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Sorry I've been inactive the last bit of time here, my schedule's been jam packed
School all week like normal and math on monday and wednesday like regular
but tuesday I saw Phantom of the Opera at a theater called Shea's
And tonight I'm going to a Sabres game

So I actually have to go now I haven't gotton through many messages yet but I'll get around to it tomorrow hopefully

Also wow I check my messages daily and 0 but I leave for a few days and boom 300+
Somebody's been giving me so many faves and stuff and it makes me feel fuzzy inside to see that one person likes my art on here ;-; (not sure if the person wanted me to type their name so the person will remain anonymous) left shark happy cry XD 
After my last journal, I was surprised at a lot of the positive feedback I got. Nobody attacked me, nobody talked down to me, heck one of my acquaintances even helped me understand something about the subject matter that made me feel a lot better about it. ^^ Which is why I'm sad to say there was one person that for some reason felt he needed to educate me, and what he thought was meant to placate and teach me sounded like he was talking down to me like some immature and ignorant child.

I'm talking about VRareBird.

During a series of comments with Mina (on page five of the latest chapter of her pony comic I addressed in my previous journal) where I express my feelings about the page and how I wish she'd proceed in order to redeem the character "EastStern" and maybe even give her some positive character development, Mina responded saying only time will give me a response, which I understood and was thankful for. But then he commented talking to me about how I don't understand the comic, the deeper meaning behind it, or Mina.

He told me that EastStern "HAD" to do what she did, as this comic is a representation of the clash of east verses western culture, and even proceeded to inform me that a common part of Chinese culture is "something called Tiger Mom's" as if I don't know what those are, and even proceeded to link me to an article about them. This comment alone sound more than a tiny bit racist, and he was using it to supposedly defend Mina! O_o He even went on to tell me about how Mina is Chinese and lives in Belgium (you don't say, being friends with her for eight years I had no idea) and that while I apparently use spankings for affection, I need to stop showing hatred and disdain towards a comic everyone else loves.

Wow. Um, I don't hate the comic at all, in fact I love it. The latest page just made me and in fact several of my friends uncomfortable. Heck, it even SCARED one of my friends! But I apparently hate the entire comic, and have always hated it. I pointed out to him that the way he was defending the comic only made him sound racist, and irrately pointed out that I didn't appreciate him talking down to me and like he knows so much about the comic and Mina. I've been following the comic since back when it was just random excuses to spank characters she liked, and have watched it evolve into the shockingly deep and emotional story it is today. He saw a guest appearance by Daring Do, and suddenly he became a part of it helping her translate and making a side story based on the comic centered around Daring Do. That would be, what, the latest couple of chapters?

Anyways, when I addressed these facts, suddenly I had gone too far. He latched onto the fact that I called him racist and built his response around that, apparently not reading anything else I said. Continued to state that I hated the comic and the characters and Mina, and the only one annoying me was me as he was "calmly trying to placate me". He claimed I was playing some sort of game with him and he didn't want anything to do with a troll like me, and that I can forget about trying to apologize to him and make friends again, as all I had ever done was show hostility towards him. This is a conclusion he jumped to everytime we talked, and everytime I explained I wasn't being hostile and apologized that that was how he was reading my responses.

Well, not this time. >_> I pointed this out, and I honestly feel it is true. VRareBird is very self righteous and full of so much pride, that he ends up talking down to people without realizing it, and the minute anyone says or points out any flaw about him, that person is the bad guy. 

People like him get emotionally attached to something like Mina's story, and try to learn as much as they can about the person making it so they can try to shove facts down your throat and play it off as them being such close friends to the person in question. And he's so emotionally invested in the story, that anytime anyone says anything negative about it at all, he has to defend it no matter how much worse he makes the matter. In the latest pages I've seen him reply to everyone who comments as if this is his comic series now! It's Mina's story, not yours, you just translate it, which is what me and Nadja did before you came along.

I can't stand people like this. They attack you, and jump to conclusions about you. They assume the worst about you because they read the emotional tone of your words wrong, make up what kind of person you are without knowing you, and wear a smile until out of nowhere they attack you! Without naming names, I've blocked four people like this here on deviantart and secondlife,  because all these people do is stress you out, and I have enough of that in my life. So now there's a fifth person on my blocked users list.

Have you ever met a self righteous jerk like this? Maybe you still have one in your life you deal with and can't get rid of?

You know who's most certainly not one of these people? ((Sorry dearie, but I wish to end this on a positive note)) Pastel-hime. She came to me with a long comment on my last journal, and I was worried it was another person come to talk down to and educate me. But I was pleasantly surprised to find a calm and well thought out polite comment about how she views the story and the situation in a positive light, able to connect with and feel for the characters in a way she enjoys. This seriously opened my eyes, and without meaning to, she educated me and in a way that made me HAPPY! ^w^ And she was so worried she was over stepping her bounds in a way that would offend me, but honestly I thanked her and was able to connect with her in this regard. Soon after I offered my opinion of how I thought EastStern should learn from this mistake and grow as a character, and she agree'd that would be very nice as it's no fun for her to just be mean and move along.

It's so rare to meet someone like her nowadays that... I could honestly cry a little tear of joy just talking about my positive conversation with her. QwQ So the world isn't made of jerks, they're just easier to see. And person like Pastel? Well that's a person worth making an effort to be friends with. :aww:
I've done some careful thinking about making a parody featuring the audio from the infamous Terminator Salvation incident and audio clips from Regular Show. Here's the video, Christian Bale is in the middle of a scene acting until he sees Mordecai and Rigby working on the set. He makes a tirade towards the duo for breaking his concentration but I will omit all the profanities to make it more age appropriate. All it needs is your vote. Should I or should I not make the parody?
...he said sarcastically, with sarcasm. :iconheaddeskplz:

So the last week has been really stressful and tiring. My computer encountered some kind of error that was causing programs to crash as soon as I tried to open them. Whatever the cause was, it wasn't a virus. But in any case, this problem just happened to spring up last Monday, the day of my online orientation for my new job. I couldn't run the software to join the online class and ended up missing the whole thing. By Tuesday I noticed that this wasn't a one-time occurrence and other programs were spontaneously crashing. So Wednesday I took my computer to Staples' tech department and left it there for them to run a diagnostic. I keep in touch with my hiring managers and schedule to have my orientation on Saturday after I get my computer back, and I should be ready to attend the online classes for job training the following week. Because it should only take two days, three at the most. Right? :iconfacepalmplz:

Five days go by
. Five days with no computer. I finally learn on Sunday that Staples has been having its own technical difficulties and that has prevented them from even completing the diagnostic. Fed up with the delays, I take my computer back and get a refund on the service. So then I take my computer to Geek Squad at Best Buy right across the street. They're immediately much more knowledgeable and helpful than Staples was, and I leave it there to have them run a diagnostic themselves. I should have went there first. :icondoublefacepalmplz:

So then I get back in touch with my hiring managers and let them know that my computer is in the shop again and I ask to reschedule my training cycle due to all this inconvenience. And they tell me in no uncertain terms that the computer issues, Staples dragging their feet with their own issues, and taking a whole week to resolve the problem, are all my fault. Because I didn't resolve this in a swift and timely manner, I am no longer fit to work for them. So I lost my job before I had even started. :icontriplefacepalmplz:

So now I finally have my computer back, and the problems have been fixed. However, in order to do so, they had to completely wipe my hard drive back to factory settings. And because I am an idiot with no sense of foresight, I didn't think to back up any of my music, videos, or PC game data. Yay. :iconquadruplefacepalmplz:

So now I get to spend the next few days getting all my settings back to normal, reinstalling all my programs, and restoring all my backed up files. I'm back, and I hope to get the rest of my waiting commissions started again, but it'll be slow going for awhile.
Spanking is a fetish (not the fact) we all know that. There's many a person who enjoys is, and like any fetish it can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Different positions, different scenarios, different implements, you name it. One of the best ways to enjoy it usually consensual, when both parties are okay with it. Sometimes even a punishment can be kinky because both parties are secretly enjoying it. But speaking of punishment, that brings me to the sad truth here.

Sometimes spanking can be an unenjoyable thing. Sometimes spankings can be for a serious reason to teach someone a lesson over something they did wrong. Heck, sometimes a spanking can be completely unfair and unwarranted and worst of all unwanted. These spankings have heavy deep tones that make us feel... upset. It's a sad fact about spanking though, it's a two way street, a double sided coin, and a lot of us who really enjoy spanking hate to see this side of it.

Artists like :iconcmzero: have formed an art for such scenarios, where even if it is a punishment, there is a hint of playful enjoyment to it that makes the situations humorous and even kinky. (If you don't wish to be used as an example I understand friend, feel free to note me) Other artists tend to work around this by not even giving a story to the spanking. You feel detached from the characters because you either don't know who they are, or honestly whats going on, and that allows people to enjoy it with their base carnal desires.

It has been a very long time though since I've seen it used in such a mean spirited and upsetting punishment scenario, but reality slapped me in the face with this factoid for the first time in a long time, with this:
The freedom fighters: page 5 - Leniency ? by minalhan
This is the latest page of a comic by a very close friend of mine called :iconminalhan: who has been working hard making a comic series based around her spank happy princess character, using only pony generators and editing tools to make the comic. I applaud that fact, as she works hard on this despite not having the ability to draw decently, just like I don't. The series seemed to start out as something just for fun, and it was for a while, but she always intended on giving it a deep story it seemed, and on this page it went so deep it found it's way into the sadder side of spanking. (I don't say darker side because that place is for extremists we will not talk about)

East Stern is spanking out of anger, something I would never do because you can go too far and it just upsets everyone. Her lecture proves her point, what they did was wrong and stupid and they do deserve to be punished, even Rainbow Dash who I feel is being punished unjustly as she never wanted to be involved in this (but despite that it was her not keeping an eye on Fluttershy that led to what she did). But at the same time there's not a hint of enjoyment or playfulness, and as the latest part of a series that has been going on for over sixty or seventy pages, this is an unexpectedly upsetting and mean spirited scene.

