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OMG  This is so Funny!!! :3
The 5th Episode in series 7 of Doctor who made me cry, I am as I write this weeping because it was so sad... We will never forget you Amy and Rory! You made me take a new opinion to Dr Who and start watching it regularly, It was always a pleasure seeing you there on my computer screen and I will miss you always... Goodbye Amelia Pond, The girl who waited...
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ps.......fuck all of you......CURSE....YOU ALL!.......WEEEEPING ANGELS!!!!
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Okay, so a few days ago, I discovered that there were Rory Willimas Facts around the internet...Just wanted to share this awesome thing with you!…

there you go, this is pure genius...
I'm for the fact that Rory might be the new Chuck Norris anyway, at least his face is nice!
You can find some more on google image or other places...

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It's been a hugh let down for Doctor Who fan's for a long time since 2010 to have a Rory Williams figure to go with figures of the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond and River Song.

Well, judging by what Ive just seen on this video, it looks like Doctor Who's unsung hero of the 11th Doctor is finally being turned into plastic [even if he was plastic once as an Auton in Roman outfit].

It appears that Rory is being released as a Series 7 figure. Sadly, the picture on this video is a bit blurred, but it defiantly is Rory.

Click this… to see the video.

At last - RORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Jason :)
Skip to 0:58 in this Doctor Who OFFICIAL BBC PROMOTIONAL VIDEO and be amazed:…

Pretty cool, right?
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First off, sorry to the none-Whovians who have no clue what I'm babbling about.
Second, let me make this clear: this is still a far.
But lately, the theory that Rory is really the Master has been becoming more and more prevalent, and I'm honestly on board. Here are my main two arguments:
1. Remember in Let's Kill Hitler when he starts to complain about a banging in his head, and Amy says it's just Hitler in the cupboard?
2. It would explain some of his behavior.
After Mels regenerates into River Song, exposing the Ponds to Time Lord energy for the FIRST TIME, he begins to complain of a banging noise in his head. Amy dismisses it as Hitler (never thought I'd have to say that). Now, my guess is that he used a Chameleon Arch to disguise himself as an average human. But River's regeneration would trigger something in his mind, making the Drums return.
In addition, the first fan-theory came after only ONE episode: his hospital badge, dating back to the early 90's. If the Master disguised himself, not only would the badge have to be slightly outdated, but it'd be forged, and the Master would have no recollection of his past life, like Professor Yana. This would explain his entire "childhood" with Amy, and a set of false memories to boot. AND: if we're including the Pandorica incident, Auton Rory still had regular Rory's memories. Why? Because the Universe is lazy and doesn't bother with anomalies. A robot of a Time Lord disguised as a scrawny human certainly is an anomaly. ALSO: in the episodes following Let's Kill Hitler, Rory's gotten more and more aggressive. The insanity of the drums is returning, and as human Rory realizes something's wrong, he proclaims in The Girl Who Waited "You're turning me into you!" Not only is this a statement about having to choose between Amys, but also the fact that the more he travels with the Doctor, the more he realizes all is not as it seems. (This would also explain his numerous deaths and resurrections: the Time Lord in him keeps him alive, but the human-ness keeps him from regenerating totally, like Jenny) LAST BIT: in The God Complex, the Doctor opens the door to Room 11. This is the episode directly after The Girl Who Waited, where Rory claims he's becoming more and more like the Doctor. He hears the cloister bell to the TARDIS toll four times (something it does only when the Master is around), and he murmurs "Of course." This could mean that the Doctor knows the Master is returning, too. He just doesn't know who, how, when, or where.
I just heard about this theory 30 minutes ago, and I'm already convinced: Rory Pond-Williams is The Master.
EDIT: Ooh! I found a pretty picture! It's catching on!!…
AND ANOTHER THING: Every article that I've read that talks about the Ponds leaving has it written as "Amy Pond and Rory" or some variation. Could it be..?
(Yes, this is what I use my 1 day of Premium Membership for.)

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Rory Williams can pull the sword of Gryffindor out of the Doctor's fez.

Rory Williams talks about Fight Club

Rory Williams once used a Dalek to unclog his toilet

Jesus dies and was resurrected and they called it a miracle. Rory's done that multiple times and now it's called Saturday

The Master voted Williams

Arthur Darvill is a character played by Rory Williams

Rory invented the fez. The Doctor wears it to honor him.

At first you don't succeed, you're not Rory Williams

Rory Williams can make the sonic screwdriver do wood

Rory Williams can get to Pigfarts without a rocket ship

The Doctor left Demon's Run in a hurry because he knew that Rory was about to find out he'd been sonic-ing his daughter

Rory Williams has so much sex appeal he put Hitler in the closet.

When 2000 years old Yoda reaches, look as good as Rory he will not

Rory Williams invented the sport of Nazi punching

The Old Spice guy is based on Rory Williams

Rory Williams doesn't mow his lawn. He steps through the front door, raises a fist and the grass cowers in fear

Rory Williams lives every week like it's Shark Week

Rory Williams could kill Captain Jack Harkness permanently.

Rory Williams can convince Captain Jack Harkness to be monogamous

God said "Let there be light" because the thought of Rory Williams waiting in the darkness scared him shitless

Rory Williams always finds the droids he was looking for

Rory Williams doesn't simply walk into Mordor, he moonwalks into it

Rory Williams is Malcolm Reynolds' captain

I think Steven Moffat is just one of Rory Williams' many pen names/aliases.

Silence will only fall because Rory Williams wants a quiet night in

Rory Williams always knows where Waldo is

The answer to the universe isn't 42; it's Rory Williams.

Rory Williams is the real "Boy Who Lived"

Rory Williams invented the Sexy Nurse costume...

Rory Williams brings a whole new meaning to the word "redshirt"

Rory Williams knows the number that comes after infinity

The last digit of pi is Rory Williams.

Chuck Norris writes Rory Williams facts

Rory Williams is the reason Waldo is missing

The Doctor married River Song, just so Rory Williams would call him his son

Cosplay: Amy Pond/Rory Williams

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2011, 9:59 PM

Okay here is what I want to do:

I am going to compile an outfit that is Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond's outfit from the
first episode: The Eleventh Hour
Her in her Kissogram outfit xD
but not only that I love taking Alexander (my BJD) with my to cons so
I'm making him cosplay with me as my own little Rory Williams :D
it will be so cute! I already have the perfect shop for his clothes and wig <3
now for me to just gather my police uniform!

I need an 11th Doctor though D:
who will be my Doctor?

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