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So basically this is a little backstory for my fursona, Lucid..

Lucid was a prince made by stardust coming together in space and forming him. He then fell to earth and is waiting to get his wings, forehead marking, star antenna and return to his home among the stars. Lucid has magical powers revolving around sleep, dreams, stars, and the moon that he still has yet to fully understand and learn. He lives in the forest practicing his magic, during the crescent moon his powers are their most powerful.  Lucid has the rare ability to talk to the stars.

Bleh this is really messy but i wanted to dump all of this out somewhere. I may add more to this later and clean up the wording but my mind is constantly dysfunctional so yaaaaa
As I'm sure you can tell by all my recent uploads... yeah I haven't been dead, just REALLY BUSY /faint

More art is scheduled to be uploaded too. dang I've never had so much to upload at once before. 

Life has been so busy that I've literally had to make a to-do list of everything I have to do (including art) so that I can keep track of everything. Man, adulting sucks sometimes. 

I haven't had time to go through messages/notes/comments etc so please be patient with me, I'm getting there I promise!

I've literally done nothing but art today so like, my eyes are about to 'splode out of my head, I'm gonna go to bed now. 


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