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dASAW Stamp by EastSideSunsets :iconstaffappreciation: dASAW Stamp by EastSideSunsets

:bulletblue: Attention, deviants! :bulletblue:

As August 7th, deviantART's 11th Birthday, so does a premier event: the deviantART Staff Appreciation Week! This event has been undergoing planning since April 2011, all of which can be followed by watching StaffAppreciation!

The goal of StaffAppreciation and the deviantART Staff Appreciation Week is to promote general community positiveness, and to show the core staff members that we, as a community, appreciate their time, efforts, dedication, and overall work here on deviantART.

There will be a week-long event held from August 8th until August 14th, during which time the community will be able to participate in chat events, mini-contests, and a super-secret gift for the $taff of deviantART.

So, if you are interested in anything mentioned above, feel free to +devWatch StaffAppreciation and take part in the festivities! :heart:

:bulletorange: Now we need your help! :bulletorange:

:pointr: In order for our event to be a success, we need as much community participation as possible! :pointl:

That is why StaffAppreciation is now hosting a mini-event: pimp us and be entered to win a 3-month subscription and 250 :points:!

In fact, by faving this news article, you too will be entered into a separate drawing to win a 3-month premium membership!

That's right! You can read more about this little offering in our blog entry!

You can spread the word in many ways:
:bulletorange: By linking to us in your signature;
:bulletorange: By faving this news article;
:bulletorange: By posting a journal about us;

...and those are just some of the ways!

So, come on, join us in promoting good fun! Help us out, and this event will undoubtedly be magnificent!

A big, heaping thank you from the volunteers at StaffAppreciation and myself,

:dalove: :iconstaffappreciation:
:icontwitterplz: dASAW on Twitter
Winner: keyanadrake's book contest PROOF by SanguineEpitaph

...someone here is famous, and you might know her!

Our very own keyanadrake has a book she's written available on Lulu! Not everyone can afford to buy it, and not everyone is interested, but she would be super appreciative if we could come together as a community to get the word out about her book! Check it out! I'm going to be getting a copy for myself! :happybounce:

Time Speaker

"Murderer. Assassin. Cold-blooded killer. Jaola, the Agency assassin code-named Cheetah, is the best in the business. She never stops until her target is dead. That is, except when she can get away with mercy. Jaola is a woman trapped between her duty to the Agency and a deep-seated desired to be free. A gifted telepath born into the Agency, she was never given the choice. Instead, she has to take her freedom by force. On the run as a fugitive, she stumbles on a homeless girl and now has the opportunity to make amends for her past. Are there too many forces pushing against her? Can she protect the girl and avoid those who chase her, before the Agency hunts both of them down?"

:bulletyellow: CHECK IT :bulletyellow:


The Book on Lulu
*keyanadrake's Journal Entry!

Points :points:

I want her to get off the ground with this book, so for everyone who faves this journal and for everyone who posts a journal spreading the word about her book,

I will enter you into a random raffle to win 400 :points:! So get to it before March 3, 2012: ONE WEEK.
EDIT: This winner also gets a free bookmark made by keyanadrake! :dummy:

It's simple:
  • :bulletyellow: TAKE A LOOK AT THIS :bulletyellow:
  • :bulletblue: Fave this journal [you're automatically entered!]
  • :bulletblue: Post your own journal that helps spread the word [you're entered again!]
    • Link me to it in a comment!

Two simple things to help a fellow artist!

Let's help her out!

Thank you. You're great.


Please click the button to the left to :+favlove: this article so that more deviants will be able to participate in this! :)

:bulletblue: An Idea :bulletblue:

One night, I decided to write a journal. It wasn't a very seriously thought-out journal, but I was rambling on when I hatched an idea. It quickly flew in and out of my brain, I passed it off, and then I revisited it.

The dA staff do so much to make deviantART a comprehensive, friendly, top-of-the-line community for us -- I think it's time we give back!

We should hold a deviantART Staff Appreciation Week!

:bulletblue: The Reasoning :bulletblue:

Think about it!

The deviantART Staff are very proactive. Whether it's being a pimp, posting various design tips and helpful journals, or answering our help-desk inquiries, there is always a staff member lurking. Unlike other popular websites now, which treat the staff like obscure beings whom you need to email to possibly contact, deviantART staff are readily available (if you don't know, they have either a $ or a + in front of their username).

Sure, you could argue that they only do it because deviantART is a business, but do the staff need to be involved in the community if this is JUST for business? No, of course not! They could isolate themselves from us and intervene where necessary...

...but they don't.

So, come on! Give back! deviantART is a wonderful tool for networking with new people who have similar interests, and it is truly getting improved, modified, and nurtured every month, if not every week!

:bulletblue: What Would This Look Like? :bulletblue:

I truly don't know. I asked my watchers for their opinions, and many of them provided some awesome ideas! Some of the popular ideas for this event are quoted here:

We can spam the staff with muro-heart-drawings on their page  :iconjuap:

For the Staff Appreciation Week, there could be fan art of some sort. Drawings, stamps, muro doodles....just a thought.

What about random staff ... um.. hugs or prizes or something. Like, choose random staff members, or staff that have personally helped or done craploads of stuff, and do something nice for them. We could collect together stuff... to give them?


How about a sort of secret santa, people enter the competition, are given the name of a staff member who deserves appreciation and that person is responsible for doing something nice for that staff member.

Some of my personal ideas are:

:bulletblack: Interviews with staff to see what exactly they do.
:bulletblack: Putting the "spotlight" on staff members throughout the week.
:bulletblack: :la: Chat events!
:bulletblack: Perhaps a scuzzle? :innocent:

I am really trying to just plan this special week now, so input is welcome! :D

:bulletblue: What Can You Do? :bulletblue:

Obviously this idea would take a lot of planning. Not only would we need to decide on dates, times, and activities, but we would need to network with the admins and get more deviants interested in participating!

To be honest, everyone can help. I can't possibly organize this by myself, so volunteers are invited to note me and offer your services. Some things I could use help with are:

:bulletblack: Networking with communities.
:bulletblack: Prizes for contests or events.
:bulletblack: General pimpage and interest generation.
:bulletblack: Ideas for contests or activities.
:bulletblack: Setting a group of dates for this to occur.
:bulletblack: Other things that I haven't thought of! :giggle:

Don't be afraid to contact me! I assure you that you can be helpful, and I know that there are some innovative, brilliant deviants out there. I would love to be able to let the staff know how much we appreciate their time, work, and effort, and I feel that this is a perfect way to do so.

I hope you do too. :)

So, please, feel free to contact me or comment on this news article. Join into the fun, since I know that the community can come together to make this idea a reality. :love:


First, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed! I truly appreciate it. If you don't mind, could you tell us briefly how it was that you came to be an official staff member, and about how long ago that was?

I joined deviantART as  a member in 2003 and in 2004 I started volunteering as a Photography Gallery Director.  After volunteering in that area for a little over a year I was offered a job as the Director of Artist Relations (Now Community Relations) in June of 2005 :)

Lex and Lola by Moonbeam13 Chillin' by Moonbeam13 badass by Moonbeam13

Very interesting! At the time, and even now, what part of this job do you enjoy the most, and could you give a brief overview of what you get to do?

The unique community at deviantART is what encouraged me to join and take part as a member in the first place, and I consider blessed that I get to work directly with the community on a daily basis as part of my job.  Community Relations, works to build, grow and manage the deviantART community around the deviantART brand.  While Community Operations focuses primarily around the operational side of the site, Community Relations works organically within the community encouraging, facilitating and developing relationships, not only within the community but, sometimes more importantly, between the community and the administration.

I've attached a fun infographic that breaks down my job :)

Throughout your years as such a prominent figure for the community, in what ways do you think the community has changed the most? Surely it has grown in size, but have there been any interesting things you did not expect?

