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Hello people :wave:

More and more people are using Photoshop Actions, whether for photography, photomanipulation, or other style of art you like.
The truth is that these Photoshop Actions improve the final result in many ways and make it easy for you to achieve the most incredible effects.

What are photoshop Actions?
- Photoshop actions are a pre-recorded set of actions done in photoshop to achieve a certain effect. Instead of loosing maybe 1 hour trying to get the perfect contrast, texture, or even more complex effects, just by pressing Play, you have all these steps in 3 seconds.

After I download the Photoshop Actions, how do I install and use them?
- After you download the file, in case it's zipped, you must unzip t first. The file will be something like XXXX.atn. Then you must copy that file and paste it on the Photoshop Actions folder: My Computer > Local Disc > Programs > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop > Presets > Photoshop Actions.
After this procedure, on your Photoshop you must go to Window > Actions and, on the box where you have your actions, you must press the little button on the rigth upper corner (not the close button lol)and then choose Load Actions. After this is done, you just need to choose the Action you just pasted before and it's ready to use; press Play and see the magic happening on your image.

Now I've selected some Free Photoshop Actions available right here on deviantART.
Please feel free to Browse on Categories > Resources > Application Resources > Photoshop Actions to find many more Photoshop Actions for you to use. As I told, this is just a small selection among all the variety available on deviantART.
Take care :heart:

Cross-Processing ATN by mutato-nomine Lara Jade Actions- Free Sample by larafairie Photoshop Color Actions 2 by AliceInUnderland
Polaroid GENERATOR V1 by rawimage :thumb39165883: Photographers Toolkit 1 by WallStorm
Old Photo Action by sakiryildirim Actions: 'Retro-Vintage' by rocketlaunch 50 Photoshop Postwork Actions by mauricioestrella
:thumb65235848: :thumb64167501: :thumb72221601:
My first actions set by surrender---x3 :thumb55472849: Wedding Theme Action by ver00nika
:thumb64978297: Hand-colored Vintage Photo ATN by mutato-nomine Photoshop Dream Blur Action by JoshJanusch
Color + tone enhancing by adityadigaddi :thumb54756023: Photo Coloring II by iconmaker91
:thumb45508759: Black And White by Jean31 Glass n Plastic Sphere Actions by Grasycho
Lomo LC-A Photoshop Action by klez666 Snow Text by mutato-nomine photography edit actions 1 by depairfactor
Old Black and White by Lydia-distracted Split Toning by mutato-nomine Actions_1 by ravendecay
:thumb44942017: :thumb70102937: :thumb53673550:
Action - 001 by raemaz The Classic Black and White. by hiimlucifer :thumb53298489:
Action 02 by color3d Transparent Glass Style for PS by PeterTWL Cool photo effect action by Numizmat
:thumb67255703: Stamp Maker Photoshop Action by Grasycho Photoshop Actions  Adjustments by fluorescencia
Vintage Film Effect by fallout75 Difuse + lighten by mahgnitton
:thumb71654554: Dark Sepia Action -UPDATED- by XxBirtaxX action 02 by fragmentado
Color Action V1.5 by TheSilentHero Sepia Tones by Insan-Stock Photo Coloring IV by iconmaker91
:thumb53541499: :thumb62578472: E6-C41 B-W Cross Process Set by WallStorm
Action: Acerbus by remidica-stock Motivational Posters by Custard-Cream Actions for photoshop. by PiPiPiilu
It is a second part of…

So, here we go...

E N J O Y ! E N J O Y ! E N J O Y !
these are amazing!

1. Put the .ATN file from the zip in a Photoshop.
2. Choose Load Actions from the Actions palette menu.
3. Select the action set file from die directory you saved it.
4. Click Load.
5. Click Play Button.



