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Food - Fries
Anime or Disney? - Anime
Guys or Girls? - Why not both??
Lips or Eyes? - Eyes
Kisses or Hugs? - Hugs
Eating or Drinking? - eating
Novels or Comics? - Novels
Summer or Winter? - Winter!
Outdoors or Indoors? - Contrary to what most think, I enjoy the outdoors greatly
Camera or Cellphone? - Camera
PS3 or Xbox 360? -  Xbox all the way
TV or Computer? - Computer (you can watch tv on it, loopholes!)

Something personal...

Why did you choose your username (to be like that)? - do you remember the book series 'warrior cats?' Well, back in elementary my entire school was obsessed with them and essentially we created a club. We decided ourselves into different 'clans' (I was in ice clan-so fancy) and the name given to me was frostflower. It's stuck with me forever-and occasionally when it's taken (as in this case) I'll alter it slightly.

What is your favorite piece of your own work?

I hate all of my work tbh

What is your most popular work? That one drawing of kankri I did… this one.

Look to your left, what is the first thing you see? - Xbox controller
Now your right - Headphones
Something you can't live without - idk man, waters pretty important

The last...

Person you saw - Older brother
Person you hugged - Younger brother
Movie you watched - Woman in Gold. It was so good and it deserves better reviews, okay?
Song You Listened To - wildes ding by culcha candela
Book you read - Mr. Poppers penguins (huehueh)
Thing you ate / drank - green beans and almonds-it was soooo good
Time you cried and why - almost three years ago, I broke my arm :T
Time you laughed and why - this morning, while I was telling my bee story..
Time you went out - I went to the movies yesterday

The first...

Person you dated - ahaha
Person you kissed - AHAHAHAHAA
Thing you think about when you wake up - 'what would be the worst thing that happened if I just didn't get up, ever.'
Longest friend you ever had -
School you went to - Rowelane elementary Tagged by: Cutemo-Chan

Have you ever...

Broken the law? - *whispers* jay walking
Been arrested? - Not that I know of
Had a hangover? - Nope
Been in a hospital? - yeah, visiting my mother
Been in a car crash? - Almost, but no
Flown on a plane? - yep
Been on a boat? - yup
Traveled overseas? - Nop
Had sex? - No
Gotten pregnant? - No
Had an abortion? - No
Been to a concert? - Yeah
Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something? - defiantly
Skipped school / work? - Nope
Broken a bone - many, many times

Personal again...

Who is your closest friend on deviantART? - uh...I'm pretty sure none of them consider me their friend?
What is your favourite deviation by them?-

Which deviant's artwork do you like most? - I can't
What is their greatest work? - uh
Any favourite deviant ART groups in mind? - nah
What is your favourite artwork of the founder of the group? - nope
The Co-Founders? -  nuh uh
How about the contributors? - nothing
Who was your very first watcher here on dA? -
Pretty sure it was Cutemo-Chan
What is your favorite artwork by them? - dude.
Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? Considering I don't even know what that means? No.
Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? This is sarcasm, correct?
Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art -…
Show us your most recent submission -
Yes you do have to.…
Your Religion? - Catholic
Social Class? - Middle??
Ethnicity - White as a toilet.
Languages you speak? - English and some German.
Scar (s) you have? - *clears throat* one on my nose, one on my eye lid. One on my chin. Two on my right arm. One on my left. A few on my legs. A couple on my knees. And two or three  on the bottom of my foot.

Totally random~

Where is your dream holiday location? - Ireland
What are you wearing right now? - green sweater (but Shannon, it's practically summer!) black legging underneath a pair of grey shorts, and my glasses.

What is the last thing you bought? - candy-I should go get that.
When did you join deviant art? - almost exactly a year ago
Why did you join? - Peer pressure, yay!
What type of membership do you have? - the default, because I'm BASIC.
Are you playing the game? - I AM the game
Are you a member of any other social media platforms?- so many. And you'll never know what they are.
Do you enjoy answering these pointless questions like this one? - they give me life

(Putting them above the thing because yolo)

I have no other friends
You're DONE! Now tag 5 of your friends!
The reason why I'm really into Sonic is:
Well I was bullied and I was also suicidal when I was in elementary school until I started watching Sonic X and well Sonic was the only thing that gave me a reason to keep going and to get through the bulling. I actually thought he were real back then. ( I still do same as Shadow and the other characters from the show and games.)
Sonic taught me a lot back then, like how to be a good friend, be there for others, keep the faith, and to never give up.
These loads of blasphemous barnacles keep spamming my beautiful feed with atrocious claims. Ever heard of "leave nature alone" ?? I ain't puttin mature thingies on every one of my work or I won't get as much FAMEEE! Also, I'm currently suffering  an absolutely horrifying anxiety caused when I'm not able to smell one of those already-used elementary school uniforms owned by elementary schoolers.
I swear to God, one ofmy elementay classes did this thing where we wrote down our wishes on pieces of paper, tied them to strings attachd to balloons and let them go into the sky, to see if they became true, and I shit you not, what I wrote was "I wish PacMan was real" in my choppy handwriting. And that was only because I had a crush on him.

If that's not Pac-Man fever, I don't know what is. 
  • Mood: Remorse
i found a song by Voltaire and it's lyrics describes me when i was in the 3-5th grade

  • Mood: Awestruck
  • Listening to: Voltaire-Innocent
  • Playing: Pokemon Art Academy
Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArtRoseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArtRoseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Basic Information

Demolished decades ago, yet here it stands: a school mixed in trauma and tragedy, where students and teachers alike were assaulted, violated, and murdered so often that the Tenjin townsfolk had no choice but to tear it down. Unfortunately, where there's a will, there's a way -
and where there are vengeful spirits, there's a will strong enough to rebuild history.

Come tour these hellish halls in preparation for the dangers that lurk within... if you dare.

Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt

The Classrooms

You never know what you may find in a Heavenly Host classroom. Desks and a chalkboard come standard, of course... but decaying corpses, shifting room keys, vengeful spirits, intricate pulley mechanisms, and glass cabinets full of human hair are just a small sampling of what else awaits.
You'd best hope the door doesn't close behind you, either, as there's no escaping a sealed classroom -
windows neither open nor break, and closed doors tend to fasten themselves to the wall.

Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt

The Corridors

Torn apart by massive earthquakes and peppered with holes and loose floorboards, the corridors are dangerous enough on their own -
never mind the dead spirits who are out for fresh blood! The worst part of all, though, is that nothing ever seems to stay the same in these haunted halls. You could enter a classroom, then exit to find yourself somewhere completely unfamiliar. It's as if all passages from one destination to another are in a constant state of flux.

Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt

The Infirmary

Probably the most dangerous spot in the entire school, the nurse's office is a frequent haunt for Heavenly Host's many undead residents. Those who sleep in it's beds will have a nightmare unlike any the living world has ever know -
or they will be engulfed by a shadowy mist with an appetite for souls.
Somehow or another, everything seems to hinge around the room... but what happened here, and what can be undone to stop it?

Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt

The Lavatories

Hope you can hold it, because if you have to go, Heavenly Host's lavatories will actively taunt you, removing whole sections of the floor so you can't possibly get to a single toilet. Add to this a thick melancholy in the air that tends to give rise to suicidal thoughts, and you have yourself a dirty, smelly, bizarrely mean-spirited fear cage unlike any other.

Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt

The Other Rooms

There's a science lab, a reading room, an entrance way, a custodian's closet, and many more specialty classrooms and assorted "other" spaces scattered throughout the school -
not to mention that peculiar door in the northwest corner of the building that's plastered with protective seals. Every one of these rooms is locked up tight - but perhaps that just means that ere are very, very important things guarded within. The question is, how does one find out what they are?

Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt

The Other Building

Visible from the windows, there appears to be a second wing to Heavenly Host Elementary. Unfortunately, there's no means of leaving the school to get to it. What mysteries might this strange annex hold?

Roseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArtRoseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArtRoseborder for all the girls by AudraMBlackburnsArt
Alright, I have to get this out of my system, because it drives me mental whenever I check in the series Elementary into the Library.

First bit of background, Elementary is basically the American version of Sherlock Holmes, in which it is Sherlock Holmes in New York with his associate Joan Watson.  Now I don't necessarily HATE this show, but I've watched other versions of Sherlock Holmes that I prefer over it, like BBC's Sherlock, The Robert Downey Jr. Sherlocks, the Young Sherlock Holmes, the black and white series, etc, etc. I do respect Elementary, I respect intelligent shows, there are just a few problems that I see in the show that bug quite alot, and basically lost me as a viewer. Now note I have not seen EVERY episode of this series, so I cannot confirm 100% about some of these observations, also there are Spoilers, if you're watching this series or want to watch it, you've been warned.

  • Joan Watson- Ok now since this show started making Watson Female was a BIG controversy for MANY people, frankly,I thought it was an interesting twist, as long as Sherlock and her DID NOT hook up together. The thing about the classic Sherlocks was that Watson and Sherlock had a sort of bond, but it was non Romantic ( sorry Shippers), it was a bond that they shared, Watson liked adventure, and Sherlock enjoyed his company. So really I didn't have a problem with a female Watson, but her character, well, annoys me slightly. Basically they were going the Diverse route, and she is an asian american, again nothing wrong with that, but the actress to me, doesn't pull off Watson very well, she always seems kinda annoyed or fed up with Sherlock, there never really seems to be a connection between them,she always to me seems like she's being forced to be with him, even though in the show she does choose to help him with the consulting detective buisness. Another thing, and this is the main one, she's not an Army Doctor. The main thing with Watson in Sherlock Holmes, wasthat he was a Doctor, not just a Doctor, an Army Doctor, in Elementary she's a Rehab Doctor, and she meets Sherlock by being assigned as his Rehabilitation Doctor or something ( don't think I saw the first episode, but it was referanced in other episodes). She could have still been an army Doctor, women are in the military, there was really no reason she couldn't stick with the army Doctor career like the other watsons, it would have also given her another set of skills, from the episodes I've seen, Watson never seems to fight back, or be able to really hold her own in a fight, something that most the other Watsons can do. So character wise, I really don't like her, and to me she's one of the weaker charcters, and that is really not a good thing when creating Sherlock Holmes, since the point of view of Sherlock, is primarily through Watson's perspective, we love Sherlock, because we see him through the eyes of someone who really respects and admires him, if people don't like your Watson, you're missing half of your appeal to the main character.
  • NEW YORK CITY- Sherlock is from Britain, he consults with Scotland Yard, and works primarily in BRITAIN. So Elementary takes place in New York, if you've ever watched popular American TV, your locations probably consist of Los Angeles, MIami, Las Vegas, Detroit, Chicago, Washington DC, or New YOrk City. Holy Shat I am tired of that! The majority being New York City, so putting Sherlock Holmes, in New York City, sort of ticks me off, because I have seen this Location SO MANY TIMES. I love watching Sherlock, because it takes place in London, I've never seen London, and it's a brand New Location for me, watching Sherlock in New York, is Boring. Now, Sherlock in the Books, would SOMETIMES, go to America, and this was an America, that if I'm correct was a few years after the Civil War, so in respect, it was a different time, and you encountered some interesting factions, like one had to do with the KKK or the Confederates, and even in the BBC Sherlock, in Scandal in Bulgaria, we see the American, what I assume to be Secret Service, attack Sherlock and  Irene to try and get information basically. What I'm saying is, America should not be the Focus of Sherlock Holmes, or if he's in America, put him somewhere else besides an Appartment in New York, because putting him there automatically gets rid of the Famous 221B Baker Street, that I think about it I don't think they ever said his address in Elementary. I know they are aiming toward American Audiences with this show, but, another example of American TV trying to do something British, is the 1996 Doctor Who movie, Now when the Doctor comes to Earth it's usually somewhere in England or Wales, or sometimes Scotland, very Rarely does he come to America ( I don't blame him honestly), but for the movie, they needed to appeal to American audiences, as it was an American attempt at bringing back the show, they could've easily put him in New York, but instead, they put him in San Franscisco, which was actually very exciting, and fun, and new. So if you really wanted Sherlock in America, you could literally put him anywhere but New York, and to me would make it more interesting.
  • Moriarty- This is a Shippers Fantasy here, basically Irene Adler, was Moriarty, an interesting twist, but Moriarty in the original Sherlcoks, is basically his opposite, and his challenger of Wits, while Irene, is also very intellectual and puzzling to Sherlock, is the only woman Sherlock falls for, putting those two together, kinda muddles up the dynamics, and from my experience with American Drama, they really like to play the Romantic interest card, and oh my god do they use it here. Irene could again hold her own without a guy around, she was different from other women, in that she broke the mold, and basically questioned Society's standards a bit to be quite honet. In Elementary, she's an Artist....nothing against artists, I am one, but that's not really questionable. She's not very Interesting as Irene and she's really not that good of a Moriarty in this series, she's basically just another love interest that happens to be Sherlock's interest, but also mortal enemy? Again probably a shipper's Paradise, but in my opinon, you need to keep the arch enemy and the girlfriend seperate, so you can flesh them both out better.
  • The Secondary Characters- I think they were trying to break to many molds with this series honestly. So Mrs. Hudson, doesn't have much of a role in the movies or books, but in the BBC Sherlcok, she does get more of a personality, and does have a place in Sherlock's group, he cares for her, he won't admit it, but he doesn't want her harmed in any way. In Elementary, I forget their relation, but she's a transgender. Now now before I get nasty texts threatening death, I have nothing against trans people, I do have a problem with shoehorning a trans person, for the sake of having a trans character, and that being their main focus of a character. Mrs. Hudson's character is not really fleshed out beyond, she's gotten away from an abusive relationship, she knows Sherlock, cleans their house in payment to living there, and being transgendered. that is it, and I'm pretty sure she's only in one episode, so you never see here again, there's just something off about throwing in a semi important character, saying they're trans, and then never using them again. Microft, this character really pisses me off in Elementary. Mycroft is a political official in every version of Sherlock Holmes, in Elementary I have no idea what he does, but he looks like more of a drug addict than Sherlock. All I know is that Sherlock's dad sends Mycroft to check up on Sherlock and Sherlock tells him to shunt off. Yeah I really don't like Mycroft in that series. The black cop, I don't even know his name, but he's supposed to be like the replacement Lestrade or something, and that's who I thought he was until an episode with Lestrade in it popped up. I honestly have no idea who he is or what he does, I think he's like the Anderson of Elementary, except he's nice to Sherlock, I honestly don't remember much about his character, except he's African American and Sherlock accidentally got him shot. He's supposed to be an important character too I think, but I honestly remember like nothing about him. This Character, is the reason I stopped watching the show, Lestrade. Now Lestrade from other shows, is the Inspector of Scotland yard, and while he thinks Sherlock is a pompous arsehole sometimes, but he knows he needs Sherlock, and in a way does respect Sherlock, to a point. In the Elementary episode, where Lestrade shows up, turns out Sherlock hates him because Lestrade took all the credit of solving the cases, that Sherlock had solved, back when he was living in London. Not only is that a REALLY stupid move on Lestrade's part, don't piss off the person who helps you solve your cases, but it also just kinda ruins a pretty interesting bond. Lestrade and Sherlock aren't best friends, heck, Sherlock insults Lestrade most of the time, but it's not actually mean spirited, that's just how Sherlock treats most people, and Lestrade just shrugs it off, cuz as long as Sherlock's helping him catch the murders and crooks, Sherlock can call him whatever he likes. In Elementary, Lestrade is a complete arse, there is almost no likability to him, and Sherlock hates him to a point where he almost doesn't take up the case, because it would mean working with Lestrade. I honestly don't think I finished the episode, and I didn't watch the show since that episode.
  • Sherlock's Drug Addiction- Now Sherlock Holmes has always had problems with drugs, but is was always sort of a side note, and only referenced, it was never brought to the forefront. In Elementary, I think the over arching plot device is the fact that Sherlock is a recovering addict, like a newly recovering addict. His dad apparently sent him to America for Rehab ( do they not have Rehabs in London or did he think by sending him to New York he wouldn't be able to fine dealers....?) and that is how Sherlock meets Joan. I know they use his substance abuse  as a plot device, because I'm pretty sure there's one were he almost ODs, or he's talking to some criminal, and the subject of his substance abuse came up. Actually I think there was an entire episode that had to deal with some sort of rehab chip thing. My point here is, that the show puts too much focus on the drug aspect, it's true that every incarnation of Holmes had a drug problem, but it wasn't that much of a problem, he did on occasion smoke mysterious things that he either invented to help him think, or more common things like Tobacco, or in very early Sherlock, Opium, but they were never really a central focus and didn't really define his character,but in Elementary, it is more forth coming, and to me just gets annoying, it's not necessary to bring it too the forefront, and is just not needed.

