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Extended Preview of Korra's training is interrupted NEW VIDEO…

Korra and Mako are rendered powerless against two mysterious, chi-blocking warriors. Just scroll down to see the video. I hope people not from the US can see this.…

Also, four more days to go:D

Mako and Korra by ChristyTortland
Tarrlok glared at the brothers.  "What do you think you're doing!?"  He asked, outraged. 
"Saving our friend!"  Bolin replied.  Tarrlok laughed. 
"You think you two can save the avatar?"  He asked, doubtfully.
"Of course we can."  Mako said confidently.  Tarrlok let out another laugh. 
"Prove it."  He said with an evil glare.  Bolin stomped his foot on the ground making a rock hit Tarrlok to the side of the room.  Mako jumped over towards the equalists and kicked fire at them.  One of the equalists fell to the ground but the other threw Korra into the van and ran after Mako.  The equalist jumped towards him and Mako ducked underneath him.  He threw lightning at the equalist shocking him and he crashed into the wall.  Mako ran over to Korra and took the gag off of her mouth.
"Korra!"  Mako said happily. 
"Mako!"  Korra breathed hugging him.  "I'm so glad you came to save me!"  Mako held her but heard the fight between Bolin and Tarrlok behind him. 
"We have to help."  Mako said.  Korra nodded and they ran over to stand next to Bolin.  Tarrlok glared at them. 
"Three against one?  Not very fair is it?"  He asked. 
"Who cares about fairness?"  Korra shouted.  "You tried to kidnap me!" 
"You're going to jail, Tarrlok!"  Mako added. 
"And you're going to stay in there!"  Bolin shouted.  Mako and Korra looked over at him.  "What I wanted to say something too..."  Bolin muttered.  Tarrlok shot some water at Bolin but Korra bended it off to the side, making it hit the wall. 
"Tenzin was right all along," Korra began.  "You can't be trusted." 
"Tenzin is just a grumpy old man with a grudge."  Tarrlok replied.
"Well apparently he had good reason to be suspicious of you!"  Mako said.  That was enough talking for Tarrlok.  He jumped into the air and bended two water streams at the group of benders.  They were all knocked to the ground.  Korra jumped up and bended the water around her towards Tarrlok.  He was thrown against the wall and fell to the ground.  Mako and Bolin started to stand up and they all stared at Tarrlok.  His ponytails had started to fall out and he shot his head up to look at them.  He then bent the water on the ground and put a water sphere around the brothers.  
"Mako!  Bolin!"  Korra shouted.  They held their breath as they were stuck inside the water sphere. 
"Now what are you going to do?"  Tarrlok asked with a smirk.  He then tightened his fists a bit making the sphere grow smaller and smaller.  Mako and Bolin had their lips tightly together, letting no air escape.  Bolin covered his mouth to make extra sure he didn't open his mouth.  Korra looked at them then at Tarrlok. 
"Let them go!"  She shouted. 
"Make me."  Tarrlok said.  That's when something snapped in Korra.  Something that was just waiting to be switched on.  She clenched her fists and jaw, making every muscle in her body tight.  Then her eyes slowly began to glow a bright blue.  Her face became emotionless and she made her stance firm.  She began to float above the ground and made the air swirl around her.  She bended the water away from Mako and Bolin and made that swirl around her too.  She then earth bended rocks out of the ground and they joined the elements around her.  She bended fire as well making all of the elements present.  Tarrlok stood in shock and fear as the avatar floated in front of him. 
"Tarrlok,"  She said in a deeper, scarier voice.  "You will pay for all the pain and suffering you have done to us."  She then bent all the elements and threw them at Tarrlok.  He gasped as he was hit by them.  He was rammed into the wall and then collapsed to the ground unconcious.  Mako and Bolin smiled happily as they saw Tarrlok fall.  But Korra wasn't snapping out of her Avatar State. 
"What should we do?"  Bolin shouted above the sound of rushing wind around her.  Mako looked at Bolin then at Korra.  He began to walk over with dificulty due to the swirling elements around her. 
"Korra!"  He shouted.  She didn't look at him.  "Korra!"  He repeated.  He took more steps towards her covering his eyes from debris flying around.  He reached out his arm and grabbed her hand.  He pulled her down to his level and hugged her.  "I love you."  He said into her hair.  He then leaned back and placed his lips against hers.  The wind began to fade down and all of the elements fell to the ground.  Korra's blue glow faded to nothing and she looked at Mako realizing he was kissing her.  She then closed her eyes and kissed him back.  Bolin saw them and smiled.  They broke the kiss and looked at each other. 
"Thank you, Mako."  Korra said hugging him and laying her head on his chest.  He smiled and petted her hair which had fallen out of it's ponytails.  Bolin walked over and gave Korra a hug. 
"You okay?"  He asked.  She nodded. 
"I'm fine..."  She looked at Mako.  "Now."  She smiled weakly then they all looked back at Tarrlok. 
The sun began to rise bringing early moring and soon they called Lin and the police force to take Tarrlok to jail.  "He'll be staying in jail for a lllooonnggg time."  Lin assured them.  "You won't have to worry about him any more."  Bolin, Mako, and Korra nodded.  Mako had an arm around Korra's waist so that they were closer together. 
"Thank you, Lin."  Korra said with a smile.
"Yeah, thanks."  Mako and Bolin added.  Lin nodded to them and headed off with her police force.  Bolin looked at Mako and Korra together and had a sad look on his face. 
"I guess I'll just...  Leave you guys alone..."  He muttered walking away.  Korra placed a hand on his shoulder and Bolin looked behind at her. 
"Bolin, no matter what happens with me and Mako," She smiled at the firebender, "We'll always be a team."  She stuck out her hand to Bolin.  He smiled and shook it gladdly. 
"I couldn't agree more."  He said.  They walked back to the arena and crashed in the attic.  Mako and Korra found a seat on the window sill and watched the sun rise. 
"Thanks for the date."  Korra said finally turning to Mako.  "It was fun." 
Mako laughed, "Yeah,"  He looked at her blue eyes as they reflected pink and orange sky.  "It sure was." 
(( This was SUCH a fun fanfiction to write and from all the comments it sounds like you guys LOVED it!!!  Thanks for everyone who faved/read/commented it all means alot to me!!  And yes I have seen episode 9 of Korra (SPOILER ALERT) when Mako carries her away and says, "You'll be safe now."  And everything.  IT'S SO CUTE!  (SPOILER ALERT OVER)  Anyway I hope to be writing a NEW fanfiction soon enough.  Might not do it with Korra but we'll see.... :D ))                      
Tonight's episode of the Legend of Korra was almost perfect...except for one teensy problem...


