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:icontechgnotic: Aug 29, 2012 by techgnotic

I am bringing your attention to a documentary, Beauty is Embarrassing, that
deeply inspired me after a screening last week. The life wisdom and positive
philosophy unfolding over a lifetime of living as an artist was deeply motivating.
I invited Wayne White, the subject of this documentary, to join deviantART afterwards.
I thought this would be something you would enjoy no matter where you might be at
on your own personal journey as an artist. While watching this I was also reminded
of the heartfelt explanations by many artists of what it means to choose the life of an Artist.

"Do what you love, It's going to lead where you want to go."


Please stop and say hello and welcome seewaynewhite in his first week at deviantART.

A strange thing happened at a local café called Fred 62, a sudden sense of something
askew in the universe. I realized it was the painting hanging on the wall above my friend’s
head. Could that really be the mundane landscape painting that hung on the wall in one of
the rooms in my child hood home? Why yes, it is. But the painting has been … infiltrated.
Geometric shapes now hung in the air above the autumnal scud of fallen leaves. Then you get
it: the shapes are actual words. The painting is protesting its near-purposeless existence
by breaking the fourth wall and “speaking” to me. And it’s saying: FoodBasedLifestyleEnhancement –
which is really funny, given the theatre of this moment. What is this? Graffiti? Tagging?

Wayne calls his word paintings and his other creations his “beautiful things” and he exhorts
other artists to ignore the pull of “seriousness” (in hopes of being officially declared “real”)
and instead be guided by what brings them joy to create, to do whatever it is creatively that
makes them happy. Fun and funny shouldn’t be anathema to the “serious artist” – the moment of
laughing at a joke one isn’t even sure one really understands… that should be the most sacred
artistic epiphany.

What I unknowingly discovered is Wayne White’s “word paintings.” Wayne “samples” (buys) otherwise
pointless examples of forgettable paintings, mostly landscapes, and then he paints his messages across
them like billboard credits kicking off a movie. His messages tend to be funny, sometimes deeply poignant
and are often slightly obscene. Not that pure juvenile silliness isn’t his guiding principle. The official
art world doesn’t quite know what to make of Wayne’s increasing popularity and the success he’s experiencing
after a lifetime of being a “jack-of-all-trades” artist. They’ve hung a general “surrealist/pop artist”
label on him and dismissed him as a “non-serious Ed Ruscha.” But Wayne White’s art, funny and silly and profane
as it might be, is far from being a joke. He’s a man and an artist on a mission.

If your first experience of Wayne’s art is his “word paintings,” then you’ve come in late to an amazingly
multifaceted and storied adventure that has been his creative life. It’s a life now documented in a new film,
"Beauty is Embarrassing," which every creative person will enjoy immeasurably and will provide every person seeking
the secret to “what makes the artist tick” with palpable insights. His journey has been as long, oblique and
serendipitous as only a lifelong muse-driven pure artist’s journey can be. Wayne left his home in Tennessee to become
a cartoonist and illustrator for some of the hippest pop-art-laden publications of the day, like The Village Voice.
He then became one of the driving creative forces on the now legendary Pee Wee Herman Show, creating props and puppets
and performing voices. He won three Emmy Awards. His puppetry and art direction talents earned him awards for music
videos as well, including Peter Gabriel’s Big Time and the Smashing Pumpkins’ amazing George Melies-inspired Tonight,
Tonight. But it’s his word paintings that are finally making his name known. Are they “real” art? Or is this some kind
of a joke? It’s Wayne’s mission in life as an artist to address this endlessly-arising “question” so vital to
conversations concerning "high art."

An Interview withWayne White

Your “word paintings” “sample” pre-existing paintings of kitschy landscapes (i.e., depressing Americana memes).
Do you feel a kinship with early rappers who reinvented music in a similar way, sampling tapes in bargain bins?

Not really. Even though there is a similar aesthetic of recycling. I've recycled junks since the 70's... way before
rap came along. But like rappers I do feel like i'm collaborating with the original artist and harmonizing with the work.

In what ways have your non-fans in the official art world sought to delegitimize your art and your very status
as an artist?  They seem to believe that as an artist provocateur injecting humor into fine art, you are a major threat.
What is this perceived threat?  Why are they so threatened?

First of all I am not perceived as a major threat. if anything I'm perceived as an imitator of Ed Ruscha because I live
in L.A. and I use text. I wish I was a major threat. That would be fun! But I'm afraid I don't have that kind of power. I guess
some people are threatened by humor in fine art because they see it as a corrupting influence.

Your credo that the purpose of artists is to create beautiful things, and your belief that humor is a major part of the “beautiful” might indicate that you hold technical art “study” in low regard. Is there as much point in studying why a portrait is “beautiful” as there is in analyzing why one laughs at a joke?  In fact, as with “deconstructing” jokes, the analysis itself destroys the joke. Do you in fact prefer to remain “awed” by great art and laughing at funny art as the highest tribute to be paid to art (critics be damned)?

