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Elementary the show is not shannon Kaiser's (Faille; my maiden names) Elementary. Strictly Enforced.
So I just found out that the Elementary school near us had a shooting.
O my god.
Is this really necessary?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
What do you achieve?
What do you achieve by murdering 127 students and 4 teachers?
What do you achieve by murdering anyone at all?
What the bloody hell are you thinking while doing this?
Are you trying to get attention?
Are you doing this for fun?
Do you think that you will gain popularity out of this?

I'm sick of people like this.
It pisses me off.

Update about requests

Mon Nov 16, 2015, 5:15 PM
Hello, everyone!

I know that some of you are aware that I write requests... and that it takes forever for me to write them. I've been trying to get better at that, but after a long time of thinking everything over, I've made a decision.

And as much as it pains me to say this...

I will no longer be taking requests.

Hold on! It's not completely bad. I want to write your requests - I really do. But right now, my schedule is completely packed. On top of everything else I'm doing, I just don't have the time to write 1,500 to 2,000 word one shots anymore.

But like I said, it's not completely bad. I'm not stopping requests forever. I'm just taking a break - like when a TV show has a break between seasons. I'm fine with writing requests when I'm out of school, like during the Holiday break or the summertime.

So, this isn't an end to requests! It's more of a hiatus until I have more time on my hands.

I will be giving you guys an update when I start taking requests again.

Thanks for understanding.

You are all beautiful human beings,


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Elementary School Meme tagged from :iconcomradesch:

1. Recount five memories of what your time in elementary school (K-5) was like for you.
2. Tag at least one other person.

So, my five memories:

1. When my brother told me after a Elementary English class that we got our first
 Nintendo 64, I got embarrassingly got too excited & classmates noticed, as wee little nippers it was like a gift from the gods since we loved playing games like Goldeneye 007, BattleTanx 1 & Global Assault, Perfect Dark, Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, Glover, & Army Men.  Gaming was like a religion to us during those days.
2. The fact that it seemed like in Elementary that there were very few reasons that anyone had animosity towards each other, it was like everyone was somewhat of a friend of each other & we understood each other's opinions, a day doesn't pass that I wonder why in Middle School that changed.
3. I liked how easy everything was in elementary, but because we were little lads everything seemed very hard like as if it was a college paper, & don't get me started on the first time I started to learn cursive, it was terrible & funny.
4. I remember in 4th grade being dragged to the principals office, then getting yelled at by my teacher & the principal for not completing a project, I always hated & still hate doing large projects, it was very excessive & it forever sealed my fear of being yelled, and it did so for the worse, I tend to have very serious reactions to it, not that I don't deserve it sometimes.
5.There was this kid I hung out during lunch-recess with he'd always act like a Grunt from the Halo Series granted (Halo 2 wasn't out) when he was running away during tag.

Bonus: This just for me, but I remember seeing the 9/11 attacks, I think was live during Channel 1 if I could remember.  I remember it because it had no meaning to me at a early age it took five years for me to realise who serious that act was.  I can recall several other tragedies like Jonesboro, Thurston, & Columbine, but again, it took me about six years to realise the impact they had on American society.

Elementary School Meme

1. Recount five memories of what your time in elementary school (K-5) was like for you.
2. Tag at least one other person.

So, my five memories:
1. Your bragging rights depended on how much your toys amazed the others, and how far you got on Chip's Challenge, Game Boy Colour Pokemon games, or how good you were with Beyblades, or Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
2. We had a huge area to play in at lunch or recess; Until 4th grade, we were only allowed in the front, because the huge back field and the hills behind it were full of brambles, sudden plateaus and rowdy older kids.
3. I had a kindergarten assignment one time in first grade- I remarked that it was insanely easy.
4. TMNT and Marvel superheroes were all most of the kids talked about when Pokemon, our toys or Beyblades weren't brought up. Seriously, we had people talking about how the Hulk's fingers were the size of a row of desks, and the Hulk merely touching Spiderman would kill him.
5. We were so big on getting the desks with seats built into them, and doing our homework with ballpoint pens- But when we actually got them in high school, that quickly changed.


you guys are great!

Wed Oct 21, 2015, 7:32 PM
Hey, guys! I just want to let you know that you are all FREAKING AWESOME.

As of last week, I have been on DeviantArt for one year. 365 days. And to be honest, I never, EVER, expected to get any followers out of it.

When I first started out, I thought that it would be absolutely incredible to get 20 followers. Now, I have 177, and I'm pretty surprised that I haven't exploded out of excitement or started to hyperventilate or something.

My main goal for starting my DeviantArt was to share my writing. Not to get popular, or get a lot of followers, but so I could make people laugh. When I see a comment or favorite, and when I know that I made someone laugh - it makes my day. So whether you find it funny or you find it as a welcome distraction from the real world, I'm glad you enjoy it!

While we're on the topic, I want to let you know that:
a. requests are open!
b. it may take a while to write your request, but I will get it done eventually
c. if you need to talk about anything (seriously, anything) feel free to message me
d. and I will be posting another chatroom very soon

So, thanks so much! If I could, I'd say thank you 177 times, but that would be pretty excessive.

But really, it means to world to me.

Keep being awesome!

- Chloe

Geez, that "Ring Around The Rosie" at the beginning was creepy...
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Fri Sep 25, 2015, 4:59 PM

Just an update and an explanation about why I haven't posted very often. Well, I actually haven't posted anything at all, but still. 

School has started up again, and all my free time is pretty much gone. On top of AP classes, being crew for the school play, and writing a student film series, I don't have much room in my schedule for fanfiction anymore. Which sucks. 

But have no fear! I figured that I could post once a week on the weekends. I will be posting a Dean x Reader oneshot either tomorrow or Sunday, so stay tuned for that. 

Feel free to message me if you have any requests. Stay awesome! 

- Chloe