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Ok heres the request ted4ever you happy now :)

It was that time of day again. Every day at exactly 4:00 your secret friend came.You worked in a beautiful garden there was a huge bush that blocked of the outside fields. One day you  were planting some lilacs when you heard a little voice "uh.....hi." you wondered where the voice came from you listened "my names um....tavros,tavros nitram." It was coming from behind the bush "hi tavros im (name) why are you behind the bush?" You heard creaks like metal "that's my secret, i came here because i think your garden is beautiful um...(name)." You giggled "well thank you tavros. Since your behind the bush with your secret you'll be my secret friend!" You smiled wide you didn't have many friends , mostly just john and company , and a few trolls. "That's really nice to hear, i have to go though but ill be back i promise." He's kept that promise everyday, for eight months now you were clearing a new flower bed when tavros arrived "hey (name). You brightened at the sound of his sweet voice "hi tavros." You two continued your usual routine first up flowers then animals and last school. Tavros was dating a girl named vriska she was terrible to tav she would pick on him and then call him,"cute" he had brought her once she was very rude to you she even shoved a box through the bush containing bunches of spiders they all crawled out onto you, you had an intense fear of spiders you began to scream as vriska laughed while looking over the bush "look at her tavros, she's such a wimp!" He became very upset and flustered at being unable to help you "vr-vriska! That was terrible." She turned to him "shut up tav, im just having a little fun gog its not like they were poisonous your so uptight." She stomped of but not before what you suspect was slapping tavros. You sat there crying the spiders would ruin the new flowers, that girl was terrible. Tavros was speaking about her now "she really upset and ripped up my pupa pan book." His voice sorta cracked  "tav are you ok?" He sniffled " she's the worst matesprit ever! But shes probably the only one i can get because secret." You decided to do something "tav ill be right back." He sniffled some more "...ok." you hurried inside you picked a pretty white and brown vase, you went back outside and picked several carnations six white and one pink. You arranged them and put the pink one in the middle and headed back to the bush "tav?" "Yes?" Can i come and see you?" You heard a big squeak as if he had jumped on something "um.....yes but only if you promise you will still like me afterwards." You grinned "tavros i could never not like you, your the sweetest boy ever!" You rushed with your vase ready to see tav for the first time, you were approaching the bush when you saw a young troll hanging his head his horns were large like a bulls, and he had a wheel chair. That's tavs big secret he cant walk all those creaks you always heard were his chair "tav?" When tav saw you he jumped a little, you were even prettier up close he thought. "(N-name)." He frowned a bit a brown tear slipping down his cheek "well this is my secret, im a cripple." You sped over to him, placing your flowers by his side as he sobbed into his hands "now you'll treat me differently, and you'll never return my...." he stopped as you hugged him close "tav, i wouldn't care if you could walk or not , you were sweet and kind and that's why..... that's why im red for you."  Your face heated up as a brown streak crossed tavs face he smiled and squeezed you closer "im red for you too (name)! I have been for a long time i just worried you would only think of me as a friend." You giggled "well tavros, you are only my friend...unless you wanna be my matesprit?" You were familiar with trolls way of saying relationship terms. Tavros seemed to perk up a bit you looked up to see him smiling wider than you think someone could "i would, if you'll give me the honor." You both giggled "ok tavros i give you the honor of being my matesprit." You lightly kissed him, he quickly kissed back you deepened the kiss by wrapping your arms around his neck, you both came up for breath. "Flushed for you." He smiled "flushed for you too tav."
Extended endin
You walked into the park noticing a rather rude troll yapping away in your friend kanaya's ear you ran over oh you wanted to do this ever since tav dumped her. "YO VRISKA!" You boomed she turned "what is it you bitch!?" And with that you ran up and kicked vriska in the taco. It was a great feeling as you ran from the now pissed spider bitch. XD
Tavros Nitram :Serene: by RemiNyao
*Attack on titan human tavros x titan male reader
*i recently got into attack on titan, so i barley hav any knowledge an im gonna make it up as i go along like i always do ^-^

