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First convention of the year (and it's free)!  For those of you in the Southern California area, I'll be at the Dave & Buster's in Orange this Saturday 11:30-5:00 for Phat Con 2015. I'll have original art, comics, available for commissions and signing. Should be fun!

For more info, just check out their Facebook page:…

Hope to see ya there!
It’s that time of year again! I’ll be at the New York convention on October 9-12.

My ARTISTS ALLEY table is H2, right next to :iconduss005:

I will have books, sketch covers, am available for commissions, and I’m bringing a vast range of original sequential art from the 15 years I’ve worked in comics. A majority of pages from DC Comics (most recently new Robin pages from Batman And Robin: Future’s End, as well as pages from Batman, Detective Comics, Streets Of Gotham, Batgirl, Secret Origins, Superman/Batman). And pages from my time at Marvel, Dark Horse, and other independent publishers. Also an affordable stack of pages in the $25 range, for those interested in joining the original art market on a budget.

I have one signing this year over at the IDW booth (#1844) on Friday Oct.10 from 1:00-2:00pm. Otherwise, I’ll be camped out the entire time in Artists Alley sketching, signing, and greeting all of you.

Always enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones.  Stop by and say hi!

- D
I'll be attending Long Beach Comic Con this weekend, and setup at Artists Alley table #1009. I'll have sequential art, blank covers, and comics to sell and autograph. And I'll be available for commissions as well.

And for the kids out there, I'll be on the "Kids Get-A-Sketch" panel on Sunday from 11:30-12:30 in Room 102A, where I'll be sketching free for kids. So bring those sketchbooks along or I'll also have paper.

Looking forward to the show and seeing everyone!

- D
Once more into the fray…

Will be at San Diego Comic Con this week. My 20th appearance in as many years. Crazy!

Unlike all those other years though, I'm not going for the week long marathon of the full show. Will be there just a couple days. No table. But a couple signings you can track me down to get books autographed and probably a free head sketch.

Friday        10:00-11:00am = DC Signing (booth #1915)
Saturday    3:30-4:30pm =  DC Signing (booth #1915)

See you guys there!

- D
My next con appearance will be in Denver on June 13-15. It’s my first time at this show and they were kind enough to invite me out to take part. Looking forward to it, as the last time I was in Denver, it was a layover that involved sleeping overnight in the airport. Hoping for a better experience this time :)

I’ll be bringing a little bit of everything this time…original sequential art, blank covers, comics, and available for commissions. I’ll be seated at table C17 in Artists Alley. Stop on by to say hi!

- D
Convention season is in full swing. Next up for me is the Big Wow ComicFest in San Jose on May 17 & 18. This is the first time for me doing this show. With such a great guest list, I’m looking forward to it!  I’m seated at booth 511R in Artists Alley. I’ll have various comics I’ve worked on available, sketch covers, original sequential art, and open commissions. Come by and say hi!

- D
It's that time again! Happy to be returning to Seattle's Emerald City Con on March 28-30. I'll be setup in Artists Alley at table EE-02.  I'll be bringing original art from the books I've worked on (Batman, Detective Comics, Streets Of Gotham, Justice League Beyond, Adventure Time), along with some Li'l Gotham TPBs & sketch covers, and available for commissions. And autographing any books you bring to the show. If there's any specific pages of art you're looking for, drop me a line.

I'll also be doing panels/signings on the following days:

1:00-2:00    signing at the DC Entertainment booth  (#1802)
5:00-5:50    DC Entertainment: All Access panel (Room TCC 301)

11:00-11:50am    IDW: Super Secret Cartoon Network panel (Room TCC 301)

See everyone there!

- D
It's official. I'll be writing the new Dexter's Laboratory comic for IDW, reteaming with my "Batman Li'l Gotham" editor, Sarah Gaydos! As a fan of the show, the fun is just beginning. You can check out our interview here……

- D
I'll be attending the Long Beach show November 23 and 24. I'll be bringing original sequential pages & covers, various comics, and doing sketches.

Anyone interested in getting a pre-show commission should contact me with their request before the con. Larger or more detailed pieces I only take before the show. I will have a very limited amount of Li'l Gotham sketch covers available. Also anyone looking for specific pages from my runs on Detective Comics, Streets Of Gotham, Batgirl, Justice League Beyond, Adventure Time and others; feel free to drop a line.

I haven't been to Long Beach since its first year, so I'm excited to see how its grown in the meantime. Looking forward to the show and seeing everyone there!

- D
*** UPDATE - I will be appearing on the DC All Access Panel for Friday at the convention (1:30-2:30). And signing at the DC table EE1 in Artist Alley for Saturday (1:30-2:30). All other time will be spent at my Artist Alley table G2. I'll have a range of original pages from Adventure Time, Detective Comics, Streets Of Gotham, Justice League Beyond, Batgirl, Batman, and more. Will have a small amount of Lil Gotham blank covers for commissions and will be drawing sketchbook commissions as well. If there are any pre-con requests, please contact me soon.

After being away a couple of years, I'm excited to be returning to the New York Comic Con this year! I'll be seated at table G2 in Artists Alley. I'm planning on bringing a range of original art (Adventure Time, Powerpuff Girls, Justice League Beyond, Batman) as well as having some blank Li'l Gotham sketch covers available for the show.

For the first time, I'm taking a limited amount of pre-show commissions. These will be 12x18" pen & ink on bristol of one or multiple characters. These will be the only larger sized commissions I will be doing before show. I will be available for drawing smaller sketchbook or sketch cover commissions for anyone walking up to the table.

Drop me a note if you're interested on a pre-show commission, and I'll send over pricing detail. Payment is up front and you must be at the show to pick up the artwork.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Thanks!

- D