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Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Writing Tips

If you enjoy the otherworldly, JosephBlakeParker has provided these tips for writing in the supernatural genre.

Koala by Lolly1123

Australia Pimps Its Koalas

Australia has just loaned four koalas to Singapore zoo. The four Koalas named Paddle, Chan, Pellita and Idalia are vacationing for six months as part of Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence.

Lee Kuan Yew 3 by Timothy-Sim

Inside Photojournalism

Timothy-Sim is a pictures editor at the Reuters Global Picture Desk in Singapore and In this journal, he shares his experiences in this field.

The Colonel is Back

Seemingly taking a cue from McDonalds recent ressurection of The Hamburglar, Kentucky Fried Chicken has announced that it will be re-employing the iconic Colonel Sanders in it's attempt to refresh the fast-food chain. What do you think about these recent efforts by the chains? Hit or miss?

Interstellar Dog Fight by johnsonting

Get to Know a Deviant

Johnson Ting aka johnsonting, is a professional video game artist who has worked with companies like Activision, Infinity Ward, Black Tusk and Square Enix. His gallery is filled with amazing concept art and we've chosen to feature Interstellar Dog Fight because it puts you directly in the cockpit of the ship. Be sure to view it in full-resolution so you can appreciate the insane amount of detailing involved.

Nickelback by NickyToons

Nickelback Wanted by Police

The Queensland Police Department shared a wanted poster which claimed that the, often ridiculed band Nickelback, was wanted for Crimes Against Music and stated that listening to their music could be "hazardous to your hearing and street cred". We believe the kids refer to this as - shots fired.

Black Black Heart by yuumei

Big Oil Giveaway

An eight mile long oil slick formed off the coast of southern California in the US, after an onshore pipeline, owned by Plains All American Pipeline, ruptured. Early estimates are that 21 thousand gallons of oil leaked before it was shut off, but we all remember Shell giving early estimates on the Gulf spill that proved to be just a fraction of what was leaked. The major concern is for the wildlife, especially sea lions, that frequent the area this time of year.

dolphin by LiquidSnake81

A Leap in the Right Direction

Japan's aquariums promised Wednesday to stop acquiring dolphins captured during the Taiji hunt. The bloody hunt, which was depicted in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, happens annually and allows hunters licenses to kill up to 2,000 dolphins. It is speculated that this move could be integral in ending the dolphin hunts as the price for the meat doesn't provide enough monentary incentive but selling dolphins to aquariums and marine shows has been very lucrative.

Anatomy by ReneCampbellArt

The Art of Life

In this journal, @ sinistrosephosphate, introduces us to the art of biomedical communications, or medical illustrations. It's a fascinating look into this, often overlooked, artistic field.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series - Biot Drone by joeymasonart

USA, Space Spy

So one minute the US government is saying we are out of the Space Race and then the next minute they're flying secret space missions in their new secret X-37B space drone. Is this a new partnership between the US government and US corporations? Spying on the rest of the world on behalf of those that get them elected? Surely not.

Lady Gaga by LianneC


Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar collaborated on an album in 2012 but no tracks were ever released. Now someone has released some of it to the internet. Should you be at all curious, here is the link.

workshop by conronca

Six Word Story Workshop: Titles

Every two weeks, the group at SixWordStories hosts a new workshop and this latest one focuses on titiles. Take a look and learn more about this interested literary format.

Water by Fabryart93

"Drought Shaming" Is  A Thing

With many on America's west coast panicking that their gardens won't be lush and green all summer, someone has released an app to make it easier to 'Drought Shame' your neighbors and even celebrities who aren't doing their part to preserve the ever dwindling water supply to the great state of California. Kim Kardasian, Jennifer Lopez and Barbara Streisland have all been outed as water wasters. While there is no evidence that watering gardens has any effect in the grand scheme of things, people are trying to do what they can to preserve whatever water they can. Fracking and water bottling still continues.

Gay Cats by Nanaki-de-Leon

Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum

This Friday, Ireland is having a national referendum to decide if the rights of gay couples to marry should be made part of the national constitution. Early signs seem to favor the country adopting this policy. Ireland is the first country to put it to a national vote. While the country has been seen as very conservative, homosexuality was only decrimilinalized in 1993, the current government seems intent on bravely tackling some thorny issues to lead it away from its conversative past.

Food by imaginee

In the Forums

Lady-Blue wants to know what kinds of food or candy you love that you can't get in your country. Share your illicit food love in this forum

Thorns by DestinyBlue

Happy Birthday

Today we wish a special day to DestinyBlue, a professional artist out of the UK, who has been a member of DeviantArt for 11 years! Be sure to check out her gallery and if you're feeling like getting your markers out, she has a special folder of lineart she offers up for you to color.

Weekly Feature 03

Journal Entry: Fri May 22, 2015, 2:18 AM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Birds :D
  • Eating: pear, blue berries and banana

Adventures around dA I

Thu May 21, 2015, 7:11 PM

Lately, I've been trading llamas. I am not sure what the big idea about it is, but a lot insist on saying thank you. Therefore, I had a small deal running on my page. 

Instead of a thank you, tell me something random or link to art/music etc

And I've had the chance to meet a lot of amazingly talented people through this simple deal. So here's a feature, to all of those who took a moment to go through my page instead of blindly slapping a thank you for the llama and the corresponding comments that were left accordingly. 

Adventures around DeviantArt Volume I

So, you will be my host through the short lines, huh? I hate long lines & I must say, you do have a great name :D (Big Grin) So, you fight the dark in the world by emitting rainbows & smiles :) (Smile) You battle the worst of inner demons- I get it, sooo much. Fight for anti-discrimination- yep! Only I tend to get mad about it and am not always real I know you already? DA can be confusing Confused   
Sun Trusting by jules-101Mark I - Homeless by jules-101Speed Parenting by jules-101

First, thank you for the llama.  Second, your description touched me.  Death touched me a couple of years ago, but I persevered.  Infections threatened to do me in.  Seizures tried to take hold of my life, but I fought to keep my mind and my soul.  Yes, keep fighting.  The will to live was born into us all, but some succumb to despair.  I, luckily, am not one of them.  But I know what depression can do to a person.  You bring hope with your words and release of your spirit in your art.  Keep going.  Thank you for noticing my work.  I hope it brings joy in its colors and designs.  
Mosaic Medallion by Manndacity
Modern Art by Manndacity
Ants in the Flower Bed by Manndacity

Thank you for the llama! And thank you for being so nice! Meow :3 ~Heart

I would love a feature??? Meow :3 haha I got no idea what I'm doing

The Evolution of Link- My First StylusIRL Drawing! by KeroStudio
Sidney by KeroStudio
And I would like to recommend :icontheawkwardsilence: They're really good :P (Lick)

Also, I love Twenty|One|Pilots, and if you don't listen to them or don't know who they are, I recommend Tear in My Heart.

