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As some of you may or may not know, I got into a quarry with none other than that dumbass :iconorionsagan:. Why was that? Well, because I stumbled upon his journal entitled "The Hypocrasy of OrionSagan's Opponents" and I criticized him in the comments section and I warned :iconilliniguy34: of Orion's actions.

Why I am doing th(ese) journal(s) is because after I read his journals entitled "The Hypocrasy of OrionSagan's Opponents" and "illiniguy34, let me explain", I felt the need to do written commentaries on them and oh boy do I have a lot to say (spoilers: the second journal focuses on me more than it does on illiniguy34). Can I also mention the crap Orion spews out will be in quotes and what I'll say will be normal (just to clear up any confusion). So without further ado, let's get started!

"Previously I wrote Devious Journal Entries about :iconchristianprime1-bot: and :iconilliniguy34: and I mentioned how they were both hypocrites.  I have been accused by many of my opponents since SuperGodzilla12 of being a hypocrite such as wanting to make videos bashing SG12's precious hatred of The Lion King yet not wanting SG12 to make videos about me promoting his anti-Lion King fanaticism.  Perhaps that was hypocrisy, but the thing was I wanted to have my say without aggressive retaliation and SG12 wanted to aggressively retaliate to protect his cherished hatred of The Lion King and wanted to break me.  My opponents are guilty of massive hypocrisy and they often have the same type of hypocrisy that I was accused of having, such as how they want to make hate videos and hateful Devious Journal Entries about me yet they don't want me to make videos or Devious Journal Entries critiquing them.  I know since they flip out and threaten retaliation against me if I ever dare to criticize them and play victim when I bash them for getting on my case when they are usually are the aggressors.  This will break down the basics of the enormous hypocrisy in the bandwagon against me."

Umm.... Orion, didn't you say something in your commentary on illiniguy34, rye5guy, derterfii, and darkmaster465 that you'd drop the whole CM act (and his Lion King Reviews)? And they're playing the victims? And you're the one to talk here, Einstein! And as for the "threats of retaliation", I'm sorry but the only one at that time did that was you when you threatened to flag ALL commentaries made about you for harassment.

"#1 My opponents say that they want me to "let it go", "get over it" and "Forget about it" with the whole Confused Matthew and Lion King thing.  Yet they often love to make fun of me and treat me as a LOLcow which obviously scars me and is very counterproductive to me moving on since they keep rubbing it in my face and thus is highly hypocritical.  They have no problem with Confused Matthew's track record of singling out The Lion King such as his plentiful anti-Lion King clips from his other reviews and his Lion King re-review despite the fact that they prove that CM hasn't yet gotten over it or moved on with The Lion King.  Yet they want me to "let it go" and "move on" when I responded to the lunatic reviewer's personal vendetta against that movie and when they keep belittling me over it.  This is monstrous hypocrisy!  If they really want me to let go and move on, the answer is simple, they all need to STFU you idiot! and leave me alone so I will not have to say so much about it."

Okay Orion, first thing's first: NO ONE was making fun of you in any recent video or journal about you. That's just crap you put in your head. Oh yeah, this is MAJOR hypocrasy on you end of the spectrum for ONCE AGAIN bringing up CM months AFTER you claimed that you're done dealing with him. And as for STFU, that is really mature there, pal.

"#2 My opponents complain about me telling them that they are wrong and "attacking" them.  Yet they have no problem attacking me.  They tend to be so bent on saying that I am wrong or delusional all because they don't like what I do with things like crap reviews and religion.  Many of the opponents that I bashed and attacked were the aggressors of their very own fights with me since they tended to give me flak when I have not even heard of them let alone do anyting to them.  Yet they claim to be the victims when I fight back, hypocritical indeed.  However, I was an agressor in the SG12 fiasco sine I chewed out the guy when he had not even heard of let alone do anything to me beforehand and I admit that and regret it.  Burt that does not make it okay for people on the Internet to start their fights with me."

I would actually care if you did name ONE person who was making fun of you, Orion (Spoilers: he doesn't). But I'll tell you this, no one that I know (this includes me) ever said that they're making fun of you. Can I also mention that he abuses the "victim card" WAY too many times. Can I also mention that I've noticed that you, Orion, got pissed off at illiniguy because he brought up SG12 and here you are bringing him up! Jesus, talk about hypocrasy.