The creative act is not an act of analysis. It’s an in the moment spontaneous experience. The analysis comes later by the viewer and the arts. And yes too much analysis sucks the juice out of anything so its the challenge for the artist and the viewer when they are confronting art and humor.

Your broad artistic palate, stretching from painting to cartooning to video to puppetry, indicates a wildly wandering artistic consciousness.  As someone who simply creates, like a mountain climber, “because it’s there,” do you ever feel the need to let the rational part of your mind catch up with the creative part of your mind that is so obviously in control of the show?

I try to keep it strictly creative in the studio. After the physical act of creating something the rational mind always takes over and starts to analyze it so its always a balancing act. Nobody is 100% creative or 100% rational.

What would you say to someone who thinks your art “mocks” art?

Uh.. Thank you.

What would you say to someone who says you’re talented enough to be a “real artist,” if only you’d take it more seriously?

Fuck you. Seriously.

What’s the most important compliment you’ve ever received from someone whose opinions on art you really respect?  

Joel Hodgson called my paintings "magic" and that's coming from a magician!

What would your advice be to a young artist with interests in multiple disciplines and mediums just embarking on a lifetime of making art?

Don't let anybody tell you that you have to concentrate on one thing. You don't. It’s possible to cross over as many times as you want. I think crossing over is a healthy and invigorating thing to do. It freshens up all the genres. Many teachers will try to pigeon hole you unfortunately. Don't listen to them!

QuestionsFor the Reader

  1. When an artwork makes you laugh, do you consciously (or subconsciously) label the work as “not serious art” regardless of the artist’s creativity and talent?
  2. Has there been one moment in your life above all others when you were absolutely awestruck (“embarrassed”) to be in the presence of a particular artwork? Can you compare this with laugh you laughed at the funniest thing you’ve ever experienced in your life?  Are beauty and humor necessities of life – or the whole point of life?

Watch the trailer: Beauty is Embarrassing

Beauty is Embarrassing directed by Neil Berkely hits theatres on Sept. 7th.

White by 12monthsOFwinter white by seafoodmwg white shadows by zomikone
Winter by marquis73 Freedom by tyt2000 :thumb77082445:
Frosty by MaciejKarcz True Beauty by daniellekiemel 42 by buyukkileci
Selfillumination by Kutsche White. by anaelmasri
white peacock by uvadtmfub white room by icarus-ica White by cylan
white 2. by Coffeestain white by J00bb3i White Beauty by ninazdesign
White Flower IV by jump-4-joy snow white by Mirlenges White by ChelseaIsAPansy
White on white by coldcanvas white kittyness by suzi9mm I Heart You by neeta
:thumb26557730: :thumb66403920: jgkhlsadfkgfskljdsjklkdsjldjsd by AlexWilson
:thumb71821516: :thumb65529420: 056 by ThierryV
Winter by jjuuhhaa Purify by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me ad infinitum by ssilence
:thumb64064187: alone in white by detail24 :thumb75929161:
White cold milk by StefanoBonazzi : white . by Litt1e S-sign by Erric
reflection white by julie-rc :thumb78589272: :thumb74268933:
280208 by ThierryHuchet The missing pole by pedroinacio :thumb79963263:
:thumb76188561: the lost one by robinpika :thumb77473372:
boat  in  mist by nilgunkara Lighthouse  Study II by pedroinacio flourish by DoNotAttempt
Trees in the snow. by ilsilenzio Sorry, sorry, sunday by ifch untitledXIV by fade-out
pure by NADJIA W h i t e  O r c h i d by isky sketch - the pods 4 by redux
:thumb8606749: white by fetishon coma white by paulleash
White horns by ladymorgana White Mind Attack by Nightline
:thumb60738114: White Dancer by lawrencew
Silhouette by Sigurd-Quast Existentialism by dinmeleth2004
f i s h p o n d by nilgunkara under my umbrella II by nilgunkara :thumb61225117:
:thumb78405241: :thumb72721160: white calm II by julie-rc
Snow by Andross01 Truman Show by nasht-01 essai 11 petale de lys - c by edredon
:thumb74026567: Five Sticks by SerdarAKIN :thumb63259912:
Larva by Iness69 :thumb52599620:
justify my love by Eliara Bend me, break me by mjdaluz ... les chats... by Flore-stock



We're here because we like white color and we want to show the best works our members have on offer.
We accept every kind of art.
Please remember that we are "White-Club" and we only accept white works.
Deviation content or theme must be clearly related to white in some manner or form. Other works does not be submitted. For examples please look at our favorties or our gallery.


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:megaphone: We accept deviations which belong under all categories. Only condition they must be WHITE
- There is no limit for submission.

