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Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

   Jeff's P.O.V

I saw (y/n)'s dad coming to me when I laughed so hard and the next I know, he was right in front of me. I didn't what to do cause I can't kill him, that would hurt (y/n)'s heart and ruin my chance with her. But he didn't noticed me and just got a sketchbook that had (y/n) name on it next to the tree. But when I walked out, he noticed me by an instant.

 "HEY!! YOUNG MAN, COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!" (y/n)'s dad yelled.

I did what I told and then he was in front of me.

"Son, shouldn't you be in school?" he said.

"huh? what?" I was confused.

"Son, go to school and take off that make-up, you might be mistaken by the killer boy?" then it hit me, he didn't know who I was. AWESOME!!

 "Yes sir" I lied to him. He just nodded and drove off. Then I went back to (y/n)'s room and watch TV.

       *******TIME SKIP*******TIME SKIP***********TIMESKIP*************TIMESKIP*********************TIME SKIP**************

  Your P.O.V

It was the end of the day and you were sleepy that you could sleepwalk home but you just listened to music on your headphones. Isaiah found you ran up to you.

 "Are you excited?" he said.

 You were very suspicious with his grin on his face.

"Excited about what? Cause its not Friday or your birthday so spill it out man!!!"

 he kept his grin on his face like it was glued to him and said "It's the day I can stay or should I say sleep over at your house!"

Then it hit you 'CRAP I TOTALLY FORGOT' you thought

"Oh yeah but why do get excited when you come over to my house? All we do is watched movies and play video games" you said

 "Because you promised me that I could see your lair!" he said

 "Lair?.... oh you mean my attic?" you said

"No shit (y/n)!! But let's go so we could see your lair!!!" you sighed

"Alright, but don't touch my dad's guns, I got in trouble for the hole in the wall you made"

 "I didn't know he left ammo in the gun!" you laughed

"Whatever, let's just go"

********************************************TIME SKIP**********************************TIME SKIP*********************************


Jeff's P.O.V

I was thinking about (y/n) and then I heard (y/n) and Isaiah talking about someone called Rod Dyrdek and was coming up the stairs. So I jumped out the window again and waited by the tree in (y/n)'s backyard. A couple of minutes later, I saw her looking out her window and saw her look right at me. I smiled really big and waved at her but that made her start to panic. So when she wasn't looking at me, I climbed on her roof and waited till night comes, then I could make a visit to her and that little friend of her.

Your P.O.V

You came home and went straight to your room to get the keys to your attic because you don't trust anyone up there even your own dad doesn't come up there unless he's coming to get you ton eat something. But you had this strange feeling about the window so you look at the window, just to be safe. When you looked out, you saw Jeff the Killer and met eyes with him. At first, you thought your tiredness was taking over until he waved at you. You started to panicked and Isaiah got you and kept telling you to breath and stuff. When you calmed down, you looked out the window one more time and he wasn't there. then you started thinking 'is my mind seeing things now or was that the real HIM?!' Isaiah saw your expression and tried to make you happy by going to the attic. It worked and Isaiah loved your "LAIR" so much that he fell asleep on the couch in the living room. So it was getting late and your dad called saying that he won't be in morning when you to school. You yawned and went to your room and fell asleep but you didn't hear the window opened in your room. be continued.............

I know its short but i'll make the next one longer




You heard a noise and woke up instantly due to being a light sleeper. You sit up and look around the room for the cuase of the sound. Nothing. You scan the room once again just in case and see your window wide open. "Did i open that?" You thought. but you didnt remember doing so. You shake it off and get up to go shut the window. Once back in bed you try to go back to sleep but have the strangest feeling that your being watched. You dissmissed it and close your eyes.

"Go to sleep."

Your eyes snap open and you see a tall figure standing over you. He had shoulder length black hair, black ringed eyes as if they had been burnt away, and a horrifying smile carved into his cheeks."Hey hes kinda sexy-DAFUCK IS WRONG WIT YOU (NAME)?!?! THIS MAN IS ALL UP IN YO ROOM WATCHIN YOU IN YO SLEEP AND YOU THINKIN HE SEXY! AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!"
 Worst of all he was holding a large kitchen knife in his hand. You tried to scream but his hand covered your mouth imediatly. "Well that wont do you any good, now will it doll face?" he said. He placed the knife up to your throat. You quickly began to shed tears and shut your eyes to hold them back, waiting for the moment you would feel his knife bite into your skin and it would be all over. but, it never came. You slowly open your eyes to see what he was doing. He was just standing over you with his hair over his eyes so you couldnt quiet read his emotion. Well, its not like you could anyways due to the lack of eyelids. He slowly removed his hand from your mouth and droped his knife on the ground.

"I..... I cant do it!!! Your to beautiful! I mean Hot! I mean sexy! NOOO STOP IT I DONT KNOW WHAT I MEAN BUT I JUST CANT DO IT!!!" He backed up  against your wall and covered his face with his hands. You sat up, now curious as to the self war that your murderer was having with himself. " I MEAN YOUR JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER GIRL IVE KILLED RIGHT?!?! A STUPID, COWARDLY, GREEDY WHOAR?? SO THEN WHY CANT I KILL YOU?!?!" (Yeah ok he has issues...) You tried to process the line of insults and compliments you just recieved when he was up again. But this time he jumped on top of you and stradeled you tightly. His face was extremley close to yours. You blushed out of instinct. "I guess it becuase im somehow attracted to you..." He then closed the space in between you in a sweet kiss. The kiss lasted a while, long enough for you to melt and kiss back. eventualy you two broke away for air. "Whats your name doll face?" he asked. "(N-Name).." "(Name)" he tested it out and then nodded his head in approval. "Its perfect" He leaned down and kissed you again. This time it was short.

"Your mine now, (Name)" He said before picking you up again and escaping with out your window. 

hey guys, this is  :iconpsylett:
so this is for a jeff the killer and creepypasta game!

I'm sending an official letter to Ubisoft and I shall ask them if they can make a creepypasta themed video game
the main character would be Jeff, from sane to insane, going through all the creepypasta worlds!
I need at least 500 signatures to make this work
send me a note and i shall add you as a signature for an official jeff the killer video game!
it shall be realistic, not anime, though!
Jeff the killer ... !! by CokoTheCat

Your POV >>>

You woke up by the sound of an alarm clock. It made you sit up immedidately, you were having a nightmare. You angrily glanced at the clock that had awoken you. 

You forgot to turn the alarm off yesterday. For today was Saturday. 

But you were saved from a faceless man haunting your dreams. 

You are obsessed with Creepypasta, and this was your first nightmare about them. Even though you were interested in them a year ago...

You throw the (color) blanket aside and jump downstairs. 

Your parents have been away for two days, but the total amount of days they said were seven. 

You were free to do whatever you wanted! So you jumped on the computer chair in the living room and opened the laptop on the desk in front of you. 

~what should I do?...~ your mind wandered a bit, then you thought about your dream, and decided to visit

There were all the favorite stories your friends were talking about:
BEN, (your favorite) Slenderman, The Rake, Maskey, Eyeless Jack, and many others. 

But there was one you were unfamiliar with

Jeff the Killer

You checked the date it was uploaded. 
"Five minutes ago..." it read. 

You were sure that you probobly aren't the first to read it, but your curiosity got the better of you, and you clicked on Jeff the Killer. 

A long story was written on the screen. You had nothing else to do, so you read. 

She's reading it. The story. Why would anyone want to read that? Even I'm scared to read it. 

It's so tragic 
But it really happened. 

I was there. 

In fact,

It's MY story. 

Do I let her finish reading it, or pop out from the closet I'm in and sneak up on her?

I opened the door a crack silently and saw her scrolling through the story slowly.  She is indeed reading it. 

Then my photo was scrolled up. 

She gasps and covers her mouth. Her (e/c) eyes were visible now that her eyelids were wide open. 

She looks around. Probobly for me. Her expression was the same as when she saw the photo. 

Now's my chance -----wait a second. 

