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Sonic was gone in a blue streak, this pathedic excuse of the fastest thing alive had me right on his ass. " can you go any slower?" I screamed, trying to raise my voice to where he can hear me over the sound of my jet shoes and the trees shaking from when we pass them. Sonic looked back at me and laughed, he seemed amused. We kept this speed up for bout a minute before sonic came to a complete stop in front of a small deformed brick wall. I stopped beside him. " the heck is this." I asked not foresure where it came from.

" it looks like it came from a building. Don't know where the rest of it is.. We should check this out, there seems to be a couple more ahead." Sonic said jumping over the small wall, with me behind him. We walked a few steps till we came upon another small deformed brick wall, it was a little bigger then the previous one. But was still broken down, I wondered a little further ahead of sonic when I noticed a half completed building, it resembled a hospital. I remember the location of it, in case we had to sleep there tonight. Sonic and me wondered around for about 5-6 hours, finding no living thing, hardly anything besides bricks laying on the ground, there seemed to be a few buildings that use to be here. We've found a few bones, resembling some humans. I had an unlease feeling about all this, something wasn't right. Me and sonic stayed quiet for a few hours, nothing seemed interesting to talk about. I killed the quit though, " so this is what you dragged me along for? This shit?" It's not as if I wasn't enjoying the time being out of the house, I just thought there'd be more excitement. Sonic seemed to ignore my question. So i asked, " are you even listening to me faker?" I was starting to get annoyed.

" yeah I'm listening, sorry I'm just trying to figure out what could've happened here. I mean we both seen the bones, there had to of been people living here, maybe people, maybe other things. I don't know but I want to. " sonic said looking through rubble, and broken down buildings. He seemed very determined to find something that ain't broken, that could lead to any clues. I tried to help, but I just didn't see the point. This is stupid, people die every day, who cares how they died. There gone, that's all there is too it. It was getting dark, faster then usual it seemed. " where are we going to sleep tonight shads?" Sonic asked setting down on the ground, he gave up.

" I don't know, I seen a building a few miles back, that hadn't been completely destroyed if you want to try there." I said, I tried to give him a little hope, that we might find something.

" okay, let's race then, I'll beat you there!" Sonic took off in a flash, I laughed, and was right on his ass again. We stayed like this for bout 10 minutes, until, I looked to my right in the darkest part of the forest that I've seen, and I seen something moving, I stopped. Sonic realized I wasn't behind him and stopped and ran to my side. "What's up Shads? Did you see something?" Sonic starred into the direction I was. I didn't say anything just kept starring, I lost the object. I couldn't see what I just saw. "shadow? Are in alive? Hello?" Sonic got in front of my view and waved his hands. " you alright bud? Looks like you've seen a ghost." Sonic laughed mockingly. " we've got to find that building before it gets too dark. Come'on" sonic said, pulling my arm in the direction of the building. I wonder what that was, whatever it was. It's gone now.

Me and sonic made it too the building, it was a hospital. No doubt about it, we went inside the crushed broken doors, with some struggle. When we made it inside, everything was destroyed. There was papers all over the ground, cords hanging from the ceiling and out of the walls, It was a sight to see. There seemed to be power in the building though, the cords were sparking. We started off walking through the lobby and we then agreed to stay on the bottom floor of it, so in case anything happened we could escape. " hey shadow, can we look through a few hospital rooms before we lay down? " sonic asked, looking hopeful. I shocked my head 'yes' and we walked through the first hallway, he opened a few doors to find nothing but empty beds. I opened the 5th door and to my surprise there was a human skeleton laying in the hospital bed. " oh god that's nasty! God bless." I couldn't stand the smell, it was awful.

" oh my god shadow, Is that a human Skelton?" Sonic asked lookin amused and surprised. He walked pasted me into the room, holding his noise. " oh my god, it's a person.. Why didn't he leave? Where is everyone else? Shadow what's going on here. Why would someone leave a body behind. When it was once living.." Sonic looked sad, I didn't know what to say honestly. I know people are sick, but this was just awful.

