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[Assignment: 1st Semester] Elementary Division

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 26, 2015, 7:51 PM

How the Assignment came to be:

It's the first week of the new semester! The teachers were finally ready to scrape the brains of their students, dump them into a blender, and hopefully, juice them up! . Of course, that is-- metaphorically speaking.

Mr. Dante hasn't been lucky for the Month of February especially last Valentines Day. Besides the pastries he received from the highschool sweetheart "Alex Lee" (which Dante actually cried about), Dante felt gloomy for not receiving more than that---- NOT TO MENTION NOT A SINGLE ONE FROM HIS CHILDREN THOUGHT OF HIM THAT DAY. The hair teacher wailed in despair, dangling himself over a window.

"Look at them.. not caring about a single thing in the world. It's criminal to be cute and not share love to those in need (<----me)." he sighed as he watched over the students playing around the academy gardens.

And suddenly--- he realized something! "I'm a teacher now." MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. He laughed in a maliciously manner, sending shivers to the students he was watching over. Amon-sensei scooted even farther away from Dante's ominous aura while Mr. Takei turned in defensive mode, dodging and whacking away Dante's 'deadly' flying hearts.

After the Elementary Class' daily lesson, Dante stood up and clapped his hands to get their attention.
"//grins widely// All right, my little patoots. Before I dismiss you, I want to announce a special assignment!"

Assignment for the 1st Semester

by: Mr. Dante Vargas
Alice Chocolate Cakes!

Scenario: Bake a cake that will incorporate your Alice.

Assistance from students from higher divisions/teachers is optional.

(Options: The finished product, the process of baking the cake, or a picture of the after-effects of eating your cake. But if you have something more creative in mind, go ahead.)

(Please send me your WIPs via note!)

(Assignments may be drawn or a written composition. If you're going to draw it, don't forget to write what will happen if someone eats your cake!)

Deadline for this assignment will be a week before Grading Period (12th of May, 2015)
Note me/Comment below when submitting your assignment.

Grading will be based on creativity, effort, punctuality and the amount of love you can give sensei.

If you have further questions, Please note me or comment below.

"//whispers to seatmate// Do you get it..?"

"But I don't know how to bake a cake, Dante-sensei. //teary-eyed//"

"What is... 'incorporate'"? //scratches head//"

"//squeals// Can I eat the cake??? //eyes sparkle//"

Dante claps his hands once more to silence everyone.
"Don't worry! You are allowed to ask an adult or an older student to help you!! (because I'm pretty sure most of you can't even reach the top of a sink...) And you have a lot of time to prepare a beautiful cake so put all your hearts into it and BAKE, BAKE, BAKE!"

:star-empty: - No activities completed
:star-half: - Assignment/Introduction completed
:star: - Assignment and Introduction completed

(If you do not submit your assignment via notes/comments, your assignment will be considered a WIP and your grades will not be updated.)

:powerstar: by NeslugCurrent Class Cards::powerstar: by Neslug
Fujikawa,Megumi :star-half:
Hayashi, Ken :star-half:
Iyasu, Yuuka :star-empty:
Jones, Skye :star-empty:
Katsumi, Mia :star-empty:
Kazama, Lei-nad :star-half:
Kurayami, Kou :star-empty:
Mogami, Elari :star-empty:
Sazuka, Greenie :star-empty:
Yukimura, Kiku :star-empty:

