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Journals: waterscape photography

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First of all - dont forgot to fave if you're featured ;)

Well this is the first of a bunch of features im gonna do which revolves around the theme 100 best of.

This one is 100 of the best Landscape & Waterscape Photography.

I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as me ;)

Watching Beauty 2 by CalleHoglund Goosenecks of the San Juan by collectiveone St Abbs Head by Waylandscape :thumb127024002: More mountains by NintendoChick109 Over the Hills by FasterThanChris contraste by iustyn Scattered Diamonds Pano by Sun-Seeker puesta de sol by shadow--man Endless by Aluvian Signal Peak by steampoweredk9 down the road II by deim :thumb86495557: Dead Quiet by will-jum Tomorrow's Another day by silverdragon :thumb126049318: The North Window by eDDie-TK :thumb125162086: :thumb112583930: Magic of Twilight by cschoeps hue by fIRebUgs sitting in awe by fIRebUgs Seeing blue by tomhide Nelungaloo Road by CainPascoe Industrial Heaven by MyGrannyOwnzYou :thumb73589687: Valley Floor by Raymaker Going to the Sun by MarcAdamus 12904 by The-Definition :thumb68957590: Into the mist by BlasphemedSoldier Bromo by mazrobby VLA Telescopes by kimjew Stars on Ice by mark-flammable Abstruse by theodosius123 :thumb72370142: Christchurch Dawn by Sternhammer The Sunset Guardian by enunez Destiny by FairyHollypops Dream Catcher by sculpted1 :thumb23910635: Mount Cook by Metalstorm into the blue by barns :thumb90189837: Grand Canyon of Yellowstone by YellowEleven Three sisters by mountain-troll emerald lake by strangelight Sex on Fire by CatchMe-22 Heaven Drive by samuelbitton Stockton Beach by MattLauder Un petit gout de tranquilite by xnoux Lac des Cheserys by cschoeps :thumb82130883: Dusk on the Plains by Sun-Seeker The Grand Canyon by Nate-Zeman Eglington Valley by je5ta :thumb19833067: _clearly II by adeadrockstar Romeo and Juliet by vampire-zombie Egyptian Rules by KhalllodY Moonplain by godintraining Tsunami by vincentfavre :thumb60399456: :thumb51231452: Tea blanket by asianrabbit The Ouzoud Waterfalls 2 by south Sunset Panarama by Smiling-Demon One flight over lake by elimoe ante by synconi Morning Mist by nicksampo :thumb116216823: Mt Cook me some eggs by markh255 Wakatipu by markh255 Mothership by Parabola-Pop If a tree falls... by MediaDesign Peek Over The Clouds by ninjagooodlife16 not. alone .2 by denkyo White Beach, Blue Sky by nxxos Heron Island by ToytownMafia Where Sand Meets The Sangres by Nate-Zeman Thermal Wonderland by will-jum Feel you one last time by Sunluver flower field V by iustyn Close Encounters of Curly Kind by daYavuz Adri by aeon-100 Classical Kauai by aFeinPhoto-com The Warrior by TrollDesBois :thumb88722463: to the limit. by thephotogenesis Holland by MiuwMiuw :thumb125559768: :thumb73056174: Cathedral Rocks by aataja Beam me up by CatchMe-22 Unfamiliar Territory by Karezoid Run About by LukeAustin Free falling 2 by thebullfrog Milford Sound by nicksampo On the way to Milford by nicksampo

and a few of mine if you're interested :)

Lake Argyle 02 by Thrill-Seeker Milford Sound, New Zealand by Thrill-Seeker Twelve Apostles, Australia by Thrill-Seeker NZ Church of the Good Shepherd by Thrill-Seeker Lake Marian 06 by Thrill-Seeker Pinnacles Desert 11 by Thrill-Seeker Twelve Apostles Sunrise by Thrill-Seeker Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown NZ by Thrill-Seeker :thumb106946156: Uluru Horizon by Thrill-Seeker The Three Sisters by Thrill-Seeker Bamburgh, Northumberland, UK 1 by Thrill-Seeker Bamburgh Tide by Thrill-Seeker Breakaways, South Australia by Thrill-Seeker Uluru Sunset, Australia by Thrill-Seeker
A collection of lesser known landscape and waterscape photos on deviantART. All of the photographs have less than fifty favourites but that is only a disguise for their high quality. Enjoy and don't forget to support these amazing artists!

