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Loads of colours and pretty tripy patterns :D

Interaction by farboart :thumb71388922: Psychedelic Twilight by chewupablotter The Truth Tree by chewupablotter ...Paths of Light... by violet-angel07 The Music by violet-angel07 i won't walk up upon the sea by saveourtrees legalize? by saveourtrees Symbolic by inthename Mother Nature by ChewbaccaSauce Psychedelizard by psychedeliczen twisted by hesterkin :thumb65502780: A Little Trip by inthename Rosier       finished product by paulchristmore Coventina by paulchristmore :thumb82533115: in the garden by hesterkin Shapes Element Of Design by Zaratulah Metamorphisis by Zaratulah Nightmares ahead. by QueenSu :thumb88449973: feel the heat by hesterkin 90 MPH Is The Speed I Drive by Sparrow667 :thumb89078101: Feminine Entity by Sparrow667 Ankh by Sparrow667 Volcano by petruva1991 Gustare by sh-artistry my sunset by turp Out of the darkness by ChaoticatCreations feel the music 2 by omppu another ordinary day by omppu :thumb82709376: Approaching Our Creation... by ChrisOneill Mixed Up by PadfootLivesOn :thumb62634013: :thumb60999678: Really Messy Rainbow Wallpaper by pagit RainBow Flower by Delfinoui umm by derek763 satellite of love by hesterkin :thumb80779827: Eurynome by paulchristmore LSDream by Astral-Haze Soundwaves by Jenna-Armbruster I feel good by kine80 Night and Day by kine80 biPolar by marziiporn Valentines Day - red heart by fearblank Green and Blue - Tree Series by fearblank semi-self portrait by gnarkill04 Doodle doo by Lozzylishous
:thumb77489765: Retro - Psychedelic Rainbow by PadfootLivesOn Revelation by TAKAdouglas The Sounds of Escapism by Simanion NiNE by ChrisOneillMandala by pagit slumpartad by pagit Peace by Kadsy til the early break of dawn by saveourtrees :thumb90188183: Summer Days by CataclysmicBeauty Zip by 7ewger From Within by 7ewger Peace of Mind by MikeManser :thumb83771638: Tribal -4- by arsenic-menthe splash of colour by Chiaki136prism head by wutitang .light by ddreams

:iconpsychedelictreasures: Is an awesome club, check them out
Please :+fav: this article in order to help spreading word about it. :) The more people fave it, the longer it will hang in charts. Thank you in advance.

Today Surreal, Psychedelic, Abstract Feature.

This features main goal is to get some attention for deviations which in my opinion are not appreciated enough. We all know that dA is crowded place so sometime it is difficult to get new audience and so on...

Requirements for deviations to be published in this feature:

:bulletwhite: deviation cannot have DD
:bulletwhite: deviation must contain surreal, psychedelic, abstract vision
:bulletwhite: deviation preferably should be Traditional Art
:bulletwhite: deviation must be finished and represent decent technical quality eg. must be properly scanned and cropped
:bulletwhite: deviation should represent original ideas concepts of its author
:bulletwhite: all TA medias allowed

Procycon by MyrinihannaMechanical Spider by SparklyEyedPigeonIntegrated by Spinewinder:thumb132719164:Blue Hare by thesvetislav:thumb156952912:Maze 2 by DPasschierOrbital 4 by magentafreakCruel Edict by maartenvcFragmented Insanity 2 by clarity-insanityMandala Bouquet by mattridgway:thumb185590262:

number by colors by MichalTokarczukGreen Day Doodle -coloured- by lewisrocketsI Remember Everything You Said by hybridinsurgencyMidnight Adventure by xxPRECIOUSMOMENTSxx:thumb165805570:Dream Seeker by Quaddles-Roostthe music life by R-RevolutionariesSurreal city by lePhexOnepsychedelic lines by spurtasShroom Tag doodle by ShroombaybeAbstract by JosephineVorLeonor by bitterkmysweetkittyAbstract Ben by QuinchillaMiracles by ExScoutSaint by justinaerniShield by SunOwlgarden of fears by Ladowskaceltic cross final by one-rookMonkey see, monkey do by shkarocriminal hub by porkcow:thumb131620046:Sookie Different Alien Ways by sookiesookerSurreal mind by shinigami-elThe King Fish by ryancarononganCocaine by MyMorphine:thumb187596917:Delfin by 42millonesCollage 01 by MistahGoatSelf Portrait by omni6us