Photoshop Action 3 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 7 by w1zzy-resources :thumb90648096:
Photoshop Action 9 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 5 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 10 by w1zzy-resources
Photoshop Action: Diabolic by davidnanchin Action Blue by Lushury by lushury :thumb90735741:
Photoshop Action 2 by w1zzy-resources First action by iNeedChemicalX Photoshop Action 3 by saturn-rings
Photoshop Action 1 by saturn-rings PS Actionset:014 by Lexana :thumb91373031:
Photoshop Action 6 by saturn-rings :thumb91495406: :thumb91485310:
:thumb91643497: Action9 by falonmichalczyk :thumb91572411:
Action Set 1 by MarissaHassard Photoshop Action 10 by saturn-rings Photoshop Action 9 Pack by saturn-rings
Photoshop Action 15 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 13 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 16 by w1zzy-resources
Photoshop Action 18 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 20 by w1zzy-resources Color Pop Action Set by MarissaHassard
Photoshop Action 19 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 17 by w1zzy-resources Photoshop Action 14 by w1zzy-resources
Kdx_Action_v1 by kadox Tagmaker Mukna by NuffZetPand0ra soft colors by leals
:thumb90321023: :thumb90325225: Tammy's Actions - Soft Toning by tammy-angela
:thumb90199632: :thumb90216738: :thumb90098774:
:thumb90079239: Action O1 by emyliie :thumb90072801:
PS Actions Set2 by NemesisDivina666 :thumb89777677: :thumb89667173:
:thumb89479543: :thumb89474561: Action 04 by thaispm2
Variety Pack Actions .3 by Noise-Less Photoshop Action 3 by lovestoned786 large set of actions by rocketlaunch

That would be all for 2nd part. Enjoy!
Oscar Pilch

E N J O Y ! E N J O Y ! E N J O Y !
these are amazing!

1. Put the .ATN file from the zip in a Photoshop.
2. Choose Load Actions from the Actions palette menu.
3. Select the action set file from die directory you saved it.
4. Click Load.
5. Click Play Button.


Here are they:

:thumb78300239: :thumb76643507: :thumb76286385:
12 UNIQUE PhotoShop ACTIONS___ by w1zzy Vintage dream ps actions by Ameliethe Skin Glow Enhancement by iScarlett
Action - Dead Blue by pinkcoma :thumb78409052: Split toning by paranoidstock
ROCK N ROLL  pt.1 by GSInteractive Sand by GSInteractive Photoshop Color Actions by RandomResources
Blurry Dream by GSInteractive Oscar Pilch Photoshop Action 1 by w1zzy Some Like it Hot by LOVEtehPoNR
Underwater by alejandroeljusto :thumb76451606: photoshop action by miseryloneliness
:thumb78300540: :thumb78656590: :thumb77789853:
:thumb78333402: :thumb76598479: Photoshop Actions - Pack 1 by Lune-Tutorials
:thumb78023117: Action - Soft Blue by pinkcoma :thumb77441368:
Digital Feeling by GSInteractive Pure Luv by GSInteractive SpartansNeverDie by GSInteractive
LiveFree by GSInteractive Led Zeppelin 2.0 by GSInteractive Fear by GSInteractive
:thumb76587316: :thumb78726223: ActionsBlue_AZUL by BrunaGabii

My Photoshop Actions journal = closed

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 16, 2012, 11:11 PM
What are Photoshop Actions?
Photoshop Actions are the recordings of commands that can be applied to one or multiple images in Photoshop. When you press play, it applies these recorded commands. Think about changing the mood in a picture with various adjustment layers. Using an action can actually help you save a lot of time.

Which versions of Photoshop are lieveheersbeestje's actions compatible with?
All Photoshop CS versions, CS2 to CS6 Extended. My actions are not compatible with Photoshop Elements or other programs.

How can I download your exclusive actions?
You can download most of the actions at my DeviantART for free, it's easy and takes a few seconds. However I do have some exclusive actions as well, you need to pay with DeviantART points in order to get them. Want free points? Read more below in this journal.

:bulletpink: 30 points every week!
Every week I choose at least one artwork that used one of my actions. This artist will receive 30 points. :points: In order to participate you just have to post a photo/manipulation/other edited with one of my actions. You may submit as much as you want and participate every week! Every week there will be a new winner. :la: Put in your description which action you used.

:bulletpink: Please read the following lines thoroughly
Credit me if you use one or more of my actions, I would greatly appreciate it. Link back to or
Do not copy!

:bulletpink: Click here for my actions folder or download all my free actions here:

69 Photoshop Action V9 by lieveheersbeestje (V9)

:bulletpink: Any questions?
More questions about my actions? Ask you question in my faq.