:thumb39049875: I think I'll go to Boston by j-adree :thumb35905317: Summer Horizon by leonard-ART Life on Mars? by Ultimatum0 :thumb23371882: Summer Sky by belfast-steve Valley by MiniCarl Solitude by brassshadow Latvija-MersragS by Erni009 Fields of Gold by pinica Cornerstone of a dawn by Novecentino distant sun by murrrzilka :thumb11417901:

Tranquility by BlindFlare abel tasman I by non-cognitive Sunset in Croatia 2 by simone83 Pilgrim by LutherBash Absolution by MiniCarl 226 by herz :thumb20717357: picturesque by kickintheteeth

// Underappreciated Photography: Portraits

World of Water Contest! (3 days left!)

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 12:30 PM
3 DAYS left to enter! :eager:

The Theme

Welcome to the World of Water contest. I've tried to make it interesting for every (APN) Photographer by creating two subcategories;

:bulletblack: Waterscapes
:bulletblack: Close-ups (this includes Macro photography).

The main subject in the photograph has to be water. It can be drops, it can be waterfalls, lakes, oceans, seas, canals.. everything with water!

The Rules

:bulletgreen: Animals, Plants & Nature Photography only
:bulletgreen: Photographs taken with a film or a digital camera featuring a minimal amount of color and exposure adjustment
:bulletgreen: Deviations do have to be new, added after this contest is announced
One (1) entry per person per subcategory, you can win only once

:bulletred: No photomanipulations or selective desaturation

The Dates

:bulletblack: Start date: NOW!
:bulletblack: Ends June 30th, 23:59 CEST.

The Prizes

Each subcategory has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner;

1st place:

1 year PM
2500 Points
Feature by Anoya, rainylake
, Nameda, Clu-art , ginkgografix, linneaphoto 

2nd place:

6 months PM
1500 points
Feature by Anoya, rainylake , Nameda, Clu-art, ginkgografix, linneaphoto 

3rd place:

3 months PM
1000 points
Feature by Anoya, rainylake
, Nameda, Clu-art, ginkgografix, linneaphoto 

If you'd like to donate a prize or feature the winner(s), send me a note!

The judges

Kaz-D, 3wyl, ginkgografix, AshleyxBrooke and Anoya

How to join?

You can submit your new entry either in one of these folders;

:bulletgreen: Contests > 2014 > World of Water > Waterscapes, or
:bulletgreen: Contests > 2014 > World of Water > Close-ups

I love nature and it never ending beauty....I am featuring the best in landscapes & waterscapes from the talented photographers in deviantART...enjoy.

:thumb85337436:  :thumb75324030:


Mountain Creek II by Knautia  Silent Mist by DundalkChild

:thumb92928485:  Sandstone Bluff by JAHarrell

:thumb92476791:  Reach For Water by erene

Don't Fence Me In by jlthomason  I can breathe by Vividlight

Golden sunrise at work by Tap-Photo-and-Co  floating by barns

Surface-to-Air by AndyMumford  faraway by KariLiimatainen

against the sun by KariLiimatainen  Continental Falls by Nate-Zeman

:thumb92854400:  Dream Reflection by Nate-Zeman

July Sunset by Violet-Kleinert  Waking up the morning forest by jchanders

Summer Sunset by scotto 30:II by Le-Kwi

The dreaming fields by DimensionSeven  Shoreline Rocks by Mystik-Rider

Splash by Pitrisek  :thumb90855598:

Malvern Hills - Worcestershire by DL-Photography  Into the Green by Mystik-Rider

Stranger in Paradise by narcotistu  . by Sesjusz

:thumb91240138: - Alongside - by justJAZZ

On The Lake-vol01 by Inspektor02  Kuivasjarvi Panorama Red by Behindmyblueeyes

Glow by barns  Sea of Fog by Osiris81

A Skip and a Jump by Neutron2K  :thumb91465236:

The Sun is Also a Star by rad-ix  Sokolica by RaVeN-82

Tree Of Light by lowapproach  strange day by ssilence

:thumb53364263:  The Crystal Mill by Nate-Zeman

raise storm by ssilence  Storms Comin' by exoart

elves winter by ssilence  November Sunrise by jjuuhhaa

nobody was there by EbruSidar  Fallen Life by littlemewhatever

A Winter Evening by Fishermang  Sunset in Winter by Hartmut-Lerch

This is just a frsction of the most beautiful landscapes and waterscapes in deviantART...
Surfing through newest section of waterscapes, I came across a bunch of beautiful photos. So, a waterscape feature was definitely in order.

