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Over the past few months, I have seen some scathing attacks by both men and women on feminism become highly popular deviations with thousands of “faves” here on :devart:.
The one thing they all had in common appears to be a significant lack of understanding about what feminism is, and many of the comments supported these misconceptions. In many cases, they were a response to a perceived injustice by a so-called feminist (who probably did not have have a clue about feminism either) hiding behind the term to support said injustice.

"The difficult part in an argument is not to defend one's opinion but rather to know it." - Andre Maurois

I recently tried to explain this to another deviant, as a reply to one of these popular rants, that this is akin to saying that Christianity is all about eradicating Islam, or Islam is based on eradicating Christianity; anyone who makes such a statement is obviously misguided, and does not even understand their own argument. The Oxford Dictionary defines feminism as “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes,” yet I have heard the term applied to such absurd notions as a defence for murder of a man by a woman, a justification for banning all pornography, and an argument in favour of unisex communes. These are the ones who most of those rants are targeted at, the female chauvinists, and this is pretty much the same as condemning all Catholics as rampant pedophiles. It’s funny, I have yet to see any deviant make that argument, yet the Catholic Church has committed many atrocities in its long and troubled history (Before anyone blasts me for this, I’d like to point out the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, the Knights of St-John, and the practice of buying indulgences from Pope Leo X; and if you really want to upset someone, ask them about Pope Benedict IX) - but I digress. And yes, I am a Catholic.

On more than one occasion, I began to write a scathing response to one of those posts, and checked myself because I felt that I didn't want to attract the kinds of attention that such a discussion is sure to bring. On a recent eleven-hour flight, however, I had time to think about it. I was reminded of the famous quote by Martin Niemöller:
"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out-
    because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out-
    because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out-
    because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-
    because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.
 and realized that I had to say something. I began to formulate a response that would (hopefully) not throw gasoline on the fire, while getting the reader to think beyond the unenlightened rants of Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh. I wanted to make it abundantly clear that feminists are no more (or less) evil than any member of a mainstream political party, or any average member of any of the popular organized religions. But mostly, I wanted to make the point that some readers might actually describe themselves as exactly that which they have previously heaped vitriolic abuse upon. Feminism is not about loud protests and abasing men. Cartoon characters in skimpy costumes have about as much to do with feminism as eating fish on Fridays has to do with Christianity. I am a white, heterosexual adult male who has seen his share of bar fights, and I am a feminist. I believe that a person should not be discriminated against due to their gender, their skin colour or their sexual orientation.
I also believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion. When they chose to impose their opinions upon me however, well, I see that as an open invitation to return the favour; discourse is the key to communication, and without discourse, no one will ever realize that there might be a flaw in their reasoning.

"He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak." - Michel de Montaigne

So, with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, I respectfully submit the following:

Twelve signs that you might be a feminist.

Feel free to add your own in the comments below.

:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to drive an automobile.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to go to school, if she so chooses.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to own her own home, or to get a bank loan without requiring the endorsement of a husband, brother or father.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to marry the person she loves without being stoned to death by her brothers and father.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a female soldier with eight years of dedicated service to her country should be safe from being raped by her fellow male soldiers in her own barracks.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that two police officers with the same seniority, productivity and the same qualifications should receive the same rate of pay for the same amount of work.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you are uncomfortable with the notion that a man can beat a woman simply because she is his wife, and justify it as freedom of religion.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you disagree that a widow who has no sons must marry one of her brother-in-laws simply because it is her marital obligation to continue the family name.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you support a woman’s right to ask for a divorce after her husband has cheated on her and given her a venereal disease.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you disagree with the practice of a man abandoning his wife and marrying another woman, yet not allowing the woman to date or marry again because her former husband will not grant her a divorce.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that an adolescent girl should not be offered for sex to her father’s house guests (Justified because it is portrayed as a noble act in the bible, see Genesis 19:1-11)
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to vote in public elections.

Basically, you are a feminist if you believe that men and women should have all of the same rights.

Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong; but since most of the bullets above are culled straight from the recent news, I seriously doubt it.
Day 15 (July 18th, 2015):

Woke up this morning feeling okay, but I was a little scared. Was my throat still hurting? I gathered my wits and swallowed. And....

My throat didn't hurt anymore!!!!!