:bulletpink: List of winners
JUL 23: mj-magic
AUG 06: hayzy
AUG 13: hayzy
AUG 20: Healzo
AUG 27: xOronar & light-from-Emirates
SEP 03: Healzo
SEP 10:  Healzo & EliseEnchanted & WishmasterAlchemist & aoao2
SEP 17: aoao2 & hayzy
SEP 25 Pamba
OCT 02: c-victoria
OCT 09: imaagination
OCT 16: carberrylovett
OCT 22: photorip
NOV 06: imaagination & OnlyOliveOil
NOV 13: cat-mew
NOV 20: AliquidLucis
NOV 27: AuroraMagorian
DEC 03: YasminNich
DEC 10: Rare-Pearl
DEC 17: The-Golden-Princess
DEC 24: Faerion
JAN 01: cloduy
JAN 08: thefreewolf
JAN 15: RobynKennedy
JAN 22: EliseEnchanted & Jedi-Dame
JAN 29: shelabobby
FEB 05: Ru-kai-yah & NicPi
FEB 12: AliquidLucis
FEB 19: EliseEnchanted & hysah
FEB 26: Kara-a & Sarah-BK & Vardenaar
MAR 05: Jerome-REMY
MAR 12: CryingSoulGirl & kiger8kiger
MAR 19: xOronar & Kostandina
MAR 26: AmyYang
APR 02: lily-azalea & CryingSoulGirl
APR 09: Rika-Mari & allosaur
APR 16: Loistavia & MRvLPhotography
APR 23: Loistavia & BrittyDee
APR 30: Ravaar & photorip
MAY 07: The-Golden-Princess
MAY 14: Melitot & RezzanATAKOL & CryingSoulGirl
MAY 21: allosaur
MAY 28: Shadowed-Awakening
JUN 04: Symphonyy3 & allosaur
JUN 11: Lilifaye
JUN 18: hotarox-x & SaRaH-22
JUN 25: Akirahpaws & Dargu
JUL 02: MariaDeinert & AngelicPassion & laughingcheshire & theartofdarrenvannoy & Cheesycorn
JUL 09: Akirahpaws & Berryu & naomicchi-desu
JUL 16: Momo587 & FatimahART & Akirahpaws & dandelion-field
JUL 23: MoonchildLuiza Ivushe Canardoux
JUL 29: Akirahpaws Kitiamara Ivushe
AUG06: NessieW2113 Kluuusek
AUG13: Ivushe Freckle-F0x Seykloren
AUG20: Akirahpaws Symphonyy3 DiamondHoofbeats
AUG 27: Tyrose RavieSeeker
SEP 03: AdeleClayton passion-aesthete Symphonyy3
SEP 10: Pepskii Aisu-Aislinn
SEP 17: Tyrose Akirahpaws
SEP 24: Lodchen-Photography
OCT 01: SheilaBrinson Ru-kai-yah
OCT 08: PoonieFox Ivushe AmyYang Akirahpaws
OCT 15: AdeleClayton
Week 63: JayJayDevianArt Omo-Nomo
Week 64: Symphonyy3 Redilion ShinyPyurin
Week 65: NicPi MRvLPhotography
Week 66: mistyful617
Week 67: FrancescaDelfino JayJayDevianArt
Week 68: AdeleClayton
Week 69: SheilaBrinson
Week 70: EirikHavre
Week 71: SheilaBrinson

Last update *21 DEC 2013
I'll continue when I'm back :)

This week participants: lieveheersbeestje.deviantart.c…

Ten Takes on Kill la Kill

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 6, 2013, 12:49 PM
Kill La Kill by eko999

KILL LA KILL by revanche7th

Running With Scissors by scamwich

Kill la Kill - Ryuko by Benlo

KILL LA KILL Ryuuko by Beverii

Ryuko Matoi by WAAAGHork

kirurakiru by RustyArtist

Kill la Kill -Rise of the Blackstar- by lightning-seal


KILL la KILL by simonori

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck

Robert shot an action-packed short film called Two Scoops, starring twins Lola and Lucia who operate an ice cream truck by day and happen to also be monster-slayers. Fans contributed to the project by submitting films, Tweeting their ideas for super-weapons, creating the fiercest monsters, and sending in their photos to appear on Missing Person posters.

