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Ok,I bet you're wondering what makes me aggressive and Upset? This will shock you,and even make you cry. If you have a Sad feeling about me,then this is the story for you:
When I was in Elementary School,Up till 5th Grade,I was Abused,and Destroyed. 3rd Grade is the worst year of all. The teacher was nice,It's just someone worked along side that teacher,and fairly everytime I didn't do something wrong,I get shoved into a corner and Sometimes get yelled at. One day I was watching Free Willy,I loved Michael Jackson's Song. I was interrupted for no reason and right at that moment,I got shoved into a wall! But that wasn't the Worst Part. The worst part is that THEY MADE ME MAKE FRIENDS WITH A FREAK!!! A GOD DAMN FREAK!!! Another thing is one day in 4th Grade,Someone Screamed at my Face! It scares me,I bet you're scared as well. Because the truth is,The reason I go after my Family was because of that Backstory! Not because they want to make me listen! But it was that I was Abused and Destroyed in Elementary School Up till 5th grade! 

I know it's disturbing,but you have to believe me! We all have bad times,and this is mine! I never knew about this until Last Night! It Upset me! I knew what happened! My Family Doesn't understand me! My Brother wants me dead,So he could be happy without my Disgraceful Ass! Now Ask me this: What makes me Happy? 
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Hey there... Terrance8d I love Linux, and I wanted to use elementary ever since loosing Ubuntu, but atm, I don't have time to back everything up and stuff... And I only have 1 Flash Drive with a bunch of crap installed on it. Nothing over a gigabyte, and probably not even that much. And I can bring it down to 200 MBs, on a 16 GB Flash Drive, but is it possible to download Linux onto it and run it in Windows 7 on that Flash drive since it has some other Blender files on it? Thanks :D
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I hardly remember my life in elementary school but I will see what I can share

kindergarten: I started kindergarten at the age of 4 back in 2002. I didn't do to well, so instead I just growled at kids and didn't talk. Before the teacher let us do anything she makes us use our imagination draw something. I drew a bunch of scribbles and circles and called it my house. I ended up repeating kindergarten and I didn't make the same mistake, I got along with people and started making friends, not a lot just a few.

1st grade: the only thing I remember is that my teacher was pregnant with twins I belive

2nd grad: I don't remember anything I tricked you

3rd grade: it was somewhat my favorite time back in elementary school. I remember a few things but they don't sound good enough to share

4th grade: I got to meet my first best friend. He was new to our school and we talked allot. Everyone else got to know him he was a great guy. That year I thought I was officially done with school until graduation day, but nope I moved on to middle school and the bad news is we could get detention just for doing something bad.

Other classes

gym class: it was a fun class, when I think about the stuff we did in that class they were all considered workouts because we were still very young. We had this big parachute and we waved it around and it was crazy. We had these small square boards on wheels and this required a partner and for this the person that gets to pull you they are getting muscle because they are pulling your weight. One more thing we had was an obstacle course which I thought was really fun and I enjoyed it.

Music class: we didn't have big instruments like guitars, drums, tubas, or anything else that could crush us. We had these blue wooden sticks and we tapped on them and made what our teacher considered to us was music. We did use some real instruments like the metal triangle, and one that we somewhat got to keep was a recordian

art class: we got to draw, paint, and we did sculptures. But for those last 2 we had to where robes or something and the teacher didn't want us to get our cloths dirty

so that is my story when I was in elementary school

stay tuned for my middle school story
Does anybody else remembers those weird sex ed/puberty videos from elementary school?
Like one to two days a year they would bring in these videos and they would separate the boys and girls and each gender had to watch the video?
Like I have no idea what the boys were shown but I just randomly remembered the videos the girls were shown?
Like girls, do you guys remember the video of like
the girl getting her period at a sleepover and then the mother explains menstruation with pancake batter and eggs?
Did anyone else see those videos when you were younger or was it just some weird shit only my state did?
If ya'll do remember it, wasn't that shit weird af? Like the mother explains and does an entire diagram of a uterus with pancakes and then they just eat it.
wasn't that fucking odd as balls?
and if the boys one here remember those videos... what the fuck where you guys shown? Like us girls got the weird ass pancake video what did the boys get?

why am I randomly wondering this?
I have no idea.
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Happy belated New year everyone!!! I hope you all had a great new years eve :) Anyways, I'm here to discuss some big things that are happening this year. I'll make a list and order them by importance:

1. IM MOVING!! I know to some of you moving is nothing to be excited about, but after being cramped up in small, boring old apartments for 5 years of your life, im sure it'd be exciting. Im moving to a 3 storey house (closer to my new high school so I only have to walk 5 minutes home, not 45) that used to be my close friends, but she and her family are moving to the house across from the one were moving to so I'll still get to see them and all my other friends who live in that neighborhood. (Yes, Cactuscat12 you'll be allowed to come over because my room will be A LOT cleaner xD)

2. IM GRADUATING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Lol that made me sound like a very smol child but im not x3 I'll finally be out of there and into high school as a new 8th grader. AIEEEEEEE

3. I MIGHT BE GOING TO THE MDE TOUR bdatibsduwgqbqudsy1ehflh1efky1iywdg1eyiigeqfkyfe1kgr1iyefuhv2r

3. IM TURNING INTO A TEENAGER :0 thats right, I'll be celebrating my 13th birthday on April 6th. Needless to say, im pretty excited ^^

4. IM GOING TO CAMP! In April, all the grade 7's get to go to a lake (unnamed for privacy) and spend 5 days there! Canoeing, swimming, archery :3 I'm only going for 3 days though because of my anxiety and home sickness.

5. I (MIGHT) BE GETTING A DOG I've always loved shiba inus, and since were moving to a house with a (smol) backyard, we might be able to get one (lol probably not but I'll try)

Since this is what my 2016 will look like, what will yours look like?

2nd of February 2016

Happy February everyone! Tomorrow is the big the day we are finally opening up for applications! What you need to do for applications is:

• Make a reservation
• Fill out the art and written application
• Click the "join our group" button and fill out this template
Chara Name:
Link to app:

Once you have done all that you just have to wait for the mods to read over your app! During this time please be patient with us to make sure we go over everything throughly.
If your app gets rejected because a mod has cited and issue with your app, you can fix the app and resend it in so long as the group is still open.
That is all! Thank you for reading and good luck getting in everyone! Can't wait to see all your lovely characters!

31st of January 2016

Hello! This is a small quick announcement to remind everyone that the group with be opening in three days and will remain open until the 17th! This journal will be updated again on the second with information on how to send a join request! I can't wait to see everyone soon!

8th of January 2016

First update, finally made an actual update journal to keep all of these things in! Though, that isn't all. The next, actual exciting up date is that we will be opening on the 3rd of February! From there we will be open for two weeks for everyone to have enough time to get their apps in (will officially close again on the 17th of February).
App checks are still going on up until the group opens so feel free to note asexualklepto if you would like one.
You still have time to make reservations if you haven't! Those will be going even while the group is open and until the 17th. Also to anyone who has already reserved if you feel like you need to, or want to, you can always ask to change parts of your reservation.

Okay that is all the updates for now! Have a great day and I can't wait to see you all February 3rd!
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