You're right, the community has certainly grown exponentially over the years and very organically, meaning it wasn't until recently that we started any outward promotion of deviantART itself.  I think the most interesting thing for me, to this day, is the variety of people we attract to the community.  I have the privilege of attending many off-site events and seeing our community live and in person at these events I've witnessed young people, older people, professionals, amateurs, people of all races, genres, and walks of life coming together and celebrate the unifying power of art.  I find the impact very powerful when you see it one on one.  It makes me very proud to be a part of something so powerful that crosses so many boundaries.

I have come to notice this, too, and it was something unexpected for me. What qualities do you think are necessary to have or to learn for your position on the staff?

I think it's essential to have patience, be passionate and fully believe in the power of the community and most importantly - to listen.  Sometimes we get caught up believing we know best and are doing what is best for the community when most times the community has already said what it wants or needs and all we needed to do was to listen.  Similarly, I find it important to hear the message behind your biggest complainers and not discount the opinion of anyone simply because they disagree.  Sometimes you can learn something important.

Solitary Strength by Moonbeam13 Hey Baby by Moonbeam13 Skeletor by Moonbeam13

If you could resurrect any artist from the past to get their feedback and thoughts on how deviantART operates, its community, and what it stands for (regardless of the century they lived during), who do you think you would choose and perhaps why?

I'm going to go with Yousuf Karsh. His body of work focused on portrait photography and presented an intimate and unique view of humanity.  He lived through a period of no technology to uber technology and I believe he would provide an interesting perspective and opinion on what we have created.

What is one big hope that you have for deviantART, whether it be as a website, community, or business?

That we continue to be the biggest and best community because I believe there is no one else like us that does it anywhere near as well :)

The next few questions I have are more fun, and generated by the community! conniekidd asks: if dA were a planet, what do you think it would look like?

It would look like this:
Welcome to DeviantART World by MacDoninri


Renew by Moonbeam13 Exposed by Moonbeam13 Reach by Moonbeam13

if you could make any change to deviantART, big or small in any way, what would you do if anything?

I think I would have liked to have personally found it in 2000, instead of 2003 :D  Otherwise, there's nothing I would change. I truly believe that  every experience to date, positive and negative, has led us to where we are now and I wouldn't wish it to be an iota different then the biggest, and best online art community in the world :heart:

I think that about wraps up the interview! Is there anything more you would like to add?

Just a huge "THANK YOU" to the community for making us what we are :)

Thank you very much to Moonbeam13 for taking the time to answer these questions (and individually nonetheless!). It was great to interview her. :love:

If you are interested in participating in festivities from now till 14 August, then just :+devwatch: StaffAppreciation! We have a lot planned. :excited:

:bulletred::iconsparklesplz:Welcome to the Discovery Channel!:iconsparklesplz::bulletred:

I will be underexposed artists that I happened to find using the Discovery page here on dA! If you would like an overview of how to use this page, feel free to see this brief guide! :heart:


I really enjoyed taking a peek at Coved-J's photography -- especially the awesome pictures of animals that they have! I find it strange that such adorable and clear photos have gone with such little notice!



A wonderful gallery filled with marvelous pictures that use Mother Nature as their subject. I love it when an artist can capture the beauty of Earth. :)

Serene by imveryconfused:thumb201552471:The River Still Runs by imveryconfusedSpring Awakening by imveryconfused


cameraflou has amazing urban photos and amazing photos of subject that contrast with that intense, vivid subject. I would recommend taking a look through his gallery and thinking about his pictures because I was lost for quite awhile in there.

La Rotonde by cameraflouBonbons by cameraflouMano by cameraflougarage by cameraflou


I must say that thomaswievegg has some splendid paintings in his gallery. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting balance of intense, vivid art and more light-hearted things like his piece The Bully!

Life Colossus by thomaswieveggThe Bully by thomaswieveggGod of War by thomaswieveggShowdown by thomaswievegg

Please consider pressing the button on the left to :+favlove: this article -- not for the sake of getting more faves, but for the sake of allowing these artists' artworks to be noticed by more of the community. :)

:heart: SanguineEpitaph
Previous Issues:

Finally! It's officially the tenth issue of Penciled In! I would say "tenth week," but you may have noticed that this issue has been delayed a week for personal reasons... If you have read the last few issues of my article, you might've heard me piping off about "Oh, watch out for the dreaded Issue X!"


