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The reason why I'm really into Sonic is:
Well I was bullied and I was also suicidal when I was in elementary school until I started watching Sonic X and well Sonic was the only thing that gave me a reason to keep going and to get through the bulling. I actually thought he were real back then. ( I still do same as Shadow and the other characters from the show and games.)
Sonic taught me a lot back then, like how to be a good friend, be there for others, keep the faith, and to never give up.
I swear to God, one ofmy elementay classes did this thing where we wrote down our wishes on pieces of paper, tied them to strings attachd to balloons and let them go into the sky, to see if they became true, and I shit you not, what I wrote was "I wish PacMan was real" in my choppy handwriting. And that was only because I had a crush on him.

If that's not Pac-Man fever, I don't know what is. 
  • Mood: Remorse
These loads of blasphemous barnacles keep spamming my beautiful feed with atrocious claims. Ever heard of "leave nature alone" ?? I ain't puttin mature thingies on every one of my work or I won't get as much FAMEEE! Also, I'm currently suffering  an absolutely horrifying anxiety caused when I'm not able to smell one of those already-used elementary school uniforms owned by elementary schoolers.
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Food - Fries
Anime or Disney? - Anime
Guys or Girls? - Why not both??
Lips or Eyes? - Eyes
Kisses or Hugs? - Hugs
Eating or Drinking? - eating
Novels or Comics? - Novels
Summer or Winter? - Winter!
Outdoors or Indoors? - Contrary to what most think, I enjoy the outdoors greatly
Camera or Cellphone? - Camera
PS3 or Xbox 360? -  Xbox all the way
TV or Computer? - Computer (you can watch tv on it, loopholes!)

Something personal...

Why did you choose your username (to be like that)? - do you remember the book series 'warrior cats?' Well, back in elementary my entire school was obsessed with them and essentially we created a club. We decided ourselves into different 'clans' (I was in ice clan-so fancy) and the name given to me was frostflower. It's stuck with me forever-and occasionally when it's taken (as in this case) I'll alter it slightly.

What is your favorite piece of your own work?

I hate all of my work tbh

What is your most popular work? That one drawing of kankri I did… this one.

Look to your left, what is the first thing you see? - Xbox controller
Now your right - Headphones
Something you can't live without - idk man, waters pretty important

The last...

Person you saw - Older brother
Person you hugged - Younger brother
Movie you watched - Woman in Gold. It was so good and it deserves better reviews, okay?
Song You Listened To - wildes ding by culcha candela
Book you read - Mr. Poppers penguins (huehueh)
Thing you ate / drank - green beans and almonds-it was soooo good
Time you cried and why - almost three years ago, I broke my arm :T
Time you laughed and why - this morning, while I was telling my bee story..
Time you went out - I went to the movies yesterday

The first...

Person you dated - ahaha
Person you kissed - AHAHAHAHAA
Thing you think about when you wake up - 'what would be the worst thing that happened if I just didn't get up, ever.'
Longest friend you ever had -
School you went to - Rowelane elementary Tagged by: Cutemo-Chan

Have you ever...

Broken the law? - *whispers* jay walking
Been arrested? - Not that I know of
Had a hangover? - Nope
Been in a hospital? - yeah, visiting my mother
Been in a car crash? - Almost, but no
Flown on a plane? - yep
Been on a boat? - yup
Traveled overseas? - Nop
Had sex? - No
Gotten pregnant? - No
Had an abortion? - No
Been to a concert? - Yeah
Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something? - defiantly
Skipped school / work? - Nope
Broken a bone - many, many times

Personal again...

Who is your closest friend on deviantART? - uh...I'm pretty sure none of them consider me their friend?
What is your favourite deviation by them?-

Which deviant's artwork do you like most? - I can't
What is their greatest work? - uh
Any favourite deviant ART groups in mind? - nah
What is your favourite artwork of the founder of the group? - nope
The Co-Founders? -  nuh uh
How about the contributors? - nothing
Who was your very first watcher here on dA? -
Pretty sure it was Cutemo-Chan
What is your favorite artwork by them? - dude.
Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? Considering I don't even know what that means? No.
Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? This is sarcasm, correct?
Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art -…
Show us your most recent submission -
Yes you do have to.…
Your Religion? - Catholic
Social Class? - Middle??
Ethnicity - White as a toilet.
Languages you speak? - English and some German.
Scar (s) you have? - *clears throat* one on my nose, one on my eye lid. One on my chin. Two on my right arm. One on my left. A few on my legs. A couple on my knees. And two or three  on the bottom of my foot.

Totally random~

Where is your dream holiday location? - Ireland
What are you wearing right now? - green sweater (but Shannon, it's practically summer!) black legging underneath a pair of grey shorts, and my glasses.

What is the last thing you bought? - candy-I should go get that.
When did you join deviant art? - almost exactly a year ago
Why did you join? - Peer pressure, yay!
What type of membership do you have? - the default, because I'm BASIC.
Are you playing the game? - I AM the game
Are you a member of any other social media platforms?- so many. And you'll never know what they are.
Do you enjoy answering these pointless questions like this one? - they give me life

(Putting them above the thing because yolo)

I have no other friends
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