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Started experimenting with the ship...and oh my gosh, I think I like it.

I always thought this was the weirdest ship ever. I would see a fanart of this ship and think "Jeez, did they even read the books? They freakin' hate each other!"

But eh, started writing a fanfic (that will never EVER be posted, I'm embarrassed to be even writing it), and yup, it's cute. They're so sweet together. Sometimes. Some of the things I read are total trash. But that's fanfiction. Some is terrific. Some is terrible. Sometimes I can even find a good H/Hr fanfiction (and I despise H/Hr).

Yup, can't believe I'm writing this. If I saw this a month ago, I would hate myself. Gosh, what's next? Cho and Neville? I'm never going to put Neville through that torture. Hermione and Snape? *shudders* And I still like Ron and Hermione as a couple.

Oh, and on a side note, I like vampires now! I still hate Twilight, but L.J. Smith's vamps are ah-mazing. Even the vegatarian ones. All of the girls kick ass. Unlike certain girls dating vampires *coughcouhBellacoughcough*.

Wow, lots of changes!
This is part of a rather lengthy article I wrote on a message board discussing possible relationships in the Harry Potter books... so I decided to post it here if anyone was interested. :aww:

I've often thought that perhaps Hermione and Draco will end up together. It's far fetched I know... but I did find it rather amusing when Draco is taking points away from the trio in OotP, and he says to Hermione, "Oh yeah, I forgot, you're a Mudblood, Granger, so ten for that...." He forgot, did he? :giggle: (pg. 626 - OotP american v.)

I think that Draco needs someone like Hermione. Personally, I believe that Draco acts the way he does because of how his father treats him. Draco is obviously afraid of his father, or else he wouldn't spend so much time trying to be exactly like him. Most teenagers are slightly rebellious, but Draco has definitely been scared into a state of submission by his father, so much so that he does as much as he can to make sure he appears exactly the way his father wants him to.

In the books, Draco teases Hermione mercilessly, but at the Yule Ball, you'll remember that he couldn't even think of anything bad to say about her.

Also in GoF, Draco warns the trio to keep Hermione away from the Death Eaters at the World Cup... Of course he said it in a mocking way, but who knows, really... He did seem to be making a bigger deal out of it than you'd normally think he would.  

Also in the books, it's always Hermione who feels sorry for Draco. That could be a little hint... When Draco was attacked by Buckbeak, Hermione was the one to get the gate open for Hagrid, and she was the one who was wondering if Draco would be alright. She was also the one who said it was a good thing that McGonagall stopped Moody from torturing Draco as a ferret... She always tries to stop Ron and Harry from attacking Draco, even when he says mean things to her.

If Draco were to ever defy his father, and was maybe forced to work with Harry and friends for some reason, I can see Hermione getting along with Draco much better than Harry and Ron would... In which case, it could possibly lead to a relationship between them.

Draco really needs someone like Hermione, because she's a very caring person and Draco's personality obviously comes from being neglected emotionally. Sure, Draco gets pretty much whatever he wants, but that's because his father wants him to be perfect, and since he can't be perfect by himself, Lucius buys him things, hoping that he won't be disappointed by his son, whom he already bullies around. Draco's mother, Narcissa, is probably a bit more caring than Lucius, but I don't see her as a very loving mother... I think she just sort of babies Draco instead, seeing him how she wants to see him and not really paying any attention to how he ever feels.

I think it's interesting when Hermione slapped Draco in PoA, that JKR mentions it again in GoF. I haven't been able to figure out why, but if JKR repeats something, it's for a reason, isn't it? "The last time Harry had seen Hermione in a rage like this, she had hit Draco Malfoy around the face." (pg. 451, 452 - GoF american v.) While many of us enjoyed that scene in PoA, it seems suspicious to me that JKR would write it again, as if she didn't want us to forget... :idea:

I really don't think Hermione likes Ron. I know Ron likes Hermione... but I'm not so sure she likes him back. Only time will tell of course... but Ron/Hermione is not a favorite relationship of mine... :no:

That's all for now~ I have more but I'll write it later. I have work in the morning.


Everyone go visit these people!

