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Cosplay Friday: Assassin's Creed

Fri Mar 6, 2015, 12:00 AM
Img-og by techgnotic

First released in 2007, the Assassin’s Creed video game series has become Ubisoft’s best selling franchise with over 91 million units sold.

It comes as no surprise that a movie adaptation has long been in development. It finally seems to be headed to the big screen.

Ubisoft has confirmed the film is currently in production and is scheduled to begin principal photography this fall with a release date set for December 21, 2016. New developments also include the announcement of Marion Cotillard joining the cast of the Justin Kurzel-directed film. She will be starring in an unspecified role alongside Michael Fassbender.

The storyline for the film will be different than the video game series, but will be based in the same world with Fassbender playing Michael Lynch, a death-row inmate, in the middle of the ages-long war between the Assassins and the Templars. Lynch will follow the path of previous Assassins, being recruited by the ominous organization Abstergo, which will task him with exploring the memories of his ancestor to obtain clues that will lead to recovering sacred artifacts. Fassbender will play both Lynch and his Assassin ancestor in the film.

The next question on everyone’s mind is, “What will the new Assassin’s Creed characters look like in the flesh?” We don’t have that answer for the movie yet, but cosplayers have been bringing the characters from the video games to life for long before Cotillard and Fassbender were cast in their assassin roles. Here’s a taste of what the Assassin’s Creed characters may look like in their upcoming movie.

Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember…”

— Assassin

Nothing is true.”

— Initiate

Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember…”

— Assassin

Everything is permitted.”

— Initiate

We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins.”

— Assassin

Your Thoughts

  1. Who is you favorite Assassin’s Creed character and why?
  2. What would you like to see in future editions of Cosplay Friday?


Traditional Art Week

DISCLAIMER: The following article is a discussion on the characteristics of monochrome paintings. While discussing, I will go through a procedure of a monochrome painting. So you are free to take tips, tricks and ideas from the procedure if you like, but the article will not be considered as a tutorial or a teaching material.

Monochrome paintings are considered to be the avant-grade paintings. It is indeed hard- to establish all the values with a single colour. But moreover, what makes it so special? What makes it top class ? 
Because working with monochrome is playing and experimenting with the lights and values -  that takes artistic courage. Almost all the artists have few monochrome paintings in their life. These are like the stages or better said evidences of their artistic maturation - far away from the overwhelming colours, seeing the truest form!
        In my personal opinion, black and white paintings are not monochrome. There is no 'chrome'! Instead, they are pure light and dark - the unaltered underlying raw truth - no scope of distracting colours, accompanied with purest unstable or calm mood, often dramatic - this is the truest form of visualization - untouched by the luxury of any hues. The raw mood and emotion only lays there - light and dark - black and white!

Up next, we will go through a procedure of the making of a monochrome painting, using only black and white acrylic and black ink. The surface is a preprimed textured off-white paper especially made for oil paintings. But it's good for acrylics too. The aim of this walkthrough will be how we establish values layer after layer to complete an entire scene, with a little escape plan. And meanwhile I will discuss the characteristics of the monochrome paintings.

  1. The page is not white for a good reason.
  2. A simple border and rules of third guides have been placed.
  3. The horizon should be near the horizontal line of the guides and the object of focus should be at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines.

  1. The paper was pre-primed for oil paintings. Drawing on such paper can always become a little mess. But fear not. It doesn't matter how you start, it matters what you do after that.
  2. Using a HB, 2B or such hard pencils will decrease the chance of mess on paper.
  3. Notice the horizontal line starts near the lower horizontal line and goes upward to the upper horizontal line of the guides. And the houses which are the objects of focus, are sitting at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical lines of the guides.
    There are other focus guiding methods too like the golden rectangle, golden spiral, harmonious triangle etc. Use any of those as per your choice.
  4. Notice the extreme right hand corner bush. That's my escape plan.

The page is not white. So I am free to introduce as much brightness as I want. It is like starting with a middle ground and going towards the both end ie. darkest dark and purest white. Only pro artists can start at any one end and comfortably go towards another end (white → black or, black → white) because they know well how to calculate down or up from the previous value to the next to achieve a distinguished value scale.
Yet, starting with a middle ground always gives you freedom to move comfortably.

  • A simple water wash was done for the sky...

  • ...Followed by an ink wash to mark the sky and the hills.

  1. With the tip of a flat wash brush, marked the edge of the land in distant ground near the houses. It should be darker where the houses are than the other parts of the ground.
  2. Also the foreground got washes of black, marking the slope.

  1. The slopes are marked with darker black.
  2. The grey values are put on the walls of the houses.

  1. The sky got a layer of black and white paint. Just to cover the page underneath and to form a dark sky.
  2. Slopes of the ground are marked with darker black.
  3. Grey values of the houses are strengthened.

