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'Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.'  **

I see a lot of strange things when alarmists comment upon the climate material I post:

'The Earth's temperature went up 2C since 2000.' (Repeatedly asked him to name the scientist who said that and provide a link. Never happened. Actual temperature change: .09C, 1/22 of his claim)

'The Sahara Desert was formed by winds coming off the Himalayas.' (Only if the planet were spinning backwards - well, no, not even then)

'We're going to have a 40-degree day in January!' (his region has seen 40-degree days in January back as far as records go; the Polar Vortex put his region into -15C range just a few days later)

'Tornadoes are getting worse! I should know, I live in tornado country!' (2014 finished close to the BOTTOM for numbers of tornadoes, third year in a row; EF4 and EF 5 tornado numbers have been dropping since the 70s)

Well now I've often responded to such people with easily-verifiable FACT, only to have things snarled back at me, such as 'this is fascist propaganda!' (On climate-sensitivity papers?)


There is currently someone here on DA who is working desperately to counter the information I put up. I was this morning going to work on another response to him, but: why bother?
I've been reading on the subject for over two decades. I've been reading even deeper and broader on the myriad aspects of the subject, since 2006. In the last year or so I even read the peer-reviewed research, at least as far as I can follow it (You want to see how nightmarish it can get, go read stuff like this…   and Trust me, that is the EASY stuff).

I have long since known that when someone posts something like '8 lies by climate denialists debunked,' that the person posting it hasn't got the first clue. I read through that list. I read it with growing incredulity, as whomever put it together wrote things so far from Reality that only a retard on the short bus to Kindergarten could possibly believe it to be truth. I've posted so MUCH material which, if that person made the slightest effort to read it, shows just how..... Frigging Idiotic their arguments are.... Gah. But he's so FAR behind what I've already posted, it isn't worth the bother to try and answer him yet again. If he wants to read my rebuttals, he should just go back about three years in both my gallery and my journal, and start working forward.

It became apparent upon reading that list, however, that said poster can never be reached. Even worse, he elsewhere describes MY POINT OF VIEW AS BEING WHAT A 'REAL' SKEPTIC IS ALL ABOUT - and then labels me a denier. What. The. F**K. How do you get it Right in one sentence, and then go full Stupid in the next!?!
Alarmist logic looks a lot like a Klein Bottle. Dunning-Kruger definitely applies to such people…

Me? I often have doubts. If I did *NOT* have doubts, I would not keep reading. If I did not wonder, I would not be beginning to understand. If I didn't want to see what was around the next corner, up the next trail.... 

I would just 'know' - just like those who attack me, just 'know.' They are the ones who do *not* have doubts. To them, climate change is 100% man-made, and 100% catastrophic. (And how do I know that? Because I fit Perfectly into the description of a true 'skeptic' as laid out by the person I am speaking of- yet he calls me a denier. And EVERY. SINGLE. Skeptic whom I post information from falls into that same classification - yet he and his shriek them down as 'deniers' wherever they can. And what's left at the end of the day? All 'man-made,' all Death and Destruction. They don't leave any other option).

But I don't know (enough), so I keep learning.

And I will keep posting.

And I will *NEVER* leave off it. (But I *will* get back to my science-fiction writing and drawing. I promise! O.0'  )

So, this is all I have to say to him: keep flailing. I already know you'll never catch up. Your mistaken attempts at an 'argument' are hilarious.***

** Now, I have seen two (so far) different versions of that quote. Not quite sure which is right.... :iconebturner:? What say you? How goes Holiday 'time off' ? :P

*** - I will give him credit on one bit: he says one can't mix politics and climate science, and he is SO RIGHT! Just look at the Millennial Drought Millennial Drought in Australia was.... NORMAL.Aussie Droughts “Far From Exceptional” – Ice Core Study Finds
December 29, 2014
tags: Australia
By Paul Homewood
This story from the Australian Antarctic Division seems to have slipped below the radar.
Antarctic ice cores tell 1000-year Australian drought story

Ice core drill an

And then take a look at what climate science mixed with politics / ideology, did with it: spent 22.5 BILLION on a desal plant WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN USED SINCE!

Nailed it for once, Val! Climate science mixed with politics equals major-league climate policy STUPIDITY!

Oh. I guess I did answer him, after all! ;)
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Well, I hope the title has caught your eye enough to read this sentence.
And this one aswell.
Maybe even this third sentence?
Oh my god, thank you so much for attention!
If you have got enough time, please, take a seat and listen a story about my second trip to the land of Eiffel Tower, wine and Joan of Arc (and traffic congestions, token strikes and sweet breakfasts) 

tam ta da daa, France!
France flag 

14 hours by bus from Czech Republic - and surprisingly, that wasn't even horrible, at all! Kinda poetic, to see your schoolmates sleeping, listening gloomy and sleepy music and watching cars and lights. Time to think, to sleep and to watch the landscape, nobody wants to talk with you, for me - HEAVEN. 
We went through CzechRep and Germany.

We woke up and immediately after that we could admire Loir's castles for two days.
Chennonceau, Amboise, Blois, Fontainebleau - pronounciation is like Shenonzoh, Amboa, Bloa, Fonta-en-bloh (dem French)
Lots of history, pompous fat men with wiggs, gigantic gardens and fontains. I'm not going to describe details or each of those castles separately, that would take long time.

 this is how Chennonceau looks like. It's called the MOST ROMANTIC CASTLE EVER (yup, totally deserves it) 
Untitled by Aadavy there's even a labyrinth! And farm with donkeys (YEAH, DONKEYS! ^^) Eeyore  

in Amboise lot of Da Vinci and stuff :davincicode: 

and now Paris, city with more people than my republic has! Where the token strike is like national sport! You can see every third person with baguette (or five) and you don't know, where the f*ck did they get those! Awesome architecture! Champs Elyseé! Stuff from Napoleons age! Notre-Dame!

(yeah, this Notre-Dame :3 ) 

Milions of tourists with selfie sticks! Nigga-bros selling tiny Eiffel tower keychains everywhere! Eiffel Tower! Seina river! Again Eiffel Tower! Flags on every more important or older building! Flag of France Known buildings every time under reconstruction! Liberté Egalité Fraternité!

Arno-dorian-assassin-s-creed-unity-31976-1920x1080 by Aadavy
Frenchmen with two extremes - obscene and vulgar, trying to stop you on the street and touch you, or charming, polite and stylish guys who let you go first through the door or help you somehow. Better to meet the second type, of course.
Yay, happened to us in Orleans (we were three girls) that about 4 cars with young men honked on us walking down the street - not going to happen in our country but it kinda kicks your ego up a notch :D 
- want to feel beautiful, ladies? GO ON A WALK THROUGH ORLEANS!

And in Paris?
Img-20150610-01042 by Aadavy - in shop 17 € for 1, from those black merchants 1 € for 3. I haggled with one of them (quite professional and valid arguments like "Come on, I have got wife and children") but now I own 12 tiny Eiffel Towers for 1 € ^^ 
to do list:
present for friends - :check: 
well, when I'm speaking about presents..
 (random internet photo - I haven't taken a photo of anticonception, sorry :D
- got golden "Want to see my tower" for my boyfriend Niky Purple Devil Pervert  *devil laugh*

I saw that tower for second time :) And I was on the very top for second time.'s concrete jungle, right, but stil...weird to see all those people under your feet.
Untitled by Aadavy  (sadly, I haven't eaten ratatouille :C) 

I completely hate classic tourist photos. So here is my precious, stupid, and weird-like-me photo with Eiffel Tower!
Sepia by Aadavy

other things - love bridges.
Img-20150611-01055 by Aadavy Img-20150611-01056 by Aadavy (those are really milions of locks)
cute thing :) you can find awesome graffiti cartoon characters on one bridge with big title all over the bridge "Love is the key".
Sadly, they need to remove all those locks because they are heavy and it would destroy those bridges...:(

from art - Louvre is really must-visit museum. 
True statistics - if you stare at each exhibit for half a minute, you need to be three months in Louvre to see all of them. And you don't even see the depository stuff! Pieces of every part from history of humankind in one place.
Img-20150611-01060 by Aadavy Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité - I'm fascinated by this slogan. 
and yup, you can find Mona Lisa in this museum aswell. Da Vinci Fella (Artists) 

tiny picture. 60% of Mona Lisa posters are actually bigger than Mona Lisa :D saw this Da Vinci's lady for second time aswell. The crowd is always the funniest thing. Japanese, Arabians, everyone with selfie sticks. :D 

so this was the reason why I wasn't answering on my feedback. And now I need to go through about 1,000 mesagges (of course I'm looking forward but it is going to be hard work! (and everything because french Mc Donald's wi-fi isn't my best friend). But I'm happy that I'm not that addicted to social sites and FB and stuff, I extremely enjoyed that week even without internet connection! :) 

I have got about milion themes to draw (dystopic rabbits, gasmasks, barbed wires, boys with deer horns, gargoyles...yeah, totally normal. Inspiration overload!) 
Untitled by Aadavy now I'm finally going to sleep. I need to survive last two school weeks. Good thing is that we're having another school trip, now just with my class, for two days and then one day is something happening aswell. So I need to survive FIVE KILLING DAYS before marking is over. 9 TESTS IN TWO DAYS, kill me someone please. But after that? I have already to-do list of Summer goals 2015 (I'm not kidding!) 

Hope you're all having good time, I hope that someone read this bullshit whole til the end (thank you, no matter who you are!) and that I haven't insulted France. 
If you don't want to go to Paris, you should. If you want to go to Paris, good for you. If you're going to go to Paris, I hope that you'll enjoy it as much as I did! ^^ 

...I just need to post Remy again :) 

Au Revoir!

Napoleon's Cutlery and other news

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 7, 2012, 2:11 AM

Hi Everyone!  In this journal:
:bulletgreen: MISCELLANY: (Advertising, New Book & Links )  :bulletgreen: TRANSLATION PROJECT  :bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen: BRACELETS AND KNOTS CONTEST  :bulletgreen: BOOK PROGRESS  :bulletgreen: GROUP FEATURE  No 3 :bulletgreen:


:bulletyellow: Advertising: :bulletyellow:
Firstly: What is it with advertisers?  Do they really think we are all stupid?... or are still "wet behind the ears..."? Two items to illustrate the point:  1: Halfords (tm), (A UK store that specialises in motoring/car accessories, and bicycles), are running an advert currently that contains the following "selling point"  (What really annoys me is the "free of charge" bit...):
"We check, FREE OF CHARGE, every bicycle, to ensure it's safety, before it leaves the shop"
(...Does that mean it's perfectly normal to sell a new push bike with no guarantees as to it's safety?...)

2: "Enterprise Rent-a Car" (tm) have an advert currently running, on TV also, where the "seperated by a common language" syndrome is used to, supposedly, highlight the fact that they have the best of both worlds with the best UK and US qualities embodied in their business... a certain point in the script, the American uses the word: "Aluminum".., at which the Englishman corrects him by stating: "It's "Aluminium!", followed by the words:  "...It's got a "U" in it!"...
Both words have 2 "U's" of course...  In actual fact the word has an extra "I" not an extra "U" in it... I love it when the pot calls the kettle black on national television....(you'ld think with all the money they throw at these things they would have someone who could spell correctly, american or english...)  Incidentally it was originally called "Alumium" by Sir Humphrey Davy, the chemist, and was, after a new french extraction process was discovered, used to make a set of cutlery for Napoleon which cost more than if the knives and forks etc had been made of solid gold, and the famous statue of "Eros" at Picadilly Circus, London, UK, (which isn't actually "Eros" btw.... ), was also made of this metal in 1893 at great cost...  My thoughts on advertising may be summed up in my poem, here:

Lastly, still on the subject of advertising.. but so much more fun!:
This is currently running on UK TV stations:… If you don't feel good / better / at least seriously amused, after seeing this, I'm not entirely sure there's any hope for you...? (yeah... it's an advert and designed to tug at the old... but, ...nonetheless...!)

:bulletyellow:  New Book :bulletyellow:
If "psi-fi" is your thing.. then pop over to my friend Ke-Yana Drake's page and check out the book she's just had published.. She's really good at this stuff! and has not only written stuff but has designed languages and original written-scripts: , to go with them... a very talented lady whom I met via the fact that she also weaves grasses into bags etc....  Ke-Yana's dA Profile:  Ke-Yana's Epic novel! (my words..): Rise of Hawk:…  Ke-Yana's Book: Time Speaker for sale online:… Ke-Yana in print: Local newspaper article, (New Zealand) on Ke-Yana's new book: "Time Speaker"
Readable copy of Front Page by keyanadrake

:bulletyellow:  Links :bulletyellow:
I have been assembling a set of knot related links for both my profile page and for the group bracelets and knots...  This is a huge undertaking...  and will be in three parts when finally done:  
1: links on my page;
2: bracelets and knots links on their page;
3: links associated with the tutorials placed in the artist's comments on that deviation's page like:
PKT 8  PKT 8 CARRICK BEND by Peter-The-Knotter  PKT 12   PKT 12 TURK'S HEAD by Peter-The-Knotter   and  PKT 13   PKT 13 PLAITS by Peter-The-Knotter  , which already have their links inserted...)

:bulletgreen: TRANSLATION PROJECT:bulletgreen:

I naturally wish to have as many dA members, or others... as possible, profiting from my tutorials... so with this in mind, I have had the idea of translating them.  I shall make a start on the french and spanish translations as I have some knowledge of these languages, but there are other languages I would like them translated into as a basic resource as shown by the folder titles now present in my "Tutorials" Gallery.  There is now, also, a folder called "Tutorial Translation Aids" which will contain copies of my tutorials that have had their various sections highlighted, and numbered, to facilitate their translation in "bite-sized" chunks....   Anyone who wishes to help me out in this endeavour, wether it be with just one numbered section... or an entire tutorial..., will be most welcome. (I shall try and think up some gift for their help).  As many languages as possible are desirable, but the basic ones I would like to have done are: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Gujerati and Hindi.  Translating the tutorials is also a good way of assimilating the information and techniques contained in them....

:bulletgreen: BRACELETS AND KNOTS CONTEST :bulletgreen:

This group is having another contest. The basic info is below, but for details click here:  bracelets-and-knots.deviantart…

THE THEME IS:                "More Beads Than You Can Possibly Shake A Stick At...!"
CLOSING DATE:                December 14th*    ( watch your inboxes on Jan 1st....)
SUBMISSIONS:                Please submit deviations to the "Current Contest" Gallery

:bulletgreen: BOOK PROGRESS :bulletgreen:

The book is progressing....  slowly, because of all the illustrations of knots and techniques, (the section I'm now working on), but it is at least having the effect of speeding up the posting of my dA tutorials...  When the books done I hope you will all appreciate why it's taken so long... it's not, alas!, like a novel where you can invent the rules... stuff has to work in the real world... Oh yeah by the way... I'm still looking for picture contributors... particularly now for the "Makers" and "Gallery" section of the book...  If any of you spot macrame makers you think i should include or have works of your own that you would be happy to have part of my project, please note me or send me an e-mail:

I would also like to take the opportunity to iterate a brief acknowledgement to all those on dA who have helped in some way by encouragement, suggesting deliberately, or by chance, useful ideas or new avenues of thought, contributing samples of their work, help with research etc. So: just a heartfelt:
:hug: Thank You Everyone! :hug:
(A brief one before the proper "Acknowledgements" which will be in the final MSS.)

:bulletgreen: GROUP FEATURE :bulletgreen:

Group Feature 3: PaintingandDrawing

My 3rd Group Feature is PaintingandDrawing Founded by BY :iconstardust12345:

backed up by :iconpeachieva: :iconrubbaduckart: :iconevolution--art: :iconirula-n:

This group obviously selects it's deviations carefully.  They have an eye, particularly, for up-and-coming deviants, well as the obviously gifted and hardworking practised ones. Their galleries encompass a wide range of subjects and iinterpretations and are a boon to the dA community...

Let's hear it for:


Gothel Drawing by B-AGT BY :iconb-agt:  Rapunzel - Tangled by Dignity13 BY :icondignity13:
Read my lips by KANDELAH BY :iconkandelah:  :thumb281088309: BY :iconsimzzzz:
Trust by dreamarian BY :icondreamarian:  Callalily (close-up III) - Acrylic Paint by joycego BY :iconjoycego:
Sunny Poppies by Kasia1989 BY :iconkasia1989:  Zlota baba Heydrich story: poisoned by hello-heydi BY :iconhello-heydi:
Real Dragon by e11e-k BY :icone11e-k:  My RISD Bike Drawing by Pheoniic BY :iconpheoniic:
The Knot by IleanaHunter BY :iconileanahunter:  Pete by Lyle462 BY :iconlyle462:
Scattered Dreams by Bluesky21543 BY :iconbluesky21543:

Previous groups featured here:
1: :iconhiddenartistsgroup:  2:  :iconartisancraft:

Journal CSS Credits:       This:     was created by:   :iconexillior:   Thank You Exillior!

Hawkfrost is the Napoleon of Warriors

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 12, 2015, 6:07 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn

You hate him or you love him there is no in between

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Well, since it WAS the 200th anniversary yesterday, why not celebrate with a little music ;)

Hello guys! Sorry for not being active. You can bitchslap me for that. Or you can even call me Light Yagami (yes sis,I'm thinking about YOU now). Anyways,I want to share a hilarious little coincidence with all of you. So we are learning about Napoleon Bonaparte and on history lessons,our teacher calls him 'Short little ugly curly-haired bastard with a rotor in his ass' (because he could never calm down). Aaand now comes the best part...he was born on 15th. august,just like my retarded little kitty sis. When I noticed this,I was like : TROLL MODE ACTIVATED.  So I waited for my sis after our lessons were over and I told her what I found out. And then I said : OMG BUT IF YOU WERE BORN IN THE SAME MONTH/ON THE SAME DAY AS NAPOLEON,THEN YOU ARE 'A SHORT LITTLE UGLY CURLY-HAIRED BASTARD WITH A ROTOR IN YOUR ASS' TOO! OMG THIS IS PRICELESS! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY NAPOLEONA BONPARI (a local candy brand,and yes I said it like this on purpose)! It was funny as hell for me,but I can't say the same for my sis... I know what fate awaited me. So I began to run. I heard my sis shouting : OH GOD YOU'RE SUCH AN IDIOT! YAGAMI! I was laughing so hard that I almost tripped. OKAY I TRIPPED A LITTLE,I ADMIT IT. NOW WHAT? When I got home,I still couldn't stop laughing. Soo...yep. That's probably everything I wanted to say. THANKS FOR READING THIS EFFIN' LONG JOURNAL. YOU DESERVE A COOKIE FOR THAT.
The island of Elba, the largest in the Tuscan Archipelago, is a 260km drive and 15km ferry ride north of Rome. In July and August, the population density and traffic becomes so thick with vacationing Romans that one can push their car across the capital, Portoferraio, at about the same pace as driving it.
There’s good reason for this popularity. The modestly proportioned 28km long, 19km wide island offers copious rewarding trekking, cycling and camping opportunities in addition to abundant beaches and a substantial drool trail leading from one Slow Food-endorsed dinning establishment to another. A slightly more roomy and inexpensive shoulder season visit (April/May and September/October) is highly recommended.

Elba has been inhabited since the Iron Age. Ligurian tribes were followed by Etruscans and then Greeks. A rotating cast of residents, refugees and pirates made appearances in subsequent centuries including the Pax Romana, bands of North African raiders, the Spanish and Cosimo I de' Medici, who in the mid-16th century founded and fortified the port town of Cosmopolis, today's Portoferraio. But none of these occupants did more in so little time as France’s all time greatest military mastermind and badboy, Napoleon Bonaparte.

Though the Emperor escaped less than a year after being “banished” to Elba (the penal equivalent of a shoulder massage), Napoleon left a lasting mark on the island and its inhabitants who, even now, almost 200 years later, still say a Mass each May for his soul at Chiesa della Misericordia.

Indeed, upon his arrival, Napoleon spun into a veritable tornado of activity, ordering a plethora of public works like boosting agriculture, road-building, marsh draining and a thorough overhaul of the legal and education systems. He also oversaw improvements to the island's iron-ore mines, the revenue of which now kept him comfortably stocked in hair care products.

Nine months later, in a panic over rumors that nervous European leaders were scheming to have him shipped off to the remote Atlantic island of Saint Helena, Napoleon slipped aboard a departing ship and strode back into Paris for one last run at ruling Europe (the Hundred Days), ending in his defeat at Waterloo. He was summarily dumped on Saint Helena, where he died in 1821.

Despite remarkable work and intervention during his stay, the only appreciable evidence of Napoleon’s internment on Elba are his two homes Villa dei Mulini and Villa Napoleonica di San Martino.

Perched up on the bastions between Portoferraio’s duel defensive forts is Villa dei Mulini, Napoleon's primary home while serving as “emperor” of Elba. Why Napoleon ached to flee this sumptuous villa, with its enviable views, terraced garden and library, to once again live out of a travel trunk and trampoline-caliber camp bed (on display in the home) taxes the sensible mind to distraction. While touring the villa is certainly a worthwhile history lesson, the overall scarcity of genuine Napoleon artifacts may disappoint some.