It's a really sweet song, and his then-fiance now wife is in it. They just got married after the music video was finished Heart And he is depressed so I'm happy for him, you know~

Thank you so much!
Sharpie Girl by KeroStudio

I like fairies and Disney movies. I also love chocolate. 
I think you should watch me because I have wonderful writing skills that I need to employ more often. 

And because I would feel bad if I didn't thank you somehow- Thanks for the llama!
Commission- Water FunAmy's father drove the car into the parking lot of the water park and they all got out. Amy was happy to be free of the confined back seat of their little compact. She had be smushed in between Alex and the window. Th window wasn't so bad, but a teenage guy? Well, he liked Tina and Tina was sitting in the front seat (lucky her), unfortunately she didn't know he liked her. Can someone say oblivious? North had claimed the other back seat window. Tina and Alex spent most of the ride talking while Compass Boy ignored her attempted to talk to him. Boys are oblivious too. Focusing back on the water park, she heard her friends go quiet. All of them staring at the slides above the entrance gate, mouths hanging open. She imagined she looked the same.
"Do you all grab your bags?" Her dad asked.
"Mom would kill me if I didn't have my sunscreen," Alex said holding up his blue string back pack proudly. The other three simply held up their bags.
"Sunscreen, suit, sun glasses, money, trail mix- oh, i
Ann is a black were-cat, a partial shape-shifter, and greatly feared by the human inhabitants of Celan. She is a Myth, the humans believe things are true or false, proven by science or it doesn't exist. Ann is neither.
While she was eating scrapes out of a compost bin in mid-May on her 7th birthday she discovered why she was feared. A dog had come up behind her so she followed her instincts and jumped up on a fence. When the flea-ridden thing had tried to follow he landed in a trash can. Ann was angry that the dog had interrupted her birthday feast. She hissed at him or she meant to. Fire had come out instead! She hiccuped in surprise and scampered home.
"Grace!" she cried when she reached the safety of their attic, "Where's Mom?"
"On the roof, Ann. What's the rush?" her older sister stopped giving herself a bath and looked up in surprise, but Ann was already on the roof.
"Mom!" she cried again.
"Yes, Ann?"
"Something strange just happened!"
"Oh, a funny look?"
"No! I felt
The woman coughed as she fled the ruins with a baby on her back. The baby was crying, but she didn't have time to stop and comfort it. Hopefully the baby would remember nothing of the destruction that tore her family from her. As the old woman ran, she whispered a spell, the baby became quiet showing the spell had done its job. She whispered another and pressed her hand to the baby's chest. She gasped as the energy left her to feed the protection spell on the baby, she staggered to the side a little and kept running, the urge to get the baby to safety almost overwhelming. She found a depilated apartment building that emanated protection spells. She jumped to the top, even without being in her other form she was quite powerful, knowing that if anyone was there that she wanted they'd be on the roof. There a young woman sat gazing at the sky, she said, "I wondered when someone would come, I saw the destruction, but I didn't see when."
The old woman said, "This child will need pro

Something random? Here it goes: 
I have a 38-string celtic harp. It was a surprise present on my 19th birthday from my parents. I call it Rosetta. However, I don't play it as often as I would like. Life gets complicated and throws responsibilities at your face demanding to be your priority. I hope to spend time practicing my harp this summer.

Also I would just like to comment about your bio, I read it all the way through and I felt I should tell you that it made me smile. You have a wonderful view of yours hopes, dreams, and future and I applaud your courage to fighting the good fight! I agree smiles do save lives to so I'm sending one your way! :) (Smile) 

Swordsman by Shava-Wayward

DragonsSpire by Shava-Wayward
Tree Study by Shava-Wayward

I know youd rather i didnt say but thank you for the llama! ^^, and, i guess the random thing id tell you is that i love art ^^, i enjoy drawing painting etc but i use multi media x3, i recently began a mosaic art piece, and plan on making stained glass as well in the future when i understand how ^^. Again, thanks for the llama! x3
Time And Effort by Midnight303

New Fursona! Mabel : 2015 - 2016 by Midnight303
The Things That Make Us Happy Glow Brighter... by Midnight303

hey i dropped by to thank you for a llama but i looked at your page and it's so cool. I love you bio cause i can understand how you feel and it moved me. Also the fact your a really popular artist but you still take the time to help other artist to get noticed, i think that's amazing. Cause you don't see that with other popular artist.  So keep being awesome.
Random fact- my username isn't my real name. It was a friend of mine in elementary school. Sense then i have always been kkayla but with variations.
also check out my gallery i you have time :) (Smile)

Dragon tatto by kkayla3
Flower tatoo by kkayla3

Quilava by kkayla3

I love what you're doing here and I may return to join the cause. As for your lit, I'm definitely interested and will most like read it soon  I appreciate the llama and of course return it. Hug Blessed be Black Rose

Cerulean Welcome ID by Cerulean-Wings
Blazen Blitz by Cerulean-Wings
.:Commission:. Diana Solis by Cerulean-Wings

Hi, I'm Raven and I happen to love "Alfajores" but I just found out they don't exist outside my country an I think that's really sad u.u
Any way, cool profile, come check out mine! follow me if you like cosplay, I just opened mi account and I promise to upload my best work soon. Follow me so you won't miss it!
raven n.n
Akali All Star by MissBlackRaven

Akali All Star by MissBlackRaven
Akali All Star by MissBlackRaven

Hello! I'm just a tumbling, bumbling, socially awkward girl who just loves doodling. I sometimes have a hard time paying attention so doodling definitely helps =) (Smile) 
If you would like to, can look at my page if you want to see more ^_^ 
By the way, your fractal art is absolutely amazing! I haven't had a chance to read your poems but your fractal art is definitely eye-catching. Keep up the great work! 

