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My favorite tutorials

Mon Jul 27, 2015, 2:16 PM
Here is a list of all the tutorials that i used to learn from. As many of you already know, i am a self taught artist. But the name "self-taught" is a little misleading, since i wasn't quite alone, i referenced and learned from many tutorials. So i am a tutorial-taught artist :)
Though some are from other sources, most of them come from artists on deviantart. Some aren't even tutorials but images that by looking at them, i get a better understanding of something.
They have shaped who i am as an artist. You can probably see their influence on my art to this day.

So without further ado, here they are.

One of the first tutorials on colors, and one of the best How I See Color - A Tutorial by purplekecleon
:iconaquasixio: has some very good tutorials on colors as well…
some examples: Complement to the Tutorial #18 by AquaSixio   Tutorial 13 Like a fish out of water ? by AquaSixio

This is not a tutorial but whenever i look at it i feel like i know how to draw clouds just a little better coming blue by zaphylla

This blood in the snow looks so good! Bloody Snow tutorial by Ravietta
makes me wanna draw a murder in the snow just to practice this. Jon Snow.....?

This eye! Creature Eye Step by Step by Naschi
This process river process by sandara

These textures! Material study by Lelek1980
More Have some balls by monikapalosz

These are one of the best fur tutorials A Fur Tutorial: Part 1 by CoyoteMange  A Fur Tutorial: Part 2 by CoyoteMange  A Fur Tutorial: Q + A by CoyoteMange

Looking at this step by step just makes me feel richer :) Making of Pierian spring by RHADS
How to make a starry sky :D SAI : Starry Sky Tutorial by uchuubranko
more starry sky +Starry Sky Tutorial+ by Enijoi
Sky during the day Sky Tutorial by Vakhara
more cloud tutorials Cloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumei (it comes wit a really cool brush set)
Thunder, snow, fire Various elements - tutorial by MinnaSundberg really useful!

The human ear, the mystery of how to draw it finally elucidated! Ear Tutorial Resource by ConceptCookie
eye tutorial Eye Tutorial 2 by Selenada
Male anatomy HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy by tincek-marincek
My obsession, water  Water Tutorial by MinnaSundberg
Just looking at this is just mind blowing 33245976 by Yuuza
same with this one Outburst by nico-eos1 6922528-big-blue-waves by Yuuza
water brushes Water II Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstock
more water +Water Tutorial+ by Enijoi

How to make your profile super pretty! Pretty Up Your Profile 2.0 (Beginner) by Gasara
Shiny gems Realistic gemstone tutorial - Paint Tool SAI by longestdistance
Brilliant tutorial on folds and cloth How to Draw Cloth - The Basics by JaneMere
Awesome lighting Exercise 17: Cast Shadows by ConceptCookie
more Light and shadow (  Video Tutorial ) by yuchenghong
This video is how to use brushes  Basic Brush tutorial video by sandara 
My brushes by sandara

People ask me how i got to draw good hands. And the truth is i tried following many tutorials but nothing stuck. I just couldn't comprehend hands. So what i did was keep drawings hands after photos and that worked, i eventually got better.
This is a website you can use. It has many many hand references, in great poses
It also has feet, animals and figure drawing as well. 
If you're the type that understands anatomy from tutorials good for you. I found it doesn't work for me. Not as good as i hoped, or as good as the other tutorials helped me comprehend folds for example. But combining tutorials with practicing from photos worked. :D

There are more tutorials but many artists have archived them so they're no longer available for view. 
I actually saved many tutorials on my computer and have this huge library of them for easy access. I am an art hoarder ouo

So, a question for you.
What tutorial influenced you as an artist? Links please!

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Summer Artist Feature

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 27, 2015, 3:47 PM

Heart If you like this feature please add it to your +favs ! Heart

So a few weeks ago, I asked some people to show me their best work and I would do daily features of some of the artists that I feel may not have the exposure that they deserve. 
I will feature about 10-15 artist. I hope you guys like the artist and their works and will go give them some love! And if you like their stuff, watch! 

