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Harry Potter, Models & Tattoos

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 16, 2011, 10:50 PM

So, I have to start off with this: My childhood is officially over. :tears:
Disney is done making their original films. The last Winnie The Pooh Movie came out. The last Harry Potter came out, (breaking the record for the most money made on an opening night, by the way. That's more than Twilight's: New Moon & The Dark Night! Ha!)
(Bite me! :B)

Anyways, all of that and I turn 20 this year. My childhood is over. :unimpressed:

Anyways I must share an artist with you. He cosplays as Professor Snape & Willi from Star Trek. I came across is profile last night & he's a pretty wicked painter, so you should all go check him out. Thanks.


^Now that is what we call epic. :B
His works:
Halloween by WilliamSnapeAny night behind Hogwarts by WilliamSnapeChristmas Eve by WilliamSnape

^You should go check him out. :nod:

So, I was suppose to work with Brit today, but she's sick so that didn't get to happen. We are rescheduling though. :meow: Tomorrow I hope to be working with TMarieWinters (finally) I do hope that it works out. I also have another 6 shoots in the works, including one (a year from now) with Trailer-Darling! Go me. :B

I also thought I'd share that I'm working on the tattoo design that will be the one that completely drains my bank account. It will count as a "quarter sleeve" as it's to take up the entire upper part of my left arm. It will be a phoenix, modeling a little bit after the one seen in Harry Potter, but with much more color & detail. There is no telling when that design will be finished, but I can you now, I won't have any money to my name once it's finished. :XD:

Oh, there's a new shot of Miss-MischiefX up. You should go take a peek. :meow:

Now onto features.

Anya by Krapivka2007 Pawn by IMustBeDead Marianne by charleshildreth
:thumb140226900: :thumb234066518:
FIORI by EmilySoto 10:10 AM by borntoamaze Rose by AP1708


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So basiclly I've been thinking about getting a harry potter tatto one day.
I already think about the Protege moi de mes desirs one, I love the song and it's so meaningful to me, but harry potter was a part of me ever since... so, what could it be?? not the deathly hollow's symbol... I want something else... what could it be?
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I want one
so freaking bad
but of what, im not exactly sure yet.
one of my favorite quotes is too long. and the others are unoriginal.. help?
something simple please.
preferably small.
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Well I've been thinking about getting a Harry Potter tattoo, but can't completely make up my mind of what to get... I thought about a Deathly Hallows symbol and also really want to get a dark mark, but a lot of people have dark marks so I'm not sure....

Any ideas???
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Well, it's going to be nerdy like whoa, but I've set my heart on getting a Harry Potter tattoo. Why, you may ask?

I was eleven when I first read Harry Potter and it literally saved my life. I was suicidal when I was younger and JKR had a world I could escape to. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were my only friends when I was very alone. Over the years, I have been able to grow up with a sense of having other "people" I could relate to and let's be real, it's a bitchin' story!

Book 7 came out a month after my 19th birthday, essentially bringing my childhood to a close in the best way possible. It had been a security blanket and after holding my hand for almost ten years, I was finally able to let go as an adult.

Like, right now I'm all teary-eyed and shit. I know that there are a lot of fans who can relate to the closeness.

I'm seriously considering the Dark Mark with the quote "potions wear off, spells can be broken, but the dark mark is forever," possibly in Latin and I want to get those crazy stars from the chapter heading and a small sunflower with the deathly hallows symbol in the center for Luna, not my fav character, but someone I've come to love dearly. I could relate to her "not being one of the cool kids" and I admire her view of life. That scene with her bedroom ceiling painted with all her homies faces? Had me bawling like a bitch. Those would be placed behind my left ear, the sunflower at the very top.

I know that the Dark Mark is an equivalent to the swastika, but it has so much meaning of being bound to a set of beliefs, like Snape and the Malfoys were, unable to escape foolish decisions, but in the end fighting for what was right and rising above. (I just want to point out that I'm not saying I'm a racist! It has to do with my hatred for certain people in my life and being bound to my hatred for them.)
the last soundhaus show and stage invading and smoking in the wrong places is what i talked about yesterday in my job interview at two seasons.
I personally felt it went pretty well despite me not being able to shut up and not being able to give an example of my best retail adventure experience. i just rambled on about how i mastered frothing milk finally. Oh, and how I've been asked to go back today at 2:30 for a trial.

My brother went to university today and he was all moody because mum said he'd have to get a job.
I totally rolled about in his room after he left for awhile. it'd make a good band practice room if i really had a band. I don't know. everyone lives in town in our band i live in a village. I am awkward!

Seeing as i'm going up to see Rob on thursday I think I might get to open my birthday presents on wednesday evening when everyones home. yay early birthday!
I think i'm cursed not to see Dorian Gray because every time i attempt something goes horribly wrong and i get no movie time.

I need to make a portfolio and say goodbye to sleeping.
i made my crunchy clusters cereal into a soup by squishing it repeatdly.
last night i had a dream and Rob, Ferraru and Sticky Vicky were in it.
They all were hanging out with me and I kept getting my days all muddled and then everyone didn't bother getting the train so when I went downstairs to watch cartoons everyone was lying about in my living room being depressed because they didn't have any clean clothes. But I came to the rescue! because i have so many dumb don't fit me teeshirts, and everyone was clothed, and happy, and we played wii!

tl;dr i want a new dress. where the fuck are all the good dresses. i want to buy them.
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Harry Potter video is up. Thanks to Darcy for allowing us to film her and to Resyn Video Productions for another hell of a job. :-)

Click the link below to see the video!!!!!…

Thanks for looking.

Today Tori and I had lunch with my dad. After lunch we went to Gus's tattoo studio and put a down payment on my tattoo. I'll post pictures of the outline, and then in a couple of weeks after I get the color I'll post pictures of that, too. Oh, I'm sorry I'm sorry--artistic photographs. ;). Afterwards, me and Tori and Alex filmed some scenes of Hogwarts.

P.S. I'm going to Disney World!!!

the end.
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