" I don't know sonic, and I really don't want to find out why someone would do that. Maybe this person was already dead and the other people escaped? I don't know, I guess that's why we are here to figure that out, yanno." That's all I could think to say. I pulled sonic out of the room and we decided to try and search for the main hospital computer room and to see if there's any information on it about anything that has happened.
Haven't you noticed by Night 2 and forward you see Foxy and Mangle in your hallway together ALOT? Well, 'cause their in love. So as Bonnie and Chica but let's focus on Foxy and Mangle. So, their story:

   Foxy, one of the old Anmatronics sadly replaced, but he haven't met HER yet. His appearance, a red pirate fox, with a hook, black eyepatch, brown torn up pants, damaged legs, and one arm, few holes, yellow eyes, light red stomach and jaw, missing one ear and some holes in him. Well, it looked like he had a broken jaw but he doesn't, just throwing that out. ANYWAYS Jeremy was on night 2, and we all know Foxy and Mangle join the game, well, if you played the game. Mangle, or before she was mangled by the kids known as Toy Foxy or Foxina, is in Kids cove. She is a white vixen with a visible endo-skeleton, yellow eyes, missing one eye, pink eye-shadow, jaw and chest, red rosy cheeks, hot pink bow tie, and red lip-stick. She did have a extra endo skeleton head, I'll like to call it Endo-Peto in this story, and she always climbed the wall and ceilings. The lights just went off and the clock hit to 12:00. Mangle was just about to move when the camera saw her. "Ug! I wish I could just rip that camera off!" Mangle thought. Then the camera went off. "Yes!" Mangle said. She tried to not make to much noise but she always did. Mangle moved to the Prize Corner.
 "I'll show those mateys who's captain!" Foxy said. "Be careful out their. You know that Jeremy knows your weakness." Freddy, a brown bear with blue eyes, one we black, black bow tie and buttons, black top-hat and a few holes warned Foxy. "Ye right like he's be like Vinny!" Foxy hissed. Freddy looked at the faceless bunny known as Bonnie, purple bunny with lighter purple stomach, black buttons, red bow tie, damaged hand and missing arm, damaged feet, huge holes and obviously has no face. They both shrugged and watched Foxy walk out of the Parts & Service.
 Jeremy didn't really keep an eye on Mangle so, she moved to the hallway. It made ALOT of noise.
   Foxy heard the noise, it was loud. He twitched his ears and growled. He'd was gonna get ready to attack the person who was making that noise. If it was Toy Bonnie, light blue bunny with a lighter blue chest and mouth, green eyes, purple eye-shadow, red cheeks, and a red bow-tie, she'd have no face. Foxy and Toy Bonnie where worst arch enemies ever. One reason since why Foxy's best friend had no face.
 "I hate being torn up!" Mangle hissed.
 Foxy heard Mangle's voice, it sounded like Toy Chica's but a bit higher. "Toy Chica?" Foxy asked.
  "I'm not Toy Chica!" Mangle yelled. Foxy jumped into the hallway and saw Mangle.
 Mangle lost her grip from the wall and fell. "You okay?" Foxy asked. He reached his hand out to help Mangle to get up. "Yeah, thanks." Mangle said grabbing his hand and brushing the dirt off of her. "No problem matey!" Foxy said smiling. He had white fangs and gold teeth but some where missing. Their eyes met. They kinda blushed. "My names Mangle." Mangle said putting her hands on her back. "Me names Foxy." Foxy said scratching the back of his neck. "Kids use to call me Toy Foxy." Mangle said. Foxy looked surprised. "What?" Mangle asked. "No one told me that their be a toy foxy?!" Foxy yelled a bit surprised. "Are here to replace me?!" Foxy hissed at Mangle. "No! I'm not like the others who run things in people's face!" Mangle hissed back. "We'll just stay away you mangled ugly looking fox!" Foxy comeback. Mangle's ears went down and it looked like she was just about to cry. "I will." Mangle said silently. She walked away to Kids Cove. Foxy looked guilty, sad, and kinda heart-broken. "What kinda captain are ya!?" Foxy hissed to himself.
