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Collection: The Allure of a Red Dress

Mon Dec 22, 2014, 12:20 PM
54-img-00 by techgnotic

Maybe it’s being the color of blood that makes red such a strong color, especially when displayed in public. It is exotic–a matador’s cape, or a vampire’s, or a flamenco dancer’s skirts. Most women have their “little black dress” for evening’s out. Black tells no secrets. It’s on the occasion of the “red dress” that we suddenly wonder what’s on the someone’s mind.

The message of “red” in novels, films and music is passion barely controlled, of sexual temptation. It is a flashing warning light. Plastic surgery made John Dillinger invisible to the FBI. It was the “Woman in Red” who betrayed him, by taking his arm as they exited a movie theater. He was gunned down in the alley. Ladies dipped their skirts into the pool of his red blood for mementos of the exciting night.

Tired using exactly the exact silly costume you arranged on this Halloween? Why don't you make an effort to think about getting within of a Vampire fancy attire for just about any change? Vampires are between one of the most well-known sorts of costumes all through Halloween. However, you can whatsoever instances ensure it is different by method of the relaxation by merely placing several of your individual strategies into it.

For a short backdrop lesson, vampires are creatures using the evening that are already feared of granted the fact that historic times. These creatures are frequently recognized to arrive to be corpses of people whose souls experienced been believed of as ugg boots günstig
getting corrupted and empty. largely as a finish off result of this, they turned into lifeless bad creatures, which suck blood vessels from people to fill up the emptiness within them. Some individuals are even unfortunate enough to survive shortly after getting drained of the blood ugg boots on sale
vessels and turned into vampires themselves. people have believed that these creatures exist until the previous due element using the twentieth century. Nowadays, people know the reality that vampires do not exist, however, the recognition in vampires have not ceased to exist. films and books are already made concerning vampires in add-on to the likes. This helps ensure it is between one of the most well-known Halloween costumes of all time. this could be ordinarily a amazing chance to shock your good friends and family people by displaying your "true" do it yourself to them.

In purchase in your circumstance to effectively create the amazing vampire costume, you contact for to possess all the ideal Halloween accessories. you can whatsoever instances pass by your regional novelty and costume stores for vampire costumes and accessories. right listed here are many well-known components you will contact for in purchase in your circumstance to portray a conventional vampire; a arranged of false fangs is relatively important. this could be steering to be the trademark of all vampires. up coming will be your outfit. as opposed to the Halloween fancy dress, you can glimpse for dim and stylish outfits for example a dark tuxedo. you can arranged over a jet dark coat with sharply minimize coat tails to provide your problem an enhanced detail. for individuals who have no time to glimpse forugg boots shop just about any costume shop, you can whatsoever instances research and browse within of the internet for internet sites which market vampire costumes. However, you contact for to think concerning the period of your time ugg boots saleit requires for that costume to arrive to be delivered. Some costumes hold about two to three several weeks to arrive to be delivered, other people hold less, so be specific which you purchase forward of your time to refrain from shipment delays and misunderstanding. for that make-up, you can use confront paint or any employed lipstick. you can paint your confront bright and pale since the moonlight and dab your lips with lipstick as though blood vessels is pouring affordable your lips.

Being a vampire for Halloween is enjoyment especially if celebrated with friends. not just have you been trendy but getting within of a vampire costume offers you an oxygen of aristocracy and elegance. Vampires are viewed as cunning creatures who rule the night. They are relatively elusive however aggressive at exactly the exact time. Don't neglect to possess the "attitude" while within your vampire costume. This offers you a meaner and ugg boots verkauf cooler impression from others.
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I play and I made these from a dream selfy simulation website.

The Vampire Diaries



What do you all think?
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YES I HAVE NEW VAMPIRE NOVELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wOOt!!!!! i have ok my sister has.... almost all of the Vampire Kisses Series... just not the first one... but the other 3 she has... and they are REALLY REALLY good!!!!! well 2 and 3 are i don't know about 4 yet... i also have another book (yes it's mine) and it's about a vampire getting hunted down by the CIA ... well it sounds interesting so ... yeah...

Me and mary went shopping yesterday it was LOADS of fun! she got lots of cute clothes that look great on her... we were shopping for her so i didn't get anything except for the vampire novel... and that wasn't planned... but yes... borders ... is amazing!

Ok i have my homecomming dress... well ... sorta... we still have to make it ... but we have the stuff to make it!... lol ... *nervous laugh*... now the next challenge is getting it done in time... basicly it's black with white polka dots...and it's going to be sort of a 50's looking dress... it'll be cute though! trust me i know what i'm doing!
*Title from a song.