Insight by RASIX-DesignsComes and Goes Around by pachecrisreality check in my dreams by alasisvitrail bleu by OussikaWhen things Come Together by dope-feind-420Abstract by shawnanana08:thumb188577591:inspection in the shadows. by TripotixAnimal Weave by German-BloodExit reality-Enter another by Cmac13abstract 05 by CorpusPinealeSympathy by SanderJansenLobster by mrwhippleSocial suicide by sadist-oldmannighthawk waltz by Buuyaabstract 02 by CorpusPinealeAbstract by HopefeatherTHIS IS U ME AND EVERYONE ELSE by KosyMosyCali Love by mynes-tresOutlook by PLSDZentangle01 by vlacruzThe Village Cookie by Viscious-Speed
There's nothing like coming home, logging on to Deviant art, and browsing through pages of art for inspirations and anything else that lifts your spirits! :D~

Here are my inspirations:

Love: :heart:
let there be love.. by thresca Lovestruck by 0xo love has gone away from me by nimgalad Lava Diffuses by iNeedChemicalX love is in the air by aparatka Precious Moment in Time by MarkGalbreath

Touch of spring by alexandrajitariuc  :thumb90056933: :thumb87091877: :thumb63577197: Segda ne isbn by sakiryildirim :thumb68653847:

where i end and you begin. by hyyb  Yes,you can. by incredi espera su destino by Verlasse :thumb71780994: Filofobia by YasminaMoya :thumb63634689: :thumb73844987: Silence by antarie Sitabisarak by sakiryildirim

-                            - by The-Last-Breath blame it on the weatherman by koksuel :thumb89141890: .not too late by dippedFEATHER  singing in the rain by nowaryesblack :thumb76806761:  presence.. by frida-vl  By a strange day of autumn . by m0kaz
Why? by FurtiveLungs

Cold: :snowflake:
Cold winter . by Zanauardian Enjoying the silence . by Zanauardian oh-so-edgy by yummyauri Blue wind. by incredi  callow.mount by Gwirrel .like suicide in september by thephotogenesis Spring is frozen ... by julie-rc Posse Bonus by Gudmundsdottir winter story by nayein tears for affairs by Linteephelien

:thumb90946164: related by blood. by Shinjino7 child's play by TheVampireDred :thumb77658387: :thumb88182497: A boy with red hat. by arazugur :thumb85245915: :thumb77853882: N.0384 Storytime by NymphOosis-Man :thumb45882303: :thumb80090833: ..C.. by curlytops :thumb74114498: cataloging - by zvzmng :thumb77297540: Dreaming by muszka The Minds Of The Mad by hakanphotography The Minds Of The Mad 11 by hakanphotography  :thumb62099748: Avatar by zemotion :thumb62826652: popek w technikolorze xD by efedrina The Room 304 TOSHIYA by ShanHuang :thumb48332382: :thumb69855594:  Sweeney by Aiko273 Recapture Lost Memories by hakanphotography Radioactive Lullabies by momomilk  The Fountain by TheVampireDred

And here are a few from my own gallery, which I hope will inspire some people:
Extra! Extra! Read all about it, our club :iconpsychedelictreasures: is having our second psychedelic contest!

Are you a psychedelic art lover?
You are welcome to join our club if that is infact the case!:D

:sun:We have started our contest!:sun:
The idea is to create a mascot for our club, and you also have the choice of creating an *animated* stamp for our club. You don't have to do both, you have the choice of doing one or the other, or you can do both if you want to.:D
The mascot would be put on the front page in the desktop screenshot area.
The animated club stamp, we will upload here, and then we could use that to present our club to the public.:D

Ok so what would be a psychedelic club mascot?

Well, here are a few suggestions:
It could be a mushroom with a face, mabey a funky psychedelic animal,or how about a hippi? Who knows, its up to you to be creative!
And the stamp has to be lure those dilating pupils on over to our club! LOL:D

:sun:THE RULES:sun
1. The stamp has to be psychedelic and animated!

2. The mascot has to be psychedelic!

3. The entries MUST comply with the club rulespsychedelictreasures.deviantar…

4. Your entries MUST be sent to me in *note* form by atleast June 30th!

5. You can have up to *TWO* entries in this contest, and that can either be... two mascots, a mascot and a stamp, two stamps, or just one entry of your choice. The stamp or mascot may have "Psychedelic Treasures" text in it somewhere also...but you don't have to.

6. There will be one stamp and only one mascot to be chosen for this club!

7. You *MUST* be a member of this club to participate in this contest, so join us!

8. Your entries must have our club icon OR link in the that others know about the contest:D


:tribute:1st Place:
3 month subscription to DA.
Your Entry placement on the front page of this group.
Special feature for 3 months in the shoutbox and journal of :iconinthename:'s and shoutbox of this group.
:new::iconayakamorphia: Has offered to make an avatar for first place! Thanks Ayaka!

:new::iconwynnter89: has offered a prize of a drawing or tatoo design for first place! Thanks Alex!

:tribute:2nd Place:
2 month subscription to DA.
Your entry placement of your stamp on our journal, gallery, and shoutbox...and that its allowed to be placed in other's journals who want to promote this club.
A special feature in :iconinthename:'s journal and shoutbox for 2 months.

:tribute:3rd Place:
1 month subscription to DA.
A special feature in the journal of this group for 1 month and also :iconinthename:'s journal for 1 month.



Let the games begin!:giggle:

Thanks for reading, have a great week!
Here are some really nice examples of psychedelic art from various artists on the dA forums. I didn't get as many replies as i wanted so i've made a collection of what i got.
First of all, i've selected my personal favorites in a TOP 3:

#1 : :iconhewsan:
Shaman's Birth by hewsan Bird by hewsan Psychotic Killer Bees by hewsan Cheshire by hewsan

#2 : :iconarua1:
:thumb108464415: :thumb109620522:

#3 : :iconsazinator:
Fly Away Love by sazinator Doodle On My Heart by sazinator

Other deviations that deserve to be promoted:
:thumb102868026: :thumb101594615: Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Shigdioxin
Happy Birthday Balloons-II by galipwolkan la llorona by evser Identity Disorder VI by VictorNov
:thumb120521197: :thumb110454449: :thumb107002001:

And some shameless self-promoting, in the end:
P S Y C H O by curlymeph

Hope you liked it.
Please :+fav: the news article for more exposure and link it to friends and stuff :)
Hooray! Since I have reached over 200:points: and already a year since I hosted a draw my oc contest, I have decided to start another oc contest! With more characters! :dummy:

(Don't worry, I'm still doing the commissions)

The Deadline
Somewhere in the first week of September so it should be enough for everyone to submit their entry.


(I didn't want to use cap lock but I need everyone's attention to know how serious I am about this contest)

Judges who are going to judge the entries are...
:iconpsychedelic-weirdo::icondinotastic-dude: & :iconrainyturtle-14:

-The judges will be looking for in these entries....
  • Creativity 
  • Effort 
  • Technique 
-Can be anything kind of art! Digital, pixel, animated, traditional, and even literature! (Maybe a short story for literature though) 
-You can have your characters interact with my characters in THIS contest. 
-You can write a journal about this but you don't have to but it would be nice to have more people joining this contest. <; 

-You can make more than one entry. (The more entries, the better chance of winning! <; )

-If its mature (which I don't think anyone would that but just in case) please put it on mature content. But don't make it +18 mature though.

-Must be drawn BY you. No bases or anything like that.

-Please make sure you ARE joining the contest, if you just commented and then say oops "sorry never mind too busy" you just break my wee little heart :<

The Characters 
The Characters are linked in Charahub or in my character folder, although the Pappies are probably gonna be the most drawn character entries, it still would be very nice if many chose my other characters. uvu

My character folder- psychedelic-weirdo.deviantart.…

My charahub account-…

The Prizes 
Points might be upgraded if I received more points.

First Place: 75:points: and a full body with shadings 
-A free commission from Kooliokatz 
Second Place: 50:points: and a half body with shadings
-A free chibi from Kooliokatz 
Third Place: 25:points: and a headshot with shadings
-And a llama from Kooliokatz 
Every contestants that SUBMITTED their entry/entries will have a sketch headshot in a sketch dump (two if a lot joined).

ENTRIES HERE: psychedelic-weirdo.deviantart.…

If you have any questions about the contest, please note me.

Please join and have fun!
~The Scoop~

:wave:Hey everyone!

:iconhappydayplz: find the patterns and the rest will fall into place :iconhappydayplz:

I dig seeing all the developing talent and the work of seasoned artists month after month, working with dazzling patterns and curvilinear concoctions:).  These are the ones that I found specifically mesmerizing and triptifying:

MANDALA DESIGN 61 by Philluppus Psychedelic Patchwork by Kancano Jurassic by SparklingFish Weird Vision by Thelma1 Bus on LSD by Dominik19 Nascency by HirurgUlic Cyber octopus by grebenru Swirl by memzu

Mature Content

Extravagant Traveler 01.29 by madbaumer37
the trap by dirtym0rf melting man by lms0010 Chakra Sahasrara Mandala by Lakandiwa Union Light by ShiftingStarlight Consciousness Revoked by JulieBeloussow Wide Awake by Myrret fractal mania20 by ordoab FractaLogical by deZignedelic Violent Dignity by Nonsense-Prophet Deep-Fry Mah Brainz by ShigekiRin GLOWLO FACE by bsoy this whole by Sasha-Drug mandala 65 - sunrise by hadas64 Paisley Peacock by Liquid-Mushroom dim 4 by racingspoons The Psychedelic Experience by Cyberdelic-Glow My Ancient Ancestors by mehrdadart Aku-Aku by nic- HELP IS ON THE WAY by davegoldartgallery Dawn in the Garden of Creation by Tolkyes Organelles - Organulos by jopelines Midday by Maurice-Le-Coq Ab12 Alternate Mandala A by Xantipa2 The Thinker by raphis Grenouille dans le Cosmos - Frog in the Cosmos by ElvireClev August by aaronsdesign 2LOVE by LUIKF  Nature in Glitter Lipstick by joejoemuh9 Curlvalley by kr0mat1k chrystal scribbles by cabeza-de-cerveza The Lie that Tells the Truth by TheDonQuixotic :thumb322803567:  Moon Princess by MukilteoCasualtie Psychedelic Mess by PyrrhicV Sparking Memories by KellyDelRosso A Bold Statement by Shadoweddancer Lotus by HalcyoneDays Kind servant of the oldman by AldemButcher extraction by kram666 :thumb324138148: Swirl #3 by KyleWilcoxVisualArt :thumb324436661: Mother's Chair by MissChievous86 Tourmaline and Apatite ring by Civyx Alienbuddha by ErichMuhsam Time in fantasy by AstralMimi September by maya49m Oscar Wilde by Don-Mirakl Preach by MrAries23 Felina by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro Frog From Future Matrix by Dana-Ulama Eekcentric by OtherSideImage Colour Carnival by GrahamSym capricorn in nebulous journey by ICONcreations Juju by qlow Salvia Divinorum ~Spinach Rolled by SalviaDroid Fingerlicking Cubes Color by Samueladamsg :thumb325293797: definitely, possibly by marekmeerk Guardian by Varnoel-Arisilme Mind Warp by Ev-sta loving day x4 7 september 2012 by m1shutka face by lenia-lostinspace abstract fantasy49b by ordoab mandala for the new year by hadas64 Just Around the Bend by lokispace

Mature Content

Life and Death by marcgosselin
Lotus 2 by chegali Exotic Tea by Lady-Compassion Mental Decay by LordFrankeh Liberation by AldemButcher creation with blue eggs by Andrea1981G Aquarius by emmasugarman Sound In The Distance by GerardoGomez And The Psychic Saw by ev0luti0narysleeper man by sahas-hegde Excuse me, while i kiss the sky by lbock317 coloured by hadas64 (traditional work) by Lou-in-Canada conspiacy III mandala by offermoord Subpersonalities by KseniyaLvova Salvia Divinorum ~Rolling Deep by SalviaDroid Prayer by Art-of-the-Shaman Altered States Of Consciousness by Don64738 Socialization by BeastBoxDesigns :thumb327566635: Hallucine Aten by Wildraw The Invention of Beauty by videovida Exploring REM 247 by LordFrankeh The Dark side of the bloom by Henkselimaakari Tropical Wave by Chazagirl Modernista by buddhakat9 ACID by metatroncoppolacid Mandala by MeaganEmerson Spiral Fractal by onbeyondie Mediation by KileyHannan sketch by straychi1d Universe by Duck-Pwincess Ice and Lightning (fractal mandala) by iampagan Waiting room by Schollaen Origami Windmill by Kancano Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell by LordAshleyHippigod

Keep 'em coming.  


Features for Psychedelic Treasures October 2011

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 6, 2011, 5:06 PM
~The Scoop~

:wave:Hey everyone!

