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( I need to get more organized ) 


Freddy Fazbear: 
Nicknames: Freddy, Fazbear
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Personality: Freddy is bossy, but intelligent. He has a short temper and doesn't mind kids, but he snaps when they start coming close to him. He considers himself to be the oldest out of all of them, and the most important. Freddy is usually really negative, but he can be caring when the time comes to it. 
Relationships: He absolutely hates Toy Freddy. Freddy mainly ignores Foxy, but considers Bonnie and Chica as his younger siblings. Sometimes they can get on his nerves, but other times he'll be there for them. Freddy has mixed feelings towards Golden Freddy and the other Toy anamitronics. He doesn't have a crush on anyone. 
Extra info: Don't steal his hat.

Bonnie the Bunny:
Nicknames: Bonnie, Rabbit
Gender: Male 
Age: 24
Personality: Bonnie is usually quiet. He can come off as mean and uncaring to most people that has met him. Bonnie can be really sarcastic at times. Bonnie is actually doesn't react a lot to negative comments about himself, and usually shrugs it off. Bonnie is scared really easily, like by bugs and a random loud noise
Relationships: Bonnie despises his Toy counterpart. He looks up to Freddy, though he also likes to get on his nerves and steal his hat. Bonnie knows of Shadow Bonnie's existence, but doesn't really know what to say about it. He thinks of Foxy and Toy Chica as annoying. Bonnie is really creeped out by Golden Freddy and literally is on edge whenever he is in the room. He has a crush on Chica. 
Extra info: He is way too overprotective of his guitar.

Chica the Chicken
Nicknames: Chica, Chicken
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Chica has a really bubbly personality. She can be really naive at times, and can be a bit too clueless about what's going on. She loves to cook and make pizza! Chica is really stubborn and doesn't like it when everyone is keeping things from her.
Relationships: Chica gets along quite well with Toy Chica. She considers Freddy and Bonnie to be her older brothers. She wants to be Foxy's friend, but she would usually get shut out in the end. She also wants to be friends with Golden Freddy but she would usually never see him around. Chica doesn't mind the Toy anamitronics at all, since they seem nice to her. 
Extra info: She's the youngest out of the four(five counting Golden Freddy).

Foxy the Pirate Fox
Nicknames: Captain (Why is this already making me sad), Foxy, Fox
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Personality: He likes to tell stories about "the good old days" and entertain everyone in general. He adores kids and loves to make them laugh. He gets on most of the anamitronic's nerves with his pirate talk, and that just really makes him sad. To the point where he basically closed himself off from all of them entirely. This grew worse and worse, to the point where he wouldn't talk to them at all.
Relationships: He admires Bonnie and Freddy, and thinks of Chica as his little sister. Even if he doesn't want to talk to her at all, he promises himself he would protect her when she needed it. He's a-okay with Mangle, and feels bad for her too. As for the rest of the toy anamitronics, eh, he's not really a big fan of them. He likes to call BB his "first mate", and Foxy's the only anamitronic who doesn't think of BB as annoying. (lol poor BB)
Extra info: He caused the bite of '87. A small girl ran into the Parts and Service room, remembering her father telling her about the broken down Fox Pirate in there. A security guard saw her, and went after her to stop her.

Golden Freddy
Nicknames: Goldie
Gender: Male
Age: 29 (he's older than Freddy by a few months -w-) 
Personality: He is very closed off and doesn't like to talk to anyone. He is very intelligent. Goldie is usually no where the be found by anyone, and he has come to accept the fact that he is passed off as a hallucination by the security guards. Goldie is patient and calm most of the time. 
Relationships: Goldie feels bad for the Marionette. He thinks of Freddy and Toy Freddy as younger, annoying brothers. He actually thinks that everyone is scared of him, so he usually would avoid anyone else. He would talk to Freddy/Toy Freddy/the Marionette from time to time, but that's basically it. 
Extra info: He calls everyone by their last name, abbreviations of their name, or by what animal they are. (Examples: He calls Freddy "Fazbear". He calls Toy Freddy "TF". He calls Bonnie "Rabbit".) 

FNaF 2

Toy Freddy
Nicknames: TF, Freddi
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Personality: Toy Freddy is really positive and almost the exact opposite of his counterpart. He absolutely loves kids. Toy Freddy is really loud and happy most of the time. He's honestly the one everyone goes to with their problems, though he honestly doesn't mind that at all.
Relationships: Toy Freddy thinks of Freddy as his friend, and is absolutely oblivious to the fact that Freddy hates him. He doesn't exactly mind BB, but thinks of Marionette as another friend. He thinks Toy Chica, Toy Bonnie, and Mangle as his younger siblings. He thinks that Old Bonnie is creepy because he doesn't have a face. 
Extra info: -