You were laying against a large hill, a little village sat a couple of feet away from you(its like a couple of feet away from u; maybe like a several yards or miles away from the human's pov). You had watched over the little village, protecting the small people within it. You would never let another Titan come close to the village, if they did, you would have killed them. It been years after you killed many Titans that tryed to harm the people, the other titans sooned stopped and never came back. You were a very tall titan for a average Titan's height, you were (Musculer/skinny/fat) for your build and you had (Long/Short/medium) length (H/C) hair. But you mostly had kind (E/C) eyes, but when you were angry, your eyes would darken in hate. You always enjoyed the small people being around, you would protect them and in return they showed kindness towards you. After the Titans stopped trying to hurt the village in your area, you spent years laying against the large hill, fast asleep. You have never awoken, just laying there asleep. The enviroment had started to grow over your large form, the grass, tress, and bushes had grown upon your body. You now looked like you, yourself was part of the land, many of the villagers thought you were dead, bcause you were devouered into the landscape. Many more years have passed and the once little village has become a city. The people in the city were scared, Tavros and his group was scent out here, because the city people said they had spotted several Titans near by. Tavros was talking to a elderly woman, they both were talking about the Titan that used to watch over them. The old woman smiled up at Tavros,

"The villagers used to call him, _______. He was a kind fello, he stayed by the villager's side for the longest time." She took a sip of her tea,

"uh, what happen to him?" She just smile softly at him,

"People say that he died long ago, others says that he's just sleeping and will awake up if needed." Tavros strued his spoon in the cup and looked up at the old lady,

"Do you, uh, know what actually happen?" The old woman shook her head,

"No, but they do say its just a legend and a fairytall. Its been so long ago that no body ever remembers, the newer generation wouldn't know anyway." Tavros was interested in this kind or nice Titan, he only knew one person that was nice and is also a titan that was the Titan boy, Eren. The ground shook and there was a loud crashing sound from near by, Tavros quickly got out of his seat. The old woman was scared, Tavros quickly ran towards the direction of the sound. He stopped and staired up at a Titan that was attacking innocent people, Gamzee and Karkat was trying they're best to stop it. Eridan leaned against a wall, blood seeping from his body. Tavros gasped as a Titan picked him up, the Titan held Tavros in a tight grip, causing Tavros not to beable to breath. Tavros let out a scream as the pain shot through his body, when he was being crushed. Gamzee looked over towards Tavros,

"HEY, FUCKASS! LOOK OUT!" Gamzee looks up at Karkat, as Gamzee looks back to what he was doing, a large hand slammed Gamzee into a building. Karkat winced at what he saw, people started to scream. Many more Titans flooded into the area, the Titans killing or eating the humans(i believe they eat them...or is that a bleach episode?). The people started to run away, they're screams getting louder. Your ear twitched at the sound, causing some of the earth to fall off. You heard even more screams and the sounds of Titans rowring and growling, your (E/C) eyes flashed open, dirt falling from them. You let out a loud growl, catching the attention of one of the Titans that was tightly sqeezingly holding onto Tavros, the Titan loosen his grip, but Tavros still couldn't move. The Titan faced towards where the sound came from, Tavros managed to get one of his arms out. Tavros' brown eyes widen as he saw the side of the large hill, crumbling away. A large hand shot out, it gripped the side of the hill. Than the other did the same, the ground and plants started to fall. Tavros watched as a new Titan emreged from the hill, the enviroment on you was falling of your body as you moved. You now fully stoood to your full height, shaking a little, more of the earth fell of you. Turning your head to the side, Your (E/C) eyes landed on the Titan. Looking down at his hands, you saw a human in his grasp, struggling. Your eyes narrowed, fully turning towards that Titan. You let out a low growl, Tavros mind raced, only one word left his lips.

"_____?" The Titan that held Tavros, backed up a little as you ran up to him. Your large hand gripped the Titan's face, slaming him into the ground. The Titan that Karkat was on, looked in your direction. Karkat and the Titan watched as you killed the other, Tavros was still in the dead Titan's grip. Gently taking the human from the Titan's grip, you looked down at the human, he staired back up at you. Using your index finger, you dusted his head off. Setting Tavros down on the ground, he stood up, staring up at you as you walked towards the other Titan that Karkat was trying to fight off. You and the other Titan begun to walk up to eachother, Karkat held on tighter to the Titan. As you two came closer the Titan decided to throw a fist at you, you ducked with ease and griped onto his ankel, you pulled and he fell backwards. Karkat gripped the Titan's neck even more, standing to your full height again. You looked down at the weak Titan, the only thoughts came to your mind was, 'Pafetic.' You spotted an albino human clinging to the Titan's neck. Leaning down, you picked the albino off and into one of your hands. The titan started to sit up, but your foot applied pressure onto his chest, making him lay back down. Removing your foot away, you kicked the side of his face than placing your foot on the side of it. You applied more pressure to the side of he Titan's head, his hand on your ankel. Tavros was in a abandoned house that Gamzee was slammed into, He helped Gamzee up. They both looked out through the giant hole, they both watched as you smashing the Titan's head. His hand slipped from your ankel and you turned to see the human from before and another beside him, Gamzee's arm was layed aross Tavros shoulder as he held onto Gamzee. You walked over towards them, Picking them up. You also picked up the injured Eridan, walking over to hill you once layed upon. You noticed several other human upon the hill, the people that was up and walking around was treating the injured. The people seemed frighten as you came closer, but they're fear left as you placed the four people down. Many of the humans quickly went up to them, Tavros waved his hand for you to come forward. You leaned down as you did, Tavros climbed onto your shoulder.