Thanks a lot Bryke for somewhat ruining the episode. Now for the rest of the night, the Constructive Reviewer in me will have to spend her time trying to quell the Die Hard Makorrian who, as you must expect by now, is PISSED as nails!

Makorrian Squiggles: ...He kissed her...I can't believe he kissed her.

Constructive Squiggles: I know...I know your mad but...look on the brightside...


If fans thought Mako was a douche last season, imagine what tonight's little incident is gonna make of him now. Oh LORD, I cannot believe this is happening. My worst nightmare for my OTP is happening...

Constructive Squiggles: Yeah...but to be fair, we both did kinda see this one coming y'know. Remember that article we did about Our thoughts on Makorra. We called out Mako giving in to Asami's advances and returning her feelings. Remember, Mako kisses Asami doesn't neccessarily mean that they will hook back up. This could most possible mean him just giving in to his current frustration with work and the whole Varrick situation.

I just wish Bryke has shown another shot of him reminiscing about Korra just to highlight that he still misses her. be fair, they are broken up y'know---it's not like Mako is cheating on Korra while they're still in a relationship. I know alot of Makorrians will see the negative in this but in fairness to Mako, he is a free fan and is entitled to date other people.

Makorrian Squiggles: Who's side are you on!

Constructive Squiggles: The side that proves that my hunch about Mako and Asami are correct. And it seems like things are moving exactly like how I anticipated them to be.

Fair not Makorrian me, Makorra will be end game. This is just another temporary rough patch to help bring more intrigue, drama and conflict to the plot.

Makorrian Squiggles: Masami endgame?

Constructive Squiggles: For now, that seems to be the way how Bryke is playing this but...I'm not worried and neither show you. In the end, both of our OTPs will be together.
If Makorra didn't go through all this, people would start to get bored with it. I actually quite like the idea now of Bryke playing with our feelings and putting Mako with Asami while he and Korra and break up.

