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So I visited my old elementary school and the park right next to it tonight to see what shots I could get. It was so nostalgic. I spent so long living in my memories, I almost forgot to get pictures. lol. I visited at the prime time, about an hour before dark, so I didn't leave myself much time. Here's a few things I learned from this experience:
1. Playground equipment doesn't hold up for 15+ years if it's not taken care of.
2. Scout the site before you go to take pictures if possible, that way you can get right to work when the time comes.
3. iPhones can NOT take pictures in the dark. (I already knew this, but it got reinforced)
4. Taking pictures of something you have a personal connection to makes it more worthwhile.
5. Going back to revisit your old school is a really awesome experience. Unless it's your Jr. High, which is torn down and is now an empty field, then it just makes you feel empty inside. :(

So, Look for me to upload a few from this. I'll even share a night pic or 2, though those definitely won't be "featured." (Well...none of them are amazing shots, but w/e)
EDIT: Looking back, they all turned out fairly poorly. I'm gonna have to go back one of these evenings and try again.
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I remember this from Elementary School XD

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2015, 11:24 PM

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I can't believe I have fake friends, don't you ever had or have fake friends. I don't feel comfortable to talk to anyone because there is that moment I'm going to fight someone ;( I knew them since elementary and their acting like selfish pricks that have mental problems. I don't feel like I have real friends, I feel like a loner, emo, loser, hurtful words to describe me.
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