"#3 My opponents say that when one posts anything on the Internet that others are free to criticize it however they see fit.  My opponents like Derterifi love to feel free to criticize anything I post on the Internet that they don't like.  But when they post garbage on the Internet and I criticize it however I see fit, they freak out!  Plus :iconilliniguy34: got butthurt when I criticized Confused Matthew's Lion King re-review despite the fact that on September 27, 2014, Matthew posted it on the Internet.  NEWSFLASH, since Confused Matthew posted his Lion King re-review on the Internet, I was free to criticize it however I saw fit and I did.  And for people like :iconilliniguy34: to get on my case for criticizing a crap re-review on the Internet as I saw fit yet they want to criticize me as they see fit is one-sided hypocrisy.  BTW, if you post a crap movie review on the Internet, you will be called out for it and that crap review will be criticized, that is the law of the land on the Internet."

Umm... Here's the thing with your criticism, Orion. It consists of you being an asshurt little crybaby and you constantly making excuses just to simply cover your ass (AKA: blocking me and illiniguy34 because we criticized you). Also, unlike you, illiniguy34 and Derterifii are highly intelligent people who have a better grasp than you when it comes to critiquing. Another thing about critique, you do have the right to criticize whatever you want. But, criticizing a dead horse (Gligar13Vids, MarioTehPlumber, BenTheLooney, etc.) is pointless, well... Because they're obviously dead horses. Also, as for illiniguy34 being "butthurt" on the whole CM thing, he was calling out because of your 5-y/o obese soon with CM and you STILL continue to do so to this day, regardless of the fact that NO ONE FUCKING CARES!

"#4 They say that I am beating a dead horse and dealing with a dead topic.  Yet they have no problem with beating the dead horse about me, yet more hypocrisy."

Really?! The hypocrasy card again?! If I made a drinking game to where I'd drink a full can of beer to every time Orion using "hypocrite" or "hypocrasy" I'd be in the hospital from alcohol poisoning!

"#5 My opponents claim that I cannot take criticism because I did things like blocking them and flagging many of their videos about me.  Yet they get angry and feel attacked when I criticize them and retaliate etc.  My opponents cannot take criticism or else they would not threaten to make retaliatory responses or commentaries on me like they have.  I am only pointing out their flaws and errors.  I talk about my mistakes and errors such as my mistake of comparing SuperGodzilla12 to Hitler."

We can't take criticism? Again, look who's talking Einstein! And I also find it funny that what you're saying is "valid" criticism. This right here is a good old fashioned example of the "I'm  this and everyone else is that!" Cliche that Orion loves to abuse.

"#6 Some of the people who are against me over Confused Matthew have claimed that I always use the same arguments every time when I criticized that lunatic critic.  Confused Matthew is the one who has been rehashing the same arguments over and over when discussing The Lion King.  Plus my online opponents on YouTube and DeviantArt usually keep rehashing the same arguments against me over and over again."

Repetition, repetition, repetition..... Moving on

"#7 They claim that I am "butthurt" just for telling them to stop their charade.  They say that I am "butthurt" for commentating on Confused Matthew's Lion King re-review and that my criticism of CM is "butthurt criticism", this is a worn-out straw man tactic.  My opponents do get very butthurt when I criticize them for their errors or when I criticize certain things that they don't want me to criticize which is another thing that proves just how hypocritical they truly are."

The reason why you're  butthurt to begin with is because you absolutely refuse to listen to ANY of your critics (including me) and throw hissy fits about it in your videos, on DeviantArt, and on Facebook as well.

"#8 Some of them say that I go to extremes to defend The Lion King.  Their points for this is how I blocked people who agree with Confused Matthew and How I once had Photoshops of the Confused Matthew avatar getting killed.  I did take down my Photoshops of killing the Confused Matthew character since it was demonstrated to be in error, plus it was a product of the negativity that this bandwagon has been filling my head with.  And I have to block those who share SG12 and CM's hatred of The Lion King because they don't stop and want to argue rehashing the same points over and over.  My opponents have gone to such extremes to defend certain things that I criticize such as incessantly singling me out for almost four years just to protect crap reviews and other faulty opinions which is yet more hypocrisy."

Can you please stop repeating yourself? It's makes you sound like a broken record. Moving forward.

