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:iconpinkiesmileplz: :iconsaysplz: now that I type his sister, it's time we do the current firelord himself and one of the adorable steam babies, the one , the only FireLord Sheng!

  • He will be voiced by James Sie who did several voices for Avatar The Last Airbender, but in spite of that he'll most likely sound like The Atom from Batman; The Brave and The Bold, Sheng was originally going to be voiced by Dante Basco who voiced his father, but the idea was dropped.
  • His name Sheng is the chinese meaning of victory/success. 
  • He is Zuko and Katara's oldest child as well as their only son and Kashinda and Kazumi's only brother.
  • Sheng is the first firelord to be born with blue eyes.
  • Sheng is neutral to Tarrlok about Kazumi much like how his uncle was to his father about his mother.
  • Aside from being the FireLord of the fire nation and chief of the southern water tribe, Sheng and his cousin (Sokka and Suki's son.) have a strong bond as children as they seem brotherly to each other because of the lack of having brothers however they do love their sisters.
  • When Korra was small, Sheng joined his father, Uncle, Cousin, Tenzin, Tonraq and Unalaq to fight the red lotus in order to protect her. upon hearing their escape and that Zaheer became an airbender, he was going to join the battle once more but was stopped by his father, Zuko who reminded him , what happened before. this indicates that he was harm during the battle as Zuko feared for his son's safety, however he still join the battle despite his father's warnings.
  • According to his mother, Katara, Sheng was once afraid of the dark at the age of 4.
  • Sheng, Zuko, along with his wife and children don't appear in book 2 but they do in book 3.
  • Like his father, Sheng also owns a dragon.
  • being born to a chinese father and a inuit mother, Sheng is shown to be bilingual.
  • Sheng is the first firebender to be born from a waterbender.
  • Sheng's relationship between his sisters is far different of their father's relationship with their aunt, Azula.
  • According to his younger sister, Kazumi, he is revealed to send out more fire nation guards to follow her and protect her around to show a sign of his over protectiveness , he has done the same for Kashinda. Much to his sisters displays.
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