"So, um, you are real, ______." You looked down at him, you mentaly smiled down at Tavros, you actually had no skin around your mouth and your cheeks(like Eren Titan; because i like that look). Karkat pushed the many people away in order to get to you, he quickly climbed onto your shoulder as well. The humans that was treating the injuired, quickly took Gamzee and Eridan towards the tents. Turning around, you made your way back to the city. The rest of the Titans still there, this felt good. You enjoyed the fighting and the one human on your shoulder, you petted his head, making him giggle. The albino human kept yelling at you to

Tavros by VulpesLunaris
*I wanted 2 do somthing that inovlved the HS cast as Natives in a forest. The Trolls r Native and the humans r like the nower day us, but differ.
*plus ppl were complaining on how i did my stories and should do them more differently. :(

Tavros ran around the forest that he knew as home, the brown blood easily and swiftly ran past the tall trees. He knew the land well, Karkat and the Cheif of the tribe had warned him that the forest is dangerous and shouldn't be traveled alone. But Tavros didn't listen, he wanted to see more on what the city of green leaves and brown bark held. The male soon made it to his favorite spot, ontop of a waterfall that his people dubbed as 'Asterine's Light'. Many years back, a young troll prince know as Asterine Nightdil(If any1 has a troll name like that. u should be proud that ur troll was added in by accident. :)). The Prince was to become the next Cheif, he jumped from this waterfall many times, but when he did jump off of it again. This jump was his last, the young prince had died. Thats one reason it was named that, the 'Light' part was added in, because the waterfall faced the sun and reflexed its rays of light. Making the bright and warm light look like it's own. Tavros had a smile on his grey face, he staired up at the beautiful blue sky. Tinkerbull resting upon his bare shoulder as other Tinkerbulls and Dragons flew across the sky, the male breathed in the fresh air. His face turned from happy to shock quickly, a large ship had started to approach. This thing was strange and foreign, Tavros had never seen such a thing. The troll had become curious, Tinkerbull flew off his shoulder as he jumped from the top. Diving down into the water of the fall, a large splash was made when he hit the surface of the water. The brown blood quickly resurfaced, he swam towards the shoreline. Once Tavros was back on land, he begun to run through the trees once more. His bare feet hitting the ground as he ran towards the large ship, Tavros soon made it towards where the ship is. The landdwelling troll hid behind some large bushes, Tinkerbull once more, landed on his slender shoulder. He peeked out through the bushes, he saw several men dressed strangly and were talking a languge he didn't understand. They were walking around, sitting, or talking to each other. But one had caught his eye, a male human who had (Long/Short) (H/C) Hair with beautiful (E/C) eyes. This human looked to be in his 20s as for Tavros he was, in human words, a teen. He could feel his bloodpumper beat quickly, a small brown blush covering his cheeks. Tavros took a step back as he did, he had snapped a small branch under his foot. He quickly looked up worried, the talking stopped and the sound of footsteps started to approach. Tavros was frozen, to scared to move. He than heard your voice speak out,

"Guys, stop. You all are parinoed from the long ride." You said with a smile, one of the crewmates spoke.

"What if its dangerous and wants to kill us?" Tavros was kneeling as he watched you shake your head of (H/C) Hair. You let out a sigh, your hand sat upon your hips.

"Than I'll check it out. You all need a rest." That was the last thing you said as the others  moved away from the bushes, you walked over towards the bushes that your crew tryed to go to. Tavros held his breath as you approached, you than moved the branches of the bush apart. You and Tavros slightly jumped, the troll feel onto his rear end. You chuckled at this, he had candy corn colored horns, grey skin. He wore leather pants and white lines and dots covered his arms and face, a fang neckless around his neck. Onhis right ear had 2 ear rings ashis left had only 1.

"I'm sorry." You said softly but the brown blood cocked his head to the side, you didn't know what this male was and the way he looked atyou questioning proably meant that he didn't understand you. You made hand motions as you spoke,

"Quickly leave, run." Tavros quickly stood up and ran away, not looking back.

"What did you see or find, ________." You turned around facing your crewmates, a smile on your face. Tinkerbull flew out of the green flowered bushes, you held a hand out. The small fairy bull landed in the palm of your hand.

"Just this little thing. You all were scared of a little fairy bull.~" You laughed at the men, Tavros watched high in a tree. Tinkerbull than fleww away from you, the brown blood jumped out of the tree. He begun to run towards his tribe, Tinkerbull quickly following after. There were many quetions running through Tavros' mind.
He reaches to Tavros and holds him near, as they only get to see each other for two hours a day. He rubs Tavros's chest as they kiss attentively.

"Don't stop, Tav."

He slowly presses his tongue to Tavros's. He then feels for his matespirts bulge and lays him on the bed.


For some reason Tavros always feels safe and comfortable when he's kissing Gamzee. He undoes his pants, as Gamzee slides Tavros's pants off, along with his boxers.

Tavros pulls away from the kiss. He feels bad as he did, but knew he had to leave.

"Im going to be late, sorry I'll see you tonight."

He puts his pants on and throws on a shirt.


"I did something mother fucking wrong, I know it! I could have made motherfucking miracles"

Gamzee sits down and thinks about how his life would be without Tavros, but quickly erases that from his mind. Gamzee wonders where Tavros has been going for the past four days and why is he gone so long?… But he couldn't think about Tavros being with anyone else since Tavros always says "hes not good enough for him."


Tavros slowly wheels his way out of the hive and down the road ((Taylor idk if they have roads??)) He thinks about how much hes gonna miss Gamzee, but cant wait to tell Gamzee the surprise once all his lessons are over.

He also thinks about how he cut Gamzee off today, Would he be mad when he got back? Would he be upset!


Tavros then looks around making sure no other trolls heard his loud scream. He just had wished he could please Gamzee in every way possible.

When Tavros finally gets to the hive he wheels on a moving platform that brings him inside.

"Gamzee, Where are you?"


"Right here."

Gamzee walks up to Tavros and strokes his head, dodging his horns. Gamzee starts to think about where he was all day again but shakes that thought out of his head.

"Would it be weird if I asked you where the fuck you were today and yesterday and all the time?"



"I told you it was a surprise!"



"I don't like mother fucking surprises, only if it's a mother fucking miracle!"

Gamzee looks at the ground regretting yelling at Tavros. Everything starts to race in his head. He wants to scream but knows how much it would upset Tavros.

He glances back to Tavros's face and notices an orangish brown tear flow down his cheek.

"Tav, Im so mother fucking sorry, I didn't mean to yell."



"Its fine, really Im fine, I have something to tell you, about the surprise, Ive been going to lessons to improve something that I lost."

Tavros then stands up holding onto his chair and slowly starts to walk, even though his knees are almost touching the ground he say the smile on Gamzee's face and knew he had made him proud.

Tavros suddenly falls.



"Tav, that was the best mother fucking miracle anybody could ever ask for, this mother fucker is so proud!"

He swoops Tavros into his arms and lays him on the couch and slowly starts to kiss him. Gamzee was so happy, but he couldn't let the purple tears show as he shared a perfect kiss with Tavros.

Gamzee picks Tavros up into his arms and presses his lips gently onto his. He then sets him down and they begin to kiss once again.
Gamzee puts his hand on Tavros's face.



So many things when through Tavros's mine as he gently pulled off Gamzee's pants firmly grabs his matespirt's  bulge. Tavros makes a loud moan and they continue to kiss. After Gamzee slides Tavros's pants off, Gamzee does the same as he also firmly grabs Tavros's bolge.

Tavros lies down next to Gamzee.

"I love you Gamzee"


"I told you I could make miracles, mother fucking miracles!"

Gamzee holds Tavros close as he slowly lays his head on top of Tavros's.

"Can I come with you  to your walking classes?"

Gamzee knew right after he said that, that he shouldn't have asked, but he had to, he wanted to.



"Sure if you really want to."

Tavros wishes he hadn't showed Gamzee his "miracle" until his lessons were over, but if coming with him to class made Gamzee happy, that's just what he was going to do.

"Just promise me that you wont be mad if I fall."



"Tav, I would never be mad!"

