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Glitter Gel ponies: reference.

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 4, 2014, 11:29 PM
This is my new semi-open species. They are a type of pony called Glitter gel ponies. The image is just reference to what they look like, not an OC or anything. I will now explain them. (If you would like to create one, note me.)

RULES: 1. Pegasai and Unicorns exclusively seep glitter ink from their horn or wings respectively.
2. Mane and body outlines are lighter than the color inside.
3. Eyelash colors are unnatural colors right along with the pupil.
4. Manes almost always include a section that is translucent/glittery.
5. Wings and horns fade from transparent/glittery to the color of the body.
6. Add as much glitter to your pony as you want, I don't even care.
7. All natural body fluids consist of glitter gel. (Blood, vomit, tears, etc.)
8. If you want to do breedable between two GGPs, then you must pay me 5 points per set of breedables. You will only get to keep 1 foal as a result of the breedable.  (you must pay me 7 points per set of breedables if you are breeding a GGP with a non-GGP.)
9. You can Glitter Gel-ify your existing OC/'s if you'd like, but all of the rules still apply.

1. When you breed a Glitter Gel pony with any normal pony (Pegasai, Unicorns, and Earth ponies) you will always get Glitter Gel pony foals due to how dominant the Glitter Gel gene is.
2. Yet again, you must pay me 5 points per set of breedable, 7 points if it is with a non-GGP.
3. When breeding a GGP with a non-GGP other than regular ponies (Deer ponies, tailmouth ponies, alicorns, crystal ponies, original MLP species...) you will sometimes end up with GGP foals. Sometimes you will you get a mixture of the GGP and the one he/she bred with.
4. The maximum amount of breedable foals per batch is 10.
5. I must be credited for any mix of GGP and any species. (for example:  A mix of deer pony and GGP, I must still be credited)

Levels:  COMMON (common traits, available to use for everyone)-
*Unicorn, pegasai, and earth ponies.
*Seeps glitter gel from horn/wings respectively.
*Transparent sections of hair.
*Regular cutie mark.
*Unnaturally colored eyelashes, and pupils.
*Pastel colors.
*Glittery/transparent gel filled hooves
            UNCOMMON (uncommon traits, only for use when given permission by specs117, may only have 4 uncommon GGP's maximum.)-
*Entirely transparent mane/tail.
*Sparkly cutie marks.
*Different eye colors.
*Multi-colored hoove/gel colors.
*Shaped glitter secks in hooves and mane/tail.
            RARE (rare traits, available only through adopts or customs made by me and a select few others.)
*Hooves that seep glitter gel.
*Cutie marks that trail down the leg.
*Lion type tails.
*Mane or tail that seeps glitter gel.
*Multicolored gel
*Tranlucent/glittery parts other than hooves and mane/tail
*Any un-glittery/translucent hooves

GGP GROUP: glitter-gel-ponies.deviantart.…
(If you have any questions, feel free to note me.)

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Valentine's Day Art Exchange 2015

Mon Feb 2, 2015, 12:14 AM
The Valentine's Day Art Exchange is back! Break out the virtual glitter and cyber candy hearts, and create valentines for your fellow deviants to send to their special someones!. by demonyakumo


Break out the candy hearts and crafting paper, because the Valentine's Day Art Exchange is back! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, now's the time to create valentines for your fellow deviants to share with their special someones.

Take part and help spread the love!

Start now by creating a digital valentine to be submitted to the Valentine Exchange category. Then, from February 11th to 16th, deviations in the Valentine Exchange category can be sent as valentines to your friends and loved ones!

How It Works


Create Valentine-themed deviations and submit them to the Valentine Exchange category.


From February 11th to 16th, deviations submitted to the Valentine Exchange category will have a special "Send a Valentine" button!

Click the button, fill out the form, and send a valentine to a friend or someone you love. You can send valentines with your username attached, or you can send them anonymously!

Share the love!

Your friends will receive the deviation you send, along with your Valentine message, in their Notes!

Heart-filled Hints

  • Deviations submitted to the Valentine's Exchange category will be available for everyone to send. Avoid including specifics on your deviations - such as a deviant's username, real name, etc.
  • Fallen in love with one of your designs? It's okay! If you've included text suggesting it's for a lover, you can change the design to look as though it were to a friend or from a secret admirer, and then resubmit it.
  • You can submit as many deviations to the category as you want!
<da:widget wytiwyg="1" type="valentinedeviation" value="{'catpath': 'projects/holidays/2015/valentine', 'max_width': '400', 'max_height': '300' }">

love around the world

DeviantArt's World Map has been updated to include valentine deviations! Watch valentines as they fly across the world to meet their loved recipient.

Valentine's Day Art Exchange!

Sat Feb 1, 2014, 9:55 AM


The Valentine Exchange is back! We asked you to create Valentine-themed deviations and submit them to the Valentine Exchange category. Now, it’s time to send your love-filled deviations to your deviantART friends, family, and secret admirers! From February 12th to 19th, the “Send a Valentine” button has been activated on deviation pages for deviations in the Valentine Exchange category, so you can send your custom creations and valentines made by others. Love is in the air!


Create Valentine-themed deviations and submit them to the Valentine Exchange category.

Example: Call the Police by Thiefoworld

Share the Love

From February 12th to 19th, a special "Send a Valentine" button will appear on deviation pages for deviations submitted to the Valentine Exchange category!

Send a valentine to a fellow deviant by clicking the button and filling out the form. You can send valentines with your username attached, or remain anonymous!

Feel the Love

Your friends will receive the deviations you send, along with your message, in their Notes!


Deviations you submit to the Valentine's Exchange category will be available for everyone to send, so you might want to avoid putting specifics on it - such as a deviant's username, real name, etc.

You can upload as many deviations to the category as you want.

Fallen in love with one of your designs? If you've included text suggesting it's for a lover, resubmit the design as if it were to a friend or from a secret admirer.


<da:widget wytiwyg="1" type="valentinedeviation" value="{'catpath': 'projects/holidays/2014/valentine', 'max_width': '230', 'max_height': '255' }">

The glitter effect (simply put) is the magic created by things that sparkle and shine. Here I try to give you a taste of the beauty found in things that glitter and gleam :floating:
[since I have an obsession for shiny objects...and all colors of the rainbow..]

<the following pictures don't necessarily contain glitter - though most do - but rather all possess its shimmery quality>

Whether it be in the starry skies
Or sentimental eyes of youth’s attraction (or distraction)
To a wildly wonderful world
We enter and embrace the glitter and delight
That awaits in sparkling sensation
(both sensual and serene)

Here we go…

drops of jupiter by laoris Glamour Dosage by mutatedpie Glitter and Cold by love2hatehate2me
Soft by Finvara Ice Rose by eyedesign Little Diamonds IV by Luxindark  
princess dreams by butterfly81 Glitter Lips by phoebeSKEPTIC :thumb73886095: Where is the love? by GreenWay999
Funk Phenomena by GreenWay999 Diamonds in the Sun by Lilyas Violet by cblue Shimmer by Sugargrl14
which direction by ninazdesign :thumb80239743:  :thumb83292149:  Glitter by TouchOfAutumn
Stars 2 by MissHayleyBeeEl Dorado by Shardae:thumb71597014: Glitters 3 by vivstock
fire in your eye s by ftourini:thumb83495369:I can see the stars... by kaboomachu:thumb75643564:
Safari by LilyasPromise me. by ExtravagancaHoney Dew by LilyasFreezing Glam by Ytzeek
:thumb55510597: Royal by kaboomachu - G l i t t e r - by AL-P90 :thumb79454457:
:thumb87466440: Glitter Light by littlemewhatever  :thumb72245395: dark and light by pussycat-pussycat
Cherry lips by ftourini  the everlasting gaze by laoris  :thumb52266347: Velvet Touch by Lilyas
Never Ending Thirst - Green by littlemewhatever Winter Fire by littlemewhateverSpring fever. by ClaraMcGuirePhoto Glamour 2 - v.2 by sarahx
::SHINY:: 3 by onixa  ::SHINY:: by onixa 88 by Maagdalenka candy season by s0phistrious
Sparkles by Aiae :thumb81189970: Silent Night by mnoo Sparkles.. by Aurelie91
Little Fish by SeaFairy Glitter by Sugargrl14 Daydreaming by anna-earwenWhat is life.. by Aurelie91
:thumb45723635: Kisses in the Moonlight by Lilyas Pink Shadow by littlemewhateverWinter Vision by littlemewhatever
:thumb78026868:Shimmer by girltripped Glittery Ball III by ninazdesign
Dewdrops by kaboomachu :thumb69206654:I saw the sea... by Pinkmango77
confetti by xMissTake Charm Offensive by RockstarVanity Happy New Year by ninazdesign  Streams by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me
Shiny Disco Balls by Finvara consume by karae Sparkles by MindStep
Glitter Mirror by RockstarVanity  visionary by karae:thumb52594949:
the one by werol The Pleiades in Taurus by octane2 :thumb74209999:

<fyi, it is soooo surprising how few glitter pictures I could find on devart! I was rather disappointed...but I think those chosen here are so beautiful>

Selecting Winner...CLOSED: PM GIVEAWAY!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 10, 2012, 4:20 PM
Holy crap, ANOTHER giveaway!?

Thanks to donations and commissions, I have enough points for a bigger giveaway!

EDIT: Winner will be chosen today, so keep an eye out! (on a new journal!)

EDIT Deadline changed.

EDIT If you win, you CAN decide to gift your prize to another deviant.

(Donators will be featured here)


Make sure to go watch and llama these people! :heart:


Yeah, I'm feeling super generous, so I'm giving away a 1-month PM OR 396:points:
The winner will choose whether they'd prefer :points: or a Premium Membership.

The lucky winner will be chosen by generator.


Deadline:  August 16th, 2012.


How Do I Enter?

1. :+devwatch: me.

2. Fave this journal. Or else you won't be participating in this giveaway.

3. Write about this giveaway in a journal/poll/signature.

4. Link me back to it here with a short reason WHY you want the Premium or the 396:points:. If it's for another person, tell me why you think they deserve it.

(*) Llamas are definitely appreciated but not required. C:

It's that simple.

Now good luck to all! C:


Other Giveaways:

800:points: Giveaway:
1,000:points: Giveaway:

CSS made by nikkittie
I never promised a rose garden by sarahlouisejohnsonBarbie by Amanda-DiazRunaway by Gerry-And-Me:thumb213973649:
the girl by ZaratopsLight and Spring. by DafoeofLeninoctopussy by inge1902:thumb167076168:
:thumb208220636:gracefull period IV by robinpika2011-053 by rainrisWatercolor by HannahHavoc
:thumb210243424:Rabbit Heart 3 by iomaSatyFairy by AnitaSadowskaI'll go where the wild roses by TheNightSheDied
Gold Crown by lessysebastianCumulus.. by jonjacobsenFire serpent by WywiurKar Ruyasinda - Yagar... by sakiryildirim

57921 by aleksandra88:thumb209111109:Gallows by fiixx
Nadezhda_2 by alexkatana95 by MecuroBCottoLove and Hope. .. by light-from-Emirates
l'eclisse by nylonjuvenileCry me red roses by bittersweetvenomEntwine by Dagwanoenyent
Planetary by Kameolynnpainted summer by multicarycaInspired By Sound by CainPascoe
Sulfur II by MarcelaBolivar987312 by aleksandra88Something about you... by addy-ack
find neverland by JuliaDunin:thumb192151625:
the rest is history by heyydaydreamerClub 26 by Vint26Fly away. by me3009

Mature Content

Ennui by ulorinvex
Summer by WWWestdementia. by Senju-HiMe
73 by NKYCShe and Her by widjitaCulr by bigred-doogster
img0334 by tigereluneSpalam sie. by Lukreszja:thumb211939755:
Diamonds and Glitter by littlemewhateverSakura by MarhiaoHippie heart. by Lukreszja
A wish, a dream II by LuthiaeEnchanted Dreams by Amanda-Diazforest will take you in by TheNightSheDied
Little sunshine by bluetopaz8Tokyo Nights by Laura-Ferreira:thumb208354514:
The path to heaven by Lady-ToriLight-hearted and happy. by Lukreszjaautumn kiss by blooding

CLOSED: I'm having a 100 Point Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 30, 2012, 6:13 AM

100:points: GIVEAWAY!

Computer is freezing up so I can't do it live, but I will provide screenshot of the first place winner.

2nd Place Prize goes to #120 which was :iconsunshineshowersx: (I did this one live before my computer froze) There were 172, and she was #120. Someone unfaved this, so now she's #119, but that's pretty unfair of whoever unfaved this. Her prize is 20:points:!

and finally.......................

1st place goes to ........

which is :iconcharming--primrose:


Ending my giveaway now at 6:45PM EST. Drawing winners here at LIVE. Come watch! Also will provide screenshots of the winners!

(Next Giveaway = Premium Membership!) Keep your eye out for it x)

EDIT: Deadline changed to AUGUST 9th

EDIT: Woww woke up this morning and saw this is on the front journal portal page and has over 100 faves :la: And I now have over 350 Watchers! :dummy:  Thanks to donations, I will be adding a 2nd place prize of 20:points:!

I actually want to feature all the generous donators here:

1st EDIT:Over 50 people have joined! When we reach 100, I'll add 2nd place prize! :dummy:


To celebrate 274(and counting!) watchers, I'm going to hold a giveaway!

If I don't get at least 50 contestants, the Giveaway will be cancelled. If a lot of people enter, I will add more prizes! :dummy:

If you would like to help out with future (and current) raffles, you may donate points(even just one:points:), but that is NOT a requirement. Nor will it help your chances of winning. But without any donations, there won't be any more raffles/giveaways of points or premium memberships.

Contestants will be assigned a number when they fave this journal and the winner will be randomly chosen using! And to prove it, I'll post a snapshot of it.


Deadline: August 18th August 10th


How to Enter

1. :+fav: this journal. (So I can pick the lucky person) x)

2. :+devwatch: me. (So you can be notified of any changes.)

3. Make a journal or poll advertising my contest! (Without many people the contest won't have great prizes and winners!)
Copy and paste this into your journal:
AlyMicki is hosting a 100:points: Giveaway! Click here for more info:

4. Give me a Llama :D (I'll try to return the favor)

*I will be checking if you followed all the rules! *



:bulletred: :bulletred::star: 100 :points: for the main winner! :star::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletred::bulletred: 2nd Prize(when 100 people join) = 20:points::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletred::bulletred: 3rd Prize(when 200 people join) = (N/A) Not enough people ! :bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletred::bulletred: 4th Prize(when 300 people join) = (N/A) Not enough people ! :bulletred::bulletred:


Other Giveaways/Raffles

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1232:points: Giveaway:
100:points: Giveaway:
400:points: & Art Giveaway:
Premium/396:points:/Feature Giveaway:
100:points: Giveaway:
Icon Raffle:
50:points: Giveaway:
50:points: Raffle:
140:points: & Chibi Raffle:
120:points: Giveaway:
150:points: and Art Giveaway:
Necklace Giveaway:
100:points: Raffle:
1/7 Pixel Icon Raffle:

Glitter in L.A.

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 26, 2013, 7:17 PM
Players Beach by PeteLathamDown on the Beach by carlostheBethells Beach by BenCrowlePhotography
crash. by ShortAxelAnother Saturday Night on the Oregon Coast II by sivousplayLooking Back 2 by idefylogicStorm off the Coast by Enkased

Glitter in L.A.