Now I can't wait for the scene where they reunite and everything is spilled out in the open. This is gonna be SO GOOD. Just be patient.

Makorrian Squiggles: Well when you put it that way, it's fine.

But honestly, if I have to sit through another Masami, I'm gonna punch my screen.

Constructive Squiggles: Whatever gets you through this rough patch my friend.

Keep Calm and Ship on. MAKORRA will be fine! 



EDIT: Okay, someone remind Haefaciel not to get too fucking excited while she waits for her slow ass laptop to load. Y'all probably have seen this, so just ignore me. ^^'

"All three of your kids?"
"All three." 
Korra groaned to herself, "Okay.  I guess just for you Pema." 
Pema smiled at her, "Thank you, Korra.  And if you feel like you need more help ask one of your Fire Ferret friends." 
"Mako and Bolin?"  Korra said.  Pema nodded.  "I mean, I guess..."  She trailed off.  "Okay sure, that should work."  Korra decided. 
"Thank you so much, and don't worry.  Tenzin and I will be back by ten tomorrow night."  Pema assured her. 
"No problem," Korra said shrugging it off, "Now I'm going to go see what Bolin and Mako say about this."  With that Korra hopped onto Naga and started towards the pro-bending arena.  She jumped off Naga once she saw the front doors.  Mako and Bolin were hanging out on the steps eating some take-out food. 
"Hey Korra."  Mako said taking a bite of rice.  "What's up?" 
"I need to ask you a favor."  She began. 
"Shoot."  Bolin said while Pabu climbed on top of his shoulders. 
"Come babysit with me tomorrow night."  Korra said.
"Babysitting?"  Mako asked.  "Why in the world..."
"Tenzin has a counsel meeting in a different city and Pema wanted to keep him company."  She cut him off, "She asked me to babysit and I said, 'yes' and then she told me I could ask you guys to help so... Please?"  She tried to look as innocent as possible. 
"I'm in!"  Bolin said standing up.
"Bolin?!"  Mako said in surprise.
"I love kids, and I can always make them smile!"  Bolin explained.  "I'd love to help you out." 
"Great!"  Korra said with a smile.  She looked at Mako with pleading eyes. 
"Fine..."  Mako muttered.  She smiled. 
"That's fantastic!  It'll be fun I promise!"  Korra told them.  "Be at air temple island tomorrow at six."  She got onto Naga again.  "Thanks again guys!"  She yelled as she rode away.  Mako glared at Bolin. 
"What...?"  Bolin asked.  Mako groaned and threw his head down.

~~~~The Next Night

"Okay Korra," Pema began.  "Mako, Bolin," She added smiling at them.  "Tenzin and I will be back at ten.  I have plenty of food for you to cook the kids dinner."  Jinora and Ikki clung onto Pemas legs with sad eyes. 
"You'll be back soon, right mommy?"  Ikki asked. 
"Don't go!"  Meelo said hanging from Tenzin's arm. 
"We'll be back in no time."  Tenzin told Meelo handing him to Korra.  Meelo tugged at Korra's ponytails and she winced in pain. 
"We have everything under control."  Korra assured Tenzin and Pema.  "You guys should go before you're late to the meeting."  Pema nodded and let Jinora and Ikki go over to Bolin and Mako.  They hopped onto the air bisen and flew away.  All the kids waved goodbye.  "Now what?!"  Meelo and Ikki shouted at once.  Korra looked at Bolin and Mako. 
"Ummm let's play catch."  Bolin said.  He grabbed a ball and began throwing it up into the air.  The kids oooed and awwwed at his fancy tricks. 
"My turn!"  Jinora said.  She shot a gust of air up and threw the ball ten more feet in the air.  Now it was Bolin's turn to be impressed.  Mako and Korra decided to chill on the side lines watch the kids play fire ferret in the middle with Bolin. 
"I gotta admit, this babysitting thing is really easy."  Mako said.  "At first I was a bit scared about all this..."
"What?"  Korra said jokingly, "Mako the pro-bender was afraid of three little kids?!" She chuckled.  He laughed along with her.
"I know, I know.."  He muttered.  "But it's true, I was afraid they'd be a hand full."  They continued talking until WACK!  Korra whipped her head around to see Meelo face down on the concrete.
"Meelo!"  Korra shouted, running over to him.  "What's happened?"  She asked Bolin while she sat Meelo up. 
"I was just throwing the ball around and I hit him in the face on accident!"  Bolin said.  "I didn't mean too..."  Korra sighed and picked up Meelo. 