Notebook Doodles #9 - Swirly Patterns by The-Artist-Incognito
Doodle Clock by The-Artist-Incognito
Expecto Patronum by The-Artist-Incognito

Whelp read the side do here goes. I do youtube videos and make all my own art for it as silly as they may be. Not looking for critiques or anything since I know they aren't the best looking things in the world but there ya go! :) (Smile)
Okari Scared by Okarikins
Chibi Okari To The Moon Style by Okarikins
To stand above all by Okarikins

Thank ye kindly for bestowing unto me thine Llama,
Fun Fact: many people don't pay very much attention to the signs lying leftwards

Let's see, something random? 
I once wrestled my Dog (an Alaskan Malamute) off of an Indian Peacock whilst they were fighting underneath a pickup truck. don't worry, they're both fine.
on a side note I do believe that may be the first time the two species have ever made physical contact in the history of time immemorial. :D (Big Grin)

Also Music! hmm here's something obscure.…
Yes you have to listen to the whole thing. it's worth it.

May I be so bold as to suggest these for featurin'? :) (Smile)
Who lives in a Pineapple under the sea? by DeanLeoWinchester
FTL Interstellar Night Shift by DeanLeoWinchester
Snake Eyes and Stormshadow by DeanLeoWinchester

Hi, something random about my art is that I just started doing original work and am aiming to create works that reflect me :3 (Also, to improve drastically in creating backgrounds). That is a little about me and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Happy Easter!  by MisguidedNightingale

Mimi by MisguidedNightingale
Kitsune by MisguidedNightingale

Hi! I'm from the UK too! Woop woop XD
Your profile is really inspirational, thank you for leading me here, I really hope we can be friends! 
Girl with wolf revamped by ilovezombiesxxx

Smoke ( revamped) by ilovezombiesxxx
Stuff I'm working on  by ilovezombiesxxx

Your texts made me dream. Ty so much <3
Child of FogChild of fog, born in the perpetual greyness of life, nobody never posed an eye on you. Flexible and nimble, you mope in the intoxicating vappes of your melancholic home. Child of fog, you are the only one who know how to disappear when the rain starts to fall. No one see you but like everybody else your hair is entangled of heavy droplets of remorse. Child of fog, your skin never knew the caress of sun. You are pale, as pale as everything around you. What would you become, child of fog, if the star of your land had not delighted your person of light? You would probably be still hidden in the depths of the vaporous slicks and none could have foreseen the sparkling tear wich makes beat your heart.
PromisesBlood pact, race pact, honor pact... Your tormented life is nothing but promises, although you may be unable to keep them. No matter the ink, whether blood, tears or flame; It will disappear before leaving its mark, and no one will ever believe in your cunning words. Enfant de BrumeEnfant de brume, né dans la grisaille perpétuelle de la vie, personne n'a jamais posé les yeux sur toi. Souple et agile, tu te morfonds dans les vapes enivrantes de ton mélancolique chez toi. Enfant de brume, tu es le seul à savoir disparaître quand la pluie commence à tomber. Nul ne te vois, mais, comme tout autre, tes cheveux s'empêtrent de gouttelettes lourdes de remords. Enfant de brume, ta peau n'a jamais connu la caresse du soleil. Tu es pâle, pâle comme tout ce qui t'entoure. Que serais-tu donc devenu, enfant de brume, si l'astre de ta terre n'avait délecté ta personne de lumière? Tu serais probablement encore caché dans les profondeurs des nappes vaporeuses et aucun n'aurait pu entrevoir la larme étincelante qui fait battre ton cœur. 

Thanks for the fave, my friend! :happybounce: Means a lot!

Also, in accordance with your deal to the left; did you know that strawberries aren't actually berries? Yet bananas are in the berry family?

I thought I might as well say that, as well there isn't very much to tell about myself other than the fact that I'm a 'good' writer and wanna-be-author and photographer.

Hands Of The VotersPolitics is a strange and alien world filled with shouting and false promises.
Like a broken mirror, thousands of faces show representing one, fire filled character.
Each one promising the moon, sun and all the stars in the sky yet when in power;
Do nothing but argue to the point of their words being nothing but toys on their so called supporters.
Politics can mould a person, rot them to their core till they are no more than an egotistical suit with nothing more than a camera happy face.
We do not know them, we think we do, but not really.
Now I’m not saying that they don’t work hard, they are arguing and causing trouble for us, but do we stop and think about how this began?
No, we don’t, we have bought their words and false promises.
Watched them try to bring the crowds together with a mass of fanfares and free stuff like bees to honey.
Complained and grumbled like the cold hearted people about how government have destroyed something that could have been good.
When a
Past And Present. A Link Between WorldsHe must have been a great hero,
One loved by many,
To be pictured here in glory,
To be looked upon like art,
His tales are known across all the lands,
Great myths and legends,
Mine are still young and unsettled,
Mine are new and modern,
We came from the same place,
Lived very similar lives,
Taken a sword and shield against our will,
Taken a trip across two entire worlds,
I look upon his painted face,
Wondering where the scars are,
I’ve had my fears and doubts,
I’ve had foes crush my soul to bleed,
He seems so powerful in the brushstrokes,
Fighting for the greater good,
I’m glad to be able to see these paintings,
I’m glad to be in my own.
It Can Change A PersonThe gaming world is powerful,
It can change a person,
Allowing growth in human kind,
Listen to our voices shout out,
It can change a person,
The music rings in our ears strong,
Orchestral, beautiful and loud,
It can change a person,
Let the shivers roll down your spine,
Learn lessons from pixels thousands,
It can change a person,
Living through their many hardships,
The community grows stronger,
It can change a person,
And the characters with them too,
I was hidden in a brick wall,
It can change a person,
Games showed bravery beyond means,
Through their hardships, they continue,
It can change a person,
Their stories told thousands of times,
We all have a story to tell,
It can change a person,
Allow it to change a person,
Games gave me my confidence back,
It can change a person,
It changed me back to me again,
The many adventures I had,
It can change a person,
Many were behind screens you see,
I learned courage and confidence,
It changed a person, me,
That is my story, what is yours?

You know what ? My internet is jumpy too. But I discovered one thing. The connexion is actually good into my cellar. So I type this from here. °v°

What ? No, I'm not nutty. 

Oh, and please take this llama.

You should definitely come see my page if you're in lack of little plushie dolls clothed in victorian style. :3
Have a good day!
Keep standing Alice! by LeinaIsDreamingSharon and Ada plushies by LeinaIsDreaming
Sharon and Alice2 by LeinaIsDreaming

Well in exchange for the llama, I'll tell you something about my art (as you suggested :) (Smile) ). 

