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Llamas on the Run

Thu Feb 26, 2015, 7:59 PM
Img-og by techgnotic

Llama on the Lam

They knew there would be no escaping the security measures of the Arizona “llama ranch” where they were incarcerated, spending their days growing out their woolen coats, greatly valued by hipster trendsetters. They received no benefit from their wool, expropriated with no recompense by their rancher overlords. They were allowed to live so long as the quality of their wool remained high. But there would be no stud farm retirement. Just a visit from the llama meat vendor.

So the break for freedom would have to happen at the weakest link in “llama control.”

The three comrades feigned illness to get loaded onto the trailer for a trip to the “animal therapist.” Nights had been spent sneaking into the barn to chew on the trailer door lock, weakening it enough to be busted open with a single mighty llama kick. At Third and Main, Bennie kicked open the door at a red light. He and Che then hit the asphalt running. But Larry froze with fear, cowering in the trailer. The plan was to follow the freeways after dark into Mexico, and then continue south, eventually hooking up with the L.R.M. (Llama Resistance Movement) in the mountains in Peru. It was not to be. Dozens of Llama Patrol special agents appeared and converged on the rebel runners.

Bennie and Che failed this day. But their cause lives on. Their few moments of freedom in the sun will long be recounted around llama campfires.

Llamas have a storied history on DeviantArt.

Back in our early days supporting application skins, staff and superdeviants also spent time on Winamp, which, historically, really whips the llama's @$$. The whimsical, woolen creature easily made its way into DeviantArt's farmland, and the rest is history. In 2005, an oversized llama emoticon burst dramatically on the scene when it was added to our chat network. Everyone either loved or hated it, but one thing became clear: DeviantArt has a weird thing for llamas.

In 2010, an April Fool's event kicked off the ability for deviants to gift llama badges unto each other, because why not? Llamas have been spitting their way into the hearts of millions ever since.

To do this, visit the Profile Page of the deviant of your choice, click “Give” in the top right corner, and select “Give a Llama Badge.”

Your Thoughts

  1. There are now over 158,000 llamas and 100,000 alpacas in North America. Is there a logical reason for this or is this an example of a practical joke gone horribly wrong?
  2. Bottle–fed llamas tend to spit on humans when they become adults, so bottle–feeding should be kept to a minimum. Spitting is used to keep order in llama society. Has a llama ever spit on you?

Members' Feature: Macro

Thu Feb 26, 2015, 12:22 PM
February has been the Macro photography gallery month here at CRPhotography, and to honor that, some of our members have suggested photographs from the Macro galleries, for us to collect and feature. We hope you enjoy!

SabakuNoShi's selections:

 Peek-A-Boo by Samantha-Valentine o d d o n e s o u t by aStRaLiLiTu Extension. by macrotographer
Blue Mason Bee by WildGepard Lights and Colours by lindahabibasmile by tka4u4aice on the moss by Sanka77 Alienfly by MadMike27 Dandy1 by qwsazxf
6/52 - Pinky crust by IndigoSummerr C l a r i t y by clwither .: moonlight :. by zZToraZz

Deprezke's selection:

Frozen Spider Web by Illustrate-The-World

tiganusi's selections:

Liriodendron tulipifera by CliffWFotografie Parasitoid wasp by melvynyeo Bubbles 002 by Barlogpl
surprisingly by analogphoto Gleam by Isalovesphotography

Mocris's selections:

The Beauty of Ugliness by Ikarusthefirst Hope by Ikarusthefirst
Azure Damselfly - Coenagrion puella (female) by Mendipman Haarige Hagebutte by feigenfrucht Plume Moth 6 by iriscup
Ensign Wasp by AlHabshi Larch cones by starykocur
 The True Smaug by Azph F0973 - Spin. by Lothringen
 departure by Bodghia

TheDewdropFairy's selection:

Frozen snowdrop........... by Betuwefotograaf

UszatyArbuz's selections:

Water Drops 13 by Berlin-Steglitz Oh, what's this? by IndigoSummerr Moss 1002 by OK-Photography
New Beginning by Aheng711

Orchideacae's selection:

Img 8149-1 by snomanda

JenFruzz's selections:

Img 9383-1 by snomanda Dandelions [03] [1920x1200] by vazagothic
Rainbow Pencil Top 2 by themetaphornextdoor

Thank you to all those who contributed!

