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Your Assignments/Final Exams are due in 12 days!

Please be reminded that :iconalice-academia: requires every student to participate in our Mandatory Homework. In case you were unable to comply, "Failure to submit at least one will result in your freeze".
Unfortunately, your given task was not only to draw/write but also to sell cookies to your fellow-Alices so I understand that this will be difficult to accomplish within the remaining time.
In this case, I will only allow an extension for the Artwork/Literature but I can not extend the time to sell your cookies. A deduction of 15% will be given to those who weren't able to sell at least (5) five.

Please note me before the 4th of September if you want an extension! I can only extend until the 16th.

The following people still need to hand in their work:

:iconsassaprass: :iconlittleshotaboy: :iconpandasal: :iconle-papillon-rouge: :iconsilverdoe73: :iconkiara-21: :iconstrawbearie-pudding: :icondollistea: :icongreenteac:

Don't be shy to talk to me! Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2] 

Welp going to have internet for the weekend my mom and grandparents are coming up for the weekend and I'm staying with them at a hotel so I don't have to drive 15 to 20 mins back and forth to might do a few join mes!!!!! Also college is starting back up next week so you'll see some art maybe monday, tuesday, and thursday nights since all my classes are 6:30-9:00 at night. Also work is getting ridiculous like seriously we are split in two teams. The manager's people and the am's people seriously are we back in elementary?! And the drama it makes me want to rip my hair out!!! Also having relationship troubles ain't helping. But luckily I have next saturday going to a festival with one of my best friends and her family. I mean i have this weekend off too but I'm dealing with my psychotic mother which is another story for another time. Any who thats my update!!!! Byyyyyeeee
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