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This video has been a hype on the internet over the past view days;

It's not the first time a similar message is send, and it's probably not the last time.
Over the years, I've seen many of those messages seen popping up on (how ironically) social media. And while the intention is good, I think the whole "quit social media" thing in general is a bit too one-sided. They don't realize that social media isn't just something we can stop over a day. It has become a collective mindset. A communication standard. Like phone calls and letters used to be our main form of communication in the 90's, social media now has become our standard for communication.

The matter is the same. It's just the medium that shifted.

I didn't have a Facebook account until late 2011, and I didn't have a smartphone until early 2012 (and that was only because my boss got me a new phone, and it happened to be smart). Yes, I was late. The reason for that? I absolutely hated the smartphone generation! 

Not long before that, I went to a meeting of a local internet forum. It was the first time since (I think) 5 years there was a meeting. The earlier meetings of the community were always a lot of fun. Not that we did something special. Just hanging out, checking out shops, and talking. It was nevertheless a lot of fun. The new meeting, however, wasn't anywhere near that fun. I can remember going there with a good friend of mine. He, just like me, didn't have a smartphone, and we were the only 2 people that actually talked to each other. The others just kept staring at their phones and laughed about all kind of things that happened online and we didn't get at all. I can still remember us sitting at a bar, having a drink, when 2 people that sat NEXT TO EACH OTHER where laughing about the fact that they just commented on each other's Twitter. Not even 10 face-palms could make up for that... Needless to say; we left soon after that.

When I first got Facebook, I was a bit hesitant on what to post there. I had been on the internet for long, yet I never liked sharing personal details with people. But even despite I didn't share that much, social media was a great experience for me. It has opened up my world entirely!

As a shy person, I always hated making phone calls. I didn't like "just going" to a persons house and tell them I wanted to do something. I felt like forcing myself up to people, and I didn't like that. Let alone that keeping contact with those that studied in another city or abroad was really hard, because of the huge costs of phone calls or traveling. Social media, in that regard, was the perfect solution for me. Because now, all of a sudden, I could stay updated of what was happening in the lives of friends and family that didn't live around the corner. I could send them a message and they could answer at any given time they want -- regardless of timezone. It made communication a bit more open-ended. And that worked very well for me.
As an introverted person, I don't always feel like answering people. Now I can just take things at my own pace. 

What about the people that get depressed over Facebook, you'd ask me? Well, everything has it's downsides. Of course people try to sketch a perfect picture of them selves. We leave out the negative. We don't post statuses when feeling miserable, because we don't want all of our friends to know when we have a bad day. Then again; did we go to see friends on bad days? I happen to remember that there were days in life, far before social media, that I didn't feel like going out at all. And that I just stayed at home because I felt like shit.
The mistake that many people make is that they see social media profiles as a realistic view on people's life. It isn't. It's more like a summary of the best experiences this person has had over the past time. And if you take that into consideration, social media isn't all that depressing. 

Before you think I'm preaching social media; I'm not. There certainly are aspects of social media that I don't like at all. One of those things is that nowadays all discussions are so centered about the "me", rather than about a neutral subject (like it used to be, in the early days of the internet forums). That people blabber about totally useless things (like going to the bathroom -- who the f*ck cares???), or that people use it as a medium to bully and threaten others. And... of course there's that facepalm-worthy situation in which people that are sitting less than a meter apart prefer to communicate over Twitter instead of actually opening their mouths and saying something.

But like with everything; moderation is the key.
Everything that is overdone gets annoying, and social media is no exception in that.

Over the past years, I've seen people on both sides of the spectrum. From the people that were active on 10+ social media sites, posted every meal on Instagram, and almost seemed fused with their phone. To the people that hated social media and didn't want to have anything to do with it. You know... both extreme's aren't good. The first group tends to get ignored because they spend so much time telling how awesome their life is on social media, that they don't have time to actually live. The second group is basically excluded from information, even though this isn't always done on purpose. I can remember that we had one guy in our group of friends that was basically anti social media. When we arranged a meeting in a Facebook group chat, one always had to remind us to invite person-X as well because he didn't have Facebook. And sometimes... we just forgot. 

