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Hello people :wave:

More and more people are using Photoshop Actions, whether for photography, photomanipulation, or other style of art you like.
The truth is that these Photoshop Actions improve the final result in many ways and make it easy for you to achieve the most incredible effects.

What are photoshop Actions?
- Photoshop actions are a pre-recorded set of actions done in photoshop to achieve a certain effect. Instead of loosing maybe 1 hour trying to get the perfect contrast, texture, or even more complex effects, just by pressing Play, you have all these steps in 3 seconds.

After I download the Photoshop Actions, how do I install and use them?
- After you download the file, in case it's zipped, you must unzip t first. The file will be something like XXXX.atn. Then you must copy that file and paste it on the Photoshop Actions folder: My Computer > Local Disc > Programs > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop > Presets > Photoshop Actions.
After this procedure, on your Photoshop you must go to Window > Actions and, on the box where you have your actions, you must press the little button on the rigth upper corner (not the close button lol)and then choose Load Actions. After this is done, you just need to choose the Action you just pasted before and it's ready to use; press Play and see the magic happening on your image.

Now I've selected some Free Photoshop Actions available right here on deviantART.
Please feel free to Browse on Categories > Resources > Application Resources > Photoshop Actions to find many more Photoshop Actions for you to use. As I told, this is just a small selection among all the variety available on deviantART.
Take care :heart:

Cross-Processing ATN by mutato-nomine Lara Jade Actions- Free Sample by larafairie Photoshop Color Actions 2 by AliceInUnderland
Polaroid GENERATOR V1 by rawimage :thumb39165883: Photographers Toolkit 1 by WallStorm
Old Photo Action by sakiryildirim Actions: "Retro-Vintage" by rocketlaunch 50 Photoshop Postwork Actions by mauricioestrella
sa-cool actions 1.05 by sa-cool
My first actions set by surrender---x3 sa-cool actions 2.08 colors by sa-cool Wedding Theme Action by ver00nika
sa-cool actions 1.07 by sa-cool Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN by mutato-nomine Photoshop Dream Blur Action by JoshJanusch
Color + tone enhancing by adityadigaddi Photo Improvement v1 by vampiri4 Photo Coloring II by iconmaker91
:thumb45508759: Black And White by Jean31 Glass n Plastic Sphere Actions by Grasycho
Lomo LC-A Photoshop Action by klez666 Snow Text by mutato-nomine photography edit actions 1 by depairfactor
Old Black and White by Lydia-distracted Split Toning by mutato-nomine Actions_1 by ravendecay
:thumb44942017: :thumb70102937: :thumb53673550:
Action - 001 by raemaz The Classic Black and White. by hiimlucifer :thumb53298489:
Action 02 by color3d Transparent Glass Style for PS by PeterTWL Cool photo effect action by Numizmat
:thumb67255703: Stamp Maker Photoshop Action by Grasycho Photoshop Actions  Adjustments by fluorescencia
Vintage Film Effect by fallout75 Difuse + lighten by mahgnitton
:thumb71654554: Dark Sepia Action -UPDATED- by XxBirtaxX action 02 by fragmentado
Color Action V1.5 by TheSilentHero Sepia Tones by Insan-Stock Photo Coloring IV by iconmaker91
:thumb53541499: :thumb62578472: E6-C41 B-W Cross Process Set by WallStorm
Action: Acerbus by remidica-stock Motivational Posters by Custard-Cream Actions for photoshop. by PiPiPiilu

My Photoshop Actions journal = closed

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 16, 2012, 11:11 PM
What are Photoshop Actions?
Photoshop Actions are the recordings of commands that can be applied to one or multiple images in Photoshop. When you press play, it applies these recorded commands. Think about changing the mood in a picture with various adjustment layers. Using an action can actually help you save a lot of time.

Which versions of Photoshop are lieveheersbeestje's actions compatible with?
All Photoshop CS versions, CS2 to CS6 Extended. My actions are not compatible with Photoshop Elements or other programs.

