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Ladies and Gentlemen, from now on I have to ask you all a question--- Neigh, a single question: ANYONE KNOWS ELIZABETH FROM BIOSHOCK?! DOES ANYONE RP AS HER?!!!!
I'm currently adding physics to her (sorry it's taking so long! i had no idea that i needed base physics and kept wondering why her skirt fell every time i put her in mmd lmao) but yeah. she should be done soon, hopefully. it's kind of hard for me to have time to work on mmd stuff and other art since school started back. i hope i can get elizabeth done within the next week or so.
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My powers.
They hurt but Booker needs them to survive.
That bird, what is it? why am i it's captive?
I'm falling, i don't care where i land as long as it's safe for the dangers of Columbia!
I'm falling, even if it means death.....
I just want to be free, free as a bird.
Booker Dewitt, a former Pinkerton set me free.
And for this i will use my powers in return.
TO help him in our adventure of a life time.......

I was just in the spirit to write something like this, enjoy! :D
So I think I will halt the "You the hero" for a few days, because FINALLY ELIZABETH (From Bioshock infinity) HAS COME TO XNALARA (The program I use to make my art)!

I really had planned to wait until my long running 1. person series was over, to show a new (and hopefully very beautiful) technique I have started to make in my art, but I simply can't postpone these Elizabeth images that long. So tomorrow I will start to post some images I am very proud of. Hopefully by saying I am proud of them, really says something to some.

I finally caught up on all the whining by Ken Levine about all the "adult" art of Liz floating around. Does this guy have ANY clue who his core audience is? Eidos has put up with adult Tomb Raider stuff for 5,000 years and it has helped keep the customer fanbase healthy and interested in the product. Now that he has moved on to Take-Two I think it would be wildly idiotic of him to abandon the Infinite universe and Liz as a basis for a franchise. "Burial at Sea" was not THE END. It was made all too clear in BI that there are so many alternate universes and variations of such that the franchise and story could almost literally go on FOREVER. Sorta like DOCTOR WHO. Maybe Levine just needs to take a rest for a bit, try out some new stuff and see what soars and what crashes and burns. But he must always remember that there is a girl short a pinkie in a city in the clouds that could save him in HIS time of trouble.
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In respect of that character and the great artistic and emotional aspect of that game, I WON'T do an adult piece of her. She's a beautiful character, and by far the best female representation i have ever seen in a game. Feminine and sweet without being fragile. A really strong portrait of a real woman. And for that matter she deserves to be treated as is.

Don't get me wrong, she's sexy enough to earn a great adult piece of art, but that wouldn't fit her at all, and i wouldn't feel right doing it. I would hate stepping out of a character's personality just for the sake of porn.

Romulo "Melkor" Mancin

Edit: Yeah, it's a personal issue to me. The characters i made in the past like Final Fantasy, Tenchi Muyo etc, are characters i don't really know nothing about.

Elizabeth [Bioshock Infinite] wig test

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 23, 2013, 11:02 AM

Codes and design by Yasny-chan
You can download this CSS here?

I just finished the game and couldn't wait to work at the wig haha the game is amazing! you all should play it!!!
and I wanted to write a new journal. best opportunity to do so ;)

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps0b92723c.jpg

It was a really long wig, so I don't know, if I should cut it even shorter. Maybe it looks different with a proper styling.

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Stamps <3

Pretty Stamps by HappyStamp Stamp: I Love Cookies by Mahkohime I Love Paris by Wearwolfaa Heart Stamp -Emote Stamps- by midnightly Zodiac Stamp 'Gemeni' by Sharkfold :thumb75063100: Disney Princess stamps: Ariel by xloki-arisux LOL MORE DINO -stamp- by akizakurako Pizza Stamp by The-Fairywitch :thumb94779557: Stamp - Sheryl Nome by Evadoll Stamp - Pandora Hearts by Suxinn
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Click here:…
And here:…

Obviously the creator of Bioshock Infinite; Ken Levine is pissed & upset
at anyone & everyone who makes erotic art and/or porn of Elizabeth.

Obviously that's understandable since he did create her, but it's no excuse
to tell billions of fans & artists alike on deviantart NOT to make rule 34-related
art of Elizabeth at all...this is the internet after all.

To those who sympathize with him would obviously stop making erotic art
of Elizabeth...but, I know that's not gonna happen.

But seriously Ken, if ye don't like it then don't look at it...or better yet,
don't come to deviantart at all, but that's not to say you're not allowed
to visit it at all. Just...just leave the fan artists alone and don't look
at the erotic art of Elizabeth, it's that simple.

That's all I'd like to mention to everyone & anyone who's made erotic art/porn
of our beloved Elizabeth...especially you :iconrastifan: ;)
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So I'm new to this website but I'm excited to be apart of this community!
My name is Helena, also known as Clarkie Cosplay. I'm an obessed gamer and cosplayer.
I have plenty of games both on PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PSP, Wii.

My favourite games are:
Final Fantasy 13.
Bioshock Series including Burial at Sea.
Mass Effect Series.
Dead Space Series.
Portal Series.

And many others.

I've currently cosplayed as:
Elsa from Frozen.
Elizabeth Comstock, Bioshock (2nd Dress and Burial at Sea Version).
Red Riding Hood.
Oerba Dia Vanille, Final Fantasy 13.
Kakashi Hakate Genderbent, Naruto.
Booker Dewitt Genderbent, Bioshock.

And many more, honestly I kind of forgot half I've done xD

Clarkie Cosplay's Deviant Art by ClarkieCosplay