There are many people that quit social media for a while, just to experience what would happen. Experiences differ from person to person, but are all interesting to read. If you're curious to know how your life would look without it, I encourage you to just try quitting it for a week or two and see what happens.
I've done so too and I can assure you; It won't kill you. It will make you think.

Every new technology and every new means of communication comes with pro's and con's. And every new development comes many people that oppose it because they say "things used to be better". Sure, you're allowed to reflect upon that. I would only encourage that. But the point is that it's a continuous movement that you aren't gonna stop, no matter how much you fight against it. Instead of saying how things used to be better, try to get comfortable with how things are now. Make the best out of it!
Not everything is as bad as it seems. Sometimes you just need to get used to things...

Social Media For Artists

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 23, 2012, 7:22 AM

"You can create art in a vacuum, but you´ll never generate any great ideas from there."

The mind is a muscle and it has to be trained regularly as much as any other muscle in your body.

What does this have to do with social media, you might ask?

A lot.

In times where many are forced to work alone or as freelancers, social media replaces the work space attitude you find in a usual work environment. Social media is the "global" opportunity to "show-up" and "dress up".

Working in a dull environment or in a work space that is full of people who are waiting for "Friday" to come, you know there is not a real chance to grow on your projects or in general, that is just a place to make a living, but possibly just not for long and if you´d be honest, it is not a worthwhile station in your life too.

Whenever I talk to people, I´m astounded to get asked how I manage to keep up on par with so many social networks, the answer is simple: I consider them different departments of a big office or mall and whenever I have time I check in to get the latest news on interesting topics.
The pleasant part of this, you don´t have to deal very much with people you don´t want to talk to.

This surely means there has to be a specific self-discipline to not waste too much time online, alright, that is the nitpick, it might not be for anyone. However, I found this working for me.

The following list includes networks I regularly visit and foster, in order of priority:
deviantArt, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Shadowness, Pinterest, behánce & Google+

Someone might ask why using three, four or more networking sites when the most people are on facebook, because most people tend to share different things on different networks.

One thing people tend to forget is the algorithm of many social media sites, which causes to decide for you what information you´ll see, depending on your connections and your data. Data-mining software and algorithm works always in the back and sorts relevant data for you, not quite the nice English kind of dealing with your information, but this is how it works.The only way to avoid that is to manually crawl through different sources to see relevant information.

If you just rely on facebook for example, you are missing one heap of input from your friends, instead you receive many unwanted and useless bits of information gathered from a software. If the software get´s better and learns it might be possible to get information you really want to receive someday, depending on what you prioritize, but this also means we can be far better manipulated, another reason to keep this habit of manual information harvesting, because it is not possible for the software to render accurate profiles of your online habits.

I usually use online social media platforms to read news about topics I share an interest with someone, or to find inspiration. deviantArt is by far the biggest network right behind facebook when it comes to art and the ability to connect with new and established talent, so it is equally important to show recent works there, to keep in touch or follow up on topics or contacts, facebook is the more adequate option. Google+ is not really the place to be, something I sadly have found out, but I guess it is still not unimportant for search rankings and profiling.

LinkedIn has more value for a polished display of professional engagement and allows to share and gather a vast range of information from twitter to behánce as also other networks, like this blog for example.

Something really great I found and nurture, is the possibility of generating ideas through networking. Sometimes it is a nice evening with friends (yes in real life!), another times it is a small post from a friend on facebook that makes you think, it is always the unparalleled input from various sources that have an impact on us and the time to think about it in the back-burner of our brain.

In fact, being connected more with people I like to be connected with, is healthy to cultivate a creative environment, since working from home for about 4 years now.
I did not felt one day to have a creative block, thanks to the valuable input and positive affirmations I read online, its really that small notes you read here and there that are shared with thousands of people at a time, that makes you smile and keeps you going. Compare this with real life work environments, when was the last time, a colleague showed you something motivating or engaging (except for the chain-mails of powerpoint presentation of lovely sunsets or kittens...)?

Pinterest is an even better source for positive sparks of inspiration, motivation and beauty, that can cheer you up in a downtime.