Gamzee holds him close and wishes that he would never have to let him go!
  I laughed as I watched Tinkerbull fly around. I got up from the grass, and I started to mimic his flying. Even though I couldn't fly, I was just using my imagination. I spread my arms out, like Pupa, and I began to fly. Soon, Tinkerbull stopped flying, and so did I. I heard the back door of my hive open, and I looked behind me. I saw my brother, Tavros, watching in his wheelchair. I ran towards him, and said, "Hey there Tavros! How are you?" I smiled sweetly as I hugged him. He returned the hug and said, "oH, i'M FINE (F/N), i JUST WISH THAT I COULD RUN AROUND WITH YOU, tHAT'S ALL" I let go of him, and said, "I know someone who could help with that problem Tavros! Come on, follow me!" I ran off before he could reply back. He soon followed me to wherever I was trying to take him to.

uM, a TIME SKIP FOR YOU GUYS, hEHEHE, :) (Horuss and his typing quirk is a little hard, so I won't do it)
 I stopped in front of the Zahhak's door, and I knocked. I heard Tavros come up behind me because of his wheelchair. "Well, here we are Tavros! Welcome to the Zahhak's hive!" I threw my hands up in happiness. I then turned around as the door opened up. "D--> Why hello there (f/n)! How are you today?" I smiled and asked, "Hey there Horuss! I came to ask if you could make my brother a new pair of legs!" I twirled and threw my arms towards Tavros. He looked towards Tavros and said, "This is absolutely such a great time! I be right back, okay (f/n)?" I nodded and went over to my brother. I waited for Horuss to get back, and I said, "Hey, you might be able to get new legs now Tavros! Isn't this great?" He looked at me nervously, and said, "wELL, THEN YOU WILL KNOW I DON'T HAVE MY OLD LEGS, aND EVERYONE WILL FIND OUT (F/N)." I dropped my smile, but I regained my smile once Horuss came back. "Hey (f/n)! My brother Equius said he'll help get your brother a brand new pair of robotic legs!" I smiled and said, "Hear that Tavros? You can a pair of robotic legs! Now you will be able to run like everyone else!" I hugged him and ran over to the Zahhak's garage, which is where they were gonna get Tavros a brand new pair of legs.

(Sorry if it was so short! I was just busy because of school, but I will get a chance to write my other stories and request that I do have to do!)

     Note- THIS IS A SAMPLER! I'll make more if people want me to! <3 I just wanted to make this, because I just don't think there's many Tavros x Reader stories in the DeviantART world. Anyways, enjoy!~ (P.s- You guys are trolls c;)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drawing goes to the credit of the owner!  ,,,tAVROS by Mebon

      Leaves rippled in the stir of the summer breeze, the sun setting in an array of pinks, reds, and soft oranges. Two trolls sit side by side as they laugh and talk, while watching the sun set; one taller, the other, just a little shorter.

     "Wow, [Name], I, uh, had a great time, but, uh, I think it's getting a bit, uh, late," said the taller troll, his head turning to the female troll sitting next to him; minding his large horns, for if said horn weren't minded, they would've hit [Name] right in the head, considering how close the two were.

     "Yeah, I guess we should, Tavros," [Name] sighed, and began to get up, but failed, due to the lack of her pegs. When [Name] was only one sweep old, she had gotten into an accident involving machinery, and remained injured permanently. She had refused the makings of robotic legs, such as Tavros', and decided to keep walking with her two pegs, avoiding any machinery up close. Tavros had seen [Name's] struggles, and got up himself, helping her up, and handing over her pegs. "Thanks, Tavros. You're a very good friend," [Name] sighed a little at the word 'Friend', for she wanted to be more. Little did she know, Tavros had his whishes, that they would be matesprits one day.

     The two walked to [Name's] respiteblock, where she opened the door with a key she had in her pocket, and the familiar scents of home washed over her like a wave. Her lusus, sadly, was not home, and wouldn't be home for a few weeks, due to a meeting. [Name] wished she got to see him more often, but Tavros kept her mind off of her worries.
"Uh, [Name], I guess I should be going, uh, I-" Tavros was cut off by [Name].

"No!" She cleared her throat, a light [Blood Color] blush on her face. "Um, how about you stay here for the night? I mean your respiteblock is so far away and.." she trailed off, looking into Tavros' chocolate orbs.

"O-oh- uh, okay! That sounds like, uh, fun!" Tavros smiled nervously, a dusty orange blush coating his cheeks. [Name] hopped with joy.

"Come on! We have to plan everything before we crash and burn!" This made Tavros laugh. Walking over to [Name], and hugging her; something he rarely does. In fact, Tavros does a lot of things he would never do if it were someone else. Gamzee and [Name] made him feel loved, and happy.. granted, Gamzee was his best friend, [Name] always knew a way to make him smile, or to lift him up when he was down. And whenever she laughed, it made his think pan dizzy, and his heart thumped wildly.