Hi everyone :D
I thought it was about time I showed off some of the great and wonderful art you will find in Black-White-Club
The art you will find in this news Article are all dev's that have all been submitted to the club at some stage or another.
If you would like to join Black-White-Club please read About the Club
To see all the art submitted to the club please visit the Club Gallery

Art by aeravi
amorous by aeravi

Art by anai-lil
.luka by anai-lil.the bass. by anai-lil

Art by Better-to-burn

Art by That-Bassoonist

Art by child-stainless
the other side by child-stainlessblack and white butterfly by child-stainless

Art by effervescentelephant
:thumb37091659:Pebbles by effervescentelephant

Art by davehare

Art by llMacabreShadowll
...le chiot... by llMacabreShadowll

Art by MaliceTear
"When She Was Young" by MaliceTear:thumb51688916:

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3 in a row...BW... by mancunian16Voltage BW.... by mancunian16

Art by Penquanta-Yavannie
Just love by Penquanta-Yavannie

Art by REALMandDAR

Art by Rotschweif
Chemical Happiness by Rotschweif

Art by siby
with me against me by sibywaiting for you by siby

Art by MrYJDrake
Fresh Love by MrYJDrakeLike Smoke On A Breeze by MrYJDrake

Art by zoopolis

White Roses for an Eternal Bond

Sat May 12, 2012, 10:00 PM by jeanpat:iconjeanpat:

White Roses for an Enternal Bond

May 13, 2012

There is a song, White Rose of Athens, sung by Nana Mouskouri, and with its haunting lyrics, it was one of my mother’s favorites.

"So goodbye my love till then

Till the white rose blooms again"

I had been living in Athens Greece for six years, and it was from there that I sent my mother the first gift of white roses as a “Mother’s Day” gift.  But I sent it on my birthday. In my early twenties, I came to the realization that my birthday was not only about me being born on that day.  The special day was also about my mother, who had given me the most wonderful gift of all... life! How can it be that Mother’s Day and Birthdays have been so unnaturally “separated?”

I wanted Mom to know that even though it was my birthday, my thoughts were also about her. The note that I included in that first bouquet read, “I have never thanked you for bringing me into this world. I would like to do that now with these white roses from Athens”. Every year after that first gifting, the white roses, the symbol of our eternal bond, were sent to her on my birthday, and needless to say that each time she was genuinely touched and loved the gesture.

Just six short years after this birthday tribute started, my mother was taken away from me forever. Now I could never again send those beloved roses to her. With her passing, we were once again separated, at least until we meet again.

"The summer days are ending in the valley

And soon the time will come when we must be apart

Now you must start your journey to the sailing

And leave me till another spring-time comes around"

Why don’t we avoid the Hallmark cliché for Mothers Day and create more personal gifts linking our birthdays with Mothers day? And why don’t we all evolve from the concept of “birthdays” to focus as much on the mother giving birth as the child being born? Let us not forget the eternal bond between mother and child.

"So goodbye my love till then

Till the white rose blooms again"

Mom has been gone for many years now, and in place of those roses, I light a candle for her on my birthday every year. Silently, I thank her for giving me life.

"Goodbye till then

Goodbye till then..."

Twenty Tempting Textures III

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 5:13 PM

  Wintery Blue,Grey and White tones,combined with delicate lacy grungy frost crystals.
  Perfect for your Winter themed Arts.

  Enhance,add depth or create an ambient atmosphere with these wonderful frozen and grungy
  Textures that are just calling to be incorporated into your digital projects.
  Use them in backgrounds or just overlay and blend into your winter-themes to add interest to
  a unique area of your designs.
  With your fantasy the possibilities are limitless.

                        Frost by Tangobear-resourcesFrost Texture by Cat-in-the-StockWinter feathers on my window by ale2xan2dra
                        Ice Ice Baby 02 by DH-TexturesWinter 24 by Inthename-Stockfrost 1 by ConstantStockicy 2 by LucieG-Stock
                        Ice Texture by dudealan2001Texture 102 3200x2400 by FrostBoStock - Frost Texture 1 by Jenna-Rose
                        Ice Texture 01 by Aimi-StockIce Texture by Kikariz-StockCells by struckdumb
                        36 by GrandeOmbre-Stock Ice and Snow Texture 2 by DH-Textures  texture 98 by Sirius-sdz  :thumb91138968:
                        Waterworld texture - High Res by E-Derbytexture 127 by Sirius-sdzIcy Texture 3 by LadyxBoleyn

                Here are a few image examples that have utilized some of these textures
                for you to look at for inspiration!

                                          i c e by Blaumohn

                                          Beverly Dealey Colour by billythebrain Isolation by BloodyZone

:bulletpink:For more droolworthy Texture goodness just browse...
Resources & Stock Images / Textures

 :bulletpink:A huge thank you to all our Resource and Stock providers for their generosity for
 providing us with our creational needs. :heart:

 :bulletpink:Please respect the guidelines for use of any Resources that you use and follow the
 credit guidelines laid out by each Resource provider.
 Rules vary from account to account so it is advisable to read through them and contact the account if
 there is anything you are unsure of.

 :Z::lovesquee: by stuck-in-suburbia

:bulletpink: Previous TTT's
Twenty Tempting Textures #II
Twenty Tempting Textures #1

Img-og by techgnotic

Dear White People, the minimum requirement of black friends needed to not be racist has just been raised to 2. Sorry, but your weed man, Tyrone, does not count.”

— Sam White, Dear White People

The Sundance award–winning film “Dear White People”

Marking the debut of director Justin Simien, examines the question of race and racism in post–Obama America through a satirical lens. The goal of the film is to use humor to start a conversation about the construction and perception of racial identity. We follow the journey of four black students attending a fictional Ivy League college as they struggle to answer the question of what “being black” in this day and age means and how that defines not only who they are, but who they are seen as being.

Sam White finds herself struggling to define who she is as a biracial person feeling forced to “choose a side.” Lionel Higgins is unable to fit in on either side of the black/white line as a gay wallflower who feels he has nothing in common with other black students and is seen only as “technically black.” Colandrea Conners is on the opposite side of the spectrum, wanting to disassociate herself from her ‘ghetto’ black background choosing to go by the name of 'Coco’ in an attempt to be seen for who she wants to be instead of how others define her. Troy Fairbanks, the black Dean’s son, wants to join the all–white paper and dates the university president’s white daughter to please his dad. Each is struggling to fit into their surroundings while trying to figure out who they truly are.

How would you feel if someone started a ‘Dear Black People’?”
— Gabe, Dear White People

No need. Mass media from Fox news makes it clear what white people think of us.”
— Sam White, Dear White People

The humor in Dear White People is often sharp, seeking to expose the covert vehicles of racism that continue to propel it forward.

The media is called out for its perpetuation of a cliched black culture black American stereotypes. It mocks Hollywood’s creation of “movies for everyone,” but a separate genre of black movies just for black people.

Racism is over in American. The only people who are thinking about it are… Mexicans, probably.”

— President Fletcher, Dear White People

Dear White People pushes no racial agenda, instead focusing intensely on cultural identity.

The film asks questions applicable to young people of all backgrounds in today’s society as they look to define themselves before others do so for them. Social change begins with social awareness and, that awareness starts the necessary conversations that can make us uncomfortable. Comedic treatments of the black–white schism in America — comedies that provoke thoughtfulness rather than exploit tired cliches — are often the best messengers of painful truths. Laughter is a powerful social medicine. In 1967 we had Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. And now we have Dear White People. Hopefully many more such thoughtful comedies will follow to help us become more aware of and take responsibility for the culture we shape.

A crucial companion piece to any film is its movie poster which serves to visually communicate the essence of the film and to entice potential audience members to see it in theaters. With such a charged topic as race it is difficult to capture the ethos of Dear White People in a single image. Designer and Disney Imagineer Nikkolas Smith (Nikkolas-Smith) took up that challenge. After seeing a screening of the film he decided to create a poster which he then emailed to Simien as fan art of the movie. The poster eventually ended up as the official movie poster for the film. Nikkolas was kind enough to answer a few questions and to share his experience in creating the poster for such a commercial and cultural success.

Interview with Nikkolas Smith

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get started in art?

Absolutely! Well I grew up in Houston, Texas, and have been drawing since the age of one, I suppose… As most of us did. But I just never stopped. I’m a proud 80’s baby… Raised on Nintendo, Marvel, and Disney/Spielberg/Spike Lee/Reggie Hudlin films. I studied art in grade school, but went to college for Architecture, which ironically helped my Photoshop skills immensely.

A Disney Imagineer by day, you get to design incredible attractions for the Disney Theme Parks. What is it like to get to do this on a daily basis? What has been your favorite attraction to create?

It really is a dream come true, to get the chance to help design and transform those classic Disney films into an architectural storybook that billions of guests get to experience. All the attractions are so unique and amazing in their own way, but I’d say the most memorable experience I’ve had working on an attraction is having the opportunity to travel to China and work on Shanghai Disneyland, which is currently being built as we speak. What a magnificent theme park this is going to be! Start saving up now, you won’t want to miss the grand opening. =)

How does a Disney Imagineer end up designing the “Dear White People” movie poster?

Funny story about that. I remember being criticized by judges in architecture school because my entries "looked too much like a Disney movie poster". Fast forward 5 years and I find myself working as a Disneyland architectural designer, and having the opportunity to meet one of my heroes, legendary poster artist Drew Struzan, at work. That talk changed everything. A few months later, I got to see the Dear White People screening at the LA Film Festival, and that night I created the DWP one–sheet! After emailing my design to the DWP director as fan art, it got passed around at Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate films until it became the official movie poster. I’m still a bit in shock at how that happened!

(Also, side note) I was greatly inspired by the painterly style of Disney artists in movies like Bolt, Wall–E and Princess and the Frog, when I started working for The Walt Disney Company as an intern. I like the sketchy, unfinished style, and also natural looking paint brushes that are actually digital.

The poster for “Dear White People” was your first movie poster design, was this an important piece for you to design personally?

Professionally, it was the biggest moment of my “freelance concept artist” career, and has helped open doors to many new opportunities in the field of concept art. It’s also made me realize how much I have to learn!

What's the balance like between creating a beautiful piece of art that communicates the feeling of the film and making something that also functions as a commercial tool for selling the film?