So in conclusion, I think Elementary was trying to do too much within the series, and just sort of hit and miss with the bonds between the characters and the character's attitude themselves. It's not Horrible, but you can definitely tell it's American, and as far as adaptations for Sherlock Holmes goes, this is definitely one of the weaker ones.

~Run You Clever Deviants and Remember~

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okay, I've been stuck on this idea for a drawing for a while now...
So, I have two options.
One with Eddy as Sherlock (cunning, persistant, clever (not as much as Double-D, but hey, he's better than Ed) , Lee as Irene Adler (cause she can play his game and then some), Edd as Watson (doctor. clever. calls Sherlock out often on his methods. Double. Friggin. D.), Marie as Mary (cause she loves Edd and can put up with Eddy's bull, she would not hesistate to fling water in Eddy's face like in the movie), Ed as Inspector Lestrade (both are better when they need muscle and not mind and very loyal) May as either Mrs. Hudson. (cause I could totally see her telling Eddy, 'hey I'm your land lady not yer house keeper!') or Mrs. Lestrade (cause i'm a hardcore Ed+May fan) 
Two with Tee as Sherlock (persistant, fighter, clever in his own right), Anny as Irene Adler (stylish, can play his game just as good as he can), Larie as Watson (fighter, clever, doesn't put up with bull shit), Ann as Mary (smart, caring, can put up with Tee's antics), Jay as Inspector Lestrade (clumsy, but strong and loyal) An as Mrs. Hudson or Mrs. Lestrade (cause of the same reasons I had for May) 
Now I wanted to do scenes from the movies with Robert Downey Jr, but I cannot decide which version of these i should do for which movie!! 

