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Basically the drawing I made,"Classroom Sketch: Making Fun",but as a short story. Sort of requested:3
"He thinks he's such a mighty authoritative figure," Wilson chuckled quietly to himself,doodling on a lone sheet of paper,"but not here,no..."

Sitting to Wilson's right, Lodger cautiously peeked over at Wilson's desk. When he discovered what Wilson was up to,he rolled his eyes.

"Wilson,don't do that."

The scientist cocked his head and gave Lodger a smirk,
"Shh. He's not going to know. I'm just going to keep this safe,show my friends,and laugh every time I look over it when I'm at home."

Lodger shrugged,still having a bad feeling,and moved back into his own personal space,leaving Wilson be to do whatever he wants relating to the teacher.

"He's going to get in trouble..." He thinks to himself.

As if it wasn't ironic enough,Maxwell,the teacher of Dark Magic,entered the room at that exact moment,standing at the doorway and looking around at all of his students. Then he noticed one of his students drawing. That student was the only one doing something interesting at the time,so Maxwell decided to stroll over and take a look.

Almost as quiet as a shadow, Maxwell made a circle around the room,and as he got to the back of Wilson's row,he approached Wilson's desk quietly from behind. No classmates made a sound; being quiet was a rule in their classroom,so Wilson had no warning as Maxwell stopped next to his deck and spun around to face him,quickly looking at the picture and revealing a ruler that he was holding behind his back.

It was too late. The ruler was slammed onto Wilson's paper,effectively startling him out of his little daze and wounding the paper with crinkles at the impact area. Wilson,shocked and shaking,slowly looked up,meeting the teacher's gaze. A gaze that easily said,"You're in trouble,young man."

The sound of the ruler hitting the paper caused every students' attention to focus on Wilson and Maxwell,some of them wishing that they could've spoke up to save Wilson the trouble of getting caught. But nothing could be done now.

"You're in big trouble,pal." Maxwell growled. Wilson cowered into his seat in response. He knew what Maxwell's punishment was.

As Maxwell secured Wilson by the wrist and dragged him out into the hall,the three students to his right finally spoke,

"Wilson's in trouble again..." Chad stated,resting his head in his hand.

"Don't remind me." Lodger said,blushing a little at the ignorance that his supposedly smart crush had.

Lastly,Spooky giggled slightly,
"What else is new?"
Hope you like the story enjoy :)
Back to mangle
Mangle's POV
I ran through the hallway and stop my tracks because I saw lots of people , oh I forgot it's already 9 am I have to get to the kids cove oh wait I have to wait for foxy I'm very worried, he might get hurt ,oh someone's coming . I hide behind the plant decoration then this person or someone suddenly falls to the ground I think she trip on that pizza , geez kids this days then I came to her and see it was chica! . Mangle: *gasp* Chica, chica?! , are you hurt , are you ok ?! . She didn't respond. Then I sense someone coming behind us . I turn around to see foxy .

Foxy : chica?! What happened to her she has wounds and dust . Mangle : I don't know what happen to her I found her running here and she trip I think she use the back door Said mangle holding chica in her arms . Foxy : ...chica? Can you hear me? Say something? . Then chica open her eyes . Chica : mangle , foxy . Mangle : wait where's the others?! . Chica: they..need..our help..*cough* . Foxy: what happened? . Chica: they've been capture by Bianca...and if we didn't save them ..they will die by the bomb . Mangle: bom-?! . Foxy quickly covers mangles mouth. Foxy: shh the customers will hear us they will think there's a bomb and they will freak out . Chica: what should we do?  Foxy : you need first to rest your injured , I'll tell the others what we are going to do , mangle take care of chica . Mangle nod and took chica in their own secret living room ( it's the animatronic's meeting or talking where they rest ) .

