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How do they expect people to be able to afford Cintiqs? I mean, damn the least expensive one is a thousand. The most money I've ever had at once is like, 200 or something. Damn. I want one so badly it huuuurtsssss.
I told you guys I was trying to lucid dream and I did. The interesting thing is, it was induced by a celestial white noise. Both times I lucid dreamed. So I recommend using that to practice! Indy died not have an anal impaction, thank you for that. Nothing too big to report but my week had been pretty bland.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Sunshine
  • Reading: Warriors book 5
  • Watching: Survival Craft
  • Playing: Survival Craft
  • Eating: nothing yet!
  • Drinking: Water
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