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Winterdream by Nullermanden winter story by nayein Snow in Stuttgart West by Finvara .snow. by TakeMyWorldApart first snow by Ivan-Suta snow by seafoodmwg Fallen snow by ultramaryna La vitesse possede by BenoitPaille What shit by BenoitPaille snow pain in my town 2 by MotyPest :thumb73015482: First Snow by thienbao Winter Queen by FootosDotCom syrr_kamp_3 by gab Spring's Snow by fuchsiart Snow by mirime-duinram first snow by TheNightSheDied I love snow by LilKatieKat Cold Winter by FrozenStarRo Winter. by saciii Speedpaint: Moscow Winter by Prasa Last Snowfall by Xibalban red Umbrella II by caleum Tree and monastery in the snow by ilsilenzio nothing ii by PatriciaD rainbow vii by PatriciaD : : s n o w d r e a m : : by utopic-man aged soul by Husckarl footprints in the snow by fahrmboy Winter Blues by hellfirediva let it snow... by catalinbujdei Precious Winter Rose by ElifKarakoc Feeling Winter by Fraeulein :thumb35819210: Elena's winter portrait by Orzz civil war by mitinandim Woman in snow by restlesswanderer Winter by TheChuChuGirLs Winter by JakezDaniel winter by Felis-Tigris :thumb53258976: .: winter story II :. by GokhanKaraag Ice cold story by LadyLyla story of your winter. by Ameera Love today by Cliodne010 Kafka by fogke :thumb98457993: Enjoying the silence . by Zanauardian Don't forget to hurry by ConceptualMiracles Winter is season for children. by narva :thumb80168723: cold wind by leenik The Legend Prevails by adenomay -piece of winter- by fangedfem Winter by KatrinaStranger Whisper by girltripped :thumb48394259: winter. by dantukufeja Kissing the Lipless by CameraDude Thirteen Degrees by girltripped frigus by wredna 119 by temugg winter just wasn't my season by principear we only come out at night 2 by PumpkinMelody Russian Nights by SindelChaos No one came. by girltripped :thumb49449187: Only Human by TodirutVlad Winter's Best by erinroonifer My December by silent-waltz Merry Fucking Christmas... by mongosansl Falling snow by DamnTWEET :thumb72798896:

Let it snow - CONTEST

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 30, 2012, 1:28 PM


:eager: THE RESULTS ARE UP! :eager:

This contest started on December 1st 00:00 GMT+2/EET and ended March 1st 00:00 GMT+2/EET - here's a link that helps you convert that in your time zone: Contest Deadline: Let it snow.


- Your work has to revolve around this theme.

The Snow Maker by Elsouille snow by kate-n-bd snow by seafoodmwg
:thumb45172842: Snow-Spider by nyctopterus
Pure As Snow by iilva SnowChilly winds pushed and pulled at her coat, causing her to hold it just a bit tighter than usual. The temperature was surely in the 40's, if not colder. Letting out a huff that appeared as a puff of smoke, Rukia turned toward Ichigo and asked, "Does it ever snow here in Karakura? It's cold enough for it."
Looking up from the bag of cookies he'd been munching on, he replied, "It does sometimes, but it's rare. It only snows every few years at best."
"That's a real shame. It's always so pretty when it snows," she said.
"I'm glad it doesn't snow! It's nothing but a pain in the ass when it does! The snow builds up and blocks roads, and then it turns into brown slush. I still remember my mom yelling at me for building a snowman out of slush," Ichigo replied. Though in the beginning he sounded so annoyed by the frozen rain, a slight somber tone took over on the last sentence. A saddened look washed over his eyes when he thought of that moment.
Seeing such a sad look on his face hurt Rukia a b
Snow walk by Dream-traveler
Snow Poo by rythemguy King of snow by adypetrisor Snow White by Amanda-Diaz Let it snow... by LenaZLair
Mini Snow Globe - Spheal by Swadloon Snow Leopard by CallieFink
Let the Snow Fall by AnimalArtKingdom Bunny Snow Globe by Laiyee Snow Globe Swing by Zulma-san


All (Photography, Digital art, Traditional art, Artisan Crafts, Literature - literally all mediums as long as the artwork respects the theme).


01 | All entries must be made specifically for this contest (the entry must be dated on or after the start date of the contest - you cannot submit a deviation that was made before December 1st).
02 | All contest entries must say - Made for "Let it snow" contest [here goes the link to this journal] - in the artist's comment/description area.
03 | Each artist is allowed one entry.
04 | The entry has to be original no art theft, sketches, WIPs, tracing, bases, collaborations. Please respect others and create your own entry.
05 | You cannot use this entry to enter another contest as well.
06 | You can replace your entry once if you made another artwork that you believe fits the theme better than the previous one.
07 | If you use references/stock images you need to have the original artist's accord to use their work as a reference/stock material. Also you have to credit them in your Artist Comment.
08 | Watch me so you can receive the contest updates. You are free to unwatch me when the contest ends if you wish so. 


