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  • Mood: Happy
  • Reading: Dragon Ball Z
  • Watching: King of the Hill
  • Playing: LEFT 4 DEAD 2
I'm hoping to adopt a chinchilla. I have looked at what is available in my price range. I am so happy that there is a chinchilla adoption center in my state! I don't have to pay for crating and shipping at all! Now, I have been thinking of names, but can't decide! I don't know if they can acknowledge a new name or not. So if I can't change their name, I'll have the name I choose be their middle name.
Bullet; Red Vegeta
Bullet; Red Wolvie (Wolverine)
Bullet; Red Mikey (after my fav ninja turtle)
Bullet; Red Spock
Bullet; Green April
Bullet; Green Raven
Bullet; Green Cleopatra 
Bullet; Green Black Widow
Please help me choose? Which is your boy favorite and girl favorite?
swim practice is killing me
my arms are really really sore all the time and it hurts to move my arm to draw
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