"It's okay Bolin just be more careful..."  Korra added walking into the house.  Mako followed Korra inside.  "Mako can you get a bowl of water and a rag?"  Mako nodded and went off to get the things.  He came back shortly while Korra examined Meelos forehead.  He had a huge cut and it was bleeding badly.  Korra took the rag and dipped it in the bowl of water.  She dapped at Meelo's forehead and sighed in relief.  "It's only a cut, it's nothing too series."  Meelo had stopped crying by this time and looked up at Korra.

"Thanks Korra."  He said weakly.  Korra smiled at him.  She wrapped some bandages around his head and gave him a cookie to nibble on outside. 

"Well I dealt with my first obstacle of the night..."  Korra said relaxing, setting Meelo on her lap.  Mako sat next to her. 

"First obstacle?"  He asked. 

Korra nodded, "You have no idea what could happen next..."   

(( Thanks for reading hope ya liked it!! Whole thing based off of Melevan's picture (which is the epic picture I posted at the top of this.)  Next chapter coming soon!!!))

Mako and Korra by ChristyTortland
Korra threw a ball of water at the equalist.  He did a fancy move to dodge and continued runnign away.  She formed the rain around her to make a wave and rode it over to meet him.  She landed on the ground and brought her fists up to her chest.  "It's just like pro-bending."  She told herself.  "Just knock him down."  She punched fire at him as he got out his electrical sticks.  He charged at her and tried stabbing her in the side.  She flipped into the air, dodging the blow.  She made the ground beneath him rise and he was knocked off his feet. 
Meanwhile Mako was shooting lightning and fire at the two equalists fighting him.  One had a electic glove while the other had two electrical sticks.  "Come on."  Mako thought bending fire.  "Give me a good fight."  The equalist with the glove ran from behind Mako and reached for his shoulder.  Mako grabbed the equalists arm and chucked him to the side.  The other equalist ran up and started stabbing Mako with the sticks.  Mako let out a low scream but soon recovered.  He  shot two lightning bolts at the equalists making him fall onto his back. 
Korra ran up to the equalist and kicked him in the face making him fall to his side.  "Got ya."  She muttered before he stood right back up.  He jabbed at her with the stick and it hit her right in the stomach.  She gasped as electricity surged through her body.  He back away and she collapsed.  Mako turned around to punch an equalist when he saw Korra on the ground. 
"Korra!"  He shouted running towards her.  An equalist jumped in his way and threw a rope around Mako.  He fell to the ground with a thud.  He cursed under his breath looking up to see the equalist standing in front of him.  The equalist almost shocked him until the earth underneath his feet threw him into the air.  Mako looked over at Korra and saw she was concious.  He smiled and broke the ropes around him.  He stood up and ran over to Korra.  "You alright?"  He asked.  She nodded weakly. 
"He got me pretty good with his electric stick thingy..."  Korra mummbled. 
"Me too."  Mako said helping her up and putting her arm around his shoulders. 
"Thanks..."  She said looking up at him.  The equalist with the glove ran over towards them.  "Incoming."  Korra said.  With the arm that Korra wasn't leaning on Mako threw some fire at him knocking him to the ground.  
"Two down..."  Mako said.  Then the last equalist grabbed Korra's arm, threw her on his back, and started running. 
"Mako!"  Korra shouted.  She was still pretty weak and couldn't fight the equalist.  She felt so helpless and hated it.  Mako ran after her getting right on the equalists heels.  The equalist threw Korra onto the motorcylce and hopped on, starting the engine. 
"Korra!"  Mako yelled.  But it was too late, the equalist started the motorcylce and drove off into the streets.  Mako wanted to keep running but he knew he was no match for a motorcylce.  "Korra..."  He muttered helplessly.  "Bolin!"  He said running towards the arena.  He ran up the stairs and made it to his and Bolin's room.  Bolin was eating with Pabu on his lap.  "Bolin!"  Mako said running up to him.  
"Oh look...  It's Mako."  Bolin said coldly.  "What happened to your date?" 
"Korra's in trouble!"  Mako said, cutting Bolin off.  Bolin's eyes got wide. 
"Wh-what?"  He asked. 