This is Issue X.

And my, my have I tried to stuff this issue full of fun things! The layout will be different from the rest of the articles, since I'm commemorating this occasion (though it's not totally special ;P). You can start by looking at the table of contents below. :nod: Unlike past weeks, I will be featuring only one deviant! Also, after much internal debating, I've decided to split this into two parts. This week, I have included Mollinda's interview! Next week, I will feature ideas that my watchers have thrown around about traditional art.

Table of Contents
:bulletblue: Logistical Things for First-Time Readers
:bulletblue: Interview with Mollinda
:bulletblue: Featured Deviant
:bulletblue: Trad. Art. Spotlight!

:bulletblack::bulletblue: What Is It?  :bulletblue::bulletblack:

The purpose of my article is to bring together pieces of artwork from the Traditional gallery for artists who are interested in those media. In doing so, I hope to bring exposure to artists who might be lacking in it, and I would like to provide a platform of inspiration for other traditional artists! I haven't been able to find any articles of this nature, but if you know of any and would like me to link to them, I will!

:bulletblack::bulletblue: To Suggest an Artist's Work :bulletblue::bulletblack:

Please see this if you would like to suggest someone. :)


:bulletblack::bulletblue: An Interview With Our Resident GM, Mollinda :bulletblue::bulletblack:

For this special occasion, our traditional art GM graciously agreed to a little interview! :la:

:star: What quality do you think most attracted you to deviantART?

I'll be honest, when I first joined DA it was for the prints. I wanted to sell prints of my work, DA did it. I don't think I ever sold any back then :lol: but yes.

:star: Has this site affected your personality or art?

Of course. Something that's such a big part of my life is bound to affect me. It made me want to try new things when I saw something awesome - I'd want to try it.

:star: What exactly does being a GM mean to you?

It means educating, encouraging and exposing deviants. Kinda like being the mayor of Trad Town :la:

:star: I recently posed a question to my watchers about how they feel digital art has affected traditional art. The majority seemed to feel that it had neither an overtly positive or negative affect. A common consensus was that digital art allows you to add more detail and "life-likeness". What do you think?

I think digital art has ctrl+z. It has layers. It basically has a safety net. It's cheap (once you have your equipment and software) and it's not messy.

But you can't throw a bucket of paint at a digital canvas. And that's why I am a trad artist. I like the mess and the tactile materials.

As for it being more life-like - total rubbish. The only difference there between trad and digital is that with trad it takes longer. You can't do blur or alter opacity or use texture overlays - you have to do it all by hand, waiting for layers to dry. You can knock out a fairly photo realistic portrait in Corel Painter in about 8 hours. It may take 8 weeks, or 8 months to do a traditional photo realistic painting!

:star: Even with digital media, why do you think that traditional art has prevailed still?

Has it prevailed? I don't think there's a war or anything - they are what they are. Some people prefer traditional, some prefer digital.

:star: What do you predict for the new Installation Art gallery?

LOTS OF MISCATS :dummy: And hopefully people understanding what installation is and doing it!

:star: Do you think there's a such thing as "good art"?

Of course there is, what an odd question.

:star: I also posed a question to my watchers about whether or not they think you have to be good at traditional art to be good at digital art, and vice-versa. They were almost evenly split. What do you think?

They are very different beasts, you may not be able to do both, you may be able to do both, I think it's a non issue.

:star: Do you have any suggestions for people who art trying to improve their traditional art skills?

Practice and experiment! I've recently taken up collage as that's what I'm teaching my pre degree group - I like to complete a sketchbook on whatever they're doing. And I love it!

:star: What do you see for traditional art in the near/distant future?

I don't think trends can be restricted to traditional art :) I know I'm the trad art gallery but that doesn't mean I think traditional art is superior to other art forms.

I think there will be a LOT more digital/traditional mixed media. Why just use one when you can use both?

