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Guys, look here, read this, watch this, it's important. =|

I was shown a video today on youtube, an amazing animation someone obviously worked hard on, with their original characters dancing and having a good time to a song by Kesha called Die Young. The video was immediately removed, and it was assumed that it was because youtube's bots saw copyright infringement and took it down, but it turns out they had some help. It seems that someone who hates furries went out of their way to ruing this poor girls hard work, and it's very discouraging for her because she had more videos like this planned and most of her characters are furry. But luckily she posted the video on alternative media like Vimeo. This is good because I actually spent over an hour beside myself trying to find a way to save the video while I still had it up on youtube (it was taken down while I was watching it so I could still watch it, but I knew as soon as I closed it would be gone forever). So now I want to share with you this amazing video. ^^

You know I don't even like this song, but it fits so well here with the character and the setting! This character is so bouncy and energetic, and the little pink character is flipping adorable! It's really good, really well animated. The characters feel far more feral than furry, but there's a hint of anthro in there, and this girl is so much bigger than anyone else. Not that I'm complaining it's just very unique and I like that. I love the overall video and I had to give it some love an attention, so I hope you guys like this little treat as much as I did. :D

Shout out to Vivienne Medrano! Love your work and while you probably won't see this, I'm advertising you girl cus you deserve it! ^^

Her tumblr:

Her youtube:…

Show her some love guys! =3
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