"I'll explain on the way but we have to go."  Mako headed back to the stairs and Bolin followed.
"What happened?"  Bolin asked running behind Mako out of the arena. 
"We were at the fair and-"
"You went to the fair," Bolin began.  "Without me?!"  He said shocked. 
"Bolin this isn't the time!"  Mako snapped.  "When we were at the fair three equalists attacked and took Korra!"  Bolin's playful tone dissapeared. 
"Where do you think they took her?"  He asked as they got onto the sidewalks. 
"Tarrlok."  Mako said simply.  "I've had my suspicions and that's where I'm headed first." 
"But you don't know for sure?"  Bolin asked.  "Mako, this is risky.  If you're wrong...." 
"I know."  Mako said.  "But right now it's are only lead."  He sighed.  "And Korra's in trouble."  Bolin understood that.  He cared for her almost as much as Mako did.  Just on a different level.  He cared for her as a friend, and nothing more.  They turned a street corner and saw Tarrlok's office directly in front of them.  
"Have any plans to sneak in?"  Bolin asked. 
"No.  We're going to just waltz in and ask him politely to tell us where Korra is."  Mako replied. 
"Is that sarcasim?"  Bolin asked.
"Duh."  Mako said.  "Now I  need you to make a rock stair case leading up to Tarrlok's window.  Then we can just get in through the window."  Bolin nodded and stepped in front of Mako.  He lefted up his arms and a rock stair case began to form in front of the buidling.  "Good, let's go."  Mako followed Bolin as they ran fowards and started up the stairs.  Once they made it to the window Mako opened it and they tip toed inside.  They were in Tarrlok's office alright.   One wall was a waterfall and there was a desk in front of it.  Tarrlok wasn't there though.  Once Bolin and Mako were inside Bolin made the stairs dissappear so no one would have suspicion.  "Be on your gaurd."  Mako reminded Bolin.  He nodded and they walked around the room with searching eyes. 
"Even if Tarrlok had Korra where do you think he'd keep her?"  Bolin asked finally breaking the silence. 
"Mako!"  The brothers heard a familiar voice scream. 
"Korra!"  They both said running out of the room.  There was something going on in the lobby below so they crept up to the railing and watched silently.  Korra was being dragged by two equalists towards the back of a van.  Tarlok was standing there watching.  Mako balled his fists and Bolin knit his brow. 
"I knew it."  Mako whispered.  They watched as Korra struggled to get free but she never succeeded.  "We can't just sit here and watch!"  
"Mako, don't!"  Bolin said grabbing his arm.  "We know Tarrlok is a powerful man.  If we help now we'll probably be thrown in jail too." 
"Does it look like I care?"  Mako said standing up and bending lightning towards Tarrlok.  Tarrlok looked up in shock. 
"Mako!  Bol-"  Korra began but the equalists put a gaga in her mouth.  Bolin stood up and made to rocks for Mako and him to stand on.  They flew down to the lobby and Mako chucked fire at the equalists. 
"I'll get Korra.  You can handle Tarrlok."  Mako told Bolin.  His brother nodded and they split up.  Now things were really going to get interesting.
(( BUM BUM  BUM lol So thanks for reading yet again!!! Hope ya like it and I shall start writing chapter 5!!!  Sorry if you don't like the idea of Bolin being there because it is a makorra fic after all but hey, I like Bolin and he needs to kick some butt too.  Sneak Peek at the next chapter: Mako and Bolin fight to save Korra.  Or will they need saving too? ))             
Mako and Korra by ChristyTortland
(( This is a Makorra fanfic that is a sequal to my last fianfic called The Fire Ferrets Bbaysit.  Go check it out before reading this! Thanks! ))   (( The scene above done by: Serena-Kenobi probably won't be in the fanfic but it's just such a cute picture I had to put it there! )) 
Korra sat up in her bed remembering the crazy night she had with Mako, Bolin, and Tenzin's kids.  "What a night..."  She mumbled getting out of bed.  That's when Pema knocked on her door.  She opened it slightly and peered into Korra's room. 
"Are you up?"  She asked smiling and holding her pregnant stomach.  Korra nodded.
"I just got up."  She said.  She headed out of her room andwalked downstairs with Pema.  Her kids were already sitting outside meditating with Tenzin.  "I'm kinda late aren't I?"  She asked Pem scratching her head. 