Toy Bonnie
Nicknames: Bon Bon, TB
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Personality: Toy Bonnie is really arrogant and stuck up as hell. He thinks he's the most important anamitronic alive. Toy Bonnie loves kids, and he gets really happy and jumpy when they ask him to play a song on his guitar. Toy Bonnie can get serious sometimes, but most of the time he just likes to brag. 
Relationships: Toy Bonnie likes to think of Toy Chica as a younger sister. He knows of Bonnie's crush on Chica, and likes to blackmail him with that information. Toy Bonnie thinks his counterpart is stupid and likes to make fun of him a lot. He usually shrugs Mangle off, and never really talks to her at all. He describes the Marionette as creepy. 
Extra info: His greatest secret is that he's a Swiftie (i had to I'm sorry)

Toy Chica
Nicknames: Chiki, Chika, TC 
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Personality: Toy Chica is usually really innocent and naive like her counterpart. She wants to pretend that she's older, and hates the fact that she's so young. She likes to dress in outrageous clothing, just to prove that she's an adult. 
Relationships: Toy Chica's best friend is Chica, to be honest. She doesn't like the Marionette, and thinks of Mangle and Toy Freddy as her friends. She thinks that Toy Bonnie can get annoying sometimes, but she still cares about him. The old anamitronics creep her out. 
Extra info: She gets really sensitive and upset when anyone mentions that she's missing her beak and eyes. 

The Mangle
Nicknames: Mangle, Toy Foxy, Vixen 
Gender: Female (sorry anyone who thinks Mangle's a male) 
Age: 17
Personality: Mangle used to be really bubbly and energetic. She would help anyone who was in need and overall a really good person. After the kids started to dismantle her and everything, she grew depressed and sensitive. She hates it when people asks if she needs help getting around. She got used to this soon after, but she still felt broken on the inside. She never really forgave kids, and now she honestly hates them. 
Relationships: She really loves Toy Freddy and Toy Chica, since they are the only ones who would want to be her friend after the kids happened. Whenever she sees Foxy, she is just reminded of her own state and grows really sad. She wants to be friends with Toy Bonnie, but he usually ignores her. 
Extra info: -

The Puppet
Nicknames: Marionette, Puppet, Mari
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Personality: Marionette is usually really sleepy and drowsy during the day. He usually likes to stay in his box all day while listening to his music, to the point where the Toy anamitronics have to force him out of his box and walk around the pizzeria. He acts really goofy and like a clown if he's not sleepy or in his box. 
Relationships: He wants to hang out with the Toy anamitronics, but is afraid of what they will think of him. He likes to listen to BB talk when he's outside of his box, just so that he won't have to be alone. 
Extra info: When he wears his mask, 6th child has control over him and this causes his personality to change completely, to deranged and evil. 

Balloon Boy
Nicknames: BB, First mate, Boy 
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Personality: A reaal troublemaker. He likes to prank people a lot and laughs at anyone's pain. 
Relationships: He likes to go along with Foxy's idea of being a pirate, and calls Foxy "captain". He is well aware that he's annoying to all of the other anamitronics, but that doesn't really faze him. He talks to Marionette a lot for some reason, since Marionette doesn't think of him as annoying.
Extra info: He'll cry if you steal his balloons 

Security Guards

Mike Schmidt
Nicknames: Mikey, Schmidt, Miku(lol) 
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Personality: Mike loves excitement and adventure. He always grew up watching and reading about adventure and has always loved the thriller genre. He got the job for the thrill of it. He isn't exactly right in the head, and was diagnosed with psychosis as a kid. He always believed that the disease already left his head, but it still is there. The pizzeria started to make him hallucinate even more. Mike never really went to the pizzeria as a kid, so the job was a new adventure to him.
Relationships: Mike loves to scare Jeremy and get on Fritz's nerves. He absolutely despises the Phone Guy, and has never met Purple
Guy before. 
Relationship status: Single 
Favorite anamitronic: Foxy 
Least favorite anamitronic: Golden Freddy
Extra info: - 

Jeremy Fitzgerald
Nicknames: Jer-Jer, Fitzgerald 
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Personality: Jeremy is overall a really jumpy kid. He isn't exactly nervous, and has no trouble talking to people, it's just that he gets really paranoid in a lot of situations and constantly has to check if everything is in place. Even if someone touches him, he'll either jump or scream. 
Relationships: He thinks Mike is annoying and looks up to Fritz and Phone Guy. He's never met Purple Guy before.
Relationship status: Single
Favorite anamitronic: Toy Freddy
Least favorite anamitronic: Balloon Boy 
Extra info: In my AU, he is the victim of the Bite of '87. (Until Scott decides to shed more light on this) 

Fritz Smith
Nicknames: Fizz, Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Personality: Fritz is really smart technology wise. He figured out how to change the anamitronic's AI settings and has somehow accidentally triggered the tablet so that the Show Stage and Supply Closet cameras are disabled. He fidgets a lot in his seat and has trouble keeping still. 
Relationships: He doesn't really think much of Jeremy, and thinks Mike is annoying. He has never met the Phone Guy or Purple Guy before. 
Relationship status: Single
Favorite anamitronic: Bonnie 
Least favorite anamitronic: Balloon Boy
Extra info: -

Phone Guy
Nicknames: Scott 
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Personality: He's a really shady guy, but also very positive. He likes to joke around a lot and it usually makes his jokes really corny and annoying sometimes. He likes to help people and give out advice, even if that advice is not all that helpful.
Relationships: He refers to the guards as friends. He hates Purple Guy.
Relationship status: Single
Favorite anamitronic: Foxy 
Least favorite anamitronic: The Puppet
Extra info: He likes to call the guards ridiculous nicknames. 

