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Why 'Closed Species' Is Redundant

Mon May 12, 2014, 6:37 AM

Also known as 'the closed species journal' 

This Update(1-15): Added some more to the introduction, clarified points after further looking into it, removed things that don't fit. This isn't a dead journal - I constantly update it, so don't be afraid to comment with questions, corrections or feedback.

Ystar by lucid What Are We Talking About?

Hello and thanks for reading my journal about closed species. I spent two years studying and observing the community to write this; it's an article about what this weird system is about. I only know what I've watched as I've never tried it before, but I was interested in writing about the topic because I noticed a running theme with this kind of art: artists are bullied over ideas they conceive because other artists believe they control their characters in ridiculous ways. This was written to help artists to understand their rights when creating species, putting them online, and exchanging money for them.

Firstly, what's a closed species?

A 'closed species' is a creature that an artist, usually a deviant, creates as an original character of theirs. They're usually animals with objects or food on them, or inspired by Pokemon or other mythical creatures. They're 'closed' because artists who create them falsely believe that they have the right to control who can draw their idea, and will often charge real money in exchange for a credit or a ticket - in other words, if you want to draw a given artist's closed species, you have to wait til they're selling these tickets, buy one, then you have permission to create your own character based off their idea.

Unfortunately, this isn't necessary to draw someone else's concept - artists who do this tend to be entitled highschoolers looking for a quick way to make money without doing much work. It sounds brilliant, right? Draw a cat, copy it ten times, draw different fish parts on each copy and sell them. People on DA actually pay for this type of thing (and it's probably a kick in the face to actual starving artists around here) when it's merely an exchange of money for nothing - except maybe a drawing of something the buyer doesn't own. 

Why buy something you don't own in the end? Why not do what you did when you wanted to make a character to fit in the universe of your favorite canon, be it a cartoon series, video game or even a book? Why not make a fan-character?

Well, believe it or not, that's what your character is, regardless of whether you paid an artist for permission to conceive it. It's a fan-character, the original concept of which still belonging to the creator. 

Let's talk about something, guys. Let's talk about intellectual property and the difference between what you own about it and what you can't own. While most of this can't be taken too seriously (Technically, none of our characters exist legally unless we go through the trouble of trademarking them, so we can only settle our problems involving these kinds of situations on the online communities in which they take place, where character ownership and other copyrights are often honored with enough proof.), it flies in most art communities and can be a way to better understand the way ownership works.

First let's go with what Intellectual Property is, since I know it's a big phrase that seems lost on our artistic youth. 

Ystar by lucid Intellectual Property: You Own What You Create, No Matter What

Intellectual property is a short way of saying 'When I come up with an original (read: ORIGINAL, meaning that you created it, meaning it ORIGINATES from you regardless of its 'uniqueness') idea, it automatically belongs to me'. When something is copyrighted or trademarked, for example a painting, not only is the image itself protected by law, but so is the concept behind the image. It goes the same way with music - the concept behind the song is part of the copyright. 

This basically means that if Usher writes a song, Justin Timberlake can't just take his song and perform it unless Usher says it's okay (and other various legal proceedings take place like contracts that determine royalty etc etc).

Likewise, if I drew a picture, my friend cannabiscuit can't go posting it around on her art galleries unless I said she could. If she decided to print it onto some trading cards and sell it, that's when I can take her to court and get all the money she earned off of my artwork (with proper evidence).

Most of the time, though, the average deviantART doodler's ideas aren't actually worth taking people to court over, unless the person who used your artwork mass produced a successful line of backpacks with it or something. We're only really covering things known in the community lately as 'closed species' here, though, so if you're interested in larger scale copyright or trademark laws and need to know how to do something about real time IP violation on dA, deviantART has a great reference right on site for reporting DMCA violations. That page also has some Q and A I might not have been clear about. Check the bottom of the journal for other links.

I'm gonna get deeper into how IP is violated (and not violated) with the following problems, which I tried to make as easy to understand as possible. If you think I was inaccurate in anything, or need me to be clearer, feel free to note or comment with your personal edit and I'll revise it as I see fit, because I want this to be a decent reference.

This is not a subjective exercise; I tried to be as objective as possible. I hardly know the workings of the closed species community - I'm simply out to debunk the notion. It's laughable and easy to disprove. Stop being afraid to draw. :)

(Note: I don't like to say art can be stolen. A painting at a museum can be stolen. On the internet, art can be 'borrowed' without your permission, but since you still have your original copy of that digital image, it can't be stolen, now can it? When something is stolen from you, you just plain don't have it anymore. So, as a personal preference I'll refer to what many artists call theft or stealing as 'borrowing'. )

Ystar by lucid Problems and Answers about IP

Basic Copyright Ownership
Problem A:

Vin draws a picture of a green dog which he calls his character, Dog. What does he own?
Ip1 by lucid

Answer: He owns the entire image. He owns the raw drawing, the green dog character, and any copies made of it. This means that legally, Vin reserves the rights others are allowed when using the image of his green dog character and can give rights at his discretion. 

Problem A1:
What does he NOT own about his character?

Answer: He doesn't own the species of 'dog', the color of the character, or the name Dog.

So if you're following me, he owns his character Dog. He does NOT own dogs as a whole, or the color green. In general, many species artists create are heavily based on animals, fictional or non fictional, and every species can be tied to some kind of inspiration, whether it be minute or obvious. There is no original creature, just millions of ways to use different creatures to create new ones.

Copyright Infringement
Problem B: 

Vin finds somebody else has uploaded his image of his green dog on deviantART. What can he do?