  Mangle was in the corner of Kids Cove, her feeling were broken, from the memory how Foxy called her 'Mangled ugly fox' how the kids called her that. "What's wrong?" Her endo skeleton head asked, known as Endo-Peto. "Nothing.." Mangle said trying not to cry. "C'mon! I see in your eyes your about to cry." Endo-peto said. Mangle couldn't take it but cry and put her face in her hands. "F-F-Fo-x-x-y c-c-ca-lled m-me n-na-ames." Mangle said crying. "Who's this 'Foxy?'" Endo-Peto asked. "Wh-who I-I repl-la-a-ced." Mangle said.
   Foxy tried to follow Mangle's tracks. "Mangle?" Foxy yelled. He noticed that he was at the Dining Area. "Mangle?" He yelled out again. He went to the Prize Corner and heard sobbing noises that sounded like Mangle. "Mangle!" He said running to Kids Cove. He saw Mangle turned to the wall like if someone had send her in the time-out corner. "Mangle?" He said but quietly this time. He bent over to Mangle and put his arm on her shoulders. Mangle shrugged, not like if like if didn't know something but so Foxy would stop laying his arm on her shoulder. Foxy looked down thinking what he've done. "What?" Mangle asked but her head still looking at the corner. "I'm sorry what I've done last time." Foxy said. "Sorry is just a word!" Mangle hissed still crying. Foxy got up and looked sad. "Yep," he said near the exit of Kids Cove. "It's just a word.." Foxy said walking away. Mangle watched Foxy walk away still crying. Foxy went in Parts & Service and looked just like Mangle, about to cry. "What's wrong Foxy?" Chica, a yellow chicken with purple eyes, open jaw and 3 pairs of teeth, missing arms and holes in her asked tilting her head. "Mangle.." Foxy said looking down. "Who?" Chica asked. "Mangle. My replacement." Foxy sighed. "Was she making fun of you?" Chica asked. "The toys are retorted." Freddy said looking mad. "No I'm retorted!" Foxy hissed. Her turned around and hit the wall. "What happened?" Chica asked walking up to Foxy putting some of her arm around his shoulder. "I don't wanna talk about it." Foxy said. "C'mon Foxy. It feels better when you-" "I DONT WANNA TALK ABOUT IT OKAY?!" Foxy hissed turned around and Chica fell on the floor. Foxy's first tear came down. "What have I become?" Foxy thought. He saw all them staring at him with narrowed eyes and Chica was scared of him.  It became 6:00 and all of the Anmatronics went back to their places. They say past and it turned to 12:00. Foxy was walking near the stage when he saw their was a fresh rose stuck on the door. Foxy lifted one eyebrow up and walked to the door. He opened the door and picked up the rose. "Mangle." The name he thought when he picked it up. He put it in one of his pockets in his pants.
  Mangle went to the Prize corner. She've forgotten about everything that happened last night. She went to the stage. She felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around. "Mangle?" Foxy asked. "Foxy.." Mangle said Palm facing herself. "Hey, I'm sorry what happened last night." Foxy said scratching the back of his neck again. "Hph!" Mangle said crossing her arms and turning away from Foxy. Foxy tapped her shoulder again. "What?!" Mangle hissed turning around violently. Foxy took the rose out of his pocket and held it to Mangle. Mangle looked surprised and took the rose. "No one gave me something so beautiful.." Mangle silently said petting the rose. She looked at Foxy. "Oh! It's