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So I was looking at my stats and
Image by MiniChinchilla

1,652 Pageviews

Wow. That's pretty incredible for someone like me who doesn't post anything-- Legitimately I only post around once or twice a fortnight if I'm lucky. 

And we're all going to ignore the 8 watchers part like the good people we are
  • Mood: Overwhelmed
  • Playing: GTA V lulz
Such grommit. Wat the heck am I doing with my life. :I *Flips multiple tables* WELP,, I'M OFF TO GO DANCE IN FRICKEn.. where ever i dont even know someone just shoot me in the head. What am I even doing..     What's the point of this i dont know just kill me now.

chinchilla product recommendations?

Sat Nov 21, 2015, 5:48 PM

does anyone have any recommendations for what to buy if I adopt a chinchilla? I definitely want to get a multi-story home but don't know which one is best. It also depends on the prices because my dad is extremely picky on buying anything at a high price (which is frustrating bc he insists on making it himself, which I am admittedly uncomfortable with). Other things I'll need to get would be for dust baths, food/water containers, toys, snacks, a hammock, hide-a-ways, etc.

Thank you everyone who gives me suggestions on what to get (if I do adopt a chinchilla of course :'D)!

bc everyone's like wow wishlists this is so fun
everyone should make a wishlist
so anyways

-fumi dragons
-fumi dragon myo slots
-other characters

don't get me anything okay
its fine seriously
just wanted to make this in case for any reason anyone did want to get me something they have an easy list of possibilies
or if anything wasn't listed seriously idc I love everything
I've turned into a monster. All of my friends, they hate me. I know they do, even if they say they don't. Stop lying, will you? Why do you choose to.. still be my friend? I don't understand. You don't understand what you're doing to me. I'm such a cynical jerk. I'm a monster. I'm an envious, greedy introvert. Everyone leaves me. They all do. Because I can't act like a normal human being and just "get over it". I try to act happy and friendly, like nothing's wrong. But that's not working anymore. A hatred that burns inside of me, constantly.. darkening me.. day after day. I can't stand to contain it anymore. A hatred for myself and my actions. A hatred towards others. I hate everything. All I do is talk about my own problems and annoy people with them. They don't care anymore. They just shrug it off and nod silently. They don't like me anymore. They don't pay attention to me anymore. All I want is attention. I'm such a greedy hog. Nobody talks to me anymore. They get mad at me, make me feel bad. I'm just an idiot. All I care about is myself. I'm such a drama-queen. All I do is start things. Why do they still consider me a friend? They never talk to me anymore. It's always someone else. I lie. It's all I do. Tell them I don't hate them. But I lie. I don't want to hurt people's feelings, even if they hurt my own. So what? None of it matter, it's all pointless, I'm a nonentity in this situation! I can do nothing but let go. I don't want to though. It's all I have.
heyyy so
I'm going to Vermont for thanksgiving
plus I actually want to get nice christmas presents for my family & friends this year

I will do drawings like this with full shading and stuff
Carnival Card Tricks by JazzChinchilla

for $4 a piece!

1- open
2- open
3- open
4- open
5- open
[p] mel by JazzChinchilla
for 2800 points, which is what I paid for her
I have all the proof and will show it to whoever wants to see it
I like her and all, but I need the points to get something else I really really want
Well, I guess I'm back. I'm not much better, but hey-ho. I was bored, and I came back to (wait for it) 44 messages... It must be a record. 

I've been feeling pretty rubbish, but I haven't had a decent opportunity to talk about it to anyone; I have to keep silent and stay strong for my friends. It only makes it worse hearing about what's happening to other parts of the world, too- as I'm sure you are all aware. There's just so much hate in this world and it's really a weight to carry around on your shoulders dealing with it coming at you from so many people at once. I haven't spoken quite as much as I normally would, and I've gotten to the point several times where I almost snapped. I don't want to get mad at other people because I'm having problems and I can't find the time to sort them out. 

People close to me have been having issues recently, too; a particular friend of mine who has since became inactive on dA was having a terrible week last week; another friend who is also on dA has been so overrun with appointments and out-of-school time that she's stressed out her head; it's getting to that stressful time of year where my family are thinking about buying presents for people, and it makes it worse that both my and my mum's birthdays are coming up soon. (19th and 20th of December, respectively.) I'm getting one present from my parents this year covering both events, and it might sound bad I know, but it's a gaming PC (custom built!) and I'm aware of how much the parts are going to cost for it. I'll be getting other stuff from other relatives and friends etc. of course. 

The world is a bad place for me, right now. I'm sorry to you guys. I haven't even drawn anything or made progress on writing anything that I can publish to you guys right now. I'm a terrible person. Forgive me. 
tbh i think its kinda early to be making these but??
everyone else is making them??

btw you don't have to get me anything its fine

but if you do want to get/make me something i like

-fumi dragons, (myo slots or predesigned I like either)
-art of my characters
-just about anything tbh
Dear fellow watchers,
I have devised a comic book collaboration with a good artist to make my Angel Cygnus series a success. With your support, I need artists who can collaborate with me. I will give the artist credit for his or her work. One artist is all I ask.