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    "Scorchwhisker..." A deep voice sounded from behind the dark flamed color tom. His tail brushed out, he was tense, sitting alone in the middle of the night, the moon at it's highest peek as Silverpelt shined above. Sorchwhisker had been stressed out due to his brother, Burnt, turning up out of nowhere and Jaystar accepting him into the clan. He hated it...Absolutely hated it.

    He turned to face the voice that had called his name, as he expected, it was Jaystar. "A-ah...Yeah?" He folded his ears back as he forced the words out to respond. "What are you...Doing out here so late? Don't you want to get some rest?" Jaystar padded up beside his Deputy, sitting down beside him. Scorch didn't respond. Jaystar looked in his eyes that shined lightly in the moon's light, seeing the pent up anger and stress. "Ah..." He looked away from him, his tail flicking. "I see now. Perhaps I should have turned him away...I did not know you were on bad terms with...Burnt." Scorchwhisker let out a deep sigh, standing up without responding to his comment. "Say, how about we take a walk out of camp?" Jaystar began before Scorchwhisker could move from where he stood. "To let off some steam?" He got to his paws beside Scorchwhisker. The dark orange tom looked at his leader, then responded, "Yeah...Yeah, That sounds good." He sank his claws into the thin patch of sand. As the two toms walked out of camp, they hadn't noticed that two eyes were watching in the dark, two curious cats.

    "...It was the greatest catch I ever caught. To think I was only an Apprentice at the time." Jaystar meowed, a mrrow of laughter following from Scorchwhisker. "The biggest I ever caught was a salmon." He grinned. "There was this one time I--" Jaystar cut himself off. His expression twisting into confusion, then horror. He was sinking into the ground! "Quicksand!" Jaystar yowled to warn Scorchwhisker before he began to sink, but it was too late, the burnt tom was already sinking as well. The two began to thrash around to find something to grab onto to get out, but they didn't find anything. "Help!" Scorchwhisker yowled out.

The shaking of the nearest bush's leaves alerted them, but what came running out surprised them both. Tidalkit and Brindlepaw. "Wh-what do we do? Jaystar! Scorchwhisker!" Brindlepaw meowed frantically. "Kits!" Jaystar hissed. They followed us! Jaystar bit his tongue from saying anything else, this was life or death. "Get help!" Scorchwhisker meowed to them. "I-I can help!" Instead of the two running off to get help, they tried to reach for the two older cats, thinking they could help that way instead. "Don't be stubborn!" Jaystar hissed, the sand was already up to his chin, this thrashing was making him sink even deeper. "I got i--!" Brindlepaw grabbed Jaystar's paw, trying to find his footing, he stepped onto the quick sand and his heavier upper half made him fall in head first. "Brindle!" Tidalkit yowled. "He's suffocating!" Scorchwhisker meowed. "Jaystar! Jaystar!" Scorchwhisker tried to twist his body around to face his leader, but he could no longer see him. "Oh no.." At this point, it was clear Jaystar had already sunk and could not be saved. Tidalkit was too busy helping Brindlepaw to notice Jaystar had gone, tugging and pulling at Brindlepaw's hindlegs, trying to free him, the more he pulled, the more Brindlepaw struggled, suddenly, he went limp. "I got you!" The black and white kit yowled in excitement. He hadn't realized Brindlepaw stopped moving, he pulled Brindlepaw out and tugged him to the side, the brown kit had suffocated from the sand. He didn't move. "Tidalkit!" Scorchwhisker realized it before the kit did. "I-it's too late." He managed to say, he only had the front of his face sticking out from the sand. Tidalkit looked around him, eyes wide with shock and horror. Jaystar was missing. Brindlepaw was dead, Scorchwhisker was near sinking fully.

Without thinking, he ran to where Scorchwhisker was, thinking we still had a chance to save him if he was quick enough. He hadn't learned anything about Quicksand in his short life, so he never expected to start sinking right away. He let out a cry as he started sinking down, only scorchwhicker's nose remained from where he was. Tears streamed down Tidalkit's cheeks. Scorchwhisker is already considered gone. Jaystar is dead, Brindlepaw is dead. He was next. He thrashed, trying desperately to get free. The more he moved the deeper he sunk. It came to his chest. Then his neck. Then to his head. His nose and eyes the only thing left. His ears half covered, he began to hear panicked voices, many cats, yowling. So many voices...He thought to himself. They came for us...Suddenly, everything went black.
Over the past few months, I have seen some scathing attacks by both men and women on feminism become highly popular deviations with thousands of “faves” here on :devart:.
The one thing they all had in common appears to be a significant lack of understanding about what feminism is, and many of the comments supported these misconceptions. In many cases, they were a response to a perceived injustice by a so-called feminist (who probably did not have have a clue about feminism either) hiding behind the term to support said injustice.