I just draw and paint for fun, it's a hobby, a way to tell my friends and family that I care about them (usually I just do pictures for them, only a few for myself). I don't want to be a professional as to be this my job, but in skills I would like to get somewhere near. So I just practice when I have time because in the future I want to make illustrations for my writings and storys in the way as I see them in my head. For that I need to improve a lot.
So basically I'm here on dev to learn and enjoy the art of others :) (Smile)

And also I gave back a llama, 'coz you know, it's dangerous to go alone!

Dooshite... by Rekorin
Hunger by Rekorin
Steampunk elf by Rekorin

</span>So, instead of thanking you for the llama, I:
1: was intrigued by your profile, when I have a little time I'm reading it through and maybe I'll suggest you something to feature on your page;
2: faved some of your breathtaking fractals (again, when I have a little time, I'll read some of your texts and check better your gallery);
3: tried to use one of your buttons (I don't understand why it doesn't want to work);
4: tell you something about me: "I believe in spreading the love through dA. Recently I had to lower a little my involvement in all this, because life out of dA requires more focus from me. But I love this site, met wonderful people here, and it gave me the chance of showing a beautiful part of myself through art. There's more love than what it seems, in the world."

Georgie Before the Wedding by Rubina1970

Oh, Dear by Rubina1970
Happy Birthday, SallyandMe by Rubina1970

0 im random <oWo>
1 i like to RP.
2 i love the snow but hate the cold.
3 my Sona is a feral cat, in real life i'm Allergic to dogs and cats.
4 dyslexia keep me from sounding in. . .intelle . . smart.
Levi by The8thStarArc
A song for a jelly by The8thStarArc
Egg Care by The8thStarArc

i think it's really awesome that you're dedicating your time to raising awareness about issues society tends to be really touchy about! when i'm free again, i'll definitely drop by to look at your literature (because yAY ~*~PROSE AND POETRY~*~) and provide as much feedback as i could.

keep on being a great human! Heart

(wrote that instead of a thank you for the badge, heh~)

this is your life now by sumikooo

cyborg prince by sumikooo
storm dragon design by sumikooo

Saw your thing about thanking for llamas, so here's my little random thing about myself. I have a massive obsession with Angels and other myths and legends (mostly angels though). I just find the whole thing fascinating that ancient communities, that have never interacted before, can create such similar tales and folklore. 

Character: Abby by ArchangelOfWinter
Archie 2 by ArchangelOfWinter
Image by ArchangelOfWinter

Being an obedient little person, I followed ze arrow and see that you don't want to be thanked for giving me your wonderful llama. 
Being a rebel, I would like to thank you for the llama anyways~ X3
because you insist so, a little bit about me. 
I am just a lil peep who goes by the nickname of Nacho. Tis a long story as to how I got that nickname, but it is me! Lil ol' Nachie. I'm a learning digital artist who is a hardcore video game enthusiast, and a die-hard pikachu fan. :3
I love my family, my friends, and bananas. Bananas are the best. >u>
I has no musics to share, but, Lindsey Stirling is a personal favorite of mine. If you like violin and techno, I totes recommend her. Even if you don't like techno or violins, I recommend her coolio music anyways. :D (Big Grin)
Art links you say? I have a few i'm fond of, but nothing special, really. ^u^ 
I have plenty more room for improvement and shall find a way to show it eventually. :3
Now, I don't particularly like asking for watchers, but if you like my lil arts then I'll always appreciate a watch~ Of course, i'm not exceptionally great, so I understand if there's no interest. XD
Anyhow, again, thank you for sharing a llama with me. Hope I didn't throw too many words at you in return. :3

Nacho the Pikachu! 2-16-15 by JuliettaZa-L

Kyro the Time Hero by JuliettaZa-L
Destiny 3-4-15 by JuliettaZa-L

In accordance with Special Offer 3, I'm going to tell you something random instead of thanking you for the llama. (I also gave you a llama, too.)

Here goes: I don't eat Brussel sprouts because they look like the alien pods from the 1956 version of "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers." See:…

Thank you!
Cuddled Up by Valzed
Lavinia's Adoption Is Official by Valzed
Meg's Other Side by Valzed

I'm a heavy coffee drinker.

another day by Squarranwelcome to anteiku by Squarran
virtue by Squarran

Generous Deviants!

I am aiming for 3180 points this year, to give away 5 premium memberships during christmas. Thank you for all the generous artists who've donated so far::iconhyenax::iconookneko::iconnomads-of-korsun::iconsergiba::iconchimpangoat::iconjustrootinground::iconmikestevenson1955::iconc1nderellaman::iconpehpig::iconaneurysmguy::iconrashavarak::icondedeheav::iconpixiepokers::iconshilaktit::icontraffybear::iconthewacky155::iconwagmorebarkless::iconkurguardianz::icondarkeskye::iconanante::iconstuckindoors::iconl-a-g-o-l:

and here's an epic drumming video:

Design & Code by Celvas
Great many thanks to Kiam

Bring on the glitter.

Thu May 21, 2015, 7:16 AM
It came to my notice a couple of days ago that I was mentioned by Mrs-Durden in her disgustingly sweet, with even sweeter frosting journal, along with a couple of other deviants. There, she dipped our names in maple syrup, and then, rolled them in glitter. I found it a fantastic idea, so allow me to torture a wee bunch of humans in my own post.

AliceTerrarium is the chocolatest, loveliest, and most amazing ferret of them all. Considering that we are both struggling with the same illness, I can also say that she's a really brave and strong person, and I'm absolutely proud of her. So yeah, I can admit that I'm lucky that I met her, that we support each other so much. Even luckier that she's my girlfriend :grinstare:

Star Siren by AliceTerrariumValencia Bonny by AliceTerrariumWe Were Only Trying to Drown Her by AliceTerrarium

SRudy is the ultimate dork. We've been hopelessly dorking together since June 2012, where we both were dragged into the CV team by the awesome Moonbeam13. I can say that he's my best friend I've ever had, and he always brightens my day, however awful it might be. The day, I mean. Even when he's doing his usual whining "whyyy did you allow me to start another pointillism picture, Sylwia, whyyyyyyy". Too adorable. And I do that on purpose

Ruthenium - Self Portrait by SRudyRaven by SRudyDysprosium by SRudy

Sieskja is an unusual person. Friendly, positive, reliable, and I don't have to tell you how skilled she is in painting. I can say without hesitation that her paintings inspired me to pick up watercolour, and it was her that got me into art trades in the first place, an activity that I got fond of instantly. There is a lot to admire about this woman.