Sharing is caring, even if you don´t know who will benefit from your insights and outputs, karma will find a way, and it will come back to you in one or the other way, think about it.

Visit my blog for more::

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In this day and age, with the internet at just about everyone's fingertips, social media is making a big boom and is useful for so much more than just socializing with others.  Each day more and more businesses jump on the social media bandwagon to help market and promote their goods.  For artists this is no different, as these websites are an excellent tool to market yourself, your skills, and of course your art!  

Benefits of using Social Media Websites

Be seen!
Starting out brand new on any social media website can be a bit daunting and building watchers/followers can take time though there are ways to get noticed faster if you are willing to put the time and effort into it.  Some time ago I wrote an article about gaining exposure.  While the article is geared towards gaining exposure on deviantART, a lot of the same concepts apply to other websites as well.  Do take a moment and give it a read.  Gaining Exposure To Art.  
The most important thing to remember about being seen is that you have to put the time and effort into getting out there where people can see you and your art.  Don't be too shy to approach others and get involved, it really does tend to pay off if you do.  

This really goes hand in hand with being seen.  Sure you might get lucky by simply posting your work and moving on.. maybe someone popular (with a large following) will stumble upon it and share it with others, or maybe someone with the ability to give a site wide feature will stumble across your work and feature it, you never know, it could happen.  But the reality is that you are far easier to be seen, even for those things, if you are putting yourself out there and making friends and just genrally being social with others.  

Make a friend, maybe two, or three, while interacting with like-minded individuals from the comfort of your home (or any other place where you have internet access for that matter).  Many social media users end up making wonderful new friends.

Market to your target audience
Being a part of, and being involved with social media websites gives you the advantage to learn and get to know your target audience.  It also allows you to have a direct link to these people once you've built a following and trying to sell and promote your work becomes much easier when those interested will have it sent directly to them, vs you having to go and pay for ads and hope that the right people see it etc etc.

Popular Social Media Websites

There are so many different social media websites on the web these days that you could probably get lost trying to hunt them all down.  I'll just make note of some of the more popular sites I've seen others promote their art on.
Since we are all here anyway, I think it's safe to say that dA is a wonderful place to post your art and be seen.  Especially geared towards art, you can not only see and find all the amazing art you are looking for, but you can post your own and be seen as well.
Many artists have their own facebook page for their art where they can upload their work and interact with their followers.  For some artists using facebook to promote their work has been very helpful.
tumblr is an easy to use site which allows you to upload your work to be shared and shared and shared by as many people as wish to share it making it a good place to get seen.
Much like tumblr, you can upload your work and others can share it on and on and on.
Link your art, add some #tags and you're ready to go.  People can search #tags and will hopefully also find your work.  Again, your tweets can be retweeted by other users making it easier to be seen.


Share your experiences in a comment below

:bulletred:How have social media sites benefited you?
:bulletred:Do you have a favorite social media website?
:bulletred:How many different social media sites do you use regularly?
:bulletred:Tell us anything else you wish to share about social media sites.  

The Jim Goldstein Photography Blog examines WHY Social Media sites are so valuable to photographers today, and this is one heck of a GREAT read at that and pretty much nails it on the head! Honestly, if you take your photography seriously, then this is a MUST read for you!


I know a lot of people are saying we don't get out much and we're lonelier than ever (despite being more connected than ever)

but I can honestly say I'm doing more with my life than ever before

I go to events every other day because I can just google up whats happening, I'm painting more, I have more friends, I can call up anyone and go hang out, and I even found my long lost dad. 
I'm learning more about languages, politics and nutrition too.

I think this works for me anyway. 
If you are scared of the internet/social media/phone age just try to look for the things that are positive about it and use it to your advantage.

I think before I was just quietly reading in a field, now I'm visiting the Gatineau hills with my friends or going to a butterfly exhibit.

And lots and lots of parties :icongrinwooplz:

Think of all the people back in history, when their times started changing. The day cars arrived must have devastated people who loved taking their horses to work! Or when phones arrived, people must have complained, "oh... back in my day we actually got out of the house and walked over to see them!" or when we started going to school, "ohhh.. we used to just spend so much time together at home..."
and stuff like that. 
The future will have something that bothers our kids too, like, "ohh... we used to walk around, but now we're flying all the time. It's so boring. We used to use facebook and had phones, but now we have virtual reality. I miss the good o'l days when we could type to our friends."

