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Hello kitty is one of the most
popular character of the world.

Some people think this little cat is
but some
do love her since they were 5 years old.

For those who love Hello Kitty, enjoy!

Hello ring? by moOnxinhaThe hello kitty mirror by moOnxinha

Mature Content

hello hello by lithiumpicnic
:thumb28478388:S W E E T . K I T T Y by zardin-secret
Hello Kitty Cuddle. by ChelseaIsAPansyCouleurs Kitty. by vanes-bonheurHello Kitty by bottlefairy
Hello Kitty Collage III by DeadMoonDreams:thumb50351094::thumb51053987:
B y e . K i t t y by CarekillsKittyHello Puppy by CarekillsKitty
Sack Sticker Love by blushing:thumb53493562:The Queen Of The Hello Kitty by OrdinaryThing
._. by SterileMartin:thumb55586779:
:thumb52248989:I feel pretty by gunslingingeisha:thumb49685523:
:thumb46513242:Turning Japanese - part two by ryryterrifyhello kitty by Momoow
HEllo Kitty by Angelforu:thumb46761365::thumb38333718:



hello kitty, hello by theluckynine:thumb102896283::thumb73664345:
:thumb41745186:Hello kitty girl by My-First-DiaryHello Kitty by ShallowMe
Where Are You? by DarkMoon86Kitty by XSugarfreeXKitty In The City 6 by KittyInTheCity00
oh my cinnamoroll love by kawainessI LOVE TO EAT HELLO KITTY by OrdinaryThingI feel pretty by gunslingingeisha
:thumb72812004:._. by SterileMartinHellOoo-PenCiLs by CarekillsKittySitty Kitty by bexa
.Hang on. by l0llipoptartstrawberry hello kitty plush by kawainess:thumb104853633:
:thumb56335280:I could be happy. by RachBourne:thumb88187228:Hello Marshmallow by ieatSTARS
B y e . K i t t y by CarekillsKittyHello Kitty by junniewhateverHello Kitty cushion by KAROQuinnhello kitty is a monster by saint-isabela
:thumb105140514:Hello Kitty by belialchanKitty maho. by RachBourne
:thumb66726339::thumb103770099:Cam Whore by m0nyetDays without paracetamol. by RachBourne
Hello II by evil-yuffie- Sweet Kitty - by Narc0redhellokitty2 by lindacooperSanrio Plushies by blushing
Strawberry Kitty by zardin-secret:thumb40749146::thumb103116925:
Hello Kitty by nizhascarhello kitty door by faeriedustmagichello kitty by lack-of-sanity:thumb64089916:
Hello Kitty by bottlefairyHello Kitty by janiformjulesHello, Kitty by pronouncedyouHello Panda by Co0lorBlind
:thumb49524470:kyaaa, my heart beats faster by Co0lorBlindKitty In The City 9 by KittyInTheCity00
H e l l o . P a n t s by CarekillsKittyHello Kitty by ChongoreGorges