Today's featured artist is :iconavvyraptor: 
Avvyraptor is an artist based in Bulgaria. She is an active member of Deviantart, Instagram, and tumblr to name a few. Her commissions are open and she is incredibly talented, and her work is fun and inspiring!  

Princesses by Avvyraptor 
yeh by Avvyraptor
Commission Riehimee by Avvyraptor
Sheets by Avvyraptor
Derp by Avvyraptor
Marceline by Avvyraptor

Skin by SimplySilent
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Art Feature #1

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 27, 2015, 8:22 AM
Comm - Jayie by Meorow

Art by Meorow


Naranya-and-Kiri by TovioRogers

Art by TovioRogers


Pony at sunset by Hunternif

Art by Hunternif


Vagabond of Another Kind by Sakuyamon

Art by Sakuyamon


Pokemon: Cool-Type Haruka (May) by makaroll410

Art by makaroll410


White Butterfly (Draw to Adopt) by xWhiteDreamsx

Art by xWhiteDreamsx


Why are you so sad? by Dr-F0x

Art by Dr-F0x


Two sides of one girl by Sakuyamon

Art by Sakuyamon


Planet Carmellion by MTToto

Art by MTToto


Day 19 - 30 Day Art Improvement (Hell) Challenge by Kaizoku-hime

Art by Kaizoku-hime


Keydis Lysistrata by lires

Art by lires


Ayana Fujisawa and Edmond Dantes as her Stand by Taco-Yaki

Art by Taco-Yaki


Decypher by Lemon-Lark

Art by Lemon-Lark


FE14 - sketchy choices by polarityplus

Art by polarityplus


Night Wolves by LaercioMessias

Art by LaercioMessias


Part of me [with SpeedPaint] by Wilvarin-Liadon

Art by Wilvarin-Liadon


Grey Markers Spidey and Gwen by dekarogue

Art by dekarogue


Sadness by TheArtrix

Art by TheArtrix


Tooth-mander by DaniDL

Art by DaniDL


Woods by Sally-Jackson

Art by Sally-Jackson


My Little Pony Princess Luna from Build a Bear by Shimmlight

Art by Shimmlight


Dogsong by tigerkitty1234

Art by :devtigerkitty1234.:


Monofire without hook and eyepatch by Leliana-Umbreona

Art by Leliana-Umbreona


Lil Flutters by Eclast

Art by Eclast


Foxtrot by Ion1c

Art by Ion1c


Space baby by TVCranium

Art by TVCranium


Mountain 1 by Solisuper

Art by Solisuper


Water dragon by Agidko

Art by Agidko


Smile for the camera by John-Bainter

Art by John-Bainter


jellyfish by AnnSpencil

Art by AnnSpencil


||Ashes by foxiIy

Art by foxiIy


2015 024 by Psychomessiahs

Art by Psychomessiahs


Silent wings by ShinyHeels

Art by ShinyHeels


Banned cave by Springtrap6788

Art by Springtrap6788


Knightquest Armor by azraelknightquest

Art by azraelknightquest


The royal evil sisters (my version) by AugieDoggie-Fan-92

Art by AugieDoggie-Fan-92


trade by Koteikiow

Art by Koteikiow


-Listening to Music- by lSweetPillow

Art by lSweetPillow


Omg, flying lollipop! by AwesomeDashie

Art by AwesomeDashie


To the real world by Unknown-Artist99

Art by Unknown-Artist99


Chapter 9: Cautious Advancement by ZAFTs-Prince

Art by ZAFTs-Prince


Yuka Reference Sheet (Casual Outfit) by Noah-x3

Art by Noah-x3


Mew by Shadowdragon1542

Art by Shadowdragon1542


digilivepaintfin by StefanThompson

Art by StefanThompson


Imperial Fist Space Marine by N-Y-O

Art by N-Y-O


The Healing Waters by Aeirmid

Art by Aeirmid


ArcaneConstructV by Rubisko

Art by Rubisko


Waiting for you by yuuta-apple

Art by yuuta-apple


Commission - Benno - IrishNosey by Invader-Zimmerman

Art by Invader-Zimmerman


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A journal by niklin1.

