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So, who here plays World of WarCraft? ... And who here has been playing the ex-pac, Warlords of Draenor? ... Anyone into the Pet Battles?

(And yes, I know WoD isn't the most successful ex-pac to day. Let's not make this Journal Entry about the problems with it, okay?)

So, anyway, I was doing one of the Pet Daily Quests for this morning. Anyone that was doing it, too, you'll know where this is going. XD

I raise an eye-brow, when the other Trainer's first (or three) pets is up. It is a white rat ... named "Nicodemus"!

At once, I feel a little badly, because in order to win this Pet Battle and the related Quest, I got to "kill" him. Makes me think I should rename one of my tamed rats to "Jenner". LOL!

Anyway, at this point, I mouse-over the other two of my opponent's pets, also rats. And I give a shout of surprise when I see they're named "Jenner" and "Brisby"! (Frankly, I think it should have been "Jenner" and "Justin", but ... oh, well.)

Anyway, here's a screen-shot that I might upload later, but not sure, since it might be against Blizzard's ToS. I only use Imgur, because I see screenies from WoW uploaded there and linked to the WoW Forums all the time.
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