Perhaps this is some variation of form following function, but you have to first figure out what the spirit and message of the film is. Then, the look of the piece with definitely flow from sticking to that message. One of the most iconic parts of Dear White People was the “micro–aggression” of intruders having to constantly explore the unfamiliar depths of Lionel’s Afro–centric hairstyle. This one act captures the silliness and seriousness of the film. I knew if I could capture that ‘gravitational pull’ moment in one shot, it could be equally hilarious and might give an overall feeling of the comedic tension that the film has to offer.

What was your process like in creating the final design for the poster?

I started by gathering some images of Tyler James Williams (aka Lionel) that I could use as reference images to help capture that shocked/disturbed/surprised look on his face from his afro being groped. Also, I got my two favorite Photoshop brushes ready (a charcoal brush I made, and a dry paintbrush style). Charcoal for the massive amount of curly hair, and the dry brush mainly for the skin. Next, I studied a massive amount of Sam Spratt paintings, as always, haha. The first draft of the painting took about 4 hours and had more of an unfinished, sketchy style. Ultimately we decided to add another level of photorealistic brush strokes to finalize the design.

You created a piece depicting Martin Luther King Jr wearing a hoodie similar to Trayvon Martin. What message do you want to communicate via this piece?

My MLK hoodie art piece was created as a reminder that it really isn’t okay to judge someone by their outward appearance, but rather by the content of their character. It was incredibly sad to see the fearful and hateful reaction so many people had when I simply took the same “MLK in a suit” image we’ve all seen a million times, and Photoshopped a hoodie around him. All of a sudden I was depicting Dr. King as a “thug.” This is the same mindset George Zimmerman had the night he killed Trayvon Martin. The point was that this could’ve easily happened to MLK as a child, and how many potential Martin Luther Kings have been killed in the past 10 years from our flawed, fearful, stereotypical perception of our fellow human beings? From Compton & Chicago to St. Louis & New York… We must do better as a human race.

Dear White People poses a lot of questions about race and racism in current day America, but leaves it to the audience to come up with their own answers. What was the most important thing that stayed with you after watching the film?

Just the simple fact that all of us Earthlings really are more alike than we are different. We all struggle with stereotypes and finding our own identity. This crosses all color lines. Dear White People is a hilarious reminder of that.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists looking to make it professionally in the arts?

I would say find your top three artists… some of the best in the world… and study their style… emulate the greats!

Also… “The Best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” — Walt Disney

Also… SAM. SPRATT. ( google his art O_o )

Your Thoughts

  1. Do you think documentaries about slavery and civil rights struggles or movies starring black heroes from Sidney Poitier to Denzel Washington have been the most transformative of generation’s ideas and attitudes about race?
  2. What movie about racial relations do you remember having the most impact on your developing social consciousness?
  3. Do you feel that artists have a special duty to find ways of communicating across cultural barriers with their art in order to unite our common human cores?

Visit :heart::iconwhite-club::heart:

White is the combination of all the colors of the visible light spectrum.[1] White is an achromatic color, since it has no hue.

It's White? by P-layo is :thumb84511336: includes :thumb84671860:

The impression of white light can be created by mixing appropriate intensities of the primary colors of light — red, green and blue — a process called additive mixing, but the illumination provided by this technique has significant differences from that produced by incandescence.

-lait- by calme White on White by loveyouloveme Empty White Room by arhcamt White Wings by MichalTokarczuk
Into Infinity by gilad :thumb65286741: .white milligrams. by HomeBass :thumb11547815:
Black And White by IMustBeDead White by ChelseaIsAPansy White by NUMB3RTHIRT33N .:WHITE:. by Serrgeon
:thumb16909690: :thumb84545637: fade to white ... by soulhealer
white flower by redesiuk Pure white by Panter White Object Deletion by callmecarrol painted white on white by christina-maria

In nature, white results when transparent fibers, particles, or droplets are in a transparent matrix of a substantially different refractive index. Examples include classic "white" substances such as sugar, foam, pure sand or snow, cotton, clouds, and milk. Crystal boundaries and imperfections can also make otherwise transparent materials white, as in the milky quartz or the microcrystalline structure of a seashell.

As White As Snow by DalaiHarma :thumb51287123: Black or White by mar1an0-photo White by Panter
Anxiety. by IICI-IEII white hot by enginbilgin white by Pheion :thumb5778502:
:thumb75154497: ..I Love Black and White.. by aLpyy Not Very Amusing by b-e-c-k-y White-on-White by ozmike
last series on white by andriazmo :thumb49836618: White by doverangel13 Waiting.. by xMEGALOPOLISx
:thumb51383752: :thumb27852967: :thumb31379750: Solitude In white by Maceo-x-

This is also true for artificial paints and pigments, where white results when finely divided transparent material of a high refractive index is suspended in a contrasting binder. Typically paints contain calcium carbonate and/or synthetic rutile with no other pigments if a white color is desired.

:heart: Stamps :heart:
i love white stamp by redhedinsanityWhite by StampernautColors - White by Alys-StampsI love white stamp by violetsteel

In painting, white can be crafted by reflecting ambient light from a white pigment, although the ambient light must be white light, or else the white pigment will appear the color of the light. White when mixed with black produces gray. To art students, the use of white can present particular problems, and there is at least one training course specializing in the use of white in art.