Purple Guy
Nicknames: The killer, Prince 
Gender: Male
Age: 29 
Personality: Overly cheerful. He has that thing that makes kids feel safe and secure around him, though that's honestly the opposite. He kills and murders, and laughs every time. He likes to believe that the kids that he kills will "play forever" in the after life. The killer thinks that everyone deserves a chance to be happy. 
Relationships: He hates Phone Guy and doesn't have much to say about the rest of the guards. 
Relationship status: Single
Favorite anamitronic: Golden Freddy
Least favorite anamitronic: The Mangle
Extra info: -

Missing Children

First Child
Name: Leo
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Personality: Leo is really cheerful and optimistic about life. Although he can be really greedy and power-hungry at times, like when someone has to choose a person to be "group leader". 
As a spirit, however, Leo honestly went through a huge personality change. He became more vengeful and menacing, the most vengeful out of the three other main children that died. 
Possesses: Freddy Fazbear
Extra info: He doesn't exactly like being stuffed into Freddy, though he never really had the chance to actually talk to him anyways, since Freddy can't see him. Although Leo doesn't mind this, he feels really lonely at times, since he can't really see any of his friends either.

Second Child
Name: Jason
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Personality: Jason is honestly very level-headed. He's calm and collected most of the time, though he is also very quiet. 
As a spirit, he still remains cool and collected, but sometimes can act a bit like Phone Guy as well. 
Possesses: Bonnie
Extra info: He was perfectly find with being stuffed into Bonnie, considering that Bonnie was his favorite. Though he started to feel really guilty once he saw that Bonnie had started to change once he was stuffed into Bonnie. Jason can be seen by Bonnie and Chica, so he usually works with Bonnie to keep him out of harms way. He actually can see the other spirits, but only the Third Child can see him, not all the other ones. This makes him kind of upset that he can't talk to his other friends, but at least he had Third Child, right?

Third Child
Name: Lily 
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Personality: Lily is very gullible and naive. She will laugh at anyone's jokes. Though she constantly gets very worried as well.
As a spirit, she almost always has a wide grin on her face, since she died smiling. 
Possesses: Chica
Extra info: She didn't mind being stuffed into Chica. Chica could see her, and so they could share a laugh together if they wanted to. But if Chica was in any real danger, she would be on her own. Lily wouldn't protect her in any way. 

Fourth Child
Name: Jinx
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Personality: Jinx is really rebellious and loud. She acts like a pirate all the time since that was what her dad always wanted to be when he was little. She wanted to be just like her dad. Although he died, she would still love to pretend he was still there, him being her captain while she was his first mate.
As a spirit, Jinx was really angry and bitter. She gradually slowly grew out of this personality however, and became more quiet and silent instead.
Possesses: Foxy
Extra info: She honestly really wants to be Foxy's friend, though Foxy can't see her. Jinx often feels alone and traumatized in the small enclosure of Pirate's Cove, and transports this pain into Foxy. 
Jinx was almost going to be the victim of the Bite of '87, though Jeremy swooped in just in time and protected her while she ran away.

Fifth Child
Name: Len 
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Personality: When he was alive, Len was really quiet and kept mostly to himself. He would never talk to anyone else, and even kept things from his own mother. His father disappeared at his birth, so he never really knew what happened to him. Len is way too obsessive over the Golden Freddy bear his mother gave him.
As a spirit, Len grew to be the most vengeful out of all of the missing children. He wanted revenge - soon, though the state that Golden Freddy was in left him helpless and in despair. 
Possesses: Golden Freddy
Extra info: His Golden Freddy plush was lost when he died. 

Sixth Child
Name: Terrell
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Personality: Terrell was really sensitive when he was alive. He was bullied a lot for his appearance and always wearing clips in his hair, and that made him cry a lot too. 
As a spirit, he grew lonely and depressed. After he gave his friends "The gift of Life", he became more guilty and sank into despair as his former "friends" started to blame him for all their struggles.
Possesses: The Puppet
Extra info: The Puppet has no idea that Terrell is there. Terrell's mother abandoned him because she "had enough" of his crying and decided to leave him in a place where she thought he would have been happy, outside of his favorite pizzeria.

Well first journal well currently I'm writing the Dead End book and I want to share some stuff from it

1.Saliona if you read chapter 3 I think so, you may notice Fiona appearance well she's going to REALLY important since is the other person who wants Sally.Yep Saliona
2.Why no freedom fighters
Well I made this desition cause I just started writing and to make it drama .
3.Characters included
Srsly I think Fiona shadow and somebody else may join soon the somebody else is planned but if she gives me the approval .Dead end Explanation and future stuff by ninaruizsa
End of Results