Your POV>>>
You pull out your phone and dial (best friend's name). 
It rang two times before she/he picked up. 
"_____! Have you read the new CP?!" you were scared. 
"No... What's it about?!" Her voice was excited all of a sudden. 
"Just read for yourself." you were still looking around. 
"I'm on the website now. What's the name?" 
You glanced at the screen. Then went back to your call. 
"Jeff the Killer." you panicked.
A long pause. This didn't help your patience. 
"PHAHAHAHAHA!!! This guy looks like The Joker in a Barney costume! Hahahahahaa!" 
You stared at the floor for a bit, "Hey! It's not THAT funny! This guy looks scary but he seems like he's been through alot!" You scold her. You Imagine losing your mind and killing your family. It's no laughing matter. 

"Wait... Don't ruin the story! I'll text you when I read it okay?"
It frightened you. 
"Okay." you clenched your teeth in fear then hung up. 
You looked around again. Then turned into a ball and sat for five minutes in fear. 

Jeff's POV>>>
She actually cares about me...but it doesn't matter because she didn't meet me in person. 

NOW I can surprise her. 

I tap on the door just to scare her. 

She gasps and looks right at the closet. Then I creak the door open,

And she screams when she saw my face.

End of part 1

You walk home from your friend (friends name) house and as you walk down the side walk you hear a faint scream coming from a house. You looked at said house and there was a window covered in blood, then all the sudden a man looked out the window. You looked as he was holding a knife in his hand and big eyes with no eye lids but the weirdest part was that be had a smile carved into him face. He stared outside then spotted you with his big eyes and pushes the window open. You were frozen in fear at this and you had to force yourself to run away from there. As you ran you could hear foot steps of someone else. You turned around to see the man from the window in a white hoodie and black pants. You started to try and run faster but you were slowing down from running.

You soon relive that your in the woods and running deeper in it. You look back and don't see the man from the window, you stop and pants from exaction of running. You then feel something sharp and metal like tap your cheek on the other side of where you were looking. You turn your head making the sharp metal that was a knife cut your cheek a little. Your eye tear up at the sting of the cut but you see the man from the window looking at you. He steps close and moves the knife away from you. You stare at him with fear as he stares at you with a insane look. He walks around you looking you up and down then stops in front of you. He smiles at you making the carve of the smile bigger. You whimper from fear and say " Please.. Please d-don't kill m-me" you looking at him in fear.

He laughs a bit and looks at you and says "you do look beautiful from up close then from far away" you stare at him and kind of start to see that he is starting to look cuter. You stare at him like he's mad or something (he is). He then kisses your cheek where you got cut and you flinch as it stings. He just smiles and says "My names jeff" you look at him then say back " _-___ " you still in fear of him. He says your name for a little and smiles "Pretty name for a beautiful lady" he says looking at you. You looks at him and can't help but smiling a tiny bit.

(some more on the way maybe)

Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Jeff's P.O.V

I snuck in (y/n)'s room while she was sleeping and look like an angel from heaven. Her (h/l),(h/c) was shining and blocking some of her face so I moved it. When I did (y/n) look like she wanted to wake up but she didn't. I quietly opened the door and tip-toed down the stairs and I see Isaiah sleeping on couch with his neck all ready for me to cut through until I feel bone to blade. I was a feet away from slicing his throat but then I heard a door open so I knew it was (y/n). she opened the door but only went to use the restroom. So when used the restroom, I was right in front of Isaiah and I heard waking up. when he opened his eyes, I saw the fear in eyes and was about to scream for (y/n) but I covered his mouth before he said anything or something. I went to his ear and whispered

"I don't like you. but you look awfully tired, I'll help you GO-TO-SLEEP!!!!"

 he was shaking in fear when I laid the blade on his throat and screamed under my mouth


I moved my hand from his mouth and said " what did you say?!"

 he control his shaking and stuttered

"I-I s-s-said what do you w-w-w-want?!"

 I laughed psychotically and said

 "I want you to bleed to death and scream for your ungrateful little li-"

 "Don't touch him! Get away from him!" a voice growled but I knew who it was,(y/n)but with a gun in her hand.

