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I Believe in Krampus!

Thu Dec 15, 2011, 11:01 AM
Feeling bored with traditional American Christmas traditions? Well then let me introduce you to a wonderful tradition thanks to Austria, Hungary, Germany and all the other Germanic sorts of Countries, Krampus! Its good cop bad cop with this twist of Santa bringing along his good friend Krampus who carries a birch bundle and whips the naughty kinder, while santa gives presents to the gut kinder! if you are especially naughty Krampus (Which is old German for "Claw") will kidnap you and your parents will be free of their ill behaved naughty child.

Of course after reading/researching all of this blessed holiday fun, I instantly thought of Lil Chibi Prussia, and his dear old Vati "Germania" you just KNOW Vati told the story of Krampus to his young ones, and yes you can expect to see a New Holiday Chibi Prussia Diaries soon based on this wonderful old German tradition.

Below are some examples of old postcards of Krampus, if those don't get you in the holiday spirit nothing will ;)

still needing more Krampus here is a link to a Youtube vid of how Krampus would appear on a holiday special…

:thumb182060348:.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotI :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzleI have no pants - Stamp by pizza-eaterSmack Down Stamp by Arkham-InsanityChibi Prussia Stamp by Arkham-Insanity

Krampus Animation

Fri Dec 23, 2011, 7:09 PM
See here a little Krampus animation in honor of it nearly being Christmas Eve…

Rene Stamp by dieingcity
Well, Because the New Year is fast approaching, and I will be cleaning up making mochi and pork buns,
and keeping busy -

I wished to announce ahead of time that the club 'Team Rene' (now accepting members)
is hosting a New Years Event
prizes will be given and if no one cares, Rene will have a fit ;D

Christmas Event starting Dec. 25th

For those who may not be aware

Hima papa is planning an Christmas event
which will be found on his main page here
The event has been announced on his blog as well

'losers bench' comics has been finished Loser Bench Stamp by dieingcity

The Original sketches will be sold in book format
at the start of the New Year being as
Releasing them now would mean
they might not arrive in time for Christmas.

Keep watching for This months Chibi FranceChibi France Stamp by dieingcity
Christmas series :santa:
Though I am not sure how busy the new year will be
I will continue with these comic until further notice ;D

Presently I am also doing
Hetalia/Potter a cross over of some of my favorite Beatrix Potter stories into Hetalia characters
Iggy Rabbit-Cover by dieingcity Beilschmidt Bunny by dieingcity

:heart:Thank you again for you kindness and support. :heart:
I Love You Stamp by MissBezz and Merry Christmas by Krissi001 and Happy New Year Stamp by ladieoffical

I hope you will enjoy this last month, and the works you find here.

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Shorts of Krampus

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 23, 2014, 4:56 PM

Hope you have been Good this year (or just only on the mild-Naughty list to only get coal for the fire)...:fear:

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Yeeeehaw my lovely deviants,

 today is the day!!! 
It's the 5th of december and in Austria that means:

It's Krampus day!!! :iconfearmeplz:

A few of you already know from my journal entry of last year what that is, but a few don't! For that I decided to explain you the dread of Krampus:

Krampus is a dread of the alpine custom during Christmas season. He accompanies St. Nicholas who gives presents to good and educated children, while Krampus punishes the naughty ones. 
This custom is known in Austria, Hungary, the Czech republic, parts of Italy and Croatia.

During the inquisition the custom of Krampus was a punishable offense, because nobody was allowed to dress as a devil or demon-like creature. But in the high-lying villages which were difficult to reach this custom subsisted. But with adding St. Nicholas the church accepted Krampus, because in this way he's in an inferior position and is controlled by St. Nicholas. This is also a symbol for the victory of the good over the evil.
Today in the time of november and Christmas season many Krampus runs (german: Krampusläufe) are made: Young men dress as Krampus wearing huge ugly wood masks, a goat fur suit, a belt with bells and a rod with which they hit larking teenagers, especially young girls ;-)
This is a vestige of heathenish times: people believed that during winter nights evil demons crawl around outside and cause harm to people. For that the creature of Krampus helps to get rid of those evil spirits. Their ugly masks and the loud ringing bells should make the demons fear and chase them away. The hitting with the rod is for exorcise the evil from the people's body. They say also who gets hitted by Krampus will remain fertile and will have luck in the next year. 

