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    I have taken an interest in a fictional writing career because I have been drawn to the field for as long as I can remember.
    Whatever grade I was in, back in elementary school, I was always spending my free time at home watching cartoons and anime, a special style of animation that originates in Japan.  One anime in particular, Digimon: Digital Monsters, I was constantly fantasizing about.  During recess I would grab a pencil and a journal and write a fan fiction for the show.  A fan fiction is an originally published story about characters or settings written by fans published work.  Looking back now and thinking about what I wrote it must not have been a decent piece of literature at all.

    Digimon, actually, was not the only televised program that I would write stories on.  Whenever I would think about an episode of a show I had watched recently, the memory would seem to drift and become a fantasy, and then I would daydream for who knew how long and make a story out of it.  Today, I am currently writing fan fiction for other various cartoons, anime and even video games, during my spare time on my computer, however that is not all I am writing.

    During my freshman year of high school, the only books I would check out at the library were either the written novel series, ‘The Guardians of Ga’Hoole’, written by Kathryn Lasky or the manga graphic novel series of ‘Rave Master’, created by Hiro Mashima.  After months of reading, inspiration had finally struck me to create my own fictional literature series.

    Whenever I found the opportunity to, I would draw the characters and their weapons, and type the story on my computer and save it to my flash drive.  Since that day, it became my life’s work.

    It was not until my junior year when I joined the creative writing club, where I made new friends and learned so much more about the elements of literature from the club’s teacher and from my fellow members and classmates, who almost instantly became my friends.  In my senior year, I decided to make an outline of the story after I looked back on the original draft and realized how I could make the story better, and I think I have so far.

    The first book is still incomplete, especially since I decided to start over and start with writing the prologue in a new journal, but with time and effort, I believe I will make an amazing story.  It is about a young wizard that specializes in wind magic, who realized he used to be a god, but was stripped of his powers into what became a broken sword.  Making friends along the way, the young wizard seeks to piece the sword back together, restore his god-like powers, and stop his evil brother from universal domination.

    If you are wondering why I decided to major in visual communications when I am more interested in fictional writing, it is because back in my senior year in high school, I performed surprisingly well in graphic design class using Photoshop.  Later on, I learned visual communications is a part of creating video games, which most of my friends have decided to do for their future.  I then made a decision to join them on their journey for the future.  Not only will I be joining them in the designing, but I would also make the script for our first video game.

    As a writer, I have self-agreed to work constantly.  I write each day for however long, even if I only write one small sentence that takes me an hour to come up with.

    Performing research from various sources grants me to give my stories authentic detail.  

    Most or some writers would work with editors for revising and have superb organization in the story, but I prefer to be both the author and editor, that way I can feel more confident in my work and myself.

    Being able to type or have decent penmanship is not all that is required in the writing field.  Yes penmanship is obsolete in the field, but it does not hurt to practice.

    A writer needs to be adaptable, specifically when using computer software and programs. Creativity is the most important qualification, in my perceptive, speaking of which, social perceptive is necessary to understand how readers react to understand their audience.  Above all else, even the one I find most important, the qualification that all writers need, is determination, to be an exceptional example of perseverance.

    There are other fields in the writing career that require a bachelor’s degree, such as journalism for newspapers and magazines or in communications.  “As of now there are over a hundred thousand employed writers.  They earn $26.89 an hour, which leads up to $55,940 a year” (, 2014).

    The writers that have not found employment in the field, or freelance writers will most likely publish their work in journalism, novels or even online sometimes through website publication (, 2014).

    Since elementary school, I have been drawn to the world of creative writing.  I have been writing fan fiction, and I am even writing my own original written work.  For approximately thirteen years now, my life’s work has been writing fictional novels and recently, a script for the first video game I plan to make with my friends.  Personally, I can see myself doing this until I slowly begin to loose each cell in my brain or until my heart stops.
I never shut up

I never ever shut up

I was only concerned with myself

No wonder all of my friends hated me

My first best friend's parents were about to divorce and when she needed my emotional support I just said stuff like "Oh everything will be all right" and continued talking about what I wanted to talk about

No wonder she tried finding ways to avoid me

One time I was playing tag with other people and I was IT when the bell rang and when I started walking towards her she screamed and started avoiding me for the whole day because "I was IT"

The next day she acted like nothing had happened.