: . white man . : by dariocotti White Charity by boubo White and black and between. by incredi
:thumb11915081: Protect Me by ElifKarakoc Splash by b-e-c-k-y
White Objects by Avalonis the empty interstation by ssilence Inside These White Walls... by JhonnyBobA :thumb4318068:
First AID by sharadhaksar Bride was in White by Vic4U White by TheOnlyVerdict white white by matrela
:thumb39835116: The White Kitchen by talikf what is this expression by suzi9mm

In watercolor painting, white areas are the absence of paint on the paper. There are also speculations about the use of white and other colors.

White out by Angelic-Dom White wall set by wishen2bonzero Black and White by AckAttack Me and white by kameEi
entertainingwhite by sigpras white by Agnolia white by cruelanais Liar by JeanFan
white on white by lycoperdon .Obverse. by Psychosomaticc Enough Talk by Braq white three, the by Camaleot
Eggplant by londonxpress White cross by radhibi White by tristanskye cat on white by rainbow-apple
white light above by giandhalimarta .:White Cross:. by jjstyle White Away by sinademiral Cut Glass by Davenit

Until Newton's work became accepted, most scientists believed that white was the fundamental color of light; and that other colors were formed only by adding something to light. Newton demonstrated this was not true by passing white light through a prism, then through another prism. If the colors were added by the prism, the second prism should have added further colors to the single-colored beam. Since the single-colored beam remained a single color, Newton concluded that the prism merely separated the colors already present in the light. White light is the effect of combining the visible colors of light in equal proportions.

White Hospital by auburntrafficlights Poems into the night by DianaCretu :thumb48722059: White Trash -tm- by jimmys-laughter
Footprints by prettyfreakjesper The White Pola by crashthruwall ...Composition... by feebonacci fallen white by TedAgain
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In the science of lighting, there is a continuum of colors of light that can be called "white". One set of colors that deserves this description is the color emitted via the process called incandescence, by a black body at various relatively-high temperatures. For example, the color of a black body at a temperature of 2848 kelvins matches that produced by domestic incandescent light bulbs. It is said that "the color temperature of such a light bulb is 2848 K". The white light used in theatre illumination has a color temperature of about 3200 K. Daylight can vary from a cool red up to a bluish 25,000 K. Not all black body radiation can be considered white light: the background radiation of the universe, to name an extreme example, is only a few kelvins and is quite invisible.
Scissors Wallpaper by nxxos The Last Stand by ATAPLATA branco 4 by rmpugliese
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Owww its very long :glomp: hope you enjoy This Wonderfull Deviants :heart:
I haven't spend much time on my computer last weekend, but enough to see that DeviantArt was kept busy by a troll that apparently did really well for as much as trolls can 'do well' on the internet. A little over 4000 pageviews in just 4 days the account is online proved not only the artists involved in the matter took offense... but apparently a lot of other DeviantArt members as well. Even those that seemed (to me at least) totally uninvolved with the troll or the particular type of art.
For those that wonder about the issue; It's about Foxbun's rather cynical joke about the 'closed species' matter. (I'm usually against name calling here. But this account has intentionally created for its goal. It has been all over the site already and would've been in the comments within 10 minutes, even without me mentioning here. I don't provide a link, though. Use your search engine if you want to research it.)

The term white knight is to most older members of DeviantArt (or the internet in general) a well known term, and not for its positive connotation. It's most used in the context of fanatic fangirls or groupies that defend a celebrity or (in this case) famous artist on basically every front, regardless of checking sources, or if this person is right and reasonable or not. This often leads to awkward situations, harassing people, spamming and entire wars against a single (sometimes unaware) critic, often with devastating consequences. 

Seeing the huge amount hateful of comments on this single issue, and considering the fact that a few of the artists attacked where considered 'big shots' on DeviantArt, I consider this again a classic case of white knighting. And regardless of the person being a scam or not; I do not like the sight of that. Not at all. It reminds me a bit too much of the high school bullying where it was often 10 people against 1, and the rest stood by and just watched and laughed. I just can't help to cringe at that kind of behavior. 

Sure, this person might be an experienced internet user. A troll, or whatever people might call it. But not all people are aware of internet rules and community etiquette.
In one of my early years on DeviantArt, I once made the mistake to post a critical comment on an artwork from a user that had a rather big fanbase. Despite my good intentions of actually of wanting to help this artist, and the fact that my comment was overall balanced, the comment was everything but appreciated. At least; not by her fans. Even before she could reply I got at least 5 replies in my inbox written by her fans. They told me, not in the nicest way, my comment was unjustified and that I was a **** [you may imagine] for even having the guts to write something like that to their idol. In the end the artist herself never replied to me, but the negative feeling that came with her drawings lasted a long time. I unwatched her for a while. And even when I found back the courage to watch her again (when I realized she wasn't the one responsible, but her fans were) I actually never commented again. I liked her art, but wanted to avoid her fans really badly.

A few years of experience and a lot more watchers have basically forced to view the issue from the other side as well. 
And this makes it part of the reason why I want to share this with people.