Today on Facebook, everyone had a status like, "Going to school!" or "Two classes today!" or something, and I was just like... I dunno. Feeling a little left out? I guess I really did want to go to college after all. I mean, yeah, I'm still going in the winter, but. I don't know, it's wrapped up with a bunch of other things and I'm realizing I just can't be someone I'm not and I just can't do some things I thought I would.

It's like admitting something to myself, I guess. It's like rolling with the punches, it's like being happy with what you have, it's like finding a new trail to take. And actually taking it.
I'm going to form my own path and it's going to lead me somewhere of my own, and I have to go at it alone. At some point. (At all points?) I could end up somewhere foreign. I could end up somewhere bad. But there's a certain something about it being my somewhere that makes this a sobering moment. Get it?

Bleh bleh bleh, my stomach hurts. It makes me ranty.

Anyone ever seen Buff the Vampire Slayer? (movie or show?) Cause I want to watch it for some strange reason, but if it sucks I'll pass.
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For Natalie by Azute

For Natalie by Azute

For Natalie by Azute

Day 39 (August 11th, 2015)
Day 8: Cape Cod

Woke up feeling much better than yesterday, but a bit tired. I woke up a couple of times in the night, hearing Uncle Jon call for Pickle who wouldn't come. I would later find out that she had a little "accident" that needed cleaning if you know what I mean... Anyway, I posted yesterday's blog, but was halfway done when the Internet blew out and wouldn't come back on. It certainly pissed me off as I wanted my blog up before going downstairs. Eventually I gave up, got dressed and went downstairs. It was early so it was only me, Ant Astrid, and Uncle Jon were up. The Internet came back then so I finished posting. After a cup of tea, everyone started to wake up and come into the kitchen. For breakfast, Ant Astrid made oatmeal with bananas, walnuts, and maple syrup. (For her, she also had figs) It was good for a cold and bleary morning. It was supposed to be 100% rain in the forecasts so it became a sort of chill day in the house.

After breakfast, I chatted for a bit with mom who recommended that I take a look in a calendar app called Sunrise. She thought I should organize my plans, classes, events, etc. for college and everything else. I decided to download it and take a look. Once it was on my phone, I connected it with Facebook and Google and started to add my class times and events that I knew already for Admissions Ambassadors and whatever. It was fun organizing and filling my calendar. Once I started, I didn't want to stop! I added more and more until I couldn't think of any more to add. I noticed that on my phone, the app made the calendar smudged close together, but with the iPad, it is perfect and visible. I know both will do its job so I have nothing to worry about. :)

Soon it was lunchtime. Uncle Jon and Ant Astrid were going out to lunch at Stewart's and I got to go along with them! By now it was drizzling out, some time before it was pouring which ruined Ant Astrid and Uncle Jon's bike ride. When we got to Stewart's, we sat inside where it was pretty busy, but not as busy as it is during the dinner hours. I ordered a cup of lobster bisque and I was initially going back to get a Lobster Quesadilla, but they ran out so I stuck to my Fish and Chips. It was all really good as usual and we all pitched in money for the bill. After lunch, we stopped by some stores to buy ingredients for dinner like anchovies, vegetables, lettuce, and more.

When we got home, my phone was on the verge of dying, so I put it on charge and grabbed my fully charged iPad. I sat downstairs in the living room flipping around on my device while Jaws 2 was playing on TV. I decided to clean out my iPad some more by deleting music, apps, contacts, and emails. By the time I was finished, I had a ton more space! There really was no reason to do this, I guess I just really liked the idea that my iPad has more space for a "just in case" scenario.

Soon Ashton was flipping through Netflix, looking for something to watch. I talked some more with him as he went through movie after movie. Soon we started talking about anime and Ant Astrid came strolling in talking about Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miazaki. It is one of her most favorite movies. We ended up searching for his movies, but none came up. We did find however this vampire movie called Underworld. We started to watch it, but had to pause it because dinner was ready.

For dinner we had Uncle Jon's specialty Caesar Salad with chicken with other toppings like eggs and steamed veggies like zucchini and squash. It was delicious, especially the Chicken. Yum, yum, good. :)

After dinner, Underworld was resumed. It was pretty good, a much better Vampire flick than the ones I've seen. (Coughcough Twilight) But I will admit, it was a bit long and I ended up getting caught up with writing this blog entry. In the end, it was a nice sit down family movie night. Once the movie ended, I grabbed myself a quick drink and was off to bed.

Today was an uneventful, but nice day. A lot of chilling at home, but also a nice lunch at Stewart's and an evening movie. Hopefully the rain will be gone for tomorrow. It's Wednesday so that means another Chicken Night! But this time the chicken is taking the back burner...tomorrow's main dish is....lobster? Stay tuned!!!

<3 Jessica
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