[Name] automatically responded to the hug, her pegs leaned against the counter, her blush deepening. "Tavros..?" she pulled back from the hug, looking up into the other's eyes due to her small figure.

"Yes, [Name]?" he looked at her with concern, but what happened next, he was pretty sure his heart skipped a few beats; [Name] had kissed him! Tavros immediately responded to the kiss, his eyes closing as he held her, [Name's] own eyes fluttering shut. To Tavros' dismay, they pulled apart from lack of air.

                                                 [Name], will you be my matesprit?


"It's not you. It's me." Just Kidding. You and Tavros are a happy little couple. Sorry but um... Just Kidding. You have a little, no big crush on him. You don't know if he likes you though. He doesn't show or express his feelings. Well anyway... You hear your phone ringing in the next room. "Ugh it's so far away!" It keeps ringing... You finally get up to answer it.
"Oh... Um... Sorry... Um I was wondering if maybe you could come over? Um I'm all alone."
"Uh... Sure... I'll be over in a few minutes I guess."
"Oh Ok... See you later." Yay! Tavros invited you over! You got up, got dressed, and got your keys. When you got in the car... You realized you didn't even put your shoes on. Wow you feel really retarded. You go back into your house grab your shoes and head back to your car. It's a short drive so you get there in about two minutes. You knock on the door. *Knock Knock Knock* Not even ten seconds goes by and the door swings open.
"Hi!" he seemed really happy or excited for some reason.
"Hi." he invites you in and pats the seat next to him. You sit where he was patting. "So... Um... How you been?" He didn't look very happy anymore. "I'm sorry did I upset you?"
"N-not at all... um... I just haven't b-been feeling very well...l-lately."
"You've been sick? How come you didn't call anyone to come take care of you? You can always call me."
"W-well I-I didn't know really if you were um... B-busy or not."
"No... I'm never too busy help my best friend."
"T-thank you." You both smile. He asks if you wanna play a game. You thought he meant a video game so of course you say yes. The next thing you know he pulled out the bored game LIFE. He sets it up. You take the blue car and he takes the red one. When the game is finally over you look at the time. It seriously took you guys to play one round of that game three hours. Well... you butt is numb from sitting so long so you ask him where the bathroom is. He shows you and goes to his room. You don't really need to go to the bathroom you just need to walk around. When you walk out of the bathroom, Tavros asks if you wanna watch T.V. You go to his room to watch it. you don't know why but it just comes out your mouth...
"Tavros... Um I need to tell you something."
"To tell you the truth... I really like you. I have really ever since I met you. Sorry to tell you at such an awkward and random moment but..." he interrupts you.
"(y/n) to tell you the truth... I feel the exact same way! I didn't know how you felt so I kept it a secret." You go up to him and hug him, "Um... I'm sorry but... your kinda sorta squeezing me a little... too tight."
"Oh... I'm sorry..." You let go of him. And start to go sit down but he pulls you back into his arms and suddenly you feel his lips on yours. "This isn't like you Tavros... I would never expect you to pull me in like that... Are you sick?"
"Um... No... Sorry."
"Relax I'm just messing with you." You start to kiss him again. Then... His stupid phone starts to ring. I handed it to him. I believe it was Gamzee.
"Hey you wanna hang out tonight with me and Karkat?" in the background you can hear Karkat yelling.
"I never fucking said I was going to fucking hangout with you fucking fuck ass!"
"Well... um... you see... I can't... I have company over."
"Ahh OK see ya later." Tavros hung up and you go back to you kinda sort of make out secession.
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[ ] Cancer is your zodiac sign.
[ ] You hate the color red.
[ ] You like to program computers. 
[ ] You fail at it! 
[x] You don't put up with anyone's bullshit. 
[ ] You love to argue and support your arguments with empty logic.
[ ] You never smile.
[x] You get aggravated easily. 
[ ] You act like an asshole but deep down you care for your friends 
[ ] You have problems with relationships
Total: 3

Vriska Serket (♏)
[ ] Scorpio is your zodiac sign.
[ ] Dark blue, is your fav color. 
[x] You love to roleplay.
[ ] You like spiders. 
[x] You like end of the world scenarios such as the Zombie Apocalypse, Fall Out Invasion etc. 
[ ] Magic 8 balls are cool. 
[ ] You are very manipulative. 
[ ] You are a huge bitch. 
[x] You easily get bored. 
[ ] You blame your problems on other things, such as "bad luck".
[ ] You have an addiction to breaking things.
[ ] You never clean up after yourself.
Total: 3

