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Hello all fans! I know some of you didn't get the chance to go Blizzcon 2014 to watch Warcraft Movie Trailer. But, I've watched it for over three times at Blizzcon and luckily I remember almost all the senses and just drew them out here.


Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #1 by YanmoZhang

1st scene, in bird's eye view of stromwind, epic, fantastic and amazing.

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #2 by YanmoZhang

Sunset is shining above the city, indicates that the war is coming

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #3 by YanmoZhang

An armory in Stormwind. Shining shields on walls and weapons by racks.

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #4 by YanmoZhang

Scene into the Throne Hall of King, so holy! King Liane is sitting on throne, Lothar and Medivh (I guess) standing in front of throne.

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #5 by YanmoZhang

Close up of King Liane is thinking, maybe he's hearing Lothar reporting the war

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #6 by YanmoZhang

In Blasted Lands (or outland?), a green lightning pierces the sky

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #7 by YanmoZhang

Horde now! The army behind him slowly forward.

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #8 by YanmoZhang

Orcs are moving forward.

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #9 by YanmoZhang

An orc is watching Dark Portal.
Aside saying - Our homeland was destroyed.

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #10 by YanmoZhang

Dalaran comes, magic and fabulous. The whole city is slowly sliding into clouds.

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #11 by YanmoZhang

Three elves are moving and watching forward, one of them turns his head over.
Aside saying - Is the war... the only answer?

Impression of Warcraft Movie Trailer #12 by YanmoZhang

Last scene. Durotan is watching his wife, their camp was burned down, his eyes showing sadness. His wife is trying to comfort him, he also used to comfort eyes looking back to her. Expression and details are so real, fine and smooth. That's too cool. can't waiting 2016.

Thanks for watching my works!

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World of Warcraft

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 20, 2014, 1:21 PM
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So I never realized so many people on here play WoW! That's so awesome! I play Horde on Wyrmrest Accord. This is my main, Arariel (with my seagull MINE):

Arariel by AvannTeth

AvannTeth is a fantastic artist, so you should go get some awesome WoW pictures done!

Do you play Horde or Alliance?

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Background image by AF-studios
Brushes by SummerAIR
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World of Warcraft Stress!!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 10:46 PM

Okay so as many people know the new expansion came out in the beginning of the month.

Like many other Avid WoW players I jumped on it right away to level... the only thing is... I'm still not capped.

I just feel sluggish, upset that i'm being pushed to level as fast as I can instead of enjoying the very game I give a good chuck of change too a year.

This expansion I rolled a Priest, for healing in my friend's guild on raids... and Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing the priest...

But I miss my hunter and Baby Cyrus! The can I have had on that very hunter since I started wow, Oh... say... nine years ago? I ave slaved through every expansion with that Hunter and Cyrus since I began my WoW life and I just miss them.

I miss skinning a lot too... i HATE leaving corpses just laying around.

Anyone else feel this way?

Grunge texture by darkrose42-stock
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These terms and all related materials, logos, and images are copyright © Blizzard Entertainment.
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hey guys so I am doing open commissions for World of warcrft ocs (THIS IS OPEN TO ANYONE!)

MischiArt by Luna-the-Nightblade   

  for example this one  Commissions are 2 points each. 1 main person. There will be three openings, I will open more as needed. just understand it will take a few days but will tell you where it it at in the % amount. 

(Please no animal forms)
1) A photo of your oc in the armor or outfit you would like
2) please note me
3) if cant get a pix then give me what race, outfit (in full detail or a link to a photo of the outfit), weapon ect. 
4) Rangers please do not ask me to draw your companion I wish I could But I cant draw pets

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