"The difficult part in an argument is not to defend one's opinion but rather to know it." - Andre Maurois

I recently tried to explain this to another deviant, as a reply to one of these popular rants, that this is akin to saying that Christianity is all about eradicating Islam, or Islam is based on eradicating Christianity; anyone who makes such a statement is obviously misguided, and does not even understand their own argument. The Oxford Dictionary defines feminism as “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes,” yet I have heard the term applied to such absurd notions as a defence for murder of a man by a woman, a justification for banning all pornography, and an argument in favour of unisex communes. These are the ones who most of those rants are targeted at, the female chauvinists, and this is pretty much the same as condemning all Catholics as rampant pedophiles. It’s funny, I have yet to see any deviant make that argument, yet the Catholic Church has committed many atrocities in its long and troubled history (Before anyone blasts me for this, I’d like to point out the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, the Knights of St-John, and the practice of buying indulgences from Pope Leo X; and if you really want to upset someone, ask them about Pope Benedict IX) - but I digress. And yes, I am a Catholic.

On more than one occasion, I began to write a scathing response to one of those posts, and checked myself because I felt that I didn't want to attract the kinds of attention that such a discussion is sure to bring. On a recent eleven-hour flight, however, I had time to think about it. I was reminded of the famous quote by Martin Niemöller:
"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out-
    because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out-
    because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out-
    because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-
    because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.
 and realized that I had to say something. I began to formulate a response that would (hopefully) not throw gasoline on the fire, while getting the reader to think beyond the unenlightened rants of Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh. I wanted to make it abundantly clear that feminists are no more (or less) evil than any member of a mainstream political party, or any average member of any of the popular organized religions. But mostly, I wanted to make the point that some readers might actually describe themselves as exactly that which they have previously heaped vitriolic abuse upon. Feminism is not about loud protests and abasing men. Cartoon characters in skimpy costumes have about as much to do with feminism as eating fish on Fridays has to do with Christianity. I am a white, heterosexual adult male who has seen his share of bar fights, and I am a feminist. I believe that a person should not be discriminated against due to their gender, their skin colour or their sexual orientation.
I also believe that everyone has the right to their own opinion. When they chose to impose their opinions upon me however, well, I see that as an open invitation to return the favour; discourse is the key to communication, and without discourse, no one will ever realize that there might be a flaw in their reasoning.

"He who establishes his argument by noise and command shows that his reason is weak." - Michel de Montaigne

So, with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, I respectfully submit the following:

Twelve signs that you might be a feminist.

Feel free to add your own in the comments below.

:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to drive an automobile.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to go to school, if she so chooses.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to own her own home, or to get a bank loan without requiring the endorsement of a husband, brother or father.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to marry the person she loves without being stoned to death by her brothers and father.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a female soldier with eight years of dedicated service to her country should be safe from being raped by her fellow male soldiers in her own barracks.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that two police officers with the same seniority, productivity and the same qualifications should receive the same rate of pay for the same amount of work.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you are uncomfortable with the notion that a man can beat a woman simply because she is his wife, and justify it as freedom of religion.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you disagree that a widow who has no sons must marry one of her brother-in-laws simply because it is her marital obligation to continue the family name.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you support a woman’s right to ask for a divorce after her husband has cheated on her and given her a venereal disease.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you disagree with the practice of a man abandoning his wife and marrying another woman, yet not allowing the woman to date or marry again because her former husband will not grant her a divorce.
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that an adolescent girl should not be offered for sex to her father’s house guests (Justified because it is portrayed as a noble act in the bible, see Genesis 19:1-11)
:bulletblack: You might be a feminist if you believe that a woman should be allowed to vote in public elections.

Basically, you are a feminist if you believe that men and women should have all of the same rights.

Of course that’s just my opinion, I could be wrong; but since most of the bullets above are culled straight from the recent news, I seriously doubt it.

Great star brushes!