"#9 They say that I never learn which is a baseless assertion and product of them jumping to conclusions with rage blinders on.  I do learn form both my mistakes and other people's mistakes.  I admit that I was an aggressor in the SG12 fiasco since I chewed out the guy in the comments box of his Lion King 2 review and inbox when he has not even heard of me let alone do anything to me.  I learned that I was being too hasty in my responses to the guy and not waiting to master and obtain the right video equipment etc before making videos.  And as a result of this haste,I made way too many videos on the subject which proves that haste makes waste, today I no longer have that problem.  I learn form other people's mistakes too like Confused Matthew's Lion King crap reviews, StarDestroyer.Net, etc.  I admit that it was a mistake for me to compare SG12 to King Swastika and I now regret it.

My opponents are not learning from theirs or others mistakes in this bandwagon.  :iconilliniguy34: did not learn form the mistakes of those who gave me flak before him such as :iconderterifii: and the consequences of such online aggression.  :iconilliniguy34: should have figured out that my opponents before him who were the total aggressors of their fights with me got harshly chewed out by me and I did not let it go as they wanted me to do etc.  But sadly he didn't and ending up making the same mistake and got the same results."

Aren't we all glad you've learned from your mistakes, but this does not dismiss this or ANYTHING else you've yet to regret. As for these "aggressors" they're critics.

"#10 Some of my opponents also dislike Confused Matthew and such individuals claim that I am worse than Confused Matthew all because I vehemently defend my position that they don't like.  I am NOT worse than Confused Matthew and my aggressive attitudes towards you guys are defensive, I am only acting in self-defense.  This bandwagon is far worse than Confused Matthew and let me explain.  First of all, I have yet to see Confused Matthew unfairly single out any REAL PERSON!  CM has only singled out a FICTIONAL CHARACTER(Simba) and a CARTOON MOVIE(The Lion King) which is NOT real!  My opponents aggressively single out a REAL PERSON(me) on issues where many other real people share my feelings on the topic.  This bandwagon against me has brought me up within the past four years far more than Confused Matthew has brought up The Lion King in the past seven years!  And that is exactly why this bandwagon is FAR WORSE than Confused Matthew."

Thank God in underaged, 'cause I'd start drinking to Orion's  stupidity! He complains about how your opponents single you out, yet it's okay for you to single me, illiniguy34, Derterifii, and Chris out? Hypocrite!

"#11 My opponents say I cannot take criticism yet they vehemently defend certain things that are well known to not be able to take any criticism.  They say that I oppose free speech all because I am sick of their charade yet they have defended religion despite its well-documented opposition to free speech such as in the BeastlyEevee incident.  The clearly don't know enough about how free speech works and allow me to give you some examples.

a) SuperGodzilla12 claimed to cherish free speech and used it as an excuse to spew garbage yet he did not want to deal with the consequences of what he said.  SG12 failed to realize that free speech does not protect him form the consequences of what he said about The Lion King such as my harsh criticism of him.

b) :iconaw115: says that I am against free speech yet he is only in this bandwagon to defend his friend :iconilliniguy34: against the repercussions of what he said to me.  Free speech will not save your friend form the consequences of what he said to me such as my harsh criticism of him.  It is a non-sequitur to claim that I cannot take criticism when I criticize those who gave me flak, but criticism is a two-edged sword.  People like :icionAW115: want to make it one-sided and claim that I have to shut up and let them give me their flak to take criticism, which proves that they are rotten hypocrites.

c) :iconaw115: had the audacity to call me a "communist" for getting tired of the bandwagon and being told what to do by it.  There are plenty of things that cannot take criticism and are against freedom of speech that are NOT at all communist.  For example, the Religious Right hates communism and guess what, they cannot accept criticism and they vehemently oppose the freedom of speech.  Censorship is a religious belief's best friend."

I thought we were talking about this "bandwagon" and not religion? Orion, as for me calling you a communist, you're basically acting like one. How? You get angry when people condemn your actions, you censor and mock said condemnor, and look you even threaten them! That's pretty communistic, am I right?! As for the rest of the paragraph, it's all repeats.

"#12 My opponents claim that I am suppressing their opinions.  Yet they are trying very hard to suppress what I have to say about things like Confused Matthew's Lion King re-review.  And one can argue that this bandwagon is a form of censorship in that it relies on intimidation and online aggression to attack me for presenting simple statements of fact that they don't like.

And the list can go on and on and on...........