Tavros Nitram (♉)
[ ] Taurus is your zodiac sign.
[ ] Your fav color is orange and/or brown.
[ ] You love card and roleplaying games. 
[X] You believe in FAIRIES, even though they AREN'T REAL. 
[x] You are too sensitive.
[x] You never really "hate" anybody.
[x] You like to commune with wildlife.
[X] You have a friendly attitude. 
[ ] You are pretty good at poetry. 
[ ] You FLARP. 
[x] You sometimes stutter when you talk.
Total: 7

Terezi Pyrope (♎)
[ ] Libra is your zodiac sign. 
[ ] Your fav color is red and/or teal.
[ ] You are more interested in taste and smell then sight.
[x] You love dragons. 
[ ] You lov3 to sp34k 1n l33t h3h3h3.
[X] You love plushies >:3. 
[X] You love to roleplay.
[ ] You are a sociopath.
[ ] You are almost always grinning. 
[ ] You take interest in law and justice. 
[X] You like to draw. 
[ ] You can be really flirty sometimes. 
Total: 4

Kanaya Maryam (♍)
[ ] Virgo is your zodiac sign.
[ ] Your fav color is jade. 
[ ] You love fashion.
[ ] You love to sew. 
[X] You love literature. 
[ ] You have no problem getting into fights. 
[x] Chainsaws are awesome. 
[ ] You like make up.
[x] You are a pretty creative person when it comes down to it. 
[ ] You like the taste of blood. 
[ ] Getting revenge is always high on your list. 
Total: 4

Aradia Megido (♈)
[ ] Aries is your zodiac sign.
[ ] Maroon is your favorite color. 
[ ] You inadvertently make frog noises. 
[ ] 0_0 is your fav emote.
[x] You like ARCHEOLOGY.
[ ] You like to destroy things out of boredom. 
[ ] You can hear voices that no one else can hear. 
[ ] You used to roleplay. 
[ ] You are obsessed with temporal inevitability.
[ ] You are a very violent and confrontational person. 
[ ] You're sometimes spooky in appearance. 
[ ] You love talking about depressing things. 
Total: 1

Equius Zahhak (♐)
[x] Sagittarius is you zodiac sign.
[x] Your fav color is royal blue. 
[ ] You have a widow's peak.
[ ] You sweat a lot. 
[ ] You love being strong. 
[x] You have a great appreciation for THE FINE ARTS. 
[ ] Practically everything MAKES YOU FURIOUS. 
[ ] You have so much rage, it can only be expressed through STAGGERING QUANTITIES OF PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. 
[ ] You like to build things. 
[ ] You have some pretty strange fetishes.
[ ] You love playing high stakes games.
Total: 3

Nepeta Leijon (♌)
[ ] Leo is you zodiac sign.
[ ] Your fav color is green. 
[x] You love cats. 
[ ] :3 is your fav emote. 
[ ] You are into furries.
[x] You love to draw. 
[ ] You have a heightened sense of smell.
[ ] You are freaking obsessed with friendly roleplaying. 
[ ] You have a naive view of everything. 
[X] You love "OTP" 
[x] You are just too cute.
[x] And very playful.
Total: 5

Sollux Captor (♊)
[ ] Gemini is your zodiac sign.
[ ] Your fav color is yellow.
[ ] You speak with a bit of a lisp .
[ ] You are totally sick hacker.
[ ] You have bipolar mood swings.
[x] You are pretty introverted.
[x] You beat yourself up over little things. 
[ ] You like to keep everything mismatched such as your clothing.
[x] You think you are not good enough.
[x] You rather be technical then use brute force. 
[ ] You think you have voices in your head, but it really is just your paranoia.
[ ] Your best friend is a dick. 
Total: 4

Feferi Peixes (♓)
[ ] Pisces is your zodiac sign.
[ ] Your fav color is magenta. 
[X] You love wearing colorful clothing. 
[x] You love to swim.
[ ] You get really excited easily. 
[ ] You are very very perky and energetic.
[ ] You are optimistic and fearless.
[x] You are stronger than you look. 
[X] You love looking after animals. 
[x] You are very modest.
[ ] You have a pretty good tolerance when it comes to annoying things. 
[ ] You have a slightly rude and insulting side. 
Total: 5

Eridan Ampora (♒)
[ ] Aquarius is your zodiac sign.
[ ] Your fav color is purple.
[ ] You dress flamboyantly.
[ ] You have an affection for tales of historical leaders, conquerors, and military history. 
[ ] You have a massive ego.
[X] You love magic and wizards.
[ ] You have a genocide complex.
[ ] You swear like a sailor
[ ] You try to make friends with everybody regardless of their opinion of you. 
[x] You get jealous a lot.
[ ] You are romantically lost.
[ ] You are kind of a tool. 
Total: 2

Gamzee Makara (♑)
[ ] Capricorn is your zodiac sign.
[ ] Your fav color is indigo.
[ ] You like clowns. 
[x] You like sweet things. 
[x] You like to bake. 
[X] You are pretty laid back. 
[ ] You don't like knowing the technology or science behind things.
[ ] You are impulsive and/or unpredictable.
[x] You are silly and eccentric.
[ ] You like insane clown posse.
[ ] You curse a lot. 
[ ] You are a stoner.
Total: 4
  • Mood: Stunned
  • Listening to: Political Bum - Psychostick
  • Reading: Your Mind. And Homestuck.
  • Watching: Jake English Is Sexy And He Knows It
  • Playing: Nothing o3o
  • Eating: Nothing - I Don't Need Any Food o3o
  • Drinking: Cherry Coke ^^
▲: :33< nya~!
▼: hELLO,
▲: :33< *ac curls up comfurtably in her furiend's lap, playfully flicking his nose with her tail*
▼: i, uH, oH, *i PET YOU, aND TRY NOT TO, uH, sNEEZE,*
▲: :33< *ac purrs and kneads at's legs with her paws, trying not to cut him with her razor-sharp claws*
▲: :33< i'm doing pawsitively fantastic! how are you?
▼: i'M, oKAY i GUESS,
▲: :33< anything on your mind, my furiend?
▲: :33< hmm. well ok! so what do you want to talk about? any purrfectly great shipping ideas you wanna throw at me?
▲: :33< oh, well that's ok! it doesn't have to make sense, shipping is just fun!
▲: :33< nothing really, you silly! well, i paint them on my shipping wall, but we all know that! it's just a fun hobby, and it's fun to see if maybe your ship sails!
▼: oH, uH, hM, i DON'T KNOW,
▲: :33< well, we don't have to do that if you don't want! *ac goes to find a delicious hoofbeast to prepare*
▼: oKAY,
▲: :33<so, any ideas? oh, wait, hang on, equius is trying to get my attention.
▲: :33< rawrrrr! he's so lame sometimes! XOO
▲: :33< yeah, he's just trying to get me not to talk to "those low-blooded carcasses". but you're my furiend so i won't tell anyone if you won't!
▼: i, uH, gUESS i WONT,
▲: :33< oh, excuse me, "low-b100ded carcasses"
▲: :33< grreat! so what's up?
▲: :33< oh, you're resting from all that flarping? that's good, you remember what happened last time....with vrwhiskers....
▲: (Sorry, but holy derpcakes you're a boss Tavros X3)
▼: [Aww thanks]
▲: :33< oh, whoops, sorry, i furgot....
▲: :33< yeah, but it wasn't a furiend thing fur me to bring it up.
▼: i'M OKAY, mOSTLY,
▲: :33< yeah, i mean, you've got those neat new legs, right?
▲: :33< oh, oopsie!
▲: (Oh, I'm failing miserably at this XD)
▼: [XD you're doing fine]
▲: (I hope so XD)

So yerp. o3o I was Nepeta, and I failed XDDDD
This is how I made my Tavros horns.

Things You will need:
1. Paper mache mixture (I used flour, water, and news paper)
2. Styrofoam
3. red and yellow paint
4. styrofoam glue
5. and something to cut the styrofoam with
6. sand paper (a handheld sander works better)

1. Draw the shape you want your horns to be on the styrofoam.
2. Cut it out. Depending on how thick you want your horns to be you have to glue your styrofoam pieces together unless you have a thick enough block.
3. After the glue is dry, Sand the horns so that they aren't so square looking and actually look like horns.
4. once they're actually rounded like you want them cover them with the paper mache. After this dries you might want to do a second coat.
5. Then once they are all papered up sand them again!! But not so much that you tear hole in the mache.
6. After that you paint them, put some clear finish on them to make them shiny!

With the issue of attaching them, sorry your on your own. I attached mine with screws on the inside of the wig. But the srcew are trying to tear from the styrofoam. So if you do this be careful not to strip the foam.