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Elementary Event 1 : Introduction
The gates of the school open ceremoniously as a breeze rustles the trees lining the walkway. This is it - your first day at Illustris Academy! Are you scared? Excited? Maybe both? You breathe in, gathering up some courage, and walk past the gates. Gathered around the fountain in front of the school are what look to be the staff of the school - your future teachers! They welcome you in with a smile as they pass you your name badge.
Headmistress Ayame Kusakabe - We hope you enjoy your time here at Illustris Academy. I’m your Headmistress, you may call me Ms. Kusakabe. Please study hard so you may find success here
Elementary Head Emma Blanchard - Hello! My name is Emma Blanchard, and I’m a head of the Elementary department here at Illustris. Feel free to call me Miss Emma! You’ll be seeing a lot of me, as I oversee everything that happens with the Elementary kids like you!
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About Elementary Wolves
well each of them has an object guarding his element when they use power, the object shines and they are stronger and bigger than they were before the most powerful are the best known elements earth, fire, air and water, and everyone has wings
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Lobos elementary
Hola soy Max un lobo de la región donde se unen las líneas divisoras éntrela legión de fuego y la legión de agua pero no les voy a platicar del lugar de donde Sali para no volver nunca empezare acontarles sobre como meti la pata en la que estoy aquí escuchando como me leen la carta de supuestos cargo contra mi.
Todo empezó un lunes la manada de lobos del sur salio acazar todo parecía muy bien para nosotros los cazadores inexpertos de la región ya teníamos las presas listas para casarlas yo al mando  “posdata la q esta contando la historia soy yo luz” con mis mejores amigos y hhaaaaaa
ese chico q me encanta…bueno me aleje de la historia originalya estábamos listo para hacer nuestro movimiento  cuando notamos que algo venia a altas velocidad –q será??.cuando desde la maleza vimos salir y vi salir mi dolor de cabeza y el asombro de los otros.-HHAAAAAAAA…lo siento por romperles sus dientes d
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For Example, An Elementary Student May Be Late Bec
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What i dont like about my old elementary school
You know those times when the teacher tell i kid to go up to the board and pick someone els to go to the board once you're done? almost EVER fucking time a girl picks there bff to go up to the board once there done like once a girl was finished writing something on the board then the teacher said "good job Amy now pick someone to go up to the board" i raise my hand so high and i was right in front of here (i was in the front row) and her bff was all the way in the back and she picked her i was like "bitch please" EVERY FUCKING TIME.And when you talk to a girl,eat lunch together every body saying "there are in love with each other" we are just friends, so you are telling me that if i talk with my best friends that are boys you think that im not in love with them but if i talk to girls in that school you think i love with them motha fucka what? And i remember once it was near halloween so we had a halloween party and you can wear you're halloween costume i was i think a insane docto
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