I knew it was coming, and I thought I would enjoy it like most spanking related material, but for some reason it just seemed to upset me and make me uncomfortable, and now I know why. It reminds me of the reality of spanking, that it can be as I said mean spirited and just plain upsetting given the scenario and in this case the story. Part of me enjoys it simply because I'm a man and as sad as it is I can't keep my carnal desires completely in check without monk training, but the logical part of me sees it for what is is, a deep upsetting spanking going over the top due to anger.

I know Mina is proud of that very fact though, that she could elicit such an emotional response in her readers, but... this isn't some tragic scene in a fantasy epic where someone makes a big sacrifice everyone remembers, and despite the negative emotions it brought up they can look back on it proudly and happily and applaud that scene. This is just a punishment spanking, a very big and upsetting one for everyone involved including the readers, and anyone that just straight up enjoys it like Trixie is, is a jerk (to put it tamely >_> ). But that's really an unfair comparison I'll admit, because given what the story is, this is probably as deep as the tone will really get for it.

I'm sorry, I don't enjoy seeing this side of something I really love. I don't think anyone would, but we all know the things we love have their darker sides now don't we?

Hate to leave this on that note but there really isn't anything more to be said. Some of you might look at this as a rant or something, but  I'm really just addressing a deep subject matter. This is the emotional response I had to this comic, and am still having a day later. I hate reality sometimes. 

NOTE: This isn't meant as an attack on my friend, I simply used the page that reminded me of this subject matter as an example really. Mina, your comic is good, and as upsetting as that page was it was still a very well made and great piece of the story. So please don't take this the wrong way, because I'd hate to see me discussing a deep subject matter ruing what is yet to come in the story. ^^;

Pixel Icons
30 point iron artist icons are still open like these they'll be all shaded and nice and stuff
Bo Icon by JazzChinchillaSylvena Icon by JazzChinchilla

In addition my favorite icon base will be in use again for a 10 point price per icon they'll be shaded tho
Teal Cake Pop Sushi Dog Icon - Rhylem by JazzChinchillaDeadpool Cupcakes Sushi Dog Icon by JazzChinchillaWhite Chocolate Peppermint Fudge Sushi Dog Icon by JazzChinchilla

Fullbodies~ 100:points:
illuMINATO by JazzChinchilla
I want to draw League of Legends fanart but I have no idea how to human.
WARNING: I'm likely going to spoil just about everything about the three FNAF installments. If you do not want crucial details spoiled to you, ignore this rant.

Okay then.

So recently I saw the "Good Ending" to FNAF 3. It seems to work out so well, the unlit heads representing the freed souls of the children. But now what? Where does FNAF go from here? Fazbear's fright burned to the ground, taking most of the relics with it. The killer was done in by Spring Trap's internal spring locks and died in a boarded up room years ago. The souls have been set free (well, the innocent ones at least).

As I see it, there are two routes Scott can take from here.

Route 1: Leave it as it is. He has concluded the main overlapping arc of the triolgy, the whole reason the game exists: the Missing Childern Incident. We know practically every secret Freddy Fazbear's Pizza had under it's sleeves. It would leave a few animatronics in mystery (shadow Bonnie, BG, etc.), but those are really just bonus characters to spot anyways. Besides, Phone Guy isn't around to record extra audio for future installments and the game probably couldn't be called "Five Nights At Freddy's" with the lack of Freddy and Co.

Route 2: Spring Trap (and some other assorted animatronic items)survived the flames. Let's be honest: metal frames would last the fire and could be retrieved. What's there to say the charred metal interior of Spring Trap (and his "passenger") couldn't have made it through? Plus the killer would likely have possessed Spring Trap.
(Was Spring Trap even supposed to be active, or was he never on to begin with?)
And there's always an abundance of foolish entrepreneurs who seem to have a liking for robotic puppets that wander a vacant building with only one guard to keep watch during the night. It could happen.

I guess I'll wrap this up by saying that either way, FNAF had a good run. It was a unique experience, not only in survival horror, but in storytelling. You had to pay attention to your surroundings to know what really happened in the unluckiest business to ever exist. I'll look forward to whatever Scott does now, as the door is always open. Or not even there. Depends on your view of it.
Cant handle anything at the moment
i wont deactivate, but i will be inactive til im in a better mood.
so probably never