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Wanda was wondering around in the forest by Stromwind when the prince attacked a wolf that tried to attack Wanda and the Prince took Wanda to Stromwind safely and carefully checking to see if wolves are not around. There's something that needed to be done she now had a quest that she's unsure of (try to tame a dragon named Deathwing) but she has to do it on her own and try to be brave and have the courage and not try to get herself killed! She then went to the territory where Deathwing is then she was able to defeat him to low health and took a first try to tame Deathwing and he was convinced to come with Wanda to Stromwind without harming anyone not even a person. When Wanda came back to Stromwind everyone were very happy and gave a big thanks to Wanda's bravery and everyone gave honor to her for saving lives and now in pony version her cutie mark had changed to a music note and dragon tamer charm around the music note in the middle. Wanda can also ride Deathwing because one of the sales people at Stromwind gave her a saddle for free. That was Wanda's first thing that she'd accomplice taming a dragon in World of Warcraft now there was portal to Danvile and to Stromwind that way she can come and visit anytime.
That is how Deathwing became an agent.
hope you like it
Wanda now has a necklace charm for dragon tamer in Phineas and Ferb version and the boys even Perry glad that didn't herself killed and Wanda was able to handle it now that she'd tamed Deathwing everyone's now safe except for Doofenshmirtz's inators and his evil things that he'd tried to do but he's now scared of Deathwing and Wanda's pink dragon named Princess that she'd tamed after Deathwing.
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Okay, so here's the deal.

I need some help with getting World of Warcraft to work. I have had it installed, account and all, on my computer for nearly a month, and I have yet to actually begin playing, as the damn thing has to constantly update or is always retrieving files that are probably not even required to actually play.
Its usually always fetching the endcoing tables and installing files, which takes FOREVER given the circsumstance of my grandparents' low internet.

AND LET ME STOP THOSE WHO WILL SAY "Then go somewhere else and download it." or "Go to an internet café", because you  can PISS OFF. Especially those who will say get internet at my house. I do not have the cash flow for that shit, ok? If anyone knows what the current going rate for HughesNet 10 is, i'll gladly buy that, but otherwise, shut the fuck up!

What doesn't help is that the online website that you can go to to ask players on how to resolve issues REQUIRES that you have already made a character, which is impossible in my case because I CAN NOT LOAD THE GAME UP TO PLAY IT YET, AS IT IS TAKING FOREVER TO INSTALL THOSE FILES AND FETCH THE ENCODING TABLES.

So, can someone please help me out? Preferably before I both smash my laptop into a hundred tiny pieces AND RIP MY HAIR OUT?!
Hey Guys, this is Ruschman again,
I've been thinking what kind of new expansion we should have, and then a light bulb lit up over my head.
Why not introduce an expansion, where it does not involve any real landscapes other than a plane of existence representing Time, where we can enter dimensional gates leading to certain events, like the pre-Fall of Quel'Thalas and saving heroes from becoming villains.
Infinite Power should represent the Infinite Dragonflight attempting to disrupt all of Azeroth's timelines, and it is our job to "make changes" in order to preserve those timelines and keep them from fading into memory.
Another likelihood should have us look into where Jarod's been all this time, why he chose to seclude from Night Elf society.
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