:iconsweetdemise: My cousin who draws Harry Potter art also :D

:iconthedeedledee: My good friend who drew me the most adorable picture...… (which you must comment on and tell her how sweet it is)

:iconkitshy: Another friend of mine with really cute artwork :aww:

:iconvaiyas: is my brother and he doesn't have much up at the moment, but go visit him anyway :w00t:

:iconterroirtremolo: Todd O'Dwyer Dwyer. My RL friend with really l33t realism skillz!~ w00t.

:icongreenarmani: Best fractal art I've ever seen. Really.

:iconpupukachoo: has the most fantastic art! A lot of Violinist of Hameln stuff, plus a lot of her original characters... Talk about detailed drawings.... Go see her gallery and drool over her bishies!

[If you want me to add you to my "Everyone go visit these people" list and I didn't, just send me a note :aww:]

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This story takes place in a medevil setting with alliances,political marriages


Draco and Hermione are not the ones that should be together but she changes him, it's good but he changes her too, he challenges her, has her question everything, her belifs .he is either the best thing for her or the worst. Today was Hermione and Draco's wedding

it was the wedding needed between the alliance of mudbloods and purebloods for the realm. Hermione was to be a Malfoy by the end of the end of today but Hermione was in love with another and that was Richard Fork he was a Knight to her soon to be husband Draco Malfoy. Richard and Hermione shared a love but until her family the granger's had to have her marry off to Draco, she will lose everything but Draco from the start new that Hermione would be his. Hermione was beautiful,witty,cunning,loyal proably even ambitious. Draco will have the woman he needs to run a realm. A woman who makes every other couteasan look like a fool for trying to get his affections but Hermione didn't need to do much becuase she will do the complete opposite. Hermione knew how to make him jealous and she also knew how to get what she wanted, she was a woman of just pure elegance and upper class. Hermione was every man's ideal dream. A brown beauty, slender, beautiful brown eyes but today hermione was going to be his.…

so, yeah, this video goes to my upcoming fanfiction about Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger from the HP series. love it!! Please tell me what you think, cuz i feel like no one takes my videos seriously. >,< and i hope my Wolf's Rain video loads, cuz it hasen't been doing it the past 15 million times!! ugh!!
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yep, i said a SLYTHERIN with a GRYFFINDOR. in my mind, they BELONG together. i think they are just too scared to admit it, and too proud. also, WHO would even WANT to hear of a Slytherin dating a Gryffindor? not Harry or Ron, i know that for sure. i think Hermione should DIVORCE Ron and marry DRACO instead. same for Draco. divorce his wife, and marry Hermione. Scorpius (Draco's son) would just have to accept it. screw Ron, i think Draco is a THOUSAND times better for Hermione. say what you want, i don't care. that is MY opinion, and you'll just have to accept it. also, if you want PROOF that they can be together, read THIS: Unlikely Friends. yes, they start out as enemies (of course). but it turns into love VERY quickly. it's rated M, though, and for very good reasons. it's PURE romance. i LOVE that story. just adore it. give it a read if you don't believe me.
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I have finished my soundtrack.
Its over completd on LiveJournal. devART is being a bitch and won't let me upload the files. Oh well, I'll try another day. Completed.…

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I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last week and now I want to draw some smutty Bellatrix fanart (I like controversial couples, don't judge me!) XD

I might even draw both (not both pairings combined in one drawing...or wait...I kind of like that concept too...)
...see I have troubles deciding what to draw first, so please, leave me a comment, telling me what you want to see!
Since I haven't seen any (and more than likely there probably IS none) I have decided to make a Hermione/Draco club :iconhermione-draco: here on DevArt! :aww:  Yes, I am obsessed.  After 5 years of being obsessed with them, I think it's about time I made a little shrine for them, since they rock so hard.  Hmm..yes.  If any of you would like to join, I'd really apprieciate it. ^^;  Since it's going to be really hard to find Draco/Hermione art out there, since I'm lacking in the search engine area here. :O_o:  I'll be adding stuff to the favorite list tomorrow, because it's 12:48am now and I'd really like some sleep. ^^;  Na-night all! *salutes*

:iconhunterbahamut: --Art Trade - 5% Complete. (sketched stuff out, but so far nothing is working for it)

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"OH MY GOD! Am I the only person in the whole world that just figured that Lily/Snape is kind of like Hermione/Draco? Like, maybe he was ALWAYS in love with her, and (almost) NO ONE will never know!"

I have never thought about that... and now i am completely in love with dramione! ♥
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