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Hi guys.. I've decided that I'd like to run a small colouring competition to promote both my book… and my etsy shop :)

To take part all you have to do is colour in my latest drawing (Entity No.7… ) ..

All colouring methods are allowed.. ie. you can import the drawing into your favourite art program, you can print it out and colour with felt pens, pencils, pastels, etc.. OR

You can print it large and paint it with acrylics, oils or water colours... The choice is yours..

To make things easier all entrants will be sent FREE OF CHARGE the high resolution image found on my Etsy shop… This will allow you to print or edit at the resolution I created it at.. which is approximately 7000x7000 pixels! (Message me your email so I can send you your free copy)

 I will place all the entries online in a special folder and let the DA users decide on who wins! The winner will receive a copy of my book "The Mandala coloring book" and 2nd place will win any drawing which is on my etsy store. If you are interested send me a note with your email address and I will send the hi rez file to you. Closing date is the last day of the month, the 31st August. If there are a few entries then I will consider running the competion monthly..

Good luck!!


in honor of our mandala madness, i'd like to see if people wanted to use my line art
mandala open collaboration project by crazyruthie
and make it your own mandala. you can color it, you can collage it, you can remix it, you can add to it, or take away some of it....
do pretty much anything you want to it!
download it as much as you like.

i would love to see a lot of people do this, it would be cool to see what it looks like from many people's eyes.
there's no time limit, it can be of any quality. do it as many times as you like!

i'll make a folder for the finished collaborations.  

please give me a credit and a link.

have fun friends! let's see what a great community :iconspirals-and-swirls: is!
I love making mandalas. And I love colouring them. However the problem I keep coming up against is that it's very difficullt to find groups that accept mixed media. I love to hand drawn my mandalas and then scan them into photoshop and colour them that way. I have just invested in a huge collection of various prismacolour, faber-castell and derwent that I will try out in the coming weeks... We shall see.. So...

This group is for people that draw their mandalas by hand.

There are no strict rulez that say the colouring has to be ALL in pen or ALL in pencil or even all in photoshop.

If you draw ALL in pencil, great...

Also, this group welcomes those that don't want to colour their work...

Sometimes a black and white piece can be just as powerful as a coloured one..

I hope all that is clear.. NO COMPUTERS ALLOWED TO CREATE / DRAW the mandalas! Else all goes..

For the start can I request that you upload just 3 of your favourites so far.. we'll adjust the figures according the popularity of the group :D

All the best for now


EDIT 15th Feb

Membership and affiliation requests should now be automatically approved

If dA gremlins get to work let Jim or I know by note and settings will be reset.

MAXIMUM of 3 per day into our NEW SUBMISSIONS folder -
I will then sort them into correct folders later Date last done will appear under the heading

TUTORIALS are also welcomed - obviously how to draw WITHOUT any help from a computer!

À bientôt


mandala madness! at Spirals-and-Swirls!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 4:29 PM
i love mandalas! it's seems that lots and lots of people do. yay!
in my group :iconspirals-and-swirls:  i opened a folder specifically for mandalas and kaleidoscopes! 
they're perfect for the group. we've always gotten a lot of them, but by popular demand, i created the folder!
the folder is for ALL mediums. it's growing and growing already. 
i decided to change the daily submission limit, for the mandala folder only, to five. 
i encourage all your mandala artists to join, and for all members to share your work with us. (join requests are automatically approved.)
look for me, i'll be requesting mandalas all over the place, and inviting people, too. 
here's the journal that explains it all... ;

these are some examples of the awesome mandalas and kaleidoscopes that are already in the folder...

Apo-Chall 8 - Pale to Medium BG by Lupsiberg2038 by IngrimaKaleili Kaleila by feigenfruchtMANDALA DESIGN 202 SEASONAL by PhilluppusWurlitzer Cross by fraxialmadness3
SQUARE art 1926 - Optimism by oboudiartStar of Friendship by Danijel-KnezCommission 1 by MyrretMandala 91 Hidden Truth by hadas64Watery Mandala November 2013 by Artwyrd
Sleep Study by WilloweirdRainbow Aztec Mandala Collab with katahrens by Quaddles-RoostPeacock Feathers Mandala by Kat Ahrens (Coloured) by Silverstroller1Spiral Psyche by Dreamydebcrazyruthie Yurt In A Storm mandala remix by Valpigle
Violetta by ScraNosolstice by essencestudios<da:thumb id="345751939"/>The beast we should not fear by offermoordSnake Mandala by Entophile
28-11-13 Floral by bjmanJungle-Beauty by eReSaWDuck-30112013-14n by jhantares<da:thumb id="411800570"/>

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The Group is for Mandala artists that use traditional medium to create their designs. NO COMPUTER designs allowed!!

However, how you'd like to colour (if you wish) is up to you.. pens, pencils, paints, computer programs..

Why did I open the group?

Because I like to hand-draw my mandalas with pen (after pencil!) and then scan and import to Photoshop to colour.

I was getting so many of my drawings rejected as they neither fit into Traditional OR Digital.

Most had a NO MIXED media choice.

So, I decided to set up my own.. just make sure that the mandala itself is traditional and then you are free to colour how you please.

Any admins reading this and have noticed I had set up something wrong.. please let me know asap!

Looking forward to seeing your lovelty creatons!


Mandala Spring Collection 2014

Sun Jun 1, 2014, 1:45 AM
hope you enjoy,

RandomThoughts by nihilistic-hun

Mandalas are a universal symbol found in most of the world's cultures.  They are often ritualistic and usually associated with spirituality.  They are widely known as Hindu and Buddhist religious symbols but they can also be seen in the sand paintings of many aboriginal nations, in the layout of temples and churches, even in the stained glass rose windows of cathedrals. 

While the symbolism behind the mandala is usually the unity and order of the cosmos, they can also represent the integrity of the self. During the more difficult periods of his life, Carl Jung drew a mandala every day.  This helped him not only with the development of his own spirit but it also enabled him to refine his great theories of the psyche. 

She... and Me by Fredex91Looking In - Rainbow by Mandala-JimBeckon the Winds of Two-Sided Sights by TwaRavenMotifs
red and gold by AnnisPekkavivisection in black and white by PhantomMonkey :thumb358641834:
Spiralling by Anj3llablue planet n moon by santosam81Monte Carlo Method Rendering by nic022
Unsustainable Instability by simonpark81
Doodle-Dala by Harrisons-ForgeAdornment by MladavidMandala Mantra OM by CacaioTavares
Ab13 Alternate Mandala 46 by Xantipa2

pink floyd - arnold layne

Sat Nov 15, 2014, 4:14 PM

Mandala in the Making DEMO I

Sat May 24, 2014, 10:56 AM
an animation of a mandala in the making,  a WIP, some music added, hope you enjoy