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Who doesn't like talking about shipping. Which ones work, which ones don't, which ones you like, and which ones you don't. Or you just like trolling the fanboys. Anyway a few days ago, I made a top 10 favorite ships/OTPs. Now your probably wondering, would I have changed anything? Well other than replacing Default Robin X Lucina with Ricken X Nowi I wouldn't really change much. I still stand by my opinions and care not for the naysayers.

Okay now let's talk about my standards for a good ship. 1 the characters should at least have the means to start a relationship. If one character is in another world or universe or if their dead, then we might have a problem here.

2 the characters must have at least a passive relationship with one another. If they are enemies or have never met, then that might be a problem.

3 the characters must have chemistry or meaningful interactions. In terms of chemistry you could say that characters with similar interest and desires or if their personalities just work well with each other then you could say that they have good chemistry.

A good example of this is Batman and Cat woman. While Cat woman has a more playful and flirtatious personality, and Batman has a more threatening and serious personality, they still both have strong Seneca of justice and are willing to break the law to bring justice to the world (Cat woman to a lesser extent though).

A bad example is Shadow X Rouge. Their personalities don't work together at all, they both have completely different motives, and any interactions they may have had are off set by the fact that Rouge is flirtatious with everyone (what a skank) and Shadow only cares for himself (and is rather asexual if you take into the fact that he was a creation).

With games like Fire emblem or any other dating sim you could think of, it allows you to mix and match the characters and see their interactions and judge their potential for a relationship (I love big words). With the aforementioned Ricken X Nowi, their interactions just seem really genuine, just like young child like characters would. And before you say it's pedophilia, Spike X Rarity SUCK IT.

That also brings up another topic, the age dynamic. The characters ages don't exactly matter. If they can meaningfully emote and are capable of romantic interest then it doesn't entirely matter. But with Sparity, no matter how old Spike appears he is still portrayed as a child, while Rarity is an adult with standards. Either way, it's almost a 10 year age difference. "But Drem!" You might say. "With Ricken and Nowi, it's almost 986 between them, you hypocrite"!

First off, yes their is a huge age difference between them, but the reason why it works is because Nowi was always portrayed as a little girl, while Ricken is a little boy. Not only that, but their personalities also work well together, Their both young children who have been thrust into a freaking war and are barely taken seriously do to their age (Also their interactions are so adorable /)^w^(\).

Now that brings us to my personal OTP Yutaka X Minami. Not only do they have meaningful interactions, not only do their personalities work well together, not only do they look adorable together, but the characters in the show ship the for crying out loud!

If your ship doesn't at least meet 1, of theses standards, then it probably sucks.

I await your hate, I mean opinions in the comments below.

I'm Dr.Drem and TwiDash is worst mane six ship!

Stay Smexy /)
Being that this is the FOURTH thing I'm posting under that title 👆 i should finally give some info on the two. Basically, the two started as RP characters, Descole being mine, and Shadow being the character of a very good friend of mine. We RP'd with the characters so much that, well, A lot of my art became centered around the two. In the RP's, these two are a very close kind of couple, so I am keeping that aspect about them, as well as their personalities, and many forms. I've started writing a story about them, in a chapter kind of format, so that'll be up eventually, with more detail. ( also, PS, Vore is involved, if your not a fan of that, caution)
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