Because as an artist I've learned that you can't completely control a watcher base. A few days ago I made a piece for the MH17 airplane disaster. Just, heartfelt, because as a fellow Dutchy (a lot of people from my country died there) I felt like it. Most reactions were positive. One, however, was negative. But before I even woke up the next day and had the chance to look at it and write a reply to it... another person already wrote something instead. Luckily this was a very sensible person and a very sensible and thoughtful comment. But the point is; with such exposure, people answer things before I myself can even get to it. And that's basically how part of this happens.
Part of it, I say. Because I firmly believe the other part is controllable with responsible behavior. There's a difference between making a journal about "Somebody insulted me. I feel bad today"  or "Person-X insulted me. What a ****". The first statement is probably going to get you some cyber hugs and comforting reactions. The second thing will most definitely redirect all the hate towards that Person-X. And while that sweet revenge might bring you relief for a second, it won't make you anything more than just a big cyber bully. Overall; refrain from name calling, unless positive... or unless it's such a big blown up matter that everybody already knows it and not saying the word is like ignoring an elephant in the room.

As for people in whose name is white knightned (if that even is a verb). I cannot speak for all of them on DeviantArt here, but I'm sure there are many people with me on this one, that don't particularly like it when their "fans" go all out on someone or something. Having a reasonable discussion with someone about a subject, even in the name of some else, is totally fine. As long as it's done in a polite manner and with some solid arguments. Trolling people, harassing them, spamming them, calling names, bullying them... etc... is not cool.
It might seem cute and everything. Defending your idol. And sure, I can imagine people being protective towards someone else that else that already gets a lot of criticism -- I don't deny the fact that some people here are in fact exposed to harsh criticism. But doing bad things in the name of your idol only gives your idol a bad name and reputation. And that's the one thing you don't want as fanatic fan. People turning away from your fandom, because they might've liked the fandom itself, but can't stand the fans. 

To return to the beginning of my DeviantArt journey. I was a newbie on the site, a non-native English person (took me ages to write a message in English) and unaware of the general culture on the site. I thought I did something helpful, and those reactions scared the shit out of me. That being one of the first experiences with that particular artist on the site, it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I never commented on the artist work again. Ironically not even up until today. I could've been an amazing fan, though. Considering that, back in that time, I was a basement dweller with basically no life and there were other people that I commented on all the time. But yeah, those so called fans just scared me away.

What I wanted to say is; just don't be that person that ruins the experience for other people on the website.
If the artist himself wants to be an ass and chase away his fans... that's up to him. Those are his fans, so it's his loss. But don't do it for another artist. If someone personally attacks you, your family, or your best friend... it's totally be okay to get involved. If someone attacks your art, it's okay to get angry. But don't get into a fight for an artist you barely know. Or at least not without doing a proper background check on the subject and having a solid opinion on the subject that's actually yours.

And as a final note. Before any of you go harassing to comment section saying "OMG! U support art theft!!!!" or anything like that, just because I mentioned this particular case; learn to read context. I don't support art theft at all, and I've never done so. But I don't support cyber bullying either. My stance on this case is rather neutral, and the only reason I brought it up is to serve as a recent example.

    * According to Pantone Inc., white is the best selling color for the classic american t-shirt.

    * More shades of white are available commercially than any other color.

    * White clothing typically becomes translucent when wet.

    * The appearance of white in a dream is thought to represent happiness at home. White castles are a symbol of achievement, destiny perfectly fulfilled, and spiritual perfection.

    * Originally, scientists wore beige coats. In the late 19th century, medical professionals chose white ones. The color white was chosen because of the idea of hope and expectations for healing and recovery that the physicians would bring.


White by Arwenone + White + by Amiba alone in white by detail24
snow white by Mirlenges white by theangryfish
WHITE ROSE by THOM-B-FOTO White Dancer by lawrencew the white by mollyzhang
White by sebbri white portrait by Bewlay White Princess Viiru by ace-of-finland
: white . by Litt1e r-white-evisited by khao-pete
White Rose II by signmeupscotty White. by anaelmasri
White noise by leenik White by too-much4you
white by fragilemuse-org :thumb8606749:



We're here because we like white color and we want to show the best works our members have on offer.
We accept every kind of art.
Please remember that we are "White-Club" and we only accept white works.
Deviation content or theme must be clearly related to white in some manner or form. Other works does not be submitted. For examples please look at our favorties or our gallery.


:pointr: Add the Club to your :+devwatch:
(Make sure you enable journal notifications from us)
:pointr: Send us a note entitled "JOIN"
(You will receive the note confirming that you are a member)
:pointr: Display our icon on your journal.
HOW? = Write : iconWhite-Club : (without any spaces)


:pointr: You must be a member of the club to submit to the gallery.
:pointr: Send us a note entitled "Submit"
Note must contain;
Title of Work:
:pointr: Add to the description of your work this text;
"I give permission to : iconWhite-Club : to display my work." (without any spaces)

:megaphone: We accept deviations which belong under all categories. Only condition they must be WHITE
- There is no limit for submission.