Answer: The image is his property, and the character is his intellectual property, and with proper evidence that he created the image, it can be removed. There's no need for further action once the image has been removed. This is also known as 'plagiarism', which is when a person takes another person's artwork, writing, or other IP and uses it as their own without credit or making any changes.

Problem C:
Vin finds that somebody on deviantART has drawn a green dog that looks a lot like his and even is the same shade of green, but the only difference is this person's character is named Bob (and maybe it has different eyes idk). Vin feels strongly that it's a spitting image of his character, Dog. What can he do?
Ip1 by lucid Ip2 by lucid
(Bottom image is flipped but pretend it's a brand new completely different drawing shh)

Answer: Vin can't legally do anything to stop this artist from owning a character like his. The concept of a green dog is simply too common for him to truly claim that the artist he found is using his idea. There is no way to prove that the artist directly took his concept.

Problem D:
Vin creates a new character: this time it's a dog with wings. He decides it's his original species and calls them 'dogwings'. He later finds, to his shock, that there are 593485620349 other dogs with wings on deviantart. He insists they all ripped his dogwings off. Did they really?

Answer: No. They are not dogwings, they are just other artists' winged dogs. Vin can do absolutely nothing about this.

Selling Images of IP
Problem E:
Vin creates 5 dogwings in different colors to sell to others. What is he selling and what isn't he selling?
Ip3 by lucid
Answer: Vin is selling the ARTWORK of the dogwings. Unless he states otherwise in a list of terms regarding the usage of his art, the person who buys the image has the rights to the image itself only. (In other cases, not Vin's, artists do clarify the terms and specify what can be done with the character image. For simplicity, Vin has no terms. He's selling the image.)

Even though Vin exchanged money with the buyer of his image, he retains the rights to his intellectual property. That means he can draw a thousand more dogwings and keep selling them. The buyer actually has no ownership of the character or its concept - just the image that now has a logged transaction. 

Problem F:
Vin chooses to write rules regarding how artists who buy his dogwing designs are allowed to use them. He specifies that new owners must redraw the image to claim ownership. A new owner, Rhy, draws his purchased dogwing as he was told. What does Rhy own?
Ip3 by lucidIp4 by lucid

Answer: Rhy owns the entire image that he drew as well as the one he paid for. He also owns the character he will soon develop with the artwork, but still doesn't own Vin's dogwing concept. 

Deriving Characters From Existing IP
Problem G:
Rhy decides he likes the dogwing concept so much that he goes and draws his own brand new character. It's an exaggeration of Vin's dogwing concept. He doesn't call it a dogwing, but it's exactly what Vin has coined as a dogwing. What did Rhy draw?

Answer: Rhy drew a dog with wings. Vin can't do anything about this, but Vin can still claim ownership of his own dogwings. Rhy, however, owns his own character regardless of its similarity to Vin's, and can use it as his own.

Problem H:
Vin has now trademarked his intellectual property: He's chosen a basic design to be his 'main dogwing' and applied for a legal trademark, paid all the fees involved, and now has the legal right to add a 'TM' to his dogwing character. Hell, he decided the name Dogwing was so unique, he trademarked that too. Can he do anything about Rhy's character now?

Answer: The only way Vin has any legal right to stop Rhy is if Vin can prove in court that the following is true:
+ Rhy's character resembles Vin's trademarked character completely, or in an overly  obvious way.
+ Rhy calls his character a dogwing, something Vin has now trademarked legally.
+ Rhy attempts to produce something he intends to sell with dogwing art on it.
+ Rhy generally does anything with his 'fan dogwing' that involves profitting off the character.

Problem H1: What if Rhy does everything above, but never once calls the character a dogwing?

Answer: Oops. The ball's in Vin's court now, and Vin has a trademark. He can prove, if he so desires, that Rhy is using his idea because he has evidence (read: He has EVIDENCE, dated evidence in various stages of production) that he trademarked and conceptualized the character first. He can sue Rhy's ass and his balls.

Problem H2: What if Rhy trademarked his character too?

Answer: Vin's trademark was first, and it will be checked that Rhy's character isn't too similar to anything else in the trademark database. Rhy is unlikely to have the chance to trademark something that Vin already claimed is his.

Re-using of IP
Problem I:
Vin wants to write a book about his dogwings now, and use some of his recolored images, many of which he already sold to internet users, in the book. Can he do this?

Answer: Yes. As long as Vin is using the images he drew himself, it is still his IP. When he sold the dogwings, he wasn't actually selling anything but a digital copy of an image of his IP. Even if the buyer has designed and established a character based on the image, Vin can still use his original image and make money off of it.

Problem I1: Can a buyer of a dogwing do anything about this?

Answer: No. It doesn't matter what kinds of rules the seller makes up. The buyer has essentially paid to make a fanart or fan character of Vin's visibly copyrighted character. It could be Vin genuinely not knowing what he's doing isn't fair, or knowing full well and manipulating people, but he definitely fooled those buyers good. 

Transferring IP Ownership

Problem J:
Vin wants to transfer the rights to his entire Dogwing species to Rhy after some behind-the-scenes negotiations because Rhy wants to write books about them as well. What needs to happen for this to be legitimate?

Answer: Vin can choose to do this two ways:
1. He can license the Dogwings to Rhy, meaning, Rhy can use them as long as he promises to share his profit with the IP owner. Vin still retains full control of his original IP but has now given Rhy the ability to use his characters while still getting his deserved profit for conceptualizing the IP. (A good example of this is Sonic the Hedgehog.)

2. He can completely sell his trademark to Rhy. Rhy can now fully own Vin's IP, preventing Vin from having any say in what happens in the future to his IP. (Example: Spyro the Dragon.)

