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Day 24 (July 27th, 2015):

Was finally able to sleep in this morning!!!! Woke up at about 8:30, exactly the time my mom was leaving for work. We got to chat for a little bit, but soon my brother Andrew woke up and it became just the two of us. We got to talk and talk and talk since he hasn't seen me in a long time. He really missed me. :)

We went downstairs and for breakfast, I got to make myself a Amy's Frozen Meal. (they are my favorite foods because they are all vegetarian or vegan!) I had a Tofu Scramble which was tofu mixed with spinach, mushrooms, and carrots and home fries. It was great having them again. :)

After breakfast, I had Andrew show me all the things that he and Mom bought at 5 Below for me. They got notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, a calendar white board and just a white board, storage containers, a garbage can, a yoga mat, hand sanitizer, ear buds, yoga pants, flip flops, a sports bra, lip balm, and I think that's about it. I decided to wear one of my new yoga pants and a tank top for today. I looked good!

Soon lunch rolled around and I made myself another Amy's meal. This time I had Light and Lean Macaroni and Cheese while Andrew made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We watched YouTube videos that he wanted to show me and I wanted to show him. We were at times on the floor laughing.

After lunch, Andrew always goes for a walk around the block so I went with him and we talked some more. I asked him about a Tech camp he did a week ago at Kean University. He told me about the work he did, (it was a camp where we made mods and stuff for a video game similar to World of Warcraft) the college campus, the food, and even about a girl he met who was the only girl in the camp session. Her name is Sierra and Andrew got her number! I'm going to make sure he texts her while I'm here.

When we got back from our walk, a couple minutes our Mom got home from work. We were going to Target to go dorm room shopping! I went upstairs quickly to get my bag and Target gift card which I got from my community theatre Playhouse 22 when I graduated high school. When we got to Target, we went crazy. We got so much stuff! From bins, to lamps, to towels, to a water filter and so so so so SO much more. It ran over $300! But thanks to a discount and then my gift card, it went down to around $200. When we got outside, it was pouring and thundering and Mom suddenly thought that what if all this didn't fit in her car. Well thankfully everything squeezed in and there was room for my brother in the backseat. Thanks Honda Fit!!

We got home and I laid out everything for a picture to Snapchat and a picture for my roommate Alison. I even printed out a checklist my college has and I checked off a lot from the list! There was still some more things, but right now it was dinner time. Mom made pork chops, knishes, and cucumbers. It was all delicious and wonderful. Soon after dinner, Mom and I decided to go out to TJMaxx to see if we can buy more things. Well, to make a long story short, we bought a lot. Blankets, a hair dryer, a makeup bag, a backpack for Andrew, more hangers, an umbrella, and many more. After that, we went next door to Kohl's and bought a shower caddy and a mattress cover. Once that was done, we were both done and tired. We went home, added our new purchases to the others, and went to bed. I briefly got to text with my roommate Alison, but soon I conked out.

Today was a busy day, but I'm glad it was one, because I got to do a lot of college shopping which was really important since I haven't been in Jersey for awhile. There is still so much more to buy, but with everything we have now, we are starting to become prepared for Move In Day! Let's see what tomorrow will bring!

<3 Jessica
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