Pema nodded, "You were up pretty late though."  She smiled.  "But the kids told me they had a bunch of fun.  So thanks again."  Korra waved it off running outside to join the airbenders.  Tenzin opened one eye to see her walk up. 
"You're late..."  He said quietly so not to break concentration. 
"Sorry bout that..."  Korra said sitting down next to Jinora.  She crossed her legs and placed her hands together closing her eyes.  She closed her eyes.  When she did so an image of Mako appeared.  She opened her eyes in surprise.  "What was that?"  She thought to herself.  She shook it away and closed her eyes.  Soon Mako appeared again.  Her eyes shot open and she looked at the ground.  "Why am I picturing Mako  when ever I shut my eyes?"  She realized that Mako had asked her on a date yesterday.  All though he hadn't even said when or where.  She figured he would clarify that during their next training lesson.  "Oh Tenzin..  I have to leave early to go to pro-bending practice."  
Tenzin groaned, "You come late to meditation, you leave early...  You won't ever learn airbending this way..."  Korra rolled her eyes. 
"I don't need you to lecture me Tenzin," She said.  The three kids stared at the two of them. 
Tenzin looked at them, "Go play inside."  They all hopped up and ran off.  Korra started to stand up too.  "You, stay."  Tenzin said firmly.  She stopped and looked at him.  He got onto his feet.  "We need to talk." 
"We're done talking."  Korra said. 
"No, we're not."  He looked at her with that fatherly look.  "You should really be focusing on your airbending training.  If you don't master it soon..." 
"I'm doing fine!"  Korra said getting a bit irritated.  "I'm just slow at learning airbending."  She said. 
Tenzin sighed, trying to understand, "Yes I know.  Just make sure you focus on the right things right now.  And pro-bending is only second on the list of priorities." 
Korra sighed but nodded knowing he wasn't going to let her go if she didn't agree, "Can I go now?  I'll be late to practice."  Tenzin nodded and she headed off to the arena.  
"Well look who's late again..."  Bolin began jokingly as she stormed into the training arena starting to put her protective gear on.  
"Shut up Bolin."  She said rather harshly.  
"Korra,"  Mako said surprised at her tone. 
She sighed, "I'm sorry, It's just Tenzin's been breathing down my neck lately and I'm getting frustrated with airbending."  Bolin and Mako nodded in understanding.  
"You'll get it soon."  Bolin said, reassuring her.  She took a big breath and let it out through her noise.  
"Can we just practice?"  She asked.  "I need to hit something.."  They all put their helmets on and began to chuck their elements at punching bags.  Korra a vicious water bending motions.  Her emotions obviously coming out.  Mako had very smooth, almost effortless motions as fire danced away from his fists.  Bolin had firm hits, bending earth clear and crisp.  After a couple minutes they decided to take a drink brake.  
"I have got to go!"  Bolin said, running off to the restroom.  Korra sat down and took a sip of water.  Mako stood next to her, watching her closely.  
"Sure everything's alright?"  He asked.  
"Yeah..."  She lied.  She looked up at him and was about to tell him about the visions she had of him.  She quickly shut her mouth though, deciding against it.  
"Do you wanna tell me something?"  Mako asked looking at her.  
"What are we doing tonight?"  She asked.  He was a bit off guard. 
"Oh, well I was thinking maybe some dinner and then heading to a movie."  Mako began.  "I'll pick you up at 7."  
She nodded, "Sounds good."  Then Bolin rushed back in sighing in relief.  "Let's do this."  Korra said standing up.  To keep in shape, they jogged around the gym for a couple minutes then lifted some weights.  Korra made sure to get a good seat to watch Mako secretly.  They all had taken off their protective gear and now Bolin and Mako were in their white tank tops.  Mako raised a twenty pound weight his muscles bulging.  Korra watched in awe but tried to focus on her lifting.  She only had five pounds while Bolin had eighteen.  By the end of practice they were all exhausted.
"Heading home to  take a shower..."  Korra said, wiping sweat from her face.  
