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Alright, this is kind of the second part to the last journal I wrote.

So the same girl, "Emma" is spreading around the school that I'm a bitch and that no one should hang out with me. She told my friend that, and she has the same religion class as "Emma". So my friend told me everything about how Emma took snapchats with random people, pretending that they're her friends so that she could make me feel bad because she wants me to envy her (some how even though I couldn't care less about Emma's friends because in the end, Emma is just only using them to some how make me "envy" her, which i actually find hilarious, does she want to see me suffer that bad even though what she does doesn't affect me at all Laughing ), and that Emma wants me dead for everything I did to her.

I went to the same elementary school as her, and I wasn't even close to her at all, and she acts like I know about her. She called me fake when she told my secrets to everyone. Honestly, like I said before, I don't regret anything I've said to her because if she wants me to be hella real with her, then I hope she knows that I hate her and if I was fake, I would pretend that I like her as a friend, but I don't. She would say things that she has never said in elementary school and she would insult anyone who gets in her way. But nahh, it's not my problem and it's not my fault if other people hate her too. She said in her skype bio that she wasn't fake and her personality is who she is. But honestly, if she can't accept that people don't like her and her personality, then she can't accept the truth. Like if someone talks about her saying they don't like her, well look, that person doesn't like you. Not EVERYONE in the world is going to like you.

Ohh, but I couldn't care less.

BTW, "Emma" is the other character in my Lazy Comics #2, the one who called me and saying that my boyfriend doesn't love me, yeah, THAT'S "Emma". So I was kind of right about her back then before this happened. But what I'm trying to say is that if she is trying to make me suffer so that I could bow down to her and if she's doing so and trying to say "you need me in your life", well, I don't. In elementary school, it honestly wouldn't make a difference if I met you or not, sorry. :D (Big Grin) 

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I got people in trouble by crying.
I was so messed up. XD
So every night I would dream of her falling down the stairs and breaking her legs.

And then she'd be in the hospital for so long she wouldn't teach for the rest of the school year.
And we were reading this book in class.

She was talking about how if we didn't know what a word meant we could use the context of the passage.

This kid asked, "What does 'venison' mean?"

The old lady said, "Who can tell me what that word means?"

So I raised my hand and said, "It means 'deer meat.'"

But then she asked, "How do you know?"

I got really confused. "I... um... saw that word in another book?"

"Did you use the context of the passage?"

The passage literally was something like "The soup had maize, venison, and all sorts of vegetables in it"

So I said, "No."


"Well the dictionary said that venison meant 'deer meat'..."

"Well you won't always have a dictionary at hand. That's why you have to learn how to use the context of the story!"

What a perfect example of the American school system, am I right?
I have been reminiscing old elementary school memories and decided to make my own story of a boy who experiences life at elementary school. Just so everyone knows, I was bullied in, not only my elementary school years, but also in my high school years. I know that there are also a ton of other people who have been bullied and hate it (I obviously hate being bullied a LOT!!!!).

Here is the story of Kyle Laxier. He is a 10-year-old boy who moves from Gateset Elementary School (where he was heavily bullied), to Faseville Elementary School, a school that he has never been to.


Kyle was picked up from school during recess because he had been brutally abused by three boys, whose names are Nathan, Dominick, and Dean. His mom called the school principal later in the afternoon to ask them to resign Kyle from the school so he can be safe. He was kept home for about three weeks. He had only been at that school since the first day of school two weeks ago.

Kyle's mom tried to enroll Kyle into many different schools. She tries Wentalbucke Elementary School, where Kyle had gone for Kindergarten. Unfortunately, the principal there wouldn't let him in. Finally, after a week of fimmicking with registration forms and failed phone calls, Kyle's mom calls Faseville Elementary School, a school Kyle has never been to. The principal at Faseville then looked up Kyle because she wanted to see his school record. The principal called Kyle's mom back and told her that they want Kyle to come to the school, and would work to assign him to Mrs. Lenhowers classroom.

Kyle finally heads to his new school. He heads straight to Mrs. Lenhower's classroom. He opens the door and no one is in the room. He doesn't know what to do. So he sits at a desks and waits for someone to come in. Finally, after 15 minutes, Mrs. Lenhower comes in the room and notices Kyle. She introduces herself and they talked until the bell rang. Mrs. Lenhower told Kyle that he didn't have to do anything because the class had already reached the end of the chapter for their history lesson and they were going to get prepared for the test, which they will do after recess.