Another time we had some minor disagreement and she told me that we weren't friends anymore. The next day I apologized for some reason and she accepted it, but literally in the next minute she got a splinter, said "OW!", stared at her finger, and blamed me for it and said "We're not friends anymore".

The next day she acted like nothing had happened. Again. I guess she couldn't find a way to tell me straightforward why she didn't want to be friends and so kept trying to find excuses.

Towards fourth grade we just... drifted apart. Meanwhile I pleased myself with unknowingly annoying the shit out of my classmates and joining in their conversations when I wasn't wanted.

There was another new girl later on and we became best friends. This lasted all the way through fifth grade. But I distinctly remember one day I found her crying on the playground and everyone else was comforting her and I asked her what happened and she said "It's nothing" and the other classmates all nodded and told me that it was nothing. She had told everyone else why she was crying except me, her "closest friend"

On the first day of sixth grade she left me for the popular girls.

See, no one liked me back then for a reason. I thought I cared about them but if I really had then I would have been someone who could be trusted by my own best friends. Best Friend #1, she thought I could comfort her as her parents went through a divorce, but she was wrong. So she tried finding ways to avoid me without hurting my feelings. Best Friend #2, she trusted literally everyone else with her insecurities.

Except for me, the selfish bitch.

They realized how fucking self-centered and obnoxious I was. If you guys don't think so, let me tell you that I try very hard to hide that side of me. But I'm inherently like that. I can't change who I am. Because life isn't a goddamn book with characters that go through developments. At least this character doesn't.

Think I care about your problems? I probably believe I do but in actuality I probably only want to improve my self-image like the egotistical person I am. There's absolutely no way I'm a good person deep inside. There is absolutely no fucking way.

Well I guess now you see the ugly side of me. Except this was never a side. This was always me. No matter how much I put layers upon layers of "goodness" and "caring" I still haven't changed.

I guess it was only a matter of time before I revealed my true colors...
I'm going to disable comments on my pics from now on. This isn't because someone was mean to me or something, cuz I would think that if someone I watched did this, its because of something sherlock said in the show elementary. Something like ppl being egotistical and always putting every step forward out there just to get reassurance from their peers. Now I like the art I make, most of the time, & I want other ppl to feel good about it too, but I'm always looking for immediate rewards when I post something. & sometimes if I don't get that I question whether or not that piece was good & if I like it anymore. So until I am able to simply upload a piece for the sake of sharing & not response I won't be allowing comments. Although hardly anyone comments its the first step I can think to take. I suppose it really didn't need explanation but..
I'm also trying to not talk to my family about art ideas cuz I want to figure out what I, truly I, consider a good idea & be confident in that decistion.

This was also probably me getting reassurance for my actions again. Oh I also really want to be able to tell ppl how disgusting they are to me & or be mean to them w/o being scared I'm going to hurt them & accept it if I do. Because sherlock did that & I was jus blown away w/ respect right there. Ya that sounds really bad but.. *shrugs*

Thanks for reading any of this, if u read it all super thanks
Hey guys!
So, I've been thinking lately, and I think I may add another series! Here's what I'm thinking of:
  • Doctor Who Chatroom (11th doctor because he's awesome and loves bow ties)
  • Supernatural Chatroom (I may wait on this one, I'm almost at the end of season 7)
  • OR either of these, but instead, the adventures you have with them (not a chatroom)
So what do you think? Would you like to see any of these? If you do, let me know!
dis is what you would say to your friend 
or nah…

I seriosly don't care what your life is like now, honey,
You were my friend,
and you always would sing the monster mash with me, 
rake the dead leaves in the fall
lemonade stands in the summer
take walks at the marsh,
you would be complaining 
those shoes you wore, always purple
always too big for your feet,
would get dirty
I remember when we laughed
and were happy.
I will never forget the days
when I had a friend like you were.
a real, true one.

but now all I think of
when I even TRY
to remember
are those awful
horrible texts you would send me
with an ugly text face
peering up at me
it told me something, 
and how I would yell at you 
my voice crackled up in a pain
my throat would ache
and throb
and grinded my teeth
whenever you said 
I won't forget that, either.
and could I ever forget
when you separated me 
from the rest of that table
me huddled in the corner,
a white flag ghost raised,
given up for socialization. 
and only now, do i realize,
you have been doing that all along?

its your mother, 
isn't it.
your mother who says,
that I am not smart enough,
for a perfect girl like you.
I am a shy girl
with no future.
that you should never, 
be friends with me.
i know.

And the bitter cold day 
when you walked up.
you said hello.
I told you,
that you were a horrible friend.
that i have deleted your contact 
on MY phone.
friends are never forever, anyway
so you turn.
you run.
you do,
you did,
you hate me.
and I walked home, my tears
they turned to ice. 

So do you remember when that other girl,
she took all fourteen 
of MY friends?
think you bitch.
how could people not remember that?
they don't care
the kids from elementary
don't care about their life then
i do.
i remember drawing in my journal.
the grey of my pencil turning black on paper
my sketches of the kids,
who were too young to know such things,
always so making my face,
more flexed in a anger. 
the last day of school…
FIFTH grade
you did not say,

good job, you changed. 
or anything like, nice. 
you say,
I think your a good artist.
thats it.

nothing will ever break my heart like that
that everyone is in their present,
but they keep me in my past
Thanks a lot 


btw NOT a love story.
I've got a new artist drawing for 'Elementary', so the story is sure to continue! Pages will still be posted through my account, but the artist will be the ever so lovely and amazingly talented :iconsamelodii:! Her art is a joy and I think she will bring out this story beautifully!

If you want to know why I'm not continuing the art anymore, read this:
Really, really important! PLEASE READEDIT: Today my cat Viggo had to be put down. He was a beautiful cat, who I've owned for a decade. He's not the first cat I've had put down before, the last time it happened I was around 12 years old and I didn't have the same emotional capacity as I do now. I'm older and I get things more now.
At first I couldn't find him to take him to the vet. I'd been searching for him all day today, thus my absence. When cats are dying, they often search for somewhere where they can go and die peacefully. So when I couldn't find him, I was truly scared that he'd died somewhere and that maybe I would never find him. But when I did, I was so relieved. He was still alive, though he wasn't doing well, just as I'd already known.
My mum, brother and I took him down to the vet. We were able to be there for him in his final moments and we were able to say goodbye. It's so sad. I'm really going to miss him. He's a beautiful cat and he was like a nana towards my other cat Berly, always taking care of

I'm not doing art for fandoms anymore, but I'm fine to keep writing for them! Which is why I needed a new artist in order to continue this story.

So give a warm welcome to :iconsamelodii:, and let the show go on! :D
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Alright, this is kind of the second part to the last journal I wrote.

So the same girl, "Emma" is spreading around the school that I'm a bitch and that no one should hang out with me. She told my friend that, and she has the same religion class as "Emma". So my friend told me everything about how Emma took snapchats with random people, pretending that they're her friends so that she could make me feel bad because she wants me to envy her (some how even though I couldn't care less about Emma's friends because in the end, Emma is just only using them to some how make me "envy" her, which i actually find hilarious, does she want to see me suffer that bad even though what she does doesn't affect me at all Laughing ), and that Emma wants me dead for everything I did to her.

I went to the same elementary school as her, and I wasn't even close to her at all, and she acts like I know about her. She called me fake when she told my secrets to everyone. Honestly, like I said before, I don't regret anything I've said to her because if she wants me to be hella real with her, then I hope she knows that I hate her and if I was fake, I would pretend that I like her as a friend, but I don't. She would say things that she has never said in elementary school and she would insult anyone who gets in her way. But nahh, it's not my problem and it's not my fault if other people hate her too. She said in her skype bio that she wasn't fake and her personality is who she is. But honestly, if she can't accept that people don't like her and her personality, then she can't accept the truth. Like if someone talks about her saying they don't like her, well look, that person doesn't like you. Not EVERYONE in the world is going to like you.

Ohh, but I couldn't care less.

BTW, "Emma" is the other character in my Lazy Comics #2, the one who called me and saying that my boyfriend doesn't love me, yeah, THAT'S "Emma". So I was kind of right about her back then before this happened. But what I'm trying to say is that if she is trying to make me suffer so that I could bow down to her and if she's doing so and trying to say "you need me in your life", well, I don't. In elementary school, it honestly wouldn't make a difference if I met you or not, sorry. :D (Big Grin) 

Sorry Ole! Baekhyun : Wiggle 

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I got people in trouble by crying.
I was so messed up. XD