I was so happy. I wasn't sick! It was just the gas from yesterday. All was good again. I made my way to the kitchen and had a cup of tea while uploading my Day 14 blog to its social media sites. For breakfast, Uncle Jon decided to try making French Toast for the first time since we had a baguette brought by someone on Chicken Night. I was the Guinea Pig for trying it and while certain pieces were more burned than others, it was overall not bad. A very good first attempt!

After breakfast, Uncle Jon had some errands to run and Ant Astrid had a studio tour in her ceramics studio, so I was left in the house with the animals. I decided not to touch my phone for the day (so I couldn't use data since I've been using too much of it already) and use my iPad instead since it only runs with wifi. I sat in the living room with Ichabod snuggled next to me and watched some Netflix. I actually watched quite a lot of things. Here's what I saw:

1. Beyond the Lights
-This was a movie I've known about for a while. I actually remember getting an email from Backstage Magazine about auditions for the younger version of the main character. (No, I didn't audition. Wasn't the right type, too old, and I can't sing Nina Simone's Blackbird to save me) Anyway, I've wanted to see this movie for a while just out of curiosity. A story about a pop singer who is struggling with her fame and trying to find herself since everything is done for her. The movie overall was quite good. I loved the lead character Noni played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. And the music was great. I especially loved Blackbird that was sung by the younger and older Noni in different scenes and this one song called Fly Before You Fall which is so beautiful and I have already choreographed this beautiful contemporary dance in my head to this song. I did find myself getting a little bored in scenes where it was the other characters and by the end I was kind of done and was ready to exit out of the movie, but overall, it was nice to finally see it. Thanks Netflix! :) 9/10

2. Violetta Season 1 Episode 1
-I don't think anyone in the United States will know what this show is and that's fine. It is actually a Disney Channel series for Disney Channel Latin America so it is in Spanish with English subtitles. (Although there is an English dub you could use if you really needed it) Violetta is about a girl who moves back to Argentina from Spain and now has to restart her life and make new friends while trying to get by with her family. I started off with the English dub because duh, but ended up switching back to the Spanish dub because it sounded better and it was better just to read the subtitles. (Plus the English dub is awful and annoying and they change the dialogue really horribly) The show isn't bad at all. It's actually pretty cool. Plus it doesn't look or feel like an American Disney Channel show. It isn't over the top, corny, pandering, lame or just plain lazy. In fact, if this show was just a show on any Spanish channel minus the Disney Channel tag, it would fit as a normal teen soap opera. That's what I really like about it. Plus this is Disney Channel regardless of country, so this is a musical show with one of the settings a performing arts high school. But the thing is, the high school looks so freaking cool! Like I want to be there! Plus, the one musical number they had was great because the lyrics were smart and well written and the two girls singing can ACTUALLY SING! Overall, I think I might continue to watch the show. It's pretty great. And musical, so maybe a Broadway Girl Review might come out of it. Who knows? ;) 9.5/10

By this point, Uncle Jon came back with lunch from a health food market called Mother Earth. (Basically Kingston's version of Whole Foods Market) I had a Portabella Mushroom Burger Wrap that was actually vegan! It was Mushrooms and lentils mashed into a paste, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, ketchup, mustard, and veganaise. (Vegan Mayonaise) It was absolutely delicious! And vegan too which made me really happy. After lunch, it was back to Netflix with:

3. Stitch! The Movie
-So folks, did you know that Netflix has all the Lilo and Stitch movies on there! From the first movie, to this one, to Stitch has a Glitch, to the last movie Leroy and Stitch! I knew at some point I wanted to marathon the series, but for now, I wanted to see this movie because it has been so long since I've seen it. It was charming, lovable, and gave me such warm nostalgic fuzzies. I love Lilo and Stitch sooooooo much!!! It is just such a good story and animation. It is one of my most favorite Disney movies. :) 10/10

I decided to stop there for the day and go outside for some fresh air. It was gross out. Sunny and blue skies, but hot at 90 degrees and very muggy. I stayed out for five minutes before I decided to go back in. It was too much. Soon after, Ant Astrid came in and said she sold a ton of mugs and made over $??? from selling them. The next thing we needed to do was go to Phoenicia to the Arts Upstairs for an art gathering along with watching Uncle Jon play with his friend T in their band: T with Cakes. But what was great is that across the street was STS Playhouse so at 7:00, I could just walk across and go to work. Easy as that!