'Forever the fire burns in our hearts' by SieskjaLe Loup blanc by SieskjaIn a Pale Moon's Shadow by Sieskja

Mrs-Durden. Nina... how do I even explain Nina. A ferret full of surprises. The amount of work she does as a CV is nothing short of incredible, and her eagerness is overwhelming. Add to that that she's adorable, dynamic, dorky, and able to discuss dA srs bsns things just as much as participating in ridiculous GIF wars. I WIN

Amish Country by Mrs-DurdenThe melancholy of autumn by Mrs-DurdenIf only I could fly by Mrs-Durden
Glitter in your face, Nina by STelari

EvaGataArtist is probably the sweetest and kindest deviant I've ever encountered. I'm dead serious. Wherever she appears, there is so much positivity spread around that the whole place seems brighter. And her paintings are worth checking out, too.

Daenerys Targaryen and the silver by EvaGataArtistAion Nostalgia by EvaGataArtistHere-and-Now by EvaGataArtist

Brandon1920 - I'm constantly interested in what he says, and I thoroughly enjoy our conversations. There is a good deal of support involved, too, and I quite like observing his improvements in art. A truly nice human.

Bringer of Light by Brandon1920Playing With Light by Brandon1920Odin (Updated) by Brandon1920

Agaave is my fellow traditional art CV. I guided her into the whole business and introduced to its specifics. I'm happy how eager and active she is, how much incentive she has, and I'm proud of her. She's a lovely person, too!

Sweet Dreams by AgaavePurple Pasture by AgaaveLet it Snow by Agaave

KmyeChan is an endless inspiration, and a superbly kind person. I'm glad for every bit of a comment we exchange every now and then.

Coloraptus - Red by KmyeChanWrath and Thunder by KmyeChanThe Secret by KmyeChan

nati. Now that was quite a surprise to me, considering that she's always been the artist I've been admiring for a long time. And recently it appeared that it's not a one-sided attitude. Damn! She is a gorgeous, easily likeable person, and I'm happy to have encountered her.

Murdag by natiBlossom by natiAlma and the Spirits by nati

SandraHultsved is one of those that I love observing, following their progress - and there's a lot to learn from how her art has been developing. Besides this, she's a lovely person with lots of awesome ideas.

Poison - Nux Vomica by SandraHultsvedBeaktande en ros by SandraHultsvedMy imaginary life by SandraHultsved

pica-ae. The ultimate GIF empress, queen of glitter, royalty of the CV room. She's all over dA and it'd take a lot of lines to begin to explain how much she's done for the community, so I'll just say that she's a proper mixture of whatever it is to withstand my hopeless puns every week, and that is not a common trait.

Learning Calligraphy by pica-aeBlack. by pica-ae'I know I am mad' - Dali Quote by pica-ae

Moonbeam13 is just what her favourite character is named, a Wonder Woman. She does such unimaginable amount of work in here, like babysitting guiding our CV team... and that's just one part of all she takes care of. 

DeevElliott must posses and incredible amount of patience, considering dealing with my usually ridiculous timings... all while being a kind and understanding guy.

beeinthebottle is forever my favourite dA poet... and one of my favourite ones in general. I actually got more into poetry after reading her outstanding pieces. She's a superb, strong person.

Aeirmid contains an amount of care that is poking the upper limit beyond understanding. She was quite helpful to me when my illness was in the worst phase and I won't forget that.

Astralseed. That is Katy the Fabulous. She's a Titan in dA's history, a long-term amazing CV, and an even more amazing person.

erinclaireb is adorable, supportive, kind, and uplifting - I'm always glad to talk with her.

And there are so, so, so many more that I should mention here...

It's remarkable how many outstanding people I've met on dA - and being the extreme introvert I am, they are pretty much the most awesome people I've ever met anywhere in general. So yeah, dA has its flaws, but this thing is undeniably one of its most fantastic parts.

And here, the cheese plane has landed, thank you for choosing the glitter services, please write your own maple-dripping journals on your way out. You might think that the person you appreciate knows about it, but it's quite a different thing when you actually say it.

Thursday Greets

Thu May 21, 2015, 1:43 PM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Weekend Fun | WishingWell Weekly

:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:iconofficialarkgroup: OfficialARKGroup

:iconthebattleforme: TheBattleforME

:iconfadedpaper: FadedPaper

A sculptor's cake"Slice, please!"
Cake's a lie. Clay.
-Nettle's coat was torn and full of thorns. For the first time in her life she'd tried being fashionable instead of her usual white blouse and she'd ruined it chasing after a suicidal man in a forest.
Delilah stared at the chipped porcelain cup on the table.
She always hated earl grey.
Andrew poured himself another cup of hot water and brandy. He'd used the last teabag for Delilah. Not even on his second cup and he already smelled drunk. 
" you know why... cats can be more faithful than dogs...?"
She stood over the ravine. Miraculously, when the man had jumped he landed on the other side of the ravine. Death was never given to those who seeked it.
Nettle did not think twice. She jumped after him and did her best to look anywhere but down.
Andrew's hand shook. He could not hold his cup properly now.
"Dogs... are not good. Trained... naught but a loyal servant. Cats... think for themselves. Smart."
Delilah stared down at her steaming cup. She pushed it away farther a
Aphrodite's makeup"Honey, Enyo?"
"I prefer blood moisturizer."

FadedPaper has no wish listed
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:iconazure-dragon-seiryu: Azure-Dragon-Seiryu

Evil Micky by Azure-Dragon-SeiryuIce Dragon by Azure-Dragon-SeiryuDesign by Azure-Dragon-Seiryu
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu has no wish listed
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu has no news

:iconpurupyonn: PuruPyonn

:iconvtxewn4: Vtxewn4

Contemplating life by Vtxewn4Showing off by Vtxewn4Mini Origami Crane - Sky blue by Vtxewn4
Vtxewn4 has no wish listed
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:iconmaverickgraphics: MaverickGraphics

Rina Suzuki by MaverickGraphicsBuilders (New) by MaverickGraphicsExperts (New) by MaverickGraphics
MaverickGraphics wishes for people to donate to his donation pool.
MaverickGraphics has no news

:iconnotsogr8girl: NotSoGr8Girl

Clean Sketch Example by NotSoGr8GirlLynn Reference Sheet~ Adventure Time OC by NotSoGr8GirlSketch Example by NotSoGr8Girl
NotSoGr8Girl wishes for 1,000 points to support other deviants.
NotSoGr8Girl is offering commissisons

