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sorry for being so inactive lately
now for more stupid stuff from my personal life

I had a boyfriend for like... 3 weeks? yeah 3 weeks exactly actually it was from a tuesday to a tuesday
anyways I had my first kiss and it was nice and he seemed to care
but then he started talking about some stuff that made me uncomfortable, and in addition I was having some self-respect problems
and he always was like critiquing my snapchats like "ur selfies need more lighting" no how bout fuck off m8
so I dumped him.........
over text because I didn't know you weren't supposed to do that
I told him it was because of my self-respect problems and that I needed to learn to be me before I could be me and someone else and all that wonderful stuff because I didn't want to hurt his feelings
I'm fine really, I never really knew him that well anyways we kinda rushed things and it made me realize that I don't really want to be in a relationship right now

But on another note
my math grades
are not bad
but thats because I get my homework done
my test grades are shit
but thats fine
I can fix it I just need some time and patience

I started talking to a friend of mine who I stopped talking with for a bit because there was a bit of a fiasco caused when I asked him out
they say times supposed to heal ya and I.. healed a lot actually!! I'm glad to be talking to him again I missed him he's a good friend

I've got some new characters and I'm very excited about them so I'll probably be drawing them a lot!!
I upload sketches to my scraps and I've been drawing them a lot so I'll probably upload some soon
If you're tired, just don't get out of bed. School, work, and life aren't as important as sleep. Sleep is life.
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Tagged by :iconaspalax:
De rules ar-
You should say 13 things about you.
You must answer the 13 questions asked by the person who tagged you.
Choose 13 people to tag.*
Make sure they know they have been tagged.
Not "if you read this then you have been tagged"
You can tag who tagged you.
MAKE A JOURNAL, do not be lazy.
If you do not do the tag within a week after receiving the tag, you must obey the orders of whoever tagged you. (Does that even make sense?)

So here are the questions I was asked:
  1. what's your opinion on square watermelons? They're odd. Why would you grow a square watermelon??!
  2. what's your favourite flavour of jellybean Blueberry. 
  3. if you could choose between being a blind eagle or a deaf squirrel which would you be?? What kind of question is this?
  4. if you were going to die tomorrow what would you do right now?? I'd probably have a panic attack or something.
  5. would you rather be mute and deaf and blind so you couldn't speak, hear or see // or have your legs and arms and neck paralysed so you couldn't move but you could talk and communicate fine with anyone around you?? I'd perhaps rather be paralysed. I guess it means no more P.E for me p:
  6. quickkkk what are you thinking about right now?? Mutations
  7. if you could be anywhere in the world right now, where you you like to be? In bed. ;-;
  8. if you could explore a fantasy land, which fantasy land would you go to? Hogwarts?? idk
  9. suddenly you have become a fruit. what do you do now? Yell KNIFE! at everyone.
  10. quick the aliens are invading?! what object is closest to your right hand?? what will you do with this newly found weapon?? My mouse...
  11. are you happy? No. I'm hungry.
  12. do you have anything square nearby? Erm... Lots of things. My little block calendar thing for one, and there's 18 squares on that. I also have a plastic creeper at the other side of my desk and it's got 9 squares on it.
  13. thanks for answering my 12million questions you're a real cool person k Thanks, and you're welcome. x3
And now, for my questions. *drumroll*

  1. What is your favourite instrument? (Mayonnaise is not an instrument.)
  2. How many pets have you had, if you recall?
  3. Is this a closed question?
  4. Are you good at making puns?
  5. If so, can you tell me one?
  6. What weather do you prefer?
  7. Where's the nearest piece of paper from where you are sitting?
  8. Have you ridden a horse before?
  9. Three armed robbers have broken into your house. The first two things you see are the weapons you'll use against them. What are they?
  10. If you could swap gender for a day, would you do it?
  11. Would you rather be a sea creature or a flying animal?
  12. Why?
  13. You're applying for a job and three vacancies come up. One is to be a pilot with the air force, one is to be a waiter/waitress in a bar, and the other is to be an architect for wealthy people. Which job are you most likely to apply for?
*Tagging a few people but since I don't have many friends I won't make it to 13.
:iconrhiarandom: :iconaspalax: :iconkyflpa: :iconkopes:
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Some people are like musicians. Some are excellent and great to be around, and some make you want to chop their hands off. So make sure if you're going to be a musician don't risk losing your hands.
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Don't be clingy, kids. That makes you into a nuisance, like a barnacle. Let the terrible, terrible people walk out of your life.

Don't be a barnacle.

Don't be clingy.
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And it's free from here on.…

Go get it.

Small update: Also, if you happen to have denied refunding your steam copy, your save data from that version carries over...somehow.
When punching the shit out of someone for the first time, remember that the experience is entirely real and it is happening. This comes wholly from personal experience.
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It's okay to slap someone if you're justified.
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If and when someone tries to tell you that you're wrong, fact and figure the fuck out of them. This will ensure the message gets through, but make sure your data comes from reliable sources!
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Hello again everyone, first signal boost of the year!

Squidub's chinchilla Percy is in serious trouble with his teeth - They've overgrown, and this causes serious pain to the poor things.

If you would like to help a fellow deviant out, please read this journal of hers!:…

Or you can donate and get a sketch of your character, here:

AND if you can PROVE that you commisioned/donated to her (Screenshot, or link to finished commision) I will give you a FREE request of a lineart of one of your characters as well as what you recieve for helping her out!

Go, go, go people!!! :wave:
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