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A chance to win points! Simply post a desktop screenshot using Omnimo. More info and rules, as well as the prizes can be found here:…


[ended] Omnimo 6 Release +$100 Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 16, 2013, 12:30 PM
+ $100 Desktop Contest

Ladies and Gentlemen

After almost 18 months, we're finally proud to announce
The Grand release of Omnimo 6.0.
The biggest
Most important
And likely, the last major update
In the lifecycle of this project.

Life's circumstances have a tendency to change rapidly, and indeed, both of us (me and Xyrfo) had experienced rather significant changes which kept us from activelly working on this project. We started it as we were teenagers, but we've grown up and our new lives have begun. Perhaps Omnimo is a tribute to this transition; a hobbyist project that had become more serious with every release. We put our faith in the hope that our efforts were not in vain, and that the long wait had been worth it.

In our previous releases, we hesitated making the changelog out of fear that we won't cover everything that we've worked on. Incidentally, it's also the case for Omnimo 6.0 - we've improved it so much, I don't even know where to begin describing it. Instead, I'll leave it up to you to see and experience the new features.

In the next several weeks, I will try to produce a series of Informational bulletins that will showcase some of the features, both obvious and hidden - revolving around this new version.

TL;DR: It's here

Meanwhile, to celebrate the Grand Release,
we're officially announcing a contest:


We like to see how people use Omnimo, and even more so the interesting ideas people come up with. There had been similar contests before which were quite fun. This time we have fantastic prizes!

Omnimo must be used as the centerpiece
Do not use any age inappropriate material on your desktop
You may enter up to 3 screenshots
Screenshots must be preferably PNG and submitted to Customization>Screenshots>Windows
To enter, post a comment with the link or thumbnail to your Deviation in the comments section of this journal
Do not use multiple DeviantArt accounts to get more entries


Your desktops will be judged both by us and by the community. There won't be a specific standard of measurement for quality or originality, so pretty much everyone has a chance of winning.

The best desktops may be subject to a voting / poll, for 3 days after the contest is over. Winners will be announced after 2 weeks and 3 days from now, prizes to be paid in cash by PayPal transfer (can be negotiated if you don't have PayPal), we'll be spending a whooping $100 out of our lunch money for the prizes:

Let the games begin, may the odds be ever in your favor.
And remember: participation matters.

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Omnimo Desktop Contest WINNERS

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 1:27 PM


After a little over two weeks, the Omnimo 6.0 Desktop Contest is officially over. We received almost 60 terrific entries. Thank you everyone who participated, it was quite difficult picking out the best ones. Me and Xyrfo did the honors of picking them out. And here they are:

Congratulations to the winners!
And remember, participation always counts

View all of the entries

One of the biggest and exciting projects for Rainmeter to customise your desktop has now met a new version!

Check an update entry here and experience on your own. If you ever wanted to change your casual desktop to something fresh and crisp, Omnimo is up to this task!

Hey Everyone!
Omnimo, the great Rainmeter skin pack in metro/zune style, finally got updated! Now with language support and many more new features!…

Also Xyrfo has released a bonus pack:…

Want to help the developers?

Donate some points to fediaFedia his page!

There are many ways to get points. You can participate in contests, for example, and win points.
However, the easiest way to get points for free is definitely llamatrade. You just need to give a llama through the llamatrade page and you'll get a point for free!

Don't know what points are? Check the info out in hq's blog entry…. To buy points go….

Hi everyone ! :) Let's talk about my actual projects and news :)

- ARTwil
I've created a Facebook page, called ARTwil :) Go here :…
This page will include links and pictures of Windows 8, concepts and metro apps :) There will be some deviations from me and of my dA freinds, in particular Andreas Chris and Brebenel Silviu :) And there will be news of Windows 8 and Microsoft ^^

- YouMetroTube
The YMT project continues :) after Fullscreen Player (…), the 1st part of my channel concept (…) and the YouTube tile in the 4h concept of W8 startscreen (…), the next YMT arts will be (for the moment) :
• Starting YouTube
• 2nd part of My Channel concept
• YouTube tiles (square and rectangle forms)

- Omnimo
I've the project to create new panels for Omnimo 5.0 for Rainmeter :D I'll submit a picture to show you how the new versions of Weather, Mail, Contact, People and Music panels will be :) after this picture, i'll post a RAR file with the 5 principal folders to put in the folder C:\Users\*user name*\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\WP7\InstalledPanels\#Windows8 :) i'm sure you will like this :)

Be patient, and don't forget to see my 2 last deviations (Startscreen concept 4 :… ; deviantART Metro :…) !
After using omnimo for around 2 weeks I thought that it would be great to spread out the word for anyone who has not seen this awesome Rainmeter "skin".

To be honest I would not even call it a skin because it is way more than that.
For anyone who is bored by the standard windows7 UI well you know what you will be spending your next hour on !

The Omnimo UI is based on Windows 8 Metro UI (for anyone who has not seen the Metro UI yet:… )

I am not a man who writes a lot. I rather let images speak:

To download Omnimo just click on the thumb below.
Omnimo 5.0 for Rainmeter by fediaFedia

examples of how your desktop could look:
Another Windows 8 Start Screen by fediaFediaomnimo 3.1 by domifizzle:thumb216353435:June Screenshot Omnimo 4 by daniel90cOmnimo 4 Vuze Panel Preview by Mike-SamakiMetro 7 by kuba096
I've stolen one for the moment ::smiles:: I just got back from eatting dinner with my parents at crackerbarrell. cookin heavn'. if you like country food. taste like can food to me.... but i'm not an expert ::grins:: newyz. as I was sayin. im sharing an internet cable, and it's not mine, so i can't be all bitchy and take it... ::sniffle:: but i will be posting here more often....
so. look out! duck!
Some of the Omnimo Addons will be uploaded here

Omnimo Contest Winners

Thu Jan 20, 2011, 11:00 AM by Alexander-GG:iconalexander-gg:
Customizers art for your desktop
blog entry by Alexander-GG

The Omnimo contest which was held by our friends from :iconrainmeter: is over.
Here are the winners:

#1 place winner

omnimo collection by reb70

Congratulations to reb70 for making one of the most original and eye pleasing compositions with omnimo. Who could have thought that Zune happens to look like metro too? ;P

#2 place winner

Simply Omnimo by computerdummy5

computerdummy5's eye catching desktops received a lot of attention from the beginning, we wish to thank him for his effort by awarding the second prize :D

#3 place winner

fediaBlissbotv2 by blissBOT

Complex yet unique composition by blissBOT which earned them the 3rd place :la:

Prizes awarded:

» 1st place: 800 :points: goes to reb70
» 2nd place: 400 :points: goes to computerdummy5
» 3rd place: 200 :points: goes to blissBOT

Proof of transaction:…

The competition was judged by:

:iconfediafedia: :iconxyrfo: :icontaichou-henk:

Congratulations to all winners! :#1:

skin by lemex modded by Customizers.