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[Assignment//Final: 2nd Sem.] Elementary Division

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 4:32 AM

Moustache Scouts Mini Shops!!

Dante, on his usual weekend routine, was on a stroll along the streets of Central Town with the town's pretty florist. Her hands clasped around his arm while his other arm carried shopping bags filled with things the blonde man bought for himself.

Her being any part of his schedule was entirely a misconception. Yet why would Dante pass up the chance to have her company? His day had yet to find him a reason until.......

Assdecoeyezoom3 by Hobo-Rabu


a group of his adorable children came into view! The kids were eying a store of Alice-infused knickknacks. They squealed in unison as the ornaments danced to invite the kids to enter the shop and buy them.

With concealed haste, He bid farewell with a kiss to the florist's cheek which flushed her face red. His shopping bags rustled along his arms as he sprinted behind a lamp post, believing it could hide his bulky frame in some way.

Backgroundsucks by Hobo-Rabu

The kids had their robot nanny perfectly guarding their safety but Dante felt that mechanical things could never exceed his own Papa Powers. Real protection needed SOUL. Some Overly Uncomfortable Love.

From the distance, the children could obviously spot their teacher but their nanny had always disliked Dante for no good reason HIS SOUL. They were hurried away to another store.

The afternoon flew by as the children had a fun time browsing through shops while their father tailed them. Before they were about to leave town and head to their dormitory, the children flocked over to browse a little shop window.

Dante's head popped out from the bushes to peer closer at what piqued the children's curiosity. They were looking at a confectioner making cloud-like candies. "Aha. Howalons." muttered Dante from the bush. They were familiar to Dante in his childhood as these were the oldest delicacies of Central Town.

Dante waited for them to buy some before he decided to approach them but they never did. Impatient and curious, he loomed behind the children and asked "My babies, why aren't you buying anything?" while his hands rested on his hips.

"Good Afternoon, Dante-sensei!" they greeted their teacher.

"Well... we don't mind watching for now." one said with a content smile.

Dante pouted, dissatisfied with that answer. Central Town is a wonderful place to shop! Earnest to have them buy at least one thing for the day, he said "No-No! I won't tell on your Robot Mommy if you bought some sweets before mealtime! You should buy some!"

The children shook their heads. "One day we will!"

"When will that be?" He asked, concerned.

"We're saving up for a whole box when we're in Middle School!"

Assdecoeyezoom4 by Hobo-Rabu

The Next School-day, the Elementary students were greeted by a delivery of Howalons from an anonymous Out-of-Season Santa.

A sweet aroma wafted inside the room but the children didn't know what to pay attention to when Dante finally stepped in. "Good morning, my children~♥" he cheerfully greeted at the either horrified/impressed children. He was wearing an adult-size Scout's uniform. Was this legal?

"Teacher, what are those boxes for?" a student asked  but refused to inquire upon his attire.

"I'm happy that you asked! Let me introduce to you Mr. Cookie!" Dante opened a box and pulled out a cookie. Suddenly, The Mr. Cookie started laughing which was identical to the Elementary teacher's voice. Why are most of this Academy's food alive?? "These will be your companions for your Exam until you bestow them to your seniors and teachers! That means your task for this semester is.... You're now my Moustache Scouts!!"

Assignment for the 2nd SEMESTER!

by: Mr. Dante Vargas
✏For the Love of Money And A fragile Heart!!
Another assignment swayed by your teacher's heart! You're now Little Moustache Scouts!

Dante headersdnsakdn by Hobo-Rabu
(To the tune of SpongeBob Squarepants:
Who tastes amazing with Milk or Tea?
Who goes down your tummy and makes you happy?
A delectable pastry is something you'd wish
So go to a scout and buy their cookies
Made by DANTEEEEEE//cough//LEOOOOON!!")
  • Not only are you given a box of Mr. Cookies, you also get a cute uniform!
    (Yes, it's exactly like what Dante is wearing)
  • As newly appointed Moustache Scouts, you must bless Alice Academians of these delicious cookies molded by the heavenly hands of Dante! Don't worry, that's made of icing and not hair.
  • Pull all the tricks up your sleeves to sell ONLY 10 "Mr. Cookies" to your seniors or faculty members!
  • :new: P.S. Don't worry!! Grading will not be based on the number of cookies you'll sell but the minimum of cookies sold must be at least 5! Good luck!!
Cookiebox by Hobo-Rabu
(These are also badges students can add to their collection!)

Important: Unfortunately, your own OCs, your fellow Moustache Scouts, and Mr. Dante will not be allowed to buy from you.

Final Exam for the 2nd SEMESTER!

by: Mr. Dante Vargas
✏Talk Business!

✏(Edited 8/10/15 | 9:13 PM): Draw a picture of your Cookie Stall/Truck/Schemes!
Write your baby's adventure as a little Moustache Scout!
  • :new: Please be reminded that if you're working as a team, all of your team members must be able to present individual Artworks containing your team working together before I consider this idea eligible for grading. In addition, I'm also grading individual approaches on how your children are selling their share of the cookie pool. Do not forget to ask permission as well from me as well. smile 
  • :new: No collaborations between two OCs with two owners. Collaborations are only allowed to owners with two OCs under one division.
  •  BTW, All Artworks will be compiled for easier Navigation! It's best to do this as soon as you can!!
  • Deadline for this final will be on September 10, 2015.
  • Comment below when submitting your assignment and final. WIPs will not be graded.
  • Grading will based on effort, creativity, and the love you can donate to your teacher. He'll be waiting forever.
  • The FIRST FIVE to complete their assignment and final exam will be given a bonus of 20 Rts from your very own teacher's pockets!

 Important: The customer must agree that 10 Rts will be deducted from their bank when they purchase one cookie and <<will be awarded to your OC's account at the end of this semester>>. They can purchase one or buy them all. Proof of purchase must be in form of screenshot, Roleplay, or commenting on your Mini Shop Deviation.

If you have further questions, Please note me or comment below.
Also, Sincere Apologies for being inactive and not being able to interact as your teacher. I'm still taking my time watching your children's progress throughout this semester and I'm glad that you seem to be enjoying yourselves!

SPECIAL THANKS TO MissFormica for making the COOKIE BADGES and for composing the song!


:star-empty: - No Activities Completed
:star-half: - Assignment & Final Examination Being Graded
:star: - Assignment & Final Examination Completed and Graded

(Only submit your works via comments on this journal, If not your exam will be considered a WIP and your grades will not be updated.)

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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 27, 2015, 12:56 PM






So my most recent story was a bit of a change of pace. Instead of being all about embarrassment and humiliation, with slight fetishes, it was a cute and silly story about Winter in elementary school, still with underwear exposure. I want to try more of this from time to time, but I need some good ideas for scenarios. :)

The characters would be Winter (of course) and his three friends, Asylum, Peppermint, and Sugar Crystal. More characters might be sometimes added, temporarily or permanently, but the focus will be on those four and the silly antics they get up to. Some canon characters might be included, but aged down to be kids just like them. Stories will take place at school and outside of it, with the main idea being about them just playing around and losing clothes, either deliberately or not.

If you have any suggestions for scenarios, feel free to give them! I like being able to try something new!
One of the reasons I hated Elementary School because we had to learn all the states and they're capitals, and then had to do a report on the state we were assigned then had to preform the most annoying song in existence in front of our parents. I don't like to be on stage, or preform in front of anyone especially when I have to sing a stupid song that gets stuck in your head about the fifty friggen states of America. Why can't we just have 10 providences like Canada so the song doesn't go on for 10 minutes naming them all, or just have none at all like England.

What brought this on you may ask? My sister is singing it right now Emote: Eye Twitch by SilverxPintos
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: my sister sing Fifty Nifty United States

Your Assignments/Final Exams are due in 12 days!

Please be reminded that :iconalice-academia: requires every student to participate in our Mandatory Homework. In case you were unable to comply, "Failure to submit at least one will result in your freeze".
Unfortunately, your given task was not only to draw/write but also to sell cookies to your fellow-Alices so I understand that this will be difficult to accomplish within the remaining time.
In this case, I will only allow an extension for the Artwork/Literature but I can not extend the time to sell your cookies. A deduction of 15% will be given to those who weren't able to sell at least (5) five.

Please note me before the 4th of September if you want an extension! I can only extend until the 16th.

The following people still need to hand in their work:

:iconsassaprass: :iconlittleshotaboy: :iconpandasal: :iconle-papillon-rouge: :iconsilverdoe73: :iconkiara-21: :iconstrawbearie-pudding: :icondollistea: :icongreenteac:

Don't be shy to talk to me! Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2] 

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BECAUSE I KEEP PLAYING TAG *shot, because that was a terrible joke*
Got tagged this time by :iconilovebooks126:

What Rules? There aren't any here that I can see =P

10 facts about myself:
Just look through my other tagged journals :XD:. But fiiiiine, here's ONE fact about myself.
1. Even though I act like I hate getting tagged, it is pretty fun answering other people's questions :)

Answers to Questions:
1. Do you like cooked spinach?
Yes. I actually used to hate spinach, but now I really like it (when it's cooked...I'm indifferent towards raw spinach)
2. Did you ACTUALLY say YES to the above question?
3. Can you lick your elbow?
4. Did you just try to lick your elbow because I asked if you can?
Nope. I've already tried a couple years back.
5. Does it make you bristle when older kids call you "Cute"?
Not particularly.
6. Do you like books?
YES. I love reading and my book collection. 
7. Are you prepared for me to attack you if you said no to the above question?
Nope, because I love books :XD: (and it's be pretty scary if you can leap through computer monitors o.O)
8. Do you like those Copy-and-Paste things on people's profiles?
Er....I'm not really sure what "Copy-and-Paste things" are. ^_^''
9. Have you ever read one of those comments that says "Repost this or you will die in 3 days" and believed it?
When I was really young, yeah. But I never actually sent it to other people, so after I survived the first chainmail, I never believed it again.
10. Have you ever thrown skittles at somebody and yelled "Taste the Rainbow!"
No...I feel like getting hit with skittles would hurt (they're pretty hard).
11. Do you have a pet?
Yes, two.
12.What is his/her name?
I have a female beta fish named Gyara and a dog named Trixie.
13. THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL: Do you like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
lol, yes I do. While not my #1, it's up there on my favorite cartoons list.

Feel free to share 13 facts about yourself if you like!

The first thing that you will need to do is to learn to understand your puppy. This is usually characterized by specific erosions of the cornea, though may also manifest as ulcers. In youth, a person's body naturally secretes ample quantities of the human growth hormone; this compound serves to protect cells and other parts of the body, keeping them functioning properly and enhancing their appearance. Use mild correction when your puppy does something he shouldn't do, just like a little child. This type of dog parasite infests mostly young puppies and is acquired from their mother either before or right after birth. Regardless of the specific cause, this is the condition that manifests with all the general symptoms of an eye infection, without any secondary symptoms. Dogs, from forties to Westies to sharpen, like digging for plenty of reasons. A word of caution to all would be Weimaraner owners.

Some Great Ideas For Locating Central Elements In Kick The Habit

All you have to remember is that with Weimaraners, most anxiety can be counteracted very effectively with lots of exercise and plenty of interaction with you and the family, coupled with regular bouts of playing and tussling. How to relate to your spouse, children, parents, in-laws? This will allow you to know why he or she is whining. The first thing that you will need to do is to learn to understand your puppy. Pain and lameness in the elbow are caused by injuries or an ununited anconeal process – commonly referred to as elbow dysplasia, a disorder in which the elbow bone does not meet the ulna properly, leaving a loose piece of bone that usually cause arthritis. Make sure that you keep your puppy as comfortable as you can. Both PG and VG are FDA approved. When a fracture is simple and the bones remain straight, the dog will need a cast or a splinter. The bite or sting occurs on the face, chest or groin area.

So they would get me back, by bullying me.
When I was swinging, they would grab the metal part, shove me off into the boiling hot sand, take it, and yell at me.
And of course, no teacher cared at all.
So I would sit on the bus. Sitting all alone. Then I met a very nice 3rd grader. She became my best friend. We would sit by each other on the bus, eat lunch together,and I forgot about Jordan.
Then one day..she didn't come to school..and I never saw her again..
Then Jordan started bullying me again..I always would sit on the bench in the playground. So one day, I brought my markers and drew on some paper while sitting on the bench.and I would leave it there and go to the bathroom. When I got back, my paper was shredded, markers were in the sand, and EVERYONE in my class was sitting on the bench. They all where sitting on every part of the bench, so I couldn't get on. I was devistated..I just wanted to die..

Then I realized I had a crush on 2 boys..
One of them was a goodie two-shoes...
The other was a bad boy.
We where the best of friends. They both cheered me up when Jordan was being a douche. The bad boy didn't know I liked him..but the other did.
After school , the goodie two-shoes would kiss me on the cheek. I became happy again, even if Jordan was being mean. Then me and Jordan had a singing contest. Jordan would always sing, she thought she was the most popular girl in school. So I tried to sing, and she just made me feel worse.. After that I lost all my friends except the two boys. I even lost the older girl as a friend. When I went home, I always hung out with the bad boy. He lived right behind us. So I usually would go through his place to get home. Then the end of the year came. I would be going to Meridian Elementary, in 2nd grade. Instead of Stupid SUSA. So I was very excited to start the year over. Sometimes tho, I just want to go back to Susa and see how my old friends are doing. And see how Jordan acts now. I miss my old friends..

Then I met Lovelle...

(I got to see the bad boy last year. He called me the F word. I don't like him anymore :3 )

August 25th, 2015 - Day 0:

Greetings friends, fans, shiny happy people, and my fellow Red Hawks!

I have a new blog (after the success of Woodstock Adventure!) and this time it is for my freshman year adventures and experiences at my college, Montclair State University! Today was my move in day. The actual move in day is on August 30th, but because I got a job on campus as an Admissions Ambassador, I got to move in early for training! How exciting!! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the very beginning in East Brunswick, NJ on a early Tuesday morning.

It was 7:00 am. I am wide awake. Today was the day. Move In Day. I shot up and already began to get dressed and get ready. I brushed my now short, to the shoulders hair and did a quick check of my already packed bags and suitcases. Going downstairs, I sat with Mom in the living room where we began going over our dorm checklist and bringing down everything that was going to go to MSU. There was a TON of stuff. Like it took up the whole living room! My cat Mew thought it was a jungle gym just for her. She just had to explore and shed hair everywhere.

We were going and going like Energizer Bunnies. I realized that I never had breakfast....but come to think of it, I had butterflies the size of cinder blocks flying through my stomach (along with horrible pain in my head and neck). I didn't think I would swallow anything, so I stuck to a glass of orange juice. Once we all decided what things were going and what things were staying until Saturday when Mom and Dad were to come up to MSU because again, a TON of stuff, there were a couple of errands that needed to be done. First I had to deposit some money in the bank and afterwards Mom and I stopped at JC Penney's because I needed a wallet. We searched through the racks where there were a ton of sales going on and we eventually found a cute pink wallet that could easily fit in my purse.

As we were about to go pay for the wallet, we spotted this larger handbag that had stars on them! (Now for those who don't know, I am OBSESSED with Stars. I love them! They remind me of me, as vain as that may sound. If you buy me or send me something that has stars on it or is star related, you will become my best friend. Dead serious. (Lol)) At first I wasn't sure if I wanted the bag because the price said $65, but then Mom pointed at reduced price sticker and it was only $10! It was obvious that we bought the handbag along with the wallet. You don't pass up opportunities like that and oh by the way, STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after leaving JC Penney's, we went back home and it was time to pack everything we were taking into the car. But before we got to that, Mom checked the mailbox and I had gotten a letter. It was from a teacher from elementary school that I had in Kindergarten and was my brother's Aide. She had sent me a card congratulating me on graduating high school and wishing me good luck in college. Plus she gave me a $50 Express gift card! I was floored by this and was so very happy. Mrs. D if you are reading this, Thank you so so much!!!! And what a coincidence that it came on my move in day!! :D

So back to packing the car. Now my Mom has a tiny blue Honda Fit car. It has fit things in the back before, but was it going to fit all this stuff this time? I rolled up my sleeves and said: "Challenge Accepted". Mom, my brother Andrew, and I started bringing everything outside. Once we did that, we began to stack my bins and bags like Tetris blocks in the back of the car. We had to push down one of the seats in the back to make room. I almost thought that we wouldn't be able to fit everything, but in the end, everything fit because a Honda Fit fits! Mom and I took tons of pictures. By the time we got back in the house, it was hot outside and we were sweaty and dying. Mom and I split a cold Cherry Pepsi and Andrew sucked down a Vitamin Water. Once we were okay and hydrated again, I said goodbye to my cat Mew and my dog Merlin, took some more pictures, and we were off! However we had to turn back because we had left my Broadway posters behind. (And of course, a Broadway Girl like me cannot forget her beloved Broadway posters!!) Once that was taken care of, we went off again! Adios East Brunswick! It's been real. :)