In most paintings, we start by establishing darkest dark and go towards the white. You may ask why not white to black? Because, simply it's troublesome.
By simple physics knowledge, we all know that white is the combination of all lights (and we can see colours according to which object absorbs which light), where black is the perfect absence of all lights, and so of hues as well.
Now, simple question - If there is nothing - adding something there is easier or eliminating something from where every thing is present?
Of course, adding to where is nothing.
        Yet, we keep a safe ground in monochrome paintings. And drawings as well. We start by black, true, but not the darkest dark. Since this black and white are all we got, we keep our options open to go back towards purest black, when needed. We start with a middle black that gives us an understanding that how black we can go back.

  • Base formation of clouds.

  • If you notice... the clouds are the easiest part of the painting. Just move your brush or finger round and round mixing paints.

White has all the colours - what you can possibly add to it? Every hue you add will look fade or darker than white. All we can do is to eliminate hues from that, resulting lesser tones, until there is nothing left - hence, black.
Now if the whole scene of elimination turns desaturated - what leaves there? Greys. They are nothing but the values of the colours we were eliminating. So, the grey that you establish on your black and white drawing or painting is nothing but the adjacent colours that are representing those parts - only in their purest form. Value is simply the measure of light and dark of a particular hue. Now two hues can have same values. Digital science says no two colours can have same grey value and that is true. But this can not be distinguished in human eyes. So, to say correctly, two colours may have a very close grey value which is indistinguishable. And we must avoid that. Because if you can not distinguish something, how you will even establish that to convince your viewers? So we must not let two hues' values come close, neither in monochrome nor polychrome paintings.
Moving on -

  1. Details of the clouds were added.
  2. Grasses were introduced on the foreground and highlighted with bright grey white.
  3. This is not the best example though - the extreme right hand side house is having the brightest wall among a darker background. This is called isolation contrast.

  • With a round brush, South West ↙ motion was introduced to paint the wash of black ink to distinguish the shadows of the grasses on the ground.

In paintings where colours are present, it is very difficult to determine, values for each hues, so that they don't intermix. You have two scales there - simple value scale and a complicated hue scale (saturation, intensity, temperature). You have to manage that hue scale while continuously considering the value scale.
That is why, we often start with black or dark in paitnings - adding one at a time instead of eliminating. Elimination in a colour painting will be a tough job and can only be done by the pro artists. In monochrome, we are free to start from anywhere almost - add or eliminate - doesn't matter, because we are going to follow a simpler scale.
A simple scale and a simple way to represent the colours and temperature. And for being done by only pure light and black - it comes forth dramatic, raw in mood.
Establishing the representative greys are not the most skillful part of such paintings. The skillful part of the monochrome paintings is seeing the values through the hues - to break it down to its simplest form. Under painting does this tough job for an instance.

Simplifying a complex situation to purify the mood - that is why the monochrome paintings are avant-grade paintings.

Before I discuss why I needed the Escape Plan, we need to know when we need it.
We need the escape plan when (1) you do something on the canvas that you did not intend to do (2) If there is an accident (3) if you were uncertain about some parts or, (4) if you overdid something.
        Every artist can have a bad day and they all mess up at some point more or less and yet very few will agree to this fact. When I was doing this painting, I was drawing and painting from imagination - I had no visual reference. Thus the foreground turned mismatched with the rest of the scene. The ground can be done precisely with lots of grey values representing the lush green, various temperatures and all. But those would be heavily time consuming. I was unsure about that part from the beginning, so I kept my escape plan ready - keeping it simple and more than it should be. Notice, there is absolutely nothing going on the foreground. So I can either (1) subtract it or (2) cover it. That is all we can do in our escape plan.
I did both.

  1. Covered the unwanted part of the foreground with masking tape.
  2. Used the round brush down to up motion to introduce the darkest foreground hedges.
  3. It also helped me to establish the foreground as purest black, as it should be.