:powerstar: by NeslugFinished Assignments/Wips:powerstar: by Neslug

[AA] Kiku's Assignment : Chocolate Cake PT1 by GreenTeaC[AA] Assignment: Cakii Done!(2) by MiRokitty-chanElemntary assignment 1 Ken's cake by Chibisasoriz1 AA: Assignment 1Skye tried her best to keep the cake mix in the bowl. The mixer in her hand was in a tight grip. She was spilling cake mix everywhere. She looked over at Vanessa who smiled awkwardly and nodded. Skye began to him softly before jumping off the crate she was standing on.
"It's almost ready~!" She said happily, taking Vanessa's hand and leading her toward the mixture. Vanessa took a good look at the mixture. It was doughy, simply from too many eggs, floor was little, and to top it off her little cousin had put whole cherries in it. "Isn't it pretty?"
"Yeah, it's so, uh, unique." Vanessa said with a nervous chuckle. Skye took this as a good sign and helped herself back onto he crate. She mixed it up a bit more, making Vanessa blanch behind her. She then jumped down with the pan and stuck it in the oven.
Vanessa had already preheated the oven for her, all Skye had to do was keep an eye on it. Skye then turned back to her cousin and smiled widely. "I can't wait to have you taste it~!" She ch
[AA] Assignment: Preparing the Ingredients(1) by MiRokitty-chan [AA] Elementary Assignment #1: Megumi Bakes a CakeMegumi stood in front of one of the counters with a small frown on her face. She wanted to try her best to complete her first assignment, but she was having some doubts because she knew this would be the first time baking on her own. She slowly rested her chin on her right hand while resting her elbow on her left hand. She seemed to be in deep thought. I have plenty of time to bake a cake. About three months... But I want to bake it today. Hm...
That's when she remembered what Dante-sensei said. "Oh. I have to incorporate my Alice while doing it..." She raised both of her arms up and stretched, being quiet to not disturb the others. She then placed her hands on each of her sides and grew a determined expression on her face. Alright, Megumi. You can do this~ Megumi slowly looked around for the things she needed to bake. Let's see... A plate, two bowls, a round pan, ingredients, measuring equipment, grease... She looked at the cabi
Ken's cooking puppet by Chibisasoriz1

Megumi stood in front of one of the counters with a small frown on her face. She wanted to try her best to complete her first assignment, but she was having some doubts because she knew this would be the first time baking on her own. She slowly rested her chin on her right hand while resting her elbow on her left hand. She seemed to be in deep thought. I have plenty of time to bake a cake. About three months... But I want to bake it today. Hm...

That's when she remembered what Dante-sensei said. "Oh. I have to incorporate my Alice while doing it..." She raised both of her arms up and stretched, being quiet to not disturb the others. She then placed her hands on each of her sides and grew a determined expression on her face. Alright, Megumi. You can do this~ Megumi slowly looked around for the things she needed to bake. Let's see... A plate, two bowls, a round pan, ingredients, measuring equipment, grease... She looked at the cabinets that were above her. She knew she couldn't reach them, so she decided to put her Alice to the test. The cabinets slowly opened one by one. She stepped back a few steps so she could see fully what was in each of them, and once she seen what she needed, she used her Alice to make those items float down and land on the counters in front of her. The cabinets then quietly and slowly closed without physical contact.

She smiled as she walked closer to the items on the counters. "Ah~ Some bowls, a pan, and a plate. Now I just need the other things. But before that..." She turned her attention to the oven nearby. She frowned and released a small sigh. I'll have to be extra careful with that. I don't wanna burn myself... Or the cake. I most definitely don't want to start a fire. She slowly made her way over to the oven and stared at it for a short moment. "You can do this." She slowly and carefully reached her arm out, and turned the heat knob over to the number 350. She stepped back and smiled. "That should be right if I remember correctly. Now to make the cake batter~"

Megumi scanned her environment, searching for the rest of the items she needs. "I believe the butter, milk, and eggs are in the fridge." She walked to the refrigerator and gripped the handle, slowly opening it and searched for the items. "Butter... Buttermilk... Eggs..." She gently grabbed each of the items as she called them out to herself. She noticed her hands were full, so she gently kicked the fridge door shut and walked back to the counters, setting the items down. "The butter needs to be at room temperature. In the meantime, I still need to find the other items." She looked at the cabinets below her and opened them one by one. "Vanilla extract.. Sugar... Flour... Unsweetened cocoa powder... Salt... Baking powder... Vanilla icing..." She repeated the same action she did with the fridge items, grabbing each of the items and placed them on the counters. She silently closed each of the cabinets and walked to the set of drawers and opened one, grabbing the measuring spoons and cups she needs. She then closed them and sat them on the counter before taking a few steps back to stare at all the items.

"Okay. I should have everything. Time to make the batter~" She picked up the butter and began to coat the round pan with it. She sat the butter back down and giggled to herself. "Mommy will be so proud when she finds out I baked a cake all by myself." She grabbed the large bowl and set it aside. "So, the wet ingredients needs to be in the big bowl." Suddenly, a light tint of red appeared on her cheeks. "Megumi, you fart-brain! You forgot the whisk." She made sure not to blurt out too loud so she wouldn't attract attention. She opened a drawer she hasn't opened before and grabbed the whisk, shutting the drawer afterwards. "Alright, I have the whisk. Time to mix the wet ingredients. She walked back to the bowl and sat the whisk next to it, then grabbed the butter and the measuring cup. She took a piece of the butter and placed it into the measuring cup until it reached the three-fourths mark. She sat the stick of butter down and placed the pieces in the cup into the large bowl. She took the bag of sugar and dipped the measuring cup in it. She took the cup back out and made sure that it was full. "Good~" She poured the sugar from the cup into the bowl. She moved the bag of sugar to the side and grabbed the buttermilk, pouring it into the cup until the cup was filled halfway. She then poured the buttermilk from the cup into the bowl as well.

The young girl took a deep breath. She grimaced as she stared at the bowl and sniffled. What if... I mess up?... What if Sensei doesn't like it?... She quickly shook her head at those thoughts and grew a determined expression on her face. No, Megumi. You'll make a cake he'll love!

She sat the measuring cup aside and grabbed the teaspoon labeled with a number 1. She then grabbed the vanilla extract and dipped the teaspoon in it before taking it back out. She poured the extract from the spoon and into the bowl, then set the spoon aside. "Time for the eggs."

She grabbed one of the three eggs and carefully cracked it on the bowl, spilling the correct contents to be with the other wet ingredients. She repeated this process with the other two eggs and threw the shells into the trash can. She walked back to the bowl and began to mix its contents with the whisk. Once she was finished, she set the large bowl aside and moved the small bowl in front of her. "Time for the dry ingredients~"

She then figured that she should use her Alice, so she used it to make the measuring cup float in front of her. She then used her Alice to grab the flour, then pour it into the cup until the cup was three-fourths full. The bag of flour gently sat down between the two bowls as she poured the flour from the cup into the small bowl. She repeated the process with the cocoa powder, but without using her Alice. "Two down, two more dry ingredients to go~"

She set the measuring cup and cocoa powder aside and grabbed the teaspoon labeled with 1/4, as well as the salt container. She poured the salt into the spoon until the spoon was full, accidentally spilling some salt on the counter and her fingers in the process. She poured the spoon's content inside the small bowl and set both the teaspoon and the container aside. "I've made a mess... I'll clean it while the batter is in the oven." She grabbed the teaspoon labeled 1/2 and the bag of baking powder. She dipped the spoon in the bag and pulled it back out, making sure the spoon was full. Alright, you're doing good. She spilled the powder from the spoon into the small bowl, then set the spoon and bag aside. "Time to mix~" She took the whisk from the counter and began to mix the dry ingredients together. One done, she poured the contents from the small bowl into the large bowl. She walked over to the sink and placed the small bowl, teaspoons, and the measuring cup in it. She then walked back to the large bowl and began to beat the contents together with the whisk. She smiled warmly once she was finished and added the whisk with the other items in the sink, then walked back to the large bowl. She then moved the round pan next to the bowl and poured the bowl's contents into the pan, making sure all of the batter makes it into the pan. She then set the bowl in the sink and used her Alice to slowly open the oven. She then used her Alice to make the pan float, making its way over and into the oven. Once the pan was in the oven, the oven door quietly shut without physical contact.

Megumi's smile grew slightly bigger as she knew what she had just accomplished. "I did it!~" She made sure attention wasn't on her before she giggled to herself. "Now to clean while I wait." She placed the unused ingredients back in their correct place, then made her way over to the sink. She suddenly realized that she felt slightly tired. She placed her right hand on her head and let out a sigh. "Ugh... After I'm finished everything, I should go rest." She turned on the faucet's hot water, and made sure it wasn't hot enough to burn her. Once she did that, she went to work. She grabbed the sponge and lathered it with the dish soap. She set the soap back down and began to wash the large bowl.