The above is usually done with contracts. Never forget contracts as they are the difference between proving ownership of your IP and having it stolen right out of your paws. 

Ystar by lucid Fair Use: I Can Spin You Off For Free

We went into trademarks at the end of the last section, but it was hypothetical to give more answers. Vin doesn't really have a trademark; it's expensive and his artwork has to have an obvious purpose first (or a purpose for the future). More information about Trademarks can be found here.

Now, back to no trademarks: Why is it okay for Rhy to draw his own winged dog based directly off of Vin's? Again, Vin only owns his own concept of a winged dog. He doesn't own all dogs with wings - only the ones he creates with his own hands. Vin's art is his property, and the character is his intellectual property. 

When he copyrights his art, he's basically saying 'You're not allowed to use THIS SPECIFIC IMAGE unless it's in the way I tell you', but it doesn't stop Rhy from enjoying his idea and coming up with his own, or even to draw a fan art of a dogwing. There is no stopping Rhy except for Vin being a jerk who doesn't know better about what happens when he shares his artwork on the internet.

Why do some people seem to get away with blatant ripoffs of copyrighted, well known characters? It's called Fair Use. This is another clause in the copyright law that allows someone to use someone else's idea without their consent. The only way they can do this, however, is for education, parody, criticism, or in any way that still shows that they don't claim to own the intellectual property they're using.

There are plenty of examples of this. Most of you know of the Disney princesses. Artists draw them all the time, but violate Disney's copyright once they try to sell the image. Even though they own the artwork, Disney owns the intellectual property and the artist can't legally profit from their own artwork without Disney's permission. However, Disney can't make a teacher stop using a Disney princess as a graphic in their powerpoint presentation any more than they can stop someone from creating a character that clearly resembles a Disney princess but has different clothes, different hair, a different story and a different name. 

Everyone knows Pikachu, right? It's my fav pokemon. Anyway, Pikachu belongs to Nintendo, and is the subject of plenty of Fair Use instances. I'm allowed to use any artwork of Pikachu that I want to post below because I am not claiming ownership to the image and I'm using it in an 'educational' article. I'm also allowed to use the artwork to make graphics  for my website, just as an example, without owing Nintendo any money.

(I made a mistake in saying Lambtron and the other thing are 'Fair Use' instances. They are not; They are parodies, which is practically Fair Use but different. Parodies are intentional ripoffs used for comedy, while Fair Use simply allows the usage of images created by someone else. Sorry for the confusion.)

Ystar by lucid How To Deal With It

If the idea of people being inspired by your art and drawing your characters REALLY scares you, this is how you can control it to the best of your own ability:
  • Set up a 'terms and conditions' page somewhere outlining what others are allowed to do with your art or species. This way, they don't have to ask every time, and if someone violates your terms, you can usually have the artwork removed from a gallery website like deviantART or one of its cargo cults. Having some kind of reference for users to be able to check is your right as a copyright holder, but there are obviously some things you can't prevent. Generally, terms will allow or deny copying or reposting of images without permission or at all. (Copying, of course, means reproducing the original image in any form. That means you can't trace it either. *finger shake*)
  • Watermark, sign and date your art - No need to get crazy, but the more proof that you created the image is available, the better for you. If you use an application to draw, save the layers separately in a PSD, SAI or RIF file (whatever you use).
  • Keep in mind that a 'copyright' notice is literally just that - a copy right. Adding a (c) sign to your art does not legally protect it - you are simply telling a given viewer of that image that you own the rights to the original 'copy' of your image. Get it? Copyright.
You are also welcome to try to ask your rich parents to hire you a lawyer to trademark your idea. It protects them from other people producing blatantly copied, monetized instances of your IP. That's about it.

Keep in mind that even if things like this are done, fanart and fancharacters are not illegal. They will never be. The only thing you control with your trademark is the distribution and monetization of the IP, not who is allowed to draw it. 

Ystar by lucid My Conclusion

Let me make one thing clear: I'm not encouraging you to rip off people's ideas. I'm discouraging you from feeling like your idea was stolen when somebody else has an idea like yours. Intentional or not, you still own your intellectual property no matter how many people draw your idea. It's your choice what you end up doing with it, but it isn't always your choice what the people you share it with will do. Imitation is flattery, not malice.

Now, this isn't the most comprehensive journal on the topic but I hope my watchers at least understand that when you put your ideas out there, there is a chance that either someone already did it first, or will do something similar without your influence or permission. You can't put copyrights on colors or the look of your character. You can't stop someone else from drawing your concept even if you think you did it first. 

You CAN bully them into thinking that you're the only person allowed to use that concept, but that doesn't make you right. There are real world consequences to putting your ideas freely on the internet and by doing so, you accept those consequences. 

If the rules apply to Disney, Nintendo, Sega and all the other companies where fandoms and, subsequently, fan characters emerge in masses, it applies to your concept just the same. You own YOUR concept and control nothing anyone does with that concept unless they directly take your image and try to profit from it. They have the right to be inspired by your idea for free and spin it off whether you, Nintendo, Sega or Disney like it or not.

And as always, thanks for reading!

Ystar by lucid Links/Further Reading

If you want internet examples of species that artists like to use for characters or art (if you know of others, share), here's a few:
  • The 'sergal' by Japanese furry artist Trancymick is part shark, part wolf I think.
  • Tailmouths by artist Capribebe
  • Every Neopet
  • Every Pokemon
  • Every Digimon
  • Na'vi from Avatar
  • Irkins
  • Those annoying troll things from homestuck
  • Citras by Zaush (as much as I don't want to include him, furries loved citras for a while)
  • Griffins, dragons, and any mythical creature ever was created by someone at some point, and I sure don't see them getting on DA and calling them closed species.