We're excited to announce that the collaboration is now complete! You can see the finished film right here, along with the best contributions from fans, and documentary footage to tell the story of the project.

What is your all-time favorite Robert Rodriguez film?

Once Upon A Time In Mexico

Spy Kids


Sin City


Img-og by techgnotic

The concept of Astrology or “study of the stars” has been around since the ancient world and can be traced as far back as the first dynasty of Mesopotamia.

For some the stars are a portent of the future and help inform one on the best course of action to take based on the stars’ alignment. If born under a specific “star” or month during the year you may have certain characteristics and mannerisms that correspond to a horoscope sign. There are 12 different horoscope signs which make up the zodiac with each sign representing a different animal. Those born between the late January through late February fall under the 11th sign of the zodiac: Aquarius.

Aquarius (January 20 — February 18)

The Aquarians are the “water-bearers,” descendants of “Hyas,” who was killed by wild animals while fetching water from a river.  His sisters still cry for him, their tears being the falling rain. This rain from the heavens is why Aquarius is the zodiac sign based in air and water.  Children of the water-bearer are known for their independent nature, general weird humor, and quirkiness. An air sign, they are intellectual and witty having been gifted with an analytical mind. Always living in the future, they are ahead of their time and may come off as a bit strange to others.

Aquarians really know how to stand out from the crowd and have great leadership potential. This sign is also the sign of friendship having the ability to make friends with almost anyone and most like has a wide social circle. Their sign rules surprises and originality, they enjoy shock value and love to change their minds. A practical joker at heart they are always fun to be around. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians are tech savvy and all about progress, the love next generation technologies and can usually be found tinkering with the latest gadgets and gizmos. Water Bearers also have great imaginations and tend to see possibilities where there appear to be none.

  • Symbol: The Water Bearer
  • Element: Air
  • Ruler: Uranus — planet of originality, revolution, and electricity
  • Season: Winter
  • Stone: Amethyst
  • Secret Desire: To experience total freedom
  • Character Traits: Communicative, individualistic, inventive, open-minded, logical, friendly, eccentric, detached, opinionated
  • Compatible With: Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries

Your Thoughts

  1. What is your horoscope sign?
  2. Do you read your monthly horoscope?
  3. If you do read your horoscope, do you trust or follow its advice?

Cosplay Friday: The Legend of Zelda

Fri Jan 9, 2015, 8:35 PM
90-img-00a by techgnotic

The Legend of Zelda

The award winning The Legend of Zelda video game series is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and iconic of all time. But how much do you really know about this action-adventure phenomenon? Even with 17 official games and multiple generations of fans there are still a few hidden tidbits about the land of Hyrule that are not especially well known.

Let’s start our quest at the beginning with the inspiration for Hyrule. Creator Shigeru Miyamoto spent most of his days wandering around the countryside of Sonobe, Japan, where one day he discovered a cave. A curious child, he took a lantern and began exploring what turned out to be a series of interlocked caves. This experience and the sense of adventure he felt would later serve as the foundation for The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda was not the game's full original title. In Japan the title was The Hyrule Fantasy: Legend of Zelda. "Hyrule Fantasy" was later changed for the North American release and eventually disappeared from the title worldwide.

Now for our hero, Link

As the running meme delights in telling you, his “name is not Zelda.” You can say Link traveled straight out of Neverland, as he was based on the Walt Disney version of Peter Pan. He's a young lad with pointy ears, green hat and he's surrounded by feisty fairies and Kokiri who never grow up. It’s not hard to see the resemblance.

Our Princess, the actual Zelda, was based on Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of author F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby). According to Miyamoto, she “was a famous and beautiful woman from all accounts, and I liked the sound of her name.” What Miyamoto might not have known was her tragic history of being more than her husband's muse. He plagiarized her diaries when he needed more authentic female voices for characters in his novels. He then promoted the popular notion that she was “crazy” when she hinted at his ongoing literary thievery.

The Legend of Zelda, however, is no stranger itself to the dark side of nature with the original game being set in a post-apocalyptic Hyrule, where Link’s fate is grim. Nintendo’s Hyrule Historia book contains an official Legend of Zelda timeline with three alternate timelines based on the events of the Ocarina of Time game. Each path was based on a different outcome: Link beating Ganon in the future and staying there, Link defeating Ganon and returning to the past, and the last with Ganon defeating Link.

