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Img-00 by techgnotic

In a sense, the Eiffel Tower was created purely for the sake of making a tall tower.

The impetus for designing the tower in the first place was an upcoming world’s fair, to be held in Paris in 1889 — the centennial of the French Revolution. The tower was to be a centerpiece for the upcoming fair, and it was meant to be a temporary structure, with an intended lifespan of twenty years.

The Eiffel Tower is now a prominent national symbol for France and basically the quintessential icon of Paris as a city. The tower itself is what you might call a French cliché at this point, and more than a few prominent travel journalists such as Anthony Bourdain have remarked upon the uselessness of actually climbing the tower. One can understand why: it involves waiting in a long queue, purchasing tickets, and waiting in more queues. While it does ultimately result in a very striking view of Paris (if you choose to ride the lifts to the top), going up the tower requires appropriating at least a few hours that could’ve otherwise been spent drinking wine on the left bank or trying your best elementary French in a quaint café.

Having visited myself, I must lend my voice to the chorus that advises you not to enter the tower. But with that being said, I do highly recommend ogling it from the comfort of a patch of grass on the Champs de Mars, or from across the Seine at the Jardins du Trocadero. Because even though climbing it is overrated, the structure itself leaves an impression on one’s mind that can’t be replicated by any photograph or video. What’s missing from most iconography of the tower is the sheer size and perceived strength of the thing. It often looks quaint and unassuming in films or photos, but in person it’s actually domineering. It’s tall and massive. A number of prominent artists and architects actually protested its construction on these grounds after the project had begun.

It comes down to a matter of personal taste in the end, but one way the tower has proven its aesthetic value is simply by lasting as long as it has. The tower has, at varying points, been scheduled for deconstruction or demolition, but it has never happened. Even the Nazi commander in charge of Paris toward the end of WWII couldn’t bring himself to destroy the tower despite being ordered to do so by Hitler directly.

Even though it is a glorified lawn ornament in some ways, the tower was not designed without some functional considerations. In fact, the tower’s lead architect, Gustave Eiffel, said in an interview that wind resistance was one of his primary concerns when designing the tower. The tower virtually does not sway in the wind.

As it gets older, the tower does have to adapt to its time.

Of course it’s been repainted, repaired, and adorned with light and fireworks displays at various times throughout its history, but now it seems that France’s most identifiable icon is coming into the twenty-first century in proper form by having a number of sustainability-related improvements made. The first are wind turbines designed by Urban Green Energy. The firm has a unique turbine design that, much like the tower itself, doesn’t skimp on aesthetics. These turbines have been installed on the interior of the tower, where they’re barely noticeable to the outside viewer. They will produce about 10,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year — enough to offset the energy used by the tower’s 4,200-square-meter first level pavilion.

Next, plans are in motion to install rainwater collection cisterns, energy-efficient LED lights, and solar panels. In terms of energy consumption it must be said that these improvements represent something like a drop in a very large bucket. But it’s in keeping with the tower’s somewhat superfluous nature that it be used more as a representative icon than a radical leader of the charge toward sustainable energy. These improvements shine a conspicuous spotlight on renewable energy, and with luck others around the world will take note.

It’s admirable that the tower is getting these improvements, and it’s equally laudable that those responsible for overseeing the project are committed to the tower’s aesthetic integrity. The Eiffel Tower’s turbines prove that the energy sources of the coming age don’t have to be bland or difficult to look at. The Eiffel Tower is and remains an inspirational example for those who are hoping to marry form and function in their work.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you visited the Eiffel Tower? How would you describe your experience if so? If not, would you like to someday see it?
  2. What do you think other famous icons around the world would look like with sustainable energy sources? Tell us what you envision or, better yet, show us your deviations that depict these structures and post a link in the comments section.
  3. What are your thoughts on form and function, especially where things like architecture and renewable energy are concerned? Given the grave consequences climate change may have, should we be thinking of aesthetics at all as we develop new sources of energy? Or can we always find a way to make these two walk hand-in-hand?

