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I want to draw League of Legends fanart but I have no idea how to human.
WARNING: I'm likely going to spoil just about everything about the three FNAF installments. If you do not want crucial details spoiled to you, ignore this rant.

Okay then.

So recently I saw the "Good Ending" to FNAF 3. It seems to work out so well, the unlit heads representing the freed souls of the children. But now what? Where does FNAF go from here? Fazbear's fright burned to the ground, taking most of the relics with it. The killer was done in by Spring Trap's internal spring locks and died in a boarded up room years ago. The souls have been set free (well, the innocent ones at least).

As I see it, there are two routes Scott can take from here.

Route 1: Leave it as it is. He has concluded the main overlapping arc of the triolgy, the whole reason the game exists: the Missing Childern Incident. We know practically every secret Freddy Fazbear's Pizza had under it's sleeves. It would leave a few animatronics in mystery (shadow Bonnie, BG, etc.), but those are really just bonus characters to spot anyways. Besides, Phone Guy isn't around to record extra audio for future installments and the game probably couldn't be called "Five Nights At Freddy's" with the lack of Freddy and Co.

Route 2: Spring Trap (and some other assorted animatronic items)survived the flames. Let's be honest: metal frames would last the fire and could be retrieved. What's there to say the charred metal interior of Spring Trap (and his "passenger") couldn't have made it through? Plus the killer would likely have possessed Spring Trap.
(Was Spring Trap even supposed to be active, or was he never on to begin with?)
And there's always an abundance of foolish entrepreneurs who seem to have a liking for robotic puppets that wander a vacant building with only one guard to keep watch during the night. It could happen.

I guess I'll wrap this up by saying that either way, FNAF had a good run. It was a unique experience, not only in survival horror, but in storytelling. You had to pay attention to your surroundings to know what really happened in the unluckiest business to ever exist. I'll look forward to whatever Scott does now, as the door is always open. Or not even there. Depends on your view of it.
Cant handle anything at the moment
i wont deactivate, but i will be inactive til im in a better mood.
so probably never
My printer doesn't work so have this Squid thing to show my sadnessHandsome Squidward Dance 
So when im a adult...Im getting the following animals: Corgi,Chinchilla,Fancy Goldfish (probably) and Fennec Fox! "But those are—" ssh! Fennecs are pretty inerjetic and so am i! Im ready to risk going half and hour to find a exotic/Fennec Fox vet,and deal with digging! And Chinchillas History for me in a nutshell: Preschool,Next room from mine, Pet Chinnchilla XD and Dogs always
been with and Fancy Goldfish i saw at PetSmart and are so cute!! But at that time ill be a vegetarian (Cuz my mom says if i become a vegetarian now ill be weak but if i become one later i will gave to eat healthy and get strong before time so you do get to "weak" later XD) so feeding My Fennec wont be hard! Plus running a Dog Cafe you made yourself running 12through5? Not that bad! And a in Florida (where ill live at that time) allows you to have all the animals even Fennecs :3 do yeah..just syaing :3 Bye!
Hello everyone :w00t:
I hope you're doing fine! :aww: I am very well.

I got 3 super cute and adorable Chinchillas in the other day. They're all available as lifesize mounts. 

:bulletblack:small baby chinchilla (typical chinchilla color)
Very similar in size and appearance to this one: deerfishtaxidermy.deviantart.c…

:bulletpink:SOLD! big dark gray chinchilla

:bulletpink:SOLD! creme/beige colored chinchilla (this one is medium sized; somewhere between the small and the big one)

If you're interested in having a lifesize mount and want to see pictures of the frozen animals, please comment or send a note. I will gladly share them with you via note!
For those of you with money burning a hole in your pocket, please go help out one or both of these sweethearts!!!

Moving + phone update.EDIT #2: OMG THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. :heart: I still need for all this stuff to be gone, though! Remember, you can haggle with me! ;w;
EDIT: My phone broke yesterday, so now I need to raise $50 to get a new one for my insurance. -_- Dangit, when it rains,
it really does pour. u_u Pleaseeeeee buy my stuff. ;____;

Hey guys, we are moving on March 15th, and we have to go sign the lease and pay the deposit on Saturday, so I'm looking to sell stuff as quickly as possible.
I have some YCHs available for sale, and also some old characters, as well as closed species. Everything needs to go. x_x
Please feel free to haggle with some of the prices.
Paypal is priority, of course, since I can't use anything else to help out with extra moving money, but I will also consider points and art, or a combination of anything.


 <--- Sylvena is moving and her phone broke so she needs some money

; _ ; my laptop decided to die on me and currently all i can do is borrow my
mom's/sisters' laptops to draw/etc.
and i'm really hoping to save some money for a new one!
by commissioning me you help me out BIG time, seriously
and if you cant buy at the moment, i would just love if you could feature this
and spread the word! thanks so much in advance
GOAL: $20/500 (sobs)
i can do any species, but some favourites are WDs, slimerock pups,
sushi dogs, iceberg hounds, minkins, etc.


if theres anything else you're interested in just let me know
so thank you so much for taking a look, if you'd like please comment or note me
i really do appreciate any help <3
 <--- NearTheStars is in need of some cash to get a new laptop so she can draw without having to borrow computers from her friends/family!!!!

They're both super sweet and talented like omg go commission them, help them out while getting some lovely art for yourself
So I decided to write some terms of service for commissions because ummmmm
There have been some issues. So terms of service for my commissions        

Payment and Refunds

1.) Commissions must be pre-paid with the exception of if you are someone I know
2.) Do not chargeback if you paid with Paypal and I haven't done your commission yet, I work on them it just takes some time and I often have to take more commissions then I can handle at one time because I have low prices.
3.) Refunds will be given only for what portion of the commission I have not yet finished. If I finished 75% of your commission before you lost your patience, you will only be refunded 25% because its not fair to me to have to fully refund you and scrap my hard work. You will be given the portion I didn't complete.

Quality and Mistakes

1.) I always strive for the best quality when doing commissions, however if you feel something wasn't done as well as it could have been, tell me and I will re-do it.
2.) If I mess up markings, anatomy, colors, etc tell me and I will fix it.


1.) As before mentioned, I often have to take more commissions then I can handle to make any sizable profit due to the fact that my prices are extremely low considering the time and effort put into them. So commissions aren't always going to be finished quickly.
2.) Any time within a month is bargained for, however if I spend more then a month without posting your commission you can hassle me to get it done if you want.


1.) If your DeviantART account is de-activated and remains so for more then a month, your commission is voided.
NOTICE TO ARTISTS: If I used a thumbnail if your art, and for some reason you are uncomfortable or not okay with me using it in this, feel free to calmly let me know, and I will willingly replace it with something else. Deviantart thumbnails were the only way I could get art to show up in this for some reason, and even if this counts as a plug for your work and a link to your gallery, maybe you just don't want your art here, and that's perfectly understandable and fine. And with Deviantarts latest functions, I know your going to be notified I used them even as a thumbnail, so if you don't like it please just inform me and I'll get a different thumbnail. Thank you ahead of time for being civilized about it. ^^

NOTICE TO WATCHERS: I am reposting this for SEVERAL frustrating reasons! I originally tried to post the list as a literature, so it would be just another entry in my gallery, but frustrated with being able to get the images of the characters to show, I used thumbnails. Apparently you can only post thumbnails... in journals. Not only that, but because of the specific way that I was posting this now forced journal, it became some form of journal that has to go into the journal portal, and cannot be edited. Which sucks because I realized Ruby is just a knock off compared to who truly belonged in my honorable mentions: Shantae. The process of trying to get all this to work has been fustrating, and with a sinus cramp in my jaw I just can't deal with frustration right now. So here it is again, reposted, as an actual and editable journal. Please comment, and I hope you enjoy.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: There's a lot of girls I like in a lot of different media forms, and I think it's about time I compiled lists of my favorites addressed very thoroughly. Especially for those of you who are curious. So here are my top eleven for this particular form of media! Why eleven? Because I like to go one step further (and it's a good excuse to show more love, in case my honorable mentions aren't enough =P (Razz))

Video games have effected me way more than I thought it seems. I hope you guys enjoyed finding out some of my top girls. I got two more lists like this coming soon. ^^ For now, here are my top eleven Video Game Girls!

11) Lethe (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance + Radiant Dawn)
Lethe Wallpaper by rykerzero
(Desktop background made by rykerzero)

Lethe was the first of a raced called the Laguz that you meet in Path of Radiance, a neko-mimi race that could transform into vicious giant cats. I immediately fell in love with her unique design, and her character didn't disappoint me. While there is an instance where she can form a bond with Ike, the main character, to the point that she nearly reveals she loves him, what really shocked me was her relationship with Jill. In the American version, these two girls work past their racism for each other and form a bond of true friendship, but in the original Japanese version they can actually fall in love! A very interesting fun fact for a tough girl I've come to love.

10) Meru (Legend of Dragoon)
RF: Meru by saturn9calina
(Artwork by saturn9calina)

Meru is a funny, childish, scantly clad dancer from the Legend of Dragoon. She's also the blue dragoon with water powers, and fights with a massive mallet. Meru's ultimate combo move at full power is the strongest physical move in the game, and in the strategy guide there was a hilarious typo where her move "Double Smack" was accidentally written as "Double Spank". XD Meru's hazel hair and red eyes really stood out to me, and she was just too much fun.

9) Xiaomu (Endless Frontier + Project X-Zone)
Endless Frontier Xiaomu by KaijiroCustomWorks
(Desktop posted by KaijiroCustomWorks)

Despite being 765 years old, she still acts like a little brat, and gets spanked like one by her partner Reiji Arisu. Xiaomu is a sage fox, who's fox tails make up an interesting hair style. She's a powerful fighter, and her interactions with Reiji amongst other characters can get pretty darn humorous.

8) Chocolat Gelato (Solatorobo: Red the Hunter)
Chocolat Gelato by Lionalliance
(Artwork by Lionalliance)

An orphan from Solatorobo, she becomes a pilot and a mechanic, a prodigy at a young age. She escorts the main character, Red, on his missions through the game. They have a sibling bond, and the spunky girl always brings a smile to my face with how adorable she is.

7) Ruby (Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete)
Little pink dragon fire by TB-Samurai
(Artwork by TB-Samurai)

Ruby may look like a little pink cat with wings, but she's actually a baby dragon (thus further proving who much cats are like dragons if you ask me >.>). She's in love with the main character from the game from the very beginning, and in battle she will randomly come from the background scratch and breath fire on enemies. She can talk, and she can be very funny especially when giving Hiro a hard time. And when she later unlocks her dragon form, which you can summon in battle and even get a cool clip or two of her using, she's actually a really badass character!

6) Carmelita Montoya Fox (Sky Cooper Franchise)
Inspector Carmelita by Jaehthebird
(Artwork by Jaehthebird)

Inspectror Carmelita is a police officer constantly after Sly Cooper, but her love of the law sometimes conflicts with her love for the thief. This tough as nails cop kicks a lot of butt with her shock pistol, and I really loved how much of a larger role she played in "Thieves in Time". No voice actor will ever compare to the one she had in the first game (she has a different one every single game), and they may have switched her from those tight pants to a mini-skirt, but I think she's aged incredibly well as a character and can't wait for more of her.

5) Krystal (Starfox Franchise)
Krystal by GENZOMAN
(Artwork by GENZOMAN)

Krystal may have been what started my kink for tribal girls in loincloths I'll admit, heh. This blue vixen with interesting fur patterns captured many hearts and converted many to being furries (not me though I already was). Her magic staff was incredible, and her psychic powers are very unique, it's just sad she doesn't play a larger role in the games. Her lead role from "Dinosaur Planet" alongside her brother Marcus was stolen when it became a starfox game, and in the most recent installment the way she (and the game itself) was treated makes most fans want to forget the game. Krystal was one of the first more well known furries though, and as whored out as she's become amongst them, I can't help but love her.