The drive to MSU took an hour, but there was no traffic and I had a ton of tunes to listen to for the whole ride. When we arrived on campus, I couldn't help but squeal a little and take more pictures. I was here! I was home! We pulled up to the front of my dorm Einstein Hall in Dinallo Heights. I went inside to check in and get my keys. I brought out luggage bins and we started to pull out all our stuff and place them in. We dragged the bins up to the 6th and top floor of Einstein Hall and walked all the way down to the end of the hall where my room was. The door was unlocked and we walked in.




I had the most perfect room! The view was perfect. The beds were perfect. Even the bathroom was perfect! (Yes folks, my room along with the other rooms in the Heights (Dinallo and Machuga) have private bathrooms. No communal bathrooms for me!) We immediately launched into decorating. We started with the bed, layering mattress covers, sheets, comforters, the whole nice yards on it. By the time it was done, it looked so soft and fluffy and bouncy. I was jumping and skipping around the room I was so excited! We continued going until it was almost 4:00. Mom and I set up an appointment for me to get my computer logged into the college's WiFi at the Computer Lab in University Hall. Grabbing my computer bag and purse, we left my room/dorm and walked on campus to University Hall. I love MSU's campus. It was one of the reasons why I applied. It is so pretty, big, and I felt like I could fit in there.

Once we got to University Hall, we took the elevator up to the fifth floor and I got to see the Computer Lab. It looked so awesome! I met with a sophomore who worked in the lab who took me in and helped me set up my computer. It took a bit because my laptop is a bit slow, but once it was on, I was golden. I was in! After getting that settled, we left and walked some more. Soon having no breakfast or lunch came barreling forward and I was STARVING. Mom and Andrew were hungry too, so we stopped at The Red Hawk Diner (MSU's very own diner!) for dinner. I ended up having a Cheeseburger and french fries. It was delicious! Plus, on the tv there was older seasons of Law and Order SVU playing and the twelve year old me was weird as that may sound. (Lol)

After dinner, we walked back to my room and continued decorating and setting up. I got my desk organized, hung up my Broadway posters and garlands of stars because of course! I set up my side of the sink with my toiletries and such and set up my closet space with my dresses, jackets, and shoes. Soon my side of the room looked amazing! More pictures were taken of course. By the time everything was done, it was almost 9:00. Mom and Andrew had to leave and go back to East Brunswick so I said my goodbyes and soon they were gone.

It was almost eery, being alone in the dorm room. My roommate isn't coming until the actual move in day on Sunday. I swallowed any looming fears and went on like normal. I put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and even laid out clothes and shoes for tomorrow. Once everything was settled, I climbed onto my soft and amazing bed and began writing this blog. I was so sucked in to my writing that I almost didn't hear the knock on my door. It was my RA. I hurried to the door and opened it. She wanted to introduce herself and see how I was settling in. She was so bubbly and upbeat and we had a bit in common so we immediately got along great. She asked if I would like to meet another freshman who moved in today and was also an Ambassador! I decided to go and I ran to get my slippers and ID card/key. We walked down to the beginning of the hallway and when she knocked on the door, he opened up and let us in. His name is Matt and the minute I walked in to his room, I saw an Adventure Time box. I knew I was going to like Matt. :D

The three of us got to talk for awhile. Matt is a French major and we got to talk about Foreign Languages like Spanish and French, Math, and Science classes in high school. We all had stuff in common and it was awesome meeting two people that live in the same hallway as me. Matt even asked if I would like to go to breakfast with him tomorrow morning! I said yes. Yay!!!

Soon we split up and went back to our separate rooms. I continued to write this blog and chat with some fellow Red Hawks and Ambassadors and now here we are. Today was an awesome start of my college experience! Moving in, decorating my room, and meeting new people! What could be better than that?! Tomorrow's schedule includes a Meet and Greet with the other ambassadors and my first day of Training. I think this is going to be a great year and a great blog to write. So stick with me folks! It'll be an awesome ride and I can't wait to take you all with me. ;)

Love always!
<3 Jessica
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