Bad day at the Harbour

For your inspirations only
Watercolor - Toronto3 by duytterWatercolor Tramway Roubaix by duytterWatercolor Paris13 by duytter
Contemplation-Acrylic Painting by AstridBruningDe Niro by CamillaMalcusblack - white 04 by tomiatnight
Where is my umbrella? by arrivalsofthebirdsPeople are strange by duytter
Magic Paintbrush by Andoledius


Corgi Love

Thu Mar 5, 2015, 12:16 PM
Calvin the Cardigan Corgi by SmashStudioHazel - Derpy Face by BlackPepperPhotosCute Welsh Corgi by T-SolnechnayaGreat day :) by SarkoliaBaby Snow Corgi by InADreamHeart Nose by tinaheartReds by Cmac13Dom Corgi Ambergris - a rare Red Merle Corgi by BlackPepperPhotosMeet Hoshi by Tikuu10Secrets by DancingCorgiHAVE A NICE TIME Keno by BlackPepperPhotosTroy the Corgi. by FotopetI'm Cute And You Know it by HiawathaPhotoBlix The Corgi!!! by ChrisTrevinoGet a long lil' doggie by XetsaPhotosimon012614A by SilverblueCat


Pug, Shiba

Art works Feature From Very Special Friends

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 9:13 AM

This is Some of my Many Favorite Art Works From Artist here on Deviant Art

Some Not All :D There are Many More
Just My Way of Saying Thank you
To a Few Beautiful Friends

And I want to Add this Most Beautiful Gift From My dear Friend

:heart:IAmThatStrange :iconiamthatstrange::heart:

Love Lives by IAmThatStrange

:hug:Thank you So Much.:hug:

lecristal :iconlecristal:

imponere vobis by lecristal Spatium concursu by lecristal

miincdesign :iconmiincdesign:

Click Me by miincdesign Menger Express by miincdesign

Topas2012 :icontopas2012:

just Asurfs by Topas2012 Mixes by Topas2012

Undead-Academy :iconundead-academy:

Connecting -Pong15 by Undead-Academy Fly Over by Undead-Academy

ZMastah94 :iconzmastah94:

Rupture by ZMastah94 Flower Dream by ZMastah94

Nevaslip :iconnevaslip:

Superbug Dissection by Nevaslip Veritas by Nevaslip

HairBrainedScenes :iconhairbrainedscenes:

The Last Ship - Main Cargo by HairBrainedScenes   The Last Ship - Nearing the End by HairBrainedScenes

Gipgm2 :icongipgm2:

Kites by Gipgm2 The Hall of Gates by Gipgm2

LightBulbMoon :iconlightbulbmoon:

Spurred On by LightBulbMoon   Recalcitrant Forms by LightBulbMoon

Panthera1985 :iconpanthera1985:

Palm by Panthera1985   Blossom by Panthera1985

Sabine62 :iconsabine62:

Flotilla by Sabine62 Herzlichen Glueckwunsch, Feli :) by Sabine62

JulianasGrandma :iconjulianasgrandma:

Winter wonderland by JulianasGrandma   Canyon Lake AZ for Mel on his Birthday by JulianasGrandma

Mirage521 :iconmirage521:

Hurricane by Mirage521     Sunrise over CMU by Mirage521

Rozrr :iconrozrr:

Psycho Delia by Rozrr   True Jewels by Rozrr

KmyGraphic :iconkmygraphic:

Spring Explosion by KmyGraphic     Blue-Rose by KmyGraphic

batjorge :iconbatjorge:

Festival by batjorge Undead Mods - Pong 14 by batjorge

isider :iconisider:

Twisted by isider   Hearts in a Vase by isider

6Hammer6 :icon6hammer6:

Disgraced by 6Hammer6     The Grand Audition by 6Hammer6

Wretched--Stare :iconwretched--stare:

Overgrowth by Wretched--Stare    Starting at the end by Wretched--Stare

fraterchaos :iconfraterchaos:

Ping Pong 54 - fungal growths by fraterchaos an unforeseen circumstance by fraterchaos

forthewords :iconforthewords:

Mint heart by forthewords    Chocolate heart by forthewords


Thank you very much by PaMonk
Free - Hug by PaMonk

Light Hunters Feature #105

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 5, 2015, 9:24 AM

Enjoy some of the recent additions to our gallery


Q2A1638 by dfm63
Remove by FlexDreams
Dying all alone. by dragonfly-oli
The Pointy End! by LinsenSchuss
A stroll down memory lane by Northstar76
S T A Y VII by JoannaRzeznikowska
Paint me in orange by Claudiamarusanici
Sun Rays by Spiegellicht
Turning off gravity by Breekherzvanilla
Butcher I by MaryaS
The smallest country in the world by EvelinaBrzozka
Counting the time by JeisonRodriguez
Arches National Park, explore by alierturk
Warm Shadows by PatiMakowska
m e a t by cemalsamli
Empire by I-Got-Shot



This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
and edited by MarcosRodriguez
I've never done one of these before, but it's a fun thing I've seen around on Tumblr plenty of times, so I thought why not do one here on DA?

Basically, here are some people I've been watching for a long time on DA, people who I'll go on watching without question. I'm choosing to highlight a few, because they're super rad, but everyone on the list is super rad, and you should totally watch all of them.