:bulletblack::bulletblue: Featured Deviant :bulletblue::bulletblack:


I was bopping around the traditional art galleries and I suddenly saw nosebleedy screen print by FaceRot. This originally attracted me to his gallery, where I became lost for endless hours. I hope you find his art nearly as intriguing as I do.

Suggested by SanguineEpitaph

:bulletblack::bulletblue: Traditional Art Spotlight :bulletblue::bulletblack:

:star::star: I would like to draw attention to a new traditional art group, ArtistsPerception. Please take a minute to have a look! :heart:


:bulletblack::bulletblue: Traditional Art GMs :bulletblue::bulletblack:

Traditional Art - Mollinda
:bulletblue: Body Art - annajordanart
:bulletblue: Sculpture - LabyrinthCreations

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

I really was reluctant about overloading this article with too much information. As I began filling it with everything I intended to, I decided that that would be too much. Please stay tuned for the next article to get the full experience of traditional art galore! :la:

SanguineEpitaph! :heart:

Please :+favlove: fave this article so that more deviants will see it! The more deviants participating, the merrier!

Original News Article

Background Info (no tl;dr)

A few weeks ago, I posted a news article proposing we plan a deviantART Staff Appreciation Week to show that we do appreciate the effort, dedication, and community interaction that the official dA Staff put in! You can see the original article for more information.

The Here and Now

Now this project has moved on -- I have a team of volunteers helping me to organize different parts of the week-long event. If you are interested in participating in chat events, contests, and other (secret) events during this week, you should :+devwatch: watch our group: StaffAppreciation.

We promise not to bombard your inboxes with submissions of journals. ;) We are still planning events and such, so our blog will be mainly for keeping you all tuned in to what we're doing! :la:

But what's the point of keeping you updated if no one knows about the group? :noes: That's why you should watch StaffAppreciation! :eyes:

The official dates of the deviantART Staff Appreciation Week are: Monday, August 8th until Sunday, August 14th!

This is the week after deviantART's birthday! :heart:

Thank you for reading. I hope you're as excited as we are!! :la:

:Sleep: by muslma | :wakeupkiss: by Franz24 | OMG SHOCK. by KimRaiFan | Noes a Train by DEVlANT | Chase by Laria-Bosmer | :police: by Pixelisto

WHOA by SEntorinaBLAAAAAAAARGH by de-Mote | Go Away by Davidgtza2 | :timelock: by Mr-Jaunty | :thumb145574537: | cheer dance by Gomotes

i got a letter by MenInASuitcase | :eager: by elicoronel16:gift: or :present: by Solitude12:thumb59115187: | Sinister partay by CookiemagiK | :BombingEscape: by MenInASuitcase | The Seriously Evil Laugh by Mike-RaWare

:thumb108728159: | :love: by CookiemagiK | sad huggle by Krissi001 | Nuzzling cuddle by Krissi001

emoticon love story by MenInASuitcase

Emote Fart Rainbow by MixedMilkChOcOlate:happybounce:

Can you guess what the story is? <3
Welcome to Volume I of "Penciled In". I'm going to try to make this article weekly!

The purpose of my article is to bring together pieces of artwork from the Traditional gallery for artists who are interested in those media. In doing so, I hope to bring exposure to artists who might be lacking in it, and I would like to provide a platform of inspiration for other traditional artists! I haven't been able to find any articles of this nature, but if you know of any and would like me to link to them, I will!


To Suggest a Piece or Pieces:

Please note me. Follow this format to ensure that your submission is included in the next issue!
Subject: Penciled In Suggestion
In the note, please include the :thumb: code of the deviation you would like me to feature. It's as simple as that! If you have multiple pieces from one artist, I will be happy to feature them. I don't want to give one artist too much exposure compared to others, so I will only feature up to three pieces, and I will only feature them once every three issues.

If you  don't want me to include that you suggested the deviation, please say so. If not, I will say that you were the suggester. :aww:


:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletwhite: Featured Deviant :bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletwhite:

Every week I will pick one deviant to feature in this spot. This isn't to imply that his or her artwork is better, but maybe because they have relatively low exposure, or because their art IS amazing. If I have multiple suggestions for an artist, I will consider them to be in this section.

:bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletwhite: Features :bulletblack::bulletwhite::bulletblack::bulletwhite:

Cataclysm-X Suggested by darkmeridian13
Reconcile by Cataclysm-X .: Salvatorn :. by Cataclysm-X Hayley Williams by Cataclysm-X

Briscott Suggested by darkmeridian13
UFO by Briscott icontact by Briscott iBall by Briscott

Aimski Suggested by darkHunTer2009
Leviathan by Aimski Clare De Lune by Aimski 02 by Aimski

Hellobaby Suggested by darkmeridian13

LindseyWArt Suggested by SanguineEpitaph
Repression by LindseyWArt Maxx by LindseyWArt Strange Nature by LindseyWArt

ParisAlleyne Suggested by SanguineEpitaph
Deadpool- Battle Artist by ParisAlleyne Skyscraper Now In Colour by ParisAlleyne Baxter Stockman- Battle Artist by ParisAlleyne


I hope you found this week's article particularly inspirational, and I hope you enjoy the pieces featured here! Remember, if you want to suggest someone, please note me. :dummy:

Happy new year!

Stamp it Up Contest

As part of our deviantART Staff Appreciation Week (dASAW for short), StaffAppreciation brings you a contest for stamp makers, new and old alike! The objective of the dASAW is to show the core $taff of deviantART that we appreciate their time, effort, and dedication to the community and the site.


The theme for this contest is very broad. Stamps created for the contest should follow one of these ideas:
:bulletred: Showing support for a particular staff member (a list of staff members can be found on about).

:bulletorange: Showing support for a particular facet (chat, forums, muro, etc.) of deviantART or for an official deviantART group.

:bulletyellow: Showcasing something you like about a staff member in particular, or about the staff as a whole.

:bulletgreen: Showing something that deviantART has done for you.

It's all about spreading the positiveness! :happybounce:


:bulletblue: All entries must be made for this competition and submitted on or after August 9th, 2011 (today), and must follow a theme mentioned above. If it isn't clear what theme you've used, explain it in the artist's comments.

:bulletpurple: All entries must be submitted to the proper folder in #Staff Appreciation's gallery by August 14th, 2011.

:bulletpink: All entries must be in the deviantART Related / Deviant Stamps category.

:bulletred: Entries can be static or animated.

:bulletorange: Entries must be transparent stamps (i.e., with no background behind the border.

:bulletyellow: Entrants can enter a maximum of TWO times.

:bulletgreen: Failure to comply with one or more of the rules mentioned here will result in disqualification of your entry unless edited to match our criteria.

:bulletblue: In your artist's comments, you should mention that it was made for StaffAppreciation's contest. :D

:bulletpurple: Entries will be judged by the volunteers of StaffAppreciation based on: 1) aesthetic appeal; 2) compliance and relevance to a theme; and, 3) originality or creativity.  


First Place

:bulletpink: 300 deviantART Points :points: from dASAW-Points

:bulletred: 100 deviantART Points :points: from SanguineEpitaph

:bulletorange: A feature from both StaffAppreciation and SanguineEpitaph.

:bulletyellow: A three-month premium membership (that can be donated if you wish) from m3talDOG!  

Runner Up (x1)
:bulletgreen: 150 deviantART Points :points: from dASAW-Points

:bulletblue: 50 deviantART points :points: from SanguineEpitaph

:bulletpurple: A feature from both StaffAppreciation and SanguineEpitaph.

If you so wish to donate points, that would be much appreciated. Please send your donation to StaffAppreciation in a note and I will update a blog there to keep everyone posted of new prizes.

Everyone can create a stamp, all it takes is image-editing software like Photoshop or GIMP (free), or something else that you can find on Google, and a template:

STAMP TEMPLATES (in case you are new to stamp-making)
Stamp Template by AHMED-ART Heart Stamp Template by StampsByNeekko Support Stamp Template by conniekidd Stamp Templates Pack 2 by TheLoveTrain Block Stamp Base Pack by Mirz123 Stamp Base Pack by Mirz123

So come on, let's get to creating! :happybounce: