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So I thought I'd give an update for anyone who might be interested in reading (good chance nobody).

PAXAUS started today, however due to my uni course I couldn't go today, however I will be going tomorrow and if you're interested I can write a thing about that too.

But before I got the train home, I decided to head to 'All Star Comics' to pick up the latest issue of the My Little Pony comics, only to find once I walked in that the place was crowed with people listneing to three people on a stage they had set up in there. They must have had comic event on (maybe to go with PAX), I wasn't quite sure who it was, only that one of them was talking about "The new Batgirl".
So as I was looking for the Pony comics, I found something which caught my eye, Sonic. Now Sonic Comics are not anything new (longest running comic in gaming), but the words "Sonic Boom" and "1st ISSUE" caught my attention.
And well... here it is (I hope the image thing works)
Sonic Boom #1 by DrowningAUS

Tails and Sticks on a plane (as it turns out if you get all four covers you can make a full picture).
The story was amusing enough, however what I found interesting was that this isn't a mini-series, from what I can tell, this is going to be a new monthly comic to run along-side the already two existing Sonic comics published by Archie (they must be really popular, I mean two I get as like the Pony one has two separate series under the one publisher, but three? Damn).

So that's pretty cool.

In other news
World of Warcraft now FINALLY after TEN years, has AUSTRALIAN servers. Now the category has always been there, but they've been hosted in the USA. But now finally starting today, servers will be held IN Australia, meaning some sexy low-ping!
I also got the Warcraft novel today "Warcrimes", as this leads into the new expansion due next month!

My Little Pony has announced that they're making a full budget movie, due to come out in 2017. We know nothing more than that, I just hope to hell that they use the style of the show and not go CGI.
Oh and in the mail with I got the three "Daring Do" novels, they're super neat.

Sunset Overdrive came out yesterday and I picked it up today. I haven't played much of it, but it is really cool so far.

Oh and I am now starting to get a cold... yay. That said I have next week off, so that's good.
If anyone ever wants to play, I have levelling characters on Quel'Thalas and my lv.90 main on Draenor.


Scharlachrot: Lv.90 Forsaken / Unholy Death Knight
Kolà: Lv.8 Orc / Shaman

Milvealas: Lv.8 Night Elf / Monk


Fujìn: Lv.66 Blood Elf / Subtlety Rogue
Mitternacht: Lv.37 Forsaken / Protection Warrior
Estrilda: Lv.10 Forsaken / Arcane Mage
Lontar: Lv.10 Tauren / Arms Warrior
Viridice: Lv.8 Goblin / Priest
Zamenji: Lv.11 Troll / Mistweaver Monk

Lieté: Lv.40 Draenei / Protection Paladin
Diamint: Lv.20 Night Elf / Brewmaster Monk
Hæmatite: Lv.18 Night Elf / Subtlety Rogue
Rôbyn: Lv.17 Worgen / Assassination Rogue
Wéiß: Lv.56 Human / Frost Death Knight
I'll be on the server BlackWing Lair. And on my worgen, level 17???? Connetteanna (close enough.)

Hope to see ya there!
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Well, Yrel is finally done but I cannot post her yet ... for those interested, she'll be in a collab made to celebrate 10years of wow. I'll post her here as well when it goes public, but to those interested in seeing the collab and what other artists have done, check

next in line is a book cover, then a little something I have in mind for Sylvannas =)
Recently I had the idea to give my idea on how Blizzard could've improved the World of Warcraft storyline. Anyone here think that's a good idea for me to post my arguments online (stash or Youtube)? So far my friend who used to play WoW thought it was a viable argument. Regardless, if you were to attempt to improve the story (you don't need to immediately know how), what are your top 1 or 2 choices for which Warcraft installment could've best improved the story? (Basically, a "I believe changing _____'s story could've made WoW's story more compelling.") The games with their vote counts are:
1. Classic                           0 vote(s)
2. Burning Crusade              0 votes(s)
3. Wrath of the Lich King      0 vote(s)
4. Cataclysm                      3 vote(s)
5. Mists of Pandaria             0 vote(s)
Ignore gameplay as a factor.
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