:iconhun-honey01: Hun-Honey01

Snowdrop in my styleeeeeee by Hun-Honey01Who are you by Hun-Honey01.:NEW OC:.Tsukiko Shinozaki by Hun-Honey01
Hun-Honey01 wishes for a 24-month premium membership since her birthday is on June 1st.
Hun-Honey01 is offering commissions

:iconllamaseatingpudding: LlamasEatingPudding

Kon'nichi-paw by LlamasEatingPuddingI made another by LlamasEatingPuddingRandom dump thing XD by LlamasEatingPudding
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:iconlior-art: Lior-Art

I wish to be here by Lior-ArtBeauty Of Spring by Lior-ArtExploding a Nuclear Center by Lior-Art
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:iconreifeeve: Reifeeve

Light and shadow (wallpaper) by ReifeeveWhat a mess by Reifeeve3 hours later... by Reifeeve
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:icontheninjaofnames: TheNinjaofNames

[COMMISION] for Ellabellabingbong by TheNinjaofNamesSea of colours by TheNinjaofNamesLight in the night sky! by TheNinjaofNames
TheNinjaofNames wishes for a 12-month premium membership. - GRANTED
TheNinjaofNames is offering commissions

:icondanielle945: Danielle945

Storm Pixel Blink by Danielle945YCH's by Danielle945want to dance with me? by Danielle945
Danielle945 wishes for a 3-month premium membership.
Danielle945 is offering commissions

:iconratshell94: ratshell94

SQWARK! by ratshell94Raspberry by ratshell94Pounce by ratshell94
ratshell94 wishes for a DD on The Stalker.
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:iconjamietr: JamieTr

Flowers in a garden by JamieTrCommon starling (European starling) by JamieTrLily ballpoint pen drawing by JamieTr
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:iconanoya: Anoya

Karel. by AnoyaBlue. by AnoyaLibelle 2. by Anoya
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Personal update - Absence (Updated).Update: The cystoscopy was very painful, but they got the results they needed for a proper diagnosis. I have UPJ-stenosis, which caused my hydronephrosis. My kidney doesn't have to be removed completely, but they'll remove it partially, as well as part of my ureter where the narrowing is positioned. The surgery will be in July or August and I will need to rest for 3 weeks after that. I'll be called one week in advance, so I have no clue about a date yet. I just know I won't be going to Croatia this year. Hopefully next year. With four scars extra.
During surgery they'll remove the parts mentioned above, give me a temporary drain in my side, a morphine pump that's attached to my back and a catheter (ugh!). I'll also get a double-J stent. The catheter will be taken out after a week, the double-J stent after 3 weeks. I'll have to stay in the hospital 3 or 4 days after surgery.
The surgery has a 90 percent success rate. If it doesn't go well, or there will be scar tissue causing another na

:iconanxietysloth: AnxietySloth

Chibi Hypno ~Commission~ by AnxietySlothRose~Contest Prize~ by AnxietySlothMiu Nakamura ~Contest Entry~ by AnxietySloth
AnxietySloth wishes for a premium membership of any length. - GRANTED
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:iconthenaughtypirate: TheNaughtyPirate

:iconwolfhunds: Wolfhunds

Self portrait by WolfhundsAwesome magic unicorn by WolfhundsGrimes by Wolfhunds
Wolfhunds wishes for any kind of premium membership.
Wolfhunds is offering commissions

:icondaughterofmaat: DaughterOfMaat

Ice cream sandwich Adopt (3/3) Open by DaughterOfMaatNyan cat adopt sheet (3/4) Open by DaughterOfMaatSHINee and SHINee Girls by DaughterOfMaat
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:iconxxkawaiicreationsxx: XxKawaiiCreationsxX

:iconjackeoneblack: JackeOneBlack

Clapping Pony Icon - Sparkle Bliss by JackeOneBlackClapping Pony Icon - Myu by JackeOneBlackClapping Pony Icon - Celly by JackeOneBlack
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:icondenderedo: DendeRedo

Blueberry the gum cat :D by DendeRedoPlant pony for LittleTimberPup by DendeRedoPlant pony for housin123 by DendeRedo
DendeRedo wishes for another month extension for her premium membership.
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:iconthepaletteapplejack: ThePaletteApplejack

Hot choco by ThePaletteApplejackVintage clouds by ThePaletteApplejackSketch ^^ by ThePaletteApplejack
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:icontifaine: Tifaine

[SET Chibi]Mako - Chibi#4 by Tifaine(SpoCk-emon's Contest) Walking under the sakura by Tifaine2847 page views by Tifaine
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:iconmissnishikino: MissNishikino

My Despair by MissNishikinoAntarctic Landscape - Creative Response by MissNishikinoRena Glasses ver. by MissNishikino
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:iconxxcrystal-okamixx: xXCrystal-OkamiXx

oh by xXCrystal-OkamiXxAxolpup customs by xXCrystal-OkamiXxAT muffinmuffinz  by xXCrystal-OkamiXx
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:iconkikokay-kray: KikoKay-kray

Mad Hatter by KikoKay-krayCatch Of The Day by KikoKay-krayPillow Fight by KikoKay-kray
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:iconbroyam: Broyam

C: lynniee 2 by BroyamPanty by BroyamC: zuzumotai by Broyam
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:iconphyerie: Phyerie

Puppet and Night in the Anime World by PhyerieAmber Reference (UPDATED) by Phyerie
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:icontsujito: Tsujito

Genosect by TsujitoIs the elevator worthy? by TsujitoThe Angel by Tsujito
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:iconxclaux: xclaux

Sit on slide ironically by xclaux .:Bubbles.: (A Sadstuck)A bubbly bath.
And a martini.
Where could you go wrong?
Roxy giggled with pleasure, kicking her legs around in the tub.
Now. Lets add some alcohol into that equation.
To be honest, it was more of a snort than the delicate, sophisticated giggle she aimed for.
And, to be honest, her legs more thrashed aimlessly around then anything dainty.
But who honestly gave a fuck?
She laughed again, trying to ignore the connotations that came with that thought. She sipped her concoction, trying to wash it away.
No. Who cares about Roxy Lalonde?
Drinking her life away.
Her fist clenched slightly.
“Shut the fuck up…” She hissed to her own thoughts, slurring a little.
Poor little Roxy…lonely child. No one to take things out on but her self.
Her hand gripped the glass even tighter.
“Shut. Up.” Even as she spoke, she knew how imbecilic it was to have an argument with herself.
“Shut the fuck up!” It didn’t have to mean she cared.
Oh dear. Have y
Lil Hal (Request) by xclaux
xclaux wishes for a three month premium membership.
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:iconrainbowgamermc: RainbowGamerMC

My First Friend when I was a Filly... by RainbowGamerMCThis is all your fault Trollestia... Idk How... by RainbowGamerMCBusy baking Sausages (For SugarNightPonyArtist) by RainbowGamerMC
RainbowGamerMC wishes for a premium membership of any length.
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:icongalaxie-chan: Galaxie-chan

.:CE - Wolf Pony Icon:. by Galaxie-chan::CE:: by Galaxie-chan::PC for AlexandraWippleSnit:: by Galaxie-chan
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Nature's Blooms

Fri May 22, 2015, 12:00 AM
If you see or read anything on dA that absolutely awes you, please consider suggesting the piece for a DD feature. FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?

rainylake hosted a contest recently. Some simply superb pieces were submitted, and the official winners' feature can be seen here. I hope you'll enjoy this look at the contest entries as a whole as  these pieces are simply wonderful!