Roughly 5km southwest of Portoferraio, set in low, green hills is Villa Napoleonica di San Martino, the Emperor’s summer residence. Despite being more opulent and peaceful than Villa dei Mulini, Napoleon reportedly never spent more than a few hours at a time here. An unassuming iron fence-enclosed square leads into the eight-room villa, including bedrooms, a study and the ‘Egyptian room’, decorated with hieroglyphs, pyramids, and a large zodiac painted on the ceiling to commemorate his campaigns in Egypt. The villa, owned, occupied and modified by several entities after Napoleon, including being used as a headquarters during German occupation in WWII, was restored before being opened as a museum.

Finally, budget travelers can glean a small thrill from staying at Albergo Ape Elbana ( This historic, butter-colored, building overlooking central Piazza della Repubblica is both Elba's oldest hotel and where guests of Napoleon are reputed to have stayed.

Read more:…

Help us reach 1000! (and see Napoleon strip)

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 18, 2013, 7:28 PM

Hey guys!

So now that we actually have a little bit of time to take a breather, we managed to take in the fact that we've almost reached 600 fans on Smackjeeves, we've posted over 50 pages, and we're a few months away from our 1 year anniversary! Holy crap!

It was this moment of discovery that led to the following thought:

Wouldn't it be cool if we had 1000 fans by the time we reached our 1 year anniversary?

The answer was, of course, yes! So now we turn to you lovely people with a proposition that should be fun for ALL of us - even the characters! 

See this very handsome picture of Napoleon? For every ten new fans we get on Smackjeeves, Nym will draw a new picture of him without an article of clothing. And once we undress Napoleon, you guys get to choose which man will be next. ;)

Now I'm sure you all are asking yourselves: How can I get in on this gloriousness?

Well! Here's what you can do:

1) Reblog this post on Tumblr! Or if you don't have a Tumblr, make your own post on DA or Facebook and tell everyone why you like the comic, and encourage them to be sign up so that they can be fans of us on smackjeeves!

The site link is: graveimpressions.smackjeeves.c…

2) If you're up for the challenge - do something artistic to show how much you like the comic or the characters! Draw, write, cosplay, whatever you choose! (Tag it under Grave Impressions on Tumblr or drop us a note here so we can see it and give you tons of fangirl squeals of joy.)

3) If you've already done one or both of those, make sure you have a Smackjeeves account so you can add us to your favorites. Then tell all your friends to do the same. ;)

If we reach 1000 before October 14, we'll do a huge thank-you giveaway including merch so limited that only one of you can get it.

So start spreading the word, guys! And hopefully the next new drawing will be soon! ;)

As you guys probably all know by now, I'm extremely close to finishing up Napoleon Dynamite. I only have the last episode of the cartoon to review. Though, my requests for series have been building up, bringing me further and further away from it. So, for now, I'm going to ignore my requested series until I get all of Napoleon Dynamite done and over with. This means reviewing the last episode, the overview of the show, and the short film from 2003 that the movie was based off of that I forgot about reviewing. I'm still going to continue with my main series reviews, but I'm holding on my other requested series until I get Napoleon done and over with. Because I don't want to hold on it for any longer, and I'm sure a lot of you guys want me to finish it up, too. So, I'm gonna start writing my review for "FFA" right now. I'm really wanting to stop holding up on it, and just get it out of the way forever.

What are you underneath your clothes, Napoleon?

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 22, 2013, 9:33 PM


Thank you!!! We've reached (and surpassed) 645 followers on SmackJeeves! And Napoleon has lost every last stitch of clothing!

Thank you very much to everyone who reads the comic and followed us on Smackjeeves!  We hope you've enjoyed the show! By playing strip-follower with us these past weeks, you've put us 60 followers closer to our ultimate goal of 1000! As an extra little 'thank you', we also give you Freddy's reaction to Napoleon's little show:

Now that we're through with Napoleon for the moment, we'll be turning him over to Freddy's care for a while and moving on to one of the other characters. You can vote in the poll to choose who will be playing strip-follower next!…
 The next round will start in early September (we're taking a short pause for a week or two in order to prepare for A-FEST) and then we'll be back, stripping a new boy, one-layer for every 20 followers this time! In the meantime, please follow us and tell your friends about the comic and help us get closer to 1000!