Shiba Love

Thu Feb 26, 2015, 8:05 PM

In the spotlight - Vol.1

Thu Feb 26, 2015, 5:29 PM

Japanese Cuisine by tiganusi There is no stopping curiosity by Wordeea

Flowing Falling by TimberClipse Black Diamonds by JenFruzz

Simone WIP by Riemea  

Treble Clef by MiloticScale    Treble Clef by MiloticScale            Treble Clef by MiloticScale

  Difference by MiloticScale   Momo Background by Xx-Chellie-Bellie-xX

Reach for the light by RazielMB
A Beautiful Little Dog Named Pumkin by SweediesArt Au Clair de la Lune by Malintra-Shadowmoon Stag by Astralseed

 For Alzrith by Applemac12 La Vie en Rose by Malintra-Shadowmoon

Golden Eye by shiny-shadows-Art

me by RhynWilliams  Moraine Lake by gigi50

 Break limitations by shiny-shadows-Art  This place I dream of. by Mrs-Durden 

Sherlock Holmes by Riemea

Color Splash by xColorSplashx

Silver Crystal Brilliance by Supremechaos918

Another elf by Nesmaty Major Mitchell by EOS-Husky

 Mother's Day by Canankk Pink Diamond by Mouselemur

Searching the Stars for a Cure by WDWParksGal  into the heart by ChasMandala

Gift-Fireworks BG by Supremechaos918

Jasmine Journal skin by Zanny-Marie
LOVE by Dieffi
Embrace by phydeau

soar by ChasMandala

CSS @Andorada, inspired by CypherVisor

Watchers and my Resources features 48

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 4:19 AM

       Love in the Air     Hi there

                                Like every week here my watchers features that leave their THUMB in the pool, remember all thumbs are featured, i don't reject any type of art in this area :) (Smile) And also Like every week here a small feature to the one who use my resources!
                                                                Thank you so much to all the active watchers, the ones that always leave lovely comments, favs and llamas Happy cry (Tears of joy) As i always say, you are the reason why i keep coming back I love deviantART!
I love you all! Hug Love Be safe and healthy, wish you all the best! Heart Love


Red Pixel Rose Divider Gift for VintageWarmth by MamaELM
Disgraced by 6Hammer6 In Death by TheDreamBelow Winter River by athenapallas87Freedom - The Carousel 2 by annewipf Kiss Me by Lolita-Artz Bundeva... by Dark-Indigo Suppression by RankaStevic Winter Love by TheNekohimeChan

    With my Resources! 

Red Pixel Rose Divider Gift for VintageWarmth by MamaELM
I left my heart behind by KarahRobinson-Art Night Fairy by SuzieKatz Fire Warrior by Shann2j Invocation of Love by marcosnogueiracb Renaissance by ObscureLilium Psd Header By Alyssa Collins by AlyssaCollins Betrayed.... by vishywish In A Fairytale by frozenmistress Winter Fae by Birdsatalcatraz Enter My Dream by frozenmistress Life in flight by daisygirl4

        AMAZING works by MarcelaBolivar

Red Pixel Rose Divider Gift for VintageWarmth by MamaELM
Midnight interlude by MarcelaBolivar


Red Pixel Rose Divider Gift for VintageWarmth by MamaELM
All you've feared here Looks you in the eyes by StarsColdNight

The new beginning by StarsColdNight
White Dress 2015 Stock 5 By Starscoldnight by StarsColdNight

 FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions? 
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want? 
FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?
 FAQ #155: How do I report a deviation which I think breaks the rules?
© copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved. You may not modify, re upload, copy, tube, or claim as your own. Respect the artist. 
                    Thanks for the Favs :Button: by Circe-Baka Fun not fame... by prosaix [Stamp] I support my watchers! by s-classmage  Stamp: Magical Powers by TheSaltyMonster I Draw Because I Dream by RomanticParody fav-ninja by CookiemagiK Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle    im serious. by gekchi Stamp Yogi_24 by JEricaM Never Rush Deviations Stamp by SparkLum Meaningful Usernames by DragonLordKris Stamp 003 by nvs911  




Hello everyone! I've compiled a cache of wondrous fractals from this past week, so let's take a look! :D (Big Grin)

The opening fractal for this week is Laniakea by killythirsk
Laniakea by killythirsk
Vivacious coloration blends with beautiful depth and blurring techniques to create this elegantly detailed flower. The meticulousness of the petals, in regards to the ridges and edging, is significantly noteworthy. 

Next: Feb15-150212-1b2beecha by Solankii
Feb15-150212-1b2beecha by Solankii
An entire scene seems to unfold in this piece, almost as though a forest has been put forth and travel through it is certain to occur. The work captures the eye and invokes the imagination, leading the viewer to be mesmerized.

