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Thanksgiving is over, so now time for Christmas!!!!
I really want to get my dream soosh as a custom, so I need to save up some points fast!!! 3 days til December!!!!
So I'm gonna discount commissions!!! I don't feel like changing my usual commissions journal, so here's a new one.

Oh and also if anyone wants to see the soosh I want to get as a custom I can note it to you.

Here are the commissions and their prices: (Points or Paypal, 100:points: = $1)

Pixel Icons~ 25 :points:

Style 1: Keara Icon by JazzChinchilla
Style 2:Keara Icon by JazzChinchilla

Pixel Pagedoll~50 :points:

Faygo Redpop Sushi Dog Journal Doll

Chibi: 75 :points:

Kujo the Misty Pup Chibi ~ fluffycupcakes21

Pixel Fullbody: 100 :points:

Skylar Pixel Fullbody

Fullbody~ 150 :points:

Keara Fullbody
(AT) Roni Drawing for LittleStarPu

Ref Sheet~ 200 :points:

Keara Ref
Ilumia Ref Sheet

Painting~ 300 :points: (+100 for background)

(CE) Satoshi Reading
Wishful Thinking

End of Results