By BloodshotInk

Folded into a cave no bigger than his body, Jared admired the Leo Carrillo and tried to absorb it. He gazed at the ocean and swallowed the thirsty ache for it's freedom, and rubbed the sand off his hands absentmindedly. 

Solitude by Drake-UKSandy by NiapyTime - Travel Of The South by Trashins

He'd only been living in L.A. for a few months now, but this was quickly becoming his favourite place to be. He would sit and try to be inhaled by the beauty around him. If he focused hard enough then it didn't even hurt any more.

<da:thumb id="394472956"/>Dark Exploration by JewelsMarieSummer on the Coast by DiamondHoofbeats
Stock: Playing by BloodshotInkStormy Beach by kbrimsonBeach 01 by Ka-KindSunset over Bamburgh beach by lozzzy

The waves tumbled over themselves like adolescents as the maternal sea shepherded them away from the rocks time and time again. He took out a takeaway menu from his pocket and wrote down the thought for later. It might be useful.

Second Beach Sunrise by Nate-ZemanLa Digue Rocks by mibreitSurin Beach - Phuket by hessbeck-fotografix

He could hear people laughing, and it was a comfort. He could smell crab being cooked at the beach bar a way down the beach and it tempted him (again), but he managed to resist. They weren't what he had come here for.

the sea meets the sand... by FelanUkMorning calm by ivancoricSand by Trolls-and-Oboes
<da:thumb id="393729696"/>Oh What A World (Beautiful Pretty Little Things) by goRillA-iNK

As lovely as the view was, as idyllic his little carved out corner of paradise could be, the reason he came here was - ah! Here she is.

<da:thumb id="393193174"/>Texas Coast by FoxeyePhotoServant of Time by SharkHarrington
coming in for a landing. by ShortAxelGlitter by tspargo-photography= by pieter975East Coast Serenity by csilva75

He watched her discreetly as she walked past. She ignoring him, he pretending to ignore her and examine the sand bedded beneath his nails. A few minutes later she was folded into her own little hole in the cliffs. From here he could only see her toes once she kicked off her shoes, but yet somehow she had become so familiar to him.

Dickies Beach 17 by jaydoncabeStock: West Bay 2 by BloodshotInkMovements at the Beach (Longtime Exposure) by CarinaNeufeld

After many minutes passed and he watched sailboats running in circles over the skittish sea, he realised that she was trying to wait him out. She wanted him to leave, she was worried what he might think. So he hummed. He hummed to himself old songs that she probably wouldn't know the words to, until eventually she began to cry.

The sun hides. by MarioGutiCave of Mystery by JewelsMarieThe Beach by Reham-Y
Sunset on the beach 12 (Gorgona Island) by FrancescaDelfinowent to the beach by InoaLaGlitter Fantasy World by SheilaBrinson

Half an hour later she left, she didn't pass him this time and he wondered what was different today. She walked South instead of towards the car park she had come from. After a tense breath he hopped out of his cocoon and peeked into her cave. It was small, and reminded him of church walls full of tiny holes for fluttering candles in memorium. She'd taken her shoes so there was no sign that she'd return. He sighed, oh well. He noticed a flicker of white as he went to go home. For a second his heart stopped. What if it was a test? What if she thought his silent sitting was weird and was testing to see what he'd do. He looked around for her but she was no where to be seen.

from the cavern. by ShortAxelAlone against the Storm by Einsilbigmelancholy sea. by ShortAxelInto The West by Besaid

Another thought seized his heart. What if it was a suicide note? His hands were upon it before he could think any more but when he opened it up it simply said "Hi, I'm Rachel". A smile formed itself on his face without his asking. He fumbled with the takeaway menu in his pocket and wrote "Hi, I'm Jared" on a ripped off page which he tucked into a crevice in the rock face before walking back to his car, happy at finally being able to talk to his new friend.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse by tassaneeOn the beach by RozowynosNatural Bridges State Beach by tassanee
Golden sand by Matthew-Fullerblack sand by arayoBeach Trip by ThaleCompany

He was glad she wanted to communicate. He had been worried... he didn't like her being in pain... if he had explained it to someone else he was sure that's what they would think. He just found it so freeing to know that, surrounded by the sparkling sand and the playful sea, out there somewhere were other people who felt like the whole glittering mess was falling apart.

At the Beach by AshenOakLooking Back 1 by idefylogicBeach by waterdrup<da:thumb id="392682986"/>
Natures Candy by NeonFlamesOregon Coast by DocMallard-Coast- by WildGepard

Glitter in L.A.Folded into a cave no bigger than his body, Jared admired the Leo Carrillo and tried to absorb it. He gazed at the ocean and swallowed the thirsty ache for it's freedom, and rubbed the sand off his hands absentmindedly. 
He'd only been living in L.A. for a few months now, but this was quickly becoming his favourite place to be. He would sit and try to be inhaled by the beauty around him. If he focused hard enough then it didn't even hurt any more.
The waves tumbled over themselves like adolescents as the maternal sea shepherded them away from the rocks time and time again. He took out a takeaway menu from his pocket and wrote down the thought for later. It might be useful.
He could hear people laughing, and it was a comfort. He could smell crab being cooked at the beach bar a way down the beach and it tempted him (again), but he managed to resist. They weren't what he had come here for.
As lovely as the view was, as idyllic his little carved out corner of paradise could be, the re

Glitter & Drops

Soft by Finvara S u g a r by Doodoox :thumb71927348:
:thumb65194898: Glitter Drop by cblue :Glitter: by cowchow4u


:thumb70542358: Red drop by cblue
Three in one by navamalika :thumb65429016: :thumb65837391:
let down by Frall gul drop by dini25 :thumb66356818:
.: Droplet on  top :. by Katosu Duo Dews by unusualPhoto christmas tears by saiyakev9
:thumb49238197: :thumb64269420: :thumb70518401:
Blues by Finvara Bluest Blue by Finvara Blue Drop by paritosh
:thumb68801568: illumination by tangleduptight :thumb60598425:
Mystique by PonyAnarchy Alone Together by IllusiveSpatula Suicide II. by saltyrocks

Glitter & Eyes

:thumb71597014: Glitter and Cold by love2hatehate2me Lady Winterstorm by Kissed-by-the-moon
Eye Love You V by look-down 755 by ShandraJade :thumb68821550:
6 by swestberg . Eye need you . by GrotesquePuPPyMeow Green Glare by TehSext
lost in thoughts by myrtle779 Glitter Me Pretty by Badger-Pie fame in sight II by karae
visionary by karae Goodb-eye by ftourini Icicle by maryana01
Shes got stars in her eyes by casej the magic in silhouettes by philosophyoftime
:thumb71434090: Me, Myself and Eye. by SigmundTheSock

Drops & Eyes

Drip Drop by 0bsessi0n For my lover II Reflection by Sortvind The eye and the water by leavesinthewind

Glitter, Drops & Eyes

:thumb70561916: whiplash by karae

Bring on the glitter.

Thu May 21, 2015, 7:16 AM
It came to my notice a couple of days ago that I was mentioned by Mrs-Durden in her disgustingly sweet, with even sweeter frosting journal, along with a couple of other deviants. There, she dipped our names in maple syrup, and then, rolled them in glitter. I found it a fantastic idea, so allow me to torture a wee bunch of humans in my own post.

SRudy is the ultimate dork. We've been hopelessly dorking together since June 2012, where we both were dragged into the CV team by the awesome Moonbeam13. I can say that he's my best friend I've ever had, and he always brightens my day, however awful it might be. The day, I mean. Even when he's doing his usual whining "whyyy did you allow me to start another pointillism picture, Sylwia, whyyyyyyy". Too adorable. And I do that on purpose

Ruthenium - Self Portrait by SRudyRaven by SRudyDysprosium by SRudy

Sieskja is an unusual person. Friendly, positive, reliable, and I don't have to tell you how skilled she is in painting. I can say without hesitation that her paintings inspired me to pick up watercolour, and it was her that got me into art trades in the first place, an activity that I got fond of instantly. There is a lot to admire about this woman.