"I'll make sure Mako doesn't follow you this time."  Bolin said nudging his brother.  Mako's face grew bright red and he began to strangle his brother until Korra let out a laugh.  He released and waved goodbye as she headed off to air temple island.  
"Not cool, Bo."  Mako said.  
"What?  I was only teasing..."   Bolin said as they headed upstairs to their attic.  
"Dude, I have a date with her later tonight."  Mako finally told his brother.  Bolin was surprised.  
"A date?"  He asked.  Mako nodded.  "Like a, we-want-to-be-more-than-friends kinda date?"  Bolin asked.  
"I guess..."  Mako said, not really thinking of that.  Bolin had a tiny frown on his face as Mako headed to go take a shower.  "Something wrong?"  Mako asked before finally getting into the shower.  
"No nothing..."  Bolin said.  Mako shut the door leaving Bolin alone in the living room.  Bolin sighed and sat on the couch, looking out at air temple island.  "Why am I the one always left alone..."  Then Pabu jumped onto his head and purred at him.  "Well I guess not totally alone..."  

((  Thanks for reading!!!  I'm planning on making this fanfic a bit shorter than last one.  Maybe only three chapters.  I don't really know yet.  we'll see ^.^   Sneak peek to the next chapter: The night has come when Korra and Mako go on a date.  Finally!  ))                        
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Mako and Korra by ChristyTortland
"Korra?"  Pema yelled upstairs.  Korra dashed from room to room grabbing different things.  "Korra, what is going on up there?"  Pema asked starting to walk up the stairs.
"Oh.  Nothing, Pema."  Korra said, dropping things and quickly picking them up.  "I'm okay!"  Pema shook her head and got to the top of the steps.  She saw Korra in the middle of the hall way trying to pick up a bunch of make-up and perfumes that she had dropped.  "Oh...  Hi Pema."  Korra said embarressed. 
Pema grinned and shook her head, "Korra, what are you doing?"  She asked walking over and sitting on the ground next to her.  Korra sighed, "I have a date with Mako tonight..."  Korra sighed looking at the mess she made.  "I was just-  Maybe if I-  Mako would-"  She didn't finish any of her sentences. 
"You thought you would get all dressed up for Mako and impress him?"  Pema concluded looking at her.  Korra nodded realizing how dumb it sounded.  "Well I would say that's a little odd but I did the same thing when I first started dating."  Korra looked up surprised.
"Really?"  Korra asked surprised.  "You've done this?"  Pema nodded.
"I was dating a guy from school and he finally asked me out.  So that night I got all nervous and realized I should get all dolled up to show him just how pretty I can be."  She laughed at herself.  "Luckily, that night I couldn't find any make-up and I had no idea where I could get a fancy dress.  So I went on the date completly embarrassed that I was so underdressed."  She smiled at Korra.  "But fortunatly the boy I was dating didn't dress up either so it all worked out."  Korra smiled. 
"Did you guys keep dating after that?"  She asked.
"Oh no, we were so young it just didn't work out."  Pema said.  Korra began to worry.  What if it was like that for her and Mako?  They go on one date and then just never really hang out again?  She shook the thought from her mind. 
"Thanks Pema."  Korra said finally helping her stand up.  "I just need to relax and be myself."  Korra took a deep breath. 
"I could help you with a little touch up though."  Pema suggested.  "Want me too?" 
"Yes please."  Korra said excited.  Pema took her into her and Tenzin's room.  She sat her down and started to do her eye make-up.  It wasn't a big change, just very slight.  But it made Korra look so much more grown-up.  
"There, all done."  Pema said stepping back to look at Korra.  Korra looked in the mirror and her jaw dropped. 
"Wow..."  She muttered, looking at herself.  "I don't look like myself.  I look...  Prettier."  Korra smiled at her appearence. 
"You've always been pretty Korra," Pema reminded her, resting her hands on her stomach.  "But that make-up gives you a very elegant touch."  She smiled at her.  "What time's your date?"  Pema asked cleaning up the make-up.
"Around seven."  Korra replied.  That's when she heard a ringing of the door bell.  Korra gasped.  She ran to the window and saw Tenzin answering the door for Mako standing there.  "IT'S ALREADY SEVEN?!"  Korra asked looking at the clock.  "I haven't even done my hair yet!"  She ran to the bathroom and started brushing it. 
