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He has a depressing personality, due to his childhood.He seems to be a pushover a lot.He will always do whatever any one says, unless it has something to do with losing his husband or hurting children.His friends are Springtrap,Purple Freddy,Shadow Freddy,Nightmare,Fredbear,SplashHeart (in roleplays),Marionette, the souls, and almost all children that comes across him.In roleplays (usually with :iconfnafgildathegriffin: ) He is usually embarassed easily, usually because Shafred is always acting like a big douchebag when he is in roleplays with SplashHeart in them (because that is his personality in the crossover universe of :iconfnafgildathegriffin: and I).

The reason I have made this journal is because of Shafred.His conflicting attitudes in roleplays. In my universe, he is a nice guy, (disregarding the fact that he likes to scare the souls), but in one or two roleplays that :iconeyelesskittylover: and I did, he was defending Shabon, but also teasing him a bit for being obsessed with Pokèmon cards (he likes Pokèmon too, but not as much as Shabon XD).But in every single roleplay I have done with :iconfnafgildathegriffin: he was a total bastard to everybody, (except for that one roleplay with Willow XD). The weird thing was, I was controlling him in all the roleplays XD.
Now on with the personality: (in my universe) He's an alright guy. He does like to scare the souls though...which Shabon hates.

Purple Freddy: He is still new to my universe, and I am coming up with a permanent personality for him.
So far he has a silly,playful personality, unlike a normal shadow.He loves Shafred, and he is always trying to hit on him XD
Shafred usually gets annoyed by this though, but sometimes finds it extremely silly.

I will update more when I have the chance.
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