You can find part 1 of this story HERE!

On Friday night Jan got to work gathering some more streetie friends for the Saturday photo-walk. We met up at 11 am at Oxford Circus. The line-up was me, Jan = lightdrafter, Noah = noahsamuelmosko and their friends Peter Matus and Zdenek Lesovsky. Peter and Zdenek are not on dA, but on Flickr.

SAM 6411 fs by niklin1
Meeting at Oxford Circus. Jan left, Noah far center and Peter right.

2015-07-street-  0002 by niklin1
At the pub. From left to right: Niklas, Zdenek, Peter and Jan. Photo: Noah.

After a short time talking at a pub, we walked to nearby The Photographers' Gallery and saw the current exhibitions. It's free and it was a nice start of the day!

SAM 6453 fs by niklin1
Jan in action 'round the corner from the Gallery.

The photo-walk proper started and here are two of my shots:
Hair in Face by niklin1     English Bulldog by niklin1

After about an hour it was time for some much needed replenishing of fluid levels.  ;-)  It was a hot day. I promise!

SAM 6549 fs by niklin1
Zdenek at the second pub...

SAM 6547 fs by niklin1
Jan and Peter.

2015-07-street-  0014 by niklin1
Me and Jan. Photo: Noah.

2015-07-street-  0021 2000px by niklin1
Yes I Can. That's me shooting!  Photo: Noah.

But in this case, the result is...well...not all shots come out good.
SAM 6641 fs by niklin1

Here's Noah working the same crossing or maybe the next:

SAM 6648 fs by niklin1

Noah tells me he wasn't too pleased with this result either...

2015-07-street-  0023 by niklin1

2015-07-street-  0024 by niklin1
Here's Jan caught in the act by Noah:

11724948 10206565882281700 1599427403 O by niklin1
And here's Jan's resulting shot.

Another two of mine:
Man in Cap by niklin1     Zero Percent by niklin1

SAM 6915 fs by niklin1
Peter Matus.

2015-07-street-  0037 by niklin1
Jan in action. Forever and always. Photo: Noah.

SAM 6951 fs by niklin1
Noah and Jan prowling Trafalgar Square.

SAM 7077 fs by niklin1
The sign says "No Loading" and yet here we are getting loaded!

SAM 7125 fs by niklin1
We came upon a stag party and the three of us shot away!

Bride To Be by niklin1
This is Jan's pic.

Unfortunately, Noah's shot didn't work out.

2015-07-street-  0030 by niklin1
This passage with the mirrored ceiling must have been made with us photographers in mind! Photo: Noah.

Musketeers by niklin1
Photo: Jan.

Two more of mine:
Matilda by niklin1      Guy in Green by niklin1

SAM 7176 fs by niklin1
The Boys on Regent Street.

10644725 10205747405177007 4678601086361863445 O by niklin1
One last round before hugs goodbyes and rushing off to the train!


Sunday was rest day with regards to SP, but on Monday me and Jan met up for one more short photo walk. Jan showed me some very nice places for street photography around City Hall and Borough Market.

SAM 8185 fs by niklin1
Light which is good enough for an SP style portrait...

At City Hall by niklin1
....should be good enough for some SP!?

Here are two more from my camera on the Monday:
Warmth by niklin1      A Smoke and a Chat by niklin1

SAM 8201 fs by niklin1
Good luck on your spin around the globe, Jan!  :-)
Everybody follow his blog from the trip HERE!


Focal Point 3

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 6:11 AM by Astrikos:iconastrikos:
This feature series aims to highlight the works of under-appreciated artists. If you like what you see,
please visit  their galleries and show them some love!  :dalove:
Also, please :+fav: this :eyes:, that way, the artists get more exposure!

Previous Focal Points
Focal Point 1
Focal Point 2


Soup-plz's gallery is gorgeous. Full of vivid, polished digital art. 
Apple by Soup-plz
Horns of Crystal by Soup-plz
Purple by Soup-plz


ScribalWriter has a wonderful gallery full of beautiful, colorful, and truly creative art. 
Fire Water by ScribalWriter

Swan Song by ScribalWriter

Pug in a Hammock by ScribalWriter


r-lilie's gallery has beautiful traditional pieces, full of realism and beautiful, muted color palettes. 

Play by r-lilie
Dance of death in oil by r-lilie
Pegasus by r-lilie


PaxAeternum dazzles you with minimal, eye catching design as well as detailed drawings.
Deeper Down by PaxAeternumA World inside my Head-1 by PaxAeternum

I Wake Up at Twilight by PaxAeternum


mixamylo deserves more than 1 watcher, as her gallery consists of beautifully detailed line drawings full of creativity. 
I'm Here Somewhere by mixamylo

that was then by mixamylo

detail - around the nothingness by mixamylo


jimitux's photography is beautiful, showcasing his excellent control over his camera. 
Green Waves by jimitux
Val d'Orcia #4 by jimitux
When a Fire Starts to Burn by jimitux

Thanks for looking! Please consider showing your support for these artists by visiting their galleries! 

Peace out, 

CSS by Astrikos

Daily Fractal Feature 28th July 2015

Tue Jul 28, 2015, 5:42 AM

On a daily basis we, at :icondailyfractalfeatures:, aim to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community. We are proud to feature today's Daily Fractal Feature! You can show your support by +favloveing this article.

aartika-fractal-art  :iconaartika-fractal-art: from her ID
"aartika-fractal-art has been working with fractals since 1999, initially Tierazon & Sterlingware, now almost exclusively with Ultra Fractal; occasionally with Apophysis and Xenodream."

Eifiona by aartika-fractal-art

Ice and Fire by aartika-fractal-art Daybreak by aartika-fractal-art Magic Circles 57 by aartika-fractal-art Edge of a Cliff by aartika-fractal-art

anyzamarah   :iconanyzamarah: from her ID
"Hi all, I'm a fractal artist since autumn 2011 and I really LOVE this stuff! Love
I've learned so much here on dA. Without all the tutorials, parameters and tips written by other artists I would never have been able to understand fractal structures - and even to create my own type of fractal art!
Thank you so much all! Heart Hug Heart "

Dancing All Night by Anyzamarah

Lost In Thought by Anyzamarah Show Your True Colors by Anyzamarah Cinderella's Satin Gown by Anyzamarah Deal Gently With You by Anyzamarah

judson-cottrell :iconjudson-cottrell: from his ID
"Finally and thanks to the heavens, I'm once again able to dig deep into the fractal universe to discover new things not seen before. Went without a decent computer for a year and it drove me a bit more crazier than before. Aside from some health conditions I've acquired over the past two years, memory loss was the big one. I'm happily re-discovering some of the techniques I think I used but it's all good. Can always add new ones too. Stay tuned folks."

Eye of Hurricane by Judson-Cottrell

Blazing Amber by Judson-Cottrell The Electoral College Selects Our Victor by Judson-Cottrell Wood Shop by Judson-Cottrell Mirage By Moonlight by Judson-Cottrell

janhein :iconjanhein: from his ID
"Since about 10 years I create digital art. More specifically I create digital collages, manipulating computer-generated fractal images and sometimes photos. I'm interested in the hidden realities behind our every-day-life-experiences. Fractals often seem to express or describe these realities."

Fractal intruder causing turmoil by janhein

Fractal Usurpation by janhein It seems to be funny, somehow by janhein Misty morning by janhein Meeting of the Board in 7th Heaven by janhein

ronbennett :iconronbennett: from his ID
"I was born in Newfoundland, Canada, February 19, 1967, and grew up in the small fishing town of St. Paul's Inlet on the Northern Peninsula. Attended Greavette Memorial High School in the nearby town of Cow Head and later, the Corner Brook campus of Memorial University. Moved to Toronto in 1986. Began doing creative and digital art in 1999."

Colour Collage by ronbennett

Fractal 19 by ronbennett Field of Flowers by ronbennett The Early Universe by ronbennett Dark Desires by ronbennett

For more information, including how to suggest a deviation to be featured, please visit us at DailyFractalFeatures.

There is an ongoing donation pool for :icondailyfractalfeatures: & :iconfractal-resources: to become SuperGroups over on :icondeadened-glow:'s page! We are still looking for more Co-Founders to help out with our daily features. Please take a look at the details on our Home page. DailyFractalFeatures

Don't forget to enter our current challenge  Flower Festival 2015Hi all  Flower 
For the months of July into early September we are running a Flowers Challenge. We know that many of you enjoy making this type of fractal and hope that lots of you will take the time to make something pretty. Flowers can be generated in most if not all fractal software.  For instance Ultra Fractal, Apophysis and Mandelbuld 3D maybe Incendia and Chaotica, Frax even.  I don't have user knowledge of a lot of fractal software so will be guided by you, but please.... no manipulations.  Show off you skills with Raw Fractals.  I guess an exception would be Light Maps used for colour and with DIFS.
UF users might want to explore the flower shapes in RKB.ulb, though I know there are lots of other ways to make flowers. and if any one knows a good tut for Apo flowers then do leave us a comment and I'll add it to the detailsFlower Bullet (DarkTurq) - F2U! 
 and our affiliate group :iconfractal-love: is also holding a Desert Themed Contest. Please visit the group for more details.

Another affiliate :iconxtremefractals: is holding a fractal manipulation contest. Details here: Fractal Manipulation ContestRecently we ran a journal featuring fractal manipulations.   Here's the natural follow-up to that - a Fractal Manipulation Contest!
The Rules
 • Entries must be a fractal that has been manipulated.  There are many ways - see the journal for ideas & techniques.
 • Entries must be posted to the fractal manipulation category - here on Deviant Art.
 • Entries must have been posted on or after the date of this announcement.
 • Only two entries per member allowed.
 • Only entries submitted to the Contest Gallery will be eligible.
 • It would be greatly appreciated - but not required - that you mention this contest in y

Feature Prepared by :iconfractalholic:. Be safe and have a great day! :squee: :hug:

Created at Modified by Fractalholic
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if nobody reads this i might not post it at all 0-0 please comment color or not tho, I'd greatly appreciate it
Keep in Mind that This Groupe is only for good quality pictures

So unless your draw is decent enough there is no need to upload it

Also this message is for the contributros don't just Accept any picture people submit

If you Don't have enough experience with art Just Leave it for Me Or Kana Or Junkunium

now that said have a good day/night :)

The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a feature here, showing off some of the deviations in your gallery, that I like most.
In turn you must submit a journal like this, and give Howlinkiro the first slot of the 10 features!  (also give ME one plz <33333 one))))
"The idea is not to get a free feature, but spread the art around to everyone on DA to enjoy and love!"

1- :iconhowlinkiro:
<da:thumb id="541389545"/><da:thumb id="541784903"/>


4- :



Hello to all members of TraditionalPainting,

My name is Elsa, I'm from Portugal and this is a quick note to let you know that I have become the Founder of this lovely group.
On the next days I'll be organizing this group and the submissions will be open as usual.

I have other four groups that will be affiliated with this one, and the 5 will work together.

You may have interest in:

:iconsoulcollectors: Soulcollectors accepts all drawings and paintings (traditional and digital art);

:iconthefavouriteshowcase: TheFavouriteShowcase accepts all art, except literature;


:iconallartsupport: AllArtSupport accepts all art, except literature.

If you like photography you may also like :iconglobal-photos: Global-Photos accepts all photography and photomanipulation.

All deviants are welcome to join these groups and submit their art, neither of the 4 groups are elitist, we really like your artistic vision and effort at trying to be the best.

Stay tuned for the upcoming contests and challenges:

:star: TheFavouriteShowcase opens the next challenge (prizes in points) on the 1st September (all media) with the theme TREES and LEAVES - more info here thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

:star: AllArtSupport has a contest going on until the 30th August and you, as affiliated member, can participate - see all about it here <da:thumb id="542868142"/>

We :heart: to feature your work!



And you may find lovely paintings in all these groups:






Thank you very much to the previous Founder of TraditionalPainting :

No-2B :iconno-2b:


and to the administrators who are helping: