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Pokemon Art Academy

Sun May 24, 2015, 3:18 AM

1510390 1636163029948594 2781187572317099363 N by lucid
I'm addicted to it right now. It's actually a very thorough way to brush up on art, and drawing on a 3DS isn't too tough at all. Recommended to anyone who likes Pokemon.

But throughout the game, you have this rival artist friend who is also learning art. So far, he's shared some masterpieces.
11295588 1636013306630233 4557487227202815278 N by lucid11295565 1636168159948081 5459833306435712994 N by lucid

His art scares me. If I get any more gems, I'll share.

:iconwhymzee: :iconlucid:
Trade/commission account // Personal account
These are a couple of my kids that just never got the love they quite deserved //sigh
So! I'm looking to find some good relationships for my boy Jericho and Emmett! ( mostly my fireball~ )
Please do forgive how old Emmetts app is..//sob
I have to update it soon !

PCH Jericho App by Lucid-Truth & PCH App: Emmett O'Connor by Lucid-Truth

For Jericho, I'm looking for some good enemies, love hate, and maybe even a partner~? ( if you can stand him omg )
I've found some amazing asshole AU's i'd love to use him for, so just be open to talking over AU's, and you're set !
For Emmett, I'm looking for pals and partners~ no enemies for this angel if you can help it, ; o ;
I also found some cutie artist AU's i'd like to use on this nugget //sparkles

I'm open for anything 18+ if you want to v w v all i'll ask to steer away from is things like noncon and self harm !
  • Mood: Daily Needs
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