Your P.O.V

You woke up because you thought you heard your window open and for some reason, your window was open. You thought someone was in the house but it would be Isaiah only and he wouldn't open your window. it was getting weird for you so you decided to check it out. but before you went downstairs, you got the shotgun that your dad left in your closet for "protection". then went downstairs and made it sound like you were going to restroom. when you were downstairs, you saw Jeff trying to kill Isaiah. you aimed the shotgun right at Jeff's head and growled

"Don't touch him! Get away from him!"

Jeff and Isaiah turned their heads right at me and Jeff chuckled

"You know how to use that sweetheart?" Jeff said.

 "Growing up with only an overprotective dad, you learn how to use weapons from intruders so don't test me Joker!"

 Jeff just laughed at you and said "Cute with a small fuse, I like that about you"

 You blushed and yelled "I MEAN IT! I'LL SHOOT!!!"

 Isaiah was watching you two talk and tried to run out the house but it just made Jeff stabbed him in the leg. Isaiah screamed in pain when the blade was going deeper until it went through his leg.


 Jeff gave you a smirk, pulled the blade out and took a step towards you. when he did, you a step back just trying to protect yourself. Every time he took a step forwards, you kept taking a step back until you hit your back to the wall. When you hit the wall, you tried to run but Jeff blocked any ways where you try to run. you closed your eyes when you feel his body too close to yours. he put his mouth so close to your ear, that when he whispered, it made you shivered you from head to toe.

 "You know what I want (y/n)?"

you shook your head and he chuckled

 "all I want you (y/n)..."

 "huh what are you talking abo-mmhhpp" you cut off when Jeff crashed his lips against yours.

 your eyes went big and you kneed his stomach, which made him stop and hold on to his stomach. you ran up to Isaiah to help him up the stairs to your room. Isaiah lost too much blood and so you hid him in your closet. before you went to hide, he grabbed your wrist.

 "......(y-y/n) please don't leave me...." He said.

 you gently grabbed his shoulders and said " I'll be okay, don't worry bout me"

 you hugged him and he hugged back. after that, you heard Jeff laughed psychotically

"You want to play cat and mouse (y/n), I'll play but I will find you and Isaiah!!!!"

So, you hid in your dad's office where no one would ever looked cause no one allowed to be in there, especially you. 


Jeff's P.O.V

I went to find (y/n) in her room but there was no one in there. but, I heard someone groaning in pain.....Isaiah.....but he's too weak and I don't want to spoil my fun with him, just (y/n). so I checked every room except her dad's office, but there's a giant sign that says: OFF LIMITS. so I opened when I covered the word off with my arm.

"(y/n)....where are you?"  I sang in evilly, seductive tone.

I didn't see her anywhere by starting the closet but stop when I heard whimpering under the desk.

"I win!" I yelled at (y/n)which made her scream really loud.

 I got her out under the desk and pinned her down on the floor.

 "GET OFF OF ME!!!"(y/n) yelled at the top of her lungs.

 I put the blade right next to her throat.

" you don't want to see me angry, do you (y/n)?" I said.

After 5 minutes of her fighting she gave up and I kissed her on the lips very softly but she slapped me really hard across the face and I slapped her back really hard that it made her cry and turned her cheek red. when I saw what I did.

I said very softly " I'm sorry (y/n), didn't mean to-"

(y/n) interrupted me "it's okay I guess but do me a favor?"

 my lidless eyes widen in shock "what is it?!"

she pushed me off of her while saying " get off of me"

 when I did, we looked at each other for a long that I kissed her bruised cheek and noticed she was asleep on the floor. so I picked her up and placed her on her bed and took Isaiah's limply body to the bloodstained couch before I left. But before I left, I left a note for (y/n) to read when she wakes up. be continued..............

Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina
Your P.O.V

You woke up and find your room filled with every police man and woman you know in there.

"D-Dad?" you said which made everyone gasp and look at you besides your dad that just ran up to you and hugged you really tight.

 "(y/n), I'm so sorry I left you home and wasn't there when the killer came kiddo" your dad said crying on your shoulder. you pat him on the back and hugged back. then you remember about Isaiah and you wanted to be sure that he's safe.

 "Dad, where's Isaiah?!" you said in a blink in an eye, he respond.

"He's in a hospital from his injuries last night but he'll be okay."

 "Can we go see him? I just want to see if he's okay dad." you said with a worried look on your face.he gave you a worried look as well but, he nodded and told every cop to get out your so you can change. You put a (f/c) shirt, black leather jacket, faded blue jeans, and a black hat that has (f/c) letters that says RECKLESS, and (f/c) vans. Right after you finished changing, your dad was waiting for you at the doors. But before you left, you saw a note that had your name on it. You picked it up and began reading but was shock who wrote it


I'm sorry for what happened last night. I'll see you tonight, so make sure your dad ain't home and your window unlocked.


Your head hurting you with questions that you wondering. But you shook it off cause your dad could ask you questions about anything that he wants to know. When driving your dad asked you why weren't you hurt but Isaiah was. You didn't answered. you had no way to respond. 

"Guess I was lucky." you said nervously.

Your dad just shook his laughing saying "(y/n)?

"Yeah dad?" you said curiously

" careful, ok (y/n)?" your dad said with a worried look.

you nodded and looked at the car window, wondering why does Jeff want you?

Jeff's P.O.V

I watched (y/n) leave her house with her dad. I want to know more about her. So, I couldn't wait no longer so I snuck in her room, again. I went through all her stuff and in my surprise, we have in lot in common. I found a picture of her and what looks like her mom when she was about 5 or 6. She looked all happy and seeing her smile in that picture made me feel sane again. Then I started to feel something in me. It was feeling I never felt before for a really long, but I don't what it is. So I shook it off and continued looking through her stuff. All I found were skateboards that said Alien workshop, drawings, and something called Young & Reckless. I stopped looking through her stuff when I heard knocking on the window and in my surprised, it was BEN. 'shit! how did he know I was here?' I stormed right to the window and opened it.


"I came to hang out with my bro, but he seems busy digging through some girl's room." BEN smirked

"Dude, I don't have time for you. So.......LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!" I yelled so his big head could hear.

"Fine, but tell me when you're done messing with this girl." BEN said, then he left.

I sighed and sat on (y/n)'s bed and waited for her to come back. 

Your P.O.V

You spend the rest of the day at the hospital, taking care of Isaiah. You were his assistance for today before you got tired and you had to go home. When you were on your driveway, you ran inside and told your dad bye before you left home, all alone. You were waiting for Jeff to come and say what he needs to say but you were knocked out instantly.

"Pssssst!" a voice said.

You groaned and went back to sleep.

"Pssssst!" a voice said again and this time, was shaking you to wake up.

You groaned one more time before the person was carrying you.

"What the?" you said, still sleepy.

"Hey, (y/n). Wake up!" the voice said.

Your eyes widen and saw Jeff carrying you. He just smiled and dropped you on your bed. You both stared at each other for a long time before you spoke to break the silence.

"What do you want Jeff?" you said, curiously.

"I wanted to ask you something really important." he said, looking serious.

"What is it?" you said worried.

"Come live with me (y/n)." he whispered in your ear.

"What?" you said surprised but Jeff carried you and ran out the house, with you in his arms.

"Where are we going?!" you said, really scared.

"To your new home (y/n)." he said with a grin on his face.

"WHAT?!" you said, really shocked but since you were still sleepy, you fell asleep in his arms. be continued.................

Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Your P.O.V

You saw Jeff ran up to you and you dodged his move and threw the knife at him. He caught it and threw it back at you. You caught it before it hit you and shot him with a arrow. It hit him on the leg and he took it out and ran up to you again. He hit you with a little cut on your shirt.

"This is my only Mos Wanted Crew shirt!" you said.

He smirked. "Did Isaiah give you that?"

You ran up to him and gave him a huge cut on his hoodie.

"This was my favorite hoodie!" he yelled.

"Did Jane gave you that?" you teased.

He growled and tackled you to the ground. He put the knife on your neck and you kicked him off of you. He fell back, got on top of him and put your knife on his neck. He smirked and puts his hands up for surrender.

"Told you I can handle myself." you said.

"I admit, but you need a little training with Slendy on sneaking and other things." Jeff said.

"Fine and can we go inside now. We been fighting for an hour." you said.

He nodded and you got off of him and gone inside.

Jeff's P.O.V

 I had to admit, (y/n) can fight and I mean fight. Last time I fought like that with a girl was when I almost killed Jane. And Jane was really but (y/n) is really tough. Now I know where she gets it from. I picked up the weapons on the ground and went inside to see (y/n) on the couch, watching Ridiculousness. She was laughing and smiling and that feeling in my heart again. I felt my heart and felt it beeping so loud. I shook it off and put the weapons in the hallway closet. I heard some yelling in Slendy's office and I went to check it out. I put my ear close to the door and heard Jane and Slendy yelling at each other. All they were talking about was about (y/n) staying here and the signs that she drew. At first, I wanted to rush in there and know why they are talking (y/n) about but ran downstairs when I heard footsteps coming to the door. I pretended that I didn't hear a thing when I saw an angry Jane and a confused Slendy.

"(Y/n), can you come to my office for a minute?" Slendy said.

She turned off the TV and went into Slendy's office. I followed her but she shooed me away. But a good thing that Slendy let me stayed to hear.

"(Y/n), did you ever noticed something weird about those signs?" Slendy asked.

"Y-Yeah....when I draw them, I draw this a tree sometimes." (Y/n) said.

"A tree?" I said.

She looked at me and nodded and back at Slendy.

"There has to be a connection between the signs and a tree." Slendy said.

"Yeah but what? What does a tree has to do with these signs?" I asked.

"I don't know but I need you and (Y/n) stay here with Sally when the rest of us go a killing time."

I sighed and nodded while (y/n) shrugged and went downstairs to watch a scary movie. I followed her and sat next to her and watched the movie with her while Sally fell asleep during the movie.

"(Y/n)?" I said.

She looked at me and paused the movie.

"Yeah.." she said.

"Do you miss your dad?" I said.

She looked away and saw a tear come out of here eyes.

"I don't want to talk about it.." she said.

I nodded and sit closer to her.

"Do you know why your started to draw these signs."

She shook her head "No...."

It was silence for a moment and she yawned and fell asleep on the couch. I sighed and put Sally to her room and put (Y/n) in my room. I watched her sleep until Slendy yelled my name. I went downstairs and he didn't sound happy at all.

"Yes?" I said.

"I found the connection between the signs and the tree." Slendy said.

My eyes widen "Really? What is it?" I said.

"It has to deal with the under realm and the portal which they disguised it as the tree (Y/n) drew." he said. be continued................... 

Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Your P.O.V

 You woke up as usually and got changed. You wore a black shirt that has (f/c) letters that says Cool story, Bro, skinny jeans, gray vans, and a (f/c) hat that says Young and Reckless. You went downstairs and ate breakfast and everyone was acting weird today like they were hiding a dead body. You shrugged it off and got your sketchbook and started to draw a tree. Jeff came and sat next to you and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

You blushed " Good Morning to you too." you said.

"Sorry" Jeff said yawning.

"It's okay but what's with everyone today?" you said, all confused.

Jeff froze for a minute and turned so you look eye-to-eye.

"What do you mean?" he said all innocent.

You frowned and gave a ' really?' look and shook your head. "Never mind"

Jeff shrugged his shoulders and watched you draw a tree.

"A tree?" He said all confused.

You nodded and went outside to finish the tree so you can get a better look.

Jeff's P.O.V

(Y/N) almost found out about tonight and I can't let her find out. I watched her out the window for a little bit until Slendy called me. I went to his office and entered.

"What?" I said.

"Are you ready for tonight?" Slendy asked.

"Yeah..." I sighed.

"What's wrong child?" he said.

"Nothing" I said, all innocent.

He shrugged his shoulder and told me to distract (y/n) for the rest of the day until night comes. I nodded and stayed by (y/n)'s side for the rest of day until the sun was going down. I told her that I was going to another killing spree and won't come back late. She believed me and I kissed her before I left for the night. Me, Slendy, and the rest of us, except for Jane and Sally, spread around the woods so we can take down the polices coming in. I saw (y/n)'s dad, telling the other polices to spread around and call if you find (y/n). I kept wondering about her and kept telling myself to not to kill him, but the rest. I sighed and took down 5 policemen while the others were trying to cornered the others except for (y/n)'s dad, who kept 3 cops with him. I watched him for a little bit before I started to attack the others.

Your P.O.V

you stayed in the living room, watching a movie with Sally. Then Jane came in with a drink in her hand and "accidentally" spilled it on you shirt.

"WHAT THE HELL, JANE?!" you yelled at her.

"whoops, sorry" Jane said all innocent.

you sighed and went to go change but stopped when Jane yelled something at you.

"What?" you said.

"I said you should change that shirt because its ugly just like you." she said smirking.

"What's your problem?!" you yelled.

"Nothing, just stay away from Jeff and there won't be a problem." she growled.

"Dude, that's it! I'm tired of you bullshitting me!" you shouted.

"What are going do? Hit me?" she said, teasing you.

You ran up to her and tackled her to the ground and punch her in the face.

"You bitch! You ruined my face, so I'll ruined yours." she said.

You fought for about 15 to 20 minutes before Jane passed out. She had a bleeding nose, black eye, and a bruised lips. All you had was scratched marks on your arms, messy hair, and a small cut on your cheek. Sally went to get some water for you and helped to the couch, while she dragged Jane's body to her room. Luckily, you had some strength in you to help Sally and Jane's room was downstairs. You went outside to get your sketchbook and Sally followed. You got your sketchbook and walked back until you heard a gunshot. It hit you in the arm and you screamed in pain. Sally tried to help you but you told her to run inside and you will catch up. She nodded and ran inside while you tried to get, but something told you that something wrong. You turned around to see who shot you and it was your dad's partner, Officer Diaz. You tried to get up again but Diaz shot you in the same arm. You screamed in pain again and heard footsteps coming to you until they stopped.

Jeff's P.O.V

I watched this cop for 5 minutes and took him down. Then, I heard someone screaming in pain, it was delight to hear but that scream sounds familiar. Then, there was scream again and instantly I knew who screaming, (y/n). I ran until I reached the manor and a cop was aiming his gun, right on (y/n)'s head. I ran up to him and tackled him down. He tried to shoot me, but I slashed his throat with one clean shot. I got off of him and ran up to (y/n). I had in my arms while tears went down her face.  I cupped her cheek with my bloody hand and kissed her lightly on the forehead. She smiled faintly and went unconscious in my arms. I carried her to the manor and stopped when a bullet went straight passed me. I turned around quickly and saw (y/n)'s dad, aiming the gun at me.

"Put her down and keep you hands where I can see them!" he yelled.

I ignored him and kept walking to the manor.

"Boy! Put the girl down or I will shoot you!" he said until the bullet hit my arm.

 I stopped and turned to face him and put (y/n) carefully on the ground and threw a knife at his arm. He screamed in pain and shot me in the right leg and I hit the ground. I got up quickly while he pulled the knife out of his arm and broke it half. I smirked at him and started laughing like a lunatic.

"You think I'm going to give that fast, no way in hell!" I yelled while I ran up to him with another knife in my hand. be continued...............

Jeff The Killer: Sweet dreams are made of screams by Anyerina

Your P.O.V

You woke up and find everyone in there, except for Jeff, looking at you with a surprised look in their face. You gave them a look and tried to get up but Eyeless Jack wouldn't let you.

"You can't get up right now (y/n). Not until you're healed." Jack said.

"What happened?" you asked, all confused.

"Um...........You were stabbed in the stomach and been out for a long time." he sad, scratching the back of his neck.

"How long?" you said, all worried.

"Three days (y/n)." he said.

You were shocked. You didn't what to say. You didn't believe what he was saying.

"T-T-Three days?!" You yelled.

He nodded and Sally went up to you to gives you a small present in her hand and you opened it to find a small teddy bear with your name on it.

"Thanks Sally and you didn't tell about Jane did you?" you said, all awkward.

"Jane told us (y/n)" BEN said, interrupting you.

"Oh....." you said putting your head down.

"And next time, let us know so we can videotape it." BEN said with a smirk .

You threw a pillow at him and he fell backwards. You laughed and told everyone to get out so you can change. They left the room and you changed into a (f/c) shirt that says U Mad, Bro?, grey young & reckless hoodie, faded blue shorts, black & (f/c) converse and a (f/c) beanie. Right after you changed, you got out the room and went to the living room and sat next to BEN to play Borderlands 2. You played for a little bit until you got hungry. You went to the kitchen, and ate a sandwich. Then, you came back to find Jeff, sitting in your spot. You stepped back and Jeff saw you and Jeff jumped off the couch.

"(Y/n)" Jeff said.

"J-Jeff....." you said taking another step back.

You didn't know what to say. What do you tell someone that almost killed you? He stepped closer and you just kept staring at him until he came up to you and hugged you. You didn't want to say anything but pat him on the back to let go of you. He did and puts his hands on your shoulders.

"(Y/n), I'm sorry for what happen. I lost control and I couldn't stop myself." he said.

"It's cool I guess. It wasn't the first time someone almost killed me." you said.

"Who was the first?" he said all suspicious.

"Jane" you said like you didn't care.

"Oh......well....I heard about the fight." he said smiling.

You sighed and sat next to BEN to finished the game and Jeff sat next to you.

"Can we talk about it?" he said.

"Not right now." you said.

"Fine but who really won cause Jane said she won but she has more damage than you." he sighed.

"Ask Sally, she saw the whole thing" you said.

He sighed and yelled Sally's name. She came in an instant with her teddy bear in her hand.

"Yes?" Sally said.

"Sally, who won between (y/n) and Jane?" Jeff asked.

You rolled your eyes and continued to play Borderlands 2.

"(Y/n).." she said.

He turned back to you and had a giant grin on his face. You looked at him and looked back on the TV to finish playing.

"I knew there was a monster in you, but you never showed it." he said.

"Shut up" you mumbled

He chuckled and watched you play for a little bit until Slendy called you and Jeff to his office. You went to Slendy's office with Jeff and entered. He looked faceless as usually but he sounded sad than serious.

"(Y/n), we need to talk about the incident." Slendy said.

"Look, I forgive him Jeff a little bit, but killing my dad will take more than a sorry."

"Its not about that (y/n).." Slendy said.

"Oh.... then what?" you said.

"Do you have any other relatives?" he asked.

"Yeah, my uncle Scott. Why?" you said.

"Well... since Jeff and Jane almost killed you, its too risky for you to get again and I need you to stay with your uncle." he said.

"What do you mean?" Jeff said.

"I'm saying that (y/n) needs to live with her uncle cause I don't think its a good idea for her to be here." Slendy said.

"What? So I have to leave and stay with my uncle." you said

"I'm sorry but I need you to so you won't get hurt. So, can you call him and let him know that you will come live with him please?" Slendy said.

"Sure.." you said.

"But she can't leave. Slendy please." Jeff said.

"I'm sorry but she can't stay here cause I don't know if I can trust you with her here."  Slendy said.

Jeff sighed and watched you for the last time until you leave to your uncle's house. You called your uncle and he sad that he will pick you up tonight. You hanged up and you looked at Jeff for a little bit before you went to go pack. He followed  and watched you pack.

"You can't leave (y/n)." Jeff said.

"I don't want to either but I have to." you said.

"Then I'll come visit everyday." he said.

You looked at him and sighed.

"Jeff...My uncle's house is out of the state and I can't let you do that." you said.

Jeff's  P.O.V

I can't let her leave and how can I live with myself when she does? She will be in a different state and it will be hard to come back and forwards every night between my killing time.

"But... how a I going to see you?" I said.

She turned to me and hugged me. I hugged back and started to play with her hair.

"Jeff, I know this will be hard, but I need to do this." she said letting me go and finished packing her things.

"But.... But (y/n)" I said, frowning but my forever smile wouldn't let me.

She looked at me one more time and told me goodbye. be continued...............