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a voice once said that I am an egg.. containing Ggod.. Ggod has been around a long time in different forms and other eggs.. I am the last form.. the final container before the end of time.. I asked the voice what will the end be like.. he said it's still in question.. we are all inherently both good and evil.. the coin could fall either way.. the end is inevitable.. how it will manifest is still a mystery.. there are things in this life we can't always see unless we break through the barriers.. they speak to us.. they are a part of everything.. in everything.. they are our guardian angels.. and our demons watching over us.. they are the organic aliens.. copresent with our selves.. they know a lot they see a lot they are involved and present in a lot of what goes on here.. they are the silent movers.. they have their hands in a great deal of what things go on and how it proceeds.. but they don't control everything.. nothing does.. we are truly beasts of our own devices.. we are destroying around selves and our place here.. we also love and bring beauty into the world.. as do the dream people.. the aliens.. the guardian angels.. they know a lot but they don't know everything.. no one does.. there are mysteries here for everyone involved.. and there are unknowables.. things beyond our reach even if we glanced upon it.. there is hope.. if I am Ggod or contain Ggod there is risk and there is hope.. I have beauty in me.. I have a huge heart and light that wants to heal everything and make all the pain and ugliness go away.. but I haev my demons.. I've seen them a few times on shrooms.. I saw it at my melt down.. I try to vent them onto paper.. in word and visionary display.. keep them at bay but there is risk.. I don't know how it will end.. the alien is rooting for me.. they want to see the good come out.. they also have their darkness and aggressions and impatience.. and curiosity.. they are a lot like us.. I will see you on the other side.. send me you love.. send me your good intent.. send me your prayers and light.. I've written I want to see it all go out in a nail bomb blast of disgust.. thats the darkness in me.. there is another way.. which I can't even conceive of.. I don't know what the void is or what it's significance is but what if we are eternal.. what kind of eternity do we want.. what kind can we make.. I am but one pawn in this existence.. we are all responsible for what occurs.. send me you light.. maybe there's another way.. even the darkest souls wish there was light.. hope.. love.. an eterntity of being as one.. in a circuit of connection and positive energies.. it may be so.. this is a warning.. this is message of hope.. may Ggod find balance in the confusion.. I want to see you all in the bio divinity planes in light and love.. I want all forgiven.. I want to see my grandfather and my father on their death beds and let it all go.. I don't want to hate I don't want to destroy.. I want this imbalance and confusion of life and the present existence to go away.. darkness on begets darkness.. we have our choices.. we also have our battles and chaoses.. please help me.. send me your light..
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: refrigerator drone
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  • Watching: my puppets stand still in anticipation
  • Playing: a strange and real game
  • Eating: at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil
  • Drinking: the nectar of want and lust
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