Please enjoy, and show these artists some love!

Spring III by molecularlightLook, Where I Grow! by MZimmer275Rose by beatles66
Center by LadyPhotographer492Prunus armeniaca by Sashu8
Angelic by Fotogrl-ConcordiaNagoya - Japan by Marsamel
Lavender colors by Lorelei-ChaBefore you fall asleep by simplysuzuAmaranthine by MilaseryPhotos
Duo by m-angel05Sakura by RainOfDragonThe white queen - Galactica tormentosa by shilaktit
Week 14 - White Spring by serelWhite in green by Victori-Anna-Maria
White Spring by Very-Free-StockEine von sehr vielen by feigenfrucht
Dressed in white II by rosaarvensisSpring by SheilaBrinson
One by feedmeorchidsBlue. by Anoya
Flower Shower by nari-mePurple breakfast by UszatyArbuz
Illuminated too by MogrianneTimelessness by luka567
Bloom by xAsaChanAsters by QueenOfSpoons
Red Orchids by ebenbrookslupines and the bumblebee by innervisioned
Spring flower by taibossigaiForest Lights by John-Peter
Chinese Rose Tree by kittywhiskers05Soft pink cloud by DaniellesPhotography
Lone Snowdrop by linneaphotoOld rose by FrancescaDelfino
Pink fairies in the meadow by TinyWildPink spring by fotografka
Twilight Bloom by Cormocodran15Burst by TaschasSnapshots
Myosotis by mqRinaspring flower by medusa8991
Mad About You by VioletVeronikaSapphire Flames by JenFruzzGolden Times by IndigoSummerr
Contest entry by BabyDragonnSpring by lilfixit
Purple Glory by ColoradoFireflyOrchid by Sassiekaatje
Chrysanthemum by Shoreline7887Love by CRGPhotography
Blue Bells by Skrillexia-TFPretty Pansy by ethereal-dancer
Hello Sunshine by UnkopierbarHail The Sunny Days by feed-me-cookiez
Wind and the Wilting by Steel-PineapplesMy Passion by DracoFlameus
flowers on a sunny day by kerrybush42Lily of the Incas by Brightsmile-didiA mid-spring time of dream's by princess-reyoko
Colorful-Field by MiyeongBlue flowers by chris42h
365 Challenge Day 43 by Fleur-de-Noel
Nature Explosion  by KurisuCosplayFields of Flowers contest entry: Veronica? by bergunty
Little Purple Flowers by AmarantheansContrast by foxfoxfox3
Poppy Nightplay by kayaksailorBeauty in the Darkness by EclipseTheNerd
Yellow Center by Luna1282Anarchy by Stygma
Dandelion by Tabitha-GraceS P R I N G II by CarmelRoseRegencia
Hello there, Spring! by lightisthelimit
Field of Flowers 01 by aartika-fractal-artLemon Beauties by Midnights-Sky
Skagit Valley, Washington by Trenn-laThe first lady of springtime [ CONTEST ENTRY] by ShaydenSketches
Yellow Rose by allison731Dandelion. by TheKatherynn
Rose on Fire by ToxicNoxieCharlotte by Blueranyk
Bicolor flower and a bee by JeanneDeauxThe Colours of Spring by PassionAndTheCamera
Flower in the Sun by GuardianMajorColor competition by rwetzel
Sea of Tulips by dashakern
Red poppy by Rebekka85[16/52] - Poppy Field by Sarah-BK
Gerbera by George-B-Art168 by CleverSleazoidXD
The lost beauty by Eitvys200
Dandelions 1 by LadislavZajicpoppies in blue by a-b-n
Colored Lines by puppydogbonz

:icondarkclub: :icondawishingwell: :iconhaunteddarkartists:
Skin by ginkgografix


As a General Photography CV I receive a large amount of suggestions, and unfortunately not everything can be featured as a Daily Deviation. However, everything that doesn't become a DD can be featured here in an awesome journal! I am a dummy! Here are some of the suggestions I've received, I'll keep doing these as a series as long as needed Heart




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Community Groups

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Transfixed, Vol. VII

Thu May 21, 2015, 7:00 PM
Hey everyone! Welcome to my CRPhotography Still Life feature, Transfixed! Once a month I put these features together for your enjoyment. Hopefully you will see some pieces that inspire you to get out there and start shooting some still life!

What is Still Life photography? Check out this article, describing DeviantART's Still Life gallery and sub-galleries.

Here are the deviations for this month! Hopefully you'll be as transfixed by them as I am. Clap

Birth by Grishnakh666
Bread by GentleAutumnRainbow Jellies by simplysuzuBlack Coffee by Z740
Mango Chilli Cocktail by BronKatzkesplash by stevenfields
lilac by MakushevaNarcissism by Daykiney
Nii-Sama I have made you lunch! by Awesomealexis1Exposure by WndrenvyA Nendoroid with a Nendoroid by kixkillradio
Cotton by SarahharaS1
Croissants and Danish by ruliyantoThree Wishes by VinaApsaralilac and ice cream by TheAutumnLeaves
Mother's Day Truffles II by pandrinaChocolate Fudge Cake w/ mini MM...Soooooooo Good by theresahelmerParisian Treats by Sarah-BK
Virgo's little partner ~ by Angell-studioCandytuft by EchoLanding
White Drops by DevchonkaLuckyCup of Spring by arefin03Grey Gerbera by DevchonkaLucky
08 by LensReflexPhotographer's Dream by CanonAdventures
Orange Upside Down Sugee Cake by munchinees

See you for the next one! Hi!

