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Happy Halloween everyone!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 10:22 AM

Happy Halloween everyone! Anyone doing anything fun for All Hallow's Eve?? Got any cool costumes?? :3  We're eating pizza and drinking wine and watching scary movies all night long :D

I love Halloween, though I don't get to celebrate it very much anymore. Y'know, being an adult and having a life and all :|  Used to love having or going to big Halloween parties where everyone dresses up and has a good time with drinks and candy! But I feel those days might be over :<

I remember doing door-to-door games on Halloween in place of getting Candy.... did you guys ever do those?? We used to play one called "bigger or better" (tee hee). We did it in teams as a competition, one group does one side of the block and the other on the other side. You start with something simple... usually candy cause that's what you have, and then you go door to door as if trick-or-treating and ask the person if they have anything "bigger" or "better" than this piece of candy, that you are trying to beat the team across the street to end up with the biggest or best item. And sometimes people would be like "Um no you stupid kid" but most times they would get such a kick out of the game, that they would scramble around their house trying to find something that would be bigger or better! I remember the last house we went to, the guy was like "Well I just cut a huge branch off our tree... that's pretty big." So he gave us this giant tree branch that we dragged around all night. xD  Good times. 

Anyway I hope you all play it safe, have fun and eat lots of candy, and drink lots of drinks if you're old enough :D  

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OKAy I don't celebrate Halloween but tonight I went to a costume party where there was going to be a pumpkin carving contest and a costume contest. For the pumpkin carving contest my team and I carved out Jack Skelington's face AND WE WON a bunch of candy! For the costume contest I was a "struggling writer" (I'll post pictures tomorrow) NA DI WON THAT ONE TOO. I GOT A CHICk-Fil-A gift card a ton of candy. I just thought I'd share my victories with you :)
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