:iconhappydayplz: occupy the ether, america! :iconhappydayplz:

Things are getting freaky.  Just the way I like it.  Here's some of my favorite bizarrities and beauts from October:

Thank You so much!:peace: Hodge-podge by callum8am Phoenix Landing by OneCrazyCleric fly away by santosam81 A Spark and then, Illusion by JANunnoArt 015 by T00xicpanda The Guardian of the Abyss by Lakandiwa I've lost a library book by lamblyn vortex by maya49m chaotic flow by unveilpure :thumb259320445: Vision quest by FullMaya Beyond the Veil by KellyDelRosso Giraffe Denouncing the Canvas by krigl Midnight dance autumn fairy by HelaLe sonic touch digital by Tellaine Ab11 Antitheses 2 by Xantipa2 Helter Skelter by MandelFish Torn From Bone by tastybedsore Silver sun by kornera Sketchbook 12 Hornbill by Jose-Garel-Alvoeiro 5685 by straychi1d Quircus Stompus by artserge Onthisteironautic by mattpinyan Mrs.Nobody by elensye :thumb260962460: Enkatsu by MajorBlades Psymandala by stmayhem93 T1000 by kr0mat1k Our True Body by Myrinihanna 02Oct2011 by cisma The Disintegration of a highly colored fish's eye by bRiANmoSsARt coloured connections by Andrea1981G Psychedelic Rainstorm by Thelma1 Mushroom by Kaleidobot Black Dragon Phantom of the caves by AramisFraino :thumb195134093: The parade. by jopelines Sensitivity colored by ChelseaDrouin Suspension of Belief by jackcomstock Master of Consciousness by fmacmanus Mind devour by Sebmaestro Dream by Mindless-Miss Maneater by joejoemuh9  Geosystems by KORANenMERG 3D Abstract 32 HD by Don64738 Explore new worlds with DA by Mazhlekov Yage by ShiftingStarlight InkBlot Creation by Leichenengel Noxious by Vaahlkult Rainbow by Thelma1 Cybernetic Waste by raphis Rainbow Vomit Respirator by German-Blood Scarecrow by callum8am Apsara - Kundalini Rising by Lakandiwa Memory Shell by SparklingFish Walkin' on Willy by green-olivine :thumb264177112: El Salvador: 200 Years Of History by GerardoGomez My Struggle by dethwish1350 Color ME Doodle by Lookn-4-Beautiful Out Here by bRiANmoSsARt :thumb264041764: The Jester With Frame 1 by Orion-Zangara Perception by Calcination tranquility by hezeus FOU CGR by debranicity Pure by LesleyCristina Albert Hofmann portrait by grebenru  Whiiii by Zifriel spirit nova by offermoord :thumb262658582: Spiral Insanity by MisterSali
sunny eyes by intheoutdoor


Fractal design for this journal donated by: :iconjurrivortex:

276 by Imagoo I take a tree by AlexandraSophie feto by baalu
315 by Imagoo :thumb53899958:
have you ever been on the sky? by Santina :thumb53977165: im trying to see you. light by Santina
Something fishy... by Helium-Raven Alien by AlexandraSophie feto by baalu
Rain Spell by temporary-peace :thumb53977909:
276 by Imagoo Blue Glass by AlexandraSophie Butterfly Suicide II by DoNotAttempt
Les amoureuses by AlexandraSophie :thumb56110232: :thumb54383772:
The Green Man edit by mollykubes539 Broken Pieces II by he-cries-elusive :thumb32025192:

I invite you to visit my deviantART : :iconalexandrasophie:
Are you a hippy at heart? Do you like psychedelic art?
Well we here at :iconpsychedelictreasures: do! Thats why we have formed this awesome club founded by :iconinthename: back in December of 0'7.
Everyone who likes to have their pupils dialated and sences exersized, COME ON OVER and check us out! Increase those pageviews, meet new friends,and have a far out time! (I know, its cheesy).

Here are some fine examples of our gallery here, created and updated by our almost 150 members.:D

High energy by PsychedelicTreasures By:icondokon:

psychedelic fractal by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconkidjet:

Wheel of Fortune by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconfleur555:

fantasy by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconkarincharlotte:

April by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconblackonwhite:

Form Constant: Saturation by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconcityofthemolepeople:

1595 by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconsantosam81:

FOURTH JUNCTURE by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconscott5353:

Colour it in by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconchessecake-gal:

Soda by PsychedelicTreasures By:iconwynnter89:

All art displayed above; is by members who have submitted art to our club gallery. DO NOT FAVE art at this club, but instead go to the link provided at the page of the art you are viewing! Thank you:-)

~Sabrina~ AKA :iconinthename: