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Happy Anniversary Screws

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 7:11 PM

So I took the pics off my phone and was looking at them
And I realized that its the anniversary of the day I got my screws
They're going to be there for the rest of my life so hey
may as well celebrate that I now have titanium in my collarbone
Happy Anniversary Screws and Plate!

Collarbone before screws and plate

Untitled by JazzChinchilla

Collarbone with screws and plate
Untitled by JazzChinchilla

*starts singing*


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 2:13 PM




Nabyn Invites

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 18, 2015, 8:21 AM

Hey I have 2 Nabyn invite codes (for )
I don't know what to do with them since I already have a Nabyn account

So offer away I guess
Please only offer stuff like
and nothing like potatoes, souls, or first born children.

*shakes head*

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 17, 2015, 3:01 PM
$55 dollars for a common MYO
My baby will never live to see reality
Goodbye dreams
X by JazzChinchilla

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So, dunno if you guys saw it, but I finally posted a FNaF OC for the first time. Here's a picture of Cherry!~
Didn't bother to put too too much info on my deviation of her, just to keep the description from being overwhelming, so, here's the full story of Cherry and all her details and such. XDD

  Cherry, a chinchilla animatronic, was added into the cast of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria 3 when it re-opened in 1990 after some...incidents caused the old place to close down in 1987.
   She was originally going to be added to the cast of Toy animatronics, but the place was obviously quickly and unexpectedly shut down before she could be finished being rebuilt. This explains the bright colors of Cherry's design and her hard-plastic suit. To counteract the old look of the Toy animatronics, the company cheaply threw on some fur, a fluffy tail, and a fuzzy fur scarf-garment to create a more updated look to fit in with the newer animatronics. (What Cherry doesn't know is that she technically looks like the designs from 1979, in Fredbear's Family Diner, since the new band is really just those animatronics updated with the newest technology, but we won't tell her that.)
   Since parents were weary about taking their kids to Freddy Fazbear's after the Missing chidren incidents and the rumored Bite of 1987, Cherry was gladly and quickly put into the role of a supervisor of sorts at the pizzeria. She would be the animatronic to help kids with their tickets, remind them how to play the games, guide them around the arcade, and most importantly, protect them from any evil that might befall the pizzeria once more. 
   Cherry was also employed to do simple manual labor. She was one of the first animatronics to have been remodeled with the revolutionary advanced mobility systems that was first placed in the Toy animatronics. She was most used to the new software, and it just seemed the most obvious idea to the staff to use her in a non-threatening manner. (There is also the fact that the band cannot come offstage due to the fear of another incident akin to the Bite of '87 would occur, so she was the only one allowed to walk around anyway.) Cherry was allowed to empty the ticket feeders in the arcade, shine the machines after hours until ten o'clock, and monitor ovens where pizza would be prepared when the cooks were momentarily unavailable.
   After a year of successful business with the company and befriending the animatronic band members, Cherry was sadly caught in an unpredicted event. One day, a little one, about only four, was somehow allowed to run about with a soft drink in hand. He consequently bumped into Cherry, and the soft drink went flying into her inner AI and acoustic sensor software.
   Cherry was just dried off and handed off as being unharmed and unscathed-- soon the staff was proven wrong. 
   Cherry slowly began to emit strange, abnormal sounds of hisses and snaps, probably a playback loop of the sounds she heard when the drink was spilled on top of her, but paranoid parents thought these sounds to be aggressive Glitching noises. Cherry also began to see "shadows" within her friends, and she did not realize that those were the spirits of the lost children possessing the band.
   Eventually, the staff had to scrap her because she had gone "loony" and was starting to tell the children who visited to leave, because there was one big shadow that she did not find safe like the rest to approach at all. This shadow is actually soon revealed to be one of the children's spirits that has gone corrupt and evil with revenge. (I won't tell you which that is, though, because that's part of my comic AU.)
   The night before dump truck came to take Cherry away, her voice box was reported as having been removed. Sometimes, the night shift crew reports strange noises that are passed off as the ventilation, but many believe it is the crackling and hissing f Cherry's voice box. It has been speculated that it was Cherry's good friend, Chica the Chicken, who now supposedly has it in her possession.
   Cherry had the voice of a young woman, and she liked to use made-up words to express herself. She let herself believe she had become dillusional after her systems started to degenerate, so she came off as quite insane or neurotic before she was taken away.
    So, after a lengthy explanation, there's Cherry!~ Hope she doesn't seem to Mary Sue. Is there anything I can change about her? I just made this up as I wrote, XDDDD Whoever actually read this, thank you!~ I appreciate it!~
   See you on the Flipside,
    Bunny :heart:
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Got back yesterday and I have so much traditional art to post but I have to go to school.

Also, thank you to those two people who wished me a happy birthday while I was gone!
So this girl Squidub has an adorable little chinchilla bab, but he's been acting extremely oddly - she suspects he's ill and wants to take him to a vet, but her mother will not pay for it because she suspects everything is fine. She's still incredibly worried, and if she were able to take him for a checkup it would be wonderful!
You can learn more about it here;…
SOOO yes! She has opened commissions! She has a drool-inducing style and if you like dragons or want absolutely anything to do with a dragon she's your gal! Not to mention she's super sweet and nice and caring and all the good things =v=
If you can't pay for it that's okay, but even if you just spread the word you'd still be helping out a lot! : D
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Whoever banned caird56 especially.

What the hell?! Why did you even do that?!?!

No seriously though. You can unban her. She didn't do anything wrong, and she seriously is 13. 

I can't even look at her art anymore!

But seriously though. She had a lot of followers and she's losing them now, because of YOU. (The person that banned her I mean, not everyone else BUT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!)

I just grrrrrrrr

now let's have some dancing prize corner puppet to calm us down
Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon Spooky Scary Swiggity Swooty Marionette (Chat Icon 
Ahh... Better. absol la plz 
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Fullbody Commissions

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 8, 2015, 4:59 PM
Need some points/cash

$2/200 :points: each

C ~ Alison by JazzChinchilla

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