Last but not least. The sword.

Why is there an old man in a cave telling Link “It’s dangerous to go alone!” and then handing him a sword? Because Miyamoto wanted to make the game more complicated and confusing. He purposefully made several changes throughout the game to ensure it was, including starting our hero off without any weapon to defend himself. He thought doing so would lead players to share information with their friends in order to figure out what was going on and that this would help foster a sense of community around the game. Being that The Legend of Zelda was one of the most discussed games on the playground in the 80’s, it’s safe to say he was successful. Just remember you do need the sword to end the game, so make sure you grab it from that old man.

With it’s 29th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda coming up in February, what more perfect time to see all of our favorite Zelda characters brought to life by the talents of the DeviantArt cosplay community?! So now it’s off to Hyrule we go!

Beta Preview of Watch 2.0

Mon Nov 16, 2015, 2:38 PM by danlev:icondanlev:

This preview is available to a small group of new deviants, as well as Core Members who were Beta Testers as of November 11th.  We will continue to add deviants to the preview group in the coming days and weeks.

The heart of the DeviantArt experience is based on viewing and interacting with the art and activity from the deviants and groups you watch. Today, we’re providing an early preview into Watch 2.0 where we’ve taken the activities deviants do most and built an experience geared toward exactly those actions.

Please keep in mind that this is an early Beta Preview. You are likely to encounter bugs and functions that are still being worked on.  

(You can turn it off at anytime.)

Focusing on Art and Discovery

Watch is a feed that aggregates activity (like deviations, journals, collections, status updates, etc.) from the deviants and groups you watch (aka follow). We’ve built Watch 2.0 with browsing art in mind, allowing you to view a screen covered edge-to-edge in art.

The two main sections of Watch are deviations and posts:

  • Deviations: A stream of deviations from the deviants you watch; deviations they’ve submitted, deviations they’ve favorited, and deviations they’ve submitted to groups.

  • Posts: Journals, Status Updates, and Polls from deviants you watch.

Your Deviation Browsing Experience: Reimagined

The core use of the Message Center revolves around viewing deviations from deviants you watch.  We set out to completely revamp the experience of browsing and interacting with deviations, based on what we've learned and the feedback we've heard over the years. We’ve taken a lot of the functionality around deviations in the Message Center, and designed an experience optimized for it.

Watch2 by danlev

1. Saved Items

Saving deviations is a quick way of “bookmarking” them for later. When you click a deviation to see the new pop-up deviation page, the “save” button is located right next to the favourite button.

2. “Show” Menu

The “Show” menu lets you filter specific content types. From this menu, you can choose to display deviations, favourites, and/or group deviations. While on the Posts tab, the dropdown will let you filter by status updates, journals, or polls.

3. Deviants Menu

The deviants menu is a new way of viewing your favorite artists’ activity. Selecting an artist isolates their activity, letting you easily see what they’ve been up to. You can also “pin” your favorite artists to easily access them later.

Pop-Up Display

The pop-up display is a new way of browsing deviations. From this mode, you can view almost everything you can do on a deviation page, including favoriting, reading and posting comments, etc. Views in this browsing mode are counted towards the deviations views.

New Navigation

Along with Watch 2.0, we’re introducing a new global navigation across the site.

Notifications & Notes

Most of the components of the Message Center have been split into two sections: Watch and Notifications. The new notifications dropdown makes it easier than ever to quickly access new comments, replies, mentions, favorites on your artwork, and other notices related to you and your art.

Just like notifications, you can also view new notes without leaving the page you’re on.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.15.22 PM by danlev

Preventing Message Anxiety

If you’re an active deviant, it’s not hard to amass over 1,000 notifications. While it’s nice to know that you’ll never miss a thing from the people you watch, it can be cumbersome and stressful to have to deal with so many messages, filtering out the important ones. We often hear that deviants are stressed out by their Message Center and occasionally just purge all of their messages, which defeat the purpose of the Message Center.

While the full Message Center isn’t going away, we want to give you a taste of what we have in mind for a smoother experience.

Cosplay Friday: Avengers

Fri Jan 23, 2015, 5:46 PM
106-img-00 by techgnotic

The Avengers

First introduced by Marvel in 1963, The Avengers was Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s superheroic response to the success of DC Comics’ Justice League of America.

In the original comic the founders of the superhero team were Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Ant–Man, and The Wasp who came together to defeat the evil god Loki. The 2012 live–action Avengers movie loosely based on Marvel’s The Ultimates (2002) comic book series had a different core group adding Captain America and Nick Fury to the team and replacing Ant–Man and The Wasp with Hawkeye and Black Widow.

So, Who Are The Avengers?

Unlike other Marvel teams The Avengers are not mutants fighting for equal rights or a family of Four who met with unexpected effects after a mission in space. The movie version of The Avengers is a government sponsored elite team of skilled warriors, a Super SWAT team led by S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Nick Fury, while in the comics Tony Stark housed and funded the team while secretly hiding his identity as Iron Man from his teammates.

The comic world of Marvel has many twists and turns, filled with crossovers, gender swaps, and alternate timelines that aren’t always explained or don’t make it into the movie adaptations. Comic fans usually have a one up on movie fans in terms of knowing more about the characters’ origins and their backgrounds. Did you you know Nick Fury was originally white when he was first introduced in the comics and only later was he portrayed as black in an alternate timeline of The Avengers where the group is called The Ultimates as part of Marvel’s Ultimate Comics line? This change was made by the creative team of writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch, who even drew Nick Fury as Samuel L Jackson years before the movie was cast.

Classified Information: Level 7 Access Only

Nick Fury may not have super powers, but he can hold his own as one of the best military commanders of World War II where he originally met and befriended Captain America in the comics. In the comics Sgt. Nick Fury led his squad, the Howling Commandos, through Europe to Germany. After a lifetime in the military he was recruited by Tony Stark to run the newly created government super agency S.H.I.E.L.D.

Captain America was previously the leader of another military super–team known as The Invaders during WWII. He gained his power as part of an experiment by Professor Erskine to create an army of super–soldiers, but Erskine was assassinated during the experiment, making Steve Rogers the only one. He later received his circular indestructible shield as a gift from President Roosevelt.

Speaking of weapons, we all know Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, can only be wielded by those “worthy” enough and in the movie the only one to even come close to making it budge is the original boy scout, Captain America. However in the comics the hammer can actually be wielded by other superheroes including Captain America, X-Mens’ Rogue, DC Comics’ Wonder Woman and Superman, and even Loki.

Not to be left behind in the weapons department is Tony Stark whose character was based on inventor, adventurer, multi–billionaire, ladies’ man and eventual recluse Howard Hughes. It was Iron Man’s co–creator Don Heck who modeled playboy industrialist Tony Stark’s look on Robin Hood (1938) actor Errol Flynn. When Stark dons his fully powered Iron Man suit he can lift up to 100 Tons almost the same as the Hulk, only as we now know, the angrier Hulk gets the stronger he gets, so Hulk will ultimately be the strongest.

There are a few team members who have murkier pasts. Hawkeye wasn’t always the hero we know him to be now. Clint Barton as he was originally known started out as a circus performer which is where he refined his archery skills. Eventually breaking off from the circus and going on to call himself “Hawkeye” he went down the dark path of being a villain before being inspired by Iron Man to become a superhero.

No stranger to shades of grey is the deadly Natasha Romanoff. One of the world’s best spies and assassins, she was originally a member of the Russian KGB where her ruthless effectiveness earned her code name “Black Widow.” Her threat to global security made her a target for S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Barton, who was sent to assassinate Black Widow recognized her skill and disobeyed orders recommending her as an agent instead.

Last, but not least, the Hulk. Who contrary to popular belief did not start out as a big green monster. In the comics, the Hulk’s appearance caused great difficulties for colorist Stan Goldberg who couldn’t get the right shades of grey for the Mr. Hyde side of Bruce Banner which lead to him being green in a few panels. Ultimately Stan Lee and Jack Kirby decided to keep the green coloring to make Goldberg’s job a little bit easier.

While you may not see superheroes running around on a daily basis like in the movies you might very well run into them at a comic convention. We’ve rounded up our own recruits to join the ranks of the cosplay elite.

Now grab some shawarma and check out the action–packed Avengers we’ve assembled for this edition of Cosplay Friday.