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Journals: smoke brushes

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i am happy to provide the first smoke brush of my package to you for free. The brush will work in Photoshop as well as in Affinity Photo. Please share the link in all possible community´s.  please read the license agreement carefully.…

#free #smoke #brush #photoshop #affinity #photo #affinityphoto

  • Mood: Relief
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  • Drinking: coffee
aaaaaaaaarghhh...It was harder than I thought but I did it!
I enjoyed making these brushes ,just loved the fact that it was hard to make. It gave me a challenge and now I know I can do this... Hopefully achieve bigger and better in the future.
  • Mood: Love
  • Watching: cartoons
  • Drinking: coffee
I've had tough week.... long hours at work, early mornings with my son and late Tv nights...
(how I manage to keep the house clean is even a mystery to me)
I enjoy a good cup of coffee and with that said...I also enjoy a good smoke(bad mommy :) ) So, for my next brushset : Real smoke brushes!
it will take me a while to complete this set so bare with me!
                         greetings from a choc- and beer loving Belgian named Helen :p
I need a smoke brush guys, and I need your help to find it. I need a smoke brush for Paint Tool Sai, not Photoshop. Use all your resources! Good luck and thank you!
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  • Playing: PORTAL 2 OMG
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  • Drinking: nuh uh
In this tutorial, I will show you how you can Create an Abstract Golden Circle with Smoke Brushset in Photoshop. This is a beginner level tutorial and should be quite easy to follow. Have a try :)

Along the way, we focus on introducing the use of custom brushsets and the free transform tool, as well as some selection and masking techniques.

Here is a preview of the final effect I have for this tutorial:

Hope you enjoy it :)
Preview-abstract_smoke_brushes This brushes pack contains 25 high quality photoshop brushes made with Photoshop CS4. The size of the brushes is aprox. 1200 pixels and the quality is the best you can get: *sharp edges; *smooth gradients.
This brushes are very useful for making wallpaper backgrounds, like the famous Vista wallpaper, or web headers, even on photo manipulations as fake smoke. Free for personal and commercial use. Enjoy! Read full article at site.
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