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Today Kitty Chinchilla passed away. She was the absolute picture of health this morning at 4am, but at around 1pm today she lay down, suddenly became very weak and limp, and was unable to get up. We took her to the emergency vets ASAP but she died in our arms on the journey, of either a heart attack or stroke.

I can't stop crying. Kitty was my little fluffy buddy, a sweet little critter who was always happy to cuddle. She was blind, a little clumsy, and very forgetful. She was obsessed with chairs. She had a little happy popcorn-dance she used to do when she was out playing with Kassy, and made little peep-peep-peep noises as she ran around to echo-locate her way round the room. She was extremely friendly and trusting and liked to eat treats from my hand before I left for work in the morning. I adopted her last May and I can't imagine life without her, and I hope her daughter Kassy Chinchilla will be strong in her own rodenty little way. Thanks to Seth Fright for being there for me and Andy today, and Kat Barnes of Scritches Rat and Rodent Rescue for introducing this fluffy little bundle of love into our lives.

Rest in peace Kitty Chinchilla, may the clouds be your pillow and stardust be your chinny bath. You left little alien pawprints on my heart. xx
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I've got some troubling news for you all about one of my favorite anime franchises: Tenchi Muyo!

For those of you who don't know, Tenchi Muyo! was a series about a boy who gets mixed up in the shenanigans of several alien girls, discovering he is half alien from a royal bloodline, and having a slice of life romantic comedy that is a classic to many today. This spawned spin off's like the mutually hated and non-canon series of Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo, and eventually two beautiful series that were in fact canon known as Tenchi Muyo! GXP, and Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki.

A new series has spawned from the Tenchi Muyo franchise now: AI Tenchi Muyo!

Who is this young man you might ask? Why, this is Tenchi.... Yes, Tenchi Masaki, not a descendant, not a relative, this is THE Tenchi. Who are all these other girls you might ask? I DON'T KNOW!

Apparently in this story, Washu is threatening to destroy the world, and in order to defeat her Tenchi has to go undercover as a teacher at an all girls school... BECAUSE LOGIC! Where are all the original characters? Such as Washu, Ryoko, Ayeka, ect? Oh they're supposedly there. But they've been redesigned and are not main characters, what you look at above are the main cast. And these are the redesigns of the original cast.

Okay, I'll admit, they're not as horrible as they could be. They even got the original actors to voice their characters... except Ayeka for some reason. =O And I'm just not keen on them being side characters now.

But is all this true? And perhaps this series is good by itself! Maybe we need to look at it as it's own stand alone series, like Tenchi Universe (which by the way, the guy that made that made this). Well I found out that this is going to be a series of 50 four minute episodes (apparently it was made to advertise tourism in some Japanese city? I don't see how). And several are already out! So I gave this series a chance, I watched the first two episodes! ^^ 

I CAN'T BEAR TO WATCH MORE! Oh my freaking god I hate this series! I can't stand it, I honestly can't watch anymore! There are so many anime harem stereotypes that it's not even funny, it's worse than Love Hina if you can believe it! There's a girl named Momo that keeps unwittingly flashing her panties at Tenchi, and when he gets a glimpse of her apparently really interesting peach panties the world moves in slow motion and a bell rings! Holy cow, I think an angel just got it's mother buzzin wings! =I Not to mention she fell on his face from the freaking sky, shortly after claiming he didn't need to aplogize for seeing her panties, despite the large amount of bodily harm she caused by falling on him. That's so funny and adorable, isn't it? I mean that's what that's supposed to be right? So it automatically is, right? Right? RIGHT?!

And we get a bunch of the new cast in rapid succession after that, one by one all mistaking Tenchi for Momo...... THESE WOMAN ARE TARDS! And then we get the principle who literally licks her lips calling Tenchi her new toy. I kid you not, she even introduces him to his class as her new toy.... who will be helping them study. =I Then we got some chick who is apparently in love with Momo, a girl that likes being a stuck up know it all and gets Tenchi in trouble, and a weird girl always doing stuff on her tablet that takes down inappropriate notes that have sugar coated truths again to make Tenchi look bad. Also the girl who loves Momo is angry and overprotective and constantly attacks and threatens Tenchi's life over her Momo, can't forget that. Then these girls take Tenchi to their student council room... where they have a wall of torture equipment they intend on using on their new teacher because he has no data in the school database and they want answers, proceeding to bound him, gag him, kendo stick him in the balls, and loom over him to finish off episode two.

This is the first eight minutes of this anime guys. If this is seriously what Tenchi Muyo! has become, then it is dead to me till they make something to repair my broken heart. I'm in pain here, this is one of my favorite franchises, and you know what? I will admit to liking Tenchi Universe and Tenchi in Tokyo, as bad as they were compared to everything else! I liked those, I grew up with those! So many people want to pretend they don't exist, but I don't mind, honest! But this?! This is an abomination and it pains me to know it has any connection to Tenchi Muyo at all. Stay away from it guys, seriously, it's just really bad and doesn't deserve you giving it attention and enabling its bad behavior. >_<
I decided to come back
I will have LOTS of hiatuses or whatever
i came back
I got tagged by :icontdraichu:

Pokemon Randomizer: 
(Switch to "All Regions" and "1") 
Only one Pokemon per question. Tag one or more people when you are finished.

1. This Pokémon is your best friend.

I bet he's a loyal one too. =P

2. This Pokémon is your boss that you need to impress for a promotion. 
He's always watching me... staring... the pressure! o_o

3. This Pokémon is your partner for your science project.
It IS my science project. :XD:

4. This Pokémon is looking for every way possible to murder you
That's... legitimately scary. O_o;

5. This Pokémon is your mother-in-law.
....I am unhappy about this. =I

6.This Pokémon is your boyfriend/ girlfriend.
Seems a little young, but I do like feathers...

7. This Pokémon is your ex
I broke up with it because things got weird... and it wouldn't tell me its gender. =I

8. This Pokémon stalks you every waking moment.
So that's why I've been so cold lately.

9. This Pokémon likes to snuggle with you.
:icongo-on-plz: Well...

10. This Pokémon ate all your cheesecake
:iconconfoundyouplz: I shall have vengeance!

11. This Pokémon is what you felt in your bed last night.
I... don't have anything witty for a flower in my bed. =O

12. This Pokémon banged your mom.
Banged and klanged, she said it got her gears turning! Hur hur hur! X3

13. This Pokémon will do anything to try and get in your pants.
My bodies not ready for that level of blue balls. =I

14. This Pokémon died by your own hands.
And I'll do it again! Kill it with fire! DX

15. This Pokémon is your loyal companion for life.
We take life slow... hippos are cool.

16. This Pokémon reads you bed time stories.

17. This Pokémon is your loving pet.

18. This Pokémon is your creepy dentist.
It uses the tools with it's mind. *Shivers*

19. This Pokémon is what you dream about every day.
I dream about tentacles in the form of vines. My dreams are filled with... pretty good hentai. lD

20. This Pokémon is what you found in your basement when you moved into your new house.
Get out. =I

I don't think I'm going to tag anyone because I don't know anyone who would actually want to do this that hasn't already been tagged, lol. I hope you guys got at least a chuckle out of this. Wish I got better results on a couple, for better jokes at least. XP

You're not a chinchilla!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 12, 2014, 10:06 PM
My cat likes to go inside my chinchilla's dust bowl. LOL get out your not a chinchilla.

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I will be taking 1 commission at a time. The prices are for Standard Sooshes, feel free to ask about Cerberal, Bi-headed, and Trip-tych.



Price: 500 :points:
Examples: Keara Drawing by JazzChinchillaClara Drawing for fireflywish by JazzChinchilla

Pixel Fullbody

Price: 300 :points:
Example:Skylar Pixel Fullbody by JazzChinchilla


Price: 200 :points:
Example: Keara Sticker by JazzChinchilla
So I'm staying in Vermont until late Tuesday because my friends Lilly and Taylor's dad just died. So me and my mom are staying with my friend Kacey and her family (her mom is BFF's with my mom) and my friend Kacey shows me this video and I almost die laughing.

Babysitting a chinchilla!!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 8:08 PM
I am taking care of my friend's chinchilla (Joey) for the weekend!!

He is so cute and fluffy!! 

So my weekend is full of fun!!

Credit: Layout. Stock.
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So two new preview clips were shown at NYCC, showcasing the upcoming Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

...No, not the 2001 anime. Or the subset of the Transformers Prime toyline. Or the IDW comic book series. Or the subset of the Age of Extinction movie toyline.

Hasbro, you need to get more creative with the titles, here.

Anyway, the new show is a sequel to the acclaimed Transformers Prime, with Bumblebee returning to Earth leading a new team of Autobots as they hunt fugitive Decepticons running loose from a crashed prison ship.

The show is taking a brighter, more kid-friendly approach after Prime's darker, action-packed run. That's not a bad thing, but...I'm apprehensive. Every time I see the phrase "appeal to younger children" I cringe, because it makes me think of shows like Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Teen Titans Go!, which aren't necessarily bad but favoring comedy over action doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Worse still, it makes me think of utter garbage like Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

But Jeff Kline is still running with RiD, which gives me hope given his track record of producing awesome cartoons. And while the new visual style certainly pops with vibrant colors and stylized robots, the animation is jarringly choppy and stiff. It's really sad to see because the animation studio, Polygon, worked on Prime, which had some of the best 3D animation ever produced on television. It's especially jarring when certain effects animation like trees and dust clouds and explosions are animated in 2D and it looks so much better than the jerky movements of the robots.

And then there's the robots themselves. While it's great to have Bumblebee back voiced by Will Friedle again and Peter Cullen as a ghostly Optimus Prime, the other Autobots are lamentably cliched at first glance. We have a rowdy big guy as the muscle! We have a by-the-book, no-nonsense girl who clashes with a smooth-talking rebellious bad boy! (I can see the shipping coming a mile away) And then we have an excitable geeky little guy as the tech-head of the group! These character types have been seen a million times already. You know what I was really hoping for? That the rowdy Dinobot would have been the girl on the team. Can you imagine how refreshing that would be? Picture it: A heavyset fembot like Bulkhead who turns into a freaking T-Rex. That would be awesome! But no. Well, at least Strongarm isn't a motorcycle and doesn't have a supermodel physique, so that's a little better. I can only hope that the characters will be written with more nuance and better characterization than their stereotypes tend to have.

And finally...the Decepticons. Oh boy, the Decepticons. See, the 'Cons have always been my favorite faction going back all the way to the beginning. They have the coolest vehicle modes, the most wildly diverse personalities, the really cool powers and weapons. In theory, a show revolving around hundreds of Decepticon prisoners escaped and running wild on Earth is a great idea! Plenty of potential in the kinds of characters and vehicle modes for them all. And it would be a welcome step up from Transformers Prime and its legions of identical cannon fodder troops. But from the promotional material so far we have... ...this ...and this ...and this (okay, he might be cool) ...and God help us, this. And these are their robot modes. And they turn into cars.

So, some of this is me being a butt-hurt fan because I don't personally like a lot of the choices they're making with this series. I acknowledge that. I really, really hope that this show is going to be a lot of fun to watch. But if every single Decepticon they come across in the first five episodes or so is a goofy monster bot that turns into a car...I'm out.