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Untitled-1 by techgnotic

Daily Painting #952. Underwater Unicorn (OG) by Cryptid-Creations

Today's Inspiration

Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward.”

— Victor Kiam

The Legend of ZELDA by captainosaka

Legend of Zelda Manga Returns

It's been seven long years, but at long last, Link will return in a new Legend of Zelda manga! Which incarnation of Link do you think will inspire this story?


Australian researchers attached a GoPro camera to a marine turtle and what resulted was a spectacular view of the Great Barrier Reef. Thank you Mr. Turtle!

Reality x Expectation by Leesdg

Reality Vs Expectation

We think this piece by Leesdg sums it up pretty well, what do you think?

S E N P A I by moremindmel0dy

Return to the Digital World

Digimon fans, rejoice! Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth will be coming to American PS4 and PS Vita consoles in 2016! This turn based RPG targets an older, more mature audience than previous Digimon games, not a bad plan, given that Digimon just celebrated its 15 year anniversary. Do you have a favorite Digimon or Digidestined?

Writing by Allantiee

Writing Challenge Survival 101

Thinking of participating in a writing challenge? Here are the top 5 survival tips you'll need. Be sure to thank PinkyMcCoversong for putting this together.

State Zero

A short film by AndreeWallin, State Zero takes us to Sweden in the near future, where it has turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Robot Duel Is Happening

Last week we told you that the U.S. company Megabots had challenged Japanese company, Suidobashi Heavy Industries, to a giant robot duel. We're excited to announce that the Japanese have accepted and our giant robot duel will be a reality! All of our Transformer dreams are coming true.

Clothing and Folds Tutorial by juliajm15

in the Fold

Drawing clothing properly can be a pain when you're trying to get the hang of fabric looking right. Thankfully, this tutorial by juliajm15 will have you nailing those folds of fabric in no time!

Guardians of the Galaxy by ramida-r

Still Guarding the Galaxy

Do you need more Rocket Racoon? Can't get enough of Gramora's slick battle moves? You're in luck! The Guardians of the Galaxy will have their own animated show on Disney XD, and you can catch a sneak peek on Sept. 5. And remember: I am Groot.

Down the Rabbit Hole by NatFarrell

Chat and Forum News

Get caught up with everything going on in the Chats and forums with the newest edition of the newsletter. What is your favourite chatroom or forum on DeviantArt? Let us know in the comments.

Formosan Black Bear by EJ-Su


A man in China was shocked to learn that his two beloved pet dogs aren't dogs at all--they're bears! Not to worry, the bears are off to an animal rescue center and will be well cared for. How shocked would you be if you received this kind of news?

Annoyed by mydigitalmind

In the Forums

What sort of things get your goat? Share your pet peeves in this forum.

SMASH! by FooRay

Happy Birthday

Join us in wishing comic artist, FooRay, a smashing birthday!

:iconarrheartplz:BEST OF THE WEEK :iconarrheartplz:
:iconarrheartplz: (dA-Supporters group) #28


Here's the feature of :icondeviantartsupporters: group
You will see here BEST OF THE WEEK works
created by our members

:iconlittleheartsplz: If you love it fave it by Ravenswd :iconlittleheartsplz:


:iconlovesplz: FEATURES :iconlovesplz:


Sugar Time by Misspingu
Mommy... by mareCaligine
Four Sisters - When Leaves Are Falling by Calicot-ZC
Iron Hulk by A-D-I--N-U-G-R-O-H-O
Chibi Cutie with teddy by DevchonkaLucky
I'm Free by Rimisa
The little giant girl and her dog by veracauwenberghs
bouncy Trowza by Luphin
Hide by kyokips
Darkness in my veins by mareCaligine
Deer girl by Sitas-the-Fool
Model Student Manga Cover by Tani2691
Broken Promises by EstherPuche-Art
Dome City by Joe-Roberts
Assassin's Creed girl manga version, commission by Suki-Manga
Princess of the Crystal by poppyrous
plant by Nekomiira
Mermaid by evolajones
Tofu commission by IllegalHamsterThe
Balloonariums by CephalonLethea
World in Darkness by cha4os
The Raptor squad monster girls by KukuruyoArt

New Born (available for prints) by Lolita-Artz

DJ Sona by VanileCream

[Open] 4th of July Auction by shippingxwars

[PONY] Cute chibi Lea by LeslieElena19
Astrolabe by taniri

Red Berries by DevchonkaLucky
Untitled by ArtByStarlaMoore
Awakening by Wazzouf by Wazzouf
Ecuador - Quilotoa by lux69aeterna
Bookworms by akareed
Woodland Creatures by ChloexBowie
The path of the monoliths by RazielMB
Somewhere In Paradise by DropsOfTheUniverse
Beautiful moments by FlashW
Adoptable #1-[Action]-[OPEN] by lmsubscribing
Foia by Varagka
- Ladies in Grey - by ooneithoo
League of Legends Poro by UraHameshi
Mirage by KlaraDrielle
Ciel as Smile by Shiro-tae
Journal of Stars by Erisiar
Peek-a-boo by sylverface
Lost in Paradise by 8PoeraOpetry8
Rainbow by Adamiro
Negative Stairs by TheBlue-Light
Age gap by IllyDragonfly
Morning at the lake by Artimisso
Polymer clay Tiny Green  Mermaid by Crystarbor
Sci-fi treasure by JBarrero
Half Dome from Glacier Point by jxsnyder
Journey to a Fantasy by Izunichi
Grass snake by CyprianMielczarek
Boop by Theanimalparade



:below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below: :below:

Previews parts of the news:

List of ALL features in our group!:star: Here you can find ALL FEATURES that were made for our group members... :star:
:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:
:heart: BEST OF THE WEEK (dA-Supporters group) :heart:
|| PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || PART 4 || PART 5 || PART 6 || PART 7 ||

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Awesome Stock: Vol. 3

Mon Jul 6, 2015, 3:01 PM by CelticStrm-Stock:iconcelticstrm-stock:


3DE Cross Country Water Obstacle Series X/16 by LuDa-Stock

Shayma Preview by Tasastock Culdalasse Laihendi Ranger 28 by PirateLotus-Stock Forget Me Not 62 by Elandria

Fairy Bower 02 UNRESTRICTED by Elandria Iceland 13 by LeikyaStock

In the field_16 by anastasiya-landa

Castle 2 by Starbl00d-Stock Matterhorn01_Stock by stock0naturegraph Warning - Slippery by IdunaHayaPhotography

STOCK dead girl I by MyladyTane Cathedral II by Gynvaelaine-stock  Fire backgrounds by KPEKEP Jungle Castle Stairs Stock by little-spacey Tenerife Rock by Mattlis

Underwater Tunnel by ArtistStock

Montuenga Castle Ruins by EveLivesey Blue Waters Stock by little-spacey

 Jungle Castle Pillars Stock by little-spacey

June 2015 Jungle Garden Stock.. by WelshDragonStockNArt Leucistic Cobra Stock 5 by Cassy-Blue

bow down by Ylliny dunas 2 by lolyweb Lormet-Equestrian-0023B-sml by Lormet-Images

Life is but a Strum by Danika-Stock Stock by La-Catalina Marilyn Stock 12 by Tris-Marie Stock 28 by Estelle-Photographie

White stallion rear 2 by xxMysteryStockxx White Fairy II - Stock by MariaAmanda badger by Quiet-bliss

Landscape-Stock-Wolfworx-Imk53349 by wolfworx




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Stock and Resources Galleries on dA. Your hub for Stock and Resources Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests, Challenges and news.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconstockandresources:

My Groups & Those I Admin For

:iconthe-stock-directory: :iconpose-emporium: :iconpremiumcontentdevs: :iconfantasy-paradise: :iconozarks-artists: :iconsafe-stock-resources: :iconstock-for-premades: :iconstock-mentor: :icondigital-artists: :iconrealm-of-fantasy:

Heavy Metal Magazine fan art group – Wall of Excellence from June 2015

For a brief history of Heavy Metal Magazine in the United States, please see this link:

Our Deviantart fan art group HeavyMetalMagazine is not supported or affiliated with Heavy Metal Magazine.(tm)

This monthly feature is where we show a small sampling from over a hundred of your excellent June artwork submissions. They are shown in no particular order.

:iconphobos-romulus: Neal is the founder and owner of this awesome fan art group.

We cannot feature all of the outstanding artworks received in the past month. We appreciate each and every single submission that appears in the group galleries. Your Light goes out into the world through your artwork. The honor is ours to show your art here.

Your humble volunteer,


Co-Founder admin.

This is an excellent and inspirational Google image search of HMM artworks:

Shown in no particular order.
Celflux Issue No.3 Page 1 by gemgfx Guards by KerroPerro Amazon by LenaNik Son of a Demon Pg 10 by mutantcomix mermaid by Konsuello Robot turret by romal-r Damsel with Werewolf by FransMensinkArtist End of the Road by TouchofArtistry First Wave by Softyrider62 night watcher - this time without flash lamp by sintel16 Joie de Vivre by Michael-C-Hayes Cendre by Wolfer-jaf Wolf hunter by LiannanShe Soldier_Moon by AlexanderBrox0101 The Veil by navate Hunters concept by KiraTheArtist

Fire Tiger by KsPeR The return of King Kong by Julianez The Queen Mermaid by RaffaeleMarinetti Shahrazad by BrianSelby1 Sirena copy by Milo Manara by Pidimoro Bargain Hunter by madaigual Breath from the Past - Commission by clover-teapot Sideview Sunday 43 by e-carpenter Desert  projections by CarolineGariba Shelter by ShahabAlizadeh Globe by annewipf Babysitting Little Kong by deskridge Ghost And Dark Miss by FransMensinkArtist who is she? by TalaStrogg Meteora cover 3 issue by arsenixc Tattooed Eastern Beauty by Roys-Art

Arcane Construct II by Jennysmonsters NEW HOME by EBENEWOOD Meditaton -Imagine by Cyggie7 Burlesque Sci-Fi by Adel5 Chandra, Young Pyromancer by VictorAdameArt Second Law of Robotics by VictorAdameArt Synthesis by moonxels on the sofa 4 by thesteelavenger Pantheon by a70172219 Astronomy Domine II by MoodyBlue The Creation by CristianAC Nuclear persecution by HenryDiaz Spanx and Fido by Phobos-Romulus

Artist of the week 2

Mon Jul 6, 2015, 4:00 AM
I'm going to keep on trying to do an artist of the week feature. Since no one suggested anyone last week I'll pick out the one for this week too. Anyone can note me or leave a comment about someone they'd like to nominate for artist of the week. Just include their username, some of their works, and a sentence or two about why you think they deserve it! 

This week's chosen artist is LordLJCornellPhotos

This is one artist that has for a while and continues to wow me. Their photos are quite simply stunning. Nothing I can say would possibly match up to their amazing photos, so do me a favor and just go take a stroll through their gallery. Really, you won't be disappointed! Pinky promise! 

There is always hope by LordLJCornellPhotos
Rock steady view by LordLJCornellPhotos The challenge of Blaven by LordLJCornellPhotos The majestic mountains of Skye by LordLJCornellPhotos Where the clouds live by LordLJCornellPhotos The wall of the sky-line reflected by LordLJCornellPhotos 

Breathtaking traditional works

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2015, 3:39 AM

In my opinion, traditional sculptures and handcrafts are the maximum respectable kind of work.

Let me show you my most favourites of stunning works I discovered here on dA over a longer time.

Some of these pictures are older ones, but still timeless and breathtaking.

Because I love cats, I will start with them.


HubCat by HubcapCreatures

Mechanical metal cheetah run by Andrew-Chase
Mechanical metal cheetah run 5-1 by Andrew-Chase

mountain lion sculpt by jackaburl Pictish Poosie by Sarkazum

Miniature Basket of Kitten sculptures by Pajutee Origami Cat in a Bottle Pendant by thousandleaf0001

Paper Hummingbird5 by ZackMclaughlin The clock dragon 3 by Albegoyec

Pharoah by DugStanat 1078373 494236387318639 1319169909 N by K-LOILLIER

Skeptical Turtle by RandyHand Man Walking Pet  1/4 scale  painted resin by jesserubin

Bewilderbeast IV by hontor subject C 2 by AMYGDALA-mars

Lemur Lori by Irentoys Giraffe Fashion Parade by Hippopottermiss

Another point of view by JacekGlejzer Untitled by Matus76


Twined Flower Basket by WiredElements EdX02 Planetarium by back2root

Train by TOLDart the devil/ lucifers overnight bag by overlord-costume-art

Leon by CsillArtScrapYard Steampunk-Clockpunk Bugs 06 by dkart71

Driftwood stag sculpture by ghoff24 more21 by vankuilenburg

Morla The Neverending Story sculpture by yotaro76

All of these works are mind blowing to me!