"Korra you look fine..."  Pema said nudging her to the stairs.  "Go on downstairs., relax, have fun."  Korra looked back at Pema.  She wrapped her arms around her and smiled. 
"Thank you, Pema."  Korra said.  "I'll be home soon!"  Korra trotted down the stairs.  
"Have fun!"  Pema yelled finally.  Korra saw Mako standing at the bottom of the steps waiting for her.  
"Hey, Mako."  She said coolly but she accidently tripped on a step and fell down the stairs.  Mako caught her as she fell into his chest.  She looked up at him and smiled awkwardly. 
"Wow..."  Mako said looking at her with wide eyes.  "You look-"  He cut off realizing Tenzin and the airbending kids were watching them.  He stood Korra up and coughed into his fist.  "Ready to go?"  He asked her.  She nodded. 
"See ya later Tenzin."  Korra said.  Mako led the way out of the house and off the island.  "So, where are we going first?"  She asked. 
"No place fancy."  He said sticking his hands in his pockets.  Looking at Mako, Korra was glad she took Pema's advice and didn't dress up.  He was in his usually get up, with (of course) his fathers red scarf.  Korra loved that scarf, more than she would admit.  It made Mako look so much cooler and laid back. 
"Not fancy, eh?"  Korra said trying to guess where they were going.  "Noodle Shop?"  She asked.  Mako shook his head.  "Flaming Fun?"  Mako looked at her with a smirk and shook his head again.  "What then?"  She asked giving up.  They turned a corner and all of a sudden Korra was hit in the face with scents of deep fried food and sweat.  She blinked and saw flashing rides all around her. 
"Surprise!"  Mako said with a smile.  "I saw the fair was in town and figured you'd like to come."  Korra's jaw dropped and she smiled from ear to ear.
"This is awesome!"  She said laughing.  "Thank you so much Mako."  He stared at her qith a smile and she stared at him.  There was an awkward silence but not to them.  They were lost in each other.  Korra broke the glance and laid her eyes on a spinning ride.  "Let's go!"  She said grabbing Mako's arm and pulled him along.  He laughed and follow her happily.  They waited in line and finally hopped into a cart.  Korra was jumping with excitment and Mako just watched laughing at her.  She was like a little kid in a candy store.  The ride started and the were spun in all different directions and were both screaming their heads off.  They got off and had trouble standing, they were so dizzy.  
"Haven't you ever been to the fair before?"  Mako finally asked while they got into another line. 
She shook her head, "I used to live in the  Southern Water Tribe.  We never had fun stuff like Republic City does."  Mako nodded understanding.  "But this is really fun."  She admitted with a smile. 
"I never got to tell you," Mako started.  "You look-"  But then some guy behind a stand began to shout.
"Come test your stregth!  Hit the target and see how high the weight will go!"  He yelled.  Korra looked over and smiled. 
"Let's try it out!"  She said walking out of line.  Mako followed and they stood in front of the guy. 
"Well little missy, come and try your luck.  If you get it high enough you can win a FREE stuffed animal!"  She smiled.  He handed her the hammer and she wacked the target.  The weight went up, and up, and up, but it didn't make it all the way.  "Better luck next time."  He said with a smile. 
"Man, I really wanted that cool fire ferret stuffed animal."  She said to herself.  Mako heard her and glanced at the game. 
"Give me the hammer."  He said.
"Oh look, a tough guy!"  The guy yelled.  "Give it your best shot."  Mako grinned and pounded the target.  The weight shot up and hit the very top, ringing the bell.  "WINNER!"  The man shouted blowing in a whistle.  "Pick any prize you'd like."  Mako reached for the fire ferret and handed it to Korra.  She looked at it and took it from his hands. 
"Thanks Mako."  She said a little blush showing up on her cheeks. 
"No problem..."  He said winking at her. 
She burried her face in the fluffy fire ferret and laughed, "Pabu's gonna like this."
"Don't forget Bolin..."  Mako added.  The both laughed and continued to walk around the fair, having the time of their lives.         
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