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Count to potato

Wed Jun 20, 2012, 11:55 AM
a, o, p, t, oa, oo, op, ot, pa, po, pp, pt, ta, to, tp, tt, oaa, oao, oap, oat, ooa, ooo, oop, oot, opa, opo, opp, opt, ota, oto, otp, ott, paa, pao, pap, pat, poa, poo, pop, pot, ppa, ppo, ppp, ppt, pta, pto, ptp, ptt, taa, tao, tap, tat, toa, too, top, tot, tpa, tpo, tpp, tpt, tta, tto, ttp, ttt, oaaa, oaao, oaap, oaat, oaoa, oaoo, oaop, oaot, oapa, oapo, oapp, oapt, oata, oato, oatp, oatt, ooaa, ooao, ooap, ooat, oooa, oooo, ooop, ooot, oopa, oopo, oopp, oopt, oota, ooto, ootp, oott, opaa, opao, opap, opat, opoa, opoo, opop, opot, oppa, oppo, oppp, oppt, opta, opto, optp, optt, otaa, otao, otap, otat, otoa, otoo, otop, otot, otpa, otpo, otpp, otpt, otta, otto, ottp, ottt, paaa, paao, paap, paat, paoa, paoo, paop, paot, papa, papo, papp, papt, pata, pato, patp, patt, poaa, poao, poap, poat, pooa, pooo, poop, poot, popa, popo, popp, popt, pota, poto, potp, pott, ppaa, ppao, ppap, ppat, ppoa, ppoo, ppop, ppot, pppa, pppo, pppp, pppt, ppta, ppto, pptp, pptt, ptaa, ptao, ptap, ptat, 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Apparently I can count to potato, because I messed up the cosplay list TWICE. The NEW new list of people in the Hetalia Dating Game I'm holding:

Me- Grandpa Rome
German- Russia
Kenji- Japan
Lara- Hungary
Friend #1- Ukraine
Friend #2- America
Friend #3- England
Friend #4- Germany
Friend #5- Sealand
Friend #6- Poland
Cosplayer #1- Greece
Cosplayer #2- Prussia
Cosplayer #3- Liechtenstein
Cosplayer #4- Seychelles

Anyways, after we play our little dating game, I'll post the list of Crack Pairings it produced. The rules of te game are simple: Fill out a sheet with some questions your character would ask, then ask them and listen as the contestants answer as their respective country. Whoever the person asking questions likes the most gets paired with the asker.

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
Anyways, yeah....Let's do this!

BTW, this is TONIGHT!!!!
One, two, derp, happy dingo, seven, eight, Gorillaz, doo doo, glitter freeze, monkey, POTATO!!!!
So yea, IDK ._.

I'm still sick, still unable to work, can't do shit .. so yea :3
All I do is work and draw and shit x.x

So if anyone wants some photoshop work done or signatures or drawing idea's.. Give me a request and I shall do my best to complete it.

XoXo Trinny Mc Weeeeeeeeeeeee~~
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So I just went to eat some black pepper potato chips.
And right when I was going to nom it...
So yeah, how have you guys been? :'>
And how many active watchers do I have? D:
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I am also amazing at fucking shit up and mixing ammonia with bleach, inhaling the result through a drinking straw, and giving zero fucks when fucks need to be given.
finished my first cartoon today pls have a look :)deimudderseigsicht.deviantart.…
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