:iconanoya: Anoya 

Nancy is one of the coolest people on the planet, and I know this because I've met her in person! She's very friendly, lively, super cheerful, and a ton of fun to be around. She's also a fabulous photographer, and has been a repeat Community Volunteer here on DA, if that doesn't prove how dedicated she is, then I don't know what will.

Iwan. by Anoya   Libelle. by Anoya  Angry Tiger. by Anoya

:iconartgerm: Artgerm 

What is there to say about Stanley Lau that hasn't already been said by tons of other people? He's a tremendous artist, a really chill guy, and an all-around superstar. I've been a fan of his work for years, and the day I was finally able to buy one of his prints was a great day indeed.

Destiny of the North Star by Artgerm  Deviously Awesome by Artgerm  Samurai Spirit - Vengeance by Artgerm

:iconaunjuli: aunjuli 

I'm a little biased here because Juli has been one of my best friends for years, but there is no one in the world you'll ever meet who is more hardworking or dedicated than Juli is. Her creative mind is always running, and the drive she has to reach goals is unlike any other.

More space by aunjuli  Jellyfish by aunjuli  Enterprise by aunjuli  

:iconexillior: Exillior 

Exi is a creative individual with a very practical mind. There aren't many people I know who can find a way to balance creative artistry with working full time as a doctor, but she manages it and creates with gusto. Not to mention, she's super funny.

Cap Malheureux by Exillior  Henna 19 by Exillior   Letter to a fatherDear Father,
As I sit in a room two continents away, surrounded by clothes and books and pretty things, all bought with money provided by you, five years into a degree funded by you, I type away this letter.
Dear Father, two days ago you laughed when I excitedly showed you a photo of a thirty-five-bedroom castle and said that one day I will buy it, and you told me that at my age you had stopped having those grandiose dreams. Let me tell you a different story. Nineteen years ago, you pulled a drawer out of your wardrobe, to reveal a drawer behind it, and within this drawer was a single item: an old, ornate, large iron key. You told me it was the key to the gates of your Castle in Spain. Only years later did I learn that in French, "castle in Spain" means castle in the air.
Thanks to a man who never stopped dreaming... but who put his dreams aside to help his daughter make hers come true, today, I can dream.
Dear Father, when they ask me if I have a role model, I name you. You may be gru

:iconfelipesmith: FelipeSmith 

Among the many creative ventures that Felipe Smith has taken on, he is the current writer and artist for the All-New Ghost Rider series, a character artist for TMNT, and most importantly he has the coolest set of dreads you'll ever see. I met Felipe at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014, and he's the most laidback, friendly guy you'll ever meet. Definitely an artist worth keeping an eye on!

Robbie Reyes: The All-New Ghost Rider by FelipeSmith  All-New Ghost Rider #12 Cover by FelipeSmith  Bill and Ted's Most Triumphant Return # 1 Cover by FelipeSmith

:iconginkgografix: ginkgografix

Anne is secretly powering the CSS for every Journal Skin on site singlehandedly, I'm convinced of it. :shifty: In all seriousness, though, Anne is a very kind, funny, and hardworking individual who I had the privilege of working alongside back when I was a volunteer. She's pretty much the best.

Green Tree by ginkgografix  Cherry Cupcakes by ginkgografix  Green Deviant by ginkgografix  

:iconleomon32: leomon32

Ronan has been one of my best friends since 2011, and I've had the joy of going on a fair few adventures with him in my life. :D He's a hardworking and super kind guy, and a pretty great artist to boot.

Grow up ! by leomon32  Great Destructor ! by leomon32  Bahn vs Kaiju monster by leomon32

:iconmemnalar: Memnalar

Jay is the most chill guy on the planet, and is a plethora of information of all kinds. If you're looking for a level-headed guy who knows his stuff, Jay is your guy. He's a great writer, a quick-thinker, and a community rockstar.

Trunk LineI watched the secondary pressure dial climb, ever closer to the primary. I kicked the lock away from the lever in the floor, the only one in the cabin unmarred from constant use.
"You sure about this?" I asked her. Hundredth time, easy. "You damned sure?"
She rumbled under me. Four blasts on the whistle, her assent. Firebox glowed as she primed her flames.
Didn't need me anymore.
Cabin door clanged open. Frost blew in like his namesake, slammed the door behind him, wheeled the seals closed. I glanced back at him.
"You're bleeding."
"Took one in the shoulder. Drones can't aim for shit. We're holding them two cars down from the coal, don't know how long we can keep them..."
"Don't need to now."
He looked at me. I looked at the firebox. She was beyond the need for coal. Beyond the need for greasy hands in black gloves on levers, squinted eyes poring over dials.
Primary and secondary matched. It was time.
I reached for the gleaming lever.
Frost yelled something, slammed into me as t
  Air-FueledWinter tore hell through the camp, and Serpentine blew into her palms so she could feel the dice in them. Old Taggert gestured at her with a bottle. She nodded at him as she blew. He poured, held up the glass. A half-rusted drone snatched it, buzzed its way to Serp, and sloshed half the drink on the floor before dropping it in front of her. She grabbed it, made a show of downing it, and kept blowing.
Across the floor, Paydirt sat puffing away on a three-tined pipe that smelled like creosote and dry moss. Around Paydirt sat the Payday Gang, sharpening knives, polishing pistols and looking tougher than Serp knew they were.
"You gonna throw those, doll," Paydirt said around his pipe, "Or you want I should give you something else to blow on?"
She smiled at him. There were a hundred thousand League notes on the table. About a week's haul for Paydirt, but a whole season's runs for Serp. She was good for it, if you counted the Aphrodite.
Her dad's ship before her. Hers now. Aphrodit
   Prima NoctaIt doesn't happen how you think it does.
You're probably strung out, ducked into the wrong alley to hit the pipe. It waited there, watching you, biding time until you were good and fucked before ripping a new hole in your throat. Maybe your thigh if it's in a rush. You spray out all over the wall, all over yourself, all over it. You just see yellow eyes, fucking foot-long tongue lapping you up, and then nothing.
But then, something. Maybe you smell dogshit, old take-out containers, dried-out tampons and whatever else people threw away along with you. You reach up and around, wipe the maggots off your face. You find a door up there, push it open. Daylight. It feels like a blowtorch on your hand, and you smell your skin bubbling away as the  lid falls closed.
No, you didn't smell it. You tasted it. Tasted your skin burning, just like you're tasting this dumpster and the filth you're swimming in.
Maybe you sleep.
Maybe you wake up just in time to hear the truck grab hold of your roac

:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13

Anyone who's met Danie can tell you upfront that she's one of the biggest rockstars on the planet. She's a powerhouse of energy, work ethic, and all around good vibes, and she's basically one of the coolest people around. Not too many people could pull off everything that Danie does and still come out of it all looking as great as Danie does.

Halloween 2014 by Moonbeam13  Bloom by Moonbeam13  Eyeball Pasta with Bone Biscuits by Moonbeam13

:iconthiefoworld: Thiefoworld

If you're looking for the right balance of off-the-wall, cute, friendly, and genuinely funny, then Thiefo is your guy. He's a cheerful and kind-hearted person who's got a great perspective on life and creating art, and he's also shorter than me, which is great. :meow: (He's also one of my favorite people on the planet, so he won't be mad at me for that comment.)

ID Collection 5 by Thiefoworld  Undo my tick hunter of dancing phoenix by Thiefoworld  A selfie 6 years in the making by Thiefoworld  

And now, a really awesome list of really awesome deviants:
(Names in italics are deviants I've met in person!)

Aeirmid :bulletblue: alexandrasalas :bulletblue: Amberlouie :bulletblue: Astralseed :bulletblue: Athos-of-Light 

Atramina :bulletblue: AuroraWienhold :bulletblue: BeccaJS :bulletblue: bended :bulletblue: bradleysays 

burningmonk :bulletblue: captainosaka :bulletblue: chrisnfy85 :bulletblue: crow-god :bulletblue: DanLuVisiArt

DavidBaron :bulletblue: dinmoney :bulletblue: Drunken-Splice :bulletblue: Eldanis :bulletblue: ElectrikPinkPirate 

elicoronel16 :bulletblue: elsevilla :bulletblue: emilygolightly :bulletblue: ethanrevolution :bulletblue: etre-aime 

freestarisis :bulletblue: GrimFace242 :bulletblue: Gwendolyn12 :bulletblue: Hardrockangel :bulletblue: Heidi 

iisjah :bulletblue: Ikue :bulletblue: IngeVandormael :bulletblue: IrrevocableFate :bulletblue: jdrainville 

jimmyelshaman :bulletblue: JNickBlack :bulletblue: JonasDeRo :bulletblue: julietcaesar :bulletblue: Katara-Alchemist 

Kaz-D :bulletblue: KovoWolf :bulletblue: kuschelirmel :bulletblue: limnides :bulletblue: lolitaAgogo 

Lyricanna :bulletblue: LadyLincoln :bulletblue: LaurenKitsune :bulletblue: LiliWrites :bulletblue: Matelandia 

Miguel-Santos :bulletblue: nasakii :bulletblue: neekko :bulletblue: neurotype :bulletblue: ninebark 

noahbradley :bulletblue: Nyx-Valentine :bulletblue: Pixel-Spotlight :bulletblue: pica-ae :bulletblue: pullingcandy 

queenhrosie :bulletblue: Raipun :bulletblue: raspil :bulletblue: Ry-Spirit :bulletblue: rydi1689 

SadisticIceCream :bulletblue: SimplySilent :bulletblue: snowmask :bulletblue: SRSmith :bulletblue: SuicideBySafetyPin 

sabin-boykinov :bulletblue: Sabinalibertad :bulletblue: SaiyaGina :bulletblue: SaTaNiA :bulletblue: scrotumnose

StamatisGR :bulletblue: taenaron :bulletblue: taho :bulletblue: The--Kyza :bulletblue: The-Build 

thorns :bulletblue: tiganusi :bulletblue: Topicality :bulletblue: TotemEye :bulletblue: Tradd 

UnicornReality :bulletblue: valstaples :bulletblue: venturus :bulletblue: Vigilo :bulletblue: zebrazebrazebra 

Now how about you?

Who are some of your favorite deviants? You should make a journal like this one and share some deviants that you'll watch forever, then link your journal in the comments here so I can check it out! :la:

Also, be sure to tag your Journal with #WatchForever, so people can check out who you love to watch!

Thursday Greets

Thu Mar 5, 2015, 8:55 AM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Weekend Fun | WishingWell Weekly

:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:icontoon-atopia: Toon-atopia


:iconpotlun: potlun

LIIGHTWICKED!!! by potlunHappy Birthday! by potlunMeringue! by potlun
potlun has no wish listed
potlun has no news

:iconeman-thabet: Eman-Thabet

Yuki Snow Society 6 by Eman-ThabetDigimon Tri Sketch Ver2 by Eman-ThabetRed Hood sketch by Eman-Thabet
Eman-Thabet has no wish listed
Eman-Thabet has no news

:icontylerreitan: TylerReitan

Portrait of Dishonest Dimentia (Dolos kai Eutychia by TylerReitanThe Malignancy of Life by TylerReitanSalvador Dali signature tattoo by TylerReitan
TylerReitan has no wish listed
TylerReitan has no news

:iconstewbrain: Stewbrain

orange lilly by StewbrainUntitled #1 by StewbrainPapaver somniferum by Stewbrain
Stewbrain has no wish listed
Stewbrain has no news

:iconbluezola: bluezola

Me by bluezolaCustom for... by bluezolaCutie patotie by bluezola
bluezola has no wish listed
bluezola is offering commissions

:iconnightangel-16: NightAngel-16

Commission For MyNameIsHammy by NightAngel-16Commission for Parker by NightAngel-16Sebastian Michaelis Realistic Sketch by NightAngel-16
NightAngel-16 wishes for points for her birthday.
NightAngel-16 has no news

:iconinfinitenightshades: InfiniteNightShades

Photoshop Eye COMPLETE by InfiniteNightShadesmy wedding :D by InfiniteNightShadesMY DA FAMILY (part 1 of 2) by InfiniteNightShades
InfiniteNightShades wishes for a premium membership for JadeDrew.
InfiniteNightShades has no news

:icononlytrouble: onlytrouble

HIDE X-JAPAN by onlytroubleTAKERU 2014 by onlytroubleGabriel by onlytrouble
onlytrouble has no wish listed
onlytrouble has no news

:iconblazing-blaze: Blazing-Blaze

Sonamy: Gimme you hand... by Blazing-BlazeStarfire VS Blackfire by Blazing-BlazeSonAmy 2015 Valentine Exchange by Blazing-Blaze
Blazing-Blaze has no wish listed
Blazing-Blaze has no news

:iconagg-a: Agg-A

bird whisperer by Agg-AIch by Agg-Aanarchist by Agg-A
Agg-A wishes for more exposure for her drawings.
Agg-A is offering commissions

:iconarcanesbrewery: ArcanesBrewery

Queen Bee Kiture #1 Auction (Open!) by ArcanesBreweryPup Adopt //OPEN// OTA by ArcanesBreweryBunlien-Anthro [Bunny/Alien] Adopt //OPEN\\ 50 PTS by ArcanesBrewery
ArcanesBrewery wishes for a premium membership of any length.
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:iconfeferocks888: feferocks888

Mylea by feferocks888Mylea by feferocks888wood candles by feferocks888
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::The Real Uchiha Princess:: by itasasu2002Sasaki uchiha: ChildHood ReDesign by itasasu2002PC: Drageach13 by itasasu2002
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LoZ: Waiting for You by BernuvielRO: Run for your life! by BernuvielRO: At the Christmas Market by Bernuviel
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ginger cat cotton tail ota by E-j-e-r-u-chan+Emily The Deer+ by E-j-e-r-u-chan+Kat Human+ by E-j-e-r-u-chan
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Nature's Symphony by Mr-ToontasticToons At Work by Mr-ToontasticBesties Forever by Mr-Toontastic
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Scancer by scancerPsyche Blur by scancerBirth of a sphere by scancer
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Our Awesome Affiliates Vol.2

Thu Mar 5, 2015, 12:58 PM

Let us continue having a look in the activity of our Affiliates and their teams!