01 | Submit your artwork on deviantART.
02 | Write Made for "Let it snow" contest [here goes the link to this journal] - in the artist's comment/description area.
03 | Post the link to your entry on this journal.
04 | I will add your entry to the Contest "Let it snow" folder in my Favourites.


01 | Prize donors can take part in the contest, but not the judges.
02 | Mature contest is allowed, but please use the mature tag.
03 | You can use references as long as you credit the referenced work in the artist's comment/description area.
04 | Any deviant is welcome to participate in this contest, as long as they are 13 years old or above.
05 | You can give your artwork any title and submit it to as many groups as you wish, but don't forget to add this: Made for "Let it snow" contest [here goes the link to this journal] - in the artist's comment/description area. 
06 | There must be at least 15 participants or the contest will be cancelled.


Theme related


1st Place

Twelve Month Premium Membership from Moonbeam13
Six Month Premium Membership from lintu47
One Month Premium Membership from MadalinaSfitlic
Fella plushie from Arichy
Llama from lintu47, reggar, alex-mg, sesam-is-open, ItsLudar, DreamON-Mpak, naladraws, OakStar47, Kharemi, 3wyl, lucid-light, Starija, justiceiskira, WorldWar-Tori, Quaddles-Roost
Feature from lintu47, Astrikos, reggar, namenotrequired, JamminJo, sesam-is-open, archaicglint, Crystalstar1001, Mordial33, MadalinaSfitlic, ItsLudar, Astralseed, DreamON-Mpak, ValaSedai, SRudy, Nameda, 3wyl, Talty, lucid-light, Thiefoworld, Starija, justiceiskira, WorldWar-Tori, Quaddles-Roost, Requiemachina, Miyeong
Colorful portraiture from jane-beata (will receive the original piece)
Critique from Astrikos, STelari, DreamON-Mpak, naladraws, whatpumpkins, WorldWar-Tori
Request drawing from Mikriluna
Watch from ItsLudar, Requiemachina
Favourites from Mordial33, Requiemachina
Comments from Mordial33, Requiemachina
Sketch from STelari
Graphics request from Crystalstar1001
Literature donation from archaicglint, alex-mg
Literature request from justiceiskira
Custom box designed code from DreamON-Mpak
Custom logo from Zee-Who
Exclusive stock pack from PirateLotus-Stock, Kechake-stock
1000 points :points: from FCNart
10 points :points: from Annissina
Fully shaded white/transparent BG picture from: paskettidog
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup
Digital image from horserider10

2nd Place

Six Month Premium Membership from Moonbeam13
Three Month Premium Membership from lintu47
Llama plushie from Arichy
Llama from lintu47, reggar, alex-mg, sesam-is-open, ItsLudar, DreamON-Mpak, naladraws, OakStar47, Kharemi, 3wyl, lucid-light, Starija, justiceiskira, WorldWar-Tori, Quaddles-Roost
Feature from lintu47, Astrikos, reggar, namenotrequired, JamminJo, sesam-is-open, archaicglint, Crystalstar1001, Mordial33, MadalinaSfitlic, ItsLudar, Astralseed, DreamON-Mpak, ValaSedai, SRudy, Nameda, 3wyl, Talty, lucid-light, Thiefoworld, Starija, justiceiskira, WorldWar-Tori, Quaddles-Roost, Requiemachina, Miyeong
Colorful portraiture from jane-beata (will receive the digital file)
Critique from Astrikos, DreamON-Mpak, naladraws, whatpumpkins, WorldWar-Tori
Watch from ItsLudar, Requiemachina
Favourites from Mordial33, Requiemachina
Comments from Mordial33, Requiemachina
Sketch from STelari
Graphics request from Crystalstar1001
Literature donation from archaicglint
Literature request justiceiskira
Exclusive stock pack from Kechake-stock
150 points :points: from thorns
300 points :points: from rainylake
10 points :points: from Annissina
Flat transparent/white BG picture from: paskettidog
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup

3rd Place

Three Month Premium Membership from Moonbeam13
One Month Premium Membership from lintu47
Stress ball keychan from Arichy
Llama from lintu47, reggar, alex-mg, sesam-is-open, ItsLudar, DreamON-Mpak, naladraws, OakStar47, Kharemi, 3wyl, lucid-light, Starija, justiceiskira, WorldWar-Tori, Quaddles-Roost
Feature from lintu47, Astrikos, reggar, namenotrequired, JamminJo, sesam-is-open, archaicglint, Crystalstar1001, Mordial33, MadalinaSfitlic, ItsLudar, Astralseed, DreamON-Mpak, ValaSedai, SRudy, Nameda, 3wyl, Talty, lucid-light, Thiefoworld, Starija, justiceiskira, WorldWar-Tori, Quaddles-Roost, Requiemachina, Miyeong
Colorful portraiture from jane-beata (will receive the digital file)
Critique from Astrikos, DreamON-Mpak, naladraws, whatpumpkins, WorldWar-Tori
Watch from ItsLudar, Requiemachina
Favourites from Mordial33, Requiemachina
Comments from Mordial33, Requiemachina
Sketch from STelari
Digital edit from Lirtista
Exclusive stock pack from Kechake-stock
Literature request from justiceiskira
50 points :points: from thorns
200 points :points: from rainylake
10 points :points: from Annissina
Lineart from: paskettidog
Winners Package from AnotherContestGroup


Request drawing from Mikriluna to a random deviant that was not ranked on the first 3 places
Feature for all entries from lintu47, Requiemachina


:iconlintu47: :iconarichy: :iconnatureboyishere: :iconastrikos: :iconsatania: :iconvladimirnichita: :iconthefloatingcigare: :iconjane-beata: :iconmiontre: :iconkaz-d: :iconteaphotography:

The entries can be seen in Contest "Let it snow" folder :heart:


:icon1pen: :iconserket-xxi: :iconkirinoru: :iconda-andi: :iconeditingninja: :iconbrainfruit: :icontrepanboub: :icontheantianti-drug: :iconkillertortoise: :iconemma-of-hearts: :iconmelvin-zackheim: :iconcrshh: :iconx3xdx: :iconjamilalikemanila: :iconpenguinenthusiast: :iconaztarieth: :iconartisticlatias: :iconkaihayashi: :iconsirocco-rc: :iconanxdesigns: :iconlub-ad: :iconmark-bash: :icondianagrigore: :iconsamui153: :iconvladimirsangel: :iconrandoms-foundling: :iconmaster-of-dizazter: :iconoliviamichalski: :icontantetabata: :iconrazputin93: :iconohme-notreally: :iconchrisgiz12: :iconjaded-ink: :iconelidk: :iconaustriakaninchen: :icontaunii: :iconmabogunje: :iconllllollll: :iconkeeponsingingmysong: :iconraetjor: :iconnephire: :iconblossom-lullabies: :iconanastasia-ri: :iconjulijanam: :iconellyevans679: :iconlvxion: :iconagent15: :iconwesley-souza: :iconaramisdream: :iconprocerdecrepusculum: :iconsarifael: :iconytril: :iconyaelpardina: :iconaeollon: :icondeggers123: :iconsenzzo-art: :iconealaine: :iconcoalrye: :iconsarahharas07: :iconllinute: :iconworldwideimage: :iconisdira: :iconnovabisharp: :iconzakharrar: :iconmagicwingsforever: :iconladydeliz: :iconospreyghost13: :iconhazydreamerneko: :iconsarah-bk: :icondastphoto: :iconsesam-is-open: :iconlidiamarina: :iconashkim: :icongloah: :iconprizedpixul: :iconleesergey: :iconmurderzack: :icondawnweaver13: :iconluckydesigns: :iconhoangphamvfx: :iconbrightstar2: :icondigitalessandra: :iconkazul9: :iconfeelomen: :iconwintersread: :iconerleuchtete: :iconrosefai: :iconanyura: :iconevey90: :iconmiyeong: :iconrainamonster97: :iconhecateslight: :iconpowl96: :iconyuskity: :iconjophesxi: :iconchaospixi: :iconkara-a: :iconenohla: :iconstubborninsomniac: :icons-a-n-i-m: :iconi-see-them-too: :iconricelover: :icongallynette: :iconfoxyfauna: :icondelinlea: :icondagoth-jeff: :iconvirginiecarquin: :iconalexiel2001: :iconluft-caverznovich: :iconazkas19: :icon1o11y9o9: :iconzanetheguardian: :iconelehanne: :iconmagicaljoey: :iconsombra33: :iconveritas-night: :iconnoxiousmyth:


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Prize donations (points, requests, features, critiques, llamas, watches, favourites etc) and promotion of this contest are greatly appreciated.

Collection: Snowed In

Tue Nov 25, 2014, 6:33 PM
Honeymoon Cottage by nami64

Snowed In

There is no more stark dichotomy than the conflicting feelings we have about the wintertime. Many find the snow–blanketed landscape makes winter the most serenely beautiful of the seasons. But people die of exposure in the cold. The idea of being “snowed in” evokes thoughts of fireplaces and hot chocolate and snuggling under piles of blankets, of family reunions and gift–giving, and taking an annual “time–out.”