Sun May 9, 2010, 11:19 AM…

Lots of great stock here and really reasonable rules/requirements. In particular, I faved her Star Brush package. Wonderful stuff!

Photoshop Star Brushes are one of the most brushes that graphic designers need for creating space scenes and cool backgrounds.


Video Info


In this episode of my video podcast I will show you how to create a star brush in Adobe Photoshop using a lens flare from Lightwave 3D.

*Please let me know what you think in the comments below.*



Enjoy the video, please Subscribe!



Follow Digital Heavens:




As the lengthy introduction comes to a close, step into the tree to reach the River of the Heavens area. You can save your game at the Origin Mirror before moving north through the area. Follow Issun's instructions to break some pots and wall jump up a ledge before you reach what appears to be a dead-end to the north as the path runs into a body of water.Look to the northeast for a hill you can climb. At the top of the hill, Issun will instruct you to draw the misssing star in the constellation. To do so, simply dot the left end of the line and you'll learn the Rejuvenation brush technique.Move back down to the base of the hill and use your new brush technique to "fix" the stream, filling in a thick path between the island to the north and the bank you're on. You'll create a starry flow that lets you swim to the distant island to continue your trek. Be sure to also get the Astral Pouch from the chest before moving through the next doorway.Continue north along the path in the next area until you reach the Cave of Nagi. Stand in front of the large statue and use the Rejuvination brush technique draw a line where Nagi's blade should be. You'll soon be staring at another incomplete constellation. Fill in the missing dot to the left and the constellation will come to life, giving you the Power Slash brush technique. Follow Issun's advice to test out the technique on a nearby rock, then use the Power Slash to cut down the wooden poles that block your exit to the south.Go south from the cave, back down the path you came from. You'll soon be attacked by a pair of enemy imps. The attack button should be enough to take 'em out, though you can speed up the process by using your Power Slash technique. When they're defeated, continue heading south. There's another identical fight just ahead.You'll eventually leave the River of the Heavens area and appear just in front of the giant Sakuya tree. Use the Power Slash brush technique to chop down the fruit from the tree and restore life to the village.

Lol yes i have started posting walkthroughs of stuff now, so if you dont want your games spoilt i suggest you dont read my journals? XD
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Connie woke up to a normal week day and started on her usual schedule. She showered, brushed teeth, combed hair, and finished it off with some Magic Star Cereal then headed off to High School. Another worthless, friendless day. But Connie was used to it. She headed on to the temple and met Steven on the beach.
"So how was your day?" Steven wondered
"It was the same as others," Connie thought about the girls with the large hoop earrings and crop tops who always got in trouble because they were against the dress code. Her mouth quivered. She held back tears remembering what they called Steven.
"What's wrong Connie?"
"N-nothing it's fin-"
"You know I can ask Garnet about this! Connie tell me!"
They called him an Alien. Even more, called her one too.
10. I have no pets, nor have I ever had any. Although I do have four brothers and one sister.
9. My biggest pet peeve is when people don't brush their teeth. I don't want to see your ugly teeth and I don't want to smell your disgusting breath. At least have a mint
8. I love it when people make time just for me, especially when they're a busy person.
7. I almost never use emojis. The last one I used was five weeks and two days ago.
6. I am a pro at handheld gaming devices (3ds, ps vita, etc...) But if you make me play a game on a TV I will fail miserably.
5. I am a total Anime fan... No, I am a total Japan fan! I honestly think everything from Japan is better (Music, TV shows, restaurants, comics, etc...)! But that's just my opinion.
4. I don't actually like to read books, but I do like to read comics.
3. My least favorite class is history because I'm more likely to use math in life than history. I also have a boring teacher who always talks about her personal life...
2. I am having a really hard time coming up with interesting things at the moment, sooo......... BAAMMM, I am scared of stages with starring people in the background.
1. I got a scar from a paper cut!!!
"WUT, HOW?" You may ask. Let's just say an angry friend with a Naruto comic... enough said.
My darling, you are without a doubt the one person in the world whom I cherish more than anything.  You are my lover, my best, closest and dearest friend.  The one in my life that makes everything crystal clear, that makes everything feel possible.  The one light I have when I begin to fall into the seemingly endless depths of myself.  You’ve been there through all the tough times, you’ve helped me stand back up every time…  But this time you aren’t here…  This time I’m on my own… and I’m feeling the emptiness of the space you once stood in stronger than anything I’ve ever felt in my life.  The weight of it is incomparable to anything in the world.  It’s like I’ve been forced to take on the weight of not just the world, but the universe on my own.  I have support, I have love from others…  But none can compare to the support and love I felt from you.  None can ever come anywhere close to giving me the strength to push forward that you alone gave me.  None can ever compare in the level of support you had once given me…  I have people coming up to me asking to take your place, asking to be my best friend, asking to take the place you once stood in…  But none can fill those shoes…  The ground you walked inside my heart is sacred to me…  The air you breathed into my soul is precious, priceless and can never be replaced.   Your memory is a flower within me.  Endlessly blossoming for all eternity, petals may fall and wither into dust, but more will continue to take their place. Decorating the floor of my soul, warm winds of your love still blow within me making the petals dance into the air twirling round and round.  The tears you shed turned to stars filling the sky. The memory of your touch along with the dream that I’ll once more feel your arms around me, your fingertips brushing against me are the remaining pillars keeping me upright and allowing me to move onward to tomorrow.  Up until I was 16 I’d been guided by my beating heart, but once you came into my life, I was guided by both your beating heart and mine…
August 25th, 2015 - Day 0:

Greetings friends, fans, shiny happy people, and my fellow Red Hawks!

I have a new blog (after the success of Woodstock Adventure!) and this time it is for my freshman year adventures and experiences at my college, Montclair State University! Today was my move in day. The actual move in day is on August 30th, but because I got a job on campus as an Admissions Ambassador, I got to move in early for training! How exciting!! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the very beginning in East Brunswick, NJ on a early Tuesday morning.

It was 7:00 am. I am wide awake. Today was the day. Move In Day. I shot up and already began to get dressed and get ready. I brushed my now short, to the shoulders hair and did a quick check of my already packed bags and suitcases. Going downstairs, I sat with Mom in the living room where we began going over our dorm checklist and bringing down everything that was going to go to MSU. There was a TON of stuff. Like it took up the whole living room! My cat Mew thought it was a jungle gym just for her. She just had to explore and shed hair everywhere.

We were going and going like Energizer Bunnies. I realized that I never had breakfast....but come to think of it, I had butterflies the size of cinder blocks flying through my stomach (along with horrible pain in my head and neck). I didn't think I would swallow anything, so I stuck to a glass of orange juice. Once we all decided what things were going and what things were staying until Saturday when Mom and Dad were to come up to MSU because again, a TON of stuff, there were a couple of errands that needed to be done. First I had to deposit some money in the bank and afterwards Mom and I stopped at JC Penney's because I needed a wallet. We searched through the racks where there were a ton of sales going on and we eventually found a cute pink wallet that could easily fit in my purse.

As we were about to go pay for the wallet, we spotted this larger handbag that had stars on them! (Now for those who don't know, I am OBSESSED with Stars. I love them! They remind me of me, as vain as that may sound. If you buy me or send me something that has stars on it or is star related, you will become my best friend. Dead serious. (Lol)) At first I wasn't sure if I wanted the bag because the price said $65, but then Mom pointed at reduced price sticker and it was only $10! It was obvious that we bought the handbag along with the wallet. You don't pass up opportunities like that and oh by the way, STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after leaving JC Penney's, we went back home and it was time to pack everything we were taking into the car. But before we got to that, Mom checked the mailbox and I had gotten a letter. It was from a teacher from elementary school that I had in Kindergarten and was my brother's Aide. She had sent me a card congratulating me on graduating high school and wishing me good luck in college. Plus she gave me a $50 Express gift card! I was floored by this and was so very happy. Mrs. D if you are reading this, Thank you so so much!!!! And what a coincidence that it came on my move in day!! :D

So back to packing the car. Now my Mom has a tiny blue Honda Fit car. It has fit things in the back before, but was it going to fit all this stuff this time? I rolled up my sleeves and said: "Challenge Accepted". Mom, my brother Andrew, and I started bringing everything outside. Once we did that, we began to stack my bins and bags like Tetris blocks in the back of the car. We had to push down one of the seats in the back to make room. I almost thought that we wouldn't be able to fit everything, but in the end, everything fit because a Honda Fit fits! Mom and I took tons of pictures. By the time we got back in the house, it was hot outside and we were sweaty and dying. Mom and I split a cold Cherry Pepsi and Andrew sucked down a Vitamin Water. Once we were okay and hydrated again, I said goodbye to my cat Mew and my dog Merlin, took some more pictures, and we were off! However we had to turn back because we had left my Broadway posters behind. (And of course, a Broadway Girl like me cannot forget her beloved Broadway posters!!) Once that was taken care of, we went off again! Adios East Brunswick! It's been real. :)