Royal & Imperial Stables and Nattvik invites everyone from near and far to join an amazing trail ride that will take you on a route  from Hungary to Austria, through Europe to the Norwegian border for the last phase of the trail with the official finishline at Nattvik. This is an extreme trail ride, and not for young and unexperienced horses and riders.The many kilometers to travel, a wide range of dangers hidden by a peacefull nature scenery, changing between different horses and cold winter nights alone with your horse, or together with another participant. What will be your strategy on the travel through a wintery Europe? Will you pair up, ride as a group or take the risk and travel  alone? The winter's biggest adventure is waiting for you!

... General Information ...
:bulletblue: everyone must bring 3 horses to the trail ride
:bulletblue: all horses must be realistic breeds! (i.e. no breeds with unnatural colours, wings, etc)
:bulletblue: all horses must be winter resistant (that means only horses that do well in snow, prefered obertaurers, norwegian mountainers, fjords, etc!)
:bulletblue: If you need winter resistant horses, Nattvik will provide Norwegian Mountainers for you to ride on the trail! (read further down)
:bulletblue: horses must have been trained and/or competed at least once in endurance (1 training and/or 1 entry picture)
:bulletblue: riders must have dealt with guns at least one time (hunting picture etc.) If not, they will be trained by the staff at Nattvik to get the hunting license
:bulletblue: Riders must be 18 years or older, horses above 5 years of age
:bulletblue: The Rider has to prove show records in Endurance Racing.
:bulletblue: Dress warm! It is winter, deep snow and a long travel, and we don't want anyone to get sick!
:bulletblue: Everyone will be equiped with a hunting rifle and a box of ammunition, compass, map, tent and extra warm sleeping bag at the start.
:bulletblue: The trail will take place over a period of 4 weeks (december month) for the participants, (artists will however have 3-4 months to complete their entries)!

... Preregistration ...
NOTE: PLEASE Read this INFO about what kind of horses may enter: the-white-december.deviantart.…
Keep in mind to enter the most sturdy horse at the Norway phase!

:bulletblue: Rider's name:
:bulletblue: Rider's age:
:bulletblue: Stable & Country:
:bulletblue: Horse 1 (name + ref):
:bulletblue: Horse 2 (name + ref):
:bulletblue: Horse 3 (name + ref):

:bulletblue: Horse 1 training and/or competition picture (link):
:bulletblue: Horse 2 training and/or competition picture (link):
:bulletblue: Horse 3 training and/or competition picture (link):
:bulletblue: Rider's Proof of Endurance Experience (training or show entry):
:bulletblue: Hunting License (link to picture of your rider with a gun):

--- preregistration ends 7th January 2015! ---
:new:DEADLINE for finishing the four obligatory entry pictures: MAY 1ST 2015

The Assignments in General
:bulletblue: You will be required to draw 4 entry pictures to complete the trail and officialy reach the finish line
:bulletblue: You will be given optional assignments to earn extra points (avoiding these will however NOT disqualify you)
:bulletblue: Read the short stories that comes along with the entry tasks and the optional assignments; they are there for inspiration!
:bulletblue: Each of the entry pictures must future one of the horses you have brought, (except the transportation entry), that means one horse for each of the other entry pictures!
:bulletblue: The weather conditions etc. will be described on each of the entry tasks and optional assignments
:bulletblue: We also encourage interaction and rp between stables!

:bulletblue: The Ultimate Survivor!
The overall winner will be titled the ''ultimate survivor'' (see the rules and registration post for scoring system). This is the one that has the highest scoring and shows exceptional good horsemanship and survivor skills during the trail! The Ultimate Survivor will get a; FULL BODY FULLY SHADED DRAWING featuring all 3 horses and the rider with photo-edited background! The picture will be collab between abosz007 and cyprussian!

:bulletblue: The Route
White December 2014 Reference Images by abosz007

Wanna enter but got no horse?
Nattvik will offer Norwegian Mountainers for everyone that wants to enter, but either have too few, or no winter resistant horses. Send a note titled ''leasing mountainers'' where you tell us how many horses you need. You will get those you need with a general (short) description on coat colour and characteristica on each horse, leaving some of the design work up to you. Also, if you lease mountainers from Nattvik and finishes all 4 entry pictures, you will have the possibility to adopt the mountainers you borrowed.
- also, remember that if you lease mountainers, these horses do not need any training or past competitions.
:new: If you participated with a borrowed Mountainer last year you are FREE TO USE THE SAME HORSE THIS YEAR TOO!
:new: There might be soon a folder with horses who proved themselves at The White December before, but wont enter this year, so they are free to lease!
(if you have such a horse who qualifies for the event but won't be in your team, please note the group with the info)

Need hunter license?
If your rider has not entered any hunting events, Nattvik offers practical and theoretical courses for your rider. To get your license, simply draw your rider handling a gun at the shooting range in Nattvik. (background and shading is not needed, neither is full body or lot's of details, this is only to proove your rider to have some knowledge about hunting because of the risk of meeting predators and having to scare them off or, in rare cases, killing them in a humane way without the animal suffering).

~ Good Luck to all participants!!!