ok." Mangle said. "No one gave you something beautiful?" Foxy asked looking at Mangle confused. "No one gave me anything really." Mangle said. Foxy's eyes went big. "They give me nothing but getting mangled everyday and getting uglier everyday." Mangle said. She accidentally dropped the rose. "Oops!" Mangle said kneeling down to get it. But Foxy picked it up first. "Where'd it go?" Mangle asked feeling the floor with her hands. She got up again and saw the rose in Foxy's hand. "I think your nothing to ugly." Foxy said. He put the rose on Mangle's head. Mangle hugged Foxy. They both blushed. Mangle stopped hugging Foxy. "Well, see ya later." Foxy said waving bye to Mangle away. "Bye!" Mangle said waving back walking slowly. She grabbed the rose from her head and held it gently in her hand. "Wow." She said. "Wow.." She said putting the rose on her again. She ran to Kids Cove.
 Foxy went in Parts & Service and saw Chica waiting for him at the door. "Hey Chica!" Foxy said happy. Foxy and Chica are boyfriend and girlfriend. He saw Chica with narrowed eyes, crossed arms and tapping her finger on her arm. "Chica?" Foxy asked. "What were you doing with Mangle?" Chica asked with an upset voice. "Umm..." Foxy said. His eyes were wide trying to avoid eye-contact with Chica. Chica punched Foxy in the chest so he could look at her. "You weren't flirting with Mangle were you?" Chica asked. Foxy looked nervous at Chica. "Well?" Chica said tapping her finger on her arm harder. "Chica?" Foxy said looking down. Chica raised one eyebrow but she still had narrow eye-brows. "Look, I think I love Mangle.." Foxy said. "That, I was expecting!" Chica hissed. She didn't have any crossed hands, she slapped Foxy in the face, she stormed away with her hands in fists. Foxy put one hand on his cheek. It hit to 12:00 again. He met Mangle at the hallway. "Hey Foxy?" Mangle asked. "Mangle?" Foxy asked to. "Yes?" Mangle said. "D-do you wanna be partners?" Foxy asked. "Sure." Mangle said. "This time, let's kill the guard." Mangle said. Foxy nodded. They both head their way to the hallway. "Oh c'mon!" Jeremy hissed. He grabbed his flashlight and turned the light on and off at Foxy. Foxy disappeared, so as Mangle. Mangle went to a Party Room. "Good." Jeremy said. Few minutes past and Foxy went in the hallway again. Jeremy growled. He grabbed his flashlight but before he could flash it at Foxy, Mangle attacked him. "Good job." Foxy said. "Thanks." Mangle said dragging Jeremy on the floor. They threw him in the trash. They looked at the clock. "Oh it's 6:00." Mangle said. "See ya later." Foxy said. Mangle kissed Foxy on the cheek. "See ya captain!" Mangle said running to Kids Cove. Foxy blushed a lot. He went in Parts & Service. Foxy grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote a letter to Mangle. The day past quickly. Before Mangle could see him at the hallway, Foxy ran to her in Kids Cove. "Whoa! Calm down speedy consoles!" Mangle said. "Sorry!" Foxy said puffing. He handed Mangle the note. "What's this?" Mangle asked grabbing the paper. "For you." Foxy said. She read it out loud. This is what it said: Dear Mangle, Well, that first day I've lied my eyes on you, you've swept me off the ground. I'm not sure if you feel the same about me but, me and Chica are through, so, I wanna be partners still, but, romantically. ~Sincerely, Your favorite captain, Foxy. Mangle looked shocked. Foxy looked as embarrassed  as anything, even more when he asked Chica if they wanted to date, but that was a long time ago. Mangle placed the note on the table and looked at Foxy. "Yeah, I know it's a bit words but-" Mangle cut him off by kissing him. First Foxy wasn't expecting that but then he fell in the kiss. They stopped kissing. "Yes." Mangle said looking at Foxy.

