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Fusillade is out!

Mon May 2, 2011, 12:46 PM
  • Mood: Hurt
  • Listening to: Chickenfoot / The G3 Concerts
  • Reading: The Complete Mike Hammer novels
  • Watching: Thor / The Dirty Harry movies
  • Playing: SNES Emulator
  • Eating: Charcuterie & Pizza
  • Drinking: Lemon & Coke Float
Journal Header


Hey guys! Just to announce that Fusillade, a comic book anthology written by Mr. Howard Shum :iconhowardshum: from Hyperkinetic, Intrigue and Gun Fu fame, among others, and illustrated by a myriad of fantastic artists (and me) is already out on comic book stores!
I'm very proud to be in the company of so many top-notch, amazing artists: Antonello Dalena, Rad Sechrist, Gunt, Régis Donsimoni, Francesco Abrignani, Lelio Bonaccorso, and Dustin Foust.
You can head over to Howard's site for a first look at the stories and read a couple interviews with Howard about the book  over here and here.
You can check out some art from my story, Los Diablos, on my gallery.

Oh yeah, and I got meself one of them Twitter and Tumblrs, more as a means to keep tabs on other people than anything, as I'm not really the kind of guy that's very active on the networks if at all. But, there it is, if any one cares.

As usual, a thousand thanks to all new watchers, favers and commenters that stop by; it means a lot. And apologies for not being too active on here most of the time. =)
See y'all in the funny books! :ahoy:


-I don't do requests, so please stop asking-
-Currently not open for comissions-

Back from the Dead! + New Books

Tue Jun 30, 2009, 12:06 PM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Michael Jackson
  • Reading: The Complete Calvin & Hobbes
  • Watching: Star Trek / Up / Public Enemies
  • Playing: Street Fighter Alpha 1,2,3
  • Eating: Hershey's Cookies & Creme
  • Drinking: Moka frappe
Journal Header

Jeebuz!! Wow, it has been more than a year since I last updated this absolutely lazy of me.
Oh well, I'm back to the internet least until deadlines start coming close and I dissapear again. But hey, I haven't *just* been scratching my belly and drinking beer! Got new books coming out this summer! Yay!

Fat Chunk Zombies

First one, already out, is my little story* for Jamie Smart's anthology Fat Chunk Volume Two - Zombies! You can check out everything about it at the site and Jamie's blog.

Hat Trick

Next, due to release at July 15, there's Hat Trick, my second collaboration with Gypsy Joe's Jason M. Burns, this time with the new publisher Outlaw Entertainment. Go to the official site for all the info, previews and stuff!

The Middleman

And last but certainly not least, I had the honor of illustrating the new graphic novel The Middleman: The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse, the finale for the incredible series created by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Les McClaine, will be released at Comic Con, to coincide with The Complete Series DVD.
Everything about this series (minus my involvement, probably) is fantastic! Be sure to check this one! Drop by the official site for more info on the series, the DVD and the comics!

I will write more about the graphic novels when the release dates get closer - but for now, these quick announcements will do. Now, back to work! Oh, and thanks to everyone that kept visiting this graveyard in my absence! Your comments, watchs and favs are very appreciated! :D

*A los paisanos que checaron el 8x8 de caligrama...sí, es exactamente la misma historia. La reciclé desvergonzadamente, yqueyqueyque.

-I don't do requests, so please stop asking-
-Currently not open for comissions-
  • Mood: Amused
  • Listening to: Radio K.A.O.S.
  • Reading: His Dark Materials
  • Watching: Wall * E / Hellboy 2
  • Eating: Fudge Oreos
  • Drinking: Coke
Journal Header

Gypsy Joe Cover

Hi people! Just to announce that this July, Viper Comics will be releasing Gypsy Joe Jefferson, a graphic novel written and created by Jason M. Burns and illustrated by moi.

I'm really looking forward to see my work in print. All I can say is the story is pretty awesome and I had a blast drawing it. Synopsis, reviews and stuff can be found at the Viper Comics website.

Thanks! See ya around.
Oh, and in case you happen to be visitor 44,444, screenshot it and I'll draw you something.


-I don't do requests, so please stop asking-
-Currently not open for comissions-

Eye Candy from Strangers is here!

Wed Apr 9, 2008, 10:52 AM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: I'm not There - The Concert
  • Reading: The Complete Short Stories of Philip K. Dick
  • Watching: Iron Man!
  • Eating: Fudge Oreos
  • Drinking: Coffee
Journal Header

Hey everybody! First of all, thanks to all the new watchers and thanks for the 40,000 pageviews! I'll try to keep this thing updated more often.

Eye Candy from Strangers Cover

Now on the news side, I was lucky enough to be included on the second volume of the fabulous Eye Candy from Strangers artbooks, selected by the great Alberto Ruiz. Both books are nothing but sheer awesomeness -with the one exception of my lousy pin-up- with amazing artists like Bill Presing, Mathieu Reynes and dozens more.

Eye Candy from Strangers Cover

Eye Candy from Strangers Cover

You can order yours at the Brandstudio site (and while you're at it, check the rest of the great books they have) and find out more info at Alberto's blog.

All images © the artists and Brandstudio Press

Happy New Year!!

Sun Dec 30, 2007, 7:59 PM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: The Dandy Warhols
  • Reading: LoEG: The Black Dossier
  • Watching: 30 Days of Night
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Coffee
Journal Header

Yeah, um... Happy 2008!

That's basically it. I'm flooded with work, so I only want to wish everybody the best for the new year. Many thanks to all my new watchers and apologies for not being able to answer all the comments and notes and thank you personally. I promess to update this thing sometime, as soon as I can get the rest of the stuff done. There are a lot of great things set to happen in 2008!

See ya, people!

Rest in peace, Mike Wieringo

Mon Aug 13, 2007, 8:17 AM
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: The Alan Parsons Project / Matishayu
  • Reading: The Trilogy of New York
  • Watching: Ratatouille
  • Playing: Zuma
  • Eating: Tacos, pizza, chocolate
  • Drinking: Coke & Coffee
Journal Header

Shit, shit, shit. I just knew about :iconwieringo: passing away.
He was one of the artist I admire the most, and while we never exchange more than a bunch of comments on the forums, he was always very nice and kind on my work.
He'll be greatly missed.

Dammit. =(

I'm older and I'm back...!

Thu Jan 18, 2007, 3:04 PM
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Crash Test Dummies/Dire Straits/David Gilmour
  • Reading: Neil Gaiman's Coraline
  • Watching: The Fountain / Stranger than fiction
  • Playing: Zuma
  • Eating: Tacos, pizza, chocolate
  • Drinking: Coke & Coffee
Journal Header

Well...2007, and I'm still here. I'm also a year older, since last monday I turned 25. A quarter of century. Wow. And I still haven't done anything with my life.

Last saturday I had the honor to sit in a table and draw a comic with some of the most talented people in this country. Of course, I sucked, but simply watch at them work was very inspirational. Thanks to all.

As a result of that, I really want to at least *try* to improve my work. This year I'm going to try to make and upload at least one drawing every day, and for the sake of fun,  let's make it a monthly-themed thing. So, the start will be on february, and the theme will be Girls (not because I'm good at it, but because it's what I draw faster so there will be more chances for me to meet the deadline).

So, if there are anything related to the subject that you'll like to see me give a shot, feel free to suggest -I'm not really taking requests, only suggestions for now-.

See you around, then. Oh and yes, the next kiriban number will be 22,222. Whoever gets that visit can ask me to draw and color anything.



Vaya! 2007, y sigo aquí. Literalmente un año más viejo, ya que el lunes cumplí 25. Un cuarto de siglo. Wow. Y sigo sin hacer nada de mi vida.

El sábado pasado tuve el honor de sentarme a dibujar un cómic en compañía de algunas de las personas más talentosas de este país. Por supuesto, yo hice el ridículo, pero verlos trabajar fue inspirador. Mi respeto por ellos se incrementó exponencialmente.

Por ello, este año pretendo siquiera intentar mejorar, así que me haré el reto de hacer por lo menos un dibujo diario. Para hacerlo más divertido, que sea con un tema mensual. El primero, comenzando en febrero, será de chicas (no porque me salgan muy bien, sino porque es lo que dibujo más rápido, así tendré más posibilidades de cumplir el reto). Si tienen alguna sugerencia que hacer sobre el tema, siéntanse libres.

Ah, sí. El próximo dibujo de obsequio va para el visitante #22,222... y si viven en México, recuerden que aún pueden adquirir la segunda edición de "La escritura invisible" en El Sótano, El Parnaso, varias librerías de Educal y una que otra Gandhi.


Membership sponsor: :iconsraffa:
Thanks a lot, bro!!


:iconpin-ups: :iconpwfa: :iconmexicanos:
  • Mood: Sunny Mood
  • Listening to: Bob Dylan / KISS / Paul McCartney / David Bowie
  • Reading: On the Road / Jack Kerouac
  • Watching: Pan's Labyrinth / The Departed
  • Playing: Arcade Classics
  • Eating: Tacos, pizza, sandwiches, meat, candy, chips...
  • Drinking: Coke, Coffee, 7up, Tea, more Coke, beer...
Journal Header

Yo de nuevo, con la fecha de la próxima presentación del libro. Ahora toca el miércoles 29 de noviembre, a las 19:00 hrs. en la Sala Adamo Boari del Palacio de Bellas Artes.

Presentan: Horacio Cerutti, Francesca Gargallo, Eve Gil, Jorge Vargas y Gustavo Ogarrio. Varios de los autores que aparecen en la antología leerán algunos cuentos inéditos.

Los que no tengan quehacer, están invitados. :D

Ah, y sí: parece ser que ya se acercan las 20,000 visitas...como siempre, pinup gratis al visitante en cuestió más, ora hasta a color...


That was me announcing yet another of our book presentations...anyway, seems like the 20 K are on their way, so, as usual, visitor 20000 gets a free colored pinup of whatever the hell he/she wants.

See ya around!

Membership sponsor: :iconsraffa:


:iconpin-ups: :iconpwfa: :iconmexicanos:

Book is out -- Tagged again!

Wed Sep 6, 2006, 10:16 AM
Journal Header

Journal time...well, let's see...

Thanks -yet again- to Mr. :iconsraffa: for the sponsorship. I really don't know why he keeps doing this...

Now, as some of you know, I also write fiction sometimes. Well, some weeks ago a short story of mine was included in a book! It was edited by my friend and writer Gustavo Ogarrio -winner of the Latinamerican Short Story Prize "Edmundo Valadés" last year- so this being the first time I am in a book -a real, actual book!- you can imagine I'm very happy. :D

Secondly, I've been double-tagged by :iconchachaman: and :iconsopelana: with the "List 10 things about your art" tag, which is very hard, because, really, there aren't that many things about my crap to say... I'll give it a try, anyway...

1. I'm a cheap bastard: I normally don't draw in a sketchbook or board or anything, but plain simple photocopy paper.

2. As anybody with one eye can see, my main influences are american cartoons, specially Bruce Timm and his pals (like Shane Glines). I probably won't be drawing for a life today if it wasn't for Batman TAS, :batman: since as a teen I liked comics but never was a fan. All cartoons seemed the same to me, so when I saw the BTAS style -pretty new to me in that time- I said "Wow, that rules". The rest of my influences are pretty much every freakin' artist I like an image of.

3. I'm a cheap bastard: I don't use high-quality pencils or inks or whatever. Heck, I used to do my illustration assigments with a set of brushes that costed a buck at Waldo's Mart!

4. That said, I'm lazy too...most of the work that I scan and color is uncomplete in its original form, since I think, bah, I'll finish it in the computer.

5. Did I already said I'm a cheap bastard?

6. Half of the time I eat/drink while drawing. It's a miracle I almost never drop sauce, coke or melted cheese on the stuff :rofl:

7. I don't limite myself to one style, not because I think I'm that good, but because I simply like to draw different stuff.

8. I never finish half of the things I draw, and I normally just throw most of it to the wastebasket. And I don't usually keep my old work. Most of it is lost. You can almost say I hate it.

9. I like to use reference (specially when drawing girls :love: )...but lately, I'm drawing more and more w/out refs. I'm probably gettin' too lazy for that too.

10. I'm a cheap...oh well, forget it.

Seems to be all for now, stay tuned!


Cómo les va, devianteros y devianteras? (je, adios al sexenio, al fin) Un par de cosillas...

Como algunos de ustedes saben, aparte de dibujar a veces escribo. Bueno, hace algunas semanas salió un libro que incluye uno de mis cuentos, y supuestamente estaremos presentándolo en algunas ciudades los próximos meses. La antología se llama "La escritura invisible" y fue compilada por Gustavo Ogarrio, ganador del Premio latinoamericano de cuento Edmundo Valadés del año pasado. Como pueden imaginarse, es mi debut en un libro de verdad, así que estoy muy feliz. :D

Esta es la portada:


(Y antes de que me reclamen, sí, ya sé, la portada está horrible, pero no la hice yo :shakefist: )

Segundo, fui doblemente tageado por el chacha y el sope (:iconchachaman::iconsopelana:) con aquello de postear 10 cosas sobre tu verdad no creo que haya tantas cosas que decir sobre mis chismes, pero haré el intento:

1. Soy un pinche tacaño. No suelo dibujar en sketchbook ni cuaderno ni cartulina opalina ni nada, sino viles hojas bond pa' fotocopiadora.

2. Como cualquiera puede ver, mi principal influencia son los cartoons gringos, en especial los realizados por Bruce Timm y sus alegres compadres. De hecho, probablemente no estaría dibujando el día de hoy si no fuera por la serie de Batman TAS, dado que por aquella época aunque me gustaban los comics, no compraba ni era fan ni nada (bueh, hoy en dia no es que compre un pinche tacaño). El resto de mis influencias es prácticamente todo aquel de quien he visto un dibujo y me ha gustado.

3. Soy un pinche tacaño. No uso materiales de alta calidad, llamenlo lapices, estilografos, tinta, etc... Chingá, solía hacer mis tareas de ilustración con un set de pinceles de 10 varos que compré en el Waldo's o una de esas tiendas de importación barata.

4. Y soy un flojohuevón. Si voy a escanear o colorear algo, ni lo termino. Lo hago en la compu.

5. ¿Ya mencioné que soy un pinche tacaño?

6. Suelo comer o beber mientras dibujo. Es un milagro que evite las manchas de salsa, queso, coca y café... y si se me escapa alguna...God bless Photoshop!! :rofl:

7. No me limito a un estilo, no porque me crea que puedo dibujar en varios, sino porque me gusta variarle.

8. Nunca termino la mayoría de lo que hago, de lo que acabo una buena parte va a dar a la basura y no suelo guardar mis trabajos, a menos que me hayan gustado mucho, lo que nunca ocurre.

9. Me gusta usar referencias, sobre todo al dibujar niñas :love: aunque cada vez las uso menos. No es que me esté volviendo más bueno, sólo más flojo.

10. Soy un pinche tac...oh, bueno, ya saben.

Parece ser todo por hoy...nos sintonizamos luego, en la misma bati-hora y por el mismo bati-canal! :batman: :ahoy:  


:iconpin-ups: :iconpwfa: :iconmexicanos:
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Wed May 24, 2006, 8:05 AM
Hey there, guys and gals!

Hey there, guys and gals!

So, what's up?...

First of all (and yet again) thanks to :iconsraffa: for his sponsorship!

Next gift will be for the visitor #15,000, and as usual, it will be a drawing -pencils & inks- of whatever he/she wants; still can't offer to color anything, sorry.
On other stuff, Mr. :iconsoloira: tagged me to this "write 6 weird things about yourself" yadda yadda, let's see...

1. Almost always, I read and/or write and/or listen music or watch tv or movies while I eat, unless I'm eating with somebody.

2. I've never bought clothes. I'll just tell my Mom/Dad/Sis/GF/Friends to bring me some shirts/pants/shoes from the store or the mall when they go; as long as it's not pink, I don't care for color or style or things like that. I simply don't give a damn about fashion or what people will think of me, and I have no patience at all for shopping. And I usually wear clothes that have no visible brand or logos or images in it. Just plain, flat color.

3. In High School, my nickname was Antichrist. I can't remember any real good reason for that.

4. Speaking of High School, I solved a crime once. A bag was stolen in a party, then I deduced where the bag was and who stole it. It was a very Veronica Mars-like thing...

5. I can't draw when people is watching me.

6. I'm pretty sure I've forgot how to drive a car. I learned as a teen as everybody else, but since I always take the bus or walk, haven't driven a car in years and I'm certain that I forgot everything.

See ya later, folks


Quihubo, compadres y comadres!

Primero que nada (y nuevamente) el agradecimiento a :iconsraffa: por el patrocinio de la membresía del DA.

El próximo dibujo de regalo será para el visitante #15,000...lápices y tintas de lo que el ganador quiera, no puedo ofrecer color, sorry.

En otras cosas, el :iconsoloira: me taggeó (verbos inexistentes, los adoro!) para escribir 6 cosas raras de mí, así que...

1. Siempre leo/escribo/oigo música/veo tele o películas cuando como, a menos que esté comiendo con alguien más.

2. Jamás he comprado y/o elegido ropa. Sólo le digo a mi mamá/papá/hermana/novia/amigo o quien quiera que vaya a la tienda que me traiga algo cuando lo que tengo ya está muy viejo. Simplemente, la moda y la opinión ajena no me importan en absoluto e ir al centro comercial a escoger cosas es la muerte para mí. Y por lo general no uso nada de marca ni con logos o imágenes.

3. En la secundaria me apodaban Anticristo, no logro recordar porqué.

4. Hablando de la secundaria, una vez resolví un crimen. Robaron una mochila en una fiesta y yo deduje dónde estaba y quién la había robado. Era fan de las novelas inglesas de misterio entonces (aún lo soy, pero en ese entonces las leía por docenas).

5. No puedo dibujar si la gente me está mirando.

6. He olvidado cómo conducir un auto. Aprendí en la adolescencia, como todo mundo, pero tras años de vida de peatón sin tocar un auto estoy bastante seguro de que todo se me olvidó.

Todo por hoy, ai'la ven, gente.

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  • Watching: X-Men 3: The last stand
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