So when we got to Phoenicia, all was good. I carried a bag of grapes while Ant Astrid carried a bottle of wine. I was walking fine, my head held high and a smile on my face.....but I wasn't paying attention. There was a step to step up and I completely missed it, so I ended up pitching forward and landing face first on a boardwalk. Immediately people were asking if I was okay and....

Side note: I have this issue that if I fall down in front of people and they ask "Are You Okay?!" and make a fuss about it, my lizard brain goes into overdrive and I almost freak out, trying to redeem myself which almost always ends up with me running to a corner or someplace and cry in total embarrassment. It stems from some self esteem issues from my childhood and I almost can't control my immediate "run away and cry" response to it. I'm trying my best to change this pattern and right now I just try not to spaz or be clumsy so I don't fall and cause that whole thing.

(And now back to your regularly scheduled blog entry)

....I immediately get up and brushed it off to the best of my ability. I was absolutely mortified and I wanted to run away and cry, but I forced a smile on my face and made jokes about it and trying to change the subject. I saw a dog and turned my focus to it. I talked to people and shook hands with them. Eventually I just closed myself off and just daydreamed. Eventually that feeling of wanting to cry went away and I was okay. I was pretty proud of myself for not freaking out. For carrying on so normally. For making a joke out of it! I was okay....

I got to watch Uncle Jon and T play some songs, meet many of Ant Astrid's friends, and had some food at the Arts Upstairs. There was stuff like crackers and cheese, but there was also two salads from a woman's Vegetarian Kitchen. One salad was tomato, mozzarella cheese, and Basel which was yummy and a pasta and chickpea salad with a peanut Dressing that while good, was spicy! And there was no water or anything non alcoholic around (There was only wine and I can't drink it) so I ended up stuffing gouda cheese in my mouth in an attempt to sooth the burn it my mouth. It did to some level thankfully. I walked around the gallery, taking a look at some of the artwork hanging up and found the room where some of Ant Astrid's mugs where standing. There were also t shirts with pretty designs on display and I got to take one! I'll wear it tomorrow and take a picture. It's really pretty.

Soon I had to head over to the Playhouse for Little Shop. I did a quick pit stop to get something for me to drink and then I was on my way. I got to the theatre in time to watch warmups take place and talk to some of the crew sitting by me. A little while later the house doors opened and people came swarming in. We ended up selling out! Every seat was full! :D

But that's not all. It was one of the best audiences we've had! They were vocal, active, and awake, laughing at every scene! I love to watch shows when the audience is active because it makes the experience more fun! Plus, the actors were really feeling the audience's energy because they rocked it tonight! No problems whatsoever! It was overall, a great night!

After the show, I met up with Ant Astrid and Uncle Jon at the Arts Upstairs and we went home. I immediately put on my pajamas and was about to brush my teeth when Ant Astrid told me to come outside and look at the sky. I hurried over and stepped outside and looked up. There were so many stars outside. But not just a couple, no, it stretched out and lit up the night sky. It was mesmerizing. Ant Astrid said it was the Milky Way and even though so many out were out, it wasn't the biggest it could have been. I didn't care. At home, there are so many trees and lights on that I don't see many stars at night. I'll see a couple and make out the Orion's Belt, but that's about it. Here while there are trees, we're in the middle of nowhere with no lights gleaming and a wide open sky. That's how I was able to see so many stars. It was such an amazing sight. I almost didn't want to go in! But I did because I needed to go to bed and I was barefoot so my feet were getting wet.

So overall today was a pretty good day. Got to chill with Netflix and then hang out in Phoenicia for the evening! Sure there were some "moments", but I got past them and had a strong rest of the day. Can't wait for tomorrow!

<3 Jessica

Great star brushes!

Sun May 9, 2010, 11:19 AM…

Lots of great stock here and really reasonable rules/requirements. In particular, I faved her Star Brush package. Wonderful stuff!

Photoshop Star Brushes are one of the most brushes that graphic designers need for creating space scenes and cool backgrounds.


Video Info


In this episode of my video podcast I will show you how to create a star brush in Adobe Photoshop using a lens flare from Lightwave 3D.