Examples of IP Lawsuits, as well as why they won or lost each one
Coldplay 'copies' Joe Satriani; Lawsuit Dismissed - Searches for copies of your artwork on the internet
Photoshopped dog from free desktop wallpapers

:iconwhymzee: :iconlucid:
Trade/commission account // Personal account

I am still on a mission to make it more obvious to our younger population how their fantasy of closed species is nothing more - a fantasy, perpetuated by naive young people with no interest in learning how to draw beyond the same posing animals in different colors. 

Animals are fun to draw, but artists who create these concepts of closed species, insisting you owe them money to draw their concept, are taking advantage of the fact that most of their followers don't know that they aren't actually paying for anything but a drawing that the artist themselves still own.

Yes, you own nothing but the image given to you when you buy an adoptable or a closed species. The artist still owns the actual character in the image, and has the right to continue to use, draw, or even sell more artwork of that character. When you buy an image, you're giving the artist more power to fool young people that the only way they can draw their own rendition of the artist's ideas is to pay. This isn't fair or correct, and it's never existed in the history of the internet. 

YOUR right, as somebody interested in the character's design or concept, is to draw the idea YOURSELF. There is nothing, not even the artist's bullying, stopping you. If you like Pikachu, make a pikachu oc. If you like dogwings, make a dogwing. Make a homestuck. Make a fucking sushi cat or a deer with no head. Stop giving false power to artists who are clearly so threatened by your creativity they think you owe them money. Be a fan and use your fan powers - draw FANART. Make FANCHARACTERS. No matter who the person is, fan-work is not illegal to create, they can't sue you or make you remove it, and it takes that false power away. (Seriously, have you EVER seen a disney artist flip his shit because so many people draw a character he designed? Would you seriously pay him for the right to do that if he said you had to? If you'll do it for a deviant artist, your answer has to be yes or you're a hypocrite.)

Normally I just watch people do stupid things and don't really have an opinion, but my opinion on this is so strong that I want it known - closed species are scams used by entitled, untalented teenagers who would rather milk that they're the victim of some 'debilitating disease' (like GASP, depression or GAAAASP, carpal tunnel) than get an actual job. I seem insensitive to the struggles of artists when I say that, but I think I have the right as a victim who learned how to get up and continue with my life instead of begging the internet for money for my subpar artwork just because 'drawing is my life'. Sure it is, but it's not gonna buy you the house you finally move out of your mom's for. 

Not only are there entitled artists, but there are people who actually support and justify this saying they really can't work any other job. Why, because your wrist hurts a little? Because you get triggered by key words? That's life, guys. There are people out there missing parts of their bodies working jobs and advancing in their career paths. People with mental illnesses overcome them and publish books. If you seriously can't handle being outside of your house for long enough to understand how life works, at least learn how to draw more than a dog with a random food or inanimate object replacing one of its body parts. You're insulting the professional artists who do have careers, who did keep their day jobs until their careers could support them.

Draw something that contributes to society, not your own self worth. Give your audience inspiration, not another color adoptable to buy. An artist should want to inspire their audience, not rob them and give them the impression that your ideas are only meant to inspire as long as you're compensated. You are taking advantage of the good intent of your audience when you lie to their face about your ownership of a creature's appearance. The majority of your 'customers' are young teenagers who don't know better, who are simply doing what you say because they admire and respect you so much. That audience, as many other, legitimate artists can prove, will support your journey as long as you actually give them something to support and not an endless page of recolored lineart to buy. Just try it. 

For those who might try and claim that adoptables and closed species are truly unique and worth paying for, please go jump in a frozen lake. There is no such thing. Mixing animals and food is not unique, if you haven't noticed. Everyone frickin' does it. 

Oh, and I just wanna throw the kids who tell people their ideas aren't unique enough to be closed species into that lake with the others. Because jellyfish spider monkey turtles are EXTREMELY unique, you know. 

Now, I'm really curious about the rebuttals I'll get but like my other journal, nobody who is against my mindset dared reply. Maybe it'll be different this time. I WANT the discussion. I want to understand what you're thinking if I'm mistaken. I genuinely want to understand why you think it's justifiable to buy or sell what I think is the stupidest concept deviantART has ever birthed aside from sparkledogs. I'd love to understand, even if my opinion will never change that this is a scam and artists should and can draw what the hell they want without some idiot telling them it's their idea and they owe them money.  Come at me.

:iconwhymzee: :iconlucid:
Trade/commission account // Personal account

UPDATE 2-9-13: The email you have to send the entries to has changed! Now all emails have to go to "contest at mongoose dot me". Thanks!

The contest is simple... Design a third sister for Vango the mongoose.

:bulletpurple:Contest Explanation/Rules:bulletpurple:

Vango is an orphan mongoose boy staying at Amberwood Church.

can i be a mongoose dog? by samisaywhat

He is accompanied by two sisters; one is a frogette named Lilyuth. The other........... oh god, wait. He doesn't have another sister.

Unfortunately, in order to further develop his story, he's gonna need a third, youngest sister! They are not related by blood, which means this character would be a different species, from different parents.

Your job, as a contest entrant, is to design that third sister, keeping the other two's personalities in mind. You have free range on the design and name, but the personality has to be specific and may be changed if your entry is picked.

Vango is:
-Slow and kinda ditzy
-The oldest sibling
-Rowdy and mischevious, as any boy would be

Lilyuth is:
-Smart and intuitive
-Protective of her siblings
-Has an adventurous side
Lily comes off as almost a tomboy, but not quite.

The third sibling is:
-The youngest
-Probably female
-Mean to her/his brother but nice to her/his sister

Their stories go beyond these traits but these are the most obvious.

:bulletpurple:How To Enter:bulletpurple:

Design a cute lil' sister or brother for Vango and Lily. Include a name, blurb about their character and a small story about how they got to an orphanage to begin with. It has to be an anthro character. If you can't draw, just send me a description. :)

Once your entry is ready, email it to "contest at mongoose dot me". Include "contest entry" somewhere in the subject so it's filtered correctly or I may not get your entry!

Deadline is March 1st, 2013. Multiple entries are allowed.

:bulletpurple:What You Win:bulletpurple:

If I choose your character, I use her or him forever in my stories! You'll also get a (lightly used) Wacom Graphire 3 drawing tablet! This older model allows you to insert your own artwork under a plastic cover to customize it. You'll get other surprises as well, but you won't know unless you win. ;)

Second and third place get one month DA subs! Depending on finances at the time, I may be able to do three.

Anyway, have fun, tell your friends. Feel free to comment with questions.

As you might have noticed, this week of Project Educate is dedicated to fractals.

In this news article, I would like to present tutorials for Apophysis and show you examples of fractals made with these resources.
I hope that this way I'll bring your attention to resources you've never tried to work with or (in case you are already familiar with these) show you a new possibilities of what can be created according to that particular tutorial.
There is not enough space to feature all the wonderful tutorials and I am forced to make a selection of just several of them. The key for selection is me being already familiar with them, thus recommending to you some of the tutorials that helped me a lot.

Here we go:

:bulletred: Julia Uncovered v.2.2 :bulletred:
Julia Uncovered v.2.2 by ClaireJones by :iconclairejones: ClaireJones

Starstruck Menace by ClaireJones Not So Blue by timemit satin and lace by sewer-pancake royal heirloom by acidjacket Julian_v2 by Gex78 Emerald Treasure by Wick5ter Bottomless by Rhosaucey

:bulletred: Tutorial - Splits elliptic :bulletred:
Tutorial - Splits elliptic by SaTaNiA by :iconsatania: SaTaNiA

Bloodlines by SaTaNiA Sea Star by rosshilbert colorado by sewer-pancake Balance of Blue by Shadoweddancer Split-Floralis by SaTaNiA Mosaic by MariHa5 Alien Foliage Bouquet by GoldenPier

:bulletred: Flipped Disc :bulletred:
Flipped Disc by JoelFaber by :iconjoelfaber: JoelFaber

Wodens Hall by timemit Technology : Egyptian by SaTaNiA Kelpbed Mer-songs by zweeZwyy Jump + PARAMS by SaTaNiA The Passage by piritipany :thumb46459678: NeoTech 1 by NuttyMonk

:bulletred: The Beginnings Tutorial :bulletred:
The Beginnings Tutorial by Anystasia by :iconanystasia: Anystasia

Connectors by Fiery-Fire Old Bronze Patina by katdesignstudio Swirls_of_dark by Fiery-Fire Snowflake by fanficbug Begin 11 by Craig-Larsen Galaxy by lucid-light Pinball Wizard by timemit

:bulletred: Tiled Tubes Tutorial :bulletred:
Tiled Tubes Tutorial by NilNilNil by :iconnilnilnil: NilNilNil

Eclipse Corona by NilNilNil Graphite by sinner84 Turbulence by PyrO-PrOfessOr Crociata francese by Spamkiller Castle_Flowers by Fiery-Fire Tube Tile Weave X1-B by Acridx Sham Symmetry by NilNilNil Unlogical by uncubitodehielo88   

Please do not hesitate to browse the fractal tutorials category, there are dozens of great tutorials ready to teach you something new.
The last thing I want to tell you: be creative. Learn the technique but always try to add something new or merge two different tutorials etc. To illustrate this point I'll show you what I made with Julia Uncovered v.2.2 tutorial (the first one mentioned):
Butterfly by lucid-light
Okay, let's put a period here before I'll try to look smart :D

I hope that this article was somehow helpful to you and thanks for your attention. :rose:

LUCID Game Development Journal

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2015, 7:28 AM

CSS Skin

This journal will update whenever there are news about the game LUCID, I also plan to make a tumblr blog with updates/screenshots/gifs.
For those who are unaware of LUCID, it is a game me and two classmates of mine had as a game design project. You can read more about it here

Date: January 27th 2015

Most of the music in complete, along will all the animations.

The only things left is the programming plus the intro.

This is the introduction narration:
"This is Nick. He is only ten years old. He suffers from depression like many other young humans in our society. Why is he depressed you ask? Well you see, when he was only seven years old, his parents left him with his 25 year old brother because he was different. He didn’t meet his parents expectations. Ever since then he has been withering every piece of himself away. His pills help him through this though, keeping him somewhat functional. His brother stands along side him, supporting him ever since. But today, his therapist had suggested that he should transport him to an orphanage of children with mental issues and take part in their program. This is where Nicks brother hopes Nick will be able to heal. Nick is afraid of this new place, and invites his brother to sleep over for at least one night. Nicks brother, named Jay now wakes up in an uknown place after sleeping next to Nick. He finds himself the old cardboard sword his brother gave to him many years ago, and decides to explore this new world. " 

Thanks to Archeavan and DylanBacon-power as a part of the animation team.

Date: January 8th 2015

The team is now divided into smaller teams.

Character artists
Environment artists
Technical artists
Game designers

Items, sprites, and story is now being worked on.

This is a summarized version of the story:

A 10-year old boy named Nick, is without parents. His only family is his brother Jay, who is 25.
Nick gets sent to an orphanage for children with mental issues, as Nick is a really depressed boy, and he needs his pills constantly. Nicks asks if Jay can stay over for the night, and Jay does so.
For some unknown reason, Jay is transported into Nicks head and dreams unwillingly with supernatural powers.
Now Jay navigates through Nicks dreams and thoughts by manipulating the dream. (Like Lucid dreamers do, its the reason the game title is LUCID.)
His goal is to get to the core and slaughter Nicks depression and suffering.

Date: January 6th 2015
A tumblr blog is now created which will be updated with screenshots, updates, photos and gifs as they come along. The blog is the main source for everything LUCID
Follow us here:

Date: January 5th 2015
For those who are unaware of LUCID, it is a game me and two classmates of mine had as a game design project. You can read more about it here

Today our teacher revealed to us that our game got chosen as the game we are going to create. The whole class is in on it now, which is a team of 16 people.
We will also have a past Ubisoft employee as our teacher. And D-pad who are the developers of Owlboy are going to guide us a bit as well.

This is a real game I helped shape from the ground up, as I am one of the main developers. The game will feature all original content and will be sold on Steam (PC) via Greenlight (so remember to vote for us when the time comes!)
So please buy it when its out!
You can also follow our school on facebook if you want more updates.
I've been featured on their page before for my scratch project.

Screenshots and gameplay of the pre-alpha will be available in 3 weeks!
Planned release date: Summer 2015

More things will be added to this journal when more info is available.


Devils Night Estate Opening Show RESULTS UP

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 5, 2014, 6:07 AM


We are proud to announce that Devils Night Estate is now up and running. We would list to firstly, introduce ourselves to the world and hold a very large show. With winter just ending, there is still a bit of snow around, but the grass is very green and all the birds are active again. This show is not like any other.. We want YOU to choose your own class! There's not required classes, weather, or set arena/track. You horse is best at show jumping? Do an entry for that! What about reining? That's perfectly welcomed! Continue to read on about how to get points for your entry! If you want to know anything, just leave a comment!

Running From: 6th March - <s>10th May</s> 1ST JUNE
Restrictions: Horses can not use special powers / Must be your own art
Canine / Cats / Shedu Cats ; are welcome!!
Classes: Free Choice (you decide your class!)


Like any other show, there's gotta be a way to judge the results! So here is a few things you could do to boost your score!

Headshot/Half body = 5pts
Full body = 10pts
No Shading = 0pts
Simple Shading = 5pts
Complex Shading = 10pts (greyscale/lots of detail)
No background = 0pts
Background = 5pts (10 for a very complex/detail bg!)
Normal Tack = 5pts
Appropriate tack for class = 10pts
No Story = 0pts 
Extra Points = 0-5 RNG'd

Extra Images (anything with horse/rider) = 5pts per image (max of 2)

Earn an extra +5pts when you show DNE's stable logo in your piece!

Sharing event = 2pts towards your score! (Provide a link!)


There is no need to register! Just include in your entry picture a link to this show, your horses name/ref, the rider and the class you have entered! 

Leave a link on this journal to your entry/entries!


You choose your own classes! With each entry, I will add the class to this journal.
Western Pleasure
Devils Night Estate - Opening Show Entery by Shadow--Stables
Smooth Lady by TimberlakeLaneEC
Western Pleasure by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch

Summer Sun by Asmerion
The Dance by WhiteWoodWardens
Dancing by the Seaside by SilverBrooke-StablesAn Afternoon Stroll by SilverBrooke-Stables
The Lion-Show Entry by CurbChain
Change little Blu by EndingStories
Lift You Up by CurbChain
~ Spring's Voice ~ by agata507Braiding Shame :) by agata507

Show Jumping
we'll paint it red to fit right in by fediarwoods
Make a winner of you yet by SpectoralReady to Warm up by Spectoral
Devils Night Estate Opening Show by SilvesterVitale
Fear is not an option by Hroth-Berth
Just keep calm by BlueTu
Argento Rises by SolinaBright

Rosy Afternoon [Event] by Emerald-Fields
Devils Night Estate - Opening Show Entery 3 by Shadow--Stables
Angel on High by SilverBrooke-StablesAn Afternoon Stroll by SilverBrooke-Stables
Gonna get ya by kalada
DNE Opening Show Liberty Entry Achilles the Great by EndingStories
DNE Opening Show Liberty Entry My Utopia by EndingStories
I'm on Top of the World by SolinaBright
Liberty by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch
Flavia unleashed by AniaJagFlavia and Henry arrive at Four Leaf Acres by AniaJag
Henry unleashed by AniaJag

Devils Night Estate - Opening Show Entery 2 by Shadow--Stables
Pucker Up by Spectoral
Light Em Up by SolinaBright
Walk It Off by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch
Look at me people, I'm beautiful by BlueTuTransport by BlueTu

Cross Country
Devil's Night by Equamoor
Promising Mare by Spectoral
First show! by WWHSTUD
Flavia runs! by AniaJagFlavia and Henry arrive at Four Leaf Acres by AniaJag

Devils Night Estate Show: Salty Scenic Drive by AgentQStables

Pole Bending
Swift Going by TimberlakeLaneEC
Lets Go Around by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch

Barrel Racing
Hittin the Dirt by TimberlakeLaneEC
Barrel Racing by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch

Devils Night Estate Show: Edgy Endurance by AgentQStables
Devils Night Estate - SH Little Echo - Endurance by Pegasus-StudiosDNE - SH Little Echo - Endurance EXTRA by Pegasus-Studios
Oh Shit.. by BlueTu
Race In The Zoo by SolinaBright
Set Off at Sunrise by majestly

Kick It Up by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch
Making Rounds by TimberlakeLaneEC

Western Trail
Lean Back by TimberlakeLaneEC
Fly-DNE Trail by painted-cowgirl

Trick by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch
Catching the light by BlueTu
Simon Says by majestly

Penning by Hidden-Hollow-Ranch


Grand Champion = Most entries with one horse ; 1 full body image of horse (shaded+BG) + grand champion ribbon
Digital Realistic Full body by Makayla5672418
Bandoverrian Recessive Mutation Import Starter
Grand Champion Ribbon by Lucid-Dimensions
1st Place = 1st place ribbon 
Traditional Realistic Full body by Makayla5672418
Bandoverrian Natural Import
First Place Ribbon by Lucid-Dimensions
2nd Place = 2nd place ribbon
Digital Chibi Full body by Makayla5672418
Bandoverrian Natural Import
Second Place Ribbon by Lucid-Dimensions
3rd Place = 3rd place ribbon 
Digital Headshot by Makayla5672418
Bandoverrian Natural Import
Third Place Ribbon by Lucid-Dimensions

All entry images will be featured on my front page for a month after the show has ended.

Skin CSS by Russockshitha
Lucid dreaming, also known as "dream consciousness" or "conscious dreaming", is dreaming while being aware that you are dreaming.

It's true.

You're only limited only by the confines of your imagination...

This collection of images are, for me, what I liken to being in a lucid dream... It's like being in a beautiful place where you want to stay just that little while longer...

These images, in my opinion, exude a certain aura... They are engaging, enchanting and often overwhelming... You find you can sit totally mesmerised (almost hypnotised) and absorb their beauty for hours... losing all sense of time and purpose...

It's a great place to be... Come lucid dreaming with me?

Enjoy the trip!…

REMEMBER: Please - if you FAVE from this collection, remember one important thing : each artist has given a little bit of him/herself in each image - please don't just fave - please let the artist know WHY you like it... WHY you want to covet a little piece of them...

Thank you

Now stay lucid!!!!


Storytellers of the Future

Thu Nov 27, 2014, 2:02 PM
Storyteller by hyenacub by techgnotic

What kind of new narratives will 21st Century storytellers create for our changing world?

Brain Games host Jason Silva tackled that question in a two-minute video called "Lucid Dreaming," outlining the tremendous opportunities (and challenges) facing 21st Century storytellers. As our relationship to technology evolves, the stories we tell each other will change as well.

It’s always fun to imagine what the future will look like and how we will tell stories in this new world.

Silva used culture writer Erik Davis' description of immersive storytelling, a way to create a sort of lucid dream for the reader or viewer:

Immersive works of art or entertainment are increasingly not content to simply produce a new range of sensations. Instead, they often function as portals into other worlds."

— Erik Davis

Silva also quoted Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace by Janet H. Murray, a scholarly book looking at the future of storytelling. Silva explained how readers and viewers interact with a story:

So powerful is our desire to be immersed that it's not just that we suspend disbelief, but that we actually create belief--using our sophisticated intelligence to reinforce our belief in the story world, rather than to question it. We actively metabolize belief through story ... The narratives of the future have the potential to transform what it means to be human to employ landscapes of the mind and turn subjective experience into a living, breathing painting; a wake-walking dream.”

— Janet H. Murray

Murray's book was published in 1997, but it is still very relevant for readers, viewers and creators. She raised questions that still need to be answered as technology evolves.

Here is an inspiring passage from her book:

I find myself anticipating a new kind of storyteller, one who is half hacker, half bard. The spirit of the hacker is one of the great creative wellsprings of our time, causing the inanimate circuits to sing with ever more individualized and quirky voices; the spirit of the bard is eternal and irreplaceable, telling us what we are doing here and what we mean to one another. I am drawn to imagining a cyberdrama of the future by the same fascination that draws me to the Victorian novel. I see glimmers of a medium that is capacious and broadly expressive, a medium capable of capturing both the hairbreadth movements of individual human consciousness and the colossal crosscurrents of global society.

What do you think? Who are the writers leading this storytelling revolution?

The wonders of narrative immersion possible through new tech advances are truly amazing.  My only worry is that as with every other academic subject our youth are slipping in due to disuse, the intellectual muscles that created the worlds in which we as young readers had suspended disbelief are beginning to atrophy.

Children’s stories, or for that matter stories for any age group, should not rise or fall on how well the illustrators and animators built the backgrounds I see in my 3D virtual reality wraparound glasses.  At a certain point, pure storytelling (great writing) is going to begin becoming just another element in the overall narrative, and with its primacy reduced, become all the weaker and mundane.

Your Thoughts

  1. Have you ever had a favorite novel spoiled by a bad TV or film adaptation?

  2. Have you ever watched a movie before reading the book, only to find the adaptation more exciting and thoughtful and satisfying than anything in the original source material?

I have a con at the end of the week that i finally scrounged the money to get to, and get all my outfits done! T v T
Buut, spending money has also become a recent factor.

