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1. Vrykul (Sexy giant ladies, too hot, too hot...and cold too. XD)

2. Val'kyr (Sure, they're undead, but they look hot and they can fly!)

3. Succubus (Need I say more? ;) )

4. Shivarra (Too much sexy, I can't handle...XD)

5. Harpies (They look more human than bird. They have wings and talons and feet, but mostly human features everywhere else.)

6. Forest/Frost Nymph (Yes, they have lower bodies of horses. But, there faces, torsos and all upper body are human. I'm just saying their upper halves are sexy. But if you look at the lower half, it's off-putting. lol That's why I only focus on the upper halves of them. LOL)

7. High Elves. 

8. Titan Watchers (Freya is my favourite though. lol) 

9. Sea Witches (They're Naga ladies, like Sirens or Oracles. They look attractive face-wise, but everything else is serpent-looking, so I can only say their faces are sexy and chests, but everything else, nope.)
  • Mood: Content
  • Playing: World of Warcraft.
  • Drinking: Tetley Tea, mate.
I will do this in an order. Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, as I know some will disagree and say how I should have put "example" in "number" place. Anyway, let's get started:

1. Draenei (They're like alien supermodels, and those hips don't lie. They got amazing bodies and sexy faces. Also, they have sexy voices.)

2. Orc (Because I like a woman who can carry my lazy arse everywhere and flex her fem muscles at me. lol Also, gotta get me some of dat orc lady booty. They may be green, but that doesn't matter to me. I'm just a horny, nerdy lesbian and I'm okay with that.) 

3. Human (Amazing rack, booty and legs. Plus, I like real life woman, so of course they'd be near the top. XD) 

4. Night Elf (The bounciness and those sexy ears. XD Also, that dance...Plus, they have nice midriffs and legs. I know a lot of people complain about the faces and the mouths opening when they stand still, but I personally think they have nice faces.)

5. Dwarf (She could bench press me with her thighs. I'd be okay with that...*w* Also, they probably have the biggest racks out of all.)

6. Goblin (Sure they're green and short, but I'm only 11 inches taller than them, since they're about 4 ft. Could be worse. I also find their hairstyle and facial options awesome and they are strangely attractive. Plus, I like their Bronx/New Jersey accents. Pretty sexy if you ask me.) 

7. Troll (They got da voodoo. Know what I'm sayin'? ;D When enraged, and in heat, they can mate up to 80 times in one night. Be you prepared? I'm prepared. I did solo training and passed with flying colours of the rainbow.) 

8. Blood Elf (They aren't bad. They aren't my favourite, as you can see, but I still like 'em and have a few Belf toons. ;) )

9. Undead/Forsaken (I'm not a necrophiliac or anything. But, if I were Undead, I'd date these ladies. Especially Sylvanas...*drool* Sure they're reanimated corpses of humans (playable) and elves (none-playable/NPCS), but they still look good...for what's left of them. XD)

10. Gnome (The least attractive for me. And they are like, 3 ft tall. lol Not that I have anything against that. XD But, they're more cutesy than anything, in my opinion. lol)


The reason these 3 are down here is because I'm not a furry and I don't find animals, or anything that looks like an animal attractive either, so naturally these three are at the bottom. Unless you're into that sort of thing, then you'd probably put them on the list somewhere. lol None of my business though. xD 
post a clear screenshot of your WoW character(s) in the comments and i might draw them! 
5. Transmogrification (Transmog for short): I like the improvements to transmogging because you can see anything that you own or not own and you can change the color of the item that you are transmogging. This goes well for the new Artifact Weapons which I will talk about later since you can change the color of that as well to fit your transmog set. (FYI: Transmogging is nothing new, its being improved)

4. World Content: Besides the addition of the should have been added in Warlords of Draenor Broken Isles, there is a lot of world content for you to do in Legion, the difficulty of mobs scales as you level up, if you're asking, mobs do not scale down, only scale up, that means you can go at the content of Legion at your own pace, for example, if you want to start at Suramar first, you can do that, and then go onto the next zone, they also changed how daily quests work but it is really hard for me to explain and they changed professions as well (another thing I do not care about)

3. Artifact Weapons: We get to wield legendary weapons like the Ashbringer, the Doomhammer, the Staff of Sargeras himself, and the Shards of Frostmourne, there is a special quest chain for each class and the class' specializations (spec for short), as an example, you would go back to Northrend and speak to Bolvar Fordragon (the new Lich King) and you'd get the Shards of Frostmourne if you are a Frost Death Knight. If you were asking, I am not going to spoil how to get Ashbringer but let's just say that the person who uses it dies. Also, you can level up your Artifact to make it more powerful and better to take down Mythic Archimonde.

2. Class Order Halls: At first I wasn't to excited about this but now knowing where each of the Order Halls are located makes me super excited to see these places once again. Paladins go to the Eastern Plaguelands to Light's Chapel. Shamans literally go inside the Maelstrom to where you freed Thrall in Cataclysm. Druids go to somewhere else but I forget the name, but it is like the new Moonglade. Death Knights go back to Archeus: The Ebon Hold, since you are apart of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Monks go (or go back if you are Pandaren) to the Pandaren starting zone, the Wandering Isles (or Shen Zin Su). But there are a lot of awesome places you go to in Legion.

1. Demon Hunters: Demon Hunters are the new Hero Class, they are highly mobile and can choose between 2 specs. Havoc for damage, and Vengeance for defense. Demon Hunters start in Mardun and it is also the Warlock Class Order Hall and Demon Hunters at the same time since it is a planet of demons. They also have Artifacts. They can also tap into their inner demon to unleash powerful blows and can even shoot lasers our of their gouged eyes. You are lead by Illidan Stormrage and he makes you general, but you have to see gameplay if you want to know the rest.

That is my list of my most anticipated features about the next expansion pack for World of Warcraft
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Hi everyone!
I would just like to know if any of you are playing World of Warcraft? ^^
If you do, then please comment and tell me if you want me as friend d:

no one will probably read this


I'll probably draw today or tomorrow c:
or when I feel like it xD
I'm thinking of drawing FNaF (The original game) celebrating christmasShrug 
gonna be a lot of work, but whatevs ;D
Bigger work, better view!
i guess...
nevermind, cya around!~
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Woohoo! I got everything back from WoW, my characters, my battle-pets, EVERTHING! So come and celebrate with me by asking me to secure ONLY 1 spot for a request of a 1-page Story/Picture set. 10 spots! ONLY one per deviant as always! 7 spots remaining!

I have noticed people putting stuff in the wrong folders.
I have made a "Cosplay, Crafted, Ect" folder so this should stop the confusion. Anything that is a cosplay, crafted and other related items deviant, please put it in there! Thank you

A side note, even though no-one expect me has permission to submit in the "Featured" folder, somehow deviants still get put in there. Please do not do this if you are able to. I will choose what goes there, not trying to be rude, I just want everything to be organised. =)
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