Once she was finished washing and drying everything, she used her Alice to open the cabinets and place the objects in their correct places one by one. When she tried to use her Alice on the large bowl, the bowl fell before it could make it high enough to be near the cabinets. Megumi panicked and ran towards it, successfully catching it. "Whew~" She looked down at the bowl in her hands and frowned. Why did it fall? She then remembered why, making her frown more. Oh. I have a limit on my Alice... She slowly walked over to the counter and set the bowl down on it. "I hope no one minds the cabinets being open and the bowl on the counter..."

Once she felt like thirty minutes has passed, she turned her attention to the oven and frowned. "Okay. I have the mitts on, but I still need to be extremely careful..." She took a few deep breaths and walked to the oven, slowly and carefully opening it. She took another deep breath, and carefully reached in to grab the pan. She took the pan out and sat it on the counter, then closed the oven door. After taking off her mitts and putting them away, she took a box of toothpicks from one of the drawers and took one of them out. She stuck the toothpick into the middle of the cake, then pulled it back out. "Ah, good~ It came out clean. The cake is finished." She threw the used toothpick away and placed the box back in its place. She walked back to the counter and smiled at her creation. "I have to let it cool before putting it on the plate."

After about five minutes passed, Megumi washed and dried her hands before carefully taking the cake from the pan and putting it onto the plate. She then washed and dried the pan and set it on top of the bowl. She walked back to the plate and grabbed the tube of vanilla icing. "I wonder if I should write something for Sensei on the cake..." She blushed lightly and giggled as she outlined the cake with the icing. She then began to use the icing to write what she thought about while giggling again.

Once she was finished, she placed the tube back in its place and blushed and smiled warmly at her finished product, especially at what she wrote on it.

I love you, Dante-sensei.
Your mustache is awesome.

"I hope he loves chocolate cake~" Megumi giggled at what she just said as she exited the kitchen.
Is there some requirement that once teachers get their degrees, they have to surrender their humanity and common sense at the door? It's hard to come up with any other conclusion when teachers react with fear and suspend a boy for playing Lord of the Rings.

This "zero tolerance" policy has lost all pretense of being for the protection of the children.

What's more, when Johnathan wrote an article recommending people go to a school rating website to give their opinions on Kermit's horrible practices, the website promptly deleted all negative reviews in order to protect them from public disapproval.

Your hearts have stopped beating

Your lungs stopped breathing


We’ll give your souls

To our praying lords


Your lives will be cherished

This day will not be finished


We must laugh to love our dearly departed

No more tears shall be started


You are supported

Parents of the children departed


Revenge isn’t an option

Dear families of the children


Forever to be loved

Forever to be held


In our hearts forever

For those we held dear


Connecticut Elementary Children

You will never be forgotten


But I will not remember you for your death

Not with a single breath


I will remember you for the living you have done

Because now you are gone


I've been doing this thing with school where I go down to the elementary school and read the kids stories and stuff and I have to say it: Elementary school girls are the best! They're so small and cute. And they're always up for hugs and kisses. I just can't get enough of pretty little elementary school girls. And they smell so good, even when they're sweaty and dirty they still just smell like pretty little girls. Once when I was reading to the kids and they were on the floor one girl had a skirt on and the way she was sitting I could see up her skirt. I got so turned on looking at her little panties. One day I'll have a daughter so then I'll have a little girl of my own and I'll be able to kiss her whenever I want. And I'm sorry if this is not the sort of thing
  • Mood: uNF!
If you would like to join the group, please go here to submit an application:
There are no uniforms for Arita Elementary because it is a public elementary school. c:
Remember, children in elementary school wear a special backpack known as a "randoseru".
It is traditional for boys to wear black randoseru while girls wear red, however since times have changed,
there are now many other colors so feel free to have your character wear any color of randoseru they'd like!
Oh! Also if you are unable to draw, you can create your characters using this application that exports the files as a png!
Go here to check it out, but please be careful because it has some nsfw content.
Hey guys!

I'm sure a lot of you have tumblr, or have at least heard of it, so I wanted to tell you something...

I have a new tumblr page! Yay!

It's pretty much exactly what I post on here - Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, etc. If you guys are interested you can go check it out at

See you there! :)

who closely resembled a hamster
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