Most of these works and many many more, you can find at our group, too.


Please visit their artists galleries!

Have a great day!

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Rethink Pink

Mon Jul 6, 2015, 9:56 AM

SWEET vs PINK by Expie-OC Peppermint by jasinski Stibion by madanmar
Summer's New Dream by mainloop
'Streak of Pink' Oil on Canvas by Robert Hagan by robert-hagan Field of fire, sumimasen by alterlier The Prophecy Unfolds by synax444
Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Chiba 2015 Playmat by algenpfleger
(Sprouting) The Prince's Rose by Yu-Han Her fearful symmetry by Tsvetka revival by Kyrie0201  
White Trash Zombie by DSillustration skulady2 by PudgyDevilKid Under My Skin by MichaelO
Pink by janaschi
Bubble Gum by lpeters Pink Elephant by Vincik Birth of Life + Death by Acrylicdreams
 Healing by NeverGonnaTakeMe The Scapegoat by HisHalfElf
Ghosts in the Snow by Saliwanchik
Phosphene by MarcoMazzoniArt The Dark Tower by 25kartinok Rose in the Sunshine by OlegTrofimoff
According to my jealousy by AquaSixio The Thinker by lpeters The Wolf Won't Sleep Tonight by NanoMortis 
Misty River by artsaus
Gekka Bijin by Netdog Wallflowers by staje Pelargonioita hiuksissaan by Agina
Love by ales-kotnik
Gaudy by adamtanart Servant of Light by DiegooCunha Knight of the Pink Polka Dot by Lizzy-John
Emerging Deva 2 by tavari
Nebula corgi space action by ani-r Under the Pink Moon by yanadhyana Midnight by NataliaRak  
Werewolf Girl by aleksandracupcake
iLu by naylemonstre PINK by shanyar 
Pink Kiss by sakimichan Pink Noise by KR0NPR1NZ
Call it magic Call it true by CezarBrandao Marguerite by SoniaMatas
Umbra T: A t t r a p e  -  r e v e s by YuruiKarameru
Flame by VampireHungerStrike .. Sweet As Candy .. by nevs28 Starchild by Selenada 
-Soft_ by christwriter
Cherry Pop by i-am-MOKEY Koyo by Chendelieu
 Superficial Substances by camilladerrico Bauhinia by escume Angel in Heaven. by antilous 
Crane Gods by Sed-rah
SIGN STREET by tincek-marincek The Pink One by DeadSlug
Pink Fade Fem Trash by Cusd Poison Ivy by elgunto Fairy of Oriental Star, final by EldarZakirov
Turning by jialu
Ruination by skdiesel Tsui by naturaljuice Red Geisha by BonsaiMechaGirl
Daughter of Triton by alicexz
My Soul is Pink by AquaJ Fraktur by mekhz Rosita by kiwipok
 Ionic by minix Okaera by mckadesinsanity
Noa by HyperLaceAlchemists Cor Cordis by SAB687
Dark Moon by fdasuarez kitchen by zain7 Nectar by MargoAtir
Hipocampo by SaiyaGina Commission - Seas of Pink by joanniegoulet
Mermaid by kidkidkidkid
reef by jaredafrica Hazy by Shinybinary 
The Company of Wolves by tdylan Girl with a Wolf by DigitalOme Silent Song by Exileden
Summit in the forest by urosaurus
19/30 June - Red district by snatti89 Flight by Sarafinconcepts
Moonlight2 by markotapio
Cove by artbytheo
Ruins by ProjectOsxar
Pink by Raipun Pepper Flow by Artgerm Her pink ribbon by thienbao
Pink Dress by TaKe-bamboo Fuchsia by PapaNinja 
The Guardian Angel. by ChristopherPollari Sheltered Life by drvghostJapanese traditional pattern by K-Hiroko
Nimhue by Dark-Adon Petals and Thorns by ChelseaHantken lost girl by zac-sophia
Dirty by imorawetz

Skin by SimplySilent

Featuring vw1956

snail 72 by vw1956
birdie... by vw1956
Infrared Tintype View by vw1956
SnHDR30SqF by vw1956
Castle XXIV by vw1956