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For all the flaws of this show... I am willing... to forgive everything...

Everything is now in the past...


Gee, maybe because the writers and animators, working in conjunction, made an interracial lesbian couple - on a show ostensibly aimed at children - canon. Sure, Korra and Asami didn't kiss, but by the end it wasn't subtext anymore. 

Hot damn, does that take balls. 

Naturally, certain people - read: morons, cowards, various shippers, people who think homosexuality is inherently more sexual and deviant than heterosexual, other such cretins - are whining, but let them whine. Fuck those people. They've lost. 

And KorrAsami is canon. At least, as canon as our stupid homophobic nation would allow in a children's show. But still, MaKorra sure as hell ain't canon. 
EDIT: almost forgot about the video I made after watching it:… it sucks, I know, but whatever. 
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The final episode of Korra

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 5:30 AM

I just watched the final episode of Korra without even watching the entire Season 4 and I'm freaking happy for what Nick did.


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But let me take sec to be kinda serious...

I can't fully explain how I feel about it's beyond like or love...I really, really enjoyed the finale and *SLIGHTLY SPOILERY BUT NOT REALLY* ultimately I really love how it ended with Korra reaffirming her relationships with the people closest to romance, just BFFs (with a hint of maybe with *not gonna say*). 
I'm just over here sorting out my feels Party Hard! 

Varricka and Zhu Li...I...AtLA - Foaming-at-the-mouth Guy ...but then, who didn't...

Now go forth and do the thing...Korra Airbending I con 
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 Four stories ended this year that I've followed with interest and love. Psycho Pass Season 2 happened to be airing it's last episode on the same days as the Korra finale funny enough. Both are my some of my favorite shows of all time that have highly impressed me but were also just so much more. Naruto's manga ended earlier this year and was honestly a mixed bag that really felt flat. But I hadn't been into the story for a long time so saying goodbye was easier than I'd imagined. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies premiered yesterday and concludes the Lord of the Rings franchise on film at least for now. And the movie itself was good just that it felt kind of smaller than I'd expected, but still did end good.

Korra interestingly enough is the last of these stories that I've loved to conclude. And... honestly I fucking cried. 

The story in the finale is made up of two episodes "Day of the Colossus" and "The Last Stand" which were filled with a lot of just what I wanted in it's conclusion. I wanted to see most of the cast together collectively tackling Kuvira, all of them cooperating to bring her down. Which is rare to see sometimes in a story. I wanted to see characters get all of their moments. I wanted to see how Korra would resolve the story and just what the ending would imply. Bryan Konietzco and Mike Dante Dimartino you both did not dissapoint me.

The action that takes place is well balanced with so much of the character moments which were greatly balanced. The fact Kuvira's main force is a giant robot really did change the game of battle and cleverly the problem is tackled by planning and each step carried out by each character. Everyone contributed greatly and it was awesome to see on screen. Korra herself also gets her one on one with Kuvira and it ends rather with the two coming more to an understanding rather than Korra basically beating the crap out of her-probably what she would have done if she was the same character whom we met in Book 1.

Kuvira upon coming to her understanding with Korra (after she saves her life when the big bad weapon malfunctions) surrenders and is arrested. The Earth Empire is abolished and Republic City... well the main cast fought a giant robot. I don't think anyone expected there NOT to be property damage. Oh yeah because of the weapon going off like it does it for some reason creates ANOTHER spirit portal right in the middle of Republic City. This brings the Spirits back and brings balance even more.

Again like with what happened in each prior Book of Korra the world changes again. Prince Wu ops out of becoming Earth King and disbands the monarchy in favor of making the former Earth Kingdom into separate nation states like the United Republic. He's grown a lot from the man we saw and it's really nice that his arc really went somewhere. He's not the only character though, Varrick and Zhu Li also get their happy conclusion with Varrick marrying her. Yeah... everyone saw their relationship coming but the marriage tipped the icing on the cake. The fact their wedding is shown is also a nice touch (They will do "the thing" for the rest of their lives). Everyone has a blast and Tahno makes another cameo as a jazz player along with the characters all jamming on the dance floor.

Mako has his heart to heart with Korra and it's less romantic but more of mutual respect. During the battle Mako almost sacrificed his life to stop the Colossus and has survived. Now alright he vows that should Korra go into battle again he'll be right by her side. It doesn't come off as romantic like in the past but more of Mako really achknowledging that he respects Korra. Of course he might always love her but they just aren't really involved. I guess it's like Lin and Tenzin they still love and respect each other but they never went into a relationship because they wanted different things. And that's okay. That's life sometimes and you know what I'm so glad relationships like that are reflected.