And they lived the happiest life ever together. The end. *bows down*
Belong to: Sophia2005
Coming up with a Bonnie x Chica.
This day has been extremely weird. I don't know what to think about everything sonic has told me, was it true. I wonder how my life was before this had happened. I need to get up out of this bed and get ready, sonic said he was going to come get me soon. He wasn't very specific on what he wanted to do though.

After a few minutes I was finished washing up and was patiently waiting for him to arrive. Not too long after that, a knock came from the outside of my apartment. " hey shadow " sonic said smiling happily at me, he leaned in a gave me a light kiss. " are you ready sweetheart?" Sonic asked me giving me a tender hug. " yes I believe so, but where are we going?" Ever since my memory lost I've always wanted to know specifically where I'm going and what I'll be doing, just seems like the right thing to do. " well shadow, an emergency has came up, but tails won't tell me. He said he has talked to the president and he wants us to come there so he can talk to us in person. Is that okay babe?" Sonic asked grabbing my hand leading me outside and down the stairs. " yes I guess." I honestly had no idea what he was talking about but he's been taking care of me for the past few months, he's the only one I can rely on.

" hey tails!" Sonic yelled slamming the door opened excited to see his little brother. " hey sonic! Hey shadow, how have you been? Any memory gain?" The little 2 tailed fox asked smiling in my direction. " no not really I can barley remember yesterday." I said jokingly. " so what'd you want to see us about tails?" Sonic asked setting on the couch leading me next to him. Tails paused and sat down across from them on his chair, he looked at us for a few seconds before he started talking. " well, I know that you remember sonic, about the experiments that you guys found on the island. Well it seems the disease they had has been spreading air born through town after town, people are getting sick, and there starting to die and come back to life, they've been killing an outrageous amount of people. The president and G.U.N has been exterminating all the infected people, I don't know how else to explain this but the town is getting destroyed in the next few days. The president told me, because he wants us to escape as soon as we can, the president needs us alive. " sonic and I was in complete shock. " does anyone else know? " I asked, tails shook his head. It was an honor that the president would want us to survivor but how did the disease spread so quickly. Sonic read my mind apparently cause he asked tails the same question, " how did it spread so quickly tails?" Tails pulled out his computer and started typing stuff, he shortly said " well when I was searching for you two on the island, this signal came from under grown and it was a signal coming from scrouge, and the same signal had started again. I believe scrouge is behind this. I think he is trying to kill off the world, he knows that the only person that can survive this besides himself, is shadow. " tails said closing his computer and starring down at his feet. " you really believe that? " sonic asked, " what can we do to stop him? I won't let him take shadow from me again tails." Sonic seemed very upset. He had tears forming in his eyes. Tails looked at sonic, he didn't speak for a few minutes. " well I don't know honestly, the president has it under control as of now ... " sonic stood up, " under control!? He's killing everyone!" Suddenly tails phone started ringing, " hello? Yes mr.president... Now? Okay. " he closed his phone an looked at us, " the president is sending a helicopter for us now. Pack your things. " sonic grabbed me hand and pulled me outside. " shadow we can't go with them." I looked at him strangely, " why sonic?"

Sonic grabbed my shoulders and pulled my ear to his mouth, " I've got the disease, they'll kill me Shadow. "

I didn't have the slightest clue on what I should do, nothing seemed right, how was he infected why hasn't he changed already? Me and sonic wondered off into the forest, he was silent. We just kept walking straight. I didn't know where he was leading us too but as long as I was with him, it didn't matter.

" shadow, I know that once I die you'll have to kill me, id rather you kill me then anyone else. I just don't want to leave you alone on this terrible earth, people want to harm you too much. You've got to straighten up and realize that you need to be tough! You need to grow some balls and stand up for your self. You've gone soft, I remember when you was a bad ass and hated everyone who tried to talk to you and you'd kick there ass and usually kill someone if they'd fuck with you. Shadow when I'm gone, I won't be here to protect you. " I was scared, I never heard sonic talk to me like that. It broke my heart. I have gone soft, but if I was like that before then why did I get capture and why did I let scrouge take my memory. " shadow you'll have to go with tails, I can't. I'm too sick, I could turn at any minute. I don't want to hurt you.. " I looked at sonic, I kissed him on the cheek. " I ain't leaving you sonic, I'll stay by your side till its time." We layed in the forest against a tree for what felt like forever. It took almost 2 days for the time to come .. I had a knife beside me, wating. The 2nd morning I woke up, I looked down at sonic and gave him a kiss on the forehead, I laid back against the tree and starred up at the sky where jets where flying around, I guess it's almost time for them to distroy this town.. There was something weird, a noise coming from some where, I looked around, I realized it was coming from below me. I looked towards sonic, he twisted his head around towards me. His eyes were dark blue and there was foam coming from his mouth, I started crying, it was time. I took the knife beside me and slowly pushed it into the side of his head into the tissue and into his brain. He slowly went limp, I dropped his lifeless body on the ground, and ran. Ran as fast as I could ...

There was an explosion.
I don't know where I am, or why I'm still alive. Everything seems to be disappearing from around me, I don't understand .. Where am I, who am I, where did I come from. I can see the light, but who is carrying me towards it. I can't see, it's getting darker, where am I ...

" oh, ugh." I slowly lifted my head up from a coushin, everything was bright, it was a beautiful home, very decorative. I looked around, trying to figure out where I am. I heard foot steps coming towards me.

" Shadow? Oh my god think Jesus your okay." A blue hedgehog said hugging me.

" w-who are you? Where am I? Who am I? What's going on! Explain yourself mister!" I screamed, where am I, who is this weird person hugging me! He looked shocked.. He looks sad. What's wrong with him? " mister? What's wrong with you?" He started crying. I hugged him, not knowing what else to do.

" you don't remember me? Oh my god you don't remember me." He cried heavily. I just sat there hugging him. " was I suppose to remember you? I don't understand mister, who are you? Explain please." I asked. The blue one looked up at me with tears strolling down his face. " I'm sonic, sonic the hedgehog. Your name is shadow, your also a hedgehog. A few weeks ago me and you went to unknown island in the middle of the sea, I know you don't remember but there was something mysterious going on there, and we found out that a hedgehog named scrouge was controlling people and killing them and some how bringing them back to life, and scrouge needed you to test on, cause your the ultimate life form, he knew you wouldn't die, and I was too late to save you shadow, I was too late... " sonic kept crying, kept on, and kept on.. He looked up at me again, " im so sorry shadow, he erased your memory with the experiment and you cant remember who I am, or who you are.  " I was shocked, how could something like this happen, is this sonic boy lieing to me. " look sonic, I don't know what your talking about but I want to leave. " I was furious, why would this boy being lieing to me, I've never seen him before in my life! I stood up walking towards the door, he stepped out in front of me and grabbed my shoulders. " you can't leave shadow, trust me, you need to stay here and rest, maybe your memory will come back.. I need you shadow. I love you." Sonic hugged me in a tight squeeze, it felt .. It felt good. It felt right, but that doesn't mean he ain't lieing to me, I don't know him. I can't trust him. I listened to him and layed back on the couch, I'll plan out my escape soon.

Later that night sonic was sleeping on the couch across from the one I was in, I slowly got up and walked quietly to the door. I opened it, there was white stuff covering the ground, and it was freezing! But I stepped out and started to walk towards the woods near the house I was asleep in, trying to get cover in case the blue hedgehog woke up. I've been walking for bout an hour now, I don't know where I'm going but I need to figure out what had happened and who i am.. This doesn't make sense.. Who's that? " hey shadow!" A bat looking girl said flying towards me. " um hello. Do I know you?" I asked, she looked surprised " yeah, I'm your bestfriend, Rouge!" She screamed, " well sorry I don't remember you, apparently I've lost my memory according to that blue hedgehog." Rouge didn't say anything else she flew off into the direction of sonics. I knew I had messed up then. Now they'll be looking for me, I took off, I soon realized my shoes were skating shoes and it help a lot for me to get further away.