But it also means lost work hours and school days and danger should someone need to go to the hospital through white–out conditions on ice–glazed roads. Winter is the most beautiful but also the most dangerous season of the year. But for now… let’s just imagine that gigantic cup of hot chocolate we’ll soon be sipping by the fireplace, as we await our favorite snuggle–mate’s knock at the door…

This is a contest! Just draw a girl doing anything but no mature content! It can be your OC, a favorite character etc.!!!!

Contest rules:

:bulletblue: There can be photography and literature!

:bulletorange: Link your art to me so I can put it in an folder for the contest

:bulletpink: The deadline is November 17, 2011

:bulletgreen: No mature content!!!

:bulletred: I accept new AND OLD art!

:bulletblack: Only ONE entry per person

:bulletred: It MUST BE DRAWN by you! No bases, no exceptions! Thanks


:star:First place::star:
:bulletorange:A journal feature from ~greener-picture
:bulletred: A llama and watch from ~repple
:bulletyellow: a journal feature from ~museoda-arts
:bulletgreen: 100 points from me
:bulletblue:Detailed pic of your choice from ~Wolfpetal5
:bulletpurple: Full detailed pic of your choice from ~museoda-arts

:star:Second place::star:
:bulletblack: A journal feature from ~greener-picture
:bulletpink: a watch and llama from ~repple
:bulletorange: Detailed chibi of your choice from ~Wolfpetal5
:bulletred: Head-sketch of your choice from ~museoda-arts
:bulletyellow: 24 points from ~greener-picture

:star:Third Place::star:
:bulletgreen: llama from ~repple
:bulletblue: Simple chibi from ~Wolfpetal5
:bulletpurple: Inked sketch from ~museoda-arts

Just ask if you want to pitch in for the prizes!!!! Thanks!

This month @mylovelype is hosting the contest 

 Snow and/or Christmas.

Voting Open

27 -31 Dec

Voting Rules:

Bullet; Red send your votes in a note to the group MyLovelyPet Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Red include 3 choices from 3 different authors Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Red you cannot vote for yourself Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Blue you have to be a member of MyLovelyPet Bullet; Blue

We will assign 3 points for your First Place choice, 2 points for the Second and 1 for the Third.

You can find all the entries featured by Michelle here:

Artworks participating:Contest Folder

:heart: Good luck to all participants! :heart:
Many thanks for joining us! :huggle:


:heart: 1st Place 500 :points: ++
:heart:2nd Place 300 :points: ++
:heart:3rd Place 200 :points: ++
:heart:Features for the first 6 places from:

lintu47 lauraypablo lucytherescuedcat Andorada++

:heart:Llamas for all the participants

lauraypablo lucytherescuedcat Andorada++

If you would like to contribute with prizes, we would be very happy! :aww:

We are deciding  
here together if we split the contest in two categories with separate prizes. This will mean the participants will have double chances to win half the value of the prizes. Please tell us what you wish!

December Monthly  Theme

Snow and/or Christmas

Santa's Little Helper by KattFloka

Christmas elf by carinamaiwaldA Horse Whisper by HestefotografMerry Christmas by JelusARTWinter Arrived by JaniluSanta's helper... by MajchyMerry Christmas by CindysArtHaru and santa 2015 by RyanMichaelisGingerbread cookies :3 by Take-on-Me-ArktisSanta called? by DaykineyThe Treehog by KinsRawHigh Five by ExempeelSanta!! by DannyDirewolfSanta Puppy by WildRainOfIceAndFireBounty in Winter Wonderland Part 2. by ApopFrauksWaiting for Santa by InnaliWhisper of Christmas by OlianaLastAngel

The fun artworks we featured last year:

Christmas Cuties IMerry Christmas Furrbie~ by SRZ-NuaroMerry Christmas an A Happy 2014 by CaryAndFrankArtsRing a Bell for Christmas by IreneShpakMerry Christmas by IreneShpakChristmas in the House in Big Oak by asiapasekNew Year's Kurama (digital version) by kira793Merry paw-mas by NamedaHappy Holidays by Nataly1st
Sleepy Santa Bunny by VintageWarmthChristmas cat by Alena-KoshkarSanta With Baby Deer by Alena-Koshkar
  Christmas Cuties II
My first Christmas by Melusine8
Yawn evolution by Merry339Light up the room by lucytherescuedcat
Ready for New Years presents? by ZoranPhoto
Alice cat by DogHeartsKoalaSleepy Santa Claws 2 by x-xSpitFirex-x
Meowy Christmas by ibjennyjenny
Day 357: Santa Candy by poserfan-pholioI Love Winter 1324 by Sooper-Deviant
  Christmas Cuties III  Christmas Cuties IV

