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So for all you who enjoy my Bionicle creations, get ready for a new development that should make things better: a new studio setup! As of this point it is currently set in it's new location (near a corner and now not competing with a window), with a better setup for lights available. All I need is to lay down a large cardboard sheet (or something), but for now I have an improv setup for some images.

Hope you enjoy the results. :D

Here's how this works: If it's under, say, preset_1, the files you download either go into the preset_1 folder or it's my preset_1.
This is a collection of all the presets I actively use, and will be updated. Most of them are free presets and makers will be credited with a link back to the page where I found the preset. But be sure to download the .fhp's so you can see me in all my glory :D

Coming soon

To see me
To use it

To see me
To use it

Coming soon

To see me
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To see me
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To see me
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Coming soon

To see me
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To see me
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Coming soon

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  • Mood: Llama
  • Listening to: Anything, except rap.
  • Watching: Gravity Falls-- don't judge.
  • Playing: The flute. Oh, and FH too.
  • Eating: Mac and chez.
  • Drinking: Pepsi.
rules - first 9 people to comment and feature me in a journal of their own get a spot in this feature journal!!

Updated Toyhouse Profile / Superstition by alarmed-dingoescan you not by alarmed-dingoespiano and bones by alarmed-dingoesthief by alarmed-dingoes
u want to pick up a donut
but your nails are wet
so you have to eat it with your face
Be warned, there is a lot of language in this excerpt.

There are four things we'll never get rid of here in America. One: the prejudice against homosexuals, two: Family Guy and its foe the Parents Television Council, three: evolution and global warming deniers and four: our bullheaded, biased, and unrefined shock jock, Rush Limbaugh. Now, why are we doomed to listen to this douchebag, ladies and gentlemen? Because the Federal Communications Commission is to corrupt to lock him up or at least fine him. As a liberal, I think Limbaugh mocks the American way by claiming he's doing it for the good of the people. In reality, he wants to turn America into a country where our freedom is nothing but a mere dream. That is why I am one day going to Australia, to move away from the biased works, the Christian fundamentalists and the intolerance of homosexuality.
As far back as I remember, religion only makes people feel worse about themselves for they think they are sinning to a fictional deity. As you've guessed it, I'm an atheist. I think that The existance of God is a myth like the Loch Ness Monster or Atlantis. Don't think of me too differently when I submit my beliefs. I believe in evolution: no less and no exceptions. I also believe LGBT people have rights and abortion is a neutral option in addition to my feminist views. It's not much of a manifesto but it's a start.
hey so

remember last time i wanted a sushi dog
so i did stupid little 25 point icons
(that didn't work but lets forget that)
well guess what
i want to get another next time myos open
plus i want to commission art of all of my babies i have now

unlimited slots sushi dog icons
these are examples from last time i opened these which was almost a year ago but
oh well i don't have any sushi dog examples from recent times

Peppermint Bark Sushi Dog Icon by JazzChinchillaSakura Tea Sushi Dog Icon - Wolfclaw122 by JazzChinchillaFestival Dango Sushi Dog Icon by JazzChinchillaSopapilla Sushi Dog Icon - Computernurd by JazzChinchillaLet Them Eat Cake Sushi Dog Icon - LavaCookies by JazzChinchillaSukiyari Sushi Dog Icon by JazzChinchillaBlueberry Sundae Sushi Dog Icon - Torotix by JazzChinchilla

finished icons from this round!
[C] wolfxprice by JazzChinchilla[C] maonii by JazzChinchilla[C] ponacho by JazzChinchilla[C] m0rning-coffee by JazzChinchilla

25:points: for standards
30:points: for bi-heads
40:points: for cerberals
50:points: for triptyches

unlimited slots
will be finished over the next few weeks

comment below if you want!!
btw they come with a simple bounce animation
Why do I always get left behind? I feel as if I'm becoming trivial to everyone. That I'm just a nonentity. My friends, always wrapped up in other things, haven't spoken to me. I'm finding it difficult to figure out things to do to keep me occupied. I wish everything could return to the good old days. When we were all friends. When we all talked to each other all of the time. It's as if those days of having fun were just an old day dream, here to perturb and annoy me. I just don't understand. Maybe, no, actually, all of this sounds extremely - stupid. Cheesy, and original. Probably annoying now. But, at this point, I guess I could care less as to what anyone thinks of me anymore. 
hey so i just wanted to let you guys know why i've been so slow about answering messages and haven't been commenting on stuff, i've been really busy between school and swim team and on weekdays 5 minutes is rare let alone the hours and hours i used to spend online

so far this year has been noticeably better then last, i really love my electives and high school is so much nicer then middle school

also um could someone note me i need some advice about something that has been stressing me out
i just really don't know what to do about it..
So as an update on my end, the power grid in my area has gone down again, but this time in what sounds to be a larger scale. I'm currently sending this from a relative's house, seeing as I'm otherwise sitting in literal darkness with no means to communitcate. This may go on for a few days, but do know nothing serious may happen during my time out.

Hope this doesn;t actually last too long. :(

UPDATE: Power is back at home! \o/

...but I also have a lot less trust concerning staying at my relative's house.