Mature Content

50 minutes by thebodyofboys
Hello Kitty Secret. by ChelseaIsAPansy
Bubble gum. by kj2rtLoving since 1982 by builttospilllove:thumb103742707::thumb65438246:
Winter Wonderland by kalos-eidos-skopeinCute things. by RachBourneHello Kitty's Kiss by OrdinaryThing
:thumb103277498:S W E E T . K I T T Y by zardin-secretFriendship by oastraeoLumP $uGar. by m0nyet
hirrow kitty tea party by zombanieHello Kitty Bandaids by suzinxlyn:thumb76752507:H E L L O . K I T T Y ' S by OrdinaryThing
:thumb102896427:Holla Kitty by ksykat:thumb104277763:
hi, hello kitty by aloha-havai:thumb105871659:Let's Play Dress-up by blushing
hello kitty rody by daybeeDES ROMANCES NERVEUSES. by pinkpopskyHello kitty love by XLindaA pirate's life for me by CarekillsKitty
Act One, Scene One by SetenikaKitty's Best Friend. by vivienLKelly Watch The Stars by CarekillsKittyCouleurs Kitty. by vanes-bonheur
My Japan by Sunflake5:thumb103314125:hello kitty biscuit by dory1506
HK with Cinnamoroll by DarkXmu by I-heart-HelloKittyHello Candy by m0nyetHello Pez by astrazeneca
Ask me who I am. by RachBourne:thumb83270546:Bye bye kitty by ideeaEat Kitty. by RachBourne
Hello kitty by pilotZ3rokitty Oh hello by zardin-secrethello kitty by uydurukcu
say hello by llnanoollCooking by daybeehello kitty. YUMMY. by myloan
goodbye my friend by saint-isabela:thumb46207178:Hello Hello Kitty by OrdinaryThing
Hello Kitty is sexy - no by br0nxxxhello kitty? by WoodooBabaHi, K I T T Y by OrdinaryThing
cinamoroll 2 by vaaaaainikitty's Doll's House I by angelinthedark1kitty is mine by KredkowaHello Kitty Meets Nature. by vivienL

I just love hello kitty and im featuring the amazing deviants who have helped spread the hello kitty word with their catchy photographs.

Hello Kitty Meets Nature. by vivienLHello Kitty by 44EatCat. Hello Kitty by DarkMoon86Couleurs Kitty. by vanes-bonheur
Hello by evil-yuffie:thumb62801282:hellO kitty + margheritina by SweetShadingHello Kitty. by vanes-bonheur
:thumb58596649::thumb57403801:hello kitty rody by daybeeHello Kitty Collage III by DeadMoonDreams
Hello Kitty by bottlefairyHello Kitty by ChongoreGorgesHello Kitty by squishehello, kitty. by lidush
hello kitty stuff by stylOmaylOprinCesS:thumb50846201::thumb40749146:i ate hello kitty by vampireBREATH
Hello Kitty by Yumpop82:thumb62980564::thumb55503599:Kitty Cup by ElePetitePeste
Hello Kelly by FataCorvina:thumb48111195:Hello, Kitty. by DahliaMatsumotohello kitty, hello candy by dollpose
She will lose one eye by moOnxinhaHello Kitty by janiformjulesHello Kitty by junniewhatever

my FAVORITE hello kitty photographer- CarekillsKitty:iconcarekillskitty:
A pirate's life for me by CarekillsKittyH e l l o . P a n t s by CarekillsKitty

and some self-promotion- :iconmost-memorable:

and my meli-poo- meliciousxintent :iconmeliciousxintent:
Jewelry girl by meliciousxintentMy COOLEST Friend by meliciousxintent

:kitty:Hello Kitty:kitty:

make this a huge success
thank you.
i hope that you enjoy this


:thumb58650071: :thumb45054965:
Hello Kitty Fan by loucerise Hello-Kitty stamp by RikkuRenee
Stamp : Love Kitty D: by Zainele Sparkle-Kitter by bitchinvixen Helloooo by bitchinvixen