4) Okami Amaterasu (Okami)
Okami: Amaterasu by Risachantag
(Artwork by Risachantag)

Okami is still one of my favorite games of all time. It was a beautiful and unique game unlike any other, with a fascinating main character that taught me so much about Japanese Mythology, not just with her own story, but with the curiosity to look more into it. As androgynous as they tried to make her sound (probably because she did show signs of being attracted to women) we all knew from several hints that Okami Amaterasu was a girl. Legend saying that Amaterasu was the "goddess" of the sun and beauty helps too. With a variety of powers (and some attractive fanart) Amaterasu stole my heart a long time ago.

3) Fidget (Dust: An Elysian Tail)
Fidget by Azure-Vortex
(Posted by Azure-Vortex)

Fidget is what's called a Nimbat, and the guardian of a sacred (talking) sword. She shoots out magic balls which Dust can use to combo massive damaging attacks on enemies, and she's incredibly adorkable. She breaks the forth wall and has hilarious dialogue in the game. A lot of people find her annoying, but I wouldn't have loved the game half as much without this lovable dork in there helping me fight baddies and smile every time she spoke. I honestly can't believe nimbats didn't become their own fandom... or did they and I just never heard about it?

2) Midna (Legend of Zelda Franchise)
MIDNA by ZeroNis
(Artwork by Zeronis)

You all saw this coming, you all know her, you all love her. Midna is a delightful imp from the Twilight Princess game who travels with and guides your character through the game. She's the ruler of the Twili race, and a powerful being if you've ever seen her with that mask/ helmet she wears completed. Her smug giggles and snotty attitude, mixed with her tragic tail made her such a unique and strong character that I think it's understandable so many fell in love with her.

1) Blaze the Cat (Sonic Franchise)
Blaze the cat by BlazeGTR
(Posted by BlazeGTR)

Blaze is a purple pyrokinetic princess pussycat from another dimension. She's introduced into the Sonic series as a sort of cross between Sonic's speed, and Knuckles original personality. She's stuck on her duty to collect the Sol Emeralds and return them to her home, and she doesn't understand the concept of a friend. She slowly develops a personality past her serious tone, and becomes a lovable character. Why her powers are fire based (considering her dimensions is literally a giant ocean with a few islands here and there) I'll never know, but she's a powerful and interesting character. One who I've loved for a long time, and I feel really gets the shit end of the stick half the time when it comes to some of the games she's in.



(I will admit, there have been more video game girls I've loved than any other media. Honorable mentions I won't go into extensive reasons why I like them, but they do deserve to be mentioned as I do have a heart for these girls too.)

Shantae (Shantae Series)
Shantae by GENZOMAN
(Artwork by GENZOMAN)

Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot Franchise)
Coco Bandicoot - Still no laptop battery by BenHickling
(Artwork by BenHickling)

Princess Peach (Mario Franchise)
Princess Peach by YunaSakura
(Artwork by YunaSakura)

Eiko (Final Fantasy 9)
Commission: Eiko by jadenkaiba
(Artwork by Jadenkaiba)

Patra (Pac-man Party)
Patra the Egyptian Cutie by RaijinSenshi
(Artwork by RaijinSenshi)

Iris (Megaman X4)
[MEGAMAN X4] Iris by Kyo-Akemori
(Artwork by Kyo-Akemori)
I really need points for a myo!!
Want want want

So commissions

Pixels ~ 30 :points:
[G] Whoops I pixeled by JazzChinchillaSylvena Icon by JazzChinchilla

Chibis ~ 100 :points:
[COM] Bo Chibi by JazzChinchillaKeara Chibi by JazzChinchilla