Here's a video for getting a better idea of Krampus runs:…

Btw tomorrow I'll visit such a Krampus run together with a few friends who are not familiar with this. We'll have lots of fuuuuuuuunnnnn!!!!! :la: I hope they have fast legs and strong voices for screaming hahahahaha!!!! XD

Alright guys, I hope you were good this year! Otherwise Krampus will get you!! :iconmwahahaplz:

I got sick of seeing merry christmas. so yeah Krampus needs more love. For you americans it's Christmas Eve, Here it's Christmas so you americans need to hurry up and get with the times.


I got this huge art box thingy to put everything in, but turns out because they keep buying me all these paints and shit every year for christmas and my birthday I have so many paints I can't fit them all in the right spots so yeah....
Also lots of pencils....
I got a Wii, and all these games for it. I played Harry potter most of the day running around calling Ron an asshole, and Hermione a bitch, and seamus a stupid brit and Calling Neville sexy cause he's cardigan is the shit.

Anyway. at one point I kept dying because rons fat arse was in my way and I couldn't see anything but where the sun shines from.... D:

I got chocolates too, and a book for painting, and a easel. so pretty good this year.

I played a Dora game my cousin got on the Wii, and in the end I chucked an America and couldn't stand the spanish retard and pestered my 5 year old cousin if she was finished playing it, then she did and thats when I played Harry potter again.
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Hello everyone! It is I the Krampus!!! You have all discovered it was i who tapped you on the island! I will provide some updates but for now here is how Prussia and his short friend Monaco discovered that it was me who came up with the wonderful idea of sending you all on this lovely deathtrap vacation island.