:icongrimface242: :iconmoonbeam13:

Community Feature Project: If I Could DDHave you ever wished that you could pick a Daily Deviation Feature? I'm sure we've all seen an amazing piece of art or stock that we wished could have a bit more exposure. Well, this is your chance! This December we are encouraging you to feature your fellow deviants with a journal of images that you would feature as a Daily Deviation if you could. So let's embrace the Holiday Season and spread some good cheer by joining in and featuring our community!
The Game Plan
Create and publish a journal feature of images that you would choose for a Daily Deviation Feature from your preferred gallery.
(i.e. Stock providers would feature images from the Stock & Resources gallery. Photomanipulators would feature manips, etc.)
When your journal feature is live, link it back to your Community Volunteer's Community Feature Project Journal in the comments area.
(i.e. Stock providers will link to this journal. Photomanipulators will link to AbbeyMarie's jour
  Holiday Card Project 2014
The deviantART #HolidayCardProject is back for its 8th year!  With the goal of bringing a bit of holiday cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the Holiday Card Project connects artists from around the world, applying their tremendous artistic abilities to designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In 2013 alone, the Project received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 2,000 deviants from 60 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed by deviantART members to local Los Angeles hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for deviantART volunteers and hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who sends in a card will
  Introducing Project S.E.A.
What is Project S.E.A.?

Project S.E.A. is an idea that leapt, no more like cannonballed, its way into my mind. I figured that perhaps I had finally come up with a grand design to share in deviantArt's community spirit. So here I am in full throe of formulating a three piece suite of an event which I hope everybody will take part in and enjoy.
But what is Project S.E.A.? I hear you cry. Well, if you grant me a minute or two then I shall endeavour to share with you all my eager peeps.
The idea for Project S.E.A. came to me while I was in the middle of self-evaluating my time on deviantArt as a member. I thought that over the past 3 years I have been given support not just through my poetry but also emotionally too with my own private struggles. I have myself supported others with their own work and problems. Then my mind began to think about encouragement and how members on deviantA

Group Spotlight vol. 5Hello everyone,
Welcome to another Group Spotlight; a series of features where I spotlight a group that contributes to the DeviantArt community somehow either by promoting unknown art, doing regular features, holding competitions, promoting critique/comment systems, showcasing resources to help members improve, etc. I'm hoping to possibly bring to light some great groups here on dA and possibly attract them new members or watchers, by showcasing deviations from their gallery after a brief introduction of the group in itself.
Enjoy and +fav please! Heart
I-Heart-Colors is "a group dedicated to showing imaginative, colorful and vibrant artists and their work". They accept works from all categories that have vibrant color(s) to them. They post features regularly, and are currently hosting a summer contest! You should definitely watch or join this great group with
  ABC's of Lit Community Project:new: 1st edition up! :new:
S (Senryu-Sonnet)
I have been wanting to do a community project geared towards the literature community that would serve both as educational and inclusive. It took awhile to come up with an idea, but it ended up being really simple. As a writer, it took years before I had the courage to try different forms of poetry. Free-verse was safe, and it wasn't like I knew how to do other forms of poetry. All the others seemed complicated, or for people with more skill and knowledge than me. I found it was easier to find help about different forms on dA, than just online alone. But why can't everything just be in one place? It would be easier to be able to find any different forms I wanted to try on deviantArt with instructions and examples from people just like me.
So! That's why I came up with the ABC's of Lit Project. The aim of this project is to serve as a single colla
Welcome to the home of Community Projects on DA: CRCommunityProjects! Pull up a cloud and join the fun.
Our mission is to support deviants in holding their own community-building projects by helping with brainstorming, networking, organization, and promotion. deviantART is an amazing place, and you help make it even better!