...speaking of. *ahem* Korrasami is totally canon now.

Well... kind of? The thing is Korra and Asami have rather bonded much better than in Book 1 and 2. They got to know each other as friends more, had each other's backs. and really opened up to one another. Their friendship I think is really, really greatly written. You get that with Korra and Asami having their own heart to heart about what's happened now. The fact Asami has forgiven Hiroshi, that Korra is sorry for not being there for her, and other mushy stuff. And nothing explicit is said but... you kind of get they just really are okay with each other.

The last scene is what sells it though. Korra decides that a vacation is in order because with all she's been through and all Asami's been through it'd be nice to take a break. Seeing that there is a brand new spirit portal Asami asks to go see the Spirit World which Korra takes her up on. The two-presumably after leaving the wedding- go off prepared to enter... and hold each others hands. They step in and as light surrounds them they share a look together before "The End" appears.

Okay okay. It might not mean that Korrasami is canon. But... IDK even if that's not the case as I don't think that was Bryke's original plan one can't argue that the two are really awesome as a pairing. Romantic or otherwise. The thing about relationships in media is that a lot of the times even if on paper it says character A is to be with character B it doesn't always mean an attraction or a chemistry was there. You see that quite a lot and I think that's why some people can get really riled up about this when a pairing doesn't happen in favor of another. With Korra and Asami though there is definitely a chemistry at least from Book 3 to Book 4. Even if nothing is exactly explicitly said-even if neither Asami or Korra directly say "I love you" or "I like you"-their relationship can be taken as a fact. 

Also just pointing this out. The last scene of Avatar: the Last Airbender was of Aang and Katara sharing a kiss signifying the start of their relationship before showing "The End" while Legend of Korra's last scene was of Korra and Asami, together, holding hands, looking at each other as they set off on their own awesome field trip, before "The End". Not saying that's proof because the first show ended with a couple so by the logic Legend of Korra also ended showing a couple but make of it what you will.

It's still not hitting me but I am going to miss everything else that came with Legend of Korra. I was rather not interested when I heard the show would be airing. I was a fan of ATLA in Middle school and while I did like it it wasn't a story I wanted to follow. Yet I watched Korra anyways, I loved it, and I kept wanting to watch it. I followed "Korra Spirit" on YouTube following the production of the show. I watched Book 2 and was more involved with others in the fandom who followed it. I watched Book 3 earlier this year and had so much fun with the Nick controversy and the airing schedule. I enjoyed watching Book 4 in the fall while I was in a new semester of college and getting even sadder that this story which became a favorite of mine was concluding.

The conclusion though was everything I could have wanted. It pleased the lover of storytelling, of animation, of just kick ass shows. The fanboy who fell in love with every fan of Avatar who made the experience of following the show so much fun. I... I doubt there will ever be a show like this that just was so much more than that. Beyond being a regular viewer and watching each episode every week there was a lot of fun outside of it that I will never forget. And that's okay because this ending was the best ending of one of the best shows of all time.
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there was more to this I swear


So, I was really happy with the ending of LoK. Really happy. There will be so much LoK art from me because of it.
To be honest, I loved Kuvira through the whole thing. Not as a person, but as a character. I liked how in the end she took ownership for what she'd done - unlike the majority of the villains in previous seasons. And by ownership, I mean she wasn't taken into custody by force. She gave herself over. She didn't fight it like all the previous villains. She didn't run.
And she apologized the Suyin. Yeah, that doesn't instantly make her a better person, but she knew she was in the wrong.

Also, I was so, so, glad Suyin said "You're going to answer to everything you've done" instead of accepting her apology. I was happy that Kuvira apologized, but if Suyin would have accepted it, it would have ruined it for me.
Because life doesn't work that way. And throughout the whole series, the creators kept the characters very real. Which is the reason I love the series. So by making Suyin not directly answer Kuvira's apology, it showed that, though Suyin had once believed Kuvira to be like a daughter, she had severed that bond. Which, good.