*Please let me know what you think in the comments below.*



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Follow Digital Heavens:




As the lengthy introduction comes to a close, step into the tree to reach the River of the Heavens area. You can save your game at the Origin Mirror before moving north through the area. Follow Issun's instructions to break some pots and wall jump up a ledge before you reach what appears to be a dead-end to the north as the path runs into a body of water.Look to the northeast for a hill you can climb. At the top of the hill, Issun will instruct you to draw the misssing star in the constellation. To do so, simply dot the left end of the line and you'll learn the Rejuvenation brush technique.Move back down to the base of the hill and use your new brush technique to "fix" the stream, filling in a thick path between the island to the north and the bank you're on. You'll create a starry flow that lets you swim to the distant island to continue your trek. Be sure to also get the Astral Pouch from the chest before moving through the next doorway.Continue north along the path in the next area until you reach the Cave of Nagi. Stand in front of the large statue and use the Rejuvination brush technique draw a line where Nagi's blade should be. You'll soon be staring at another incomplete constellation. Fill in the missing dot to the left and the constellation will come to life, giving you the Power Slash brush technique. Follow Issun's advice to test out the technique on a nearby rock, then use the Power Slash to cut down the wooden poles that block your exit to the south.Go south from the cave, back down the path you came from. You'll soon be attacked by a pair of enemy imps. The attack button should be enough to take 'em out, though you can speed up the process by using your Power Slash technique. When they're defeated, continue heading south. There's another identical fight just ahead.You'll eventually leave the River of the Heavens area and appear just in front of the giant Sakuya tree. Use the Power Slash brush technique to chop down the fruit from the tree and restore life to the village.

Lol yes i have started posting walkthroughs of stuff now, so if you dont want your games spoilt i suggest you dont read my journals? XD
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Oookami- Tamaya's theme
  • Reading: More wolf stuff.
  • Watching: uh nothing atm
  • Playing: Okamix10000
  • Eating: Pasty
  • Drinking: Still smexy fuel
Connie woke up to a normal week day and started on her usual schedule. She showered, brushed teeth, combed hair, and finished it off with some Magic Star Cereal then headed off to High School. Another worthless, friendless day. But Connie was used to it. She headed on to the temple and met Steven on the beach.
"So how was your day?" Steven wondered
"It was the same as others," Connie thought about the girls with the large hoop earrings and crop tops who always got in trouble because they were against the dress code. Her mouth quivered. She held back tears remembering what they called Steven.
"What's wrong Connie?"
"N-nothing it's fin-"
"You know I can ask Garnet about this! Connie tell me!"
They called him an Alien. Even more, called her one too.
10. I have no pets, nor have I ever had any. Although I do have four brothers and one sister.
9. My biggest pet peeve is when people don't brush their teeth. I don't want to see your ugly teeth and I don't want to smell your disgusting breath. At least have a mint
8. I love it when people make time just for me, especially when they're a busy person.
7. I almost never use emojis. The last one I used was five weeks and two days ago.
6. I am a pro at handheld gaming devices (3ds, ps vita, etc...) But if you make me play a game on a TV I will fail miserably.
5. I am a total Anime fan... No, I am a total Japan fan! I honestly think everything from Japan is better (Music, TV shows, restaurants, comics, etc...)! But that's just my opinion.
4. I don't actually like to read books, but I do like to read comics.
3. My least favorite class is history because I'm more likely to use math in life than history. I also have a boring teacher who always talks about her personal life...
2. I am having a really hard time coming up with interesting things at the moment, sooo......... BAAMMM, I am scared of stages with starring people in the background.
1. I got a scar from a paper cut!!!
"WUT, HOW?" You may ask. Let's just say an angry friend with a Naruto comic... enough said.
My darling, you are without a doubt the one person in the world whom I cherish more than anything.  You are my lover, my best, closest and dearest friend.  The one in my life that makes everything crystal clear, that makes everything feel possible.  The one light I have when I begin to fall into the seemingly endless depths of myself.  You’ve been there through all the tough times, you’ve helped me stand back up every time…  But this time you aren’t here…  This time I’m on my own… and I’m feeling the emptiness of the space you once stood in stronger than anything I’ve ever felt in my life.  The weight of it is incomparable to anything in the world.  It’s like I’ve been forced to take on the weight of not just the world, but the universe on my own.  I have support, I have love from others…  But none can compare to the support and love I felt from you.  None can ever come anywhere close to giving me the strength to push forward that you alone gave me.  None can ever compare in the level of support you had once given me…  I have people coming up to me asking to take your place, asking to be my best friend, asking to take the place you once stood in…  But none can fill those shoes…  The ground you walked inside my heart is sacred to me…  The air you breathed into my soul is precious, priceless and can never be replaced.   Your memory is a flower within me.  Endlessly blossoming for all eternity, petals may fall and wither into dust, but more will continue to take their place. Decorating the floor of my soul, warm winds of your love still blow within me making the petals dance into the air twirling round and round.  The tears you shed turned to stars filling the sky. The memory of your touch along with the dream that I’ll once more feel your arms around me, your fingertips brushing against me are the remaining pillars keeping me upright and allowing me to move onward to tomorrow.  Up until I was 16 I’d been guided by my beating heart, but once you came into my life, I was guided by both your beating heart and mine…
Day 27 (July 30th, 2015):

