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For the past 5 years our very own $Moonbeam13 has been involved in supporting and raising money for The Weekend To End Breast Cancer event in Toronto.

She has done this in a fairly quiet and discreet way so we felt it was time to shed a bit more light on what exactly she does for this great cause.

To give a bit of background, in the past 4 years this organization has raised over 60 million dollars in donations and through this has made some landmark strides in advancing the research on breast cancer, which claims the lives of close to 50,000 women a year and about a quarter million women diagnosed per year.
This money does make a big difference in helping with in depth gene studies and creating specialized programs for people diagnosed with the disease.

The Weekend To End Breast Cancer takes place all across Canada. In Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and $Moonbeam13's hometown of Toronto, where for the last 4 years and soon to be 5, she has participated in the 60k walk. That?s 37.28 miles to you Americans.
To participate in the walk, each person must raise $2000 to qualify and that is no easy task in and of itself. As of right now she has raised about 2600 dollars but we think she can do much better than that with the help of a community of 5 million strong!

This year the event takes place September 8th and 9th, so time to help is limited.

So how can can you help? Read on!

Well, you can add these stamps to your journal with a link back to this article for starters.

:star:How Do I Donate? Donations are the most important thing you can do here, so to sponsor $Moonbeam13 directly go to this link and follow the simple instructions there! Make sure to leave your deviantART name so she knows who to thank, unless you prefer to remain anonymous of course.

Alternately you can donate direct to the organization here.

Other Ways To Show Support Dye your hair pink, wear something pink or do a piece of art in pink and upload it to your gallery and link back here so we can spread the word to as many people as possible!

:star: And feel free to come join us Saturday September 8th at noon PST on dAmn in #FightLikeaGirl for games and events of a pinktastic nature!

( To check your local time please refer to The World Clock )

Also, if you are in the Toronto area and wish to cheer the walkers on in person you can check out this this flyer here for a list of the Cheering Stations!

So, now it is up to you to go out there and help support your mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, nieces and girlfriends in the best way possible!

General Information
Women agonize... over cancer; we take as a personal threat the lump in every friend's breast.  ~Martha Weinman Lear

Breast Cancer Awareness by Karma021

Mature Content

Breast Cancer Awareness by The-Z
Hope by marziiporn:thumb52514133:
Breast Cancer by Kissaotus

Mature Content

Breast Cancer by Gugune

Mature Content

There is Nothing Left to Take by WickedBehavior

Mature Content

Hope by Nashya
Fighter by Nashya

Mature Content

Breast Friends by alexisrose
Breast Cancer Reserch by Phoenix-Lord:thumb41719882:breast cancer awareness angel by Mrcappy
Hope by jupiternwndrlnd'One in Eight Women' by ceb364

Mature Content

pink ribbon by auweefashionista28
Protection Angel Breast Caner by wendykathleenDream in Pink by oibyrdBreast Cancer Awareness Month by PimpcessTynaPink Ribbon by vixelyn
As One by YamiSnufflesNo Time for Subtlety by hjungleCancer Ribbon with Eyes by AltairKaosuBreast Cancer Awareness by jenepooh
:thumb9199853: A Battle for Life              I stepped out of that cursed clinic in a daze, too distracted by the doctor's news to think.  I was stuck on auto pilot.  I don't even remember making my way to the car.  
               I stuck the key into the ignition but didn't turn it.  The shock began to fade as realization sunk in.  My eyes filled to the brim with tears as my heart filled with a sharp penetrating sorrow.  My head and hands rested on the steering wheel in defeat, then anger took over.  
               I lifted my head toward the heavens and shouted, "How could you do this to me?"  My voice became stronger and more defiant with every syllable I uttered.  "How could you be so cruel?  I go to church, I obey the law, and yet I  am the one punished while murderers and rapist roam free.  Why?  WHY WON'T YOU LET ME LIVE IN PEACE?"  I allowed my head to fall back onto the steering wheel and I sobbed.  
               Eventually I gathered myself enough to form coherent thoughts.  My head flooded with questi
I Miss You Grandma by fightingtheundertow
Holding My Head Up High by stargazer84:thumb30877916: Half FlatI\'d rather be half flat with a few puckered bits
Bald with scars for all to see
Than hide my soul behind prossies and under wigs.
Or die because I couldn\'t bare to lose a breast.