However, on the flipside, Suyin forgiving her son is a different story. I believe that needed to happen. Because he was used like everyone else. He was so lovesick that he followed Kuvira blindly. Do I believe he got off scott free? No. I would like to believe that he went to prison too (I didn't notice him at the wedding in the end). Because though he was manipulated, he still did some horrible things. He was well aware of the things he was doing. Also, just because his mother forgave him, doesn't mean the rest of the family would.

The scene between Bolin and Mako in the room with the vines (I can't remember what it was called) was very touching. I love that the creators aren't afraid to show sibling love. The brothers hug and say "I love you." That's so important. I'm tired of seeing all these instances where siblings show hate towards each other. The fact that Bolin attempted to talk Mako out of it, yet ended up letting him do it, was also important. It showed trust.
And Bolin calmly took his brother out of there when shit started to hit the fan. It's quite a contrast to the hyper and frantic Bolin of the first season. He was so collected in that moment and I think that was really nice. 

Asami and her father; that... that was difficult to watch. Mostly because Asami is one of my favorite characters and just watching her face as her father pressed the eject button was heartbreaking. It really showed how much his character had also changed. And that, yeah, they still had a lot to get over, but Asami had forgiven him. Not for what he had done to the city - but for tearing their family apart. I think that really shows how strong of a character she is. I'm glad she got the chance to forgive him before he died.

Zhu Li and Varrick: At first, I was a little hesitant about the creators putting these two together - but then Varrick apologized for taking advantage of Zhu Li! Also, I always thought that Zhu Li was not really in control of the situation, but when she confronted Varrick a few episodes back and TOLD HIM HE WAS MISTREATING HER, I was so proud. She stood up for herself.
When Varrick proposed, I was actually kind of happy, because he realized that he literally couldn't live without her. And the fact that he truly did have feelings for her, though he kept pushing them away, made me really happy.
Also, Zhu Li is one badass chick. Let's just get that straight.

Kuvira and Korra: I can't even put into proper words how much I loved Kuvira telling Korra why she was doing the things she did - and that Korra continued to talk to her calmly and convince her that, yeah, she understood. I also love that it didn't show their full conversation. It showed what it needed to, then switched to a different scene. (Secretly, though, I wanted Korra to hug Kuvira when she told her she understood, though I knew that wouldn't happen because that would be really odd - after everything Kuvira did).

And finally, the ending, with Korra and Asami: C'mon... the creators definitely left that open for a romantic relationship. If it wasn't already one. We didn't really get to see a lot of alone time with the two characters. I love that they decided to take a trip with just the two of them. That was so important and implied so many things. 
To be honest, I never understood why people shipped the two, until last season when they became closer. I still hadn't wanted them to be together, however, until the last season. Which is where there were a lot, and I mean a lot, of romantic implications.
1. The fact that Asami and Korra became so close, that Korra ONLY wrote to Asami. For three years, she only spoke with Asami.
2. The hug when they finally saw each other again.
3. They were constantly together after that. Yeah, Bolin and Mako were busy doing other stuff, but Asami was ALWAYS seen with Korra. And she was constantly there when she needed emotional support, and there was a lot of the two hugging. So much hugging.
4. The characters' emotional bond to each other. Like I said; they were close. But out of all the characters in the show, Korra was the closest to Asami.

I love that it ended with just the two of them. We got a long scene of them sitting and talking. Then, Korra suggests they go on a vacation together "just the two of us," when Asami mentions she could use one. They don't even say something like "Oh, but what about Bolin and Mako? Should we invite them?" No. They just decided to go.
The only thing Asami says to that is; "Really? But where would we go?"
Which Korra responds with; "Wherever you want." And Asami says she wants to see the spirit world. And Korra is all for it.
They even leave that night, or at least it seems like it.
And the ending scene is of them taking hands and staring into each other's eyes as they disappear into the portal. Now try to tell me that didn't have any romantic implications.
Then the credit rolled and I was so pleased. I'm glad that they ended it there.

I could probably rant about this forever, though... so now that I finished my main thoughts, I'm also going to finish this journal.
Overall, I loved the finale, but am sad it's all over.
Maybe we'll get a comic series like the original series? That'd be cool. But at the same time, I wouldn't like that, because it may end up being that Asami and Korra DIDN'T get together and whatnot (because Nick is, y'know, weird about that). 
I just need my babies to be together... okay? I was waiting for it this whole series, even though I didn't think it'd happen because of how Nickelodeon is.
Anyway... that concludes the majority of my thoughts.
Hope you enjoyed the finale as much as I did!!
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