Had a bit of a rude awakening by waking up at 6:00 am. Yuck. Reminded me of waking up for high school. Anyway I got dressed, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and double checked my backpack and my tote bag to make sure everything I needed was in there.

When I went downstairs, Mom was already there and she continued to explain what I needed to do at the Transit Authority and what not. My nerves were twisting like knots. Again, no reason to, it's just me. After a quick breakfast of Nutella on toast, it was off to the East Brunswick Bus Station. Even though I didn't need her to come with me, I had Mom walk with me and see me off because I was still feeling on edge. And her chipper attitude wasn't really helping. (No offense)

Thankfully, I bought my ticket to the New York Transit Authority and made it onto my bus. (With a window seat and everything!) The bus soon pulled away and I was on my way to the city. I pulled out my earbuds and listened to my music which helped in calming me down. This wasn't so bad. And hey! Coach Buses are quite nice! The ride was smooth the entire time. We did hit a patch of traffic, but nothing unbearable. Soon we rolled into the Transit Authority.

I began to calculate and rethink about what Mom had said. Go down some escalators, check! Find the Au Bon Pan, check! Then find the ticket area, check! Now where was the window for Adirondack Trailways?? Hello? Adirondack? Where are you? Yes I did end up walking in circles before going to a different ticket window and asking where the Adirondack window was. The man at the window was very nice and he told me where to go. Eventually I found it and was able to buy my one way ticket to Woodstock. From asking the guy at that window, I was able to find where my terminal was and found it easily. I was very early though. It was about 8:30 and my bus was for 9:15. So I did some waiting at the terminal. I could have gone for a snack at Au Bon Pan, or Starbucks, or even Jamba Juice, but I decided to skip a snack. I didn't want to leave my spot. (I was first in line!)

It was a bit boring waiting. I had my phone, but I was paranoid that someone will fly out of nowhere and snatch my phone. (Thanks Mom) Eventually I did pull it out and started writing this entry. It helped a bit. I couldn't wait to put my earbuds on and listen to music!

Finally the bus came and I was the first to board the bus. I got to pick a seat near the front with a window seat! And best of all, I had all my bags with me. Nothing went below the bus in the bag compartment. (For some reason, I hated the idea of not having all my bags with me) Soon the bus pulled out and we were on our way! The entire bus ride was smooth and actually very nice. I got to listen to my music the entire time and there was nothing to worry about!

Soon we starting letting people off, starting at New Paltz. I popped a stick of gum and continued to play my music. My stop was at Woodstock where Ant Astrid would pick me up after I got off. The ride continued to be smooth and soon and right on schedule, I made it to Woodstock.

Grabbing my bags, I got off the bus and met with Ant Astrid. I did it! I rode the bus! It wasn't so bad after all. In fact, I really liked it. And now I know what to do if I ever want to visit Ant Astrid and Uncle Jon again! To conclude, I have mastered bus riding. (As stupid as that may sound)

Before we went home, Ant Astrid and I ran a couple of errands. We stopped at the music shop to get something for Uncle Jon and then we went to the health food store to pick up a couple of items. Soon we were on our way. I was feeling a bit hungry since all I had was gum and it was making my stomach make gurgle noises. We decided to stop by a juice bar for a treat. Ant Astrid got herself a freshly squeezed carrot juice and I got a grape juice made simply with grapes and ice. Nothing else, and it was the best grape juice I ever had. (No additional and artificial sugars!!)

Soon we pulled up to the house where Uncle Jon and Dave were hard at work with the front of the house. It's looking really good!! And as soon as I walked towards the house, the "Doggie Tabernacle Choir" was at it again. It wasn't just the four poodles though. Tater was still staying with them, the neighbor's poodle Peppi was now staying over, and Lucy has returned! I was definitely greeted by a mob to say the least and the minute I sat down, like a magnet, Lucy attached herself next to me. I missed her. :)

Suddenly, KAPLOOSH!! It began pouring outside, like a shower turned on high. I had noticed as I was on the bus, the weather would go from sunny, to cloudy. I had predicted that it might rain and boy was I right! Initially I was supposed to help with Ant Astrid's garden, but since it was yucky out, we decided to hang out in the ceramics studio and glaze my projects. I ended up glazing a majority of my projects including my two bowl, one tile, and two mugs. I still one mug, one tile, and a tumbler to go. The entire process lasted until about 5:00. That's when I decided to pack it in and finish up tomorrow.

After going into the house and getting poodled by a giant slew of them, I found out that we were going out to dinner at a 5 Star Restaurant called PeekaMoose for my "birthday dinner". (Although I called it a celebration for getting the Admissions Ambassador job since my birthday was weeks ago). I cleaned myself up, waited for Ant Astrid and Uncle Jon's friend Barbara to come by since she was coming with us to dinner, and soon we were all on our way.

The restaurant was very cool, with paintings and moose stuff around. And the atmosphere was very calm and relaxed. But the food...I gotta start from the beginning!

So we started off with drinks of course. I had a Pepsi. Then the bread came out. It was so soft and seasoned and delicious!! My brother (a total bread-head) would have enjoyed it! After ordering and some chatter, the appetizers came out. I had a corn chowder that was so rich and smooth. I also got to try Ant Astrid's Blueberry Gazpacho which was surprisingly really good, some of Barbara's Berry and Goat Cheese Salad which was yummy, and a bunch of things from Uncle Jon's appetizer sampler like chorizo (which ended up being too spicy for my liking), salami, and, I'm not kidding, Chicken Liver Pâté. In the beginning, my face contorted into one of disgust. Chicken Liver?! Ugh! But after trying some on a piece of bread, it wasn't that bad. Albeit, I only had that one piece of bread with it, but it was okay. Now I guess I can say that I tried Chicken Liver....yum?

After appetizers, out came dinner. I had Pork with this pickled red cabbage and mashed potatoes. was amazing. The pork was just perfect and the mashed potatoes.......they were gorgeous. The way they were so creamy and smooth, I was in mashed potato heaven. I also got to try Ant Astrid's salmon dish (delicious!) and Uncle Jon's Spare my dish was amazing, but Uncle Jon's on the other hand.....damn. The meat "melted in your mouth" and was so juicy and perfectly made. The perfect meal right there. No wonder it costs $30 on the menu!! (I forgot to mention that this is an expensive (only for an occasion) restaurant. And 5 Star) No wonder why Uncle Jon was so excited to go before we left! His gleeful excitement was infectious. :)

We ended up taking some food home with us, but that's fine! I can't wait to eat my pork tomorrow! After the bill was paid, we left and came back to the house. After we said goodbye to Barbara, we decided to watch an episode of Game of Thrones. We saw Episode 7 from Season 1. It was okay. That's all I can really say since I was starting to conk out by the end. As we watched the episode, we munched on some fruit like grapes, blackberries, cherries, and blueberries. Plus the dogs were sacking out. I had Peppy on my left and Tater on my right who snuggles close, resting his head on my leg. It was fine since prior to calming down, he and Truffle were going at it. (Truffle is in heat and has become quite a "female dog"....which she is, if you know what I mean).

Once the episode ended, we were all tired so we decided to pack it in for the night. Overall, today was a good day. From coming back to Woodstock, to glazing, to an awesome dinner at PeekaMoose, today was very eventful and quite the adventure. And now that I am back in Woodstock, Woodstock Adventure is up and running again! Stay tuned for the next post!

<3 Jessica