How can I download your exclusive actions?
You can download most of the actions at my DeviantART for free, it's easy and takes a few seconds. However I do have some exclusive actions as well, you need to pay with DeviantART points in order to get them. Want free points? Read more below in this journal.

:bulletpink: 30 points every week!
Every week I choose at least one artwork that used one of my actions. This artist will receive 30 points. :points: In order to participate you just have to post a photo/manipulation/other edited with one of my actions. You may submit as much as you want and participate every week! Every week there will be a new winner. :la: Put in your description which action you used.

:bulletpink: Please read the following lines thoroughly
Credit me if you use one or more of my actions, I would greatly appreciate it. Link back to or
Do not copy!

:bulletpink: Click here for my actions folder or download all my free actions here:

69 Photoshop Action V9 by lieveheersbeestje (V9)

:bulletpink: Any questions?
More questions about my actions? Ask you question in my faq.

:bulletpink: List of winners
JUL 23: mj-magic
AUG 06: hayzy
AUG 13: hayzy
AUG 20: Healzo
AUG 27: xOronar & light-from-Emirates
SEP 03: Healzo
SEP 10:  Healzo & EliseEnchanted & WishmasterAlchemist & aoao2
SEP 17: aoao2 & hayzy
SEP 25 Pamba
OCT 02: c-victoria
OCT 09: imaagination
OCT 16: carberrylovett
OCT 22: photorip
NOV 06: imaagination & OnlyOliveOil
NOV 13: cat-mew
NOV 20: AliquidLucis
NOV 27: AuroraMagorian
DEC 03: YasminNich
DEC 10: Rare-Pearl
DEC 17: The-Golden-Princess
DEC 24: Faerion
JAN 01: cloduy
JAN 08: thefreewolf
JAN 15: RobynKennedy
JAN 22: EliseEnchanted & TheCameraGirl
JAN 29: shelabobby
FEB 05: Ru-kai-yah & NicPi
FEB 12: AliquidLucis
FEB 19: EliseEnchanted & hysah
FEB 26: Kara-a & Sarah-BK & Vardenaar
MAR 05: Jerome-REMY
MAR 12: CryingSoulGirl & kiger8kiger
MAR 19: xOronar & Kostandina
MAR 26: AmyYang
APR 02: lily-azalea & CryingSoulGirl
APR 09: Rika-Mari & allosaur
APR 16: Loistavia & MRvLPhotography
APR 23: Loistavia & BrittyDee
APR 30: Ravaar & photorip
MAY 07: The-Golden-Princess
MAY 14: Melitot & RezzanATAKOL & CryingSoulGirl
MAY 21: allosaur
MAY 28: Shadowed-Awakening
JUN 04: Symphonyy3 & allosaur
JUN 11: Lilifaye
JUN 18: hotarox-x & SaRaH-22
JUN 25: Akirahpaws & Dargu
JUL 02: MariaDeinert & AngelicPassion & laughingcheshire & theartofdarrenvannoy & Cheesycorn
JUL 09: Akirahpaws & Berryu & naomicchi-desu
JUL 16: Momo587 & FatimahART & Akirahpaws & dandelion-field
JUL 23: MoonchildLuiza Ivushe Canardoux
JUL 29: Akirahpaws Kitiamara Ivushe
AUG06: NessieW2113 Kluuusek
AUG13: Ivushe Freckle-F0x Seykloren
AUG20: Akirahpaws Symphonyy3 DiamondHoofbeats
AUG 27: Tyrose RavieSeeker
SEP 03: AdeleClayton passion-aesthete Symphonyy3
SEP 10: Pepskii Aisu-Aislinn
SEP 17: Tyrose Akirahpaws
SEP 24: Lodchen-Photography
OCT 01: SheilaBrinson Ru-kai-yah
OCT 08: PoonieFox Ivushe AmyYang Akirahpaws
OCT 15: AdeleClayton
Week 63: JayJayDevianArt Omo-Nomo
Week 64: Symphonyy3 Redilion Moedini
Week 65: NicPi MRvLPhotography
Week 66: mistyful617
Week 67: FrancescaDelfino JayJayDevianArt
Week 68: AdeleClayton
Week 69: SheilaBrinson
Week 70: EirikHavre
Week 71: SheilaBrinson

Last update *21 DEC 2013
I'll continue when I'm back :)

This week participants: lieveheersbeestje.deviantart.c…

~Each can be placed in several categories, so expect some repeats.
~This will make finding them somewhat easier.

List of Actions Found Here:

Dance Glomp Jump Scream Sex Shoot Attack Poke Wave Worship Type


:iconcarameldansenplz: :iconyaayplz: :icondancetogetherplz: :iconspacetaxiplz: :icondancenaoplz: :iconspinplz: :iconshallwedanceplz: :iconbummiesplz:
:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3: :iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3:

:iconisaydanceplz: :icongrindanceplz: :iconfelladanceplz: :iconpringlesdanceplx: :iconstaredanceplz: :iconparanoiddanceplz: :icondummydanceplz: :iconhitlerdanceplz: :iconmonkeydancetooplz: :iconnerddanceplz:
:iconboogieonastickplz: :iconblankboogieplz: :icontarddanceplz: :iconyaydanceplz: :iconpanicatthediscoplz: :icontardboogieplz: :iconexcaliburdanceplz:

:iconmashedpotatoplz: :iconpyrodanceplz: :icondancelaplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconcutedanceplz: :iconhappy-dance-plz: :iconfingerdanceplz: :iconcoffeedanceplz: :iconhappydancerplz: :iconloopydanceplz: :iconcheerdanceplz: :icondorkdanceplz: :iconveryexcitedplz:

:iconfurrydanceplz: :iconbirdisthewordplz: :iconcheerplz: :iconweekenddanceplz: :icondancingtardplz: :iconrelaxeddanceplz: :iconvictorydanceplz: :iconwindanceplz:

PbJ Time:

:iconpedobeardanceplz: :iconbananadancingplz: :iconbananadanceplz: :iconpbjtarddanceplz: :iconlabananadanceplz: :iconmonkeydanceplz: :iconpbjtdanceplz:

:iconcucumberdance: :iconraindanceplz: :icondancingcloverplz: :icondancewithhamsterplz: :iconcddanceplz: :iconmacarenadanceplz:


:iconglompfuck: :icongromp: :iconnewglomp: :iconglompunch: :iconslowglompplz: :iconsuperglompplz: :iconcreepglompplz: :iconeatglompplz: :iconcuteglompplz: :icondontglompplz: :iconskittlesglompplz: :icontardglompplz:

:iconredbullglompplz: :icongwomp: :iconpancakeglompplz: :iconsuperheroglompplz: :iconninjaglompplz::iconsnuzzleglompplz: :iconpounceglomp: :iconcookieglompplz:
:iconattackglompplz: :iconcocoglompplz: :iconcowglomp: :iconfail-glompplz: :iconflirtglompplz: :icondonotglompmeplz: :iconcopterglomp1plz::iconcopterglomp2plz: :iconcheeseloveplz: :iconpockyloverplz: :iconfurryglompplz:

:iconbatglompplz: :iconllamaglomp: :iconbananaglompplz: :iconbatwolfglomp: :icondragonairglomp: :icondragonglompplz: :icondragoonglompplz: :iconflapjackglompplz:

:iconcameraglompplz: :iconcupcakeglompplz::iconevildoghouseglompplz: :icondontglompmeplz: :iconpyroglompplz: :iconbritishglomp: :iconglompsomethingplz::iconlemmeglompyou2plz: :icongringlomp::iconnoesglomp:


:icondeathhugplz: :iconfurryhugplz:

Bouncing & Jumping:
:iconclownbounceplz: :icontrampolineplz: :iconwtfomgdowant: :iconsqueeeplz: :icontrampolinefunplz: :iconspamplz2: :iconsmapplz: :iconteamoplz: :iconihavecaekplz: :iconboing-boingplz: :iconeeeeeplz: :iconhyperlarryplz: :iconw00tplz: :iconreachforthestarsplz: :icongiggplz: [:icongiggleplz2:] :iconhappydancerplz: :iconchocoloverplz: :iconheartemote: :iconfancybounceplz: :icongeekoutplz: :icontardsinloveplz: :iconsheiscuteplz: :iconcheerplz: :iconretardbounceplz: :iconsohappyplz: :icontardbounceplz: :iconfeedmiplz: :iconbouncyhai: :iconomgonozplz: :iconbouncyplz: :iconomgpickmeplz: :iconmomoglompplz: :iconhightonight: :icon8jumpingplz: :icongoldendaplz: :iconjumpingjacksplz: :iconspinwootplz: :iconfingerdanceplz: :iconbummiesplz:

:iconw00tsplz: :iconomgextremeplz: :iconfuckyeahplz: :iconhiiplz: :iconxddplz: :iconpowernoes: :iconnaoemoteplz: :iconfuckyounub:

:iconbbqplz: :iconilikepieplz: :iconwoodleplz: :iconomgkawaiiplz: :iconanimeeeeplz: :iconomgchocolateplz:  :iconsexahplz: :iconomgpr0nzplz: :iconthanksforfaving: :iconshut-uplz:   

:iconscreeeamplz: :icon300plz: :iconscreamingemoteplz: :icontantrumplz: :iconreallyangryplz:


:iconpervertplz: :icongropeplz: :iconrudehug: :iconglompfuck: :icon39sexplz: :icon58sexplz: :icongrinemotes: :iconself-respect:

:iconferretsexplz: :iconcouchsexplz: :iconttyl: :iconblanksexplz: :iconbunnehrapezaigerplz: :iconfurfucks: :icondonatedlove: :iconsutra00plz: :iconsutra01plz: :iconsutra02plz: :iconsutra03plz: :iconsutra04plz: :iconsutra05plz: :iconsutra07plz: :iconsutra08plz: :iconsutra069plz:

:iconbedsexplz: :iconunbalancedsexplz:

:iconwhipschain: :iconcropyou: :iconflogger1:


:iconak--47plz: :icontatataplz: :iconyeehawplz: :iconcgbplz: :iconblamblamplz: :iconhandshootplz:  :icon1shootplz:


:iconseriousnod: :iconsadnod: :iconlovenodplz: :iconunimpressednodplz: :iconyesyesyesplz: :iconomfgnodplz: :iconsadtruthplz: :icontardnod: :icongrinnodplz: :iconfearnod: :iconhappycrynod: :iconevilnod: :iconwinknodplz: :icondamnseriousnodplz: :iconnoplz3: :iconnonono-plz:


:icondiefantardplz: :iconslapplz: :iconomgshakeplz: :iconshut-upplz: :iconbotherplz: :iconstfuppercutplz: :iconswordtardplz:


:iconpokeplz: :iconsuperpokeplz: :iconpokelaplz: :iconlovepokeplz: :icondeathpokeplz: :iconturbopokeplz: :iconpokesplz: :iconswallowpokeplz: :iconfastpokeplz: :iconfuriouspokeplz: :iconpokesomeoneplz: :iconbearpokeplz: :icontardpokeplz: :icondontpokemeplz:


:iconbouncyhai: :icontardwaveplz: :iconhellothereplz: :iconhihihiplz: :icontardwaveplx: :icontardwavplz: :iconwavesplz: :iconwave-plz: :icontiggerwaveplz: :icontard-wave-plz: :iconhappywaveplz: :iconcocowaveplz: :iconbluetardwaveplz: :iconomghaiplz: :iconwavesplz:


:iconworshipsplz: :iconworshipsplz2: :iconiworshipplz: :iconbowplz:


:icontyperhappyplz: :icontyperlarryplz: :iconheadsmashplz:

:icondummyscrollplz::icongrinscrollplz::iconnoesscrollplz::iconstarescrollplz::icon8bscrollplz::iconmeowscrollplz: :icondeadscrollplz:
E N J O Y ! E N J O Y ! E N J O Y !
these are amazing!

1. Put the .ATN file from the zip in a Photoshop.
2. Choose Load Actions from the Actions palette menu.
3. Select the action set file from die directory you saved it.
4. Click Load.
5. Click Play Button.


Here are they:

:thumb78300239: :thumb76643507: :thumb76286385:
12 UNIQUE PhotoShop ACTIONS___ by w1zzy Vintage dream ps actions by Ameliethe Skin Glow Enhancement by iScarlett
Action - Dead Blue by pinkcoma :thumb78409052: Split toning by paranoidstock
ROCK N ROLL  pt.1 by GSInteractive Sand by GSInteractive Photoshop Color Actions by RandomResources
Blurry Dream by GSInteractive Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action 1 by w1zzy Some Like it Hot by LOVEtehPoNR
Underwater by alejandroeljusto :thumb76451606: photoshop action by miseryloneliness
:thumb78300540: :thumb78656590:
:thumb76598479: Photoshop Actions - Pack 1 by Lune-Tutorials
:thumb78023117: Action - Soft Blue by pinkcoma :thumb77441368:
Digital Feeling by GSInteractive Pure Luv by GSInteractive SpartansNeverDie by GSInteractive
LiveFree by GSInteractive Led Zeppelin 2.0 by GSInteractive Fear by GSInteractive
:thumb76587316: :thumb78726223: ActionsBlue_AZUL by BrunaGabii
It is a second part of…

So, here we go...

E N J O Y ! E N J O Y ! E N J O Y !
these are amazing!

1. Put the .ATN file from the zip in a Photoshop.
2. Choose Load Actions from the Actions palette menu.
3. Select the action set file from die directory you saved it.
4. Click Load.
5. Click Play Button.



Photoshop Action 3 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 7 by w1zzy-resources :thumb90648096:
Photoshop Action 9 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 5 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 10 by w1zzy-resources
Photoshop Action: Diabolic by davidnanchin Action Blue by Lushury by lushury :thumb90735741:
Photoshop Action 2 by w1zzy-resources First action by iNeedChemicalX Photoshop Action 3 by saturn-rings
Photoshop Action 1 by saturn-rings PS Actionset:014 by Lexana :thumb91373031:
Photoshop Action 6 by saturn-rings :thumb91495406: :thumb91485310:
:thumb91643497: Action9 by falonmichalczyk
Action Set 1 by MarissaHassard Photoshop Action 10 by saturn-rings Photoshop Action 9 Pack by saturn-rings
Photoshop Action 15 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 13 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 16 by w1zzy-resources
Photoshop Action 18 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 20 by w1zzy-resources Color Pop Action Set by MarissaHassard
Photoshop Action 19 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 17 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 14 by w1zzy-resources
Kdx_Action_v1 by kadox Tagmaker Mukna by NuffZetPand0ra soft colors by leals
:thumb90321023: :thumb90325225: Tammy's Actions - Soft Toning by tammy-angela
:thumb90216738: :thumb90098774:
:thumb90079239: Action O1 by emyliie
PS Actions Set2 by NemesisDivina666 :thumb89777677: :thumb89667173:
:thumb89474561: Action 04 by thaispm2
Variety Pack Actions .3 by Noise-Less Photoshop Action 3 by lovestoned786 large set of actions by rocketlaunch

That would be all for 2nd part. Enjoy!
Oscar Pilch

From putting actions on DA, I have been continuously been shocked by the ratio of downloads versus comments and favorites.

Some actions have over 100 downloads and only 10 comments (or less)! feed back is always appreciated-

It takes some time to put together an action, and after you load the action it only takes 1 press of a button to use.  It also takes just one click to add a action to your favorites and show some support and appreciation.

This is a feature for some of my favorite actions!

view, download and show some love:

PS Action Set 01 by Jules1983Sakura Actions by LonelyDiaryAction 08 by ForbiddenParadiseHorizon Actions by LonelyDiary
:thumb95752813:Ps action 4 by StrangeClaireOld Styles PS Actions by LoviyouAction 07 by ForbiddenParadise
Photoshop Action 05 by FluoGirlAction 06 by ForbiddenParadisePhotoshop Action 2 by babyIcandobetterPhotoshop Action 3 by babyIcandobetter
retro by ShadowsInMyEyes30 photoshop actions by candymax-stockLensbaby Action by tammy-angelaG-labs dream efect by Grafilabs
Retro Vintage Action Set by confused-equineAction 02 by scary-miss-madyPhotoshop Action 10 by w1zzy-resourcesPhotoshop Action: Diabolic by davidnanchin
Hello everybody,
Today I would like to show you some amazing photoshop actions, which you can use to improve your works!

It is third part of my features, previous two can be found here:

1. Put the .ATN file from the zip in a Photoshop.
2. Choose Load Actions from the Actions palette menu.
3. Select the action set file from die directory you saved it.
4. Click Load.
5. Click Play Button.


So, let the show get started!!!

:thumb94927328: Photoshop Action 22 by w1zzy-resources
Photoshop Action 24 by w1zzy-resources Ps Action 7 by gfxgurl
:thumb95657061: Photoshop Action 25 by w1zzy-resources Action no.4-spooky portraits by bellalleb-stock
:thumb95752813: Actions by frockstarr Photoshop Action 23 by w1zzy-resources
:thumb94248589: :thumb95068056: Photoshop Action 3 by babyIcandobetter
Photoshop Action 2 by babyIcandobetter Photoshop Action 21 by w1zzy-resources PhotoShop Actions , Set 8 by Baby4Girl
Action 05 by scary-miss-mady Old Styles PS Actions by Loviyou Horizon Actions by LonelyDiary
:thumb94818380: Photoshop Action: Foliage by davidnanchin Action no.3 -white skin by bellalleb-stock
Action 08 by ForbiddenParadise Iro no Seizo PS Actions by Loviyou :thumb95796224:
Ps action 1 by StrangeClaire :thumb96841049: My actions_4th by archys187
:thumb95753613: photoshop action 5 by nuclear-radiation Photoschop Action 5 by babyIcandobetter
:thumb97369394: :thumb96742498: Action 04 andzia89 by andzia89
Action 02 by liianne Actions 3 by frockstarr :thumb95247080:
:thumb96845264: :thumb96850590: :thumb96612171:
Olden Action by snerkie :thumb96956944: :thumb96956600:

Thank You and Hopefully you'll enjoy yourself!
Oscar Pilch
Here In my opinion are the best textures and actions.I hope you enjoy them too.

Stained Paper by struckdumb:thumb112048626:Texture pack 15 - Hydrangea by Liek:thumb83281389:
:: Texture pack hard edges :: by Liek

Lara Jade Actions- Free Sample by larafairieVintage Effect - Ps Actions - by photoshop-stockBlack and White ps actions by AmelietheColors of Nature Photoshop Actions by night-fatephotoshop Actions - Pack 8 by Lune-Tutorials:thumb109790369:Vintage dream ps actions by AmelietheNoiseLess Fun Actions by Noise-Lesscolors Actions by anaRasha-stock
  • Mood: dA Love

Face Palm
:iconfacepalmplz: :icondoublefacepalmplz: :iconroyalfacepalmplz: :icontriplefacepalmplz: :iconquadfacepalmplz: :icondodecafacepalmplz: :icongoogolfacepalmplz: :iconnuclearfacepalmplz: :iconepicfacepalmplz: :iconmacepalmplz: :iconshiningfacepalmplz: :iconmegazoidfacepalmplz: :iconfacebook-plz:

:iconhomerpalmplz: :iconmariofacepalmplz: :iconfalconfacepalmplz: :iconsamusfacepalmplz: :iconsonicfacepalmplz: :iconluigifacepalmplz: :iconzeldafacepalmplz: :iconganonfacepalmplz: :icontailsfacepalmplz: :iconheaddeskplz: :icongenovianfacepalmplz: :iconamyfacepalmplz: :iconcrashfacepalmplz: :iconcocofacepalmplz: :iconpopepalmplz: :iconpopefacepalmplz: :iconbanjopalmplz: :iconkazfacewingplz: :iconjesusfacepalmplz: :iconmetapalmplz:  :iconridleyfacepalmplz:
:bulletgreen:For More of the Characters above see Characters& continued pages.

Rick Rolled
:iconrickrollplz: :iconemorickrollplz:

:iconcrusadeplz: :iconbakeaprettycakeplz: :iconohmygodplz: :iconwrongplz: :iconepicboogieplz: :iconyeahplz: :iconwutplz: :iconohlawdplz: :iconthatsracistplz: :iconnodesuplz: :iconohsnaplz: :iconimpressinchargesplz:  :iconwordplz: :iconfoshizzleplz: :iconiconbwahahaplz: :iconbawplz: :iconcrapplz: :iconpimpslapplz: :icondonotwantplz: :iconwantplz: :iconwtfisthisplz: :iconthatssexistplz: :iconshutthefuckupplz: :iconshotplz: :iconcrotchfireplz: :iconcreepystareplz: :iconretardexpressplz: :icondancecommanderplz: :iconohsnaaap: :iconshakepoodle: :iconshaqfist: :iconohfuckplz: :iconhellyeahplz: :iconofcourseplz: :iconstfupplz: :iconfuplz: :iconpimpplz: :iconberriesncreamplz: :iconcuteplz: :icondowantplz: :iconfattyplz: :iconepicwinplz: :iconbetchplz: :iconsammichbetchplz: :iconfatguyplz: :iconknightsofniplz: :iconspanishinquisition: :icongirlplz: :iconbigbrotherplz: :iconbuttfloofplz: :iconfatwhoreplz: :iconretardedplz: :iconmorecowbellplz: :iconbecomeanheroplz: :icon40sdataplz: :iconfiredplz: :icondudewtfplz: :iconslamheadplz: :iconheadbangplz: :iconunibrowplz: :iconkickinthefaceplz: :iconepicfallplz: :icononederlnd: :iconcupofstfuplz:  :iconpelvicthrustplz: :iconhead-bangplz: :iconcopyplz: :iconpasteplz: :iconangrymanplz: :iconhousedowantplz: :iconewwplz: :iconrainbowbriteplz: :icontomuchatonce: :iconbiggaydanceplz: :iconasianfaceplz: :iconcryforeverplz:  :iconawesomebabyplz: :iconiamdissapointplz: :iconhotdamnplz: :iconfuckyeaplz: :iconslayterwtffaceplz: :iconroserapefaceplz: :icondaronragefaceplz: :iconpopsiclepeteplz: :iconfaceshovelplz: :iconohsnap-plz: :iconimtooexcitedplz: :iconsneakhugplz: :iconrapefaceplz:

:iconclapplz: :iconbravoplz: :iconretardclapplz: :iconclappingplz:

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I know that a lot of Skyward Sword fans love Ghirahim. How could you not? He's fabulous. xD But am I the only one who's really interested in the way he behaves and how he acts? Like... It's hard to explain because I have an incredible headache, but I'll get through it. I think I've come up with a theory.

First, let's start off with Ghirahim's relationship with Demise. Obviously, Ghirahim's main desire in the game is to revive his master. Am I the only one who thinks that desire only reaches to a certain extent? Being that I'm one of the ones who thinks Demise seriously abuses the crap out of Ghirahim, I think his wish only covers half of his heart. On the other half, I think Ghirahim is afraid. Before he was sealed away by Hylia, Demise probably threatened Ghirahim to have him destroyed or something if he didn't revive him. And, being Ghirahim, I would seriously be worried. I think Demise has the full capability to revive himself (just look at the Imprisoned), but it's just that it would take a bit longer than if his faithful servant were to do it. I think Ghirahim agreed half because he was scared to death of a fate worse than death itself, and half only true loyalty to Demise.

Next, the way he looks, how he talks, and things like that. Yes, I agree that Ghirahim is possibly the most flamboyant character I have ever seen in a video game. I love it, though, because I like coming up with theories to explain it. Has anyone ever wondered why he dresses like this? I don't want to hear "because hes gay" either, because I'm actually getting somewhat tired of hearing that. I think the reason he wears the makeup is to hide possible bruises on his face. Why is the black diamond on the side covered by his hair? Painted over a bruise. Why does he have such a solid color of eye shadow? Black eye, my dear. I know it sounds weird to have a bruise for that long of a time, but think about it. He's a demon, and apparently immortal. Maybe wounds take longer to heal because he lives longer? Maybe.

Now, personally my favorite part of this theory, why Ghirahim acts... like he does towards Link. I don't mean the tongue thing (because I really don't know how to explain that xD), but why he lets him go the first two times you fight him, and why he seems so intent on getting something out of Link. Now, I am somewhat of a GhiraLink shipper (crack pairings ftw), but I'm not gonna say "becauz he luuuves him" as a reason. I think.. Ghirahim is secretly hoping. I think he's hoping for Link to notice something's wrong with him. Going back on the "Demise abuses Ghirahim" theory, I think Ghirahim is secretly hoping that Link would notice how much he talks about his master, the way he speaks so fondly of his loving master, and maybe try to help him. He couldn't let Link get too suspicious though (Demise: I WILL KEEL U), so he only keeps it subtle. Apparently too subtle. Adding on to this, I think Ghirahim's clothing is a clear message of "help plz" to Link. Y'know how earlier I was talking about how he wears the makeup to hide the bruises. Well. He probably dresses like that in front of Link to show the bruises. He wants him to notice and wonder what's wrong. He wants help.

Unfortunately though, Ghirahim's efforts went to waste, as Demise was fully resurrected without Link saying a single word. Ghirahim probably felt both incredibly relieved (that he wouldn't get killed) and incredibly angry (at Link for not helping, and the fact that he would probably get abused again by Demise), which is why the last time you fight him, he really tries to kill you. (Ghirahim: FUCK YOU LINK YOU DIDN'T HELP ME WITH MY PROBLEMS DIE!!1!11!!! Okay, jk. xD)

For people that might ask why I think Demise abuses Ghirahim, really look at the ending. Have you seen how Demise acts towards the poor demon? When he was first resurrected, for example. Ghirahim welcomes his master back heartily, obviously expecting an answer in return. Hell, Demise didn't even have to speak. A nod of the head or something. But Demise doesn't even say a word. Instead he forces Ghirahim to the ground (or should I say the air) and changes him into a sword. No "Hello my faithful servant, it's good seeing you again."? That's effed up.

Also, there's the very last bit of the battle with Demise. When Link defeats him, yeah, he mutters some junk about "holy shiz thiz is impawsibeel" and "how culd u defet meh I am teh great Demon King", right? Yeah, then he just sticks Ghirahim in the ground like a worthless piece of trash, and he disintegrates (Now whether Ghirahim is dead or not is up to the player, I personally think he's not dead and finally escaped Demise). HE STICKS HIM IN THE GROUND. LIKE A PIECE OF TRASH. HE PRACTICALLY THREW HIM AWAY. Sorry for using caps, I just get upset because Ghirahim is definitly not worthless, plus he's an amazing character.

Well, that's the last bit of my theory! I'll be sure to add on to it if I come up with anymore. Remember this is just a theory, and you don't have to listen if you don't like it. Anyone else have their own Ghirahim theories? (:
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