CO: I Might Just Disappear 3/3 by Lucid-TruthDay 15 by Lucid-TruthCO: Charmless by Lucid-Truth

Chibi Flatcolor 45o :points: or $4.5o

This One by Lucid-TruthCO: B Team by Lucid-Truth

Small Simple Cell Shaded Chibi 5oo :points: $5.oo
+ 1 char = 2oo :points:

CO: All I Want is Youu by Lucid-TruthCO: Plant Life by Lucid-TruthCO: Bombshell by Lucid-Truth.:CO:. Literally by Lucid-Truth

Chibi Flatcolor Style B 6oo :points: or $6.oo

All I See Are Stars by Lucid-TruthBoys will be Boys.. by Lucid-Truth

Small Soft Shaded Chibi 65o :points: or  $6.5o
+ 1 char = 2oo :points:

I am Satisfied With My Care by Lucid-TruthCO: Babe by Lucid-TruthPCH: Emmett Rp? by Lucid-Truth

Shaded Chibi 7oo :points: or $7.oo

Uptown Funk you Up by Lucid-TruthToss by Lucid-Truth

Small Detailed Cell Shaded Chibi 8oo :points: or $8.oo 
( 1 character only )

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Wordless Stories - CONTEST

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 2, 2014, 7:08 PM
Fantasy Artist

CSS Skin

Edit 4/3/14: New Rule in the Rules section. 
Edit 6/3/14: (wow exactly 1 month later?) DUE DATE EXTENSION, SEE DUE DATE BELOW. 

If you are requiring more of an extension than the new due date, please tell me! I am not opposed to extending this thing further in order to give everyone a chance to enter!

Wordless Stories

You must create a piece of art that tells a miniature short story with little to no literary explanation needed to tell the story.

Well, exactly what the title says! The contest is to relay a small story using only images in your artwork. You may use any 3 of my characters listed below, or any of your characters! You could even combine different characters, yours and mine, yours and mine and 3rd person's character--whatever you want! As long as the image depicted tells a story, you could use any combination of any number of characters that you want. The only catch is to use something along the basis of their character descriptions; for example, don't make Shai a happy glittery rainbow girly-girl who helps someone in need and everyone is happy! YAY!! No......make a story about how she devours a man's soul in order to give him back his dead wife and the man becomes a hollow shell of life, cursing them both for eternity!! OooOoOOOOooooo......... *ahem*  ...Try to do something new, not something you have illustrated before with your characters' stories. You could illustrate a small portion of your character's story or background. But it must be a complete story, not something like "James has found a mysterious rock!" Well... what about that mysterious rock? You get the idea.

The main thing to keep in mind is that the image has to make sense to an outsider, with little or no explanation. You are allowed to make a small description to your image. For example... "After paying the hefty price of his soul for the life of his wife, the man is left as a hollow shell of what he once was, now cursing both him and his wife." The key is just to not tell any story outside of what is pictured. (i.e... "The wife died this way" since it's not in the picture.)

You may use any of these characters of mine:


Shai - 2014 by LucidKitsune 


Inx - Reference Sheet by LucidKitsune 


The Lucid Kitsune by LucidKitsune 
You can make up ANY STORY for these characters!! Just keep with their theme (i.e. Shai being a lunatic, Lucid being sortof whimsical and magical. Inx....does not have any of these, you have free reign with her.)


Turquoise Bullet - F2U! ANY character welcome; anthro, dragon, creature, human, alien.......anything!
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! You MUST use one of your pre-existing characters (or someone else's pre-existing characters, preferably with their permission) or one of my 3 characters: Lucid, Shai, or Inx.
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Your image must tell a COMPLETE story, with little to no written description needed to tell the story. A very short description will be allowed, but if your image is not understandable you will be disqualified.  
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Your image must be drawn by you, finished, and completely original. No photography, no photomanipulations. No 'incomplete' drawings (i.e. sketches). Black and white is allowed (pen & ink, comic book style, black & white painting, complete pencil drawing, etc). I WILL allow sculpture or other crafts, providing you can still follow all the rules with it! :D
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! It must be a new piece and not something that you have already drawn.
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! You may only use ONE complete image to tell your story. No comics, multiple panels, triptychs, diptychs, etc. 
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Please either comment here, note me, or somehow notify me of your entry so that I can collect it!
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! You can create more than 1 entry but they must be completely different, and you will be competing against yourself for each entry you create.


will be based on the following;
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Creativity of your story. Is it interesting? Is it original? (Note: You may use an already existing story for your character. Just don't use "Little Red Riding Hood" for your werewolf character. Not original.)
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Did you tell a complete story in your image?
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Did you follow the rules, i.e. use the correct characters?
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! You will not be judged on your artistic skill level, rather how well you were able to tell a story with your image and successfully execute your drawing.


July 5th 2014 @ 11:59pm
September 28th 2014 @ 11:59pm
This should give you plenty of time as I know some people are still in school right now and have other things to do. This also gives me enough time to clear my plate so I can do prizes! :D

:FeelingFree:PRIZESLily's Rainbow Box

We all know that's REALLY why you're entering this contest. 


turquoise heart bullet  $30 USD, payable in cash through PayPal, points, subscription... your choice.turquoise heart bullet 
**If more than 10 people enter, the prize will go up to $40. If more than 20 people enter, the prize will go up to $50. If 30+ People enter, the prize will go up to $75. If more than THAT enter.....well I'll come up with something in the unlikely event that happens.**
turquoise heart bullet  A Feature box for you on my page for 1 monthturquoise heart bullet 
turquoise heart bullet 1 full color, full background illustration (digital or watercolor, your choice) from meturquoise heart bullet 
turquoise heart bullet 1 full color illustration (no BG, digital or watercolor) from meturquoise heart bullet 

2nd Place

blue heart bullet 1 digital character illustration from meblue heart bullet 

Honorable mention

purple heart bullet 1 colored 'sketch' from mepurple heart bullet 

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