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Hi, I haven't written a Journal Entry in a while, so I have decided to change that. =P

I don't know how many of you out there are interested in astronomy like me, so I don't know how many of you will find this interesting.

Some of you are probably aware of NASA's New Horizon's Spacecraft that was launched back in 2006, and that it's going to mark it's arrival within Plutonian Territory sometime this July. This is REMARKABLE for a casual fan of astronomy like myself, because up until this year we have gleaned little if any concrete evidence regarding the truth of this mystery-enshrouded dwarf planet. This is a REALLY huge chapter in Space Exploration, the likes of which we haven't even seen since Voyager 2 scoured past Uranus and Neptune in the 1980s. The mere thought of seeing HD photographs of Pluto and being able to put to rest many of our questions regarding the nature of Pluto itself along with the Kuiper belt just has me so excited!… (NASA's Page on New Horizons)

Also, a little bit more recently, was the discovery of the rings on Space Object/Exo-Planet J1407b, the mere size of which are easily more than 200x the size of the Rings of Saturn, and would eclipse the moon in size if we could see them from our own atmosphere if it were located where Saturn were in our own Solar System. Although, we know even less of Object/Exo-Planet J1407b, considering that it is located more than 400 Light Years away from our own Home Planet.…
(CNN's Article on Exo-Planet J1407b)

*Sigh* Now only if the Human Species would be so enthusiastic about our own planet...
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