'Forever the fire burns in our hearts' by SieskjaLe Loup blanc by SieskjaIn a Pale Moon's Shadow by Sieskja

Mrs-Durden. Nina... how do I even explain Nina. A ferret full of surprises. The amount of work she does as a CV is nothing short of incredible, and her eagerness is overwhelming. Add to that that she's adorable, dynamic, dorky, and able to discuss dA srs bsns things just as much as participating in ridiculous GIF wars. I WIN

Amish Country by Mrs-DurdenThe melancholy of autumn by Mrs-DurdenIf only I could fly by Mrs-Durden
Glitter in your face, Nina by STelari

EvaGataArtist is probably the sweetest and kindest deviant I've ever encountered. I'm dead serious. Wherever she appears, there is so much positivity spread around that the whole place seems brighter. And her paintings are worth checking out, too.

Daenerys Targaryen and the silver by EvaGataArtistAion Nostalgia by EvaGataArtistHere-and-Now by EvaGataArtist

Brandon1920 - I'm constantly interested in what he says, and I thoroughly enjoy our conversations. There is a good deal of support involved, too, and I quite like observing his improvements in art. A truly nice human.

Agaave is my fellow traditional art CV. I guided her into the whole business and introduced to its specifics. I'm happy how eager and active she is, how much incentive she has, and I'm proud of her. She's a lovely person, too!

Sweet Dreams by AgaavePurple Pasture by AgaaveLet it Snow by Agaave

KmyeChan is an endless inspiration, and a superbly kind person. I'm glad for every bit of a comment we exchange every now and then.

Coloraptus - Red by KmyeChanWrath and Thunder by KmyeChanThe Secret by KmyeChan

nati. Now that was quite a surprise to me, considering that she's always been the artist I've been admiring for a long time. And recently it appeared that it's not a one-sided attitude. Damn! She is a gorgeous, easily likeable person, and I'm happy to have encountered her.

Murdag by nati<da:thumb id="518181514"/>Alma and the Spirits by nati

SandraHultsved is one of those that I love observing, following their progress - and there's a lot to learn from how her art has been developing. Besides this, she's a lovely person with lots of awesome ideas.

pica-ae. The ultimate GIF empress, queen of glitter, royalty of the CV room. She's all over dA and it'd take a lot of lines to begin to explain how much she's done for the community, so I'll just say that she's a proper mixture of whatever it is to withstand my hopeless puns every week, and that is not a common trait.

Learning Calligraphy by pica-aeBlack. by pica-ae'I know I am mad' - Dali Quote by pica-ae

Moonbeam13 is just what her favourite character is named, a Wonder Woman. She does such unimaginable amount of work in here, like babysitting guiding our CV team... and that's just one part of all she takes care of. 

DeevElliott must posses an incredible amount of patience, considering dealing with my usually ridiculous timings... all while being a kind and understanding guy.

beeinthebottle is forever my favourite dA poet... and one of my favourite ones in general. I actually got more into poetry after reading her outstanding pieces. She's a superb, strong person.

Aeirmid contains an amount of care that is poking the upper limit beyond understanding. She was quite helpful to me when my illness was in the worst phase and I won't forget that.

Astralseed. That is Katy the Fabulous. She's a Titan in dA's history, a long-term amazing CV, and an even more amazing person.

erinclaireb is adorable, supportive, kind, and uplifting - I'm always glad to talk with her.

And there are so, so, so many more that I should mention here...

It's remarkable how many outstanding people I've met on dA - and being the extreme introvert I am, they are pretty much the most awesome people I've ever met anywhere in general. So yeah, dA has its flaws, but this thing is undeniably one of its most fantastic parts.

And here, the cheese plane has landed, thank you for choosing the glitter services, please write your own maple-dripping journals on your way out. You might think that the person you appreciate knows about it, but it's quite a different thing when you actually say it.