The drive to MSU took an hour, but there was no traffic and I had a ton of tunes to listen to for the whole ride. When we arrived on campus, I couldn't help but squeal a little and take more pictures. I was here! I was home! We pulled up to the front of my dorm Einstein Hall in Dinallo Heights. I went inside to check in and get my keys. I brought out luggage bins and we started to pull out all our stuff and place them in. We dragged the bins up to the 6th and top floor of Einstein Hall and walked all the way down to the end of the hall where my room was. The door was unlocked and we walked in.




I had the most perfect room! The view was perfect. The beds were perfect. Even the bathroom was perfect! (Yes folks, my room along with the other rooms in the Heights (Dinallo and Machuga) have private bathrooms. No communal bathrooms for me!) We immediately launched into decorating. We started with the bed, layering mattress covers, sheets, comforters, the whole nice yards on it. By the time it was done, it looked so soft and fluffy and bouncy. I was jumping and skipping around the room I was so excited! We continued going until it was almost 4:00. Mom and I set up an appointment for me to get my computer logged into the college's WiFi at the Computer Lab in University Hall. Grabbing my computer bag and purse, we left my room/dorm and walked on campus to University Hall. I love MSU's campus. It was one of the reasons why I applied. It is so pretty, big, and I felt like I could fit in there.

Once we got to University Hall, we took the elevator up to the fifth floor and I got to see the Computer Lab. It looked so awesome! I met with a sophomore who worked in the lab who took me in and helped me set up my computer. It took a bit because my laptop is a bit slow, but once it was on, I was golden. I was in! After getting that settled, we left and walked some more. Soon having no breakfast or lunch came barreling forward and I was STARVING. Mom and Andrew were hungry too, so we stopped at The Red Hawk Diner (MSU's very own diner!) for dinner. I ended up having a Cheeseburger and french fries. It was delicious! Plus, on the tv there was older seasons of Law and Order SVU playing and the twelve year old me was weird as that may sound. (Lol)

After dinner, we walked back to my room and continued decorating and setting up. I got my desk organized, hung up my Broadway posters and garlands of stars because of course! I set up my side of the sink with my toiletries and such and set up my closet space with my dresses, jackets, and shoes. Soon my side of the room looked amazing! More pictures were taken of course. By the time everything was done, it was almost 9:00. Mom and Andrew had to leave and go back to East Brunswick so I said my goodbyes and soon they were gone.

It was almost eery, being alone in the dorm room. My roommate isn't coming until the actual move in day on Sunday. I swallowed any looming fears and went on like normal. I put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and even laid out clothes and shoes for tomorrow. Once everything was settled, I climbed onto my soft and amazing bed and began writing this blog. I was so sucked in to my writing that I almost didn't hear the knock on my door. It was my RA. I hurried to the door and opened it. She wanted to introduce herself and see how I was settling in. She was so bubbly and upbeat and we had a bit in common so we immediately got along great. She asked if I would like to meet another freshman who moved in today and was also an Ambassador! I decided to go and I ran to get my slippers and ID card/key. We walked down to the beginning of the hallway and when she knocked on the door, he opened up and let us in. His name is Matt and the minute I walked in to his room, I saw an Adventure Time box. I knew I was going to like Matt. :D

The three of us got to talk for awhile. Matt is a French major and we got to talk about Foreign Languages like Spanish and French, Math, and Science classes in high school. We all had stuff in common and it was awesome meeting two people that live in the same hallway as me. Matt even asked if I would like to go to breakfast with him tomorrow morning! I said yes. Yay!!!

Soon we split up and went back to our separate rooms. I continued to write this blog and chat with some fellow Red Hawks and Ambassadors and now here we are. Today was an awesome start of my college experience! Moving in, decorating my room, and meeting new people! What could be better than that?! Tomorrow's schedule includes a Meet and Greet with the other ambassadors and my first day of Training. I think this is going to be a great year and a great blog to write. So stick with me folks! It'll be an awesome ride and I can't wait to take you all with me. ;)

Love always!
<3 Jessica