Photo Shoot finished by Manu34Santa Alice by DogHeartsKoalaBengal And Christmas Presents Stock by FurLinedCute Little Gift by x-xSpitFirex-xI Found A Candy Cane by x-xSpitFirex-xChristmas Kitten by x-xSpitFirex-xLooking For Christmas Presents 1 by x-xSpitFirex-xWill you come Celebrate with us? by Crafty-lil-vixenWaiting for Santa by ZoranPhotoChristmas Kitty by lensladySmells like Christmas by hannesarusMerry Christmas from Reesey by BHicks
Selection from MyLovelyPet
  Merry Christmas! *

Day 358: I'm dreaming of.... by poserfan-pholioGift-wrapping is tiring... by pergamjee
Kittens and Christmas by JaneEden
Merry Meerkat by joshpurple
Merry Christmas by Hadissima
Christmas time - Ceylon by DaphneWolfsong
Marry Christmas no. 2 by Calitha-Lena Fluffy Santa by kornrad Getting Nothing for Christmas by Nebey
Chinchilla: baby male standard 2014 by lilchilla21
Merry Christmas From Fred by BHicks
Happy St. Nicholas' Day by andersartigkeit
  Merry Christmas! **


 Merry Christmas by Wesley-Souza
 Christmas by CindysArt Squirrel's Christmas by Cundrie-la-Surziere
Merry Christmas to all my friends by SoulcolorsArtsilent Night by mrscatsNoelalafenetre by roserika
German Secret Santa - A warmth in a cold night by NicoleSt Merry Mice by CAMartin
Merry Christmas by Nimrais
TIGGER by niveky 

Christmas Magic by allison731

Merry Christmas! ***  


Winter Wonderland by PittMixxPeace on Earth by muffet1
Cold Little Feet by ansdesign
Remember-me by JaneEden'Tis the Season by SilverTop Happy Holidays by pranile Downy-frost by JestePhotography

christmas puppy by jaelise
    Raz by SecretPoet17 A Dog's Life by PinchOfPixelDust

Hosted by MyLovelyPet 

Patterns by Subtle Patterns | Fonts by Google Web Fonts
Layout & Code by pica-ae | Copyright 2012

A lot of people have asked me about cosplaying my princess dresses, but Chibirinoa is the first person to actually send me photos! :D AGHHGHJdfgd so pretty.


Anastasios Gionis is a digital sculptor and 3D modeler for the film industry. His work has been featured in films such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Cabin in the Woods, Land of the Lost, Hop, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

He also did character design for kids TV shows including As Told by GingerAll Grown UpSquirrel Boy, and Rocket Power.

Demon Soldier by Mavros-Thanatos
Bedside by Mavros-Thanatos
Figure In Doorway by Mavros-Thanatos

coneFace by Mavros-Thanatos      Hanging by Mavros-Thanatos

Room by Mavros-Thanatos
Dragonbat by Mavros-Thanatos
Demon Hound by Mavros-Thanatos
Demon Elite by Mavros-Thanatos

Crowned Alien by Mavros-Thanatos    Mohawk by Mavros-Thanatos    Painted Eyes by Mavros-Thanatos

The Cryer by Mavros-Thanatos
Tentacle Mouth by Mavros-Thanatos
Birdman by Mavros-ThanatosScavanger by Mavros-Thanatos
Quad Demon by Mavros-Thanatos
creatureBlackLagoon by Mavros-Thanatos
Werewolf by Mavros-Thanatos
Demoness by Mavros-Thanatos

Summoned by Mavros-Thanatos     Tentacle Alien by Mavros-Thanatos

Ground Caged by Mavros-ThanatosBeard Weird by Mavros-Thanatos

Atrocity Strapped by Mavros-Thanatos      Oracle by Mavros-Thanatos

Weeper by Mavros-Thanatos
tubeHead by Mavros-Thanatos
demonic halo by Mavros-Thanatos
Choke by Mavros-Thanatos
Cyclops by Mavros-Thanatos

Tall Troll by Mavros-Thanatos       Reptalien by Mavros-Thanatos

demonRun by Mavros-ThanatosPlated Demon by Mavros-Thanatos

Wheelchair Patient by Mavros-Thanatos      Atrocity 3 by Mavros-Thanatos

Thalidomide by Mavros-Thanatos
deathsHeadDemon by Mavros-Thanatos
Gemini by Mavros-Thanatos
Atrocity2 by Mavros-Thanatos
Bladez Poses by Mavros-Thanatos
floorTorment by Mavros-Thanatos

Finned Alien Creature by Mavros-Thanatos      Guard by Mavros-Thanatos

vampireCorpse by Mavros-Thanatos

Torment by Mavros-Thanatos     Patient2 by Mavros-Thanatos

Double3 by Mavros-Thanatos
Atrocity by Mavros-Thanatos
Spiked Demon by Mavros-Thanatos

Demon Sculpt Composite by Mavros-Thanatos      Bladez by Mavros-Thanatos

Bug Eyes by Mavros-Thanatos

[Update 11/5/15] - Thanks for your interest in the challenge. If you are doing this challenge be sure to use the tag: #30daywinterchallenge, so it's easier to find when browsing. Also, normal rules still apply when sending it to the collection.

Remember the 30 day challenge? There's a winter version. Its easy you just do a daily drawing with a winter theme. Of course, you don't have to draw everyday. Unless you really to want to take the challenge yourself. If you guys do draw, send the drawings here. I would like to see them.  I might even make a folder, if it catches on.

Here's the full list:…

Day 01 - sweaters
Day 02 - snowball fights
Day 03 - hot chocolate/hot drinks
Day 04 - books
Day 05 - ice skating
Day 06 - parkas/big jackets
Day 07 - sledding
Day 08 - snow angels
Day 09 - fireplace/candles
Day 10 - snowed in
Day 11 - quilts
Day 12 - mistletoe (or plain smoochies)
Day 13 - snowmen
Day 14 - hot baths
Day 15 - winter hats and mittens
Day 16 - shaking from the cold
Day 17 - snow shoveling
Day 18 - hibernate/sleep
Day 19 - cookies/cake/gingerbread
Day 20 - scarves
Day 21 - soup
Day 22 - huddle for warmth
Day 23 - sick
Day 24 - socks/boots
Day 25 - trade gifts/donate
Day 26 - foggy breaths
Day 27 - ski
Day 28 - knitting
Day 29 - power outage
Day 30 - sing loudly and/or obnoxiously
Day 31 - family/friend pictures

Enjoy & Happy Winter Days to come.
:snowflake: let it snow :snowflake: let it snow :snowflake: let it snow :snowflake:

Winter Tree by sleepheadMagic by SophibelleSleeping with ghosts by iTaylie
Somewhere in Time by DilekGencFragile Flame by DilekGencLost in Time... by DilekGenc
:thumb117490364::thumb139078013:frostbite IV by choco-latteXOXO
Winter Square by Teh-cHix0rWinter Fruit by HeatherWaller-RivetFoggy Day in the Park by jheintz21
Fandango by LutherBashForever winter by Dina-bv332 by voorikvergeet
Winter is season for children. by narvaSnowdon I by Jez92:thumb73566466:
Japanese Garden by pigarotSnow 'Hey Oh' by SweetChica19:thumb107526185:
tribute by criroxMy December by silent-waltztribute by crirox
footprints in the snow by fahrmboy:thumb106889873:in the snow by kuru93
:thumb113879887:winter day II by blue-aWinter tales by lostknightkg
wonderland by chpsaucewinter whispers II by JoannaRzeznikowskaHarry the Red-Nosed Polar Bear by MadeByRona
:thumb147360788:winter smoking .. by FttSniperTombe La Neige... by Khomenko
Snowy trees by ThierryVIt's snowin' blues by SlowFretboardDancerwinter whispers IV by JoannaRzeznikowska
winter whispers by JoannaRzeznikowska:thumb147371790:winter story by nayein
syrr_kamp_3 by gabLa vitesse possede by BenoitPaillewinter by Felis-Tigris
My December by silent-waltzMerry Fucking Christmas... by mongosansl
Winter 7 by bulllionlonely this christmas by RickHaigh:thumb147382409:
.tree.of.dreams. by candymax.snowflakes. by candymaxthrough the snow by photoflake
:thumb147355864::thumb147357386:exploration of December 11 by LuGiais
Winter Infrared by Dave-EllisJyyranjoki 3 by Joni76
:thumb147352865:dancing glitter by ashley711
Jyyranjoki by Joni76Snow Flake 2 by Alliec
Winter angel by Ruskatukkawinter stock 9 by FrantisekSpurny
Snowflakes2 by MaraDamian:thumb147366650:
In Winter by winter-fairy-taleSanta's house by wchild
Christmas by kiiw
Winter in my heart by LiliumLionSnowman Bob 2 by Eredel
Frozen rose by mv79brilliant drops. by M0THart
Winter by Juniii3Winter by CeskaSoda
Frozen Without You II by JoannaRzeznikowskasnow by 8lu3
December by psychotic-basterdIt is better to have loved by yudi80
Classical russian winter by doberman4ikrainbow vii by PatriciaD
-icestoned- by tynaS:thumb104744227:
Winter fairy tale by ChibasenkaFW. by ochira
:thumb74436770:voiages with bon-bons by optical-flare
Here comes winter... by NoseGrazet r u e  b l u e by islandtime
_pale as snow. by josefinejonssonphotoWinter Tale by Valcom2the
I love snow by LilKatieKatDecember's Splendor by aquapell
:thumb53181200:Snow in Stuttgart West by FinvaraWhite Christmas by shrekutza
let it snow - 3 by lovesplashwinter forest III by WilithinBleak Midwinter by Alex37
:thumb28797303:frigus by wredna:thumb80966828:
winter komm by igloolitaTrees in Snow by pnewberySplinter Inside Me by iristigerlily
NYC - Central Park by achfooGently Dead by boomer129.Just like heaven. by Endervald
On a cold day.. by ZanaSoulThe white street by StefanoBonazziwinter in the summer by WiciaQ



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 Infinity II by NiDiMe
the Path by DanNeamu
the space between... by kvnvk October Moon by Versatis the space between... by kvnvk
<da:thumb id="423341231"/> La Mer by MadGardens <da:thumb id="423341231"/>
Vapour by sycamores-and-cedars cloister spy by virtualgadjo Vapour by sycamores-and-cedars 
Falling leaves I by Ani-ko

Home AgainLocked doors.  "Sold" sign.  Broken window.

Reflets by peinturealuile
BlueMoon River by Anguis-IX piano lessons and self portrait by KizukiTamura BlueMoon River by Anguis-IX
Untitled by alisinwonder DOMESTIC STRANGER (edit) by chryssalis Untitled by alisinwonder
*Untitled by JFBAYLE

Mature Content

FreeFalling by HelloDearThomas
*Untitled by JFBAYLE 
Drama Series 10 by HelloDearThomas
double trio by wchild
004 by pyros __ by windrides 004 by pyros
Trees Of Life II by cameraflou Crevice by Einsilbig Trees Of Life II by cameraflou 
The Topograhy Of My Heart by crazyruthie Winter Dancer II by lostknightkg  The Topograhy Of My Heart by crazyruthie 
In the iron forest by arteandreas
Sign of the end by Quoriil
Hidden objects. by katiousa15 Melancholia by gelgezek Emperor by martaraff
Melancholia by gelgezek Emperor by martaraff CAPTURE... by chryssalis
Surprise Its A Grimm by arturasrozkovas CAPTURE... by chryssalis Murdered Dreams... by katiousa15
My Iron Lung by BlindEyeTwist
Zlogo by azieser
Moleskine No.01252014 by yagey without you i`m nothing. by lichtrefle-x Tom Hiddleston by Tuskface
without you i`m nothing. by lichtrefle-x Hope For 2014 by jojo22 The change is in my hands by Mheely
Hope For 2014 by jojo22 Moleskine No.01252014 by yagey knock...knock... by DanielGrzeszkiewicz
Leda by schachay
Flying Fish by catch---22
Beyond Return by ParallelDeviant .PP. by dasTOK Beyond Return by ParallelDeviant
... by lerui <da:thumb id="432061833"/> ... by lerui
Fracture by KizukiTamura a hell of my own making... by kvnvk Fracture by KizukiTamura 
journal 01 by kurkia
Arctiq by chromevanadium
Untitled by jonniedee One Way or Another by Tordo Untitled by jonniedee
Ton gout de framboise by JakezDaniel UNDERWATER HILL by puken Ton gout de framboise by JakezDaniel
13.035 by Cadiou Breath by AiniTolonen 13.035 by Cadiou 
Chains of Freedom by Canankk
Everything Is Broken by Trippy4U
Kiss Me! by tholang melancholic II by nen-lalaith Kiss Me! by tholang
Binaural by arctoa Redukt by Art2mys Binaural by arctoa
La Foret XXXIX by siamesesam <da:thumb id="421040115"/> La Foret XXXIX by siamesesam 
Winters Soul by DanStefan

My Good Side by VicEberly Night vision in Minor by AiniTolonen My Good Side by VicEberly
SpringOffering by lien Lament by Oer-Wout SpringOffering by lien
*** by karamelo-serenity Polar Navigation by hummbuzz *** by karamelo-serenity
open your eyes II by iram
Eternal Winter by Metal-Bender
R by iram the eye of the tumble drier by davespertine R by iram 
Chasing the Wind I by Epytafe  Chasing the Wind I by Epytafe 
the light that would fade by LostOneself Rue 7 by DasGhul the light that would fade by LostOneself 
Raven by luisbc
Nothing behind you, nothing in sight by myraincheck
The diary. (2014) by Netliya Time report (the world is very old) by Izaaaaa Nightglow by offermoord
Time report (the world is very old) by Izaaaaa Geometry by plusch Paraphrase by arteandreas
Geometry by plusch The diary. (2014) by Netliya Bosphorus Fishermen by Canankk
Acr37 by Campo-Diaz
Comme un arc tendu by amiejo
ne pas se retourner by veroklotz <da:thumb id="430768335"/> ne pas se retourner by veroklotz
escape or return by morgondotter 3011 by donmezerm escape or return by morgondotter 
Digital city by bwiti Old Time Fashion by jonniedee Digital city by bwiti
STEPS who swallowed the sun by R9A
Dezamblanzirea by AlexandrinaAna
Untitled 10-second portrait by lconverse the Frenchman by Ralu77 At the Window by LindelCaine
the Frenchman by Ralu77 through the void by R9A 

Mature Content

The Dark Scent by Birgit-Zartl-Art

through the void by R9A Untitled 10-second portrait by lconverse Inspiration by SheerHeart
Untitled by alisinwonder
Le mur du son by mimomon
Unrestrained Happy Dancing by MadGardens Der Winkel by feigenfrucht Blocks2 by DilanSarioglu
Der Winkel by feigenfrucht I feel fantastic by Birgit-Zartl-Art isolation by chriseastmids
I feel fantastic by Birgit-Zartl-Art Unrestrained Happy Dancing by MadGardens Ulises by Bibire
Angels by martaraff
harmonic thoughts by aerendial
The listener, who listens in the snow by mehrmeer Trunks by JillAuville Nothing Remarkable to Observe by ebbing-gale
Trunks by JillAuville Shades of Dawn by LindelCaine Ps159 by Campo-Diaz
Shades of Dawn by LindelCaine The listener, who listens in the snow by mehrmeer I_..OO.._I by RonnyEngelmann
Renard and Momotte by saperlipop
Shadows of a Broken HomeShe burned the last family photo. 
Bucket List by DianaVVolf
ID 2 by fantom125
deep mourning by augenweide L U N G S by aerendial deep mourning by augenweide
Raging Storm by WTek79 School stuff by Unique0Me Raging Storm by WTek79
Fade into darkness by lostknightkg Darker  Blue by sycamores-and-cedars Fade into darkness by lostknightkg
B by aanddraa
the grey and blue by NikolasBrummer
  kundalini's kiss by FabioKeiner A14 by keinziel kundalini's kiss by FabioKeiner
176 by ayla-es Awakening of a World by OlivierAccart 176 by ayla-es
Feeling Incomplete by Ragnar949 laceration by Greyguardian Feeling Incomplete by Ragnar949 

Run! by lomatic
 With a million Faces by MushroomBrain  
Hesitation. by CopperColour Bitches by Izaaaaa Hesitation. by CopperColour
Fantosa by a14onymus Navigator by dick-allowatt Fantosa by a14onymus 
Escape by Greyguardian
Through the Trees by Sartre442
<da:thumb id="429151574"/> Observatory by entropic-mysteries <da:thumb id="429151574"/>
Road to nothingness by VesnaSvesna 79 by farzadonline Road to nothingness by VesnaSvesna
Fish and Dreams by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS The World As We Don't Know It by undefinedreference Fish and Dreams by IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS 
eternity by CosmicKat
Depot by ForlornTreasures
Le grand bouquet by Malahicha We turn into children, with donkey tales and ears by anaPhenix Le grand bouquet by Malahicha
Hidden thoughts #6 by d-s-foto the sin X - the world - by devllaa Hidden thoughts #6 by d-s-foto
nightbricks.2 by jonesblachowicz <da:thumb id="429560875"/> nightbricks.2 by jonesblachowicz 
ice variation no.6 by laeksa-red
The Way We Were...Try To Remember by LUCILALEYLA
visionary by davespertine Tipping point by kingwen visionary by davespertine 
J by davespertine Surviving Underwater by HMissXX J by davespertine 
unfold by deadendsoul 15. Juni 2013 IV by Filterkaffee unfold by deadendsoul 
new sound - 'disowned' by potworow
slope by awjay
Wanderings by DpressedSoul holes (2) by ForrestBump Wanderings by DpressedSoul
St G by Megalithicmatt Agave Abstract 8 by joannakossak St G by Megalithicmatt 
Lick by freMDart holes (2) by ForrestBump Lick by freMDart 
More recent by cholifdown with the sickness by Andaelentari
Between Two Waters by partiallyHereLevitation. by TitusTidus

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