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soo yeah. an update in 2:33AM.
ideky, dont ask
I'm still in hiatus, ig. I'll get off hiatus somewhere in the beginning of 2015. Fingers crossed! And I have a little thing to say about my apparent hiatus. I admit that I hated checking dA a while back. I've always felt envious and inferior whenever I see other people's artwork and I hated feeling like that so I pretty much stopped checking dA as often. And I did that continuously so I said, frick it and plastered a 'half-hiatus' status on me profile. 

AND ON TO THE OTHER THINGS. bc some might not care about that long rambl-ish part
I'm looking through some stuff around dA for mein friends. BECAUSE CHRISTMAS WOO
..with my limited points! :D //cries

Aaaand lastly, uh. I might open up my commission thingy. I don't really need the points ngl. Just something to pass the time. 
...Okay, I might want to buy a prem sub but that's for later. Plus, it's a good way to improve!! (*゚▽゚)っ right? 

K, Tani out. 
its 3AM now.
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