Breast Cancer by LowGloBreast Cancer Knotwork by elegaercancer wings by zelo75H O P E by podoboo
Deviants for the Cure by LyastriLeap of Faith by ImaginedMoments

In honor of the Weekend to End Breast Cancer that Moonbeam13 runs in every year, jeriweaver, Comics & Cartoons GD, and I, Ring Master, are holding a short 1 week challenge!


Create an image that imaginativly and creativly incorporates a pink Ribbon.
Your image doesn't have to be created specifically for the contest but it has to follow the rules and Guidlines of the contest.
All forms of visual art are welcome and the ribbon doesnt have to be in the loop logo format but it should be identifiable as a Breast cancer support image if it's not. Other than that it's 100% up to you what to do. The more creative the better!


Deadline: Friday September 7th

1. Must conform to DeviantARTs TOS and Policies for Submission
2. Must comply to specifics of the objective.

How to Enter
Submit your work to your gallery in the most appropriate category and send a note to our local Ring Master PurpelBlur with a link or thumb to your entry.


Two (2) one year subcriptions will be given out.
One to jeriweaver's pick and one to PurpelBlur's pick!

To see entries received thus far visit my WTEBC Challenge journal.
Stamp - AC Auction by shadowed-light-waves

This is the 6th year that Moonbeam13 will be participating in the 60k Walkathon in "The Weekend to End Breast Cancer."  This year the Walkathon will be on September 5th and her boyfriend theblackmass and mombeam, her mom, are also going to participate. The three of them each need to raise $2000 to qualify, making the total monies they need to be $6000.  The Artisan Crafts gallery is going to have a Silent Auction and Contest in which interested deviants can donate a handcrafted item to this cause.

Donations to the Auction start today, June 20th, and will end on July 20th, to give anyone interested a month to make something, but your entries can be something already in your gallery, if you wish, as they do not need to be something newly made for this Auction/Contest, just move an older deviation into the new contest/auction gallery.  Starting today, all crafts entries should be submitted to "Contests & Projects -> Events - > Charitable Events -> 2008 -> Artisan Crafts Silent Auction."

Silent bidding on the Auction deviations will start on July 21 and will continue until August 17. Bidders can note Moonbeam13 with the subject title "Auction bid" and the body of your note needs to include a link or thumb to the deviation and your bid amount. At the end of the auction bidding (August 17), the winning bidders will send their money to Danie's PayPal account. On receipt of the money, Danie will then in turn send a note to the donor giving them the go-ahead to send the crafts item to the winning bidder.

If a donor wants to offer a "buy it now" price or wants to place a reserve price on their donation, the deviation will be taken down from the Auction/Contest gallery if it's bought at the "buy it now" price or if it doesn't reach its reserve price.  All bids will start at $5 unless you feel your crafts item is of a high enough value that bids of $10 would be more appropriate.  Or, you can have bids of $2.50 if you think that would be more appropriate, depending on the value you place on your crafts item.  Place the bid amount of $5 on your deviation, unless you feel $10 or $2.50 would be more appropriate as explained above (use your best judgement here).  If you wish to set a reserve price, indicate this in a note to Moonbeam13 along with a link or thumb to your deviation.  The reserve price will be known only to you and to Moonbeam13 and will not show on your deviation.  If you'd like to have a "buy it now" feature on your crafts item, do place that amount on your deviation.

All members of deviantArt are welcome to participate, but your Auction donation must be in an Artisan Crafts related medium, such as clothing or costumes, jewelry, woodwork, culinary arts items that are appropriate for shipping, metalwork, plushies, custom dolls, sculpture, glass, pottery, quilts, accessories (such as belts, hair ornaments, hats, handbags, dreamcatchers, etc.), weavings, leatherwork, or papercraft! It would be fun, but not required, to use the color pink in your donated deviation.  It should be stressed that entries need to be packed adequately for shipping and shipping costs will be sent via PayPal to the artist directly by the winning bidder.

The Contest will begin when the Auction is closed to bids on August 17, with the winners being those deviants who get the highest accrued amount of monies in winning bids.

First place winner will receive - 1yr subscription & 100 deviantdollars
Second place winner will receive - 6 mos subscription & 50 deviantdollars
Third place winner will receive - 3 mos subscription & 25 deviantdollars

Every positive stride towards defeating breast cancer affects everyone, whether one has it or knows someone who has it. This Auction/Contest is one way for everyone on dA to get involved and join in with Danie to help prevent and eliminate this disease. I have already kicked off the Auction by submitting some donations of my own to the Auction/Contest gallery, so please join in with me and add one or more of your own to "Artisan Crafts Silent Auction" Community Project!

Launch and End dates of submitting to the Auction: June 20 to July 20
Bidding begins on: July 21 and continues until August 17
Launch of Contest: after August 17

KickFlip for the Cause Contest

Thu May 17, 2012, 4:40 PM by Moonbeam13:iconmoonbeam13:

Here's the mash-up: The Vans Warped Tour, Cancer Education, Four Killer Bands, A Kick-Ass Skateboard Company – and – The Artists of deviantART!

Create a skate deck design for one of the four bands that will be shredding up the stage at this Summer's Vans Warped Tour and support the work of Boarding for Breast Cancer!

Boarding for Breast Cancer, is a non-profit organization educating young people on breast cancer awareness and breast health. We're asking you, the artists of deviantART, to join Fearless Records and Hooligan Skateboards to benefit this great cause and to support the work of Boarding 4 Breast Cancer. How? The boards taken by Fearless Records will be auctioned off with 100% of the profits benefiting B4BC!

You pick the band from this killer set: Blessthefall, Breathe Carolina, Pierce the Veil and Tonight Alive. The bands will also be judging the decks to find the one that tunes into their sound the best.

The Grand Prize winner will score a massive prize package that includes VIP tickets for two to the Vans Warped Tour (nearest to their hometown), and the winners for each band will have their designs printed on skateboard decks that will be displayed on tour by Fearless Records. They also get a copy of their winning deck for their personal collection signed by the band!

Skateboarder or not, take a look at this year's Warped bands, get inspired and design a rockin' skate deck!

  • Your design on a Hooligan Skateboards skatedeck signed by the band
  • 2 VIP passes to Vans Warped Tour*

      – Meet & Greet with the Band

      – Side Stage Passes to band Performance

      – Vans Warped Tour Skateboard Deck

      – Vans Warped Tour DVD

      – Vans Warped Tour Compilation
  • Autographed merchandise from the Fearless Bands
  • Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • Framed deviantART artwork of winner's choice **
  • dA PRO Nomad Bag
  • deviantWEAR Hoodie of winner's choice***
  • 6-Month Premium Membership to deviantART
  • $100 GelaSkins Gift Certificate

  • Your design on a Hooligan Skateboards skatedeck sign by the band
  • Vans Warped Tour Skateboard Deck
  • Vans Warped Tour DVD
  • Vans Warped Tour Compilation
  • Fearless Band merchandise
  • $100 GelaSkins Gift Certificate
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • deviantWEAR T-shirt of winner's choice***
  • 6-Month Premium Membership to deviantART

  • 800 deviantART Points
  • 3-Month Premium Membership to deviantART

  • *

  • **
  • ***

  • Travel and accommodations are not included. Tickets for performance close to place of residence not guaranteed. Non-US winner will be offered an opportunity to attend a similar event close to place of residence if available.
  • Selected framed print must be no more than within $200.00 USD before taxes
  • "deviantWEAR Hoodie of winner's choice" and "deviantWEAR T-shirt of winner's choice" applies to in-stock items only.

Danie's Day - The $1000 Challenge
Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582

added Paypal payments to the Fund raiser

As some of you may know, Danie aka Moonbeam13 the Artists Relations Director will be taking part in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. This marks her 5th year participating in this event and day zero is quickly approaching.
Gothic Cheer by superkev
Danie has worked tirelessly, with her team and the dA administrators, to make dA what it is today. Well now it is our turn to give something back to her! :) For the last couple of weeks we have been plotting and planning behind her back and the dA world is changing.
Satisfy Me by superkev

lolly started the ball rolling with this News article by lolly

dA is going PINK! Journals will be PINK, some Daily Deviations will be PINK, even the Gallery directors will be turning PINK :)
Pink - devID by Photosbykev
All of the dA staff and gallery directors and other deviants are hoping to blow Danie away by massively increasing the amount of sponsorship she has received so far.

How can I help I hear EVERYONE ask?
  • For those wishing to make a direct Donation you can do so by going directly to Danie's Donation site.
  • Moonbeam13 also has a PAYPAL account set up purely for use with this charity. If you would like to donate this way the Paypal account address is :)
  • You can copy the Fund Raising Stamp into a journal of your own and spread the word to your watchers
  • Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582

:) The Challenge - this is the FUN bit, for me :)
Pink - devID by Photosbykev
How you can help me donate $1000 to the Fund raiser

Just copy the stamp used for this Fund raising into your journals or add a link to this journal (use : thumb52382251 : without the spaces) and spread the word far and wide. If your dA friends add the stamp get them to come and comment as well.

If you then go to this journal and add a comment saying you've done it I will donate $1 for every comment I receive (upto a limit of $1,000) 1000 comments = $1000 which should easily be achieved, I hope.

Go on Deviants let's show the world just what 4 MILLION of us could do! It will take you 30 seconds to donate or 30 seconds to copy the stamp and comment.

Is that too much to ask of anyone?

General Information

Moonbeam13's Journal with more info!
About Weekend To End breast Cancer
The Campbell Family
Breast Cancer.Org
The Journal CSS for everyone to use

regards and many thanks

Gallery Director for
Animals, Plants and Nature
Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582Support Moonbeam13 by RockGirl1582
Stamp - AC Auction by shadowed-light-waves BreastCancerSupportStamp by Lauraest Stamp - AC Auction by shadowed-light-waves



From Moonbeam13's journal dated June 29, "This Silent Auction is obviously dear to my heart as it's in support of the Weekend to End Breast Cancer Walkathon. If myself, mombeam and (the artist formerly known as theblackmass) gimp don't reach $2000 each, we can't walk and that's the best part."

This is the 6th year that Moonbeam13 will be participating in the 60k Walkathon in "The Weekend to End Breast Cancer."  The Artisan Crafts gallery is holding a Silent Auction and has been accepting donations to the Auction gallery since June 20.  The deadline for submitting donations to the Auction gallery has passed and that gallery is now closed, because as of July 21, the bidding began on all donations and will continue until August 17.

Bidders can note Moonbeam13 with the subject title "Auction bid" and the body of your note needs to include a link or thumb to the deviation and your bid amount.  Look on the deviation to see what the starting bid is or ask Moonbeam13 in your note.  She will be keeping track of the bids and will reply to your note to let you know what the next bid amount is.

At the end of the auction bidding (August 17), the winning bidders will send their money to Moonbeam13's PayPal account. On receipt of the money, she will then in turn send a note to the donor giving them the go-ahead to send the item to the winning bidder.  If a donor has a "buy it now" price or a reserve price on their donation, the deviation will be taken down from the Auction gallery if it's bought at the "buy it now" price or if it doesn't reach its reserve price.

The Contest will begin when the Auction is closed to bids on August 17, with the winners being those deviants who get the highest accrued amount of monies in winning bids.

First place winner will receive - 1yr subscription & 100 deviantdollars
Second place winner will receive - 6 mos subscription & 50 deviantdollars
Third place winner will receive - 3 mos subscription & 25 deviantdollars

There are 34 donated items in the  Silent Auction gallery.  We encourage you to check them out and if anything interests you, send your bid in a note to Moonbeam13 as explained above.  Every positive stride towards defeating breast cancer affects everyone, whether one has it or knows someone who has it. This Auction/Contest is one way for everyone on dA to get involved and join in with Danie to help prevent and eliminate this disease!  

Bidding begins on: July 21 and continues until August 17
Launch of Contest: after August 17
View the Donations

Breast Cancer Show Ever *RESULTS*

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 9, 2014, 12:51 PM

Special thanks to everyone who entered, all of the art was gorgeous. 
Please contact the individual deviants to collect your prizes. c:

:savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: 

get the pun there?

:new: We already have some REALLY NICE prizes this year! Feel free to take a look!:new:

[so it's not QUITE october yet, but i'm keeping the little intro ;D]

So, I want to see some cute arts. How about a mini show and since October is not only Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it also happens to be the BEST month of the year. Period. 
Autumn Foliage, Halloween, Fresh Apples, Warm Cider on Chilly nights. <3

Anyway - Here's the show

Breast Cancer Show Ever by SvartalvStuteri

Show Type: Creativity/Effort Based Mini Show

Discipline: Liberty
Entries Must Incorporate the color pink. 


  • Must be full body + background - doodles, sketches, chibi are all 100% acceptable but remember this is still effort based so put some effort into it.  
  • Must incorporate the color PINK 
  • Must be Full Color - flat colors are okay, as long as the picture is colored. 
  • Be Creative! I'm not looking for perfect lines or perfecting lighting or anything like that. Just know that a plain horse with a plain ribbon in a plain field will not win. 
  • All breeds and types are welcome
Pink's the Breast by s1088


-prizes are still being added and will remain open for donations until the show closes on Oct 1-
if you donate a prize and enter the show, I will replace your prize if you win something you've donated

All selected winners will receive Doodle Ponies of their choice. /W OR W/O BGS. Can be themed for favorite season or holiday.

1st place:
Breast Cancer Show by ArsenicLaced
:bulletpink: Doodle Pony /w background
:bulletpink: Non-Dom Mutation Import Faime-Registry [no bio or peacock] from emmy1320 
:bulletpink: Full body /w ribbon from newvoh -
in this style
:bulletpink: random design for personal use newvoh 
:bulletpink: detailed fullbody drawing from Dancing-Ponies 

2nd place:
Breast Cancer Show Entry 2:nd place by Ememir
:bulletgreen: Doodle Pony /w background
:bulletgreen: random design for personal use newvoh
 full body chibi from Delxs in this style
:bulletgreen: detailed fullbody drawing from Dancing-Ponies 
:bulletgreen: set of 6 design sheet Dancing-Ponies 

3rd place:
Remember Me by Vizseryn
:bulletblue: Doodle Pony /w background
:bulletblue: random design for personal use newvoh
:bulletblue: detailed fullbody drawing from Dancing-Ponies 
:bulletblue: set of 4 design sheet Dancing-Ponies 

4th place:
Pretty In Pink by SaandStoorm
:bulletred: Doodle Pony /w background
:bulletred: random design for personal use newvoh
:bulletred: Head Shot portrait from AutumnCreekFarms 
:bulletred: set of 2 design sheet Dancing-Ponies 

Viewers choice:
Breast Cancer Show Ever - Kalinka by newvoh
:bulletyellow: Doodle Pony /w background
:bulletyellow: Non-Dom Mutation Import Faime-Registry [no bio or peacock] from emmy1320 
:bulletyellow: random design for personal use newvoh
:bulletyellow: full body chibi from Delxs in this style
:bulletyellow: Full Body portrait from AutumnCreekFarms 

:bulletred:when you see my entries go up, have no fear, i can not win. I'm just doing it for fun. ;D:bulletred:

Show Ends Oct 1

:savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: :savetatas: 



Pop Rocks Journal Skin by RockstarVanity
Hi, Most of you may know me as Leaf, But my real name is Jade

I know someone who has breast cancer, and she's had it for a few months

she was my fresh man Algebra 2 Teacher
But she wasn't only my teacher;she was much more than that

In freshman year, I was going through some very sick movements, I had post traumatic stress disorder because of an incident that occurred in 7th-8th grade, And It involved me almost throwing up I front of my class mates during math class
Now throwing up doesn't seem that bad to some people, But It's Somethinn that terrifies me so badly, To have a phobia of
Ever since that incident I constantly had this state of mind of where if I ate lunch or food at school, The same Thing would happen all over and I'll throw up in front of everyone and my life would be ruined because people saw me and Theyll always think of me as the girl who threw up 
I never ate at school; Because I was too scared of it happening again

I didn't eat, I never did 
Not eating caused me to get very sick, And even then my ignorant mind thought it was better to starve than to throw up in front of everyone
I started to get thoughts, terrible ones, Not eating, Stay away from food, And avoid math class because that's where I always seem to get sick

You become very delusional from not eating and that's what happened
i spent my beginning of the freshman year in the bathroom during lunch, Or whenever I really needed to get out of class Because I was so scared of being with other people

i would be in the restroom during lunch Sitting by myself on the toilet seat staying away from everyone and always living in that constant fear of benign sick in math class

Then one day my math teacher, Mr.Diaz, (he was our freshman teacher but then switched schools) Left unexpectedly without telling us

A new teacher came in, Her name was Mrs.Trejo
At first I didn't like the idea of having a new teacher at all, And she looked like a mean teacher too or strict
Didnt even give her a chance before I got to know her

Then when it was lunch time, I would go to these club meetings called Youth for Christ (which back then I really didn't pay much attention to it unlike now) And I saw mrs trejo there too, And I thought, Oh I didn't know she was a Christian, That's Actually really cool
I remember that meeting as if it was yesterday, She was teaching us about faith, And for the first time I actually listened very closely and took it to heart

After a few days of her being my teacher, I started getting very anxious and nervous and constantly have to be leaving class because I was scared of gettingn sick in front of people

After one time, Mrs trejo pulled me out of classes and asked me what was wrong, And for the first time, I felt like somebody was actually concerned about me
I spilled out to her about my anxiety and nervous issues, About how I don't eat because I'm afraid to get sick

She started inviting me in during lunch so she can talk to me about it, Whenever something  was Wrong, I would always go to her first because I knew she was the only person who really cares about me and how I felt and was committed to help me feel better
she brought God back into my life and taught me about faith

She was always there to help me, And for the first time in forever

i actually felt loved

Then one day I felt too pressured during class, and had to leave to the restroom to get away from it

i was crying In the stall, And at that moment in time suicide went through my head (Though even then I knew I would never do it, It just drifted in there)
once that Thought occurred, a girl came into the restroom and saw me crying 

she asked if i was ok, and as always I would respond with a lying yes

sheprobably knew what I was thinking , and told me not to give up, and that it will be okay
i started crying because she was saying things to me to help me, she gave me a hug  and prayed for me too
a junior helping a freshman, It was a very nice thing to ever happen
she let me go, and offered me to drink water and told me it would be okay, And I went back to class feeling better

i never saw her again after that

Then a few months in, My teacher mrs trejo stopped coming to school because she told me she had docters appointments

She came back, and everyone said Something bad was happening
She told us she had breast cancer

The months mrs trejo left were very hard for me to handle
but when mrs trejo left I found more strength, To do the things she tried to fight with me
to become stronger and over come the anxiety
i was able to fight through it
I'm fighting that battle still right now, And mrs trejo has helped me so much, Helped me change for the better
to this day mrs trejo is still fighting her breast cancer

I wanted to to show you all this, And show that I wasn't always who I am now, That I went through terrible things, And managed to pull through it because other people have influenced me
mrs trejo is my hero, She pulled me away from almost suicidal thoughts, actions and very bad turmoil

to this day I still chose to help people, Because if she helped me feel like this, I would want others to feel better about themselves too

Thank you mrs trejo, And thank you others who were there also to fight this off with me, And still are
  • Mood: Compassion
  • Mood: Stunned

:new: Judging on Race will be first and Generations Second, then Halter normal then Main event!:new:

Okay soo.... Here's the things!

Halter: Normal- what you always see
:bulletgreen: just a head shot of your horse. Background are a plus, but not a NEED...
:bulletgreen: can be slightly sketchy but preferably not! COLORED PLEASE! (doesn't have to be DETAILED just colored!)

Halter: Generations- i want to see bloodlines!
:bulletpink: i want to see blood lines in this one! I want three generations, or if you only have two, maybe some siblings and a related foal, just they have to be related. I want them all to be wearing Pink! a pink pin, a pink halter, just need to see pink! (any questions please note me! title it Mini Contest Question)
:bulletpink: would love to see full body!
:bulletpink: natural and unatural are welcome!

Race: Sprint for the Cure- like normal racing
:bulletblue: this is normal racing, just the horses will be wearing Nykia-Stables issued hot pink saddles. No guy is too tough to wear pink for breast Cancer! The only difference will be the numbers on the blanket (which is pink also)
:bulletblue:the track is dirt with white fences (short)
:bulletblue: both natural and unatural are welcome!

:bulletblack::star:MAIN EVENT:star::bulletblack:

:bulletpink: music that should be used unless you think of another one
:bulletblack:This is the main event as it says. This is the one i want to see REAL detail on... I saw this picture by :iconeverland-stables: and it strikes such a strong cord in me, that i show it off to everyone i meet when I'm on devArt.
:bulletblack: You horse and rider have three ribbons that are bright pink, you have to make a performance to the music (either the one given, or one you choose *please get approved first*) with either a small story or a longer one, whichever you choose!
:bulletblack: Natural horses unnatural horses, and any hybrid animal that is rideable, are welcome in this!

Okay so.. i don't have MUCH so here's what i can do!

1st place
:bulletpurple:Halter normal- A full body shot of your horse with blue rossette
:bulletpurple:halter generations- full body shot of each horse, or a combined picture of all three with red white and blue rosettes
:bulletpurple:Race- A full body shot of your horse with a blanket of roses and a large blue rosette (bigger than the halter horse rosette)
:star: main event :star:
Full body shot with background and your choice of accessories!
free gift of choice
a design

Each devision get's a headshot of thie rhorse with a ribbon and a rose :)
small gift of choice

each person still gets a head shot with a ribbon (the ribbon will be just a little smaller)

Register with this in note to me! COMMENTS WILL BE IGNORED!

*title it Registration*
Name of Horse:
Link to Reff:
Song: *if you need pre-aproval* (i won't be too harsh with it, just like.. no death stuff :D)


I hope you will enter!

:star: ENTRIES :star:

:bulletblack: Halter normal :bulletblack:
MiLord De Sa Fray *cute little story btw!*
Enchantress *BEAUUUTIFUL eyes BTW!*
Hybrid * i have a soft spot in my heart for this awesome stallion :heart:*
Alexander The Great *very hansom stallion! I loove him!*
Rambling Investmant (Wyatt) *love the little story rather comforting!*
In A One Man Show *i love this lol sooo pretty!! love the ribbon work!!!*
Dane's Isa Fahime *veeery pretty!!! i liekt his one a lot :)*
Winter In Berlin * i am soo flattered that this is her first show :heart:*
Cealous'naj *so sorry for forgetting to put this one up, very pretty! cute babeh :heart:*
Sabri Haidar * this is soo purdy!! I still love the ribbon XD*
Fidda-Farasha *very pretty!!! <3*
Jinx the Minx *soo pretty! the bow in her tail are a very nice touch!!!*
Jahmyyllah *this is very beautiful!! I am sooo happy to have had Eh enter!!*
Iklil LouLou *wow! what a beautiful little filly! she's going to do something in her show career i can tell you that!*
Azraff Shaheen *what a hansom colt!! he's sooo nice! he's gonna grow up absaluely gooorgus!!*
Elhua Nar *once again your ribbon work is beautiful!!!*
Desert Outlaw *he's so amazing! and simple!!!*
Stellar Synthesizer *hehehehe!!! skittles horse!!!*
Artistic Wonder? *arabian!!*
Fade To Black *this reminds me of my poor neglected frisians.*
Pocketbook *AWAH!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!*
The Lady At The Mascarade * YAY!! a baby!!!*
High And Mighty *very pretty! Can't wait to see the other nine XD*
Ultimate Risk *ooooo hansum stally!!*
Falcon *EEE I yuvv this!!
Satins blue moon *very pretty howseyy!*
Zips Dime A Day *hehe its so cute!!!*
Piston *he's hasummmm*
Saphires Stone *cuteyy!*
Morning Glory *wow!!! very beautifull!!!*
Frelsi *nice job on the halter!! very nice picture!!!*
Vahvuus *Awaaaah!! he's sooo cute!!!!
Tenebo Fatih * this is veeery pretty!!!*
El-Jahrousse *remindes me of my stud Shadow!!! very cute!!!*
Assasin's Aspiration *very pretty gray!!!*
Freddy *such and interesting style!*

:bulletgreen:Racing Event:bulletgreen:
Odd Tapper and faith Escapes Featuring Jagger! *brownie points for adding my boy^^ :cookie: here's a cookie^^*
Master Of MAyham and Tick Tock Time Bomb *this looks god! can't wait to see the second half!*
Silver Surfer *I adore this stallion!!!*
Tennessee Tuxedo *This is so pretty!!*
Alcohol Catastrophe *this is amazing!!!*
Real Men Wear Pink *DUO* *I yike dis :D*
Freddy *This will be fun to judge!*

:bulletpink: Generations :bulletpink:
The Roan Generation *this is just adorable! I am so glad you entered!!!*
Warriors in pink * i looove that you used the promotion add name!! nice touch! brownie points!!!*
Sienna, Wyatt, Pilot *Awahhhh i have always love these threee!!!*
Foals In Mohawks *BABEHHS!!!*
Fight The Fight *this is the biggest one yet! wow!*
Kruegers *So cute^^*

:bulletblue: Main Event :bulletblue:
Mal Aran and Malibu Cream *yay!! an entry!!!!! made my day darlinn!!!*
Fancied Flyer * very beautiful! I am so happy to see a main event!! :heart:*
Tullstorp Ambassadors Progeny *this is beautiful!!!*
Saphires stone *nice picture!!!*
Sammy *very cute! and very cool!*
Ayrintili Queen *this is a good contender!*
Freddy *this is very cool!*
Hawk And Rhapsody *I love the wings and the ribbon work!*