:thumb50516080: Hello Kitties Exploring by fakecandy kitties by finska-idiotka

Mature Content

hello hello by lithiumpicnic
:thumb50846201: Hello Kitty Cuddle. by ChelseaIsAPansy Hello Kitty Love. by PlastikStars
Hello kitty girl by My-First-Diary :thumb50359644: Hello Kitty's Kiss by OrdinaryThing
Hello Kitty by ChongoreGorges :thumb57403801: Hello II by evil-yuffie Hello Kitty by janiformjules
HELLO KITTY ADDICTED by OrdinaryThing Hello, Kitty. by DahliaMatsumoto hello kitty by MelodyOfLeeLoo
Couleurs Kitty. by vanes-bonheur I'M HELLO KITTY PRINCESS by OrdinaryThing :thumb48111195: :thumb61187943:
Kelly Watch The Stars by CarekillsKitty :thumb50351094: Hello kitty by LinaSkerden :thumb48653197:
strawberry hello kitty plush by kawainess hello kitty by wordssoclear hello kitty. YUMMY. by myloan
Hello Kitty Music Player by PlastikHeart393 :thumb55921222: Hello Kitty Nerilka 19 by ranmanekineko Hello Kitty Charmed by surfin-roxy196
.CHACHOU KITTY. by x-dr3ams-b0x :thumb31859971: Hello.. colors? by moOnxinha
hello kitty stuff by stylOmaylOprinCesS :thumb57403716: :thumb56373619: Hello Umbrella by ChelseaIsAPansy
:thumb58556549: hello kitty 2 by lack-of-sanity hello kitty by lack-of-sanity Ribbons by oastraeo
Hello Kitty by EATxME :thumb53210172: :thumb64208112:
:thumb40717981: :thumb53493562: Kitty's Best Friend. by vivienL :thumb51053987:
jasiek hk by too-emotional hello, emo kitty by fixmein-45 :thumb59099633:
:thumb60340033: The hello kitty mirror by moOnxinha hello kitty by Momoow hello, kitty. by lidush
Sitty Kitty by bexa Kitty Sweety by I-heart-HelloKitty A pirate's life for me by CarekillsKitty


Crazy Kitty by nizmoe  :thumb22263284:  
Kitty by macurris  hello ... kitty by evilbeckuh  Sanrio Pixel 3 by ohsnapitssuz
Sanrio Pixel 4 by ohsnapitssuz  QBee Patch 1 by ohsnapitssuz  Dangerous Meets Hello Kitty by KPChan

for more HELLO KITTY click on these links.……

thank you once again
please :+favlove: is possible.

:thumb40749146: hello, emo kitty by fixmein-45 :thumb38779171:
Kitty, kitty.. by hoschie hello kitty rody by daybee Hello Kitty by bottlefairy
Hello Hello Kitty by OrdinaryThing hello kitty. YUMMY. by myloan Hello Kitty by Juless
Hello Kitty Meets Nature. by vivienL hello kitty door by faeriedustmagic Hello Bee Kitty by AppleBruises
:thumb49524470: Hello Kitty by belialchan :thumb76816739:
:thumb65438246: hello kitty? by WoodooBaba :thumb66726339:
helly kitty - goodbye kitty by suchinpak Hello kitty umbrella by fallenfaith06 :thumb78409791:
Hello Kitty cushion by KAROQuinn Candy Bar Killer by ShallowMe Monkey Star by TakeRomeo
:thumb76598324: taza by Blurrcookie

..she loves HK...

Hello kitty girl by My-First-Diary Hello Kitty Love. by PlastikStars :thumb74455130:
Hello Kitty Cuddle. by ChelseaIsAPansy hello, kitty. by lidush Hello Kelly by FataCorvina
:thumb50537504: Hello Kitty Girl by KAROQuinn :thumb77707507:
ahhhh...hello kitty by CrEaTiVE-BeAuTy Sugar and Spice DIY Photoset 2 by SugarAndSpiceDIY Hello Kitty. by Spazzcat
We are all familiar with Hello Kitty, who is best known as a white cat with a large head, small button eyes and nose, but no mouth.
Hello Vector Kitty by Pickled-witch :thumb100332883: :thumb57788193: :thumb65438246: Hello Hello Kitty by OrdinaryThing :thumb49524470: hK sanrio cooking sanrio by creamiicandy  Hello Kitty. by assica

She is said to be five apples tall and the weight of three apples.
Hello, Kitty by pronouncedyou Hello Kitty by ChongoreGorges hello kitty heart cloud by kawainess Hello Kitty by squisheHello Kitty by Yumpop82 hello kitty. by cupavko I LOVE TO EAT HELLO KITTY by OrdinaryThing

The first Hello Kitty item was a vinyl coin purse sold in Tokyo, according to Sanrio Inc.'s U.S. marketing director Bill Hensley. Today, hello kitty items range from cups, dolls, stickers and greeting cards to clothes, accessories, school supplies, dishes, tattoos and home appliances.
Bye bye kitty by ideea Hello Kitty by ideea i ate hello kitty by vampireBREATH hi, hello kitty by aloha-havai hello-kitty by uae-click Hello Kitty. by shiyagatte hellokitty keychain by dory1506 hello kitty biscuit by dory1506

Hello Kitty parents, GeorgeWhite and Mary White, gave Hello KItty her pet cat Charmmy Kitty, and a pet hamster, Sugar.  
Sanrio Plushies by blushing :thumb68960476:  Sugarbunny. by deconstructedstars :thumb66926451: :thumb64113244: Hello Marshmallow by ieatSTARS

Hello Kitty is friends with fellow Sanrio characters such as Cinnamoroll, Chococat, Badtz Maru.
Cinnamoroll Stamp by MoogleGurl :thumb66156681: Chibimaru stamp by kiryoku
Deery-Lou CSS Journal by candysores :thumb76463745: Hello Kitty Beach CSS Journal by candysores Little Twin Stars Font by SewDesuNeSanrio kitty by celestiqueJailed Bunny by corbeaunoir  Nyago: Sanrio Auction by KudohMiyuki  Hello Kitty by ChongoreGorges

love, a fellow sanrio lover <3
my website:
She just has to be the cuttest Character Ever...<3

but what happens when hello kitty stops being the girly fetish?
The following Deviations show a non-oh-so-girly kitty:)

Linoleum Knife. by PlastikStars
say hello by llnanooll
U turn my life upside down by xXxHimbeerchenxXx
Hello Kitty by MoshiMoshiMiyu
I have a gun... by XSugarfreeX
On Black. by Hell-okitty

I dont take this TOO seriously..Neither should u!
For all fan ^^

Hello Kitty ... by Dwaelen  HK... by Dwaelen  Hk by Dwaelen
Hello Kitty... by Dwaelen  Hello Kitty by Dwaelen  

Mature Content

hello hello by lithiumpicnic

hello, emo kitty by fixmein-45  :thumb40749146:  Kitty, kitty.. by hoschie
hello kitty rody by daybee  Kitty, kitty.. by hoschie  :thumb50846201:
hello kitty by Momoow  Hello Kitty by bottlefairy  Hello Kitty by Juless
:thumb72812004:  say hello by llnanooll  Hello Kitty by belialchan
Hello Kitty Meets Nature. by I-heart-HelloKitty  :thumb65438246:  hello kitty. YUMMY. by myloan

Beadwork feature - Hello Kitty

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 1:16 AM


Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty bracelet
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Santa
Hello Kitty
Step by step guide in Russian
Step-by-step photos with instructions in English
Diagrams with English instructions
Brick stitch earrings
The bicone version with English instructions


Hello Kitty Beadkini 2 by 2Cent hello kitty kandy kuff by A7XPenguin Bags by abtc89 :thumb270043544: Hello Kitty-Chococat bead cuff by Angel-Starr Beady Kitty charm by AngelSan1 :thumb260168939: Hello Kitty Kandi Cuff by BoldKreations Hello Kitty Nerd / Hipster Keychain by CarrieBea Hello Kitty earrings by Cayca Hello kitty peyote stitch by CompulsiveColorer Hello Kitty Charm by craftersdelights Hello Kitty Bracelet by crazygirl47 Hello Kitty by FoxMcCloud1986 Hello Kitty Beads by GiftedChild777 Crystal necklace 'Hello Kitty' by GrimhildeJewelry hello kitty kandi gas mask by halodiablo Big Hello Kitty Keychain by hikariwosagashite Hello Kitty made of beads by Jalaila Got Zombie? by KandieWolfeh Hello Kitty by Koneko128 Hello kitty lady by lightspeedgirl :thumb288954019: Hello Kitty ~Tuxedo by LvlyBMC beadwork hello kitty by Marin109231 Hello Kitty Kandi cuff by mewberrylol Hello Kitty Earrings by Miyu-samaCCS Hello Kitty by navona11000 Beaded Hello Kitty by near-chuu Kitty Ring by Nightstormandme Hello Kitty phone charm by PassionForBeads Swarovski crystal Fantasy kitty face doll with bow by pinkbeadshop Hello Kitty Face 3DBead Charm by pinkythepink Hello Kitty by plovious hello kitty loom beaded bracelet by Pokekid6 3D Hello Kitty Keychain by RainbowKidShop :thumb288622655: Hello Kitty Necklace by robinsbaby Hello Kitty Multi by SharahBeara Kimono Hello Kitty by Stardust-pop Zombie Hello Kitty Cuff by SuperFlee :thumb263678364: Hello Kitty Kandi Necklace by ToXsick-Hair Hello Kitty by TrinaElaine hello kitty swarovski necklace by u5aGi Hello Kitty by Umeix Hello Kitty Crystal Patch by vivee Hello Kitty Kandi Bikini by Wolffy5683 Deadmau5 Hello Kitty Peyote Stitch by xDrownedShadowsAtSea Hello Kitty Bracelett by xXAnnieLollipopXx HELLO KITTY GLOOMY BEAR KANDI by ZombieEatFlesh

Past features

Loom work Square stitch Ladder stitch Brick stitch Peyote stitch Tubular Peyote stitch Herringbone stitch Right angle weave Netting Tubular netting Spiral stitch Daisy chain St. Petersburg chain Saraguro African helix Non-jewellery objects Bead embroidery Bead crochet Knitting with beads Beading around a cabochon Beaded flowers Spring Handflowers and gloves Chokers Collars Lariat necklaces Bib Necklaces Amulet bags Hair ornaments Earrings Rings 1 Rings 2 Bangles Embroidered cuffs Beadwoven cuffs Brooches and pins Wire trees Pendants Bugle beads projects Keyrings and phone charms Foot jewelry Jewelry sets Freeform stitching Beaded tapestries Beaded dragons Rainbows Fringes, picots and tassels Bead soup Rainy, stormy skies Berries Sweets and candies Halloween Rock and Roll All Nite Beaded spiders Beaded beads Geometry and science Stars Christmas Christmas ornaments Winter Snowflakes Walk like an Egyptian Peacock Black & White Light my Fire Tresures of the Orient Love is all around me Beaded animals Cross Touched by the Hand of Midas Pokemon St. Patrick's Day Spring in my garden Flowery beadweavings Easter Beadwoven butterflies Beaded butterflies Bookmarks Bridal jewelry Shaped flowers Paisley and teardrops Cats Beaded insects Beaded box Leaves and vines Walking on sunshine Summer Games

journal skin by sempiternia
I LOVE TO EAT HELLO KITTY by OrdinaryThing :thumb102896283: xD by RachBourne
Kelly Watch The Stars by CarekillsKitty hello kitty, hello by theluckynine Be Kitty. by RachBourne
Days without paracetamol. by RachBourne Eat Kitty. by RachBourne oh my cinnamoroll love by kawainess
:thumb53493562: A pirate's life for me by CarekillsKitty H e l l o . P a n t s by CarekillsKitty
HellOoo-PenCiLs by CarekillsKitty Cam Whore by m0nyet Cute things. by RachBourne
Sweet HK by RachBourne Anything but single. by RachBourne :thumb51053987:
:thumb44585458: Devil in a hello kitty shirt. by PlastikStars Hello Kitty by junniewhatever
goodbye my friend by saint-isabela Bye bye kitty by ideea :thumb102896427:
:thumb107878698: Tales by lovedarkworld Hello Kitty by ideea
:thumb67760788: Hola Gato by meliciousxintent :thumb88187228: