Daily Fractal Feature 27th March 2015

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 11:50 AM


We are currently looking for some more Admin staff to help out with doing our daily fractal features and other special features as required.  If you feel you can commit yourself to doing a feature just once a fortnight, then please send a NOTE to the Group, giving us some details of:

:bulletgreen: your experience as an admin (if any),
:bulletgreen: what you feel you would like to to offer, and
:bulletgreen: why this position would appeal to you.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Daily Fractal Feature for 27th March 2015

On a daily basis we, at DailyFractalFeatures, are aiming to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community. We are proud to feature today's Daily Fractal Feature!
You can show your support by +favloveing this News Article.
Please comment and +fav the works featured and congratulate the artists!


Swirls, Twirls and Curls

Tree of life by Wsandid

Tree of Life by Wsandid

A splendidly modernistic twist to a tree that is set apart from most others, this stands out with an almost 3D effect against an equally interesting background that flows nicely behind it.  The branches and spiral twigs could almost be made of ivory (and thank goodness they aren't!), as they glisten with very subtle textures within, standing out against the dark, ebony looking main trunk and leading branches.  This could make an intriguing sculpture as an eye-catcher in many different settings.  Excellent UF work!

One thought for Lara by heyday93

One Thought For Lara by heyday93

What a lovely abstract tribute to a beautiful person who has been quite unwell of late!  I'm sure the artist had in mind her latest DD, which was given for a beautifully simplistic landscape of hers, as this truly reminds me of that image.  I love the way this abstract is suggestive of land and sky with turbulence in recognition that life is not straight-forward, and we are often rocked by our circumstances.

Flight of the Peacock by ChaosFissure

Flight of the Peacock by ChaosFissure

A fabulous abstract image suggestive of a sudden flapping of feathers against a torrent of water and tempestuous wind.  Something has certainly disturbed this bird and it isn't hanging around to see what it might have been.  I think I see the face of the bird turned one last time to see if it is being followed.  There is horror in its expression and it must get away from here without further delay.  It was only I who had crept up on him from behind, but that was enough!  What a kerfuffle he is causing now!  But truth is, there is a flood coming our way and I too, need to escape!

The black mountain by FractalDesire

The Black Mountain by FractalDesire

Simple, mysterious, expressive of some deep dark emotion, this mountain peaks beneath a misty moon enshrouded in swirling clouds.  I see the suggestion of some fern-like branches to the right, and more of these forming the darker texture of the mountain itself.  Strictly abstract, yet incredibly evocative, this image has me thinking of all sorts of ghostly scenarios of the night.

Twirl animation by Capstoned

Twirl Animation by Capstoned

This is utterly esmerising and should come with a warning!  My eyelids begin to droop and feel heavy.  I watch it and find myself feeling sleepy.  How do those swirls remain separate?  Do they in fact?  Gradually they merge into one right at the centre, then separate out again.  Confusion sets in and I can no longer concentrate...  I think I've gone into a deep, deep sleep where nothing makes sense any more...


For more information, including how to suggest a deviation to be featured, please visit us at DailyFractalFeatures.
Thank you so much for supporting the fractal community and this project!

There is an ongoing donation pool for DailyFractalFeatures & Fractal-Resources to become SuperGroups over on :icondeadened-glow:'s page

Feature and Script Prepared by :iconannakirsten:

Welcome to a feature in which I will be highlighting some of the Daily Deviations from the past 7 days. This feature aims to further promote and share some of the amazing artwork our Community Volunteers have selected, and I hope you will all enjoy either discovering some art you have missed, or re-admiring the Daily Deviations you've seen this past week. Please feel encouraged to +fav this journal, and go check out each artist's gallery, to support our amazing community Heart

I'm staring out the world (2014) by makihino Numenor by RobleskaZeppelin Floaters of an alien world by Elitanna
Dynamic MANE and HAIR Brushes for Photoshop *FREE* by Loonaris Tales From Agrabah by ratulupadhyay
Ublaz Mad Eyes Portrait by YasminFoster remember our dream by kuri-hime Diablo III Wizard Cosplay by emilyrosa
532 by Sasha-Seyd Ingathering by VitUrzh
Having a break by DanieleG Paul Tapner by Captain-Marmote
Last Stand ~ Operation Requiem by Evil-usagi Women by multigrade Sinister by Cosmas
ItaItsArtStock-13 by Ita-Its-art Genesis by alex-odnoralov Golden Pearl by hunqwert
Trip to Fungiland by WildberryPassion Meganoke Meganoke 5 by darkmatterzone
crepe by TheAutumnLeaves an internal ink spot by sparkbearer
COM: Moondust70 by hieihirai Iceland by pillemaster
Sunday MorningHer voice slowly crept into his consciousness as he woke. She was reading poetry in the bath.
He couldn’t watch the drop of water slip down her chest to the water from the next room so he made do with imagining. He stayed there a few minutes longer while she read a poem twice.  Perhaps she liked the way it felt in her mouth.
His thoughts came back to his own body and he kicked off the duvet. He grabbed her discarded yukata and slipped it over his shoulders. Visions of her as a geisha drifted into his mind.
He tiptoed across the linoleum towards the bathroom. The water draining into the overflow was the only sound. It almost sounded like applause. He leaned against the doorframe as a fragrance sidestepped into his awareness. It was floral, probably rose or jasmine. It reminded him of something old and pretty, but he couldn’t say for certain.
Her back was towards him. She didn’t turn but lifted both arms, holding the book she was reading from aloft, in a half salut
The Ozymandias Principle (Sandbox Jenga)Ginny always had a penchant for destroying things.
At the age of four, she was introduced to blocks (perhaps a devastating mistake on her preschool teacher’s part.) The brightly-colored wooden shapes held a certain fascination for her. While her classmates took a simple childish glee in building things up and knocking them down again, Ginny looked on their ways with disdain. She would carefully create an elaborate structure, and pull out all the key pieces until only a bare framework was left, shivering on the edge of collapse. Then she would tap on just one, or blow on it with her mouth, and the whole skeleton would come crumbling down.
Her parents often commented that if she had been born a decade or two earlier, she could have made a fortune by inventing Jenga. As it was, she was never very good at the game. She didn’t particularly like setting it all up- all she knew was that she had to build it before she could break it.
When she was seven, her Sunday school had a pi