Ps CC Basics by diphylla

We often do not think about our software in terms of why it does something in a certain way or even how it is capable of assisting us in creating our art. However, the process behind the scenes that allows us to create our digital art, truly is an art-form in itself. In this issue of Digital Hacks, I will be showing you behind the curtain of Adobe Photoshop and introduce you to the basic theory of how it all works. I look forward to introducing you to the basics and continuing to teach you about Photoshop using Digital Hacks as our "online classroom" until you have mastered the software for yourself. Oh, and don't worry I have tons of creative tutorials, tips, and tricks coming up in future articles to make your life as a digital artist easier.

 Photoshop Overview

Adobe Photoshop (Ps) is an image editing application, with an abundance of tools and commands for creating and working on bitmaps (digital images). Photoshop provides its users with tools for color correcting, retouching, painting, composting, and much more. Also, Photoshop comes with well over 100 creative and functional filters that can be applied to an entire image, selected areas, or specific layers determined by you, the user. 

 Understanding Bitmaps

Bitmaps also known as digital images consist of a rectangular grid, or raster, of pixels much like a digital mosaic. Photoshop works its magic through rearranging and recoloring the color values of those individual pixels that collectively make up your image. If you were to zoom in close on an image within Photoshop you will see the pixels that make up your image, as shown below:

Apple Ps Zoom by diphylla
credit: Poison Apple

In the above example, I have used a stock photo of an apple taken at 240 ppi shown at its actual sized compared against the same apple, but I have scaled (zoomed in) to 400%. As you can see, when we zoom in on the apple our image becomes pixelated; showing us the tiny squares that make up our digital image.

Image editing applications like Photoshop differ vastly from their vector counterparts, such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. In vector applications, users work with objects that can be scaled, transformed, moved, stacked, and removed, either as individual objects or as grouped objects. Vector objects are defined by mathematical formulas, which makes vectors resolution independent. This means you can scale a vector as large or small as you want and they will never become pixelated ensuring that they will always print smoothly and crisp (more information on vectors will be in a follow-up article). Unlike vectors, bitmaps are resolution dependent, which means they are created at a fixed number of pixels per inch. Remember how when we zoomed in on our apple it became pixelated? Well, when we take a bitmap and try to enlarge it beyond its set resolution that pixelated effect is what becomes of our image.

Arrow left Tip: Avoid pixelization and the need to go larger later by creating/scanning your image slightly larger than what you intended to make it in the first place. Remember it is easier to reduce size/pixels than it is to create them!

 Pixels and Resolution 

As digital artists, we use the terms pixels and resolution, but how many of us actually know what they mean or why they are important? If you are a self-taught artist like myself, you know that while tutorials reference these terms they often leave out information regarding them because they assume we already know it. Well, I do not like teaching on the basis of an assumption... so in this section I am going to explain both pixels and resolution in a way that is easy to understand for all of us. 

Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet Pixels

Pixel short for "picture element" is the smallest part in a bitmap (digital) image. As we discovered earlier, when we zoom in on an image in Photoshop all of the individual pixels that make up the image will become visible. Anytime we work in Photoshop we are effectively copying, moving, and editing pixels.

Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet Resolution

Resolution is very important when working with bitmap (digital) images because they are resolution dependent. Resolution is measured in pixels per inch or ppi for short. Many people do not realize this, but pixels can vary in size. For instance, if you create an image with a resolution of 100 ppi, each pixel would be 1/100th of an inch square. If you create an image with 300 ppi, each pixel would be 1/300th of an inch square; providing a higher quality less pixelated result.

Arrow left Tip: When working on an image you know will eventually be printed, you need to work on a higher-resolution image. Need help calculating which ppi to use? Check out these: Printing PPI Calculators

 PPI vs DPI: There is a difference?

Contrary to what many people think pixels per inch (ppi) and dots per inch (dpi) are not the same thing. If you're reading this and thinking how can this be true or are simply confused... don't worry I will explain everything. You see, the problem started with people using the terms interchangeably because they assumed they referred to the same thing. Even worse, dpi became the more commonly used term by digital artists when it isn't even the one we are supposed to be concerned with. 

Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet The Confusion

Now as you previously read a pixel is short for picture element and your resolution is measured in pixels per inch (ppi). It makes sense that we would refer to our resolution as ppi, right? So what happened to cause the confusion and led us to using dpi? Well, pixels are often made up of "sub-pixels" - red, green, and blue light elements aka RGB - that our eyes cannot see because additive color processing blends them into a single hue. We only see the pixel level so this really has no impact on us. However, some manufacturers refer to the sub-pixels of a pixel as "dots" because they are similar to the CYMK dots of a printer. This CYMK dots act in a similar way except they utilize a subtractive color process.

Pixelist - FTU Block Bullet Dots Per Inch (DPI)

Printers do not function in a way that allows them to reproduce an image by placing pixels on top of one another. Instead, printers reproduce an image by spitting out (printing) tiny dots that consist of mixing four colors: Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Key (Black) or CYMK. These colors combine to produce a wide variety of hues using the subtractive color model I mentioned earlier. Due to the nature of printing these "dots" there is space in between the dots, which is what dpi measures. It is important to mention that a higher dpi does not necessarily equate to higher quality because there is no standard dot size or shape in printing. In conclusion, dpi is just a technical aspect for a printer and aside from being good to know is not something used by digital artists.

Thank you for reading! Hope you have found this to be informative as well as helpful.
Want to learn something specific? Submit your suggestions via note to diphylla 

Tulip Time

Journal Entry: Thu May 21, 2015, 11:39 PM

Hi Folks,

Spring is nearly over and the most of the first blooming flowers are gone by now.

When the rose is the queen of the summer, the tulip is the queen of spring for sure.

Just take a look.

Pink Flowers by unicodragon

Fire Tulip by Thrumyeyes93

Black is beautiful by PassionAndTheCamera

Ab durch die Mitte by Lain-AwakeAtNight

Tulip 151 by Philluppus

tulip wallpaper 1 by SvitakovaEva

I See You Dancing by Oer-Wout

Gentle boys - Tulips by dashakern

Beautiful spots by Andrei-Azanfirei

Ready to make me smile by LordLJCornellPhotos

Cup of poison... by cricketumpire

Giant Tulips by BleachedJam

April Tulips by dandelion-field

Tulip red and wite with waterdroplets 177 by Daudyart

A little gift for Justine! by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Tulip by VerenSky

Lovely by Reevah-Willow

for V part 2 - looking for... by artistmore

That's all for today.

As always enjoy the view and give credits to the artists.

I am just the collector.



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