Now I must address the "Lion King fanboy" straw man against me the SG12 himself created and my opponents who came after him have sometimes adopted.

I have been accused of going off on anyone who merely dislikes or criticizes The Lion Kign becuse of how I treated people like SuperGodzilla12 for what they say about the Lion King.  I have been seen as a Lion King fanboy who cannot accept people not liking The Lion King which completely avoids the issue.  I was only against SG12's hatred of Teh Lion Kign because it was faulty and unjust, not because it merely disagreed with me or disliked what I like.  For exapmle, I have a foster dad named Robert Erickson Hebbler II whim I lived with form May 1990 until July 2010 who is critical of The Lion King and has objections to that movie.  Bob Hwebbler feels that the movie's portray of the relationships between African wildlife is innacruate such as Simba and Pumbaa being friends when in reality lions eat warthogs.  Plus Bob Hebbler does not like Hakuna Matat abecause it is irresponsible but unlike Confused Matthew or SuperGodzilla12, he does not run down the characters of Timon & Pumbaa.  Bob Hebbler and I get along just fine thus proving that the "Lion King fanboy" straw man about me is complete and utter trash.

Some of my opponents have asked me why I go out of my way to defend The Lion King to try and salvage the "Lion King fanboy" straw man.  I was mainly defending my position on the topic against people who were trying hard to break me and to shut me up etc.  Had my opponents left me alone, I would not be defending The Lion King nearly half as much as I have.  I will vehemently defend my position on anything if I am certain that the facts support it.  I have changed my position before when it was proven wrong and this happened many times.

I am NOT a Lion King fanboy and I have no problem with others merely disliking or criticizing The Lion King, what I take issue with is saying bad things about it that are false and that is something that SuperGodzilla12 has done."

Actually, what your opponents say is true, Orion! You get angry when call you out on your shit, you censor them by blocking them and post bad things about them (for example: me, illiniguy34, derterifii, Rafale, and Macboy Reducx). And as for why people call you a Lion King fanboy, well... YOURE DOING WHAT A TYPICAL (insert something here) FANBOY WOULD DO! Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with defending something you like. But the way Orion executes it is the definition of a fanboy.

"And something about the evolution of the bandwagon.  I know that NOT all people in the bandwagon are in favor of SG12 or his brand of anti-Lion King fanaticism, it is just that the bandwagon against me itself started out as an extreme means to defend SuperGodzilla12 and his precious hatred of The Lion King against my criticism and scrutiny of it.  As far as I know, this bandwagon did not talk about me letting it go until February 8, 2013 when csBob447/DavidWash3r3 posted that one-shot commentary on me called "Confused Matthew is the devil".  And many of my opponents who jumped on the bandwagon since 2013 have done so for reasons totally unrelated to anti-Lion King fanaticism.  Some of my opponents have expanded this bandwagon rage against me to attacking my criticism of religion and homophobia like in the BeastlyEevee incident.  I am trying to separate the bandwagon itself from mere individuals in it and trace it to its origin.  Yes some of my opponents just wanted me to let go of Confused Matthew and some even outright disagree with the clown.  :iconmacboy796: stated that all of the arguments and points that you can muster in favor of Confused Matthew and SuperGodzilla12's asinine opinion on The Lion King have been beaten to death many times.  Thanks to my commentary on Confused Matthew's Lion King re-review and anti-Lion King track record, that opinion period is 100% thoroughly beaten to death and not just that one single original crap review.  With the change of players in this bandwagon against me, its true meaning has been lost in an inadvertent muddying of the waters, but I have good memory and remember well that the bandwagon itself was a product of SG12's refusal to take criticism."

And here is Orion, pulling off a Kim Jong Un and blaming the world for his problems. And as for Davidwash3r3's one shot commentary on you AND BeastlyEevee's video on you happened in 2013 and were almost three months into 2015! Get a move on, Orion!

And as for my final thoughts on this journal Orion wrote: it gave me a headache! Seriously, he overuses "hypocrite", "hypocrasy", and a handful of cliches to a point where a buffet out of them. And if Orion makes a commentary on my video on him I made back in December 2014, don't be too surprised if I commentate on that as well. For part two, this is gonna be done on a more personal level. Again, don't be surprised if I lose my shit on that part. With that said, see ya later. (And Orion, do the world a favor and fuck off!)

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