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Llama Emoji 32 (Mah Burger) [V2] 
We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news!

So from now on all commissions and adoptables will have a paypal option for payment!
100:points: = $1.00

That is all.
Llama Emoji 32 (Mah Burger) [V2] 
I love water dogs and I love pixeling so I figured I'd do some water dog Icons!

They'll be 50x50 and they'll look something like this: Charley Icon - twineapples by JazzChinchillaOntario Icon - twineapples by JazzChinchillaIra Icon - Raidac by JazzChinchilla

They'll be 50 :points: each, plus 10 :points: for each animation (Ear wag, tail wag, blink, and/or bounce)
I can do PayPal too, 100:points: = $1.00

1- Sylvena (2/2 done, Paid)
2- DeadOnContact (3/4 done, Paid)
3- plantdye (0/2 done, awaiting payment)
4- Joestaro (1/1 done, Paid)
5- MonoStars (0/6 done, Paid)
6- MikeyOpossum (0/2 done, awaiting payment)
7- pearlevil (0/1 done, Paid)
I'm looking for a shipping partner for my Soosh Keara! I will put tons of art at the bottom.
So anyhow, I am very picky, here's what I'm looking for.

A Male soosh with wings, themed off a sweet food! (Like desserts not anything like sweet & sour chicken)

This is Keara:

Keara Ref Sheet (More in Description) by JazzChinchilla
Now I can sit around and be lazy all day
And do my owed art.
But after relaxing a bit because yesterday was stressful!
I am looking for ones bought during the Pixlett Panic (since those have any features and I want to give it wings)

So I have to offer:

~2033 :points:
~Tons of art (not an exact number we can debate on it)
~Customs of my species Pupsune (Which sucks right now but is getting revamped next weekend)
Icons for~
Attsos of Ruadh Ref by Attsos
fireflywish of her MYO soosh once approved
I dont have another email :icon0u0plz:
I really want some art of my sushi dog Keara~ Keara Ref Sheet (More in Description) by JazzChinchilla

And nobody has replied to my sushi dog commission journal so I have 0:points: (Btw are the prices too high?)

So would anyone be interested in an art trade? I can do like, icons and stuff... here's some examples of my art...

Keara Icon by JazzChinchillaKeara Icon by JazzChinchilla <--IconsKeara by JazzChinchilla(AT) Roni Drawing for LittleStarPu by JazzChinchilla<---Fullbody
Keara Ref by JazzChinchilla<---Ref SheetKeara Sticker by JazzChinchilla<--Sticker


1- Open
2- Open
3- Open 

Here are the commissions and their prices: (Points or Paypal, 100:points: = $1)

Pixel Icon~  50 :points:

Style 1: Keara Icon by JazzChinchilla

Style 2:Keara Icon by JazzChinchilla

Pixel Pagedoll~ 75 :points:

Examples: Faygo Redpop Sushi Dog Journal Doll by JazzChinchilla

Chibi~ 100 :points:

Example:Kujo the Misty Pup Chibi ~ fluffycupcakes21 by JazzChinchilla

Pixel Fullbody~ 200 :points:

Skylar Pixel Fullbody by JazzChinchilla

Fullbody~ 300 :points:

Keara Fullbody by JazzChinchilla(AT) Roni Drawing for LittleStarPu by JazzChinchilla

Ref Sheet~ 400 :points:

Keara Ref by JazzChinchillaIlumia Ref Sheet by JazzChinchilla

So is anyone else uberhyped for Overwatch?