Back to shadow bonnie
Shadow Bonnie's POV
I'm having a bad day here the kids they keep touching me . And start breaking things . Sb : he..hey stop that . What should I do?! . Then she thinks a good Idea . Sb : ehem..then she puts plushfoxy in on her hands like a sock puppet and start moving endo . Plushfoxy : hey kids! What is the Pirates favorite letter? . The kids stop what they're doing and sit down on the ground and say what? . Plushfoxy : Rrrrrr . The kids start laughing and the others saying more . Plushfoxy: why can't the pirate move on the next letter . Why said the kids . Plushfoxy: because he likes to stay on the C . The kids start laughing again . This is getting good oh it's break time . Sb : hey kids I'll be back for about 30 minutes. The kids groan they want more jokes . Sb open the door of their living room and surprise to see chica injured. Sb : chica?! She run up to mangle and chica . Mangle who is surprised to see another mangle but with color eyes . Mangle: umm who are you and is that my clothes? . Sb : mangle its me shadow bonnie. Mangle: Sb! Why are you dress like me . Sb : I was doing your job so that the workers may not notice that your gone . Mangle: thank you . Sb : your welcome . Mangle: is it hard for you I can do my job now if it's ok. Sb : oh ok if you like go ahead I'll take a bath . Mangle : ok .

Mangle's POV
Chica hasn't been waking up yet hmm I need to clean her . Hmmm..I know . Mangle leave and gets back holding a pizza box with pizza of course. This will work . Then she picks up a slice of pizza and move it a little to Chica's nose so that she can smell the delicious tasty and cheesey pizza . Chica: pizza!!! . She stands up all of a sudden and eat the pizza almost bitting mangles hand . Mangle : woah you almost bit my hand . Chica: oh I'm so sorry . Mangle: it's ok , im going to wipe you with a wet towel so that you're clean ok . She nod .

Back to foxy
When the toy animatronics are in their break foxy explain what happened and what chica told them what happen . They were all scared and worried about their friend . Toy bonnie: oh no poor bonnie . Toy chica : is chica alright is she good now? . Toy freddy : freddy and the others did they all get hurt? . Foxy: yes , we need a plan to save them , but how the workers will notice that you all are missing. Toy freddy: hmm..well some of us may come and save them and others stay . Toy bonnie: I'll go please. Toy chica : oh me too . Foxy: ok , I have a plan , since chica looks a little bit of toy chica we can disguise chica as toy chica , and shadow Bonnie disguise as toy Bonnie . They all nod and get to their living room to check if the others are alright and to do the plan . When they get inside exept toy Freddy to distract the workers . Foxy: I have a plan . Mangle : what is it . Sb : hmm what is the plan ? Sb said while drying her hair .  Foxy: are now ok chica ? . Chica: yes I'll cooperate . Foxy: ok so here chica since your close of looking like toy chica you have to disguise her so here wear this wig . Toy chica: come with me chica I'll put a makeup on you and borrow you with my extra clothes . The two chica's go to toy chica's room to change . Foxy: and you sb you have to disguise as- . Sb : don't even tell me toy Bonnie right . Foxy: yeah we have to cute your bangs exept your hair since you don't like to cut your hair you have to put it under your clothes so that you will look like you have a short hair and color you blue , don't worry this color will come off with water . Sb : augh..I just take a bath come on...*sigh* fine... Mangle: how about me? . Foxy: you have to stay it's too dangerous and the workers will notice your gone . Mangle:.....ok . Foxy: we have to bring stuff . After 5 minute chica and toy chica come back and sb too but already color blue exept her bangs are not yet cut . Toy chica: I'll cut your bangs sb , tb would you mind coming here so that I can kinda copy a little of your hair . After 5 minutes . Toy chica : done . Foxy: now we need to bring stuff . Toy Bonnie: this screw driver . Toy chica: this yarn ball . Foxy: why do we need to bring a yarn ball . Toy chica : umm idk . Foxy: fine bring it . Mangle : oh you will need this . She hands over a flash light . Foxy : yes . Mangle kiss foxy on his forehead. Mangle: and this is for a good luck charm . Foxy blush . Mangle: please come back safe . Foxy: yes I will . Sb: I kinda like my bangs . Toy Bonnie : oh will need this . He hands over a gum . Toy chica : why the heck we need those?! . Then they start fighting . About 10 minutes they leave . Mangle : please be safe my love . Then the others get to their work .

Hope you guys like the story
Still not over yet . :)
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