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Korra Render 3 by RealCassandraSaturn

hey folks! if you do have Second Life account or don't have one, you can create your own account to meet up on Second Life for your first meeting to have a nice discussions with Korra.

the place to meet would be at Welcome Point. once you are here, you can IM me through my username here on Second Life.

username: CassandraSaturn
display name: Korra
Avatar: Korra

Welcome Point is new people's first arrival on Second Life. I'm usually here greeting new people and saying hello to them. hope to see you here!

Is it just me? Or is korra sup par to TLA? I mean I like Korra and all, but I like the original better. And no not because of nostalgia. I was excited about korra actually, I mean yea I was said team avatar was either too old or dead now, but I thought it was cool. But then Korra is well, not what I wanted. I love stubborn arrogant characters like korra, but I was looking forward to to a shy avatar. I feel like the put the whole team avatar together as one, which imo was a flop. (sokka's goofiness, toph's toughness, katara's bossiness, and aang's sense of "I do what I want") I guess it's stereotypical to have a shy delicate girl, but I wanted her to start off like that and then grow into a powerful avatar. I love seeing stereotypes grow into something...well not stereotypical. And mako/bolin relationship thing? fail. I despised how Korra basically used Bolin as a replacement of Mako. The only thing I liked so far is korrasami because it's something you don't expect. And the relationship spanned sometime-ish. Well I mean I guess Mako and Korra were good, but it got too tangled soon. I have got to watch season 4 though now. (I know a lot of spoilers and am looking forward to watching book 4, especially korra with short hair, yay!)

I thought TLA was better because the story was more about adventure, inner conflicts, and innocent humor. (ish. I love dirty jokes mind you, I am stained with today's world, but the humor in TLA was basic and I loved it) Oh yes another thing, anyone could redeem themselves. Like I hated Zuko, but slowly you see he wasn't so bad. And Azula, yes she's a bitch and always was/will be. But You can speculate on why she's like that. She was naturally a monster, but a litte more help in the right direction and no bad influences like her father, she may have been fine. The thing is, yo can sympathize with her, yet hate her. (Not like in once upon a time when Regina is all of a sudden the good guy with a bad past. Stopped mid season 2, sorry fans but I hated it)

well that it for my rant now. I'll probably add more later, but till then!
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