Maybe when people started to farm, hunter-gatherers complained about that too...

On a different note, I think the people of the future will be so fascinated by our primitive use of facebook and phones. "This generation wrote more than any other! You can read entire conversations over the course of years in this ancient database!"

We are also documenting our lives more than any other generation has ever before. What if future generations *don't* do this, and what if they love how we documented ourselves and are able to study us more than any other generation because of it?

I could just go on with these thoughts but I'm gonna go to bed. 


Journal Entry: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 6:42 PM




Em Ford is raising awareness about the dangers of social media in her powerful new film.

Hurtful comments can cause real pain, even when they come from perfect strangers. In a powerful new project, Em Ford is exploring the damaging effects social media can have in setting unrealistic expectations when it comes to beauty and appearance. In her video, Ford shares real comments that were made about her face—hurtful, very personal attacks on how she looks with and without makeup. On her Youtube page, Ford explains why she made the film:

Over the past few months, I've received thousands of messages from people all over the world who suffer or have suffered from acne, an insecurity or self confidence issues. I wanted to create a film that showed how social media can set unrealistic expectations on both women and men. One challenge many face today, is that as a society, we're so used to seeing false images of perfection, and comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards that it can be hard to remember the most important thing —You ARE beautiful. You are beautiful—no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may about the way you look or how hard you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you're not beautiful—not even yourself.

The result is quite moving:


love emote by doutohandou


Her Youtube My Pale Skin -…

love emote by doutohandou


love emote by doutohandou

Thank you with smile 02 - FREESTUFF by AStoKo all for dropping by / enjoy it!

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Glee-chan's Social Media

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 30, 2014, 7:44 PM
Since it's likely I'll be suspended soon, I thought I'd share my other social networking sites before I get canned.…;…

My Tumblr and Twitter accounts are linked, so anything I post there is sent to Tumblr.  The best way to hear from me would be from Tumblr.  (I haven't updated my Twitter picture in years, I only use it for the Olympics and Big Brother)

Drawcrowd is more appealing to me as an alternative uploading site (for gallery purposes) that pixiv, but if people want me to use that more, I will.  (Right now there isn't much on either of them, I just made them)

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Hey everyone! Just a end of year reminder of all my social media pages, where I post everyday!

Besides Twitter, this is the page where I am the most active. Daily photo posts, musings, convention appearance announcements, any cool project announcements... Definitely recommend you following my Facebook if you want to get to know me!

I love Twitter and use it everyday, all the time. I would say my personality comes through the most on Twitter because of it's casual conversational platform. Hope to see you on there!

Yaya's Online Cosplay Store: For anyone interested in my cosplay accessories, such as My Little Pony ears, horns and wings, cat ears and fox ears, demon wings, elf ears etc... this is the place to purchase them! My 2013 calendar is also available here, but I am close to selling out.

Yaya's signed photo prints: I get print requests on deviantART all the time and this is the place to purchase them. I sign and personalize each photo and they are printed on 8x12 high resolution glossy photo paper.                    

Yaya's YouTube: I have just started using YouTube and will be posting a lot more videos in the new year! Definitely subscribe to my channel and look out for more videos coming soon :)

Yaya's Instagram: I'm starting to enjoy posting on Instagram immensely. All kinds of random photos make their way on my Instagram account daily lol.

Yaya's Tumblr

Of course there is my website, which has a large gallery of all of my cosplay and modeling work.

There you have it! All the places on the intrawebs where you can find me!

All my social media stuff

Journal Entry: Tue May 13, 2014, 11:51 AM
Here we go






Tobi_kagahara (aka Chibi-Works)



Will be added:

Facebook (TBD)
New Youtube (TBD) 
New Gmail (TBD)

Then you will all have every way possible to contact me should you want to. If you need help with anything let me know I try to do the best I can with it.  

So ya.

Fire away o3o