Just so I'm clear, I plan to do both an EEnE version and a AAnA version, i was having trouble deciding which movie i should do for which, Now I think I'll just do some character sketches and draw which ever version for whatever scene id like 

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[Final Exam: 1st Semester] Elementary Division

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 12, 2015, 9:50 AM


The Elementary School Teacher may seem like a health-enthusiast but he actually has a few bad habits himself! Dante is obsessed with sweets and practically lives on them. When his mind is in a pinch at work, he shoves his hand in his pocket and pulls out a random candy! Eats it and that somehow helps him get through work. The sugary goodness boosts his braincells to get things done. Most of what is cluttered around his clothes are chocolates (his favourite flavour) and lemon drops. Sometimes he forgets he even has them so that might be the reason behind his mysterious sweet scent-- Melted Chocolates and forgotten Candies.

Since the Robo-Mommies were extremely strict on the children's sugar-intake, Dante felt like it was his duty to sneak some to the little sweethearts from his own candy stash. But something completely unexpected happened this time... After the kids ate the batch of candies Dante gave them, they suddenly grew-- No, not grew..... THEY AGED!?!
What on earth?!

Final Exam for the 1st Semester!
by: Mr. Dante Vargas
✏Character Development: When I'm 10 years older..!

After eating the mysterious candy, you suddenly grow up 10 years older!
Your body experienced a huge change but unfortunately, you still have the mind of a child.
According to Leon, the effects will wear off after 3 days!
Figure out what you want to do in the next 10 years or anywhere in the future!
Either long-term goals or short ones, explain through drawings or in writing your goals and dreams!
To pass the exam, you must also answer.
How will you be able to cope with your Alice?
and Your reaction to growing up!

  • Deadline for this final will be on 12th of May, 2015.
  • Comment below when submitting your final. WIPs will not be graded.
  • It doesn't matter how big your goal is or how small. It could even be a dream about getting married or becoming a Superhero??? Grading will only be based on effort and punctuality! Not to mention, if you could get out of this mess still pure and innocent, that'd BE GREAT.
  • If you have further questions-- Except for who the suspicious teacher is. You need to do more snooping around if that's what you're concerned about-- Please note me or comment below.


Earlier that morning, Dante encountered a 'suspicious man' lurking about the Elementary Division Grounds. The stranger completely had the students' attention as he handed out candy. Of course, Dante had to put a stop to that! Anyone in a hooded jacket was enough to be suspected on! When the hooded man noticed Dante storming into the scene, he dropped the candies in a panic and fled. Instead of chasing after him, Dante had to collect the candies from the kids. Although for some, he had to bribe just so they would surrender their sweets. Dante never thought he'd face the day when he had to steal candy from a baby.

In the end, he didn't recognize who it was and the kids didn't help describing his face. Instead, they kept repeating "HOT MAN!" "Beardy!" and "PEDO!" which weren't reliable descriptions.

When the bell rang, Dante shoved the candies in his pockets and rushed to class, completely forgetting about them later that day.

"There's nothing we can do for now..." (And I'll have to report this to Leon.) Dante sighed, finally getting over of the fact that his children skipped puberty in a second but His punishment from Leon awaits him in the Faculty Office.

"Before you all go, make sure to ALWAYS wear this tag!"

Hi, My name is [Your name], age [Your Real Age].
If you try to touch me, Dante-sensei will hunt you down and EAT YOU ALIVE.
"Promise Sensei you'll WEAR. IT. AT. ALL. TIMES."

:star-empty: - No activities completed
:star: - Final Examination completed

(Only submit your works via comments on this journal, If not your exam will be considered a WIP and your grades will not be updated.)

:powerstar: by NeslugCurrent Class Cards::powerstar: by Neslug
Fujikawa,Megumi :star-empty:
Hayashi, Ken :star-empty:
Iyasu, Yuuka :star-empty:
Jones, Skye :star-empty:
Katsumi, Mia :star-empty:
Kazama, Lei-nad :star-empty:
Kurayami, Kou :star-empty:
Mogami, Elari :star-empty:
Sazuka, Greenie :star-empty:
Yukimura, Kiku :star-empty:

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