Following that comes Divide by LukasFractalisator
Divide by LukasFractalisator
Undisturbed ribbons of pink flow about orange centers, rendering the sight to be almost ethereal in form, something further achieved by minimal complexity yet greater composure involving elaborate profundity.

Lastly is Quantum by CMWVisualArts
Quantum by CMWVisualArts
Structured uniquely -- various shapes appear within circles within even smaller designs -- while staying true to fractal nature, Quantum presents an interesting and vast mix of visible formations.

My thanks for reading this today! If you like what you've seen, kindly give these artists a Favourite Star for their efforts. :D (Big Grin)

Stay tuned for more to come next Friday on


Thursday Greets

Thu Feb 26, 2015, 9:19 AM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Weekend Fun | WishingWell Weekly

:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:icontandemfeatures: TandemFeatures

:iconchiantyvex: ChiantyVex

Queen of dracos by ChiantyVex........... by ChiantyVexLil Tiger by ChiantyVex
ChiantyVex has no wish listed
ChiantyVex has no news

:iconrimisa: Rimisa

Mewtastic Eyes by RimisaForest Stock 9 by RimisaThe Cold Will Never Get Me by Rimisa
Rimisa has no wish listed
Rimisa has no news

:icona-z04: a-z04

HQ Kagehina by a-z04Happy P5 Valentine's Day~ by a-z04Inaho Orange Chibi by a-z04
a-z04 has no wish listed
a-z04 has no news

:iconicybii: IcyBii

Commission: Cleric by IcyBiiCommission: Hikarufuru by IcyBiiAF: Do you wanna build a snowman by IcyBii
IcyBii has no wish listed
IcyBii is offering commissions. 

:iconvomitslimeprince: vomitslimeprince

asdafah by vomitslimeprinceDaoko by vomitslimeprinceRequest 1 by vomitslimeprince
vomitslimeprince has no wish listed
vomitslimeprince is offering commissions

:icontm1forever: TM1Forever

An Alternative to the Cover Image   Many in the Lit Community miss “the scroll thing,” which is not an option if you upload PDFs.  Apart from the fact that choosing a preview/cover image can be a hassle, especially if you cannot create one yourself; readers judge lit by its cover.
The solution: take a snapshot of your words by making a “summary image.”
Almost any type of imaging software can be used for this, even MS Paint!
First, you need to make an image that is roughly 4x5 in/ 490x420 px.
Next, give it a color or pattern that matches the mood or theme of your story.
Then, add your title about three spaces from the top in large bold font. Make sure the color of your title stands out from the background color.
Finally, add a summary of your story in smaller font. You may want to leave it black.
And there you have it!   

The Pride Sister : Table of Contents         This is the story of Nala's mother: :iconsarafinaplz: Sarafina. It covers her life prior to The Lion King, answering the question: Why did Mufasa choose to betroth Simba and Nala? 
Chapter One: Sarafina is introduced to the pride and given her first lesson on the duties of being a lioness.

Chapter Two: Sarafina’s older pride brothers leave the kingdom. She also gets another hunting lesson from Sarabi, and Sarabi gets a surprise from Mufasa.
Chapter Three: The cubs have their first encounter with a rival pride and also experience a “new beginning
The Pride Sister Chapter 10 by TM1Forever
TM1Forever wishes for 300 points.
TM1Forever has no news

:iconstarryeyed-doll: Starryeyed-doll

boredom selfie #2 by Starryeyed-dollToka by Starryeyed-dollMarci by Starryeyed-doll
Starryeyed-doll wishes for 2396 to extend their premium membership.
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:iconthefancymango: TheFancyMango

Coquelicot ref by TheFancyMangoKinkamoon~For TwoWorstSisters by TheFancyMangoGenderbent Blistorrow by TheFancyMango
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:icontheunbridle: TheUnbridle

::..Unbridle with tablet by TheUnbridle::..Simple miniature for video on YT by TheUnbridleGloom by TheUnbridle
TheUnbridle has no wish listed
TheUnbridle is offering commissions. 

:iconqalatic: qalatic

Oh, is that you?! { animated } by qalatic
qalatic wishes for a premium membership of any length.
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:iconjasdavink: JasDavINK

Bumblebee from Transformers 4 by JasDavINKBarricade(done) by JasDavINKBlackout by JasDavINK
JasDavINK wishes for a 3-month premium membership.
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:iconmarleneurameshi: MarleneUrameshi

ART TRADE: Senka and Kaiden by MarleneUrameshiFREE!: Minami Kazuteru by MarleneUrameshiFREE! Nagisa Hazuki (older) by MarleneUrameshi
MarleneUrameshi wishes for a 1-month premium membership.
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:iconxxrozyn1004xx: xXroZyN1004Xx

[B.A.P] Chibi Warrior Daehyun by xXroZyN1004Xx[B.A.P] #ForeverWithYoo Happy Birthday YoungJae by xXroZyN1004Xx[Contest Entry] Vixen by xXroZyN1004Xx
xXroZyN1004Xx has no wish listed
xXroZyN1004Xx is offering commissions

:iconiamnotaninvader966: IAmNotAnInvader966

Human!Bonnie the Bunny x Reader {Night 1}
Human!Bonnie the Bunny x Reader Ending {‘Night’ 1}
REQUEST FOR: Anonymous
{F/N} was half-asleep at 3AM when a loud bang from the main part of the hallway made her jump half a foot in the air. She jerked up, her head flinging in both directions to try and find the source of the noise. However, upon checking the lights, she found no evidence of anything capable of creating noises of such intensity. So, despite the fact that she had been warned not to, {F/N} went to go look in the party room.
The party room was set up in a somewhat similar fashion to a Chuck E. Cheese™ restaurant; with several arcade cabinets (which should have been turned off by now . . .), several long tables containing remains of chocolate cake and . . . possibly pizza(?), and many other child-like elements all in one room.
However, the thing that caught {F/N}’s eye the most was the boy standing in front of the Guitar Hero booth, playing one song or another. Upon w
Human!Freddy Fazbear x Reader {Night 1}
Human!Freddy Fazbear x Reader Ending {'Night' 1}
REQUEST FOR: Anonymous
As the last person cleared out of the building, you couldn’t help but frown. You were now left with Doug and Bianca. Doug, as you inspected him further, had semi-long, curly, dirty-blonde hair with green eyes. Bianca shared the basic hair and eye color, except her skin tone was slightly tanner with far longer and much curlier hair.
The three of you were on duty in three different areas. You took the security section, Doug was cleaning up dishes, and Bianca was working as the janitor. You all said your goodbyes (which Bianca and Doug took very seriously for some reason), and you traveled off to your station.
Upon entering, you noted that it was just a small, square room with a checkered floor and papers tacked to the wall. A small tablet sat in an oddly stained black swivel chair. An old phone was placed haphazardly amongst several other objects, including a fan, two bl
Human!Five Nights at Freddy's x Reader {Intro}

Human!Five Night’s at Freddy’s x Reader {Intro}
REQUEST BY: Anonymous
Slowly, the old black minivan pulled into the parking lot of the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria located in [C/N]. A twenty-seven year old by the name of {F/N} {L/N} slowly pulled herself out of the car, her {H/L} [H/C} hair pulled back in a ponytail, {E/C} eyes cheerful.
This was {F/N}'s first day on the job. She was wearing the normal Freddy Fazbear staff t-shirt (an orange and red t-shirt with buttons down to roughly the stomach and a Freddy Fazbear patch on the chest) with an old pair of jeans, {F/C} sneakers, and a small headset on your head. Planning on working as the “rule enforcer”, as the pizzeria called it, by day, and the security guard for the graveyard shift. {F/N} was rather excited..
She walked into the pizza place, excited to start your new job. Upon entering, the familiar smell of pizza grease, cheap soda, an

IAmNotAnInvader966 has no wish listed
IAmNotAnInvader966 is offering commissions

:iconfrancescadelfino: FrancescaDelfino

:iconmoonlightcorvus: MoonlightCorvus

Him by MoonlightCorvusUnfinished Digital Sketch by MoonlightCorvusThinking of You by MoonlightCorvus
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:iconcomediancat: ComedianCat

The perfect doughnut icing by ComedianCatTired by ComedianCatNewer Profile ID by ComedianCat
ComedianCat wishes for a 24-month premium membership.
ComedianCat is offering commissions 

:iconservantoffeeless: ServantOfFeeless

My Heart Belongs to You ch 2 RaphxLeoWARNING: T-cest don't like/Don't read!

Pairings: RaphXLeo {{Main}} DonXMikey {{Secondary}} CaseyXApril {{Very little/hardly mentioned}}

Ch 2: Fearless and Get Well Soon Kisses
    The blood chilling sound of two metallic weapons clattering to the floor and the noise of two knees hitting the wooden floor of the dojo stopped the training session. A series of ragged coughing erupted from Leonardo whom was on his hands and knees on the floor struggling to catch his breath.
     Naturally Raphael was the first to his older brother’s side. It had been a week since Donatello broke the news to them that Leo had a heart murmur. Despite this fact Leo had been shell bent on still training as if nothing had changed
My Heart Belongs To You ch 1 RaphXLeo
WARNING: T-cest don't like/Don't read!

Pairings: RaphXLeo {{Main}} DonXMikey {{Secondary}} CaseyXApril {{Very little/hardly mentioned}}

Watashi no kokoro wa anata ni zokushi {{My Heart Belongs To You}} <- The Japanese title is the full title, shortened it to the English version because the title was too long. 
Ch1: Heart Murmur
    A year…that's all they had left to spend with their eldest brother Leonardo. Three hundred and sixty five days and then he'd be gone…unless Donatello found a way to fix his heart. Leonardo's heart was failing. While Donatello was giving his brothers a regular check over for this year to make sure they all had a clean
Curiosity of Tots {{TMNT 2012 Tcest LeoXRaph}}Curiosity of Tots

A cute Tcest one shot of curious turtle tots.

Pairing: Tot Leo and Tot Raph and then older Leo and older Raph

    Summary: One night Splinter allows Leonardo to stay up past his bedtime, but only him. The small tot is watching a Disney movie in which two characters on the screen share a true love’s kiss. This gets the blue masked tot curious. He doesn’t know that what the couple was doing was ‘kissing’ or that the word ‘kissing’ even existed. All he knew was that they pressed their lips together after saying ‘I love you.’ And so this makes the gears in his head start turning and he wonders why it is that he and his brothers don’t ever press their lips together after saying ‘I love you.’?  Curiosity has never been more adorable than this.

ServantOfFeeless has no wish listed
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:iconravenwood777: Ravenwood777

Bunbon MYO --Steampunk Valentine by Ravenwood777for kiwicide! by Ravenwood777Kiwidodge by Ravenwood777
Ravenwood777 wishes for a custom sushi dog from witchpaws.
Ravenwood777 has no news

Welcome all!


Color Explosion Features #Purple

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 4:40 AM

Color Explosion Features #Purple

Prev || Next

Relax, it's just purple.

"Purple Meadow"
by XeniaChowaniec
Purple Meadow by XeniaChowaniec

by DafoeofLenin
Diamonds. by DafoeofLenin

"The Power Of Dreams"
by Anastasia-Ri
The Power Of Dreams by Anastasia-Ri

"Dark Intentions"
by WishmasterAlchemist
Dark Intentions by WishmasterAlchemist

"Purple Drop"
by sjaB
Purple Drop by sjaB

"Purple rain"
by iNeedChemicalX
Purple rain by iNeedChemicalX

by ambersome
Purple by ambersome

"Evening Dreams"
by Sandy515
Evening Dreams by Sandy515

by BabushkaII
Purple... by BabushkaII

"Psylocke Hairflip"
by yayacosplay
Psylocke Hairflip by yayacosplay

Skin by SimplySilent

Fav Feature vol 23

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 7:20 AM


I'm having a huge art block lately, and I totally should call it a life block xP I have no idea what to do with my life :dummy:

Today will be a NSFW feature. Please be respectful to the models and artists :)

Let's go!

3 by fakkiu Under your Skin by kaTaToNiCaGonY
760 by photoduality Statue by realsheva Sweet Julia 18 by NecroMensRea
Vampire by KaelaKino 2014-6434 by JimDuvall
 born by MartaSyrko Karma Killer by madmaria86
Olivia Preston by slukinukphotography worship 4 by markdaughn The Celtic Spirit by artofdan70
 34 (D1) by FollowtheBassist DQD nude2014 086 by duongquocdinh
control by insuh Time and Tide by Andrew-Brady An Afternoon Dream by William-Oxer
Fairy lost her wings by pin100 tell me something green by A-Finch
A Promise Born to the World by Lorelyne Tentacles III ( old-fashioned style) by paulnery
2642-1 by jesse-paulk Serpentine by NickSachos
UpsideDown by Anthony25v Purgation II. by FollowtheBassist
Swetlana Lobanova 40 by NecroMensRea Closer by littlemissmaggiemay Cannibal van strange 15 by NecroMensRea
Aleksa Slusarchi 9 by NecroMensRea Mirrors 3 by Nyx-Valentine La Cavalera II by Kimophobia

Have a great day!

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