Digital ART Feature

Sat Mar 28, 2015, 9:07 AM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

My latest artworks

Close encounters of the forest by RazielMB
Dreams in Blue by RazielMB
The last rays of light by RazielMB  :heart: Isle of Skye by RazielMB

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Digital ART
Awesome artworks

Martyr Remembered by AyameFataru
Mikasa by pershun :heart: The Purple Rose by SansaXIX

Can I wish for a better tomorrow ? by MoonZaphire
Mystery by stgspi
Dark Cave by Shamanik7 :heart: Goodbye Moonlight by Matkraken

: theo : by BastardPrince
Medea by Aegis-Illustration
Flight to the Whitewood by BJPentecost :heart: Meanwhile, In The Future by NikolaDrca

Sunset... by Matariil
transmute by ceruleanvii
Dance With The Devil by tincek-marincek
Sanctified by MarcoHerrera
Memento Mori by J-u-d-a-s
Lets Get High cd cover art by SweediesArt
Jeanne d'Arc by FictionChick :heart: The Death by peroni68

Last House on the Left by rsiphotography
Sailor Neptune Crystal by Maryneim :heart: Sailor Pluto Crystal by Maryneim :heart: Sailor Venus Crystal by Maryneim

new spring by KPEKEP
Into Darkness by MoonRoseEternity
Creator by msfowle :heart: Celeste by msfowle

Angelique by gotman68
A Silent Haunting by MoodyBlue
Rockabilly by stellartcorsica :heart: Dark Queen by stellartcorsica :heart: Fly me to the moon by stellartcorsica

Escape is inevitable...................... by pjenz
Sisters Of Night by Manink :heart: New World Order by Manink

Cloud road by tamaraR
Cleopatra by EstherPuche-Art :heart: Guardian by EstherPuche-Art

Night-And-Day by EnchantedWhispersArt
Adalia by goldfishkang :heart: The Forest Doctor by inanna-nakano :heart: Kiriban - ppgrainbow by serafleur
Antecedent Terminus by alexiuss :heart: You've always mattered. by alicexz :heart: Close to heaven by AlviaAlcedo

Sunlight by liiga
Invocation by elreviae
Ancora by nehas91
:heart: :heart: :heart:

Some DD's suggested by me...

Path to Terror - Diablo 3 Contest by Pertheseus
Floaters of an alien world by Elitanna :heart: Hierophant by juliedillon :heart: The Storm. by Claudia-SG

Eden by Blumina
Space Background Stock Pack by QAuZ :heart: Shell wallpaper by manapi

The Night and the Silent Water by ForlornExistence :heart: Vein by DimiBudiaci :heart: Serpent-Mage by LadyOwl

Witchblade by truefd
Valles by depingo :heart: 121614 by moldyb :heart: Goodnight Moon by Llassie

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Have you all a great weekend!



We thank you for your generosity!

Sat Mar 28, 2015, 8:02 AM
If you see or read anything on dA that absolutely awes you, please consider suggesting the piece for a DD feature. FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

For those who don't know

UszatyArbuz recently hosted a (very brief) Easter egg hunt. It was a great deal of fun and very entertaining!

All the participants received prizes

but not all of the contributors did, so I wanted to give something back to all of the lovely individuals who helped with the game. If you enjoy the pieces I pick out, please do drop by and let the artist know - they'd love to hear from you!

First, the hostess:

:iconuszatyarbuz: UszatyArbuz
From wonderful animated iconsNaruto by UszatyArbuzto profile and journal commissions, both light COM profile design 'n coding for Maximko by UszatyArbuz and dark COM profile design 'n coding for Noxious-Adopts by UszatyArbuz she's an incredibly versatile artist who occasionally has time to produce brilliant traditional artworks as well.
John Frusciante by UszatyArbuz
She's an admin in the group :iconcrazysquad: CrazySquad which is a lovely place to hang out, and has wonderful features : * Fun Feature 25.

The prize donators (alphabetically, so I don't duplicate ;))

Aiko by Aravil1 
:iconaravil1: Aravil1

Cherry cake by Arichy 
:iconarichy: Arichy

These groups also offered prizes - feel free to check them out!

:iconcrazysquad: :iconcome-one-come-all: :icondogsoftheworld: :iconpetantics: :iconthe-green-house:

A random plug:
For those of you who've looked at my DevID lately,  you may have noticed some art there from :iconmellonsunrise: MellonSunrise. She did a wonderful job, I think!  She is open for commissions - her rates can be found here. (And, yes, I'd love it if you told her I sent you if you do commission her. ;))

:icondarkclub: :icondawishingwell: :iconhaunteddarkartists:
Skin by ginkgografix