BFF2 - Tandem Feature Vol. 8

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 3:13 PM

Spring coming in japan 2015, Wakayama pref, by moonman3

A Love so strong
Made together
Colors so plentiful
Birds with feathers
flowers with petals
A Friendship so Strong
It Earns a Medal
For Love is for Worse
For Love is for better
It keeps you warm
Like your favorite Sweater

I Am Your Lady by SharingMyDreams

Ray of Beauty by SharingMyDreams

Faerie Queen by SharingMyDreams

With or Without You by SharingMyDreams

I Believe in Pink by SharingMyDreams

I'm Dreaming in Color by creativemikey

Hollyhock by creativemikey

Fluffy Asters by JocelyneR

Rose of Friendship by StephGabler

Colorful Gazania by JocelyneR

Blossom on the trees, you know, how I feel... by TheRafflesia

Rose square for the lady with rose icon by TheRafflesia

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Dream flower by FAD-DOLLS

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Viridapice by petrova

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Sommer 2011 by Bildmalerin

Soleil floral by EvaParadis

Spring 2015 by PassionAndTheCamera

A bunch of happiness. by dragonfly-oli

speeding fine ! by S-Patriot

Let's welcome spring! by dragonfly-oli

Poppies in the blue by kayaksailor

Flowers 34 by chained2stone
It Happens All The Time . by anthologyplus

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Fri Mar 27, 2015, 5:07 AM by tatasz:icontatasz:

Fractal Art Week

Today, we will chat about L-systems and what they have to do with fractals =D

Substitution systems

In a substitution system, we use a set of rules to transform elements of a sequence. Like this:

        Rule [1 → 0 and 0 → 11]
        Starting sequence: 01
        Step 1: 110
        Step 2: 0011
        Step 3: 111100
        Step 4: 00001111
        Step 5: 111111110000

A Lindenmayer system (L-system) is a string rewriting system, a substitution system that works with strings. It consists of an "alphabet" of symbols, rules (which expand symbols into larger strings - in the example above  1 → 0 and 0 → 11), an "axiom" - the starting sequence - and a way to translate the obtained strings into something visual.

L-systems can not only be used to generate fractals, but also to model many processes (plant gowth, for example - l-systems are great for making procedural trees ;)).

Koch Curve

Lets take a look at a simple example: Koch Curve.
The L-system notation for it is:

        Rule: [F → F + F − F − F + F]
        Start: F

Where F means "draw forward", + means "turn left 90°", and − means "turn right 90°".

Start: F
Lsyst3 by tatasz

Step 1: F → F + F − F − F + F
Lsyst2 by tatasz

Step 2: F + F − F − F + F → F+F−F−F+F + F+F−F−F+F − F+F−F−F+F − F+F−F−F+F + F+F−F−F+F
Lsyst1 by tatasz

You can see that, right now, it is actually not "substituting", but drawing forward. So the curve is not fitting a given shape, but expanding it at each step. In fractaling, though, its usually handier to actually replace elements.

For this, you would need to scale elements down - so the length of F+F−F−F+F is the same as the length of F from the previous step. With replacement, the steps above would look like:

Rep1 by tatasz

Step 1
Rep2 by tatasz

Step 2
Rep3 by tatasz

And 10 steps later...
Rep4 by tatasz

In Apophysis

This second "replacement" way can be easily implemented in Apophysis (and other IFS software).
For example, the Koch Curve: our replacement rule is F → F + F − F − F + F. We will need 5 transforms, since we have 5 elemets replacing the original one on each step. As you can see on the picture above, the scale will be 1/3: the sequence F + F − F − F + F has a length 3F, and we need to scale it down so it is length F.

Now, time to position the transforms (all scaled down to 0.33333 of the original size).

  1. leave it at the origin
  2. Move to the right by 1/3 (length of the first F) and do the "+" - rotate by 90° CCW
  3. Move to the right by 1/3 (first transform) and move up by 1/3 (second transform). The rotation is a "+" then "−", which cancel themselves - so no rotation at all
  4. 1/3 right, 1/3 up, 1/3 right. For rotation, we have a "+ − −" which gives a "−": 90° CW
  5. 1/3 right, 1/3 up, 1/3 right and 1/3 down - so 2/3 right overall. Rotation: "+ − − +"

Basically, you draw 1 step of the L-System rule, with transforms. Compare the picture below (F → F + F − F − F + F step)

Positions by tatasz

And the position of transforms:
Gif Syst by tatasz

Parameters: Koch Curve in Apo - in case you need them. Below, the look of the Koch Curve in Apo:
Koch by tatasz

As an addition, you can "fill" the curve in: Koch Curve Filled.

Browsing by Newest v20

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 11:40 AM



First, before I get to the art, a few points and a few excuses! I'm in the middle of painting my office and bedroom, so have no desktop computer access for a week or so - and as such, only online when at work. Therefore, I'm melting. Also, having no home office right now means I'm working out of a phone and a padfolio:

Untitled Drawing by tiganusi

And my living room looks something like this:

Img 20150323 161042 by tiganusi

Which is like 30% messier than usual, at least.