Deviation of the Week (MAR #1, vote till 8 MAR)Hey, animal lovers! :meow:
Every week, we select 5 great images that have been submitted to our group and we want to know from you which one you like best!
In order to vote, just write a comment including the number of your favorite image below. If you want to vote anonymously, you can send a note with the number to Unkopierbar.
The winner will be featured in our gallery folder Deviation of the Week (as always). Thank you for sharing your wonderful works with our group and thanks to all who are going to participate in the voting! :huggle:
This week's Deviation of the Week is: "Watch and learn" by xXBellcatXx - congratulations! :clap:
  Animal ABCs: A is for AlpacaThe continuation of the ABC series! La la la la For those of you who are new to this, let me explain how it works :) (Smile) I will be going through the alphabet with different animals and making features. Want to make a suggestion for a future animal to be featured? Check out the Animal ABC's suggestion box! Check out the "Upcoming Animal" section to potentially get featured!  More information can be found on the bottom. If you like this article, please give it a +fav so the artists may get more exposure.
Without further ado...
  Deviation of the Week - vote until April 27th!Hey, animal lovers! :dummy:
Since our super group status will expire on April 25th, we'd like to introduce a new voting system for our Deviation of the Week polls:
Just write a comment including the number of your favorite image below OR send a note with the number to Unkopierbar. It's that easy!
The winner will be featured in our gallery folder Deviation of the Week (as always).
Thank you for sharing your wonderful works with our group and thanks to all who are going to participate in the voting! :heart:

Hyacinth Macaw by AmBr0Dolphins by DreamyNaria
This is a club for any artist with a passion for animals, whether you are just a beginner or a professional. 
We strive to help our members by exposing them to the art community, and of course, a community with common interests. So come and join! We'd love to have you here! Heart



CSS Tutorials and ResourcesCSS and DeviantART

So you want to start creating your own journal skins? Learning CSS can be somewhat time consuming, but there are plenty of awesome resources to help you. 
Remember, learning CSS and webdesign can land you a job in the future! Not only that, but coding Cascading Style Sheets is actually a lot of fun. It's awesome to see others using your Journal/ Gallery skins.
Point Right Examples of Journal Skins!
Finding others to code with
One thing that makes deviantART awesome is that there are over 26 million active users! This means a bunch of others will always be willing to learn with you. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, or help you find the information you need.
deviantART Groups  deviantART Related Groups
CSS Basics

  CVs and Seniors Feature #6This is a brief presentation of the new and ex Community Volunteers, ex Staff and new Seniors :la: Enjoy and show them the love they deserve :heart:
:dalove: New CVs :dalove:
Gwendolyn12 (Manga & Anime gallery)
Main Genre: Traditional Art
4 years on dA

IaiaRose (Chats & Forums)
Main Genre: Photography
8 years on dA

Ry-Spirit (Fan Art gallery)
Main Genre: Digital Art
6 years on dA

Emerald-Depths (Photomanipulation gallery)
Main Genre: Digital Art
7 years on dA

ginkgografix (deviantART Related)
Main Genre: Varied
7 years on dA

ArtByCher (Traditional Art gallery)
Main Genre: Traditional Art
4 years on dA

Brookette (Artisan Crafts gallery)
Main Genre: Artisan Crafts
6 years on dA

CelticStrm-Stock (Stock and Resources gallery)
Main Genre
  120 Seconds WinnersHere is the original journal here with all the winners!   
Winners of the global category
1st place Synesthi

2nd place Delta-13
Rescuing the Prince by Delta-13A Bad Day by Delta-13
Cuckoo Bee by Delta-13A Heavy Burden by Delta-13My Blue-Eyed Son by Delta-13
3rd place DamonWakes
Last Minute Shopping by DamonWakesFace of Glass: Chapter One by DamonWakesI Can Do That, Dave by DamonWakes
Winners of the personal category
1st place Sammur-amat
(ta[i]l)e by Sammur-amatCoalescence in (and of) Poetry by Sammur-amatamo(u)r by Sammur-amat
to hell with goodwill (que sera sera) by Sammur-amatGhost in the Machine by Sammur-amatNot about the Sky by Sammur-amat

Blue Simone by RiemeaCircles in blue-s by XRlS

deviantART Community Explorer
This group is about the community, your projects, and deviantART love. Right now we're cleaning up a few things, but don't hesitate to contact us.

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Art-Is-Wonderful Feature Time #23

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celebrating some of the most fantastic submissions of the week

"Birch Grove"
by DeathMystery
Birch Grove by DeathMystery

"Dragons Crossing."
by Zaellrin
Dragons Crossing. by Zaellrin

"Ashes to ashes"
by Inna-Vjuzhanina
Ashes to ashes by Inna-Vjuzhanina

by Tira-Owl
Ascension by Tira-Owl

"Solar winds on Ceres"
by Tohad
Solar winds on Ceres by Tohad

"So, which one do you like?"
by chirun
So, which one do you like? by chirun

"The Calling"
by JKRoots
The Calling by JKRoots

by Inteaselive
Ov3rclock by Inteaselive

"White Power"
by WolfRoad
White Power by WolfRoad

"We Can Fly"
by Wesley-Souza
We Can Fly by Wesley-Souza

"I Could Have Danced All Night"
by AyumiNazu
I Could Have Danced All Night by AyumiNazu