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You'll get to use something powerful later, Do you know what it is? 

chirp chirp chirp

"Lenny do you know where we are?" "No!, What do I look like to you a compass!"
thump thump thump
"What was that?" " I don't know Lenny...."
" What ever it is I'll will so kill it, if it is after us!" "shh keep quiet" "Noway noise will scare it away!"  "Lenny what if that's a criminal following us? Do you want to get killed?" "Noway stupid!" 
rustle rustle
"I think we are waking up." "No duh! stupid!" " screw you!" "shut up!" " shut up!!"
rustle rustle rustle rustle
"This is not the time to fight!"
"Ow!" "Ow!"
Shoko ran over to Lenny "you're so stupid!"  "I know what you are but what am I" "You little ASS!"

"Now,now children settle down now!"
"Grandpa, we were in the forest and we were hearing freaky noises!"
"Shoko was so scared you should 've seen her!, She was like...(talks in a high pitched voice).. "Oh Lenny I'm so scared can you protect me do we know how to destroy it?, OHHH!"  "Shut up it wasn't like that!!" "Yes, it was!"
"Children, I'm going to go over what my role is!"
"My role is to bring balance to those who are opposite of each other!
I am a peace bringer, I love, I do not fight!"
"Shoko come with me to the garden Akihiko stay here until it's time for us to talk!"
I've been writing in sporadic little bursts-- very on and off, and none of it feels good enough to put anywhere but away.
  • Mood: Distracted
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