*door opens*
** HTTS-Krampushas joined<HTTS-Krampus>Oh hey guys

<HTTS-Krampus>I was wondering when you'd find me
<HTTS-Greece>wait what)
<HTTS-NewZealand>holy crap it's this guy)
<HTTS-NewZealand>I forgot we had a krampus omfg-))
<HTTS-Greece>we have a krampus?)
<HTTS-NewZealand>We have a krampus))
<HTTS-Krampus>Naw I'm here
<HTTS-Prussia>The hell, man?!
<HTTS-Krampus>I exist year round?
<HTTS-Monaco>W-Why here?
<HTTS-Krampus>Look, It gets real boring waiting around for it to be December. What else am I supposed to do with the other 11 months of the year?
<HTTS-Prussia>We're trapped on this island und you're watching us like some unawesome pervert-- *Because yes now you're a pervert according to Gil*
<HTTS-NewZealand>omg that's amaze))
<HTTS-Krampus>Yeah I know that's why I trapped you all here. It's hilarious
<HTTS-Prussia>Go find some other scheiße to curb your boredom--
<HTTS-Prussia>I could be doing so many awesome things right now--
<HTTS-Krampus>I mean Christmas isn't for another few months. there's nothing I can do about that
<HTTS-Prussia>What about mein blog?!
<HTTS-Monaco>This si the best you could do?
<HTTS-Prussia>What about the porn???
<HTTS-Krampus>Oh I can update that for you
<HTTS-Prussia>Last I checked this place doesn't have any of that--
<HTTS-Krampus>Maybe this building doesn't
<HTTS-Prussia>((Kill me now
<HTTS-HuttRiver>     Over ra*Gil what the hell is wrong with you*
<HTTS-Prussia>How the hell is Mattie gonna make his pancakes?
<HTTS-Prussia>Al's gonna die without MacDonald's
<HTTS-Krampus>Escape? I don't know
<HTTS-Krampus>You can make a lot of that stuff here
<HTTS-Prussia>*Shhh I'm pleading mein case heir*
<HTTS-Krampus>Look it doesn't mtter what you say, I still need a source of entertainment
<HTTS-NewZealand>((Why don't you try the cinema--))
<HTTS-Krampus>The other magical beings tend not to like me
<HTTS-Prussia>Well I expect some sort of monetary compensation heir if you expect me to entertain you--
<HTTS-Krampus>Apparently they don't like people who kidnapp and beat children at christmas time? Weirdos
<HTTS-Krampus>Does your life sound good?
<HTTS-Prussia>You don't get this kind of awesomeness for free--
<HTTS-Prussia>Wait what
<HTTS-Krampus>You can hve your life as compensation
<HTTS-Krampus>This island is freaking dangerous
<HTTS-Prussia>..... Last I checked mein life isn't able to buy me more books or food
<HTTS-Krampus>Did you know they used to do genetic testing here? Crazy right
<HTTS-Prussia>Look buddy you look like some sort of mutant freak yourself--
<HTTS-Prussia>I think I can handle meinself
<HTTS-HuttRiver>*jumps and lets out a small scream*
<HTTS-Krampus>Excuse you
<HTTS-Krampus>You aren't exactly normal looking yourself
<HTTS-Krampus>I am a creature of ancient magic
<HTTS-Prussia>.... True. *Pauses* But I'm devishly handsome so I'm not complaining.
<HTTS-Krampus>Yeah yeah
<HTTS-HuttRiver>When did you get here? And why are you so casual?!
<HTTS-Krampus>Well anyway... I have to check in on the others because you two aren't doing anything fun right now.
<HTTS-Prussia>I know some ancient creatures and they don't scare me-- I mean Fran can't even handle spiders. SPIDERS
<HTTS-Krampus>But you'll see me again....
<HTTS-Prussia>*Blinks* Hopefully not anytime soon. I wanna eat und your mug is ruining mein appetite
<HTTS-Krampus>*pauses* And oh yeah if you all survive you don't get put on the naughty list! How nice of me is that?
<HTTS-Krampus>Man this was a great idea *magically poofs away*
** HTTS-Krampushas left [connection closed]
<HTTS-Prussia>... But--
<HTTS-Monaco>Well than...


Journal Entry: Sat Nov 29, 2014, 3:44 AM
Well I was on a Krampus run yesterday and it was fun as everytime!!!
My only question is 
Do you have a Kramus run too or ever heard of it?

Krampus run (actually Krampuslauf):

The Krampus run thru the city and try to hit ya with a rod
(usually made out of some sticks but the are banned rod too like barbed wire, or general wires it it illegal to use then. Cause the can force some serious damage!!! Ok since it is illegal the try to use it hiding the wires in some sticks)
They is the normal run where are the safe zone
(There is a barrier and they are not allowed to climb behind /RULES/ But that doesn't hold any krapus back to try to get to ya!!!)
There are some "Angels" that will give you lots of sweets!!
Yay after the normal run ther is also the free run
The Krampus are now allowed to run free without a barrier or anything to hide
Also the ambulance will be gone to
Yeah this is part when i go
They are all drunk and the only thing you do is running

It is really funny!!!

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Have you ever heard of Krampus? You could say he's like Santa Claus's evil twin brother. Krampus is a beast-like being from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Yule season who had misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards well-behaved ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair.

What does he do with those naughty children? Some say he eats them while others say he only disciplines them and afterwards lets them go.

He is generally depicted as being extra hairy and has long, curved, Goat-like horns, not to mention a long, probably forked tongue like that of a Snake or a Monitor Lizard.

What are your thoughts on Krampus?

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Oh crap, do I really need to do this?*sigh*) we), looks i do.
Ask me stuff I guess.
Marry Krampus!

(If you dont get it.... go look up Krampus)
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