Everyone comes into the classroom. Kyle meets two kids, Drake and Evan. A kid named Gabriel comes in and mockingly walks to Kyle and says "We have a new kid?" in a rude voice. Kyle knew that Gabriel was not going to be a good friend at ALL! A ghetto kid named Troy came in after the second bell and noticed him. He noticed Kyle and gave him a high 5.

At recess, Kyle tries to find some friends, but is unable to find any. He went on the swings and Gabriel came and purposely pushed him off. Angry, he thought about beating him up, but knew he would get in trouble if he did that. After all, it was his first day, and he didn't want to get in trouble on his first day. So, he just brushed the woodchips off of his clothes and continued trying to find friends. As soon as he approached the extra jungle gym, the bell rang, and he had to get to class.

The class was working on their tests and Kyle watched the teacher instruct. Gabriel threw a wad of paper at Kyle. The wad of paper was a picture of Gabriel tying Kyle to the monkey bars with logs of burning fire below him. It also included wording that said "This will happen after lunch". Drake then asked if he could see the picture. Since Kyle never knew why Gabriel was being so mean, Drake explained to him that Gabriel is a mean bully, and told him not to focus on Gabriel. As soon as that, Gabriel chuckled and whispered in Eduardo's ear that "The new kid is an ugly mule", the new kid referring to Kyle, who could hear Gabriel whisper from across the room. Kyle, feeling depressed, put his head down. Five minutes later, a blonde girl, Christina, came up to Kyle and introduced herself. She told him that Gabriel is just being mean for the fun of it. Christina sat back down and the class kept going with work.

At lunch, Kyle sat alone, until a boy (not in his class) named Francis saw him and asked him if he would like to sit at the table with his friends. When Kyle met Francis's friends, he saw Drake and Evan from his class. A kid named Justin complimented his hair and said that it looked cool. On the playground, Kyle was yet again caught by Gabriel. Gabriel asked Kyle if he ever heard of rap music. Kyle went to the swings and Gabriel and his clique, Eduardo (his brother), Harold, and Damien followed him. Gabriel pushed Kyle off the swings, AGAIN, and his clique laughed when Gabriel called Kyle a "slow poke weasel".

Kyle ran off and started feeling sad. He felt so sad that he wanted to sit alone and cry. So, he sat at a table and put his head down. Two minutes later, a dark blonde haired girl with freckles named Hailey noticed him and walked over to him. She asked Kyle why he was sad. He told her that Gabriel pushed him off the swings and called him a "slow poke weasel". Hailey explained to Kyle that she always keeps getting bullied by Gabriel, and that he always calls her a "midget" because of how short she is, and that being called a midget offends her. Kyle didn't know that she was from his class. Hailey introduced herself and Kyle introduced himself. She grabbed his hand and took him over to the study building, where kids study during recess. She introduced Kyle to her study buddies Michelle (whom Kyle also didn't recognize from his class), Justin (who was with Kyle at lunch), Jason, and Theo. The study buddies asked Kyle if he would like to join his study club. Kyle with a big smile on his face said "Yes". Right then, the bell rang, and Kyle and Hailey walked over to Mrs. Lenhowers class together.

The classed played 7-up until the bell rang. Everyone walked out of the classroom and went to the parking lot to get picked up by their parents. Kyle noticed that both his parents were picking him up. As soon as he came to the car, his parents asked him how his day went. He said that it was a great day. He told him about everyone he met, even Gabriel, who was mean to him. He told them that even though he had some hard times when Gabriel bullied him, he still had a great time meeting friends.
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With the purchase of a digital tablet (Intuos) I have been plotting & scheming. More so in the sense that I have been working out Miskatonic Elementary’s initial run as a web comic. I will start posting pages when I have all 8 pages penciled & inked and release them one every few days, this way It will give me a chance to work on the next 8 pages. I hope you’ll all stay tuned and let me know what you think about Howie, his friends and their adventures.

Also, on a separate note. I will be at Northeast Comic Con in Wilmington, MA in December. Come by and get some unique Dr. Who or Cartoon gifts for the holidays

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