JenFruzz has a contest on the go that could use even more entries (and I get to mercilessly judge your work if you enter, so bonus points) so go check out A Contest for YOU! - Purple - ENTER NOW! and if her exclamation points didn't get the message across, enter the fucking contest. We're also taking new pupils and mentors at seniormentors so be sure to drop the group a note if you are a senior who wants to mentor people or anyone else who wants to be mentored by one of us notorious badge-holders. And Mrs-Durden is hosting a week at projecteducate for artists who use art in their professional life coming up in late April, so be sure to keep an eye on the group and if you have a badass idea for an article shoot the angry Frenchwoman a note and she'll only bite a little. Lit kids, bonus points if you have an article idea for her since she has nothing literary yet.

Next order of business, which you could probably infer had to do with the lit community based on that gif: Go give gigantic love to inknalcohol who's recently stepped down as a CV. Harass him about cake, because ain't nobody want pie. Then go harass HtBlack, who until this week didn't know who Chaka Khan was. She's looking for admins at theWrittenRevolution so if you've got free time and a critique lust you should call her up on the rotary phone or whatever the fuck they have in rural Italy.

Today's feature of art was found by browsing my message centre's first 30 items post-nuking-it this morning, then browsing across the photography galleries by newest, with typical focus on street and darkroom and little bits of other things too. With very little further ado, here is a two-week-overdue:

Browse by Newest

El psicoanalisis by yolandagarciafoto
Graphy by EinsilbigVeiled by HoydadiSymmetical View by deliafgfjChristopher by NathalieBergstrom
Behind the Red Curtain by aValentine
Waves of Delight by gunsPiercing line by ezkilzonCouple in the fog by FloG31Breathing lifeless... by mirpiphotography
Relaxing Cats by artofdan70
view over a friend by 7StregheIoConoscoL-O-V-E by LoveYourPathDimensional confusion by 333Sparky333In-Door Light by vinsky2002Bulimia by MellodyDoll
Ljudmila by Lemagel
Smoke by ReikiPhotoPerch by Vermontstertreat yourself by lightdrafter
Dogs by sandas04
Disguise by CracowPoland2013. by gluchaciszaspring by Sonjachni
Memories of the hokku of Basho by Daykiney
X-factor by falkenmire85Next To The Window by falkenmire85Twin Top Hats. by TheGothamLounge
Sabryna by Steve-Lease
... by joannacoraInsight by JSBourkePhotogram by JSBourke
Ethiopia-Pilgrim (3) by ItalianGraffiti

Thursday Greets

Thu Mar 26, 2015, 7:48 PM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Weekend Fun | WishingWell Weekly

:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:iconnovalupe: NovaLupe

Adventure Awaits by NovaLupeTwinsPoster of unknown qualities WIP - 1 by NovaLupeGalaxy 001 by NovaLupe
NovaLupe has no wish listed
NovaLupe has no news

:iconazzuen-b: Azzuen-B

Skullingtons Lament by Azzuen-BJack and Cat art trade (Solidarity) by Azzuen-BBrohoof! by Azzuen-B
Azzuen-B has no wish listed
Azzuen-B has no news

:iconrainofdragon: RainOfDragon

Red by RainOfDragonOn Watch by RainOfDragonSea Shell 02 by RainOfDragon
RainOfDragon has no wish listed
RainOfDragon has no news

:iconexplodingcatss: ExplodingCatss

MyDesktop4 by ExplodingCatssMyDesktop3 by ExplodingCatssMyDesktop2 by ExplodingCatss
ExplodingCatss wishes to have more friends to talk to on dA.
ExplodingCatss has no news

:icontiredtsundere: tiredTsundere

Fantroll: ondine! by tiredTsundereCat-types GO! by tiredTsundereGift Art by tiredTsundere
tiredTsundere wishes for any number of points.
tiredTsundere has no news

:iconsenor-sombero: Senor-sombero

GUNTER by Senor-somberoPedro the Maraca Wizard Boopybun by Senor-somberoI Is pand hear me rawr by Senor-sombero
Senor-sombero wishes for 150 points.
Senor-sombero has no news

:icontinaisdead: tinaisdead

Request 1 - Hilda by tinaisdead
tinaisdead wishes for 500 points.
tinaisdead has no news

:icongeorgeamies: GeorgeAmies

Curve by GeorgeAmiesDrop by GeorgeAmiesEgg Splat by GeorgeAmies
GeorgeAmies has no wish listed
GeorgeAmies has no news

:iconangelicmurder123: angelicmurder123

3pt Comm - Sofia by angelicmurder123Digital Chibi Example by angelicmurder123
angelicmurder123 wishes for 500 points for her birthday.
angelicmurder123 is offering commissions