:thumb103252467: Dreaming by ibjennyjenny Sunburst by equinoxe7 Small wave by katttinka Sunrise in Yyteri by closer-to-heaven The Daily Photograph - 121 by Broadsword21 One Sided by sculpted1 Low tide 4 by laurentdudot Summer dream 2 by aniabeata :thumb103025215: :thumb103019336: Autumnal reflections... by LadyAliceofOz A Ghost In Ruins by mad-faerie104 :thumb96703504: Golden Water by Dieffi The dock by deadvittra There is a silence by slatkatajna steppingstones by puffinpunk

Thank you all for the marvelous photos!
Second feature is a small selection from photography category. Something i love very much, and that's landscapes and waterscapes.  
It took me longer then i thought to collect them (when you set yourself a limit of 10 photos then you only choose those that are exceptional).
And here they are my TOP 10 landscape/waterscape photos.

romantic colour by stoneage43

In search of Alice III by ChristineAmat


5357 by Ballisticvole

The House by mjfarrell

Before the sun goes down by Beezqp

To The West by aleksb

Sunset Persuade by hendrahebat

Thunder Rolls by twilliams4

Magical by andidarmadji
Artists Featured:

:iconpheelfresh: :icontonyelieh: :iconetchepare: :iconwingmar:
:iconthedynamiclight: :iconmarcadamus: :iconigorlaptev: :iconxcaliforniax:
:iconahermin: :iconxavierrey: :iconcopan: :iconmy-shots:
:iconkarezoid: :iconerdalkinaci: :iconmichel-lag-chavarria: :iconandymumford:
:iconexoart: :iconericbb: :iconpmartike: :iconalcove:
:iconblasphemedsoldier: :iconchristineamat: :iconartisterik:

Deviations Featured:

One Morning by pheelfresh :thumb76822605: Spirit of the lake by etchepare

:thumb76813671: :thumb76800033:

The Beginning by MarcAdamus

The Infinite by MarcAdamus Run by IgorLaptev evening fog... by xcaliforniax

Mountain Graceful by MarcAdamus Desert Light by MarcAdamus Eclipse by ahermin

Blue Leman by xavierrey :thumb76713676: Old River by etchepare

Fog, Falls and Flowers by MarcAdamus The Other Side of Twilight by Karezoid :thumb76170988:

End of Journey by ahermin :thumb76286475:

Norway 95 by lonelywolf2 Norway 94 by lonelywolf2 :thumb76351710:

:thumb56752337: :thumb56769790: :thumb56827237:

:thumb67637564: Iceland 25 by lonelywolf2 Blue by AndyMumford

A l'encre de tes yeux... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Storms Comin' by exoart :thumb62301702:

:thumb75719482: :thumb75626570: :thumb75218521:

:thumb73971937: :thumb71936919: :thumb65750703:

gdzies na drodze... na szlaku by Alcove Biosphere 2 by Alcove

Can be a day by ChristineAmat Soft by ArtIsterik

Heart Hello Everyone Heart

It's Easter Holidays. Although we only get a one week break, it's better than nothing. I can use this week to do my numerous assignments, to revise for 2 tests and to write up lecture notes. I think it's just me, but I hate it when I fall behind in writing lecture notes. If we are at Week 5, my notes have to be at Week 5 too. If they are at week 3 or 4, I feel intensively paranoid and feel really pressured to keep up to date :S

Aside from study, went Ice-skating last week, and going on a road-trip tour with the uni next week. I don't know anyone who's going, so praying to god I can make a few friends there, otherwise a 8am - 9pm tour is gonna be sooo awkward.

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Radiating Warmth by dandelion-fieldSpring petals by Lilplague
Reflections by Aisii
349 by SchnitzelyneGlow by LENA3689
Purity by FlabnBone
Love it by gold-girl776
Easter Nest Cupcakes by claremanson.:Fall For You:. by RHCheng
my collection by michellis13
Hint of Gold by labeccabrightMy Cup of Tea by labeccabright
Tulip of light by Ophelia-Yvaine
Into the Blue by yiyaro
Burger by DelahkelSeaside Lights by WingChant
Springtime by Schnitzelyne
Just relax by Lilplague
Have a good morning! by Lilplague
Laguna III by Chaerul-UmamWeather forecast by Marloeshi
Lovely Books by Simon120188
tokyo streets by tokotea time by stevenfields
Through the night by yiyaro

This week's song is:

Cure - Barcelona

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Themed Category:  

1. Colors of the Rainbow, 2. Fragrant Flower Collection, 3.People and Portraits

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10. Conceptual, 11. Still Life, 12. Love

13. Tea Cups 14. All things Cute, 15. Spring Photo

16. Water Droplets  17. Autumn 18, Macarons 19. Butterflies 20. Hands+ Notes

21. Danbo, 22. Photography Freestyle, 23. Desserts

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Hello everyone! :wave:

:iconskyandnatureclub: proudly features the best submissions of October!

We will feature the best pictures of every month, so make sure you submit your best works to increase your chance to be featured :boogie:

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And now enjoy our monthly feature! :heart:


Flowers, Plants & Macro

Poppies at Sunset by batmantoo Just After The Rain by o-kaykay Dandelion V by VinayRao

Greenie by BusterBrownBB Tears And Fires by Astranat Unique by SoulofNovember

Flaming Beauty by FanFrye24 In Love With October by incolor16 Charlotte's necklace by JanneO

a piece of sun by Orwald linger by alterOFnotion Physalis in Autumn by feigenfrucht

Autumn Shooting by Jscene Autumn II by Somebody--else Waldbewohner 4 by Martina-WW

Forget-Me-Nots II by VinayRao


:thumb263253671: Last Rays Of Summer by RS-foto Eau douce by hollowg

Steam Forest by FlorentCourty Travertine Pools at Sunset by papatheo Rays Of Fall by MarcoHeisler

Monastery of silence by Tukotuko Bodmin Moor Sunset by thelongwayround golden sunrise by marlene-dietrich

:thumb262001715: embrace by rbw00008 twins by funkl

Golden Hour by Aztil :thumb261461558: Morning Mood by Khaosprinz

The key by GaiusNefarious Revelations... by georgeparis Live Far Away by HiawathaPhoto

Dawn at Eagle Creek. by Allen59 A Quick Autumn Hike by Mistshadow2k4 Fall Reflections 2 by Brian-B-Photography

One Foggy Morning by jaymz-86 Path of Hope by CristaliaART Polish Forests. by MateuszPisarski


25 Seconds of Serenity by La-Vita-a-Bella Sunset Flames by hateom In The End by MaximeDaviron

Blue Twilight by enyaa Myczkowce by sztoli Bear Lake by eDDie-TK

lake_side by tobiasth Inevitable by IvanAndreevich Late Afternoon... by Feeriee13

:thumb261298114: :thumb261290844: Sundown in Lake of Constance by LinsenSchuss

Pateira de Fermentelos IV by skypho Groyne by Omelettu Red Sky by vally5

Best Lake Redux by RoseBone ..release.. by db-imagery Autumn Copper by Bright-Spot-Photo

Into the Light by Chiotas Sunset III by comsic


We are so small by M-Atif-Saeed Cairnsmore: fire horizon3 by Coigach sunrise by SushiQuak

The Northern Lights of Mars 11 by SindreAHN Sun is still the same by RoninCZ :thumb264236953:

Whirl Wind by PinEyedGirl Silhouette by Jorapache


His_Majesty by DietrichVonSchwarz Aoede by pullingcandy Green turtle 5 by Dominion-Photography

:thumb261297479: Great Tit VI by nordfold Hello, Nemo! by CarotidArtery

do you think you are alone by ateist-kleranty Mr. Mandarin by FreeSpiritFotography


Get him by Crazyhors3 Ladybird with MP- E65mm by RichardConstantinoff 0403 by Deformity

Keep up your good works!
And to everyone else around: Hope to see you around soon :wave:
:heart: Shadowelve for SkyAndNatureClub