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This is done in writing for the pure fact that I am currently (apparently) unable to draw a stick figure let alone draw full figured cats.
I would like to take the moment to recognize the fact that morninqs started out the History and since then the Admin team as come up with numerous
vague ideas for the Plot. Since the group is just getting started and the option of being a Non-Clan cat is only just becoming available it will still be quite
some time before we begin any sort of plot/story line -however it is never too late to begin ideas. 

Therefore the following is my own interpretation of what might become the next plot for the group.

For this I'd like to remind everyone of FotC's basic timeline right now. After the event of the Wicked the land became devastated, cats were sick and going
missing -the land felt corrupted. The Clans stayed in the territory for 8 Moons before they began the Journey to the new land (where everyone is currently 
living) -this Journey took 5 Moons. Everyone has currently been living in the new territory for about 7 Moons and during this time there has been absolutely
nothing going on except a reconstruction of the life they once had. (This totals to 20 Moons)

Since I am the Leader of WindClan the following is an interpretation through my characters, Reedstar's, eyes.
CHAPTER ONE: A Most Sinister Feeling

Am I fool to question the stars?

Blinking lazily into the still night that had fallen upon the WindClan camp Reedstar was extremely silent and still despite his extreme uneasiness. It was a feeling
that he could not explain, one that had been driving him mad with frustration and irritation so much so that he was beginning to lose his temper around his Clan-
to any Leader it was unnerving. Curled around the smaller sleeping form of his mate Sandfur, Reedstar tensed -normally the closeness of his mate would comfort 
him to the feeling was almost out of control, an internal panic attack unlike anything Reedstar could explain.

It was the feeling you get whenever you're being watched.
It was the feeling you get whenever you're alone and you hear something behind you...only to turn and find nothing there.
It was the feeling you get whenever you're waiting for something to jump out and scare you...only nothing ever does.

The worst part was the fact that he could NOT prove what he was feeling. In the past moon he'd been careful to stay up late and monitor the activity of the night
only to find that it was entirely protected as it always should be, quiet and sleeping. Having experienced this so many times now Reedstar could almost time the
exact moment that the feeling would return -every night once his mate fell asleep and the Clan quietened and the moon was high in the sky- only then did it
feel like someone was burning a hole in Reedstar's neck with their eyes. 

There was no residual scent in the morning however, as though nothing were there. As time began to progress however Reedstar began noticing minute changes in
his environment. Unable to sleep, and willing to try an experiment, Reedstar would leave the security of his camp in small nightly walks. While to some
it might seem like nothing more than a stroll in the moonlight -to Reedstar it was an experiment regarding the security of the Clan to find out just who had become his
stalker. On these nights he'd walk through small mud puddles, tall grass and such -listening intently for the extra set of pawsteps that accompanied him only to find
that the unseen presence would leave just before daybreak.

It was one morning after a long and tense night that Reedstar finally found the proof he'd needed. If he were to be perfectly honest with himself it was one of the
most relieving moments of his life -if only for the fact that it proved he was not insane. His little stalker -or rather stalkers had finally made a mistake, finally let
their guard slip and in one of the few mud puddles located on WindClan territory -there, as clear as day was not one but two extra sets of pawprints left imprinted 
in the dried mud; additionally, vague, unrecognizable but very distinguishable scents lingered in the tall grass that Reedstar had purposefully walked through. 

Unsurprisingly, as though they knew they'd been caught the presence of the unseen cats became more and more scarce -a fact of which Reedstar couldn't say he was
particularly comfortable with. 

What were they planning? 
Who were they?
And why had they been so intent on stalking Reedstar for that matter? 

To his Clan it seemed as though he'd lost it and had finally become more demanding of everyone -patrols were almost doubled in size and activity. Guards were now
to report directly to Reedstar before and after their shift irregardless of whether they'd seen anything or not. His one confident had become his Deputy- eventually
once time passed Reedstar would find himself seeking out the individual opinions and reports of other Leaders but nothing could really describe the intimate 
relationship he had developed towards StarClan over the past year. 

His faith had often been subject to question by many, even himself over the course of his life -after the Battle of the Wicked however it became clear to Reedstar
that while StarClan itself was not all powerful they most definitely existed and had some form of power he was unfamiliar with. Though it might have seemed foolish
to many that he had become so devoted to his faith after the events of the Wicked Reedstar had some feeling that he needed to trust, needed to listen closely for
what might, might, be important.

So Reedstar had listened, had followed the rules and what he perceived to be the guidance of StarClan...

Now, as he gazed upon the bright shining moon and glittering stars it was as though he was staring at the ground. The faith he once had wavered in confusion, in
uncertainty -why were the stars silent? Was this something he was blowing out of proportion? 

With the physical proof of that fact that there were unwanted visitors within his territory and their strange apparent ability to cover their tracks very well, almost too
well, Reedstar had to wonder if StarClan was really as good as he deemed it to be. Why would they settle in an area such as this, with unknown, unseen folk running
around in the dead of the night -what kind of ploy was this? 

For now the Clans slept peacefully...blissfully unaware of their fate -except for one.
Except for Reedstar who proudly kept watch over his Clan each night, sleeping by day, and watching the land and often turning his head to the sky in contemplation.
When reports of cats sighting rogues on the outskirts of the territory became numerous Reedstar almost smirked to himself, 

Am I fool to question the stars?

Perhaps not.


Please tell me what you think!! I really came up with this on the fly so it might not make much sense and it might not be any good but this is only the 
beginning to a more deeper darker plot.

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Thu Jul 30, 2015, 10:06 AM
Would anyone be interested in attending this with me??? 

Denver Schoolism Workshop 
Craig Mullins - Digital Painting Master. Halo, Armageddon, Forrest Gump, Matrix
Terryl Whitlatch - Creature Expert. Star Wars, Beowolf, Jumanji, 
Stephen Silver - Character Designer. Kim Possible, Danny Phantom
Jeff Turley - Production Designer. Paperman, Tangled, Wreck-it-Ralph
Karla Ortiz - Live action concept artist. Jurassic World, ILM, Marvel Studios
Bobby Chiu - Creature/Character Designer. Alice in Wonderland, Alice through the Looking Glass (2016)
Join us Oct 24-25, 2015 in Denver for an epic workshop and party.
Promocode to save some cash: CHIU…
EDIT: There's group discounts if 5+ people go.  xD

You see, I REALLY, REALLLLY want to go to this. And it's in my hometown. But... like... I really hate going to things alone, I feel awkward and weird and I'm not good at talking to people.... 

If anyone else is seriously interested in going to this thing and you live in or around the Denver area, please let me know!! (We can't split costs as it's a per-person pass of course, but still. Let's be buddies.) 

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