I traveled for bout an hour till I came across a few people on the road they seemed interested in me, but I lowered my head and continued to walk. I had no where to go, I started to walk through the alley across from a park. I can't believe this is happe-

" what the fuck" I said being pushed against the brick wall. A man was starring at me. " hey sweet thang." He said in a deep voice " what do you want?" I was confused, did he know me? Before I could ask anything else he threw me on the ground and jumped on me, he held my throat, I could barely breathe. He spread my legs, I knew what he was trying to do. I kicked him off of me and started to run towards the park. I heard the man grunt and I toward back towards him, there was the blue hedgehog who called himself sonic, shit he'll try to take me back to the house with him. I started to run again and somehow sonic had gotten in front of me in a flash. " shadow, you need to come back with me. Now " he said starring down into my eyes with a fierce power. " no, I don't know you! Please leave me alone!" I screamed and shoved his shoulders trying to push him away. He grabbed me and threw me against a tree, why am I being thrown around by these strangers?

" listen shadow. I expressed my feelings for you when we were trapped in that damn hospital, if it wasn't for tails coming to rescue us I don't think either of us would be alive today. You might be the ultimate life form but without common sense you'd die sufferingly. I love you shadow, I thought we'd be dating by now, I want you in my life and I want to help you remember all the things that me and you have been through. Please trust me. " he laid his head on my shoulder and released me from his grip, I hugged him and he hugged me back. I seen it in his eyes, he's telling the truth ... But i don't understand... Why did this happen to me, who was this scrouge guy...
Recently it has been growing
This awful
Pitiful feeling in my chest
I want her gone.
She does nothing but belittle me
And annoy me
And just being around her gives me a sick taste In my mouth
She's been rude, hostile and unforgiving to my friend
And she's at the very core of everything gone terribly wrong in my life.
Before I might have had a connection to her
Before I might have cared about and loved her dearly as if she were my own blood.
She meant everything to me In my tiny box of a world
But now I honestly find it hard to remember why I wanted her to stay so badly.
Why was I so broken by someone who when they returned had no idea that they had even caused any damage?
Why should I forgive that?
How could I?
She says she cares
She says she'll stay no matter what darkness I may have.
It hurts so badly because I don't know what to believe.
If she cares about me so much..
Why does she make me feel unimportant?
Like what I say is always wrong or lesser when compared to what she has?
Why does she bark and yell and act horribly towards the only person I know who actually DOES care?
I don't even need her
Yes I've had fun with her and there's been much that we've done that's always been together.
But really...
The only reason I was so desperate to have her back is because I was so lonely..
I had no one I could turn to while she had so many..
Why didn't I just talk to him sooner?
Why am I so scared to be close to anyone else?
I was lonely
There was no one else
There was only ever her
And I had grown so used to her being there that when she wasn't I became so lost in my own shadow that I just so desperately wanted back that very same light from before.
When I could have so easily reached for a better one
When I could have so easily learned to live without light.. Perhaps take the time in darkness to rest..
But no.
I had to drag her back.
I had to have the same feeling I had when she was near.
That feeling is already gone.
Replaced by this nagging, gnawing pain in my chest.
I want her gone.
She doesn't deserve my forgiveness

I want to do the exact same thing that she did to me.

But when I say that.
I can't possibly go through with it.
Because it hurt so badly
I was so lonely
I felt so abandoned
I felt so sick
And I blamed myself
I can't put someone through that
Not even if they deserve it
Not even if karma demands it

I need something to happen
I need a reason to leave
I need to learn how to let go
I need to learn how to be selfish
If I can't have these things then I can't ever go through with it.
End of Results