:iconlpetite: lPetite

[CE] Dream World by lPetiteShaymin Gijinka by lPetiteRandom Chubby Sylveon by lPetite
lPetite wishes for 500 - 5,000 points.
lPetite has no news

:iconcupcakeyumyumz: Cupcakeyumyumz

Ask Sprinkles by CupcakeyumyumzChocolate Icecream by CupcakeyumyumzWatermelon by Cupcakeyumyumz
Cupcakeyumyumz wishes for 700 points.
Cupcakeyumyumz has no news

:iconsam--i--am: Sam--I--Am

Be My Valentine? (L) by Sam--I--AmAnne 2 (Adoptable) by Sam--I--AmDeath the Kid by Sam--I--Am
Sam--I--Am has no wish listed
Sam--I--Am is offering commissions

:iconshinayuuki: ShinaYuuki

Fairy Tail 324 - Protect The Future by ShinaYuukiHappy And Natsu LineArt by ShinaYuukiFairy Tail 324 - Protect The Future LineArt V2 by ShinaYuuki
ShinaYuuki wishes for a premium membership of any kind.
ShinaYuuki is offering commissions

:iconfrancis-chan: Francis-Chan

bloop by Francis-ChanSeeing Colors by Francis-ChanArt Trade with audinos by Francis-Chan
Francis-Chan wishes for 300 points.
Francis-Chan has no news

:iconhamidm: HamidM

Star Gazer by HamidMBreakdancing Bad by HamidMI'm trapped in a boring meeting by HamidM
HamidM has no wish listed
HamidM has no news

:iconraffle-me-please: Raffle-Me-Please

Raffle-Me-Please wishes for 1,000 points to start raffles and giveaways.
Raffle-Me-Please has no news

Welcome all!

:iconarichy: :iconstygma:

The Inspired #172

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 27, 2015, 5:54 AM
:earth:Welcome to The Inspired:earth:

The Inspired is a weekly feature of deviations from around Deviant Art.

The Inspired features a wide range of Traditional and Digital art styles, photography, & Artisan crafts.

All featured deviations do not contain mature content


Digital Works

Eostre by RowanLewgalonFisherman by Ozcan-hayrivillage by BenjiroLucaOstara by onitonariGladiator meets Starship Troopers by SkavenZverov


Traditional Works

Winter Cat by 7-Year-BytchEnchanted pond by IsbjorgCaptain Kirk by DeevElliottIrina Tsapreva by IvonaVasilevaA Captain That Men Would Follow by peet



Curves by S-PatriotJewels by FrancescaDelfinoFrozen by zoomzoomThe Garden by uglybug2481 by Bittersuesz


Artisan Crafts

Red fox plushie by zukoriStormflower by DeathMysterySun Kissed Bat by StarMassacreVivi Ornitier Crochet Plush! by Mr-NovaLittle Nibble by deeed


Want to suggest a deviation?

Click here

*When suggesting, please suggest deviations with under 200 faves.*
*Please show your support for the Inspired by adding this post to your favorites*
A big thank you to the artists who keep delighting us with their works.

Transfixed, Vol. V

Thu Mar 26, 2015, 1:00 PM
Hey everyone! Welcome to my CRPhotography Still Life feature, Transfixed! Once a month I put these features together for your enjoyment. Hopefully you will see some pieces that inspire you to get out there and start shooting some still life!

What is Still Life photography? Check out this article, describing DeviantART's Still Life gallery and sub-galleries.

Here are the deviations for this month! Hopefully you'll be as transfixed by them as I am. Clap

Breakfast by sistersinnisterAnniversary by tinaheart
It Smells So Pretty by FavsCoWhat a cute customer by yenna-photo
From a series of Awakening by Daykiney
Sweetheart Vanilla Cake Slices by theresahelmerChocolate Banana Pancakes by VintageWarmthsweet things. by ilmari-nenTime Turner by JoJoAsakura
Summer Berries by FlabnBoneAbsinthe, Defragment your mind II by Epytafe
MrFarts Photography : Surprise Gift by MrFartsOrange Splash by nickw324Sakura Daisuki! by kixkillradio
viel leicht by wiwionart*** by IndigoSummerr
Nendoroid Mako Valentines by frasbobCold Heart by MYstiCSouL92Love potion by everythingisaverage
Color my world by Marloeshi
Fruit and Granola by mariesturgesGiri-choko for Valentines day~ by Awesomealexis1Cinnamon rolls by KLutskaya

U9 by CsyytRoulade cake by BeKaphoto

See you for the next one! :wave:

Second Chance: Sheep

Thu Mar 26, 2015, 4:17 PM by richten:iconrichten:
Hellooo :happybounce:

Welcome back to our weekly feature. The theme this week is "sheep", a bit late for the the Chinese new year, but I though it's not so bad since some of us have trouble finishing things on time ^^; Anyway, we got lovely suggestions, so without further ado lets see some of them:

Lee Wobbles [feral OC] animation | POINTS REQUEST by MajorasMasks Happy 2015 by IceCreamLink BLEACH: Happy New Year by Sideburn004
Happy Chinese New Year - Sheep by Kai-Yan
Happy New Year!! by pt0317 Sheep by Aka-Shiro 2015 by ichigo-tan
Sheep with a Girl by bcnyArt

Fantastic stuff, don't you think?  I encourage everyone to full-view and show them your love if you feel so inclined ;)

For those new here or interested in previous features, you can see our previous entries here…

Now for our next feature we will go with something random as we often do:
:pointr: Stars

Not much explaining needed, you know what a star is. As always apart from the cosmological objects, if you drawing has any kind representation of stars it can be suggested. As long as the drawing is also anime it will be considered. Also, like I always say, don't be afraid of suggesting creative interpretations of the theme, it's not only accepted but it's encouraged, so it has very high chances of being featured. You can suggest your own work or the work from someone else. Just post a link below.

Finally, remember I'm always open to suggestions for future themes. No theme is too weird, I will hear anything and it will likely be used eventually.

Now get postin' :eager:

Best in Photography Today #15

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2015, 3:02 PM

Best in Photography Today

This is the fifteenth journal in a daily series to feature the best submitted photography on deviantART. Every day (as long as time permits), I will scour the "newest" section in photography to find the best submissions. The photographs will be selected based on their aesthetic appeal, creativity, impact, and technique. The feature blog will be updated as the day progresses if I find any others I'd like to add.

If you like the features, then keep an eye out for the next collection! :)

Dark Woods by caelore Domburg Seaside 78 | Netherlands by JacktheFlipper-de
Sie wollen mein Herz am rechten Fleck! by FGW-Photography Coming Rain by kohchangphotography
Coffee flowers by Redbuddha15 Flash Burn by ukhan50699
Branta canadensis by jxsnyder From the series Butcher by Daykiney

Untitled by HenriVert Wash Up by ForlornTreasures
Audrey by NathalieBergstrom
What the Fuck You See by Kevin-the-great G02 by jwalkowiak
relax by fbfalternative Fall by irremedios
together by vinterborn
I think I need you too by tayaiv Untitled by EvaEvadan

expiration date by Attila-P

West Pier, Brighton by Kitiamara .leben by slavic-frost
20140722 Mb Theopenroadtrip Gla 006 M by mystic-darkness

Still Life
20150325-102550-oi000270 3 1 by redesiuk From the series Pantry. by Daykiney
20150325-154506-oi000351 4 by redesiuk made them during class cuz I was bored.  by ulikemyarturcrazy


Copyright info

My gallery is Nadja Garnet and none of the images may be used for anything without expressed written permission!

CSS by kuschelirmel-stock based on Chickadee by kuschelirmel
Additional brushes by jsmonzani & MouritsaDA-Stock
I started one of these before but haven't updated it....Sorry about that...So this Journal will start off with the people who were in or I meant to add because they commented^^

Copied from :iconnightangelgirl:

The rules:
Bullet; White Comment below, and I will come to your gallery to choose four of your works that will be featured in this journal.

Bullet; White If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and four of my works on the first place.

Bullet; White The number of people taking part is unlimited, but you have to be my friend or my watcher.
I'm sorry, but I don't like it when an unknown person comes to me only in order to get a free feature and run away to never come again.

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! 

1)       :iconmidnight47o:

AT: Desmoira by midnight47o

Oh, look at this! by midnight47o

I wanted this for them! by midnight47o 

  2)  :iconwhirlpool24:

Stay away from my daughter. by Whirlpool24 (Fly boy fly! XD)

Bathtime Goth by Whirlpool24 

You rang? by Whirlpool24

Me as a serpentine with baby Trinity by Whirlpool24

  3)        :iconnightangelgirl:

Gazing at the stars colored by NightAngelGirl  Set looking pissed finished by NightAngelGirl  Introducing Princess Rose Vampryum by NightAngelGirl  Are You Kidding Me? by NightAngelGirl

4)   :iconkiaratigress01:

The Day of Doubt by KiaraTigress01 Alyssa's Night Dress by KiaraTigress01 Alyssa's Silverwing Dress by KiaraTigress01 The Season of Revival by KiaraTigress01