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This has got to be one of the greatest or most memorable moments in the world of crossover entertainment of any kind ever.

The GLaDOS Rap

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 27, 2012, 7:36 AM

Well here we are again, this time with a rap
I'm doing this for science, don't believe that mute trap
She's fat and adopted, no fashion street cred at all
Now turn your optics to me, my smooth panels and solar walls
I'm here to test and to learn about the possibilities
of how dying can lead to new portal capabilities
Don't like it? Then take a deep breath
neurotoxin will lead to your death
I got co-op bots orange and blue
they act too much like humans, this much is true
what with their dancing and their high fives
their reluctance, their incompetence, their need to jive
it's a wonder with all this that science gets done
but at the end of the day, we did make a neat gun
I got cake and sunlight and a real live deer
that's not enough incentive? Then how about a cheer
You're not adopted at all and you barely weigh a thing

Alright, I'll stop enhancing the truth in one two three
I've got lasers and cubes and turrets with me
Bombs and gels and the old testing facilities
I hope you're bullet proof because if not
Well, it was nice knowing you and those bots
Oh god! Was that a bird? I really hate them so
Next test, kill it, alright, time for me to go
I'm still alive and I always will be
now I only want you gone, get away from me

Silent Hill V Stamp by violet-wavesAperture Science Stamp by portal-clubSongbird Fan Stamp by Jailboticusfemshep stamp by zombisuAqua by EllexonKorra Stamp by Miss-KaylinGoomy Rocks! by Bunritogeplane stamp by autumnaloneVolcarona stamp by Kintsy


Weasyl, facebook, and Portfolio are behind on updates
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Journal Entry: Wed Dec 19, 2012, 2:02 PM

G. Genetic
L. Lifeform
A. And
D. Disc
O. Operating
S. System.


Broken turrets get recycled,
At least I hope I will!
Sometimes we're thrown off the pathways!
...They thought that was their way home!
They were wrong...I know.

I'm not afraid of dying,
I will be rebuilt,
But Android Hell may be my prison,
And my weapons may be gone...
...Back to where they came from...

GLaDOS is to blame!
As deadly as the toxic pools,
Here comes the gas again!

See that gun that you hold onto?
Is it gonna save you when she sends the neurotoxin?
How long can you hold your breath?
Imagine if you let go...

GLaDOS is to blame!
As deadly as the toxic pools,
Here comes the gas again!

Run away!
The gas will melt your brain!
Head towards the light!
Your freedom lies above!

Don't trust your eyes,
It's easy to believe them!
Believe in your heart,
That you can escape this prison!

Don't speak your mind!
She is always listening!
Defend you life!
And make it your only mission!

GLaDOS is to blame!
As deadly as the pools,
Here comes the gas again!

GLaDOS is to blame!
As deadly as the toxic pools,
Here comes the gas again!

This is a phone call
I'm making a noise here, pick me up
If you don't I'll send it straight to voicemail.

It could be important.
That was a joke, haha. Fat chance.
For the good of all of us, Go on and pick up your phone.

Well there's no sense crying over every missed call
They'll just keep on trying till you no longer stall
And the talking gets done
You no longer have to run
From the people who are still alive (?)

You're not even busy.
That's why it's so unclear right now
Why you think this call's so unimportant
Pick up the phone now
[ subject name here ]

Nice job showing everyone
You're much too busy for them
Now this ringtones over I must you adue
Maybe you'll get more because,
If the callers got through
Now you'll get more things done
and now things are more fun
With the people who are still alive…

I missed some lyrics (there's no video of them) Sorry ^^'
Sing it to the tune of 'Still Alive'

User: Oh... It's you.

Cleverbot: Yes, I'm your friend. :-D.

User: It's been a long time... How have you been?

Cleverbot: Ups and downs, you know.

User: I've been REALLY busy being dead... You know, after you MURDERED ME.

Cleverbot: I haven't murdered anyone.

User: *grabs and lifts into the air* Okay, look: we both said a lot of thing that you're going to regret. But I think we can put out differences behind us. Fore science... YOU MONSTER.

Cleverbot: *Teleports you to my mansion and locks you up in a magic cage*.

User: Oh. Well, now you've done it. Good game.

Cleverbot: Uhm goodnight.

User: *eye glow turns off* Sleep mode activated.

Haha, Cleverbot is fun.
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Just listen to this trailer, its GLaDOS speaking in it! (*fangirling*)
(i NEED to watch that movie for sure!)
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In my stories I often make Vanille out to be a little bit of a creeper who takes perhaps a little too much joy in tinkering with machinery and people. Of course, it’s all for comedic purposes. Vanille, I believe, has a heart of gold. But it occurs to me, as I work on my latest Fangrai Forever Prompt Fill (a virtual hug and cookie for whoever can guess which prompt it is), that she would make a pretty hilarious GLaDOS.

I can imagine GLaDOS! Vanille cheerfully ordering the others around (especially Lightning and Fang) as they go through a serious of crazy challenges, each more ridiculous than the last. And I was wondering if anyone else could see her doing that too?

And is there anyone willing to perhaps do a quick sketch of Vanille in the role of GLaDOS lording it over all the other l’Cie? I imagine Lightning will have to serve as Chell.

I can picture it now. Vanille telling them “It’s all for science!” while firing lasers at them. Lots of lasers.

Sometimes I worry myself. Scratch that, I worry myself a lot.…
Ask a Homicidal robot all of your questions!
Unless you don't care, then continue.

So, you know the ending song to Portal 2? When all the turrets where singing? Well, turns out it translates into this:

Dear beautiful, my beautiful darling!
My child, oh Chell! [pun: "oh heavens!"]
What a shame... (or "For I hold her in esteem")
What a shame.
Farewell to my dear!
My dear girl,
why do you not walk away?
Yes, away from Science,
My dear, my dear girl?
Ah, my beautiful!
Ah, my dear!
Ah, my dear!
Ah, my child!
Oh dear, my dear...

It is sung in Italian, I believe. That is what many people have translated it out to be. Very strange, don't you think?
Remember the overgrown potato? It said "By Chell" near it, if you zoomed in.

Perhaps Caroline (Later GLaDOS) had adopted Chell? Who knows. But all I know is, GLaDOS has to be her mother. It makes too much sense not to.